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  1. True. The bottom line is the same: Duke is a bottom of the roster WR who will hurt you as often as he helps you.
  2. LOL. Yes I do, and I make no representations of the rationality of anything that happens in FL. Clearly, that is a lost cause. With respect to the rationality of any decision emanating from the Buffalo Mayor’s office, I stand by by my sarcastic comment.
  3. Stupid question from a Jets troll. What are the odds?
  4. That fits. Both roles are immaterial to actual meaningful results.
  5. My prediction is that as the fourth or fifth WR he will get on to the field for less than ten plays and drop a third of the balls thrown to him as is his history.
  6. Williams in an arrogant, under skilled , and low intelligence individual who has virtually no leadership capability, and no idea or desire to adjust his particular defensive philosophies to the modern game. His hiring by Gase is yet another, as if more evidence were necessary, sign that Gase is totally inept as a head coach and organizational leader.
  7. This is not the player they need. The opt out of Star left them without a big presence at 1Tech who can take on/ force double teams. As much as people around here love to bust on Star, his absence is causing major issues. If they are going after anyone, it needs to be a big space eater. Jernigan is not that.
  8. Milano missed 4 games in his first three years, 3 of those were for a broken fibula at the end of the 2018 season, which can hardly be called injury prone. He has had some bad luck with this pectoral injury. He is likely back next week. It will be interesting to see what happens contract wise, but their chances of replacing his production are pretty poor.
  9. OK - 34/30. 😎 A throw off is a really bad idea for many reasons, a fact which I am sure the coaches will point out to him.
  10. The Bills were going to have one of these wake up call games along the way. Inevitable, and probably necessary. I expect a strong response on Monday in essentially a pick em game. The panic from the fans this week was as predictable as the Bills getting spanked at some point. They will be fine. Bills win 34-32. Go Bills.
  11. No great loss. He has been ineffective and often injured since his return. He would be the relief back in KC. Could earn starter snaps in Miami, so I expect that is where he goes. That is the right situation for a me first player like Bell.
  12. People love a good conspiracy theory. Personally I don’t see any evidence that would warrant tearing down the young man’s character, which he has always shown to be stellar during his time in Buffalo.
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