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  1. During October visit The Great Pumpkin Patch in Clarence. Fun atmosphere if you really enjoy Halloween. The light posts on the street leading up to it are decorated with scarecrows. Each scarecrow is different.
  2. Very good place for donuts. Although their apple fritters are not true apple fritters.
  3. I would stay away from big cities. The potential for violence and destruction is very high.
  4. I've been to both locations and I couldn't tell any difference. Food was fantastic. I agree with everyone here that has said that if you get both wings & beef on weck, get a small beef on weck. I made the mistake of getting wings and a regular sized beef on weck.
  5. I concur on Otto's, nice place with good food. I would also recommend Alton's restaurant in Cheektowaga. A very good place for breakfast.
  6. Sad news, he was a throwback player for sure. RIP Although I question calling him an "NFL Legend".
  7. What a great video, and what an endearing family. It was great seeing seeing where Knox grew up. Awesome!
  8. This is the reason why. The Draft is now a major event, and free agency didn't come around until the 90's.
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