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  1. Bills hosting Bengles FA C Bodine

    All I know is Groy better be the starting C. Sign Bodine cheap as the backup.
  2. Check Out this Mock after the Jets trade

    Vea 26 no Jackson out of 1st no Rosen dropping that far no
  3. Closest NFL comparison to Mason Rudolph... Tom Brady

    sounds like JP Losman
  4. just take jackson and keep picks

    and that's why we signed AJ for 2 yrs. Whoever we draft at qb will require 1-2 years.
  5. You don't know squat

    Right? Fans are acting like the Giants trade has already been rejected. Everyone just simmer down, don't get your panties in a bunch and let this play out. Take a deep breath and repeat after me.... "TRUST THE PROCESS" "THE PROCESS IS YOUR FRIEND "
  6. This is the right attitude. We still have the option for 2 but if it's too expensive we stay put and start picking quality players to fill holes. Who knows, maybe Jackson or Rudolph fall? It's not the end of the world.
  7. Dan Jeremiah - Bills covet Allen

    BS....the Bills don't covet 56% I'm 100% convinced Darnold will be gone at 1. If you want Rosen, you'll have to move ahead of the Jets. And it's going to be expensive !
  8. The way I look at it he didn't have to give up much to move all the way to 12. Beane still have options and depending on the Browns 1st pick, he can negotiate a fair deal with the Giants. Or we can stay put, hope a QB falls to us and we retain all the 2nd/3rd round picks.
  9. Is Rudolph their guy?

    Rudolph @ 22, maybe but at 12 no way.
  10. better do it soon before the fish move to 2....
  11. No it wouldn't! McD gets his fast mlb and Daboll gets an athletic qb who he can develop a spread offense around. And we keep all the other picks.
  12. It is pretty funny. Everyone is freaking out over all the different possibilities. Let the talks pan out and maybe the G men don't ask for an arm and a leg.
  13. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

    jrob....thats too much...for Peyton manning or Andrew luck, yes. For Rosen or Mayfield, no.
  14. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    It will all depend on the Giants making a reasonable deal with us. I'd rather take Jackson or Rudolph than give up a kings ransom for risky QB's like Rosen or Mayfield. It's got to be a fair price.
  15. Possible trade to #1?

    Yes they will because I think this organization is done making stupid decisions. We have to target NYG. So we can at least allow Beane, McD and the scouts a chance to choose between Rosen or Mayfield!