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  1. 1.) Use the Biore pore strips. 2.) Avoid emotional turmoil. 3.) Although a belief not as widely accepted as once was, avoid greasy foods.
  2. I better not find ‘Peter Pan’ in there...😠
  3. ‘Why I love the NFL’ Old coaches never die. They just get recycled.
  4. Tell the Carolina ticket office staff if they’re ever fired, they have a place at OBD? 😁
  5. Upon hitting the 407 westbound off the southbound 400 years ago, my wife and I hit ‘stop and go’ traffic on a weekday afternoon, which was a rarity. The dear girl looked at me and said “Well, we’re not paying the bill when we get it!” Her naïveté was refreshing. I pointed out they guarantee the road, not how fast you travel on it.
  6. I thought ‘would ya?’ was the code for carnal relations. Am I walking a tightrope, or something else?
  7. All this mish mash of sweet and sour cuisine is just designed to deaden the taste buds, so they can introduce Soylent Green...😒
  8. Scared Gase will catch sight of ya, eh? 😁
  9. He must have had his Wheaties...and that guy’s, and that guy’s, and that guy’s...
  10. Let’s not forget that at least one space probe has been lost because of using both imperial and metric measurements while calculating spacecraft manoeuvres. Mars Climate Observer, 1999.
  11. Make sure the basis for the murder is robbery. You’ll need that much extra cash when the 407 bill rolls in...
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