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  1. I am about to. I dropped Sunday Ticket last year. The ongoing dispute with Nexstar is the last straw for me. It is only going to continue to degrade in customer satisfaction and increase in price under AT&T. **** them indeed.
  2. Actually, what it seems like is that they have some very specific formations in mind that will utilize his unique skill set.
  3. And there was much rejoicing .... About time.
  4. If Bodine is playing Center for this team at any point, we are in trouble. Either Felciano or Long will be the back up center. When they are healthy, Bodine is third string, which he should be.
  5. Well, excuse us if we do not just take the word of a self proclaimed expert on a sports message board backed by an obscure 80 year old study. Your take to then generalize about willful scientific ignorance for those who do not take your word for it is ignorant and arrogant to the extreme.
  6. Morse is absolutely the key. Without solid play at center the Bills offense will continue to be pedestrian and will struggle. You can see it already in camp. If we have to watch Bodine at Center again, it is going to be a long year.
  7. You do realize that the whistle blows for a sack in practice well before the issue is decided, right? Apparently Prescott Rossi, whoever the heck he is, does not.
  8. Yes, but did you see that happen last year?
  9. Saw that - I did not read on before responding. Sorry for the superfluous correction.
  10. Agree it is too early to worry, but as I recall, Foster made the initial 53 based on his camp performance and then was cut based on poor performance and lack of focused effort. It is disappointing to see him take a step back.
  11. Ok, then let’s stop pretending that it matters. Here is a revelation: it is the third day of training camp and none of the action thus far is realistic or necessarily predictive of what will happen in reality. People are calling you out for your very predictable negative hot take on results so far, as they should based on your history. You should understand that you are the one projecting unrealistic expectations in this scenario.
  12. No, Schopp was an advocate of keeping Tyrod last year. He always indicated he thought Tyrod was undervalued and the Bills should not have expended so many resources in getting a QB last year. In other words, delusional.
  13. Fair enough. Let’s see how it plays out, but I would be surprised if Murphy rises to the upper level of this group, even if Gore is out.
  14. This is Gore’s role. He is still the best at it.
  15. 10 is my minimum target for this year, barring really bad luck on injuries. They are set up well. The schedule is favorable. The team has improved on defense but has vastly improved on offense as a result of year 2 of Allen’s development and a potentially much improved OL and WR group. The coaching staff is also improved and there should be no allowances for the new HC learning curve either. The culture is established and player leadership is in place. Time to step up. This is the “surprise” team of the AFC this year.
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