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  1. And that was the biggest knock on him coming out of college. Now we're starting to see some of these tendencies come true.
  2. He hasn't throw 1 deep pass with that high of trajectory. They're all flat missiles.
  3. Take notes Josh, that's why you throw deep WITH TRAJECTORY. You get PI's
  4. And I think 2 of the missed targets for McK were wide open overthrows by Josh. Look McKenzie's way a little more often. We have to draft/sign a legit #1wr. Top Priority
  5. He can throw all the bombs he wants, but until he increases the trajectory, it won't matter. Drop the damn ball into the basket. Give your wr a chance. Stop throwing these flat missiles.....
  6. I predict Lee Smith will have 2 penalties. I predict Star will stand at the LOS chatting with his double team. I predict Dimarco will have 1 carry for 1 yard. I predict Dumboll will stare blankly at his laminated play sheet. I predict Sean will clap. I predict Devin will sit the bench for half the game. I predict Josh will have a long overthrow. Bills 16 Flipper 13
  7. In baseball, basketball, hockey you get 7 games. If the Bill's play the Giants 5x they win 3.....
  8. Just take all 10 coins, close your eyes and throw them in a fountain. Wishing for Josh to figure it out. That would be more productive.
  9. With the exception of Wallace, our dbs & lbs all cover great. But like you said what good is it if we can't stop the run. Rewatched the game last night. Star and Murphy are worthless.
  10. Still no #1 WR Still no legit #1 RB (yet) Still no #1 TE A Slightly upgraded OL A Sophmore project QB who's probably a year or so away from being considered "franchise" ready....if we win 9 games this year after a 6 win season I'll consider that progress. But only if they fire Daboll's struggling arse.
  11. No Kroft, No Duke....but keep shoving Lee Smith and Patrick Dimarco down our throats because they are such dynamic offensive weapons. This coaching staff is making some real stupid decisions on personnel and play calling.
  12. Whatever happened to the battle cry " we're 0-0 going into Miami"....
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