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  1. I get Pro Football Weekly's Draft magazine. Although I liked it better when it was in it's newspaper format. I also buy Lindy's Season Preview. Best publication.
  2. The hard news reporters, yes. The analysts, ehhh.
  3. Beane got a draft pick for Russell Bodine. What more needs to be said?
  4. More waiting, but I guess it's not surprising. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001108001/article/nfl-planning-to-begin-2020-nfl-season-as-scheduled
  5. Not at all. Disney has had it's dark moments from way back. Which 80's Disney movies are you referring to?
  6. I'm surprised that I have the first post free agency mock draft on this thread. Here it is.... 54 Joshua Uche , EDGE Michigan 86 Eno Benjamin , RB Arizona State 128 Gabriel Davis , WR UCF 167 Myles Bryant , CB Washington 188 Michael Divinity Jr. , LB LSU 207 Darryl Williams , IOL Mississippi State 239 James Proche , WR SMU
  7. Makes plenty of sense. I just wonder what Ngakoue's lowest number per year is. 18 million?
  8. I'm sure the Jaguars will eventually trade him. Does anyone think that Ngakoue will get the big contract he's looking for? Especially since Clowney is not getting the offers he wants, or are both situations different?
  9. Let's go real old school.... King Kong(1933). Need I say more? Bringing Up Baby. Classic screwball comedy with Cary Grant & Katharine Hepburn. The films and shorts of Laurel & Hardy. Who doesn't love these guys?
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