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  1. Says the comic who can't get laid by Snow White....do better dope.
  2. What world do you live in where HC's have no say or impact on the draft. Parcells would constantly gloat about buying the groceries.
  3. 13 seconds will never be just a fixation. It was a collassal blunder by a HC who at the very least should've ensured his ST knew what to do on the kickoff. And did you stop and think that maybe the reason our roster has been lacking like you said is a insistence by McD to emphasize defensive picks that didn't quite pan out. And as far as your last question as I stated earlier I'd hire Ben Johnson in a heartbeat. He wouldn't tolerate OT's that compromise JA's production. There's going to be a time when even McD supporters eventually tire of regular season accomplishments.
  4. The Rams went all in when they acquired Von & OBJ. So if someone is willing to renegotiate their contract, maybe it's feasible? And this argument that Gabe is already our WR2 is silly. Gabe's as much a WR3 this year as any other year.
  5. If I'm Terry and Sean again fails to get this team to a SB, I'm keeping Beane and offering Ben Johnson whatever he wants. I know the McDermott apologists will lose their mind, but I don't care. I'm not waiting another 8-10 years for Sean to get that Andy Reid moment. The next 6 years is Josh's prime. We need to go full throttle on building a dominant offense. I just trust an offensive HC over a defensive one in this era. 13 seconds was and will always be egregious.
  6. First of all I don't want to see Cam anywhere near that field on Defense. He's as bad as Juquan. I can live with some rotation of Rapp, Hamlin & Hyde. I also would like to see Elam finally activated and given some press coverage plays against Hill. Poyer is a shell of the player he was in 2021.
  7. So far a fantastic 92% catch rate. Yes they do need to slightly ramp up his usage and route depth. But so far he's contributed about what I expected for a rookie. Once we draft Spencer's replacement, Dalton should really shine.
  8. Right?.....Dorsey's 1st down plays are abysmal....scrub this stupid delayed draw and get JA under center. Use the play action much more. Then when we get a lead, release the 3 headed RB scheme.
  9. Bills 27 Flipper 24 ....McD will rush 4 and flood 7 in the passing lanes. Josh will continue to take what's given. The heat won't be a factor. Porpoise lose.
  10. I'm just happy it's not in Miami and a 120 heat index. This will be a close game where I doubt neither team hits 30 points.
  11. Yes he was the right guy to keep over Boogie. He'll be a nice #4 rotational pass rusher after Groot, Floyd & Von. He still has to develop his pass rush moves.
  12. The true Miami team is the one that barely beat the Pats & Chargers.
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