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  1. Is this the official thread for the Bills-Steelers tailgate? If it is, I will be there and I need one parking space.
  2. To think that there were people on this board that were saying that we shouldn't give Diggs a contract extension.
  3. And College Gameday will be in Lawrence, Kansas for the first time this Saturday.
  4. Definitely. Can't think of a better game he's had in his career. What a day he had.
  5. Heading to my Bills Bar. Let's come out fighting, and get one back in the win column! GO BILLS!!!!!
  6. Now we know why Christian Wilkens was after Allen.
  7. I somewhat agree with you. I'm glad that the Bills gave Knox the new contract, and I love his play. That being said, our first game of the season against the Rams, and we're using Knox as an H-Back? We need to get this guy more involved. Did they not see how he played last year?
  8. Even back then they were biased against Buffalo.
  9. I'm guessing this is not it either. It's a short theme, but still great.
  10. Is this it? If not, I'm surprised it took this long too.
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