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  1. Cool.... can you give me next weeks Powerball numbers?
  2. They've mostly been boring since the late 90's . They had about a half season worth of exciting football behind Bledsoe and Fitzpatrick a couple of times. The NFL became even more about the QB during this time period, and the Bills situation at that position has been mostly terrible ,as we know .
  3. The teams lack of class is completely reflected in their fans. In reality, only the team matters, the fans have nothing to do with anything as far as their success on the field. Their attitude and behavior manages to make it a photo finish when it comes to the level of hatred.
  4. No surprise that fans were grasping for options while the team was in a skid, the offense nonexistent and the season was going down the drain. So was the coaching staff. The teams were going in different directions at the time, and the Bills likely weren't winning the game regardless of the QB. Penciling in a win there when the Bills O couldn't muster wins at CIN or CAR is foolhardy. They seem to have snapped out of the funk with the notable exception of the home game vs NE. Perhaps Taylor will surprise and the road performance will be better than a few weeks ago. If the Bills get edged out in the playoff race, it will be due to lack of offenseive production in a couple of winnable games. The Jets game was 10-7 at the half, but felt more like 28-0. They were a mess during that entire stretch.
  5. Anyone but New England . That's how it's been for me for awhile. I got roped into watching the SB anyway by the Giants triumphs over the Pats. Had those on the DVR forever. After the ridiculous giving away of Championships by both SEA and ATL, I just won't watch a SB involving NE anymore. PIT losing last week has seemingly squashed all hope. Eagerly awaiting the retirement of Brady so I can start enjoying the playoffs / Super Bowl again. There is simply no Ravens type team to smack the Pats around anymore .
  6. Bills Patriots has never been much of a rivalry. It's been more of a one sided beatdown for a decade and a half. While I wasn't paying much attention to 0 for the 70's ( too young for most of it) I was definitely aware of it later. The Bills and Dolphins were mostly battling for AFCE supremacy during the Kelly era, so the rivalry was heated and intense. There was a reason it was always known as " Miami week" when they came up on the schedule. The Bills have largely been a rivalry - free franchise during the duration if the drought. They just haven't been good enough to have any. That said, I hate the Pats more than I've ever hated the Dolphins. And that's saying something.
  7. In hindsight, Peterman wasn't ready. That's obvious. I can't fault McDermott for wanting to do something to spark the offense, his error was believing NP was up to the task. Regardless, the Bills were playing horribly at the time with Taylor at the controls. The Chargers were in the midst of a hot streak, and Keenan Allen was virtually uncoverable at WR for a stretch. With Lynns knowledge of defending Taylor thrown in, I don't see the Bills winning that game either way. Taylor HAS improved since then, with the opening drive vs NE being his one critical error since the benching. Perhaps it had some positive effect on his play. If you want to play the what if game, take a look at the loss @ CIN. The Bills had the benefit of multiple takeaways in that game, and Taylor failed to get them in the end zone with a first down in the red area. Or a wasted defensive effort at CAR, in which the moribund passing offense produced just a FG. Those are critical in the Bills playoff scenarios as well.
  8. Simple. Have a low rent defensive lineman swan- dive on Brady's head after a play. When he's on the ground, after the whistle. The player then can say it was out of frustration from being held. The penalty has already been established by the league as a one game suspension. Totally worth it.
  9. This week is different than the week they played. Chargers were playing well and the Bills stunk for two games. Week to week league. I'd still take LAC to win in LA this week.
  10. There will be teams in the playoffs that didn't beat the Patriots. Do they not belong ?
  11. That didn't count... no Brady. If he wasn't there, this series wouldn't be so lopsided . They get Brady about once every 12 times. The last time they beat him was 2011. They have played 10 times since..... might be close.
  12. They will likely be in a similar situation in the not too distant future .
  13. If Baltimore wins out, the Titans must lose to JAX or Bills are out.
  14. You're right, it was a great decision by Ben to throw it where he did.
  15. Interesting ... I'm just hoping the Pats get knocked off and don't make the title game.
  16. Still enough time . Throw it out the back of the end zone .
  17. Roethlisberger should have thrown it out the back of the end zone. Not coaching.
  18. Exactly. They may have had the longest run, simply because the key components stayed together where others did not.
  19. Such a crock. The Patriots win more often than not because they have Brady. Sometimes Gronkowski but that's not as big a factor. It's not Belichick. James was wide open for TD, couldn't make a routine clean catch. That's not Belichick.
  20. West coast to East coast travel does produce a lower winning pctg for the traveling team. I'd still expect a Chargers win here. I hope the Jets pull it off.
  21. I'm well aware that the Titans loss yesterday means that we want them to beat the Rams this week. Still , I disagree with the 538 assessment as it seems one door for the Bills to get in has closed a bit in terms of probability . In fact , just saw a post by 26 where an AP writer wrote "good news for Titans win 2 and you're probably in. Bad news games are vs Rams and Jags ". Seems many folks don't like the Titans chances against those opponents. 538 likes the Titans more than I do. I still don't see what avenue to the playoffs improved by the Titans losing. It does keep them at 8 wins. Maybe 538 isn't that high on the Chargers either.
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