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  1. Until he hears the whistle. I saw Davis do that a couple times and I was worried that some smart@ss official would give him a "rookie call" by ruling an incomplete pass.
  2. I remember when it was released and you didn't know about it until you got the morning newspaper. I also remember that you didn't have to wait this long for the schedule to be announced. It's nice that the Bills are "in the conversation" for the Kickoff Game, but it's going to be Dallas. I just don't see the NFL or the networks wanting to start the season with an AFC Vs. NFC game.
  3. People who feel openly superior to others in every possible way, simply because they went to an upper echelon school or have a job in the media or are entertainers in acting or music. People who feel they have the right to bully or threaten you simply because you don't agree with their cause or you won't donate to their charity. People who yell and chant for justice, when all they really want to do is destroy people's personal property, cause violence and rape towards others, just so they can get away with it. Patriots* fans.
  4. I agree with everything you say hear, except the idea that she is not well. She knows what she's doing, and no one ever calls her out on it. She's just as vile as Waters.
  5. There it is. These creeps will never be satisfied.
  6. In a way, he does look awkward. He's not a spectacular Tight End. He's not going to burn defenders, but he will get you that first down when you need it, and a touchdown as well.
  7. Rams are good, but the NFC West is too tough to have a team go undefeated.
  8. Strangely enough the Lions traditionally do not draft that many players from Michigan. They seem to have a better "relationship" with Michigan State.
  9. Why is Jim Marshall not in? Lester Hayes should be in too. Torry Holt & Reggie Wayne will have their day. I believe that Steve Tasker will get in. Steve McMichael, Roger Craig & Zach Thomas have no business being on this list. Henry Ellard should be on the list. He played on some bad Rams teams, but he was a phenomenal wide receiver pre-greatest show on turf.
  10. I'm at work, and it won't play because it's in restricted mode.
  11. Sad. I remember how San Francisco used to look when I was a kid. Such a beautiful city, and a great place to visit.
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