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  1. Nah, Brady and his ginormous ego will play to 50. George Blanda style.
  2. You mean like fake back injuries when you're concussed and shouldn't return per NFL rules.
  3. Josh will make alot of defensive players see them little blinks.
  4. There's this thing called the trade deadline (mid-season). You go out and trade for someone better than Saffold, Brown or Q. Instead of trading for Marlowe and Hines who are rarely used. Just because we've won 3 in a row doesn't mean Josh has all of a sudden stopped running for his life. We don't need more wrs. We need Kromer to do his damn job.
  5. I hate it. It has basically become a rugby scrum. You should not be allowed to pull or push a fellow player to advance position. And yes the refs are at fault for taking forever to blow their damn whistles.
  6. I don't think we need anymore wrs. Diggs & Davis are the go to guys. McKenzie and Knox have been getting open but targeted less. After these 4, I'd incorporate Smoke, Shakir & Hines more into the mix. That's 7 capable receivers. I could care less if Kumerow, Stevenson and Crowder ever come back. These would be my top 7. Our problem is OL, not WR.
  7. Turn the snow making machines on in their locker room. Turn their heaters off on the sidelines.
  8. Good review Shaw. I think Belichick is a very good coach but I would not call him a genius. He's 78-83 without Brady. The only thing Jefferson and Chase have on Diggs is youth. I would argue he runs the best route tree in the NFL. I agree the Jets are going to be a problem. Their defense will keep them in games. Alot very good teams emerging. Bills need to stay healthy.
  9. I agree. The idea of paying him 1M more than Milano does not sit well with me but chock it up to inflation. If he's looking for 15-20, bye bye.
  10. If the Raiders get hot that last game could be interesting. Seahawks too.
  11. Romo on Mahomes....Charles Davis on the Jets...I thought these clowns were supposed to announce a game impartially? Takes away from the whole broadcast.
  12. If that's roughing the passer then this league is a complete mess.
  13. Could Charles Davis have done anymore ball washing for the Jest. That was pathetic.
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