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  1. We have 90-100 M depending on who we release. Money is not the issue. Its targeting the right players that compliment this team. Don't be afraid to spend it, make it count.
  2. Exactly, it's not like Richie was a choir boy. Keep improving this oline every year. Watch Josh's numbers continue to improve. And if we land a solid RB2 to compliment Devin away we go. 1. Ngakoue 2. Conklin 3. Hunter Henry
  3. Yeah because so many people were watching Wyoming football 3 years ago. Love @ 15 is an "EJ"esque reach, but sometimes small college qbs stick. Tua and Burrow are the only true 1st round qbs imoh....
  4. Correct Answer. Reward Jordan & Shaq. Sign Ngakoue to a reasonable deal.
  5. That's the problem. 3 of our "so called" wrs were ST players. Robert's the returner, McKenzie the jet sweeper and Foster the gunner. I miss the days when out primary ST/ return guys were defensive. When all 6 wrs were actually wide receivers. What a concept. I'll be rooting for Duke even if it's as a 6th guy. Congratulations to Andre but this season label him KR, not WR.....
  6. Always like Andy Reid. Always appreciated what Shady meant to Buffalo and rooted for Sammy even after he was gone. Gotta pull for the Chiefs and the AFC, even if Mahomes is my biggest FEAR going into the future with Josh.
  7. Don't laugh, Metcalf dropped after that ridiculous combine.
  8. I don't know if I buy this guy's numbers but upgrade Bojo and that's a good start. We need a consistent year from House. And maybe 1 td return from Roberts.
  9. I have no doubt McB will add several offensive weapons to compliment Josh. I don't have alot of faith in the bigger balls portion. I don't see Dermott ever changing his conservative philosophy. Josh better be prepared to change plays at the LOS..... We learned that if we ever want to win a SB, we must get through Mahomes.
  10. Hunter Henry is the better TE. As long as he stays healthy.
  11. I agree. This is not rocket science McD? Put Ford once and for all at LG next to Dawkins. Sign Conklin as your RT and Ty backs him up.
  12. I think we have a TE2 in Knox and a TE3 in Sweeney. Sign Hunter Henry as your TE1 and cut Kroft & Croom. Or keep Croom as the deactivated TE4.....
  13. I would go Jefferson, Pittman in the first 2 rounds. Sign Hunter Henry. Then find a sleeper RB in either 3rd or 4th round.
  14. Sammy just can't be counted on to perform on a weekly basis. There's been no consistency at any point in his career. And the fact that he's been on 3 teams reflects that. It wouldn't surprise me to see him have a quiet SB. But I will be rooting for him.
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