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  1. Cardale Jones, Tyree Jackson & Khari Lee all went to the DC Defenders. Gerhard de Beer selected by the Houston Rougnecks.
  2. Aaron Murray, Matt McGloin, Cardale Jones & Tyree Jackson have been selected in the "New" XFL. See who went where.....https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/xfl-draft-tracker-results-picks-list-rosters-football-league/jahz8p84e4i61hb8lajqs4a22 Thoughts?
  3. Lofton is great, he deserves to be on a top broadcasting team. I remember when he used to call the Sunday night games on the radio, and he was great to listen to.
  4. I really hope that Alex Smith chooses to retire. I respect his moxie, but think about what life you have ahead of yourself. The guy seemed to just seemed to get plagued with bad news. He got such a bad rap as a player, as he never lived up to the #1 overall pick status he was given. Lots of 49er's fans were brutal to him. Then there was the time that the NFL fined him for wearing a San Francisco Giants hat during a post game interview. And as someone mentioned earlier, losing his job to Kaepernick & Mahomes. Tough career for a player.
  5. I'm sure that McDermott would know how to use him properly.
  6. Yeah, I got that feeling from the trailer, and that's fine. Sounds like this is more along the lines of "Watchmen".
  7. Gee, I was on the fence about seeing "Joker", Now I better get out there and see it.
  8. Yes, that is the case. Still, an interesting move since we signed Nick Easley to the P-Squad.
  9. I didn't know we had room for one more player.
  10. So? You got something better to do? The longer a football game goes, the better. I wish the NFL never sped up the game. It was fine the way it was.
  11. I will also be here for this game. Where do I sign up for the TBD tailgate?
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