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  1. Mayfield & Jackson will never strike fear in me. And when Kelce and Hill slow down the conference will be ours.
  2. Favorite band of all time. Very sad. RIP Robby.....
  3. Yes the o-line will determine the success of Moss and especially Breida. Devin just doesn't have the burst or vision to attack A/B gap seams. I agree the run game will improve. The issue will be by how much. Daboll must not be tempted to overuse Josh's athleticism. Josh will pick his moments, but holding off a pass rush with a good run scheme is paramount to the Bills winning a SB. No team in the NFL has a better process/culture than this team. As you said so eloquently Shaw it is about coaching and player determination.
  4. Couldn't agree me. We all love what Cole brings to this team but this whole anti-vax issue and now today sparing with Michael Irvin is becoming both distracting and problematic to the Bills chemistry. He has a right to his opinion (even though I strongly disagree with it), but his future in Buffalo could be in jeopardy.
  5. Yes the process better include getting Josh a substantially better running game. Elway never won a SB until Denver found TD. Marino never got a ring because Miami went all passing. I have zero faith in Singletary and just a glimmer of hope in Moss. It wouldn't surprise me to see Breida pass both. This team has only 2 weaknesses after this offseason. The RB & TE room. Maybe Breida and Hollister shine? But if they don't the process will command that JA carries the team.
  6. I don't think Josh and Dawson have any chemistry considering all the drops. It wouldn't surprise me to see Hollister have an immediate impact and quickly vault to TE1. If we were going to deal for Etrz it would've happened by now.
  7. Yea because 80 year olds out drive 30 year olds every day. I've played golf my entire life and at 62 you lose distance and flexibility. So yes it does have everything to do with it. Look up how rare it is to shoot your age.
  8. Best throw/catch of the year for Allen/Diggs....absolutely sick.
  9. Sims should stick to his specialty. I don't expect either to be Bruce nor do I expect them to be Maybin busts. They'll contribute and be decent players.
  10. Oh No...now there's a Beasley variant.
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