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  1. Which means that he's perfect for New York City/New Jersey.
  2. Yeah he is loud, but he's not obnoxious. Unlike Michael Irvin & Stephen A. Smith.
  3. Just keeping it real. Because that's where we are right now.
  4. Both Jordan Phillips & Justin Zimmer are 29. Zimmer could be brought back, and let's not forget about Eli Ankou. He did a good job filling in when Star was out. I think the Bills will give Ankou a futures contract.
  5. I can't argue against these comments. I just wonder how much of these decisions were all by Mayock. Any chance that Gruden was involved with this? Then there's Marc Davis. I would not be surprised if he was making decisions that he is not qualified to make. Much like Al Davis did. That is the Raider way.
  6. Reporters are asking questions about something that happened nearly 5 years ago? Move on!
  7. So it goes. Both teams are equally matched up against each other. It would suck to lose to this team again, but we just have to take whatever comes at us. The Bills can beat any team out there. Last night they made a statement, and McDermott will continue to have them focused.
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