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  1. Good post. The Bills offense is the Bills offense because of Allen. Not allowing him to do what makes him perhaps the most effective QB in the league and the Bills offense what it is would be stupid. I am sure they would like to see a few more slides, as would most Bills fans, but let's face it - watching Josh Allen truck DBs and LBs (and the occasional DL) is freaking fun.
  2. He led the team in receiving last week. Just saying.
  3. There is just no slowing down the Fins fan express around here, or the fair-weather Bills fan parade that this board has become. Both the Fins and the Jets are about to come crashing back to earth, and all the breathless teenage girls around here gushing over their magnificense and bemoaning the Bills lack of winning in apparently the right way recently will be jumping back on the bandwagon soon enough.
  4. Nice theory, just does not happen to be true. While fan perceptions are certainly otherwise, the Bills offense has ranked one or two in the NFL all year, in points and yards. Some good information can be found here: https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/points-per-game
  5. And he looked awful in his brief time with Tampa. 100% done.
  6. So a team with a mediocre defense signs a DT off the Bills practice squad who cannot make their top 5 DTs. Should I be upset about this? He is a serviceable depth DT but it is not like he about to make some major leap to star status.
  7. Of all the silly conversations around this board lately, uniform color and odds of winning is perhaps the silliest. Maybe you should offer your lucky rabbits foot to McD for the game?
  8. Not nearly a thing, though John Wawrow will probably try to make it one.
  9. I thought perhaps by Friday the idiots would have been cleared out and we could get back to rational discussion of the upcoming football game but based on this on many other examples, apparently not. Maybe tomorrow.
  10. Hamlin has performed decently, but I am not sure they see him in the Poyer role. Possibly.
  11. It seems a little premature to hand the East over to Miami or NYJ in week 10, whether or not they rest Allen and whether or not they beat Minnesota. Neither of those teams are going to win out.
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