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  1. Nonsense. May require buying seats immediately adjoining. 😁
  2. 'Two handed bowling'?! "What kind of a sick, depraved individual are you?!"
  3. 🎶Somebody loan me a dime...🎵 (You've got to suffer if you want to sing the blues...😁)
  4. Too soon to tell. I do remember our rallying cry: "Daboll in the booth! Daboll in the booth! Daboll in the booth!"
  5. Great. No pronunciation key for 'Allen'. 🤨 * However, the rest of the suggestions should help you all when Mar-DEE BOO-rahn posts in Off the Wall.
  6. "To quote my associate Daffy Duck, you suh, are despicable!"
  7. This observation just won TBD for today. Last one out shut off the lights. 😁
  8. Hamilton Tiger Cats need help, and Stelco pays well in the off-season.
  9. This thread is starting to read / look like 'Airplane II: The Sequel'.
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