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  1. Did Hart wipe his face and bag it up for DNA evidence?
  2. I think this is the opposite of what's correct. If the lineman is engaged as a blocker, he's allowed to be downfield. If he's running downfield looking for something to do, he's "ineligible receiver downfield". If Brown reported in as an eligible receiver, he would still not be eligible to catch a pass because he would be "covered" by a receiver lined up to his R https://www.the-sun.com/sport/nfl/6020900/ineligible-receiver-ineligible-man-downfield-nfl/ If he were NOT engaged as a blocker, then I believe he gets a yard in the NFL (3 in college) though I'm hazy on this point. If he's continuously engaged as a blocker then he can go further downfield. Nope, no miss, he snuck out and ran across. It's a good question whether he was >1 yd past the line of scrimmage or not, and whether the "screen pass exception" exists in the NFL (apparently it does not)
  3. DingDingDing I believe you are correct Edit: although another source I consulted says that's an NCAA only exception.
  4. Now that can't be, since I read on that Phins fan blog that the Dolphins are better 'cuz W-L record of opponent
  5. Can't speak for everyone, but I put a lot of stock in BangedupBills, and that's what he said - apparently based on the kind of injury it is and what he knows about their general time course to resolve.
  6. Then maybe he'll live in the training room and tear up the zero-gravity treadmill and manage to play It's a pretty good guess that his hammy may be mild, since he was seen walking around Poyer's sneaker opening without a gimp
  7. It's cuz they hadn't posted their injury report yet. If you click again it's got the phins I hadn't noticed before that Milano was FP, that's good news
  8. I thought he made some good anticipatory short throws to guys who were NFL covered. Oh, for sure. I would like to see time to release stats, but yes the Dolphins were playing the "get the ball out fast" game.
  9. I don't think Jackson will be ready to go. I think he will be wanting to go, but wiser heads will prevail on a short week. As Banged-up points out, it's essentially akin to a whiplash injury, and it's probably gonna take a week for the swelling to subside to where he can just physically turn his head. And that's with all the stuff they do, without that 2 weeks or more.
  10. So Kyle Trimble has a summary/prediction up including a couple players injured during the game. https://bangedupbills.com/2022/09/21/buffalo-bills-vs-tennessee-titans-week-2-injury-recap/ Ed Oliver - ankle (predicts his return due to type of injury/timeline) Gabe Davis - ankle (predicts his return due to type of injury/timeline) Tim Settle - calf (says he's possible, but not certain due to type of injury/timeline) Mitch Morse - elbow (since he returned to the game, predicts he's likely to play) Dane Jackson - neck (likely to miss 1 or more games, needs to "get right") Micah Hyde - neck (predicts he is likely to play) Matt Milano - stinger (predicts he is likely to play) Jordan Phillips - hamstring (predicts he is likely out, due to Bills historical management of hammys) Two other additions: Dawson Knox - foot (had it taped and returned to the game, likely to play) Reggie Gilliam - L elbow/forearm (seen wearing a brace in the 2nd half)
  11. Did I miss this upthread? https://bangedupbills.com/2022/09/21/buffalo-bills-vs-tennessee-titans-week-2-injury-recap/
  12. LOL I'm taking Fitzy's word for it. Note carefully that Fitz did not say Tue DOES excel at decision making and throwing with anticipation. He said he COULD excel at those things. But give the guy some credit. He's not completing 71% of his passes because he's inaccurate, holding onto the ball, and making bad decisions, either.
  13. The thing that has me rolling my eyes there about the Tua/Mahomes comparison that Schrags keeps saying he's not makiing - and again, not wanting to take away from Tua having a clutch 4Q performance - but what was notable about Mahomes in 2018 was that he came out the gate firing and he fired all over the field. He scored points in the 1st and 2nd Q, he threw to 5 or 6 different receivers, he did not throw a pick for the first 4 weeks of the season. So sure, I agree with his point that right now, was the win over the Ravens 4Q heroics against a poor defense that put their party hats on prematurely after going into halftime 28-7 and answering back 35-14 in the 3Q? Or does it mean Tua has genuinely taken a big step as a QB? And that beating the Bills would be a strong argument for the latter. But I think they need to just STOP with the Mahomes comparisons, because as of right now, Tua hasn't shown he's fit to hold Mahomes left cleat.
  14. Do you remember when in the game it was? Because it's pretty impressive that Josh had that much extra energy. I think in prep for the draft, Josh was just starting to work with the top athletic training technicians. He kept it up after the draft, and since. I don't know the real name of the guy he works with but in his interview with Chris Simms, Josh referred to him as "Flare (Flehr? Flahr?) Bear", and in one of his post-draft interviews someone said it was the same guy Deshaun Watson trains with for speed/explosiveness. So just as guys like Epenesa and Rousseau have gotten stronger and more explosive, so has Josh.
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