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  1. Not from the NFL since he didnt do anything too horrible like smoke weed or bet on a game.
  2. Here's what we are looking at for the Edmunds deal: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/baltimore-ravens/roquan-smith-25103/ Not too bad if we could actually get something like this done. Get that hit down from $12M this year to $9M next year, have an out after 3 years.
  3. We got 3 day VIP passes for Shaky Knees this year. Bringing the kid and making a mini-vacation out of it. Lots of great bands for us "90s Kids". And I can't pass up Mars Volta and Tenacious D on the same stage!
  4. I'm writing "this one is from Orlando Tim" on one of my molotov cocktails just because of this post.
  5. You need an entire coaching staff change to get what you laid out here. Which Im not necessarily against, but it takes way more than just signing a thumper., and that is a whole different thread. Our scheme does not ask the MLB to play like that, nor is it designed that way. Edmunds is incredibly good at what the team/scheme rely on him to do.
  6. The article linked proves that it is fake. At the end... The screenshot shows the next 10 predicted Super Bowl champions by AlbiesHOF with the date showing the predictions were tweeted out on December 16, 2015. However, one eagle eyed observed pointed out that this would have been impossible since AlbiesHOF's account was not created until 2018, making the 'predictions' bogus.
  7. And to pile on, 2 picks after Basham KC came back in and took Creed Humphrey. Two HUGE impact and value picks, while we got a 2nd (3rd?) string rotational guy. Agreed. Folks need to look at what Roquan Smith just signed for. That is your Edmunds deal.
  8. WHEN the Bills make the Super Bowl there is no place I'd rather be for the game than in Buffalo with all my family and friends. Bonus for being able to participate in the celebratory razing of the city.
  9. Just stop right there. No need to discuss further because the entire basis for this conversation is way off. If, IF, you could get Tremaine to re-sign at $11M/year, you do that immediately because that is a half-off discount on the $20M/year he is actually going to sign for. I want to know which "analyst" came up with that $11 number considering it would be a PAY CUT from what he made in 2022. And I dont ever recall a top Free Agent taking a pay cut when they hit the market. Tremaine's real numbers are more like 4/$80M. And I'd still re-sign him over a FA OT. Now, if you want to talk about a FA OG like Issac Seumalo or Ben Powers who will likely sign for far less the Edmunds or an OT, then I'm all for that discussion. Agreed. Upgrades at the Guard spots will improve both the Interior line play AND our Tackle play. Upgrading a Tackle will not have nearly as much bang for the buck.
  10. At least 1, if not 2 years ago. At least thats when we should have drafted his replacement. Humphrey or Linderbaum
  11. The guys I'm looking at... Vorhees Schmitz Wypler Tippmann Need to look into Torrence more. Would like to get 2 of them in the first 3 rounds. I dont think Morse is as set as some think. We can save $9M by moving on and he's one head slap away from retirement.
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