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  1. I tend to agree with you on this. Beane/McDermott give the players they drafted a real fighting chance at making the team. This is a big year for both Jaquon & Daryl Johnson as this is their 3rd seasons in the league.
  2. Me neither. Did everyone see how he did last year with the Saints? Sanders is going to be a big help to our offense.
  3. It will be interesting to see what happens with Daryl Johnson & Jaquon Johnson. Both players have become very good at special teams, yet not as diverse as Siran Neal.
  4. Yeah, but can Trubisky do this? https://twitter.com/mattbarkley/status/1206678564554395649
  5. The Tight End/Fullback hybrid. Isn't that an H-Back?
  6. Watching the kid from Alaska win the women's 100M breaststroke was awesome.
  7. Atlanta lost because they refused to run the ball. Had they done that, they would have won.
  8. Does sound like a mess. You could also add Fresno State & Hawaii to that mix.
  9. That is crazy! Are those schools displeased with the Pac-12?
  10. Appease the female crowd
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