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  1. Completely agree...Ford and Moss are bubble players. They'll give AJ one more year to do something.
  2. Mafia never disappoints...very excited about our TE depth this year....might be the best we've had in a long time.
  3. This will be Brady & Rodgers last season.
  4. Both the Tenn and KC game should've seen the deep high pooch inside the 10. One of these days our ST unit and coaches will get it right.
  5. I'm sorry but Stevenson is not making the 53 with Shakir, McKittrick and Austin. He'll be odd man out. Maybe PS?
  6. RoboSack....maybe one of the worst qbs in Bills history...just another failed qb from SC....nothing to see here.
  7. As I watch my beloved Angels crap the bed again with 2 of the best players in baseball.
  8. Lotta good that did us in our last 2 playoff loses. We scored points against KC in both games yet couldn't stop squat.
  9. Our ability to win a SB will come down to the DL. We see so often fans defend McD and Fazier by saying we're getting pressures, hurries and knockdowns. Yet passes can still be completed under these 3 scenarios. We need 10+ from Groot and Von this season. We need the supporting staff including DB's to pitch in. I don't care where the sacks come from as long as they come.
  10. I think the time to play under the radar is over. We have to show up every week, punch someone in the mouth and take what's rightfully ours.
  11. This signing makes no sense. He had zero kickoff returns and 2 punt returns for 3 yards. This doesn't solve anything?
  12. Absolutely No. In his 4 years as a Bill he had a 79 QB rating. If you want to let him lead a charge before kickoff or give him some plaque at halftime, fine. Yes he's a fan favorite and his appearance last January in the Cheatriot rout was epic, but he's never going on the wall.
  13. I'll take a double eagle anyway. Toughest score in golf. Josh will improve and be back with a vengeance. Just like football. Damn the Wynn course is $600, yikes....yet still cheaper than a ticket at SoFi.
  14. I think starting this season we begin years of amazing success. The process, GM, QB and ownership is all lined up like the stars. The roster is ridiculous and from a Christian standpoint hopefully McD can avoid any future coaching sins. If that happens we're winning multiple SB's.
  15. This organization does things the right way....
  16. ......Bates should have never taken so long to start.....Peterman should never have played as much as he did....
  17. Lamar had his one video game "make everyone miss" MVP season. He will never duplicate that again. Nor will anyone pay him 40+/ yr. You still need to throw the ball downfield.
  18. Good, you deserve a little break Shaw. You've brought us tons of amazing insights to so many games. This current "wow" infused team is one to simply sit back and enjoy the ride. Looking forward to your thoughts when they do come.
  19. Shakir will definitely be replacing Stevenson without much ado. Stevenson's poor vision and fumbles ruined any chance he might have had.
  20. We have a daunting schedule yet maybe the best 53 in the NFL. Just stay focused every week. No more Jacksonville debacle. If Tre comes back healthy and Von delivers I can see 13-4 and home field throughout. No more coaching stupidity.
  21. Our defense in the playoffs will always terrify me. We've seen it historically way too often. We couldn't get off the field in 4 SB's. And recently we couldn't come up with the big stop against Houston or KC when we needed it. Honorable mention goes to "in game" blunders by coaches.
  22. If you could combine the people of Buffalo and the weather of LA you'd have the perfect city.
  23. Just when you think you can't possibly love this team or community more, you see this outpouring of caring and support.
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