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  1. Weren't we supposed to have this when we signed Harty & Sherfield? Why didn't we use Isabella last week?
  2. A belly-to-back suplex is not a personal foul?
  3. Steelers & Tomlin looked BEYOND Billsy today.
  4. Then why hasn't Miami beaten a team with a winning record?
  5. Which is what it should've been in the first place!
  6. Because that's what they think football fans are like.
  7. What I find very disturbing are all of the gross comments and tasteless jokes coming from everyone on this board regarding both people about this situation.
  8. The NFL has played Saturday games this late in the season for a long time. When college football's regular season is over, the NFL will take advantage of the extra weekend day.
  9. This should go for ALL NFL franchises, because the fans are getting screwed. The problem is, as soon as a PSL becomes open, someone else will buy it. We are addicted to our football teams.
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