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  1. Schedule is fine. No major surprises, early game @ MIA is a nighttime kickoff. Thought the home game vs KC might be a SNF , but CBS has its claws in that matchup.
  2. Personally I think the best value is lower bowl between the 5and 20 yard lines. As others have mentioned , stay between say 10 rows up and about 35 rows. Best seats in the stadium for the money imo. Sat in 300’s once and don’t care for it. I prefer to be closer to the field.
  3. The games will be shown on over the air TV in both teams home markets. Then it’s simple ; don’t watch if you don’t want to. Others may feel differently. No reason to let the NBA hog the Christmas tv sports spotlight. I mean, if the game is on and you don’t watch then why worry if others choose to catch the game ?
  4. Looks like a 9 maybe 10 win roster - mostly due to Josh Allen.
  5. Used to enjoy those 9ers - ‘Hawks games. Always pulled for SF though as I hated the Seahawks and still do. Agree with your take overall though for sure, those were great to watch.
  6. At this point if I had to guess I would say no, they haven’t. We can’t know of course, and there are always surprises in the NFL season. That’s part of what makes it compelling. On paper - and I know games aren’t played on paper- the Bills WR corps doesn’t look impressive. As fans there is nothing we can do about the FO strategy , so I’ll hope for the best.
  7. Can’t imagine the Bills counting on Hyde in any way at this point. Had a great run here, but it’s over.
  8. They won ( again) so I guess they can laugh at whatever they want. Really though, who cares ? A giant nothingburger imo
  9. I’d probably call him a #1 receiver, but that opinion is colored by fandom. Greg Cosell said his film study indicated that Diggs is no longer a #1 WR in the league , even though he was the Bills # 1. The draft compensation was also indicative of his value around the NFL. In reality , I’d have to say he probably isn’t a # 1 anymore , but as fans we get attached to these players.
  10. I’d liken the answer to this #1 WR question to that Supreme Court Justice’s answer to the definition of porn ; “ I know it when I see it “
  11. Sure , any offensive player could be a good get for KC. They’re going to draft somebody so worrying about it is a fools errand.
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