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  1. Bills Today: Kyle Williams Stellar in Week 6 Outing
  2. 26CornerBlitz

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    Remember in the preseason when people were comparing Peterman to Brady and Brees because of well......preseason. It seems so long ago, but still hilarious.
  3. 26CornerBlitz

    Allen looked very good today

    Sounds rather dramatic.
  4. 26CornerBlitz

    Allen looked very good today

    Those BuffaloBud420s must smoke up good and smoothly, but sneak up on you to deliver one helluva punch!
  5. 26CornerBlitz

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    Bingo! Take a listen to McDermott if you haven't already.
  6. Sal's Sticks: Bills at Texans What a horrible loss and way to lose for the Bills. They had an excellent opportunity to get to .500 after such a disastrous start to the season. But not only did they fall short, they did it in heartbreaking and frustrating fashion. The defense played lights out once again. The offense, not so much (again). So let’s get to The Sticks….. BEHIND THE STICKS QB Nathan Peterman WR/PR Ray-Ray McCloud III Blocked punt/Overall special teams play QB Josh Allen under pressure Penalties AHEAD OF THE STICKS The Defense!! Linebackers CB Tre’Davious White on WR DeAndre Hopkins Bills’ OL on Watt and Clowney THE BIG PICTURE I’m now in my fifth year as the Bills’ Radio Network sideline reporter. Throughout that time this was the toughest loss to digest that I’ve been around. To say the game was there for the taking would be a massive understatement. Because it was more than that. They were in great position to win it, and should have. To lose the way they did is heartbreaking for the fans and frustrating for the team. We can talk a lot about how they put themselves in this position by having Nathan Peterman as their only backup plan if Allen got hurt (until Derek Anderson is ready to play). And that’s right. It never should have gotten to that point. But it did. So here they were. I don’t believe Allen would have made the same mistake Peterman did, as far as the decision to throw that ball where he did in that spot. And even if he did try his arm strength would’ve maybe allowed for it to get there much earlier, not allowing the cornerback to break on it so well.
  7. Their offense had to stop them by possessing the ball longer. Gotta stop those big play TDs.