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  1. He can be a bit much sometimes, but I do admire the amount of time he puts into his takes, he usually has some pretty interesting stats backing up his positions.
  2. Well we need to start preparing to play Tua or Justin Herbert for the next 10 years.
  3. A lot of good young WR's in next years draft, he is incredibly talented but I wouldn't give up more than a 3rd or 4th for a 30 y/o WR with a long injury history.
  4. I see him as a high level backup at some point in his career.
  5. I honestly don't think Baker would be able to pull of the win Josh did against the Jets week 1. I don't think he could overcome 4 T/O's and come back from down 16. I think he is talented but I don't think he has the belief that he can win any game like Josh does.
  6. Kunsan or Osan? those bases got the best of a lot of young enlisted and officers!
  7. Looks like Ron Howard thinking of his next Tom Hanks collaboration.
  8. My parents decided on St George Utah, beautiful place and a short drive from vegas.
  9. As soon as my mom is off the phone i'll hop on and electronically mail you a hyperlink
  10. Simms has the biggest man crush on allen I have ever seen, and I love it. He seems like he is getting in early on the bills hype before the rest of the national media gets on board.
  11. Yeah and if you check out his other post we are "P******" if we are accepting mediocrity.
  12. Well it helps to have secondary depth!
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