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  1. Proving once again that Brady is one of the world’s biggest douche bags. I would buy it if it came with an opportunity to drive it straight up Brady’s enlarged anus.
  2. This whole argument of Flacco vs. Barkley seems to me to be about which mediocre option would be best. Neither is the right answer. Beyond that I really do not care which one. This really comes down to if Allen gets hurt, would I rather be kicked in the crotch or hit in the head with a brick. Both would hurt, both could kill you, and beyond that, it just depends. For my money right now, at least Barkley knows the system and is comfortable with his role with Josh. I fall on the side of known quantity. Flacco may have once been a better QB, but that is certainly highly questionable now.
  3. You are the voice of reason as usual, Doc. Flacco’s super bowl heroics are well behind him. At this point it would be hard to distinguish between him and Anderson.
  4. With Freeman’s stats last year, he would fit right in with the Jets.
  5. No, I am pretty sure the real Tom Brady was always an idiot.
  6. It was a good thought and would have been a radical step for the NFL. I am not surprised it is tabled, but if the approved changes do not work to correct the joke the current policy has become, you can certainly expect that proposal or something like it even more aggressive will be brought up again.
  7. I agree. His response going forward is all that matters.
  8. I never accused you specifically of anything. I made a general comment about the comments on this thread being racist while the commenters would likely not admit that or even understand the racism they displayed. (“Closet racists” is the term I used) You reacted to that. If you felt that personally, that’s on you. By the way, that was engaging in the conversation, whether you understand the legitimacy of the comment or not.
  9. Sorry if I do not feel insulted by small minded people. It is really impossible.
  10. Sorry, but I am not going to call out individuals. For anyone paying attention, it is all too obvious.
  11. Amazing to me that this thread has not already been moved to PPP. It is an open forum for closeted racists at this point.
  12. That dude looks like he is straight out of Braveheart. Give him a jersey, a kilt, and a club and let’s go.
  13. So is anyone still upset the Bills ditched him?
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