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  1. No , I haven’t been napping through the 18 years of football torture. It’s been all too real. However, the dynasty is due to Brady. While I didn’t say that’s all Belichick is , none of what the Pats are thought of as today happens without Brady. Some could say that about the Coach, but they’d be wrong. It’s the QB, then anything else.
  2. Not many , if any of those teams managed to become a dynasty though. That’s where the great QB comes in. B.B. is an excellent defensive coach, but that doesn’t get you what it used to in the NFL. A QB that makes very few mistakes, and rarely makes more errors than the opposing QB is paramount. The Pats may have stumbled into a SB win , but the dynasty doesn’t happen without Brady. Bill Walsh was considered the best Coach of his time , and was called “ the genius”. He was an offensive guru in an era when defense still mattered a lot. The forty niners dynasty continued without him, winning Superbowls under George Seifert. The key was they had Joe Montana, then Steve Young took over.
  3. I’m sure the Bills coaches noticed , as they watched the game film. Kelly definitely called too many passing plays, though. It’s always tougher to beat a team twice in a season, regardless of who their D coordinator is. The Bills offense scored the same amount of points in both games vs the Giants though, 17. The defense chipped in 2 points with a safety. After the game, the Giants Head Coach, Bill Parcells made some telling comments. Keep in mind that Parcells was a defensive minded Coach. He said the Bills “ are a little soft up the middle if you run right at ‘em “ and declared “ power football wins”. Yes, the Bills defense cost them a Super Bowl title that night. The slow, plodding Giants with a backup QB should have been held under 14 points. They had an elite defense, but 17- 20 points was totally realistic against them and enough for a win if the defense made a few key tackles. Belichick didn’t have a huge impact on SB XXV; the Bills D and Kelly’s playcalling had a greater role in the outcome.
  4. The Jaguars are still seven spots ahead of the Bills in revenue, even with their stadium. They are also playing a game in London every year, so their situation is somewhat tenuous. Hope you enjoyed the concert. I was thinking of going to that one, but the prices spiked dramatically the last couple weeks. I caught them a few weeks ago in Canada though, ( great show ) and am going to see them in Philly on Tuesday. They sound great, but who knows when it ends ? This could be the last time....
  5. What meaningful upgrades are possible in that stadium with its sunken design ? Something that would give actual pricing power ? Fewer seats can be accomplished for certain, but climate control ? Much wider concourses with better concessions and larger restrooms ? I’m not an expert, but I’ve read about these issues when previous renovations were done. A reno won’t be cheap, and the improvements may not go far enough. Any revenue increases will need to come from ticket pricing structure and concessions because a stadium won’t change the corporate situation in Buffalo. Buffalo could improve its traffic flow by fixing the ridiculously poor traffic light timing, for starters. It’s haphazard, nonsensical and horrific.
  6. Precisely. It really comes down to ones self image. Are you a victim, or someone in a great country with a lot of oppportunity? If you think America isn’t socialist enough, you’ve probably incorporated quite a bit of victimhood into your persona.
  7. You can find those quotes and clips for yourself , as “ the crew” are media darlings. There is not shortage, but you must see for yourself if their ideas and statements are concerning and contrary to American principles of government( plus mind boggling to boot ) Even if you lump them all into the tweet, where is the “ racism” ? A place is not race. It can have a socialist culture, which is really the issue here. As for Trump, you paint with a broad brush. There is plenty to criticize about him , but the lefty siren call of “ racism” at every turn is propaganda. They need better ideas ( the bar is extremely low right now) and a better candidate. Not more phony outrage. Trump had to have been the most easily defeatable candidate for the Dems in decades. I love the sun.
  8. Well, three of them were. The one that wasn’t seems where the tweet was aimed. That individual has made anti Semitic statements , and they all seem to dislike many American principles. What isn’t hard to understand though, is that where they came from ( or their grandparents ) is a place , not a race. The tweet is not racist, nor is the statement. It’s about the foundation of American government vs a socialist style one.
  9. Maybe some do, but I feel even that is far overblown. The vast majority of us in WNY are not racists, and fortunately most Bills fans aren’t either. Some folks just need to lighten up a bit.
  10. Country of origin doesn’t = race. Sorry, but that statement isn’t racist. Journalists ( loosely) have really run off the rails with this. Not only telling us what is “ racist” , but even going so far as to call it the role of journalists to do so. The role is to report what was said, ( I.e the truth) and allow the reader to decide for themselves. Not sure when that was lost on them, but it’s ingrained in them to inject opinion into every story now.
  11. The Bills defense lost the game by allowing 40 minutes of possession time to a plodding, dinosaur offense. Many tackles were missed and execution was sloppy. The Bills offense scored 17 points in 19 minutes of possession. I’ve always thought the legend of Belichicks role in Supe XXV was vastly exaggerated. Seriously, a kick drifts two feet to the left and B.B. is a footnote in that game.
  12. Lighten up and have a sense of humor. The world is overly PC already and becoming more so every day due to weak mindedness. That sort of mind rot doesn’t need to permeate this board.
  13. You will not sway someone who is convinced that NEF provides an “ ideal traffic situation” . While a downtown stadium would likely be more congested than OP, it’s most certainly a workable scenario. Just not a perfect one. As we know, this stadium decision is about revenue generation, not traffic.
  14. Right. Notice I mentioned that 60k or so was but a fraction of that total so it would seem perfectly feasible that a similar size crowd could arrive over a period of several hours ( which Bills games tend to feature) then depart at a more compacted pace. And as I stated, fans make it to Foxboro for games regardless of the traffic being less than ideal.
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