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  1. No, the worse it gets you just wear increasingly ridiculous hats.
  2. No joke, people forget these are kids with (shocking) human feelings!
  3. It looks like he already has a belly full of beer.
  4. You just come off as ultra douchey calling people squares and saying people never learn at any age (i'm sure except you, you figured it all out in like 6th grade and the teachers were probably into you because you weren't one of the squares and saw the world how it really is, just a bunch of dudes doing cocaine)
  5. Yeah man it wasn't the food that screwed me over at Ruth's it was definitely the drinks, 5 guys and the tab was well over a grand.
  6. The last time I put anything on the companies dime was when I was in the military and they are pretty pissy when you charge 300$ at a BWW in texas on a TDY government travel card. Got a nice A** chewing for that one.
  7. I might be in the minority here, but I think Leveon is going to have a great season and I am not looking forward to having to deal with him twice a year. The first game might be a knock off the rust game but I think by October he'll be back to his all pro form. I also think it's the height of stupidity to hold him out of Preseason action.
  8. Make sure it's the right Donovan Mcnabb, the eagles had open tryouts one year and they promised Donovan Mcnabb and it was just another guy who happened to be named Donovan Mcnabb.
  9. I did a credit card roulette at a Ruth's Chris steakhouse in Portland one night and that was not a good idea.
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