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  1. If Dorsey follows Daboll to the Giants they better have a plan B because Jones sucks. Maybe they pitch Wilson or Watson?
  2. So true. Singletary is not an RB1 nor will he ever be at 4.66 speed. Moss is a terrible backup so yes we need more depth at RB. Just like we need someone better than Sweeney to backup Knox.
  3. The whole damn season is littered with "what ifs". If Haacks punt doesn't get blocked. If Josh doesn't slip. If the offense showed up in Jacksonville. If that ref calls OPI on the Diggs in Tampa. If 50 mph winds don't pop up in Buffalo. If McDermott calls for a pop up kickoff. Next season take that anger of not executing and get 13-14 wins. That should be enough for a 1 seed.
  4. After giving up 42 points he's probably not getting any job. I like the enthusiasm that Bradley brings and his 4-3 concepts. It would be better than watching Leslie stare aimlessly into space like in a coma.
  5. All we need is CB who is 4.2 to cover Hill. Or a LB who can cover 87 man to man. Or a freak pass rusher who can sack Mahomes in 2 seconds. Is that asking too much. If we lose McK then yes we're one of the slowest teams in the NFL.
  6. I'd be pissed too if I had to play for a dumb coach. This coaching staff marginalized Gabe mid season. The sat on a healthy Bates while players like Ford, Boettger and Mongo struggled. McKenzie has proven (at 6 years younger than Beas) that he is faster and more than capable of playing the slot. If they let Isaiah walk they're just as stupid as we witnessed that last 13.
  7. Exactly. That Jags game blew up the whole season. As it should have.
  8. It's just a shame our HC can't be as remarkable as our qb.
  9. This is so true. If we want to utilize his legs, we gotta get one before he turns 30. Then I think he'll get another later on down the road as a cagey veteran.
  10. Not even Jerry Rice had a playoff game like that. Can we please leave Gabe as our WR2 and stop being stupid by minimizing his targets.
  11. Chiefs.....Wallace & Dane got abused. They were awful.
  12. We're wired to somewhat accept physical mistakes. But mental mistakes by coaches should never be tolerated. Josh is going to have to be so damn great to cover up the gameday flaws of McDermott.
  13. That's exactly what we need. Best CB we can draft @ 25 to compliment Tre. A 2nd round IOL. Maybe find a diamond in the rough pass rusher in the 3rd. If we lose both coordinators we'll have at least (3) 3rd round picks. A speed WR and a late round RB. Would love Scherff or Chandler Jones as a FA.
  14. Oldest expression in football. "All the prevent does is prevent you from winning".
  15. The one play that sticks in my head is our defense (Milano) sacked Mahomes on the 17, forcing a 4th and fg attempt. But no, Dane literally had his fingernail barely touching the bottom of the receiver's jersey. About as ticky tac a call as you'll ever see. Even Scott Van Pelt later said it was terrible. KC scores 3 plays later to go up 14-7. When you know you're basically playing in an arena football game, every point counts.
  16. Ya know, you're either smart or stupid. So tired of him having to learn from his mistakes. He usually makes the appropriate corrections but will make a new mistake. Maybe he was so flustered about getting the kick type wrong that it affected the 2 defensive schemes (or lack thereof). Does Jordan run any coaching clinics?
  17. Wow, what a great interview. You gotta tip your hat to what Daboll & Palmer have done for Josh. His emotional control is amazing now. His mechanics improve every year. Now stop losing to teams like Jacksonville and get those 14 wins and playoff home field advantage.
  18. McDaniel's indentured servitude is not over yet for Belichick.
  19. I wouldn't pay him $12.70. Listen the last few remaining Edmunds lovers are just hanging on to a rationalization that he's not elite but great at what McD asks of him. We all know his ONLY strength is pass coverage. So why in Gods name wasn't his raw 6-5 frame guarding Kelce man to man on that last play? Was this just another mistake by McD, long after the 13 second debacle.
  20. I was 31 years old when wide right happened. I thought nothing involving the Bills could ever get more painful. Until 13 seconds. This was our championship year, with our young HOF qb.
  21. I can't believe the Bears and Chargers both passed on Daboll. Considering the young qbs. If he does land in NYG or Miami, he'll struggle without a qb.
  22. Ok then shouldn't Dabol had been pushing him to play over Moss? If Dabol likes him so much and Shoen is about to hire Dabol, why the hell wouldn't he promote him when Moss was struggling? Really odd?
  23. It's the definition of mocking and philanthropy at the same time.
  24. Bolton has 4 TFL's just against Tennessee. We could've used that. But no, McDermott is obsessed with his mediocre Mlb. So far Bolton has more TFL's his rookie year (11) than any year of Edmundane.
  25. When Kelce retires, beating KC will be delicious. Bad JuJu.....
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