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  1. I don't want him over 295. His quickness is his strength.
  2. Even if Kroft didn't get hurt, I wasn't holding my breath for any compelling production from these TE's. Make a trade for Rudolph then you get my attention.
  3. The obvious answer is TE. We were bad last year and not landing a "Hockenson" and Krofts injury puts us in a terrible TE position.
  4. Exactly, the league will continue to do what it's done for years. Help navigate games for their precious marquee "revenue generating" darlings.
  5. How long is this foot going to take to heal? Oct? A crew of Croom and Knox doesn't give me much faith in us targeting TE's very much.
  6. Laura Kroft was a bad pu. Just begin trade talks with the Vikings. Rudolph would be a huge upgrade over everyone else we have combined. Give them Lawson and a 5th? Any suggestions?
  7. He did the complete opposite of Mario Williams. Rarely complained(other than to the refs) and continued to do his job at a high level. A well deserved contract.
  8. Because they pay Brady like $100 a game.....
  9. I agree wholeheartedly, I'd take Josh having Brett's trajectory anyday over guys like Rob Johnson, Trent Edwards or JP Losman.
  10. I agree. Shady needs to be the last expensive rb contract. You draft a young guy and hold on to him for 5 years. Then you draft another. yes he is and it will be a work of art to watch crazy eyes crumble....
  11. wow, only 1 person mentions Oakland. Gruden, AB and Carr will be an EPIC disaster. Not even Vegas will be able to extinguish this tire fire. Honorable mention: Rosen gets injured early and often and retires to politics.....
  12. Great to see him get mentioned on LA talk shows. He truly was a SuperFan.....
  13. Beasley's production with the Bill's will depend on Josh's ball placement and eased velocity. Short crossing routes are challenging as we've seen Brady make a career out of them.
  14. We all strive to be as good of fans to the Bills as Pancho Billa was. May God watch over your kids and family and be prepared to have the greatest seat in the House when the Bills win it all.
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