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  1. Thanks for the info Hapless. I have always wondered . I always assumed he was chased away by the rude and ignorant. I agree, “Scott’s House”, but I do miss Astros contributions.
  2. While I think the need is greater at CB and DE, the idea of a DT in that spot is certainly not crazy, if the board does not fall well to them for DBs or edge. The Bills have Oliver and Star, and nothing at all better than serviceable beyond that. Phillips has been a disappointment and is likely gone after this year. The need a big year from Star, but he too is not a long term option. The Bills could be OK in that spot this year, but they need to be thinking about a young stud to bring along. It is a bigger need than RB or WR in my opinion for that spot.
  3. Edelman is the perfect representation of “Patriots Nation”, a cheating, self centered punk. Take your troll act elsewhere.
  4. They clearly need to call someone. You could not do any worse ...
  5. If only the Pegulas would learn to consult ScottLaw, the Bills would be assured of a Super Bowl. It is absolutely amazing to me that they have not yet caught on, and continue to listen to that unqualified nitwit Brandon Beane about how to build the team. He clearly knows nothing. Fan Input is the way to go. Get with it Pegulas! Past performance of your management team in rescuing the franchise from the depths of mediocrity is no predictor of future performance. Listen to the message board pundits, for everyone’s sake!
  6. Good catch! Thanks for destroying the Greg Roman portion of the narrative. 😉 I guess it must be the limitations of the QB?
  7. I am not concerned about him earning a bigger role at WR. The Bills are deep their. If he can become a reliable returner along with his occasional speed role in offense he is more than worth having on the team.
  8. I like the player, but it is a role that can be replaced and it is not worth over paying him.
  9. I am with you on this. If the Eagles were digging their heals in, and or Ertz was digging his heals in on contract, time to move on. It would have been nice at the right price, but no more than a fifth, and the cap hit this year need to be south of $8 M. This was always going to be tough get.
  10. Wake me up when the Pats sign a real QB instead of the corpse of Cam Newton. Until then, sound and fury signifying nothing.
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