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  1. Here's an article about his resume https://www.si.com/nfl/bills/news/buffalo-bills-joe-danna-hire-safeties-coach-offseason-sean-mcdermott-houston-texans
  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicholasreimann/2023/02/02/cincinnati-bengals-joe-mixon-issued-arrest-warrant-for-allegedly-pointing-gun-at-woman/?sh=52627dc54a4d January 21st - day before Bills division round game His agent says it'll be dropped tomorrow morning, Nothing To See Here
  3. Interesting. Who are these 31 backs who are better? Sure, there are teams who have 2 backs who are better. I'm interested in the other teams that have 1 back that is better or just as good Some Motor stats: Total yards 26th Attempts 30th 20th in Y/A 57th in fumbles with 3 Hard to find stats on this but Singletary is excellent in pass protection
  4. The "right before the Superbowl" may be looking for press The 3 year timeline doesn't surprise me a bit though
  5. Darryl Williams? It's hard to tell if he retired because "it was time" or because he didn't get any offers he wanted Kinda like Beasley "I'm retiring" after Tampa didn't promote him off the practice squad and expected him to play ST
  6. With all respect to PFF for the stats they do well, I think it is fairly well established that their OL grading is probably not to be relied upon. I'm not arguing for or against Kromer - I was disappointed in our OL this season But the real grading and evaluation comes internally
  7. OK, but in the last 2-3 years we have not so top notch results from these offensive HC: Kliff Kingsbury Arthur Smith Matt Rhule Matt Nagy Kevin Stefanski Nathaniel Hackett (I know, but he was regarded as an up and coming offensive coach) Matt LaFleur Adam Gase Josh McDaniel Mike McDaniel Dan Campbell (you might argue if a couple should be included, I might argue if Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay should be included as an up and coming offensive coach after 6 years each, anyway....I also omitted older offensive coaches getting their first shot after decades like Frank Reich, Darrel Bevell and David Culley ) My point is, for 4 highly successful offensive minded coaches, you have 11 who have not been successful as yet or who have flat-out flamed out. And that's just going back 3 years not the 6 that Shanahan and McVay have been coaching. So 4 out of 15, a bit better than 1 in 4 odds of finding the "right" up and coming offensive coach as your next HC, perhaps? I'm sure all of the guys on the above list had people passionately arguing for them as the Next Big Thing
  8. "no wideouts left from when they won the Superbowl" factually, Mecole Hardman He isn't a star, but as their #3, he has contributed a steady 3-4 receptions/40 ypg (this year he was injured and missed 9 games though) But The Chiefs top receiver the year they won the Superbowl, 2020, and this year has been their TE Travis Kelce (in 2021, 2nd to Hill by 100 yds) As we know, he is a job and a half to cover. So their top receiver and their #3 haven't gone anywhere When you say "great coaching and tenacious defense wins", it seems to ignore the continued presence of the Chiefs actual top (or close to top) receiver.
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/nfl-places-josh-sills-on-commissioner-exempt-list/ar-AA1702CY And there we go. NFL takes it out of their hands.
  10. That's a fair point Counterpoint: NFL rule changes have favored the passing game (thus more of a finesse game for the supporting cast) for more than a decade now Do you see that changing? I'd have to consult the Plant Science types in the family, but my understanding is that grass becomes dormant as the days become shorter. So it's not just keeping the ground warm, it would be necessary to provide artificial light. IDK, maybe they're "on it".
  11. Good Lord He is their backup G https://www.cbsnews.com/news/joshua-sills-indicted-rape-kidnapping-charges-philadelphia-eagles/ Indictment stems from 2019 in Ohio. He's due in court February 16th. Wonder what the Eagles do? Will there be an outcry, as there was for a mere civil suit with no criminal indictment for Matt Araiza? Will they suspend him? Will the NFL take it out of their hands with the Commissioner's Exempt List? 🍿
  12. So the franchise tag numbers came out yesterday Correct me if I'm wrong, but Barkley was playing on the 5th round option of a standard rookie contract - doubt he has any "no franchise tag" "no trade" etc etc language in there. If the Giants are willing to pay Barkley $10-12M/yr, what is to stop them from franchise tagging him for $10M? They can do it twice. That's a little thermonuclear, so it's wise of Schoen not to go there immediately, but the Giants success was heavily built on running the football this season. They had exactly the same number of rush attempts as pass attempts. It seems to me if they want Barkley, they can keep him, so that's their leverage with him to negotiate.
  13. Surprised no one else has discussed this, and with a little more substance in the OP Oh wait
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