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  1. Oh there is merit to it, and I'm sure any offer from the Bills was considered. The higher pick this year won out, and that's not surprising.
  2. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

    Could work. Would probably not be until the draft, in case a team before 12 tries to move up into that spot.
  3. How The Jets Changed Everything

    The Bills tried to trade into the Colts spot at 3. The Colts took an offer from a team with a higher draft position and moved down only 3 spots. I'm curious how you would suggest they go about drafting this QB if no team is willing to move down out of the top ten?
  4. Analysis of the current situation

    The current situation is that Beane and the Bills are currently in the 12th draft spot. He would like to go high enough to get a QB, but has to find a team willing to move down to 12 plus pick up a bunch of extra picks. There may not be a team with a high pick willing to do this .
  5. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

    What if the Bills don't have the currency demanded ( a pick in the top ten) for such a move up ? You can't force teams to trade with you. I suppose a GM could go " full Ditka" and offer everything. I don't think this strategy has a strong track record of success.
  6. How The Jets Changed Everything

    Or the Bills didn't have a high pick to offer , but the Jets did.
  7. Maybe it's already been offered. If they want a specific player at 2, that player is likely to be gone long before 12. That's the position the Bills are in. Top ten picks are much more attractive to GMs looking to trade down from a high draft position. It cost the Bills in their attempt to move up past the Jets. You can throw in all the extra picks you want , and it won't make pick 12 any higher. They might be stuck with no place to go.
  8. That still doesn't get them the player they want in this draft. Moving all the way from 2 to 12 is a big step down.
  9. You're close.... the Giants want a specific player and any move must give them the chance at that player. It's not necessarily a QB.
  10. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

    It has long been a credo of many NFL execs that high picks should be used on big men ( and QBs) . It's old school, and I can't argue with it. Something is holding a deal up and it likely centers around the Giants being able to draft a specific player.
  11. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

    The choice is really that of the New York football Giants. They may be unwilling to trade the pick before the draft because they covet a certain player ( Barkley). Or they may be unwilling to trade it at all. Or only for 4 first round picks. Should the Bills pay that? It would hamper their ability to build a team. They have few players under contract as it stands.
  12. Memories of 2004 NFL Draft

    You can't outbid a team that has a top ten pick when you don't! The Jets upped their offer to an acceptable level for the Colts and the Colts took it. The Colts used the Bills offer to extract what the Jets were willing to pay. All picks aren't created equal, draft charts be damned.
  13. Memories of 2004 NFL Draft

    And the revisionist history of the year award goes to ..... Look that is not what happened, at all. Tom Donahoe ( and most others ) knew the Steelers were high on Roethlisberger. There was never a realistic chance he fell to the Bills at 13. So Donahoe called around , eventually agreeing to a trade up with HOU that would position the Bills ahead of PIT. It was reported on ESPN during the draft by Chris Mortensen ( TDs friend from his time at ESPN before taking the Bills GM job) as a " done deal". Then disaster struck. The Texans wanted CB Dunta Robinson, and thought he'd be available with the Bills pick. ATL chose CB DeAngelo Hall at 8. HOU grew nervous that a run on DBs could start and cost them their top choice of Robinson. They cancelled the deal. Tom Donahoe panicked for sure by moving up for Losman later in the first round. Indeed, the 2005 1st rounder the Bills sent to DAL could have netted them Rodgers . Rodgers was a relative unknown at the time though, and in 2004 '05 was thought to be a " down year" for QBs. In retrospect, it yielded Alex Smith and Rodgers. There's a lesson in there somewhere . But the Bills GM didn't sit om his hands and watch Roethlisberger slip away. A little bad luck, bad timing and that left only one team left to work out a last minute deal with before PIT was up. It's a huge stretch to say the Bills are repeating history and the alarm bells should be ringing .
  14. Colts wanted more than what the Bills were able to offer them... a top ten ( almost top 5) pick. They couldn't offer what they don't have in their posession. This type of thing was always a possibility. A QB needy team with a higher pick than them got a deal done to move up. They have a few other options ; some pundits feel the NYG simply won't trade with the Jets. If true, it's not lost on the Bills, so trying for pick 3 made sense for Buffalo if trying to move in front of them.