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  1. He will get in, possibly first ballot because of name recognition. I think if he had another last name he would be borderline.
  2. We are one WR away from having a great young corp of Offensive players, I hope we get Shenault to round out our WR room.
  3. It gives me a reason to drink at 0600 on the west coast so I'm good.
  4. Obviously I'm not paid to evaluate talent, but I really really thought Mallet would be a big success in the NFL, luckily that's not my job.
  5. I saw a tweet I posted years ago saying "If it's November and you're a Bills fan you know what time it is...Time to think about next years draft!"
  6. Baker is now the 4th best QB in the AFCN (assuming Big ben comes back)
  7. Montgomery Wards also closed...
  8. I agree with you, I think they are just stringing it out so they can announce either Lincoln Riley, Rhule, or Urban Meyer as their next coach soon after the Garret firing is official.
  9. Because rookies tend to get better the more games they play and he is playing in front of his family? He dominated a game vs Dallas who has a better line than Houston so I don't think it's too unrealistic.
  10. Literally his counter argument was he has played in very few games and the last one should be nullified because it was backups vs starters. And people generally turn on the thread starter when the thread starter makes overly generalized proclamations.
  11. Daltons pass to get us in the playoffs. -Honestly the botched snap against Dallas that JA willed into a first down stands out to me but that's probably because it's so recent
  12. Didn't like him at OU and can't stand him on the Browns. I had a soft spot in my heart for Cleveland for the longest time but this team has become so unlikable.
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