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  1. This ^^ The NFL will not seed a WC ahead of a division winner in any circumstance. So much of the season structure revolves around division play, they won’t diminish it through seeding. If it wasn’t going to make money, and a lot of it at that, it wouldn’t even be considered.
  2. He should sit the remainder of the season, and I think that he will. League is going to come down hard with players involved in tonight’s donnybrook.
  3. It’s an average to slightly above average team, so I don’t think they will dominate games. Dolphins haven’t been dominated lately, and aren’t that bad with ( good) Fitz.
  4. Today ? Sure. I hate him, but I’d take it. Years down the road ? Pass.
  5. Probably, and that shows just how lacking the Bills are in offensive weapons. They have 2 WRs that should be on an NFL roster .
  6. Lack of elite talent/ matchups at WR/ TE Sloppy execution/ penalties poor offensive scheme/ strange playcalls for down / distance mediocre QB play at times
  7. Conjecture. It would certainly be interesting to see what happened, but ten games seems to be a stretch. Since we can’t put him in that situation, its impossible to prove. I would guess 10 is too many.
  8. So the guy who sat for years of “training “ was only marginally better than a raw rookie who should have sat his first year, plus 9 games into year 2. Taylor was also throwing to Robert Woods, Sammy Watkins, LeSean McCoy, et al. Not ideal, but Allen has probably shown enough to get a third year with some additional weapons on the offense besides Brown and Beasley. Allen needs to improve and finish the season on an upward trajectory. He hasn’t had a very good game since TEN and that has to change. My guess is they add to the offense and make a decision on Allen after next season. If Allen slumps and declines over the last seven games that would probably change their outlook.
  9. Where did I call you a hater? I’m far from a fanboy. Just guessing what the team might realistically do. Of course it’s a possibility ;there are still 7 regular season games left. Those QBs you mentioned performed far worse than Allen. I would have moved on too.
  10. It’s easier, but that’s only part of the equation. Bills do have tons of cap room. Allen haters are convinced that he’s not the guy, but I’m not certain the Bills ( or any NFL team for that matter) would cut bait so quickly. I think he probably gets a third year.
  11. Best K in Bills history. Yes, it’s too bad he wasn’t on the team in 1990.
  12. I think he can continue to improve, but it depends on the overall picture at season’s end. If I had to conjure a guess, the Bills ( and most NFL teams) wouldn’t move on until after year 3 for a high draft pick QB. Barring a major decline, he’s here for 2020 season. Short of signing a proven NFL QB, they will go with that possibility over a rookie .They have a lot of cap room and another draft to add to the currently incomplete offense. A top WR, OT and possibly even TE should be added. If Allen flounders with a solid group of weapons around him, they will move on. I could be wrong of course. They could draft a QB in the next draft or even sign a FA. Just my best guess about what they will do.
  13. I don’t appreciate the name calling so don’t stoop to that level. If you can’t have a civil discussion then move on.
  14. Lol you must watch CNN religiously. He took advantage of a few unfortunate incidents to advance an anti cop anti Caucasian agenda, Even wearing socks depicting cartoon pigs in police uniforms. Yes, he disrespected Police and is supportive of criminals including some who have killed police. He’s a mediocre ballplayer and basically pond scum. Glad you think he’s a great guy, but I can’t agree with you.
  15. Actually, I just watched the Chiefs do a variation of what you described Vs TEN and it worked like a charm. Didn’t seem like anything Allen couldn’t do either. They used motion to draw a defender to the right side of the field , leaving the left side wide open. Hill ran a corner route to the open ( left) side. Perfect, and uncoverable according to Romo. One read, two second throw. Another WR was open in the middle of the EZ, but looked like Mahomes knew he was throwing the corner the whole time. There were about 7 mins left in the 3rd quarter. Perfectly designed cover zero beater. Any speed WR could beat that coverage, although obviously Hill is great at it. Would have been an easier completion than the route they tried vs CLE imo
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