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  1. LA my whole life. Mostly Raider fans here but Rams base are starting to return. Chargers lagging behind. The fan base here is so mixed, everyone follows a different team. Still a decent Bills following in both LA and SD, but not like it was 25 years ago. May God have mercy on your soul.
  2. The substantial improvement in our Oline will stand out above everything else. It will allow Allen to continue his "gradual" development. Our D will be top 5 again in yards allowed. And our ST unit will be better. 9-7 is pretty realistic.
  3. No, its solely to remind the gamers that Madden has absolutely no bearing on how we perform. But it is adorable how butt hurt people get when they comment on this ridiculous yearly Madden thread.
  4. It's a video game people. Do the higher numbers ensure us an automatic bid into the AFC Championship game. Summer boredon and irrelevant rankings continue. Camp in 2 weeks.
  5. Secretly your known as "Gunner of Dragons"....come on Bill, bend the knee...
  6. Bieber is far more egregious than GOT....
  7. ...."and feel free to invite Tyreek"...
  8. Wasn't Allen gunned at 66 once?
  9. He's better than Ray Ray. That's about all I have.
  10. Rex & Skeletor rank as my 2 worst coaches.
  11. 4k would be amazing but probably not realistic. For Josh's sophomore year with better protection, I'll be looking for improved decision making and accuracy. Maybe not 60%, but close to it. I said all along it will be 2020 when Allen explodes onto the spotlight.
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