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  1. It also doubles as a ride....LA Baby!......FU Jerra
  2. The lonely, yet annoying Jets fan lost on our board that could ruin the season. That would be Jetsfan20......
  3. They've turned cheating into an art form. They know they have the shield wrapped around their championship ring fingers. Then they conveniently announce Cam's signing on the day they get their little slap on the wrist. Priceless.......
  4. Trust me when I say we won't need Elliott. Singletary & Moss will be one of the best duo's in the league.
  5. The flamboyance of Cam and the stoic coach. This won't end well. That's why he's a 1 year rental. Not that worried but he is better than whatever Stidham would've been so the Bills will have to step it up.
  6. The #7 ranking is about right. PFF's absurd ranking metric has to be ignored. Calling Josh Norman the X Factor is really lazy and silly. And the tired narrative on Josh's completion percentage is just them justifying their original assessment of JA pre draft. The Bills are a 7th ranked type team because they'll have a top 5 defense and a much improved offense with Josh having new weapons like Diggs & Moss to compliment Singlerary, Smoke, Beas and Knox. If there is a season I guarantee you Josh will hit 60%.
  7. That's what I was thinking? Will they have 2 separate classes next year?
  8. Starting the wave would be challenging...
  9. You do realize deaths lag behind new cases by 4 weeks. By the end of July you'll see deaths begin to rise.
  10. I would agree. I think the premise of a sport (NBA) using a bubble technique makes the most sense for both safety and a completion of a season. But as we have heard, people inside this bubble serving the players will be leaving the bubble. There's really no way to 100% ensure no one gets infected. When this fall hits you'll have covid rising again mixed in with influenza A & B. Good luck trying to getting college football players cooperating with any bubble plan. Or keeping NFL players from going out. This challenge of playing football will be daunting. Players will pop up positive. Sure rosters and practice squads will be drastically expanded. You just can't bubble football. It's not realistic. And for this same reason puts it at most risk.
  11. Ben's old and AB is gone. They don't strike fear into me anymore.
  12. Seeing so many HOF greats giving back to this current team is absolutely inspiring.
  13. His abilities to motivate this team and maintain a top defense will never be challenged. But his offensive knowledge and game day decisions leave alot to be desired. If the offensive unit (players & coaches) don't improve then it will all be wasted.
  14. Just happen to be the hot spots of the US. Josh and the gang need to shut it down. With OTA's lost and camp probably shortened, no one is going to have an advantage. The biggest challenge the NFL will have is the inability to create a bubble like the NBA. You will have players test positive this fall.
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