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  1. That comment leads me to wonder if they have been watching Josh Allen play at all this year, besides the Cowboys game.
  2. I completely forgot about Mike Patrick. I would put him at # 7 and move everyone down a notch. Sorry about that Brent, but you deserve an honorable mention. Also like all the love being shown to Greg Papa, he is a great announcer. A shout out to Skip Carey when Sunday Nitro was on TNT. He was a very good football play-by-play announcer. Showed he could do more than baseball.
  3. Without having looked at any other posts in this thread...... 1. Keith Jackson 2. Marv Albert 3. Howard Cosell 4. Dick Enberg 5. Jim Nantz 6. Ron Franklin 7. Pat Summerall 8. Charlie Jones 9. Kevin Harlan 10. Brent Musberger
  4. Neither would I. I remember during last year's Combine when he was a guest commentator on NFL Network during the DL drills. When the drills had concluded, the crew was talking about the Bills and the camera got a shot of the Bills staff in attendance and Kyle was with them talking to McDermott. I'm sure Kyle is still in touch with the staff.
  5. I think that DE is our top priority, WR is # 2. It helps that this upcoming draft is loaded talent at WR. The Bills do not have to use a first round pick on one. The Bills have another great opportunity this off season to improve the roster even more. Although I believe they will be re-signing most of their own players instead of adding more newcomers. But, we are still a ways from that, so I'm not as concerned about it. Although it is fun to speculate. This team is going in the right direction.
  6. Don't rule out Cincinnati either. That's a home game for the Bengals, and they have been playing tough the last few weeks. They could have beaten the Raiders & Steelers prior to today's game. That will not be an easy win for the Patriots*.
  7. Current playoff picture: http://www.nfl.com/playoffs/playoff-picture
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