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  1. Boatdrinks

    Gronk retired

    Well, Gronkowski wasn’t in the NFL for Giants vs Pats* part one. Anyway, Gronkowski is HOF, but his lack of durability/ longevity is a DQ for “ goat” status to me. Other opinions will vary.
  2. Boatdrinks

    Patriots weak at skill positions

    Fair enough. I don’t see it that way, and I’d say don’t overthink it. NFL QB play as a whole is weak. Good QBs can get it done vs NE. Mahomes , for example was barely slowed by the Pats*. Most NFL games are close, and even the current edition of Brady usually makes a few more plays than the QB on the other side of the field. He has very few “ off” days in a season compared with the field. That’s the reason for the wins. When he can no longer do this, it stops.
  3. Boatdrinks

    Patriots weak at skill positions

    Cry is more like it.
  4. Boatdrinks

    Patriots weak at skill positions

    Not sure of your section , but I was in 136. Everyone ( seemingly) cheered and high- fives all around.
  5. Boatdrinks

    moving up?

    I concur with this theory. I’m not certain yet if the Bills need one or not, but I do know this; I wouldn’t trade up for any QB in this draft.
  6. Boatdrinks

    Gronk retired

    Let’s all hope this is incorrect.
  7. Boatdrinks

    Patriots weak at skill positions

    The Rams lack of playmaking in the SB was tied to just one thing; Goff puking on his shoes. Or perhaps he just showed his true colors as a QB down the stretch run of the season. The Pats didn’t do anything noteworthy. They didn’t have to once the Bears and Eagles put down the blueprint and exposed Goff. The Pats begin and end with Brady, though. He didn’t do much in that dog of a SB game, but he only had to be marginally better than Goff that day. Not too difficult. Brady missed 2008 season. Seems like a lifetime ago, but I’ll never forget watching Pollard take his knee out on the scoreboard at the Ralph.
  8. Boatdrinks

    Gronk retired

    Not weak enough. It will be over when ( and only when) TB retires or his play is sub par. I don’t believe he will play as a Favre-like shell of himself. That would taint his legacy and his ego won’t allow it. A running game will mean very little at that time. It will all come down to the QB. While the nightmare may seem never ending, defining it as such is pure hyperbole. The epic length run is really just tied to one player’s highly improbable longevity. Barring a Luck- type scenario it will end. For football fans however, it has seemed to be a lifetime in hell , or perhaps purgatory. I truly cannot wait for it to reach its approaching nadir.
  9. Boatdrinks

    Gronk retired

    Lifted directly from thebiglead.com. Yes , I see that you put it in quotes. Anyway, I think the point was not about stats, but that the team wins games without the player. Their winning begins and ends with the QB, and probably won’t change until they get weaker at that position. Hopefully that occurs and they don’t have a Colts like transition to an Andrew Luck.
  10. Boatdrinks

    Gronk retired

    The Lions were a terrible team, but that doesn’t detract from his greatness as a player. He was great, and durable.
  11. Boatdrinks

    Gronk retired

    Barry Sanders retired on top with gas in the tank, and missed only 7 starts due to injury / other in his entire career.
  12. Boatdrinks

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    Exactly. Great move if it means not drafting a CB. Build the offense and maybe throw in a good DT.
  13. Boatdrinks

    Gronk retired

    Not surprisingly the choad’s agent states he “ wouldn’t be surprised “ if he has a change of heart and returns to the team/game. And so it begins ....
  14. Boatdrinks

    Gronk retired

    Fair point. Though it’s become cliche, don’t they say the best ability is availability ? Gronkowski dominated for sure, but his durability takes him out of the all time best conversation imo. Is he HOF great ? Absolutely. But so was Terrell Davis.
  15. Boatdrinks

    Patriots weak at skill positions

    Not coincidentally with Brady as his QB for the vast majority of the games. I figured the HS player part was overstated, but they’ve won with offense since about 2004 or so. Not knocking BB, but that run doesn’t happen without Brady.