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  1. Kamaltoe has already proven herself to be one of the worst VPs of all time.
  2. Silly reply. Check the statistics. Look into the daily murders in our US cities. One group stands out in this category vs all others. It’s the conversation the left doesn’t want to have and will ignore at all costs. The media plays along, rarely if ever mentioning the race of the victim or suspect.
  3. I fuggin’ love Donald Trump. Best US President since Reagan !
  4. Classic lib troll tactics. Forget numbers, facts etc. it’s the narrative that matters and it must be pushed at ALL costs. TDS is real !
  5. I fuggin’ love Tucker Carlson. I DVR his show daily. One of my favorites currently on TV. A realist who tells it like it is.
  6. Hahaha exactly. More nonsense from this chump. Who’s sweeping anything under the rug ? Anyone who attended school in the last 60 years knows about the history. The vast majority of the population moved on from it years ago. Heck, even the civil rights movement is approaching 60 years ago.... as you stated the country is actually the least racist of any time in its history. The conversatuonreally needs to be about crime, especially violent crime and who commits it. That’s the conversation the left desperately wants to avoid as it spotlights their absolute failure.
  7. Must be difficult going through one’s existence as a victim; seeing racism and oppression at every turn and obsessing over how great society and life would be if everyone else would just change how they live in order to suit your needs. Keeps the demand for therapy high.
  8. Might be different for you locally, but here in WNY I’d put your second point at something closer to 50% +. Not scientific by any means, but anecdotally this area isn’t very bright when it comes to politics and the media.
  9. I fuggin’ love Donald Trump. Best US President since Reagan .
  10. Okay, so BillStime has stated that he agrees with all of CRT. I’m not surprised, but he therefore thinks that if you are White, you are born irredeemably racist and must repent to the oppressed class as your life’s mission. He is indeed a racist. He’s a Marxist too. What a great contributor to this board ! You see, in school we were taught about things such as slavery, the Civil war, MLK etc etc. We presented with factual information and documentation of events, then were allowed to think critically about it and make our own decision on what it all meant to us. CRT does no such thing, contrary
  11. Absolutely disgusting. Joe Biden : The anti- Caucasian President. It sure does. I can’t think of a better ambassador for Alzheimer’s awareness than Joe Biden, though.
  12. She’s such a cementhead. Crime is a problem. Violent people - aka criminals are a problem. The gun is not the problem.
  13. Yep, and Newsom wasting no time in getting political. Bottom line : criminals suck and they feel empowered as we get softer on crime. Seems that the law enforcement officers did a commendable job here. We’ll know more soon enough. Another coward that killed themself rather than face their actions.
  14. Exactly. We respond because the takes are just so dead wrong.
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