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  1. Boatdrinks

    Nantz and Romo for Bills-Vikes

    The Patriots* had another appointment, and these guys weren’t invited.
  2. Boatdrinks

    Predict the score: Bills at Vikings

    Vikings 45 Bills 13
  3. Sure, names attached to quotes is nice. That’s not going to happen in the real world, at least not until well after the key actors are gone. At that point the story becomes a lot less sexy.
  4. Boatdrinks

    Fumble or Out of Bounds?

    It may also be so a member of the recovering team cannot have say, a toe OB and bat the ball towards his teammate before it’s recovered. Anyway, the rule has been around awhile. I recall the Bills being on the wrong end of a call like this recovering a ( Brady?) fumble vs the Pats @BUF in 2001. Anyone else remember this play? It was a close game and the overturned recovery was critical.
  5. Boatdrinks

    Every throw from Josh Allen’s 1st start

    I agree. To me, that is the most damning( and uncorrectable) trait in an NFL QB. It comes from within, and there is no cure.
  6. Boatdrinks

    How Safe Are Coach McDermott and GM Beane?

    Seems nuts, although we know many sportswriters chose the Bills as most likely to regress. But the team has done more than regress; they’ve gone from playoff team to tire fire. This is a new era of the NFL, with billionaire owners that want fast results. They don’t care about eating hefty coaches contracts. I know it goes against what T- Pegs has stated in recent times, but this has gotten embarrassing. If the Bills don’t show marked improvement by years end, nothing is off the table.
  7. The guy he brought in to be DC knows it, but has more conservative tendencies that have been well established over time.
  8. Well, it’s the Patriots roving announcing team. Perhaps the Pats are on prime time this week or something. Just guessing.
  9. Garbage calls imo. If guys weigh 300 + lbs and they fall on you, so be it. That’s what they weigh, so tell the OL to block better. There was already a rule against body slamming a player ( which didn’t happen in these instances ) so any change was unnecessary. We saw the maddening inconsistency on full display Sunday with forward progress / in the grasp calls involving Allen and Rivers. The NFL needs to stop this nonsense. Players get hurt, including QBs. It’s the nature of the game.
  10. Arizona , perhaps. But probably not.
  11. Boatdrinks

    Is Doug Marrone a better coach than Sean McDermott?

    Not exactly. Pegulas were working on an extension. He had only a few days left to exercise his out clause ( built into his contract due to Ralph’s age probably). Marrone rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, but he’s a good coach. He knew Brandon / Whaley wielded a lot of power in the organization and was concerned about which side would win that struggle. His agent told him he was the top candidate for the Jets job, and the out clause gave Marrone a rare opportunity to collect a HC paycheck from two franchises in the same year. (Double dipping in any other circumstance is generally against the rules, with the previous team only on the hook for the difference in salary. ) So he took it. By all accounts the Pegulas approved of the job Marrone did as HC of the Bills.
  12. Boatdrinks

    Josh Gordon to be released-now traded to PATS

    Why do NFL teams deal with the Pats* Seriously why help that team. Don’t they want this to end sooner than later? 10teams inquired and the Pats* always pick late. Ugh!
  13. Boatdrinks

    How Safe Are Coach McDermott and GM Beane?

    Take your pick. How many high draft picks from the Whaley era are still on this team. You can’t have a team full of mid to low rounders and hope to be good. Yes, they acquired picks but they had other avenues available to move up. The strategy is questionable, coupled with an apparent inability to evaluate talent as well. Their draft picks aren’t looking too hot, except maybe Tre White. They spent a lot of picks on not many players. We will see if they turn out to be all-pros.