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  1. I see Warren Sapp has gone through the Sammy Sosa treatment.
  2. You signed up for a 3rd and 4th shot too, didnt you...
  3. The good ol days. Could watch this all day. A longer video with replay and analysis... "He lined him up, he sized him up, he laid him out."
  4. Interesting points. But I do have an issue with him using Yards Per Carry as his main stat for determining value. He keeps saying "None of these backs lead their teams in YPC as the starter". Well duh. The starter, and especially a 1st round Feature Back, is going to get way more carries than the backups. More carries equals higher denominator equals lower average. It's another case of someone knowing just enough math to make a point, but not enough math to realize why it's not a great point either.
  5. Ahhh, good catch. I missed that note. I wonder who he thinks we are trading with and how far back we are moving...
  6. We don't have a pick in Round 4 tho... 🤷‍♂️
  7. I dont see it as Dean saying it isnt important. More that there isnt talent or value there in this specific draft class.
  8. I voted Meh, because I'd probably be a bit worried, but ultimately In Beane I Trust.
  9. One bit of painfully won Justice. Hallelujah.
  10. Good list/breakdown. But I think you are underselling Michel here. His sophomore season, he still put up 912 yds and 7 TDs. Which would be by far the best season Singletary (or Moss) ever had. And not sure I'd say he was replaced last year considering he was on IR twice with a quad injury.
  11. I'm interested in seeing the numbers on this Rams contract.
  12. We just dont need to invest much money or energy into our punter. Bojo had the fewest punts in the entire NFL last year with 41 in 16 games. That is crazy low. Hekker, who he will be replacing, had 68 attempts.
  13. What about ALL of those things? All OL starters back healthy Scheme tweaks Improvement in RB talent What's wrong with that? Fantasy thinking is taking a RB #2 overall like the Giants. Or even top-10. We're at #30.
  14. I mean, players trying to max their value should never be a surprise. But I just dont see it happening right now. Not this week with the draft upon us. And not this offseason while Beane is trying to work a blockbuster Allen extension.
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