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  1. I'm into 2028 on madden and he is a 91 overall. Keep him.
  2. Love the Bryce harper comparison, I think that is spot on.
  3. Bro, I'm 36 and I'm a millennial, these are not millennials.
  4. I give this thing another hour. anyone want to do over under?
  5. Checkdown....the list I'm sure he's somewhere near Peterman.
  6. That's Jason Taylors sister! Her hate for buffalo is in her genes.
  7. Wow, I honestly thought for all these years he left via FA so he could be a #1. I'm an idiot.
  8. wow, forgot all about that wasted draft pick.
  9. Rob Johnson, Whitner, Peerless Price (Not as a person, I didn't like that he left), Gilmore seemed like a Dbag, Watkins, Mckelvin mostly because the fumble against the Pats. I liked ALL the 90's bills, but that's because we were winning.
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