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  1. I never saw him play, but I remember seeing the highlight of him breaking Ruth's record. A sad day, indeed. RIP, Sir.
  2. With Daryl Johnson practicing in Full the last two days, does this mean that Trent Murphy will likely be inactive? I know that Johnson is a decent pass rusher and a top Special Teams player, however Murphy played very good last week. Unless it's a scheming issue on defense, should the Bills consider playing Murphy over Johnson?
  3. It certainly is. After the Bills got lambasted at the start of the 2018 season and we went 0-2, fans were calling for the heads of McDermott & Beane. It's fun being a Bills fan.
  4. I'm still amazed that Josh Allen survived behind that 2018 O-Line.
  5. Yes, and Sunday is 4 days from now! It's nice to have something else to discuss to pass the time.
  6. Do not insult, or disrespect Alan Rickman like that. This jerk is Tom Green.
  7. Overall, the entire Alien franchise is nothing special. Watch "Alien" & "Aliens", then you can stop.
  8. I don't despise the designed runs for Allen. I just don't want to see it 10-15 times.
  9. They are. I just think that "Alien" is the superior movie.
  10. I was very anxious before the Colts game. For the Ravens game, I was fairly calm and more confident. Now, I feel relaxed. The Bills have shown over and over again, that they can go out and play with any team and win. I'm not guaranteeing a win on Sunday, but I feel confident in their ability. Finally, I'm not worried about the weather, the Bills can overcome anything.
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