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  1. Hold them under 30, we win. We're not intimidated by KC anymore. We're not settling for FG's anymore.
  2. Unfortunately guys like Stefon and Cole seem to go down quickly after the catch. Regardless of who covers Kelce, first its imperative to jam him at the LOS. Then keep him in front of you with support. It's when he's galloping across the center of the field that kills you. Be prepared for those stupid shovel passes inside the 10.
  3. The "world class" was tongue in cheek.
  4. Trust me, when I suggested this I cringed too. I just don't see anyone else on this team who compares in size and speed. If you don't jam him at the line, it won't matter who covers him. Maybe Josh can cover him?
  5. Josh and especially Stefon will not let that locker room forget how they felt after the afcc game. They will be focused and ready. And no one is expecting a perfect game. Both sides will make mistakes. The Bills will prevail by a slim margin.
  6. ....and if not for 40mph winds it would've been 5 times.
  7. Kelce 6-5, 255, 4.61 (40) Edmunds 6-5, 253, 4.54 (40) If Tremaine is such a world class coverage linebacker, then let him be the hero by playing TK man all day. Chuck him at the line.
  8. Sunny, dry, little or no wind, 38-40 balmy degrees. Good weather, no sleeves required.
  9. We drafted players like Epenesa, Rousseau and Boogie for a game like this. Chase down Patricia and keep him in the pocket. We'll also need Jerry & Efe's best game.
  10. It could last easily 12-15 years putting Josh at 40. It will also depend on finding an amazing WR1 replacement for Diggs once his time is done. I think our best SB window started last season and should go another 2-3 years.
  11. I think with the massive improvement of the OL over these last 4 games, we have the luxury to draft a CB in the 1st round. I've said for 2 years please give Bates a chance. And now look at the numbers. We still need OL help but we can go out and find CB2 insurance if Levi leaves.
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