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  1. Maybe lol … anyway I believe it’s a practice that the AP ( and others) have rather stupidly adopted .
  2. I wonder what was said during that conversation , and how the man could glean such a conclusion from it? Sadly this tragedy is going to be exploited by the Democrat party. I’ve heard little discussion of the shooting in Milwaukee or California but perhaps they don’t fit so neatly into an agenda for the upcoming elections. Root causes are not too helpful because we aren’t talking about normal people here. We are talking about evil individuals that will kill others to satisfy something in their deranged minds. You’re absolutely correct that reasonable people would find all such killings deplorable. We all feel emotions such as anger , greed etc. As participants in civilized society we don’t act on such feelings by physically harming others. That’s what separates the vast majority of us ( fortunately ) from common criminals.
  3. Agreed. As for why they are falling off the list it has to do with the liberal agenda. Bad people can be “ reformed” and criminals deserve another chance. I know a threat isn’t the same as carrying out a crime like this , but the warning signs - as seems all too common - were there.
  4. Yes. They won’t because of a demented political ideology. Pure garbage.
  5. On the surface that may seem sensible, but a look at the current administration and their ideas gives huge cause for concern. It won’t take long to turn into taking these things away from people with political ideas they disagree with. They’re already wanting to be the arbiter of “ truth “. Dangerous stuff.
  6. Not really. The info is probably correct but their organizational agenda and politics makes them a garbage outfit.
  7. His parents are probably oblivious, he has no friends and the liberal schools probably think he needs counseling or he’s triggered. He’s actually a homicidal psychopath.
  8. Probably good information, but the fact that the AP will not capitalize the W in White as they do for others means anything they publish is useful only for wiping one’s posterior.
  9. I Don’t care about the NRA at all. Someone else brought it up, I’m just calling out the nonsense.
  10. Lies spewed as truth are far more upsetting than actual truth. That’s what makes Libs so frustrating . They twist everything from history to race to Covid to guns.
  11. Yes pure garbage. The only thing that saved him from death by Cop was putting the gun to his own neck. We can’t say whether any other individual would have done this , much less based only on their skin tone. He also shot White people and a retired BPD Officer. Guess what? He hated them too. It seems Police were alerted last year about a threat this psycho made. He got a mental evaluation and counseling. A very Lib course of action and we see the result. I expect high level stupidity from Tibs and Billsy so this is no surprise.
  12. I’m sure a lot of the shooters are NRA members. You are a dunce. And in the end, so f#*!&#*what? The guy is a murderer. So is every shooter in each Buffalo murder this year. They’re all cold blooded killers and deserve harsh sentencing. Put criminals in jail , that’s where they belong.
  13. Over 100 million more in population than 1982 as well. Your cartoon looks like the “ mostly peaceful” blm protest CNN clip.
  14. Just another criminal on the scrap heap of societal dregs. Rhetoric didn’t kill anyone though. There will always be criminals and murderers , sadly. Our freedoms mustn’t be diminished due to the wanton acts of a few. They should all be dealt severe punishment regardless of their motivations. Murder is murder.
  15. And white bodies too. Does the skin tone matter? Innocent people were killed. Plenty of shootings in Buffalo this year to date already. Probably quite a few “ brown bodies” as you so eloquently stated. Were those fruit from the NRA too?
  16. Francis doesn’t understand that criminals don’t follow laws. Also kind of hard to reconcile being “ pro -abortion” and being outraged at a criminal pulling a trigger.
  17. Yes, body armor. Seemed to surrender easily once law enforcement arrived in numbers. Appears to be an outsider. Sadly, a retired BPD Officer working security at the store bravely engaged the suspect and was killed in the process. RIP No Tibs, not going to wear body armor but do as you wish. I’ll take my chances.
  18. Just saw an interview with a local that took place in front of the Tops where shooting occurred. He said the shooting proves that “ we need our guns.” Interesting perspective
  19. Saw a bunch of girls carrying pro abortion signs walking toward Niagara square this AM. Don’t these idiots know where they live ? Absolutely nothing is going to change in NYS, regardless of Roe.
  20. Maybe someone was .May have hauled A$$ outta there though. Just carrying a gun doesn’t give one courage to use it in this type of situation.
  21. Efficiency standards are already far better than the past. The car dealers have SUVs and trucks because that’s what the customers want. If everyone wanted small econoboxes that’s what they’d find on the lot. The people dictate what the auto companies are doing , not the other way around. Fuel costs and supply were just fine under Trump. Incredibly , the last time we saw a big jump in fuel costs was under Obama. That is not a coincidence.
  22. Their terminology : “ fear “ and “ afraid” is ridiculous and moronic anyway. Apparently you cannot simply prefer one thing over another. If I want a porterhouse steak instead of a cheeseburger, it doesn’t mean I fear the cheeseburger. I just want something better.
  23. Hahaha.. so true though. Its simple : Stop taking my money. Stop telling me I have to do this or that, say this or that, wear this or that, think this or that. Protect the border and put criminals in jail. Encourage energy production because that drives our economy. Leave me alone and stfu. It seems so easy , but libs make it so difficult.
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