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  1. The Bills tried to sign OBJ, as did the Chiefs, according to OBJ. He chose Miami.
  2. Under Dorsey to start the year, the ball was being force fed to Diggs. His numbers were good obviously, but it was not translating to an efficient offense as we all could see. The catch percentage was a direct result of deliberate intent to throw the ball to Diggs, open or not. This clearly changed under Brady, thus Diggs unhappiness even though the offense was more efficient and the Bills were winning. Davis was rarely a factor at all. Allen was getting lots of blame, but to me the inefficiency was due to Dorsey’s lack of creativity and preoccupation with Diggs in large part. The Bills obviously do not have a true number 1 this year, but they do have some talented weapons, including Shakir. The comparison has been made to Beasley, but I think Shakir is actually more versatile and can make plays in intermediate zones and even deep that are beyond Beasleys typical skill set. He feasted off short slants and curls and he was great at it in his prime, but Shakir can do that plus. You certainly would not start Shakir primarily at outside but I think both he and Samuel will see time there. I expect to see some creative usage of the weapons they do have including Kincaid, Knox, and Cook along with their new toy, Coleman, who should be an immediate upgrade to Davis. The running game could be very good as well. I am more a bullish on Buffalo’s offense than many around here. Would I like to have a Jefferson, or Ayuk or similar here? Of course. However, with Josh Allen distributing and making plays, they are still going to be a top 5 to 10 offense at least.
  3. I doubt Walder’s assessment, but It’s a silly argument in any case. The Bills moved up over a full round into the third round. This alone was worth moving 4 spots so that the Chiefs could draft a player the Bills were clearly not interested in anyway. No brainer.
  4. You are being deliberately obtuse at this point rather than just admit you have no idea what you are talking about and move on.
  5. First, I did not say it was ideal, but I still think that is how they are going to play them. What the exact mix of positions and players will be is going to be a fascinating aspect to watch with respect to Buffalos offense. It is going to be up to Brady to figure that out, and put the various tools at his disposal in the best positions based on matchups and situations. Second, I think Shakir is a much more versatile player than Beasley ever was. While he might be primarily a slot, he has shown the ability to produce from outside and can be used there some percentage of the time. He is not a Diggs replacement clearly, but that does not exist in the Bills roster nor will it this year.
  6. I think what McDermott is really notorious for is making rookies earn their spot by out performing the others, particularly veterans, ahead of them. Rookies have started and will continue to start. In the case of Coleman, let’s face it, there is not much ahead of him. The Bills have a big problems indeed if he cannot beat out the other X WR candidates on the roster. There is no entrenched starter. Coleman is by all accounts and observation so far a very smart kid, a hard worker, and a student of the game. He is going to start at the X. Beane did indicate where else they may play him depends on how fast he picks it up and his comfort level with other roles, so I expect we will see him exclusively at X to start the year. As for the rest, there is no Diggs equivalent on the roster to eat up snaps at the Z spot obviously. Both Shakir and Samuel are going to get plenty of work at both spots. The mix and snap percentages are going to be game plan and matchup dependent. Kincaid is obviously the Big Slot/Move player and he will primarily play inside. They are auditioning for a backup X who can also play special teams and speed receiver who can play either slot or Z, and possibly one other WR who can fill multiple roles. That is my view of it anyway at this point.
  7. I agree. My concern is with back up plans. I think the depth is suspect. This is why a second WR prospect, even in the 4th or 5th round, was a popular desire with many fans. The Bills obviously disagree. At least they are willing to take the chance that the depth they have assembled is better than a prospect in those rounds this year. That could work. I do think they still would have rather had OBJ than Claypool, but if that was not to be , I like the upside of Claypool.
  8. Yes, the coaching staff that led two epic collapses over the last two years. That can’t beat a winning team.
  9. Great observation. Beane has been talking about needing to adapt on both offense and defense to stay ahead of trends, for months now. It actually started last year with the drafting of Torrence and Kincaid. Building a bully?
  10. Shakir is also far more versatile than Beasley, capable of making passing game plays at intermediate and deep areas of the field as well as the short hitches and slants that Beasley lived on. I think he and Samuel are very similar players so it will be fascinating to watch how Brady incorporates them both. I am not sold on depth as yet, and Coleman has to rise to his potential, but I like the Bills top 3 WRs combined skill sets.
  11. Hard worker yes, to some extent. Great teammate? Not so much. Allen was not the only one tired of his act by all accounts.
  12. Why negatives? You are a tiresome troll, that’s why.
  13. Even if the plan is to add an established veteran like Chark, and I am not convinced it is, they do not have the cap space to do that until after June 1.
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