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  1. I see exceptional offensive design in these Super Bowl teams, to go along with their talent. I’m not sure the Bills have an OC that can scheme at that level. I guess we’re going to find out. I can see why McD tried to land Jucszyk in FA. Too bad we had to settle for DiMarco. He’s a poor imitation.
  2. The Bills were pretty good in scoring defense in 2019, not just yardage.
  3. Agreed. Never liked that band or their awful, schlocky music; has nothing to do with his involvement in the Toronto group or the Bills. Hated them long before that. He and his band can’t hold a candle to my faves, as I like good music. Most Americans probably fit in that category somewhere. I don’t think many would like an Ayn Rand type vision of a country, with pay as you go roads, etc. Many are ok with a childless taxpayer chipping in for their neighbors child to attend school and so on. In a pure sense everyone should pay only for what they use, but this would be wildly impractical.
  4. Chiefs delayed their seemingly annual home playoff sayonara until this week, but it was a temporary stay of execution. Titans head to Super Bowl LIV 30-28
  5. Tannehill has played pretty darn well , and was a first round draft pick. They have a dominant ground game and a good defense. If they win the Super Bowl, how is anything about them false ? Your take on the “ talk” is weak sauce. I’d rather listen to measured takes from fans that realize that there is more than one way to skin a proverbial feline. You don’t need the best QB in the NFL to win the Championship. Aaron Rodgers has a single SB win with no Pats*/ Brady dominating the NFC for the better part of 20 years. The “ we need QB X , should have drafted QB Z” stuff is what gets tiresome.
  6. With Sean I think that it is. I don’t think you need to be a Christian ( or subscribe to any religion for that matter) to be a good human though, and that was my intended point.
  7. Yeah, I think he was there when Cassel was. Mostly remember him starting with PIT though. He was pretty darn good as a Buckeye , which is the only reason I still like him. Any non buckeye player who puts on a Pats* uniform I will immediately despise for the rest of their days.
  8. Whaley was dismissed almost immediately after the draft. You don’t pass on drafting a franchise QB because of a salary. Any GM worth having will want a say in choosing their rookie QB, so I understand the wait. It was still a costly error by the fairly green owners, though. I don’t think being a Christian has any bearing on things. By all accounts Rivera is one of the good guys in the NFL, so that part may be replicable. Probably is by liberal media standards. NBC ( MSNBC) seems to fit that profile.
  9. Pretty neutral on it overall ; amazing how New England making an early playoff exit will do that. As for who I think will win, I’m going to go with the Titans and the 49ers. In the AFC the Titans just look to be that team of destiny; they’re built to destroy Super Bowl dreams on the road ( and that’s just more fun to watch imo... I’d rather see a car wreck than an expected triumph). As for the NFC I think the Niners are a more complete team top to bottom. Plus Rodgers is kind of a weird curmudgeon and the Pack are kind of boring.
  10. I agree, and the point about the TE is a very good one. The best offenses have ‘em, and Allen needs a reliable one going into season 3. That’s a huge year in his ultimate evaluation, and Knox is still a maybe. I know they’re not going to go out and get a George Kittle, but an upgrade with reliable hands is critical.
  11. The Bills weren’t in the market for a QB in 2017 because they hadn’t yet dismissed Whaley, who was on his way out. Beane wasn’t here yet, so he had nothing to do with it directly. McD didn’t want an extra year, he just wanted the GM to have a say in the QB selection. Made sense, but a missed opportunity by the Pegulas with their procedural misstep.
  12. Yes, they turned over a fair amount of the roster largely due to aging. They had a successful program and HC in place, but their excellent teams of the 2010s got old. That happens, and the Ravens have done a great job. Their task was not as huge as reinventing a floundering franchise that had no direction, no leadership and no successful platform on which to build. To say they had a head start is an understatement. For all their regular season success, they’ve been a one and done in the playoffs twice. The same as McD, Beane and Co.
  13. Well, yes it would likely have been one of those two if they did select one in 2017. It was the team’s greatest need, and it’s unlikely they ( or anyone else) was outbidding the Bears for the right to select Trubisky. Obviously , the goal is the Super Bowl and both those QBs are closer to being a championship caliber QB than Josh Allen is. The past cannot be changed, but there is now way to think that the goal of a championship is more likely by not drafting on either those QBs. It shouldn’t be harped on, lamented or assigned to Beane and McD in any way because it truly was an error by ownership. It doesn’t diminish what the GM and Coach have done with the team to date.
  14. While it can work, and has worked for the Bills I still view it as somewhat of a tactical error by the Pegulas. At best , they waited too long to dismiss Whaley once McD was hired. They really missed out on getting their QB earlier ( and a more NFL ready one at that) by doing this backwards. McDermott and Beane still may ultimately be a success, but Beane should have been in place before the 2017 draft.
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