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  1. I thought you were being sarcastic with your first post but now I see you have doubled down. Any actual suggestions, or do we need to take up a collection to get something besides a whine? He started there, as did Bernard. He is a young LB capable of playing the middle who is being coached up, per your suggestion.
  2. His name is Dorian Williams and they drafted him in the third round this year. Try to keep up. In the meantime, AJ Klein is a fine third string practice squad Lb.
  3. The players and background might not be similar but but the unwarranted hype certainly is. Smart money would bet I believe that this guy will come back to his level sooner rather than later.
  4. I remember the general discussion but did not remember the OP on that one. Perfect.
  5. That’s right. He announced before the opener that he would be taking paternity leave. I do not remember if he gave a timeframe.
  6. Yes, or Gardiner Minshew or Bailey Zappe or etc. He will face a real defense on Sunday, so we will see where he is.
  7. Yes, and just as childish. I think it might be time to move on. He does not play for us anymore.
  8. She was the young girl in True Grit (the remake with Jeff bridges).
  9. Yes, that’s part of his game. He pretends to be a fan. I have had him on ignore for quite some time.
  10. He was once good, but has not been in quite some time. Coming off an ACL. It’s hard to see how this Bengals trash is worth even a flyer.
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