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  1. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    Exactly. He's the guy who wouldn't give the ball to Lynch on 1st and goal to win a championship. Pretty much single handedly gifted a title to the dark overlord. No thanks.
  2. Definitely the Vikings, though I doubt I'll be watching the Super Bowl as the Pats will be in it. Just sucks because the only greatQB that had a chance to beat NE if he got there just lost. Keenum or Foles have no chance to hoist that trophy unless the Jaguars somehow knock Brady out and win.
  3. GDT: Saints at Vikings

    Yep. He was the deep cover and his one job was to tackle the WR in bounds. He just couldn't let him get behind him. Totally blew it in homerun throwback craptacular fashion. He closed his eyes, launched himself at Diggs and whiffed. A terrible play all the way around.
  4. Case Keenum looking good

    That was a duck ... Nate Peterman class
  5. It just confirms what I already knew: the Bills offense is terrible. Doesn't make things any better.
  6. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    I'm just hoping that the Bills get a real QB. That will have more impact on the offense than the OC alone.
  7. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    And with their crappy QB. The frosh looks pretty good, though I hate to admit it.
  8. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    I'm going to barf....
  9. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    Fwiw, the Bills couldn't muster more than a FG vs JAX. You undersell just how putrid the Bills offense is.
  10. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    I can't agree with this. The Steelers have shown no capability to beat the Patriots over the years. Multiple failures in their past and even this season.
  11. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    Hopefully they put on a prototypical Coughlin coached performance on Brady next week. He certainly knows the formula .
  12. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    Their D deserved all if the boos... JAX only managed 10 points vs the Bills. A terrible performance from the Steelers Defense today at home.
  13. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    Shoulda just ran right at them.... Haley showing shades of Dennison in this one
  14. I was going to try wildebeest once when a store near me was stocking it. Next time I went there, they didn't have it anymore. It's too bad, I'd bet wildebeest jerky is the shiznit .
  15. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    Yes, they should have. That said, there's zero chance the Bills would have a 21 point lead to potentially blow in this game.