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  1. I think the only draft pick he did not have on the roster was Daryl Johnson.
  2. That doesn't surprise me about Forky, he was a great addition. As for more Toy Story movies, I think they pretty much wrapped it up, especially with how they ended this movie. Theoretically it's possible, I just don't know where they go from here.
  3. Just saw "Toy Story 4". Disney & Pixar once again did a great job. I think that 2 & 3 are better than this, but they still made a very good story, lots of funny moments. Forky is a funny addition. It's great seeing all of these characters again, see it and enjoy. One more thing, the opening scene of this movie really shows just how far animation of this type has advanced since the first Toy Story movie. Amazing. "Finding Dory" was a money grab, "Toy Story 4" is worth the price of admission.
  4. Or we could have been bought by some washed-up, has been rock star, "actor". Who had no intention of moving us to Canada.
  5. Can the Mods recommend to SDS that the schedule be updated on the front page?
  6. Just how very, very good does the group of pass rushers and WR's look in 2020?
  7. I think that the Bills took the right approach in having Edmunds play as much as he did. I was at the Chargers game, and he was targeted all game, and it was tough to watch. As the season went on, I saw him play better. There is no question that he can still improve his game, and I think he will. Also, try not to obsess over what players like Leonard & Vander Esch are doing, because you are setting yourself up for bitterness towards what we have.
  8. Do you think that he showed improvement as the season went on for him last year?
  9. @row_33, what say you? Hopefully it's better than the bland "Across the Universe" movie, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  10. I have not seen any of The Conjuring or Annabelle movies. Are they worth watching? The Nun, looked awful. Also, the assassin movie, "Anna", looks interesting, and has a good cast. It's also another attempt for director Luc Besson to show that he is still relevant. Anyone else interested in this film?
  11. Yeah, it's an underwhelming month. For me, it's all about Toy Story 4.
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