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  1. I believe you must try to defeat the Chiefs by presenting a similar offensive challenge. Mahomes gets the benefit of wide open receivers most of the time due to the way teams play coverage vs their personnel. Josh did not get that last night and the results were apparent. While the Bills need better rushers to apply pressure with 4, most of the answers are on Offense. An elite TE and a blazing WR are needed. The Chiefs are harder to defend than anyone else due to Kielce and Hill. This is easier said than done, but trying to win largely with defense in today’s NFL is mostly folly. The Bills nee
  2. No, not an issue because all the teams play in the same conditions. Don’t think it was an issue at all last night, or any other game this year where fans were present. The team is not as talented as the Chiefs, and they were also soundly outcoached in every aspect. Noise wasn’t a factor.
  3. Nope. Their game plan in October was much better, but Josh played poorly among other things. It was a 6 point game in the 4th quarter. I’d have taken that tonight coupled with a better effort on Offense. McD won the first meeting with Reid back in 2017. I do think he was extremely conservative tonight and it cost them. I don’t think he’s scared of the Chiefs, but needs to admit when a game is going to be a shootout and play accordingly.
  4. It was exposed, but not unexpected. You dance with who brung ya at this point though, and I’m not sure the Bills did that tonight. Josh Allen not having at least one rushing TD in this game was inexcusable. Daboll was hugely underwhelming tonight, and McD couldn’t resist extremely conservative decisions when it was obvious TDs were going to be needed. The Bills will want to address the RB spot in the off-season, but I believe tonight’s game was winnable with the players they had.
  5. A somewhat disturbing ending to a mostly excellent season. I’d certainly have been fine with a close, competitive loss, but this was something else. This felt very much like the ‘90s Super Bowl losses ( aside from XXV) and last year’s Houston loss rolled into one. The final quarter was into embarrassing territory. The coaching staff did not acquit themselves well, and the settling for FGs Vs an offense like the Chiefs was almost Jauron- like conservative. I loved Allen’s season, but tonight won’t do much to remove the negative narratives on him. About as bad an end to a great season that one c
  6. And even those are just very educated guesses. These Championship games are often intriguing because of their ability to surprise us as football fans. No one knows what will happen, what strategies will be employed and what players will rise to the occasion that may not be household names. Go Bills!!
  7. Good call. I remember that one, but not fondly lol.
  8. Just want the Bills to have a Super Bowl game to prepare for two weeks from now. Don’t care who the opponent is as I think the Bills can beat either one. Predict Tampa finds a way to squeak out a road win.
  9. A rare #1 vs #2 overall seed matchup. I kinda like your data here. Seems like a #2 seed blowout win on the road is overdue!
  10. Totally overrated, and besides the Bills were hardly the first team to party. The Raiders on Bourbon Street were legendary partiers. Still got the win on SB Sunday. Pretty much a non factor.
  11. They haven’t been an elite defense all year and aren’t about to change now. Plays will be made.
  12. I’m feeling like “ Bring it on ! “ When the Bills take care of their business tomorrow and punch their ticket to SB LV, it won’t matter who the opponent is. They’ll deserve to be there and either matchup will present a new challenge, but they’ll accept it and meet it to achieve victory.
  13. Ahhhh, nice meat puppets reference. Bravo 👏
  14. No, you do not need to be tested to attend the game. There’s a new restriction on flying to US requiring a Covid test to board the plane, but that doesn’t start until Jan 26. Good luck and go Bills!!!
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