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  1. Oh, I feel the same way. If they really wanted to focus on the team that's on the closk and what they did in the off season and what they need, they could do it. But they want the spectacle to be more on the players that are drafted.
  2. They used to be able to do that because teams had 15 minutes to make the pick. Ever since they shortened the time, it's tougher to do.
  3. I still like ESPN, they have the better overall coverage, although NFL Network had the better analyst in Mayock, but now he's gone. I like Rich Eisen as a host, but when it comes to the draft he has no insight whatsoever. All Eisen does is state the incredibly obvious....."Sooooo, the Redskins are on the clock now......and they have 5 minutes to go until they pick..........who's it gonna be Mike?" I love that ESPN brought in the College Gameday crew. Kirk Herbstreit did a very good job last year, and he looked like he was having fun. I still love Mel Kiper, he's fun to listen to and I still think he's good at analyzing, yes his mock drafts are always wrong, but I don't care about that stuff. Give me the details of the player over that.
  4. What's most interesting about that movie is that it's being distributed by 20th Century Fox & Disney, and that Pure Flix has no ties to it at all.
  5. I was planning on going to Dallas, but now that it's on Thanksgiving, I might not be able too. I'm still working on it though.
  6. I only hate it, because I was planning on going to this game. Now Thanksgiving makes it more difficult.
  7. Welcome to R.Rich's annual thread! GO BILLS!!!
  8. They've been doing this for years. College football is over at that time.
  9. That's exactly the reason. They've been doing this for the last few seasons. So we start the season on the road.
  10. So Miles Sanders is worth a first round pick? Is that what you are both saying?
  11. I don't need these highlights, I saw him play. Good, yes. As good as Saquan Barkley? I'm not going that far.
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