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  1. Yeah, they only give makeup calls to winning teams. The favoritism is really obvious. Makes the game tough to watch.
  2. Yeah, the Dolphins thing is really strange as the Phins have been mostly mediocre throughout that stretch. Hard to explain. The Bills are mentally shook by the Pats if Brady plays, and wilt under the pressure. They will not win another game vs NE until Brady is gone.
  3. Still doesn’t mean squat: it’s all about the overall seeding. NE has lost championship games on the road. At Foxboro, it’s only happened at the hands of an elite defensive team. There aren’t any of those going to the AFC title game imo. KC may still win their division, but it’s all for naught if the Patsies somehow slip into the one seed.
  4. That phantom hold was a makeup call for the phantom hold on KC that produced a TD earlier in the game. It’s a terrible way to officiate a game but there you have it. They did truly suck the entire game and the whole season in general.
  5. I couldn’t agree more. I just hope like heck the Steelers can avenge last years screw job at the hands of the refs and beat the evil empire on Sunday. If not, it could be yet another miserable playoff season. I can’t wait for it to end. I don’t think I can handle another NE appearance on Super Sunday. I was a wreck last January until that last desperation heave hit the turf.
  6. Officials horrible at the end. Say whatever about the missed hit on Rivers but pushoff by Williams twice in end zone. Everything the NFL officials do sets up the Pats. Officials miss all kind of stuff but the ones they choose to throw show their intent. KC will now lose at SEA and it will be yet another SB involving New England. So freaking sick of that team and would like to just watch the Super Bowl and not care who wins.
  7. Didn’t see anything there that would overturn the interception call on the field.
  8. Fans will always obsess over their team’s draft mistakes. What the Bills did was take a big gamble on draft position, and what it would cost to achieve the position required to draft a QB the following year. It’s a classic example of the old “ a bird in hand “ axiom.
  9. I still don’t get why you think it’s weird. The Bills traded the pick to KC that was used to select Mahomes, rather than take a QB that the franchise desperately needed. This will be a thing with Bills fans for a long long time and the reason is rather obvious. It’s not any different than what you describe with Jackson and Rosen. The Bills chose to trade rather than draft Mahomes. Allen is obviously a part of it because he plays QB.
  10. Wow, if they called 49 for a hold what the Chargers just did there was worse
  11. No, they didn’t think Tyrod was good enough and wanted him to take a big pay cut. They passed because of their screwed up management , going into the draft with a new HC and a lame duck GM that should have been fired already. Anyway, it’s old news. You are correct that it doesn’t put any pressure on Allen, though. He just has to win, not match stats.
  12. Of course there are, but we are Bills fans, and our team traded the pick to KC that landed Mahomes. There’s nothing weird about it. The two are forever linked, any other teams fans it’s just wishful thinking. Yes, other teams passed on him too, but they mostly had QBs already. QBs that had taken their team to the playoffs and even the SuperBowl. They have a bit more of a reason than the QB needy Bills.
  13. It’s pretty tough to argue with anything Mahomes is doing right about now, no matter how unorthodox it may be.
  14. He is. Granted, I saw more of Watson’s games than Mahomes but just trusted what I saw out of him more. I hope the Bills decision pans out, but the arrow is definitely pointing toward a Watson/ Mahomes selection in that spot.
  15. I definitely think the Bills should have taken a QB there for the record. I wanted Watson though, not Mahomes. My thought going into that draft was that Mahomes was a boom or bust prospect. Clearly it’s the former.
  16. They could have taken him. It’s well worn territory why they didn’t. Doesn’t bother me to watch him because it’s the Chiefs. I just don’t have any deep seated hate for that team. Great player.
  17. Most Bills fans will be pulling for the Chiefs here. Unless you are a closet Pats fan, or maybe openly? Anyway, KC winning will make NE’s playoff road tougher.
  18. Boatdrinks

    Poll: Draft Greedy Williams in the 1st Round?

    As we saw vs Jets and others, the D will not be truly elite without an improved pass rush. The offense is broken while the current D is above average. It would seem that an above average offense coupled with the current D will be a winning combination. Beane and McD have to tone down the obsession with defense.
  19. Two reasons for the bias: Ravens have a winning record and are in contention to win division , Allen is white.