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  1. Praised for staying peaceful ? . Wow. Some zit-faced lone wolf loser of a teen strolls into town and shoots up a store full of innocent people shopping. He’s immediately apprehended and won’t see a day of freedom again. While the most justified outcome for the shooter would have been getting pumped full of 100 rounds of lead by the Police (being the coward that he is he turned his weapon on himself) he now must be dealt with alive. Perhaps the death penalty will be applied here? No matter how heinous the crime, we must maintain our civility. It’s expected in orderly society, not singled out for praise.
  2. Well, demographic groups don’t commit crimes in direct proportion to their percentage of the population. This pesky fact is more difficult to process when you see the world through a liberal prism. What percentage of murders are committed by Asian Americans? I know they’re supposedly “ over represented “ at Universities , but you can bet I didn’t hear that from a conservative news source.
  3. If Biden had visited Waukesha as well as Buffalo, his presence, words etc would ring true. He didn’t, thus the skepticism. Simple as that. The Bills are members of this community, so I don’t see a correlation to the POTUS here.
  4. Fwiw , Trump is correct. What is damaging to Democracy is the use of shady, unverifiable , unrequested paper ballots.
  5. I doubt it was the fault of law enforcement. More likely an extremely liberal psychologist that evaluated him, said he was fine and just needed nurturing and understanding because he was “ triggered” or some other psycho babble. The liberal mindset infiltrates and perverts law enforcement in NYS. When criminals are coddled law enforcement is weakened.
  6. The source is npr. That says a lot. What qualifies as a “ mass shooting” ? 2 or more? I agree nearly all of these would fall into the gang- related category, not a school shooting, store, theater etc.
  7. You don’t believe that Caucasians will not be the majority in the US? Demographers have been saying this since the ‘70s, way before Fox News was around. Anyway, you’re confused. The MSM peddles fear .. “ racism, Covid, Anti- gay LBG “blah blah blah. Their goal is to have everyone afraid of some existential crisis that requires more government intrusion to “ fix”.
  8. Sticks and stones Tibs, sticks and stones. He lives in a half baked dream world.
  9. A few years back when this myth was all the rage in the media, the total number all year was less than 20 (people of color shot by Police). That’s in a country of 330 million people. If you’re a criminal and point your gun at your own head / neck whatever, now the Police have to try to talk you out of it. Even suspected murderers get that treatment. This loser may have planned on going out in a blaze of bullets but he turned the gun on himself instead. Suspects get shot when they make sudden movements, reach in a jacket or toward their waistline etc . ie they don’t follow instructions. Tibs is a blathering racist who doesn’t pay attention to the facts and data. All about the narrative with him. There are about 1,000 Police involved shootings per year fairly consistently. More Caucasians shot than others. Truly unarmed is a very small number of individuals.
  10. You can’t be serious Exile. How on earth was 2016 rigged ? The Dems thought they had a slam dunk with a continuation of Obama in Hillary. It was a gross miscalculation. In 2020 they knew they were dead in the water. The Coronavirus was their salvation- and the reason why it became a religion for the left. Cuomo was not surprisingly one of the first to declare that voting in person 8 months down the road was going to be “ unsafe” and that a flood of non requested mail in ballots would be sent out. Other States followed suit , and their scheme was coordinated and executed in key States. Lockdowns and destroying the strong Trump economy were another key to their plan. The lefts rage was so deep with Trump in power that anything and everything was done to sabotage the impending re- election of the 45th President. The US now wallows in the despair and dismal economic outlook brought on by sleepy Joe and the disastrous policies of the Democrat party.
  11. Haven’t seen any deflection. Everyone believes this guy is evil. Nor is anyone giving Buffalo a bad name. Sorry you’re not finding what you’re looking for here.
  12. Conservatives and libertarians are not racist. As a group , libs actually seem obsessed with race where it consumes their very existence- along with their preoccupation with Donald Trump.
  13. Nothing should or is being downplayed. Quite the opposite it’s being seized upon by the Democrat party. Meanwhile 33 people were shot in Chicago this very weekend. Do you care much about those shootings or any people killed ? California ?
  14. Actually neither “ side” needs to take a hit for his actions or his professed racism and motives. It shouldn’t be exploited for Political purposes ( as it sadly already is) but questions should be asked about why the Red Flag law that exists just for this purpose failed to snag this scumbag.
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