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  1. No. Uranus, the planet. The aliens caused it. 107+ pages, here we come!
  2. Interesting in that Rupert Pupkin was the same sort of disturbing character in ‘The King of Comedy’. 35 years later, De Niro is now the Jerry Langford character.
  3. Only slightly more tolerable than the ‘rah Peterman!’ video of a while back. 🧐
  4. The question is are you quoting Mark Antony in Julius Caesar, or General Chang in ST VI? 🤔😁
  5. Four sacks of Rosen in the first quarter by the Washington defense. I would think Fitzpatrick is the more dangerous quarterback of the two to plan for.
  6. Does it count if the call from the office is “You idiots ¥}%< up one more call, and your crew will be selling beer in Section 307!!”?
  7. And here I thought the ‘jet sweep’ is where the usher wakes up the guy in the jet hat at MetLife Stadium, and says “We lost another one. Go home”.
  8. 🤨😄 Had to quote, you deserved both a laugh and skepticism. 😁
  9. There’s the 2019 ‘Tank for Tu(n)a’ version. Couldn’t have done it without your fine groundwork. * I spend too much time here. Anytime I start to type a word beginning with ‘G’, anticipatory text suggests ‘Gregggggggggg’. 😠
  10. I wonder if the restaurant on the top floor of Hengerer’s is still going? 🤔 * 🙄😁
  11. That’s obvious. 🤨 Dolphins must play bad To gain the treasured Tua No missing ‘n’ there
  12. If that’s the case, the field will be restriped for Quidditch.
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