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  1. But we kick off with the NFL's biggest story: Tom Brady's arm is toast, and that could mean real trouble for the Patriots. Stop snickering. It's really true this time! Tom Brady's arm looks like overcooked fettuccine right now. There, we stated the obvious, and no fiery hail rained down upon us. So it's OK to say it out loud. Brady looked like a knuckleball pitcher in the Patriots' stunning 34-10 upset loss to the Titans, and he didn't have much of a fastball against the Packers or Bills in his last two games. Long Brady passes now flutter out of bounds or bounce before they reach receivers. Short ones take too long to reach their targets, allowing defenders to swat them away. Passes toward the sideline arrive low and outside. The Patriots offense has become a succession of touch passes over the middle, intricate screens and increasingly desperate trick plays. The Titans caught on, and other opponents are about to figure it out as well. 11-14: Mike Tanier from Bleacher Report on WGR with Schopp & the Bulldog (20:30)
  2. @NBCNightlyNews BREAKING: US Justice Dept. appointing former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel for Russia investigation.
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