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  1. With the book's subtitle that it has, it makes it very difficult to take it objectively.
  2. Will Andy Reid be coaching throughout this entire contract too? He would be 74 or 75 when it's up.
  3. This will always stand out to me. RIP, Sir. Your contribution to film will never be forgotten.
  4. Love the Dick Van D show, it still holds up to this day. Reiner had a good career, and that show was the pinnacle of his success. RIP, Sir.
  5. Serial Killer, rapist, and former cop Joseph Deangelo went on trial today for crimes that have lasted over 40 years. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-06-29/golden-state-killer-serial-plea-murders-rapes
  6. A lot of the Star Wars posters are great. I prefer this one over Empire mostly for it being simple, whereas Empire has a lot more in it. Although I have to admit that the teaser poster for Empire Strikes Back, which is Darth Vader's "face" with outer space in the background is absolutely spectacular. I do enjoy the 20th anniversary poster for Empire, because it's everything Empire.
  7. The Usual Suspects is a great poster, and I love that it has become the logo of Bryan Singer's production company.. As much as I like the Halloween poster, I love the poster for Halloween II.
  8. Only 3? Okay.... Tough choices on what I had to leave out. Honorable mention to: Raiders of the Lost Ark Close Encounters of the Third Kind The Usual Suspects Halloween II Airplane! Back to the Future Ghostbusters Sleepy Hollow Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)
  9. Good seats, huh buddy? HE MISSED THE TAG! HE MISSED THE TAG!
  10. The "Twilight Saga" is a little disturbing. This is downright frightening.
  11. With the way things have been lately, we might actually have people who will be thrilled that we play Detroit.
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