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  1. Top priority should be DE unless you trade the pick for a veteran DE like we did with Diggs. After that obviously White needs help on the other side badly. 3rd would be a true MLB. Edmunds' run stuffing instincts might not pan out?
  2. Everything gets thrown out this year. Covid will alter teams strength like we are now seeing with a huge increase in injuries. Now a team has tested positive. This too will effect the dynamics of the whole season. On paper our season looked daunting. But as the season goes on teams we face may be down too? This is a 10 win team minimum. And 12-13 is possible.
  3. Not at all bothered. No ota's, no preseason. I would've been shocked if they didn't tinker. Ford needs to stay at LG. That is the best position for him and his skill set. Feliciano will eventually be at RG. Nsekhe will be ready to come in at a moments notice. Winters is not the answer.
  4. Explain to me how Mr Rodgers is 2nd with 39%. Is this a power ranking or specifically ranking deep accuracy?
  5. This could easily have gone any of 4 different directions. Josh Allen was not highly touted when he played at Wyoming. And it's well documented that his accuracy was a problem. But what we are finding out as Bills fans is this kid has heart and leadership and a drive that will push him to numbers we've never seen before. Maybe even better than Jim. Josh works his ass off every off season just to get better. The pundits that were convinced he would fail have mostly come around. Sean and Brandon saw something special. Even if he'd take some developing. Now that our offense looks amazing lead by a soon to be star, it will be time to revamp our once great defense.
  6. Me too. The Rams will be the best team we play leading up to the KC game. The Raiders defense is suspect and who knows what Covid does to the Titans over the next 2 games. If they play Monday or Tuesday they'll be on a short week. Everything leads to an undefeated showdown Thursday night.
  7. Mike Pereira said it was the right call and as others have stated it should have been holding at the very least. Blandino in all his XFL glory is a tool. He should go back to stand up comedy. Didn't hear the whinny media complain about the phantom INT the basically changed the game. The shield will always give big markets more love. It's life.
  8. That's the bottom line. We no longer have a huge DT to eat up 2 blockers. Without Star or Phillips our smaller DL will get abused until Sean schemes up something other than Taron. We need Dotson in the middle and Edmunds/Milano on the edge.
  9. This is probably the most accurate top 10 I've seen.
  10. I think everyone needs to relax, sit back and enjoy this ride. It's highly unlikely he regresses. We've waited so very long for this. We deserve it......
  11. This is true and Josh has a stronger arm than Jim. We're in for a special run.
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