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  1. Boatdrinks

    Pegulas mentioned by name in Eric Reid story

    Depends on what the homeowner knew. Was it dark ? Did the Police identify themselves? Could a reasonable person have feared for their life ? So many factors in that hypothetical. From an ethical standpoint, the Police have to be given an advantage. It is possible there could be circumstances in your scenario where it may be justified though.
  2. Boatdrinks

    Matt Barkley Will Be the Bills' Starter vs. the NYJ

    Are they finally aware that Nathan Peterman should never start another NFL game ?
  3. I believe it. You always try to win; your job depends on it. They just might not be very good at it.
  4. Boatdrinks

    Pegulas mentioned by name in Eric Reid story

    Possibly, depending on what State the hypothetical situation occurred in. Many variables in that scenario. A jury might find the homeowners actions reasonable.
  5. Boatdrinks

    Pegulas mentioned by name in Eric Reid story

    Not exactly what happened on Castile. Once he made the officer aware that he had a weapon, he was then told to keep his hands visible. He proceeded to reach for his wallet anyway. Unfortunate, but instructions weren’t followed and he had a weapon. The Office was fired, but his actions were not criminal. The off duty cop that mistakenly entered the wrong apartment and discharged her weapon was fired, and charged criminally as she should have been. That’s a far cry from an incident that occurred while on duty. On duty incidents are investigated and even go to jury trials. With the amount of Police/ civilian encounters that occur on an annual basis, shootings are very rare. It’s a microscopic “ issue” relative to civilian on civilian shootings which are almost never justified. Those are Okay though in the eyes of “ activists” and “ protesters” who are very concerned about “ justice”...depending on who is pulling the trigger, that is.
  6. Boatdrinks

    DeShAuN wAtSoN iS sTrUgGlInG nOw WiTh TaPe

    Yes , cue the “ player X wouldn’t be any good in Buffalo “ retorts. Perhaps Watson would have some weapons by now if the Bills had drafted him in 2017.Maybe an offensive line, too. Cordy Glenn might still be a Bill, and perhaps Icognito too if they hadn’t reduced his pay. So many things might be different now. I’ve never bought the argument that good players wouldn’t be good in Buffalo because...Buffalo. Sorry, but it just doesn’t fly. Happy for the other teams that drafted the good players your own team decided they could do without? Yeah, that’s not how being a fan of a particular NFL team works. If you are just a general NFL fan, you’ll probably be happy with that mindset as every team will have some of your favorite players, and there will always be some team doing the right things and winning games.
  7. Fwiw , Lynn took over in season. It was much too late to install anything new. His playcalling and philosophy was pretty good, but he was running Romans offense.
  8. Boatdrinks

    We gotta find a way to lose this one boys.

    This team won’t come close to the playoffs, and they’re not looking to draft a franchise QB in the upcoming draft. Last years playoff berth may have hurt somewhat by increasing the cost of securing a high pick. It’s all about what you’re willing to pay. In the end, Beane may have been a bit too penny-wise with his picks. They need a lot of players in this draft. Not one specific player. They need to increase their odds of success by drafting many players and hoping for an above average hit rate if they are going to be around to see this through.
  9. Boatdrinks

    We gotta find a way to lose this one boys.

    Doesn’t prove they got better while sitting. Rodgers improved as he continued starting. Mahomes was raw ( kind of like Allen in that regard) but probably was ready at some point last year after seeing things on film etc. They should have sat Allen for at least half the year, but famously screwed it up. There’s no point in turning back now. Allen isn’t going to improve by watching the worst NFL offense in generations do its thing. Well stated. Timing once again doesn’t appear to be on the Bills side. They need offense, and that’s not the strength of this draft. Live reps are critical for Allen if they’re going to show any improvement next season. Find out which players can at least be backups as most of the offensive starters should be replaced.
  10. Boatdrinks

    We gotta find a way to lose this one boys.

    Peterman should not be on the roster any longer. He can’t play in the league. Allen needs live reps as soon as he is ready to be put back in the lineup. The offense is putrid and the team will probably lose most games. If Allen makes the difference between winning and losing, then how would he be getting worse as a QB ?
  11. McVay wanted him back, but there were several bidders for his services. At some point, he didn’t fit their salary structure. They immediately traded for Cooks. McVay knows what type of players he needs at WR to make his offense work. He didn’t proceed without a WR that could draw coverage and provide a threat to take the top off a defense. Funny, but Watkins had the most TDs of any Rams WR last season.
  12. So true. Watkins has been on two teams stacked with weapons since he was traded. He’d be a focal point here, that shouldn’t be hard to understand. Anyway, griping about what players are paid is idiotic. Fans don’t set the NFL market or determine what a player is worth to a team. The Bills will have to pay huge $$ for less talented WRs to sign here now. Wonder how much griping there will be over those signings.
  13. Never seemed more fitting that Peterman wears no.2
  14. I’d say it’s a very strong critical difference. The philosophy influences the personnel decisions , the GM etc.
  15. Boatdrinks

    And more piling on.....

    We will see. I like to see progress, not a massive regression to being flat out uncompetitive. You have a lot more faith in Beane and McD’s “ process” than I do. I think they’ve dug themselves too deep a hole to climb out of in a reasonable amount of time. Perhaps the next GM/ HC combo will walk into a decent setup and build on it, rather than dismantle it.