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  1. DOLPHINS (7-8) AT BILLS (5-10) The Bills should come in with at least half a dozen deep shot plays designed specifically to attack zone coverage. It would be a shock if the Dolphins played any man-to-man given how Josh Allen killed them here with scrambles in Week 13.
  2. Kyle was on again this afternoon with his segment beginning at 22 ninutes in: 12-28: HR 2 - Schopp & the Bulldog Featuring Sal Bills' DT Kyle Williams joins us right now on @WGR550 Kyle Williams - Got to go home during the bye and reflect and think about it. When it came down to it my wife was like 'You gotta tell Sean and the team'. #GoBills Kyle Williams - I've heard from quite a few teammates, a few guys I've played against. #GoBills Kyle Williams on his first game - I remember London Fletcher scoring a touchdown on my first play. I'm like 'man this NFL thing is easy!' #GoBills Kyle Williams on other positions he might play Sunday - Mostly QB. We've got 15-20 snaps for me at QB. Probably get in for a hail mary, they need someone with a strong arm. Josh has an average arm in comparison. Triple option, all that fun stuff. #GoBills Kyle Williams - I grew up under a tough high school coach, much like Sean. Played for Nick Saban, a lot of process, day to day stuff. That became ingrained in me. Hearing Sean & Brandon talk, it was who I am. #GoBills Kyle Williams on plans after football - Not committed to anything yet. I've had a few different opportunities come at me. #GoBills Kyle Williams - I'm not one of these guys that thinks I'm better than I am at golf. I'm pretty good for a random guy you'd meet on the street. #GoBills Kyle Williams on being in the media - I have a great respect for what you guys do. Sometimes you don't like an opinion, but that's what they're for. In my opinion it's our job to treat each other with respect and get the team's agenda out there. #GoBills
  3. 12-28: Dion Dawkins with Howard and Sal on WGR (9:24) #Bills offensive tackle Dion Dawkins joins Howard and Sal next on WGR! Tune in: Dawkins - I see so much of a championship team with what's going on here. Josh Allen is our quarterback and our leader here. Our offensive line is young and getting better. (1/2) #Bills Dawkins - We have so many other young pieces that we are building around. We're becoming a fmaily here, and once we all get one the same page, it will be something special. #Bills (2/2) Dawkins - Allen has put us on his shoulders and he keeps pushing. He's taken over games for us, and that's just his mindset in games. #Bills Dawkins - When we see our quarterback playing as hard as he has, it makes us want to play that much harder. #Bills Dawkins - I'm definitely going to go harder than I ever have this offseason to be better than this season. I will definitely go hit up Richie Incognito and Eric Wood. #Bills
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