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  1. This is the guy people are getting all worked up over? Duck isn’t throwing a lot of ducks so far.
  2. I was wondering the same thing. I was so shocked to see her on that open I could not process it.
  3. Marrone is also about to accomplish getting fired based on his poor record as head coach in Jacksonville.
  4. Neither QB was particularly impressive today. (Allen did throw for one TD by the way). I have seen them both play better but these are two very good defenses. I said that.a high school QB could have made that throw because that is a fact. The receiver was wide open, by 20 yards. That was the difference in the game and it was a total blown coverage and not the result of Jackson’s skills or his being a winner. It was a gift. Such is the NFL.
  5. There are no guarantees but the Bills are the better team, quite objectively.
  6. Jackson was unimpressive today against a good defense. Erratic and clearly limited as a passer. The long TD was a blown coverage by Buffalo. Kudos to him for seeing it I guess, but a high school QB couldn’t have made that throw. On the their last TD, it was a terrible pass and a spectacular catch. He made some plays but he wasn’t hardly the model of a top QB today. On other days he does not get so lucky. I hope the Bills draw this team in the playoffs.
  7. You mss the point. I am certainly not threatened. I do not need my own observations validated by fans of the other team. I simply do not care what they think. Nor do I need to be validated by the national media or any other Bills fans, thank you very much. I watch this team every week. I know what I see. Why would I care if other fans are scared of our players? The last pass was a good pass. The Ravens defender made a great play. They have a very good defense. If these teams played 10 times it would be surprising if it was not 5 and 5. That is how closely matched these teams are. On to Pittsburgh, which by the way, is not in Buffalos’ league no matter what any Pittsburgh fan might think.
  8. Bush league all the way. There is a far greater probability a player is going to get hurt on a meaningless play than that play will actually results in points. That is some high school crap right there.
  9. No, it would be Ravens fan opinion. I saw the game and can form my own opinions.
  10. I could not care less what a Ravens fan has say about Josh Allen. Why would I?
  11. What many people here seem to be missing is that the Ravens are one of the best defenses in the league. So are the Bills. So far an even game. The offense will get it together sooner or later.
  12. The Bills were totally screwed in that drive. Need to respond.
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