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  1. Clueless. When you are pulled over and arrested for being black in Texas, let us know how that feels.
  2. He has to remember 5 words in a row. Very difficult cognitive test.
  3. The Jets are truly hilarious.
  4. The only downside to this news is that the Bills are now committed to him another year. They have the horses without him.
  5. I am absolutely shocked to learn that the white pampered billionaire NFL owner and Trump buddy is a mysogonist, racist, jerk who would use his position to try to influence a foreign government for the personal enrichment of his crooked boss. Shocking I say.
  6. Of course. If they are not comfortable, they do not have to play, and they will not be paid. No issue there.
  7. Here is a fact. QBs are paid beyond their value in the NFL, because the alternative is generally worse.
  8. The players are absolutely right to be pushing back. The NFL needs to prioritize the safety of the players and the team and league employees who will be required to stage the games. They are not doing that right now. The players should not be compelled to play until they feel comfortable with their safety, knowing that some risk is inevitable. At this point, the NFL plan is entirely too open ended.
  9. To my eternal shame I clicked on that article. What a nitwit.
  10. You just get out of here with that logic, troublemaker.
  11. Some food for thought from a Cleveland media outlet for those anxious to trade for him. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2020/07/david-njoku-is-demanding-cleveland-browns-trade-him-you-gotta-be-kidding-terry-pluto.html
  12. He was destined for entertainment value.
  13. Your point was either intentionally obtuse or an outright display of total ignorance of the complexity of the question at hand. Either way, it is not my job to teach you how to be a rational human being.
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