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  1. Of course. I did not say differently, just that Mahomes was certainly no consensus, and considered riskier than others, with the best upside. The post you responded to was correct. Bills fans in general would have been unhappy with that pick at that time.
  2. There were a few. Certainly not nearly as many as currently claim to have known it all along. He was considered by most analysts to be a risk.
  3. Marrone is a master at blaming the other guy.
  4. This is the same guy who thought Buffalo was a suburb of NYC when he was drafted. He has not gained brain cells over the years.
  5. Agreed. I am sure he can leverage that interest into a substantial raise at CBS.
  6. You did not miss anything. It requires an AB interpreter to understand any of it. The logic of it - there is none. He seems to believe that his baby momma is a b and it’s all whitey’s fault. That is about all I got out of it. The sooner this guy fades into oblivion the better.
  7. He has been a very good pick up by the Bills. Beane and his staff are wizards. However, he is likely to get greatly overpaid by someone and that should not be the Bills. Oliver and Harry are the future, at DT and they can fill the rotation from there. Personally, I would rather see them retain Shaq and cut Murphy loose.
  8. What a putz. Hey Jerry - you are free to leave at any time.
  9. Sadly he will not be the only newly registered troll posting this week nor will this be the dumbest post. This place will be unbearable for next week or so.
  10. My experience is that it would be best to avoid this forum all together for a while. Two or three weeks should clear out most of the dead wood and obvious morons. By February serious discussion may resume.
  11. You are an idiot. The only reason he has played the last couple of years is that he loved the coaching staff and the team. He has been great for the Bills but he was clearly done based on this year’s play.
  12. You are certainly invited to disappear and never come back. That would be a blessing for the rest of us. No one cares about your infantile opinion.
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