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  1. Man, when I read through this I kept confusing Jeff Blake with Jeff Garcia and I kept thinking to myself, "How is Jeff Garcia talking about deep balls and arm strength."
  2. Cam Cam Yes (as much as that pains me, I never count out BB and the scheming pats)
  3. So last year was my first trip to Buffalo and I have to say I enjoyed the old school feel of the stadium, I had a wonderful time and left not wanting a thing to change from my gameday experience. Not too much going on, nothing to distract me from the game, and there wasn't any gimmicky attractions, just the game. I live on the west coast and have been to levi stadium and Century Link in seattle, while both newer and "nicer" stadiums I enjoyed the atmosphere at new era much more (not just because it was a Bills game).
  4. Lets not bash him too much, people were probably saying that about us up until 3 years ago.
  5. Agreed! I lived in Montana when I was stationed at Malmstrom AFB and was lucky enough to get to Visit Glacier National park as well, which if you haven't been, it's also a must visit.
  6. Loved watching him play, absolutely deserves to be in.
  7. The first part they said they are ranking him based on his projection because he is so young still. I think he will be top 5 in the next couple years. Yeah, what a class!
  8. Where is the tattoo everyone is looking for?
  9. Duke Williams gets the Michael Jasper treatment on this board. I don't understand the fascination with him and I didn't understand the fascination with Jasper.
  10. I don't care about the Jets, but I did HATE the fireman hat fan. And growing up in the 80's/90's my hate runs deeeeep for the dolphins and Bryan Cox.
  11. It was shortly after my "Fitzmagic" shirt arrived, he then began to sh** the bed. I loved him as a competitor and love how he played the game but I'm glad we got off that roller coaster when we did.
  12. I think a lot of it rides on what teams sustain injuries and if we have any injuries. I think a team that loses a TE in TC could be looking to us, I would move Kroft in a heartbeat for a 5th. We are deep everywhere and if we stay healthy we could see some movement for sure.
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