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  1. Some of it is coaching, but it’s mostly the high quality OL and DL- the overall defense is elite. Josh Allen is asked to do more than probably any QB in the NFL. He covers up a lot of issues.
  2. He wasn’t a rookie. Just a guy who was always injured and didn’t show much as a result.
  3. It was ,after all E J Manuel .Possibly the worst 10 minutes of quarterbacking ever seen.. I don’t think Josh has that in him.
  4. I agree , no enthusiasm for this game at all. Really can’t stand either team.
  5. I prefer the Marv Levy take on that phrase ; adversity doesn’t build character … it reveals it !
  6. Spagnuolo also had to play a few rookies in that secondary yesterday.
  7. Not sure but I think Kroft had a different guy and held his block for awhile . Only saw the replay once or twice tho
  8. Nothing. Just a place to vent and discuss the team and its moves.
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