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  1. Mark Vader

    Tonight’s game thread Seahawks Vikings

    Which means you have neither of these teams defenses on your fantasy team.
  2. Mark Vader

    Bills need to learn how to close out games

    The Bills are not that good of a team right now. It's only the second season under this regime and they are not finished with rebuilding this team. We just have to wait and see. Let's see what happens during this upcoming off season. I personally feel better and more optimistic about the future of the Bills, than I have in recent years.
  3. Mark Vader

    Big Picture: I am optimistic

    I'm always optimistic about the Bills. I do think that the future is bright. We finally have a QB that could be very good to great for us for a long time. Josh Allen still makes mistakes, but he's a competitor and I have confidence that he's the kind of player who will do everything he can to improve his game for as long as he can. No question the Bills must get better on offense. Imagine if Allen had a consistent pocket to throw in, and better talent at receiver. How many dropped passes were there yesterday? I want to see the Bills go heavy on offense in free agency, then go 50/50 on offense and defense in the draft. Yes, we do need more help on the defensive side of the ball. How big of a challenge will it be for us to sign quality players in free agency? Yes, we will have a lot of money to spend, but so will a bunch of other teams. I believe there are 2 or 3 teams that have more cap space than we do. Let's see what McBeane can do in this area. Yep. From Louisiana State.
  4. Mark Vader

    For the trade down club.....

    I'm fine with BPA or trading down. John from Rverside, trading down twice would be a good idea as well. Let's get rich in Day 2 draft picks, we could use all that we can get. Yes, our offense is in dire need of help(C, OG, WR, TE), but we need help on defense too(DE, LB). My hope is that we go offensive heavy in free agency, then go 50/50 on offense and defense in the draft.
  5. Mark Vader

    Man just give Josh one Amari Cooper level receiver

    A decent offensive line would be nice too
  6. Alright, then what is your solution?
  7. Mark Vader

    Bills defense is overrated.

    It's funny how these threads are always started by people with less than 50 posts.
  8. So it's a lost cause. The Bills will not win with McDermott as coach, right?
  9. So what is your solution? Does McDermott deserve to stay? Do the Bills look like the worst team in the league? Do you think that the Bills will get better with changes next season?
  10. Mark Vader

    I'm So Done With This Team

    That's the spirit. You are right though.....Crossman sucks.
  11. Mark Vader

    First half: Wk 14 Jets at Bills, 1 pm on CBS

    I'm off to my club now, let's continue to clobber this team! GO BILLS!!!
  12. Mark Vader

    First half: Wk 14 Jets at Bills, 1 pm on CBS

    I can't watch the game at the moment, but I love what I am reading here.