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  1. I would love for the Bills to target DJ Chark this offseason. A more realistic option than Jakobi Meyers. I like Keenan Allen too, but he will more likely be too expensive.
  2. "God creates dinosaurs...God destroys dinosaurs...God creates man...Man destroys God...Man creates dinosaurs." Sorry, the thread title made me think of this.
  3. It does matter. It shows how crazy contracts for wide receivers has gotten.
  4. Senior Bowl National Team: LB Daiyan Henley, Washington State OL Blake Freeland, Brigham Young OL Olusegun Oluwatimi, Michigan OL Jarrett Patterson, Notre Dame OL Dawand Jones, Ohio State RB Chase Brown, Illinois WR Puka Nacua, Brigham Young American Team: DB Jammie Robinson, Florida State OL O'Cyrus Torrance, Florida OL Steve Avila, Texas Christian OL Darnell Wright, Tennessee TE Luke Musgrave, Oregon State WR Xavier Hutchinson, Iowa State WR Rashee Rice, Southern Methodist
  5. You would have to move up more than a "few" spots to get Johnston.
  6. One is a fraudulent, cheating, crybaby. The other is not. BOOM! End of story.
  7. Good write-up. The issue on our O-Line is at Guard, not Tackle. Dawkins does a fine job, Brown is only going to be in his 3rd year and is still learning, and we still don't know what we have with Tommy Doyle. I'm not a fan of Mike McGlinchey. There's a reason why the 49'ers will not attempt to re-sign him. I like players like Seamolu, Powers & Risner. We should be able to sign one of these players.
  8. Do you have replacements in mind? Don't just hit & run.
  9. Great write-up. We all knew that this would be Singletary's last year with the Bills. Jones should be done as well. I'd like to see less money being used on Special Teams Aces. James Cook has the job, bring Hines to camp and decide his fate then. Gilliam can go, and a better O-Line will make the use of a blocking Fullback irrelevant. Signing a player like Saquon Barkley sounds unrealistic, as exciting as that would be. Barkley would be a luxury signing, we need better O-Linemen first. No need to draft a running back either. See what the UDFA pool looks like.
  10. I was hoping that the Raiders would do something that they typically do and let him walk as a free agent. But they gave him an extension. If for some reason the Raiders want to trade Renfrow, then I'm taking that call!
  11. Definitely. Two QB's on rookie contracts is a no-brainer. Wow, with how you feel about Josh Allen, you must desperately want Purdy as the Bills QB.
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