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  1. Absolutely.. we’re watching a different game now that’s just not quite as good.
  2. While blitzing every play is probably not a recipe for success, I can appreciate the enthusiasm in this post.
  3. Hahahahaha, that’s pretty good… I saw a (tweet? Or X) that said Bears Broncos should be flexed to Tuesday morning ! Lots of bad matchups early this season but man that’s an awful game to be stuck with.
  4. With week 18 @ MIA, this one seems bigger for the Bills than the fish. Esp with BUF already having a division loss. Is it too soon to say it’s a must win for the Bills ?
  5. 77 and sunny for Sunday though. Maybe Bills should wear the whites ? Too late at this point I’m sure.!
  6. I disagree. In the night game, Josh Allen took over at the end. He’s better than Tua and simply refused to lose.
  7. The defense did a good job in both those games , while the offense shot themselves in the foot repeatedly. I think that was the OPs point. McD and Co are capable of doing it again.
  8. Not anymore… home team is assigned less than 3 , say 1.5 as HFA isn’t as strong statistically as it once was.
  9. They’ve had a very good DL for awhile now. Won’t be easy in the trenches vs this group.
  10. Used to be if you laid a hand on an official you were tossed. Appeared to be enough here for that. He pushed him aside.
  11. Bills ship has sailed as far as these talking heads are concerned. After last seasons early exit, they’ve moved on to more “ interesting stories” . Honestly , can’t even listen to these shows and it’s been that way for awhile.
  12. The only way possible once Rodgers was out: turnovers.
  13. Dorsey’s plan last week was fine (except for one strange play call in OT)Josh went off script and it failed. Underneath stuff was there all game vs NYJ.
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