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  1. Yep. It was also like the 3rd or 4th time in the game though none had been flagged. It also was totally unnecessary by the defensive player and I think that’s why they finally threw the hanky. The ball was long gone and he saw it. On the heels of Tua I’m not surprised. Bills have been burned on lots of those so I’ll take it. It was also first down, not a 3rd and 25 or something.
  2. This Ravens D has blown leads already this year .. we’ve got em where we want em
  3. He hadn’t looked checked in mentally to this point.
  4. Are we still going over this? It’s been how many years lol
  5. It’s average save for short yardage. Can’t fumble though
  6. Moss is worse and Cook has been asleep every time they’ve gone to him this season.
  7. We can chill on the MVP and SuperBowl talk until after Thanksgiving
  8. Pretty good list. Of those choices for 10, I’d go with Madden.
  9. Yep, steady light rain. No crazy winds. I’d say weather will be A factor, but not a huge impact.
  10. Hey, ALL Bills fans wished they had gotten the #1 seed last year. They didn’t. I’d prefer that they’d gotten two or three more blowout wins than nail- biters though. Guess it’s a matter of taste ; do you like chocolate or vanilla? I’d love to see them get the #1 seed this year. If wishes were fishes…
  11. A few years back Boger’s crew was among the most flag happy in the NFL. They may not throw as many now, but I’d expect a critical call or 2 vs defense in this game.
  12. Would you rather have the Bills go 14- 3 with an 0-3 record in one score games, or go 11-6 but with a 3-3 mark in games decided by one score? I doubt the Bills are losing their minds over this.
  13. Win games and win a lot of them to position yourself for the playoffs. Then hopefully a worlds championship. I don’t care what the score is. If all the Bills did was win close games, their ability to put teams away would be questioned. When will the luck run out ? etc etc. It’s a statistical oddity that occurred last season. This year is 3 games old and the Bills one loss was by a narrow margin in oppressive heat with a high number of injuries. The mistakes that cost them were largely of execution , save for one curious defensive call on a 3rd and 22 vs a non elite QB. I’d be a lot more concerned if the Bills lost in a blowout vs this Miami team than a close tough loss. The best teams will still lose a few in the course of a season. The Bills win most of their games and they’re not close. They lose a few, but by a narrow margin. Objectively this seems like a manufactured crisis.
  14. Updated forecast 63 degrees with 53% chance of rain and wind at 15mph. Not as bad as first thought
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