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  1. Yes....the more a team gets called (punished) for it, the less they'll do it. I want a fair and equitable game. I don't give a rats ass how long it takes to get fixed. Or eliminate the rule altogether and let everyone hold.
  2. Booger and his crew have been fools for years. That blatant hold before Poyers pick was egregious. There are Angel Hernandez's scattered all over the NFL.
  3. Once this kid gets his feet wet he'll be better than Crowder. What's with Gabe? An ankle injury has nothing to do with dropped passes. Is it time to take a look at Hodgins?
  4. When we get Oliver, Phillips and Tre back healthy God help the opposing offenses. Josh needs help from the OL, WR drops and RB mistakes. He can't be expected to do it all.
  5. The Bills are about as good at picking RB's as NE is picking WR's.
  6. Why would any team give us a good back for a bad back?
  7. Shakir has earned more reps. I wish we had Blackshear backing up Devin. I don't know what to do with Cook or Moss?
  8. And if Andrew's doesn't destroy him over the top, he also has an INT.
  9. Milano was everywhere. He gets my gameball and it's not even close. Tremaine is usually late to the party. Milano is the party.
  10. I don't have a problem whatsoever because of the rain. As the season goes and Oliver/Phillips return we'll defer to D when we win.
  11. Every big flag on Baltimore we end up declining it. When do we get to use one.
  12. Whatever team decides to stop dropping passes will win this game.
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