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  1. He believes the problem is far more severe and common than it actually is because he is biased against the police. Police already receive a lot of training in this area. If he’s not satisfied until no instances of excessive force etc occur, then he’ll be waiting his entire life and it still won’t happen. There are going to be some bad cops. This isn’t a systemic ( very overused buzzword that implies mass racism as accepted fact) problem, but rather a human one. Cops are human, and there will be some bad actors. This isn’t the 1950’s or 60’s. That’s a media driven creation. It’s like saying America has a systemic murder problem, or a systemic mass shooting problem. There isn’t a complete cure. It’s a movement to get soft on criminals and crime in general.
  2. Yeah, seems like another indoctrinated individual. One of the sheep... Ha ha. Good show !
  3. Incredible. Protesting the actual infringement of Constitutional rights by Governors saying you cannot pursue happiness by running your legal business to provide for your family isn’t in the same orbit ? The same orbit as protesting some unfounded “ feelz” that everyone and everything around you is somehow unacceptably racist but just don’t know it ? My goodness , how have these politicians managed to get elected ?
  4. I agree. While Floyd’s past is irrelevant to his completely unjustifiable death, the unjustified deaths of others as a result of the riots are now being swept aside as just so much collateral damage. It’s flat out wrong.
  5. Love it. This would make a heck of a T- shirt right now.
  6. Now this is something we could all get behind.
  7. Hah hah hah . You can use whatever you want, but I’d suggest something with a bit more....impact. Trying to keep this a PG rated forum , lol
  8. Funny you should bring this up. I’m aware of what’s been going on , and I already have a planned response . It goes something like “ you want me to kneel ? And this happens before or after you _____ my _______. “ ( fill in the blanks) Lol, kinda hoping someone tries this with me.
  9. You must agree with the message. Some don’t . Why would that offend you. The entire premise is circular and pointless.
  10. Hmmmmmm. Seems suspiciously like a photo op.. Yep. America didn’t invent slavery. It was around for centuries.
  11. I imagine if one were to kneel, then declare that , say “ I am kneeling to honor my great grandfather who was killed in WWII “ or something like that it would be met with a different response. Of course, some might be angry about that. Or if the kneeler were silent, and said nothing about why they were kneeling. When one declares a message that is “ I choose not to Honor America , because..” then it will be met with a different response. Some may agree with the message and others will not. By divulging the message, that’s what it becomes. He’s entitled to his opinion, but by letting people know why, he’s kind of opening things up for some to agree and others to not. Who cares at this point ? No one was really doing the kneeling thing anymore regardless. It had mostly run its course, and even the media got bored with it. It’s a giant pissing match at an event that is supposed to be about entertainment. I’m.not even sure why Brees brought it up again, really. I don’t think it was really a topic anymore. ” And that doesn’t cover looting, killing cops, arson etc.
  12. Yes, they must repent and declare their shame in being overly bourgeois. They must proclaim their sympathy with the proletariat. We’re seeing it now with moneyed celebrities. They are signing petitions to defund the Police protection we now have keeping us safe from looters, killers , and those that would lay waste to our families, property, and steal our possessions. Meanwhile, they will drive around in their Ferrari’s and Porsche’s , while their gated villages enjoy round the clock armed security.
  13. They can do it.... but how dare they display outrage and our freedom to disagree. It’s all fine.
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