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  1. Neither Hamlin or Lewis deserve to remain on this roster. We have to raise the bar a little on depth players.
  2. When the dust settles and Josh's career is over, we will truly realize what a special human being that came to Buffalo.
  3. At this point I'm paying Josh and an elite young pass rusher and that's it. I'm not investing alot of money in wrs or rbs anymore. We'll get a real good idea this season if (4) WR3 type guys can spread the wealth and produce, without drama or busting the cap.
  4. I agree, pass rusher is clearly our weakest position. Von, AJE & Groot will be lucky to touch 7-8 sacks. Floyd is gone and who knows what we have in Solomon? We just don't have a dynamic qb stopper on the roster and besides wr, de will be prioritized next draft. The only remaining fa I'd even consider on a cheaper deal would be Ngakoue. He might still have a 10 sack season in him.
  5. Yup, McDermott rotates more than a hockey line. Von +100 getting released next June.
  6. Q....we hardly knew ya...but frankly I didn't have you making the team anyway.
  7. I agree....based on his contract, speed, size and vet experience he will immediately assume the WR4 spot. His drops are still a concern but if he can stretch the field and keep the safeties honest, then Josh should succeed. But I still wish we double dipped (Franklin) in a rare loaded wr draft.
  8. Bills fans always invade LA. That Chargers game last year was nuts. Just take care of business with KC & SF.
  9. I agree.....with the youth movement and roster transition, I'd be thrilled with a 10 win season and playoff berth. Advantages include plenty of rest for Jacksonville. No international games and especially that week 12 bye to manage late season dings. You absolutely must beat Arizona right out of the gate and hope for a cooler than normal evening in South Beach. Our final 3 games are winnable if we are a bubble playoff team late.
  10. Yup, weeks 2-6 will determine our ability to go after a 1 seed. The week 12 bye does help but as usual injuries (or lack thereof) will determine our record.
  11. Jets have 9 primetime games. I'd laugh if Aaron goes down early again.
  12. Lazy scheduling for our final 3 games. At least we have no international crap and a bye week between KC & SF. The early part is brutal, especially 3 straight away games with Ravens, Texans & Jest.
  13. Santa bring me Mahomes "out for the season".... 93% of that cost is YouTube.
  14. Well, we will find out real fast this season if we need a true #1 or can just distribute the ball to a bunch of WR2/3 types?
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