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  1. Lamar is a bit of a slow learner. This is the second time he has had Covid. On a brighter note for the Ravens, he does not need much training camp time. He already knows how to run. That’s too bad.
  2. As far as I know, this is not a choice McDermott gets to make. He can respect Beasley’s beliefs all he wants, but the protocols are league mandated as are the consequences of not following them, for individuals and the team.
  3. Yes, but investing that kind of money into that position would be a foolish use of resources.
  4. I remember this game well. We were sitting in the scoreboard end zone. OJ was injured just before halftime and helped off the field. Some Raider fans in the end zone decided to stand up and cheer that OJ was out hurt. This did not sit well with the well lubricated end zone fans, some of whom immediately moved toward the offending Raider faithful and beat the living crap out of them. Security personnel moved in and escorted the Raider fans from the stadium. Oh, and the Bills won in a thriller made all the more impressive because OJ missed the second half.
  5. I could not be less interested in a “KC fan’s perspective” regarding this rivalry. Here is a Bills fan’s perspective: the Bills will crush their nuts this year.
  6. I never stopped hating their useless analysis and opinions.
  7. He needs a good spanking. He is acting like a petulant, spoiled child.
  8. He has been a great player for the Bills but, WTF? He is an idiot for behaving the way he is. Major distraction at this point. No wonder Dallas did not want to retain him.
  9. It would be shocking if Sanders retired. What would be even more shocking is if these early adjustments to a new QB and new systems jitters are not temporary. People are ready to throw Sanders under the bus after a couple of practices? Hilarious.
  10. Jones can really throw those floaters, can’t he?
  11. Murray is what he is - a 2020's version of Doug Flutie. Fun to watch but limited, devoid of leadership skills, and highly unlikely to win anything of consequence in my opinion. I agree that the 49ers do not deserve their hype. Jackson will get a contract but the Ravens better make sure Greg Roman has great medical care.
  12. I am not willing to start giving any respect to the idiocy that comes out of PFF just because of a positive mention of the Bills. They are still analysis for and by nitwits in my opinion.
  13. And her opinion certainly carries more weight than the posters on this board. I am not what the vitriol against Anderson is all about in this thread so I will not characterize it, but it is noticeable.
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