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  1. I can’t blame you for your enthusiasm, or for not having paid full attention to Josh Allen this year, but there is nothing you have said that could not also be applied to Allen. Should be a great game. By all means come back for your humble pie.
  2. I thought that is what they promised McDaniels for backing out of the Indy job.
  3. That’s what I said about Josh McDaniels but he still gets interviews. Gase should not hav3 had another chance after Miami either. Lots of bad management out there.
  4. First, it would be a mistake to base your analysis of this game based on what happened in week 6. Different team now, and that was a different game. Second, i doubt KC has faced any team with the depth of the Bills WR group. They are 4 deep with guys who can beat you for big plays and play possession as well if you want. That does not even account for MacKenzie who can beat you as a WR or runner. The running backs and tight ends are not high end but can and do make catches. Their strength though is WR as you point out. I like this matchup just fine.
  5. Doug Marrone is not qualified to manage the spit bucket for a real football team. He is lucky Saban feels sorry for him.
  6. Haskins will never be any good. He would need a 180 degree turnaround from his present lack of effort, discipline, and inability to learn a playbook. Not likely to happen even under the “great” Tomlin.
  7. Well, the Bills made Saleh their B word once already this year. Can’t wait to do it twice per year.
  8. Well, you can take solace in the fact that Allen will be relevant in the NFL long after Keyshawn is booted by ESPN and watching from his couch.
  9. There is no way Jackson would succeed in Dabols offense. No way.
  10. Excellent post. This was always going to be a tough game and I think shocked some people that in the end, Buffalo was the tougher team. Hats off to that D. Great job. And hats off to Allen and the offense who did enough to win and played mistake free. That was the difference.
  11. Exactly. I was sick and tired of the Jackson hype and gushing this week. Some of those clowns should be embarrassed at being that superficial in their “analysis”. Jackson showed what he is last night when facing tough competition, something he has not done for the past six weeks of the Ravens streak. He also showed what he is not, which is an elite QB. He is a superior athlete who can throw the ball, but he will likely never be a real QB.
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