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  1. They’re realizing just what a liability early-onset Joe is. I’m 100% supporting Trump in November , but I get it with Cuomo. I rarely agree with him on policy, but I’ll admit he doesn’t talk like a man with dementia.
  2. Even more of it the longer things are kept locked down. It’s needed to prevent total collapse, and everyone is on board not Just Trump. The difference is he wants everything open, up and running. Some would like the socialism to become the new American way of life. Interestingly , the required dose of socialism now is the perfect argument against it as a long term thing.
  3. Lawsuits is what you think about ? Crazy Lib Tibs....Bottom line , there is NO fixing this thing fast. Sucks, but it’s true. It cannot, however be an excuse to slide into the abyss of dictatorship and communism. We simply have to go back to work, take extra hygiene measures and hope for the best. Scientists will say keep everything locked down for months or a year because they are only focused on if this virus spreads. They will still be in demand and have a job. The rest of society at large cannot operate that way. Can’t hunker down and be shut down for very much longer without disastrous effects. The rest of society doesn’t owe us a job, owe us total protection from getting sick, or owe us a guarantee that a hospital will always be able to treat every one of us. Libs are going to lib in a crisis like this and try to create their dreamed of utopia. Few freedoms, and government’s heavy handed control of everything knows what’s best for us. Amazing how many want to get the economy restarted soon, and the most liberal amongst us want more government restrictions, less people working, and general government control of every aspect of daily life - right down to your healthcare. Interesting that even though the world at large had inadequate supplies for such a medical crisis, the USA had the most ventilators, ICU beds etc per 1000 population than anywhere else. Socialized medicine is more skimpy and stingy than what we have at home.
  4. I’m going to have to trust it as he’s being pressured for sure. That area is a “ hotspot” , but once again I think WNY will have to do as NYC does even though we are pretty much a separate state. Trump as talking the last few days about analyzing areas by county, but we’re gonna get the shaft here.
  5. I disagree. WNY is not NYC. This would be totally unnecessary and unfair, but they might do it anyway. Lock down NYC and Conn possibly but this is a vastly different part of NY state and should be treated as such.
  6. I love it. He calls out dill holes like her when it’s required. The anti- politician and that’s a big reason why I voted for him. Won’t matter once again, because I’m in New York but it’s a matter of principle. No reason to be PC when there is so much BS and stupidity out there that needs to be exposed.
  7. For some, it’s a lot worse. That’s how it is. Life and viruses aren’t fair, but the prescribed cure can’t be worse than the problem. Look, Trump is the only leader capable of leading the country through this and still having an America left for everyone when it’s over. Sleepy Joe and communist Bernie would have America transformed into something unrecognizable. Cannot let that happen.
  8. For many people it’s not any worse.
  9. What a dumb @$$ question. No deaths isn’t even a possibility if nobody went anywhere and the Dems started bread and gas lines. Lib tards masquerading as journalists.
  10. I hope that’s the case, and it’s not some political reason where Cuomo is going against Trump.
  11. He was warned and declined it. He loves to blame others for NY failings.
  12. How many will die because of Cuomo ? He fails to purchase ventilators, then denies people treatments that have shown some success. The man is scum.
  13. My goodness Cuomo sucks. He’s worse by the day. I’ve heard many doctors as guests on radio saying they would use these drugs, and would take it themselves if they had symptoms.
  14. Yep, they loved Washington coming out of Louisville in ‘91. Polian miscalculated by not moving up and big Ted went to San Francisco the pick before Buffalo’s. One of Polians few errors in his Bills tenure, but a key one.
  15. And yet the Raiders partied famously before their SBs in the 70’s and 80’s, but they crushed it in the games. Sorry, but the Bills lost because they couldn’t make a tackle to save their lives on D combined with not running the ball enough on offense. Not because of partying. Eh, the Giants had the ball for over 40 minutes. The Bills D had a very bad day at the office, and the game was lost. The Bills offense scored about the same amount of points as they did in their week 14 meeting at the Giants. That game was a Bills victory.
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