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  1. I mostly agree with you here, but I do not think any players whose value is primarily special teams should feel very comfortable based on being part of one of the worst special teams units in the NFL. All up for grabs. Still, unless they can upgrade his special teams role with a more useful position player he probably sticks, unfortunately.
  2. I am sure he only ever knew their first names, which were probably professional names in any case.
  3. He is not a lovable goofball. He is a moron, with the mental acuity and maturity level of a 12 year old.
  4. Some of the tweet responses are brutal. I never warmed up to him, although he did grow from terrible to mediocre in his team here.
  5. Your take is not appropriately over-reactive. We must look for reasons to panic.
  6. Teller showed next to nothing in his opportunity last year. He is going to have to make a big jump to earn a spot. I think it is certainly possible, but the Bills clearly have questions about him.
  7. Yes, I saw the picture. Seen it before in another thread actually. That does not make the original post and "poll" any more sensical. The picture had already been posted. If the point was to post a picture of Rachel Bush, fine. It seemed the OP was trying to make some other point, as incomprehensible as that was. Why would I?
  8. Interesting question and while he does not break down the numbers in detail as he does for Cutler and Tannehill, he does mention that his offense worked very well for Payton Manning, who obviously is 10 x the QB of either of those guys, and of Darnold at this stage of his career. I would also also consider that at that stage of Manning's career the offensive design and playing calling had as much to do with Manning as it did with Gase.
  9. Reading the hero worshiping puff piece you linked does not provide any more knowledge or expertise. There are many explanations for why he would suddenly become a straight A student in that situation and only one of them relies on intelligence. My observation of Lamar is quite the opposite, which includes the very damning article linked at the beginning of this thread. You are right - I do not know him but I would certainly not characterize him as smart based on what I have seen and heard. Perhaps unfair, but I was just sharing my observations.
  10. Looking beyond the score, Jackson is still "intellectually challenged" to put it in a nice way, and not a particularly talented quarterback. Casual fans of the NFL knew the Ravens were changing offense. There is no NFL rule against paying attention to what is going on with your team. Pretty sure there is no rule gainst him having a playbook either.
  11. The Ravens are really putting that 13 Wunderlick scoring mind to the test. New plays? What?
  12. Well done Shaw, and thank you. I share your passion for the Bills which was born in the same way as yours - at my father's knee in the Rockpile. I also share your optimism. There is something special going on here and I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out. Much can go wrong, as we all know, along the way but I really believe this organization is getting it right. One point of difference with you - I am much more optimistic about this season than you are. I would be disappointed in 9/7. Go Bills.
  13. I was not sure if this deserved a new thread or not so posted it here. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2837130-stats-dont-lie-adam-gase-is-the-wrong-coach-for-sam-darnold-and-the-jets An excellent analysis from BR concerning why Gase may well be the absolute wrong coach for the Jets and Darnold. This is one of many reasons that I think the selection of Gase will cripple the Jets franchise for years to come. Lovin' it.
  14. You cannnot make this stuff up. I love the smell of death emanating from Jets land.
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