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  1. They are starting Rosen. In any event, it does not matter.
  2. I no longer bet on football, but I would stay away from any spread this large in the NFL no matter who it is. We will see what happens to the spread after this week when, as I expect, the Dolphins get their first win. The Skins are truly a horrible team.
  3. At this point, less than 11 wins with this team would be a disappointment. Far from being discouraged by the NE performance, I saw evidence that this team could beat anyone. The offense needs to progress, but that was always going to be a work in progress this season. People should not be giving up on the division just yet.
  4. I loved the selection of Zay Jones at the time and have been rooting for him to succeed. It is pretty obvious at this point that his game has taken a step back from even his minimally acceptable performance of last year. For his sake I hope he gets it together, but enough of the opportunity here. He simply did not step up. I do not understand it, and perhaps the coaches have a better idea as to why, but enough is enough. The NE game and his reaction to it sealed it for me. He was a liability on the field.
  5. Exactly. Beane was employed by another NFL team. He was not involved in Buffalos’ draft.
  6. They should have preformed a vasectomy while they had him in the hospital.
  7. I do not read Sal M. He is generally clueless.
  8. Well, he is not likely to.be much more stupid when he wakes up, since he would already seem to be below critical mass on functional brain cells.
  9. Exactly right. The fact is, that is if the Titans were a better team, they would have a better kicker. They are not, and they don’t and they lost. Why do people want to make excuses for that? If they had made those kicks they might have won! Sure. And if my aunt had testicles she would be my uncle . The Titans did not win. They did not deserve to win. The Bills were the better team. Let’s move on to the next game.
  10. Great win by the Bills today. Must win against a playoff rival and they found a way to win and that’s that. I am hearing lots of nitpicking what if and what if that comments. Who gives a crap. Wins are what matter. Josh played a great game today. The defense was great as usual. People should start enjoying the fact that we have a very competitive team here which will threaten the best teams in the league. Get with the program and stop whining about what is not perfect. Perhaps people have forgotten what winning looks like. This is it.
  11. In our usual seats at the local Bills Backers bar and starting to pre-game. Looking forward to a big Bills win today. Go Bills!
  12. Maybe this fact should be permanently glued to the front page so people do not suggest it at every opportunity.
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