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  1. They will lock him up for alot longer than 5 years. I still think 10/ 400 is reasonable.
  2. To this day I still remember Andre getting blown up on those crossing routes. Not one PI was called. This team is so different and unique from the 90's guys. The current group seems to play harder for each other like a family.
  3. They will bend the knee. And next year when our D improves and we upgrade our run game, we as a fanbase won't require their allegiance.
  4. So in other words he wants a ring this year and next year. I get it....
  5. Both the Duke and Davis plays were on high velocity throws. And even though Josh's ball placement was perfect on both, they were too hot to handle. I think with more reps these wrs are still getting used to the rockets he throws. Yes both were catchable but not shocked they went right thru their hands.
  6. Not worried about effort or motivation. I am concerned about wind/rain?
  7. Considering his concussion and toe injury I doubt Andy calls many designed runs.
  8. We're going to win a SB with Josh Allen. If not this year, very very soon. It will never take away the legend of our 90's heroes. But the more amazing legacy of this team is the loyalty and dedication of the greatest & loudest fans on the planet. What we witnessed last night with only 6700 fans was spectacular. There will be a day when the fans and team can cry together in joy.
  9. To us old die hards, one Lombardi will feel like 5. "One before I die"......
  10. Great visual description Shaw. Glad you could experience that. We at home screaming in our living rooms had the same anxiety. I agree Lamar will struggle losing the running qb moniker. I'm still rooting for a dome for Josh. No matter how strong your arm is, no qb likes throwing in the wind. And its always windy in Buffalo. This can be a special season from a special team. One thing I know for sure is they'll always play hard for each other because they're a family. I think the process is about being a family.
  11. I think his turf toe will be a bigger issue than his neck or head. He's playing Sunday. Everything else is just a formality. Prepare for State farm.
  12. Double team Hill with Tre and a safety. Put Tremaine on Kelcie all day. Milano & Klein will have to keep Williams in check. And don't be afraid to blitz Mahomy. So far weather does not look good?
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