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  1. It has been painfully obvious since the NE game that Josh was being reigned in. Perhaps that was intentional, and perhaps It was just Josh getting too cautious in his approach in response to the interceptions and criticism. Whatever the reason, he has not been the same and neither has the offense. While this has all been frustrating, I think this is simply part of the leaning process for him. We all hope he figures out how to strike a balance. We cannot have him playing like Tyrod and expect more than we are getting. He needs to be himself.
  2. That might be what they need to turn this game around.
  3. .7 TDS and 12, INTs. That’s Mayfield
  4. Really hope we beat this punk team. Today is the day for glory. Go Bills!
  5. Great post. Sometimes I feel like I am in an alternate universe around here.
  6. Exactly. This is the design of the defense. People want to assume that every successful play is somehow Edmund’s fault. (Or Star’s fault) Not the case, rarely is.
  7. The Bills are better than both the Browns and Steelers and it it is not close. That is not a guarantee they will win of course.
  8. On the replays shown during the game this looked to easily be a first down. Bad call.
  9. Given the level of idiocy over the past week I advocate for SDS creating a one button approach for ignore. It would save a great deal of time.
  10. Silly me. I thought that 20 minutes from game time I could come to the GDT and fans would be over their butt hurt and over reaction from last week and focused on a big home game for the Bills. Oh well. Go Bills! Gonna kick some Skins butt today. 34-3
  11. The trade for Sanu committed a significant resource for another slot receiver. I think this is telling for what they believe is the right offensive focus given Brady’s current skill sets. Gordon is less valuable to them. Could just be that they feel they can get more production from another position. Could also be that Gordon is just not what he was. He would certainly be worth a look.
  12. Yes is watched. He had a couple of nice runs, but finished with 60 yards on 17 carries. Hardly game changing performance, even with the OL excuse.
  13. They gave up 109 yards rushing to Miami on 30 carries, about the league average for yards, but we’ll be low in yds/carry at 3.63. While this run defense performance was below the Bills expectation for the year, especially in the first when we can all agree the Bills D looked a bit lethargic, it 8s hardly what I would call bad. The Eagles game was bad. Let’s see If it comes a pattern, but right now it is just a one game anomaly.
  14. Exactly. He was a game changer two years ago with Pittsburgh. There is no evidence to suggest he still is. A year and a half on the couch is a long time for a RB. Thus far his reputation exceeds his demonstrated ability pretty substantially.
  15. There is approximately 0% chance the Bills will trade for Bell. It would be the dumbest move the could make, right ahead of trading for Melvin Gordon. RB is not even close to the biggest need the Bills have if they are going to make a trade, nor do I see them investing those kind of dollars in RB, especially one who has proved to be not worth his contract so far. Stupid speculation by good old Mannish. If Beane is looking at anything it would be WR, DT, and DB/LB depth.
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