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  1. Coach Tuesday's Tyrod Thread

    Ding...Ding....Ding Here's the winning answer!
  2. Sam Bradford To The Bills..? Puke

    Sam would be right at home with all the other injury prone Bill players.
  3. Slow Down The Dolphins Hype

    It may come down to something simple like which team make a better decision on cleats....
  4. Talking Proud versus the Shout song

    " can you dig it " Everybody hates that annoying train whistle...if Russ worthless Brandon wants to make himself useful blow up that whistle. The train has been sitting in the station for 17 years....
  5. Kyle, Tyrod and Lorenzo for sure. Many others to follow. The cleansing will continue.
  6. All I know is Groy and Miller should've played a lot more this year. Ducasse is a joke.
  7. Ideally, this is how the next 6 months play out regarding team & QB

    1. We've not keeping TT in any capacity. 2. The Browns & Giants will be drafting the LA guys 3. We're not beating Mia twice 4. We either make a play for Cousins if available or pray a Mayfield/Rudolph fall to us.
  8. Todd McShay 2018 Mock Draft 1.0

    They don't. If Darnold comes out it will be the LA guys 1/2. You can take that to the bank. Cleveland and NYG will not be winning any more games. The Bills will be 8-8 at worst and even Rudolph or Mayfield might be gone. I just don't know if the Bills want to give up a ton of picks for the other guys?
  9. Aaron Williams still looking to come back

    Well said....we're not talking concussions or cte. One more spinal neck blow could put you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. We all love Aaron but it's way too big a risk. I elected to have an eye surgery that came with a 4% risk of double vision. And guess what happened....
  10. Wired for Sound: Kyle Williams

    Enjoy Meatball on Sunday. Probably be his last game in Buffalo. So inspirational!
  11. Todd McShay 2018 Mock Draft 1.0

    I think the Bills will aggressively go after Cousins. And if they do I would have no problem going Smith and Vea.
  12. CHEifs over chargers?

    Exactly....we are doing no better than 9-7. We need LAC to win the west. Not KC!
  13. Armchair OC question....

    If this was the original plan then why the hell did we pick him up for 1 more year? Its like they said to themselves " we know Tyrod is not the future so let's calm the fan base by playing him one last year and shove a system he'll fail at down his throat. Brilliant?
  14. 2018 NFL Cap Projected to be Between $174M-$178M

    All I know it's 11M more to invest in a damn qb.
  15. Dolphins a very confident team heading into Buffalo

    At least Jay Ajayi is no longer there running for 200...