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  1. It's doubtful they go RB at 30. It will be a pass rusher or cb. I think we can buy time with Breida and Moss while evaluating Singletary's future.
  2. Newsome, Samuel and Etienne in that order. I just don't trust Phillips head in the NFL. Too much Rosen in him.
  3. Joy Taylor.....Jason Taylor's sister, she's butt hurt Josh dominants the fish...his second year was hardly a disaster. Sometimes egg just can't get fully washed off a face.
  4. Tremaine will never have the football instincts to fulfill McD's dream of turning him into Luke Keuckly. The have until May to decide if they're going to pay him that $12.9M 5th year option. I'd prefer him outside to use his speed but I think Sean will be stubborn on this one.
  5. No....we need 2 quality 1techs once Star leaves. Not a fit.
  6. Knowing him doesn't make his clown threads less insufferable.
  7. Oh yes I do. Unless they move him outside and he thrives, I don't see McB honoring his 5th year.
  8. Every decision made by the NFL is money motivated. 17 games and eventually 2 new expansion teams. Money will dictate everything.
  9. I loved the pick too. He was so young and raw but he projected out amazing. Look at the level of improvement Josh has achieved in 3 years. But the same can't be said for TE. Maybe sliding him outside brings a different dynamic to his play? I just don't see him retained.
  10. You perfectly summed it up. He's not instinctive at all nor does he make game changing plays. I think from here out McD will be leaning toward hybrid LB/SS types. Tremaine will never be a thumper or capable of selecting the right gap. Just stick him outside where he can at least be decent.
  11. I vote Jenkins or trade down. We can get one of the UNC rbs later. Load up on picks. Phillips will probably be gone.
  12. I'd give Cleveland a 5th for him but he's not worth $6M. Have to renegotiate his contract. Njoku (24) healthy and Knox would make a very serviceable duo.
  13. Good, I hope that's exactly what we do. Breida will be our RB1 and Moss will sub. Devin was underwhelming last season whether you want to blame him or the OL. We have to upgrade this running attack or teams will just ignore our RB's....
  14. Breida will compliment Moss & Singletary just fine. And I'm not convinced we won't draft a RB somewhere. Eventually I think Singletary will be the odd man out in a year or 2. No please to Bernard.
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