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  1. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for TT, ended the drought and was a good dude all around. I hope he does well.
  2. Yeah, like we all talked ourselves into believing EJ would evolve into a starting level QB. I really hope they roll stidham out this year and play juuuuuuust well enough to miss out on trevor lawrence.
  3. Very well crafted and thought out response, thank you!
  4. I personally like Barkley, I think he fits well in the QB room and understands his role. I think he has been a huge help to JA. I am hugely against signing a guy like cam who thinks he should be a starter. This is Josh's team and I don't really want to mess with the synergy in the QB room right now.
  5. If we get really good Marian Hossa will try to join us! IT WAS MY FIRST ASIAN!
  6. All he has to do is show a highlight tape and say "This is why I'm hot" MIMS!
  7. I echo this statement, I work at a hospital in Oregon and we are seeing rapid increases daily. Please wash your hands and please stay home. This stuff is no joke, and honestly working 16-18 hours a day and seeing people outside when I get off is pretty infuriating. Wash your hands and stay home! and obviously....Go bills. -Stay strong OP, tell your wife I greatly appreciate what she is doing.
  8. I'd rather Brady post career low numbers and forever be known as a system QB and a product of BB. I'd be happy beating the cowboys and exorcising the 90's demons.
  9. Agreed, different sport but I remember people going nuts on the cubs for giving up what they did for Aroldis Chapman who was essentially a rental player that year for them. They won the WS and you never heard another word about that trade.
  10. Their coach and their D make up for the inadequacy on O.
  11. I still think long term JA will be better than Lamar. Right now it's fair to say they have a significant advantage at QB, but in 2-3 years I think Josh will be upper echelon and Lamar will be on that second tier of guys like Phillip rivers in his prime. (not saying his style is similar at all to rivers just where he will rank among QBS)
  12. From Devonta freeman who is injury prone to Gurley who is injury prone. Fun times in the ATL
  13. if they had a semblance of a competent head coach I would be a lot more worried about them. I think Gase is a megalomaniac.
  14. I liked the process before it was cool as well. Back on BBMB I think the "Tyson Clabo Watch" got to 1k posts as well.
  15. Two things stand out to me on this post. 1. I can't believe I am 2 years older than Clay Matthews. 2. the weed must have kicked in right after I read OP because it turned into a Gurley post.
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