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  1. I agree on McD and the coaches, but fully believe our offseason will be completely focused on the Offensive side of the ball. I wouldnt say McD "doesnt care" about Offense, just that he is mistaken on what a good Offensive staff looks like. Culley should NEVER have been brought in as QB coach. Daboll was a 50/50 hiring. I get they liked his time with Bama and the Patriots, but he isnt the type of OC a young project QB needs. Going into this season, I thought we'd be 6-10 at best. I've revised that to 4-12. And I get it was always going to be a down year, so my expectations were "I dont care about our record or what games look like as long as I see a plan for developing the kid". But that isnt happening. Quite the opposite actually. That's my worry.
  2. Josh Allen is not the part of the equation that worries me. The part that worries me is whether McD/Daboll/Culley can actually develop a project QB prospect and consistently put him in positions to succeed. I dont think they can.
  3. So we have essentially re-created the 2009 Cleveland Browns offense, with Anderson starting and Daboll as OC. Great. BTW, that Offense averaged less than 16pts per game and went 5-11. This is the Process?
  4. Dude, it's beyond that. Cutting Fitz (Trading Tyrod) without having a replacement drafted, and being in need of a vet QB to play for one more year while the project QB sits. Signing Kolb (McCarron) who then doesnt make it for whatever reasons Not having the proper staff to develop a project QB Throwing EJ (Allen) in immediately Injured Knee (Elbow) in Week 5 (6) knocks him out. Derails what little development was occurring. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
  5. DrDawkinstein

    Sal Capaccio Gets Bombarded With Bad Takes From Bills Fans

    Worst and most entertaining arent mutually exclusive
  6. DrDawkinstein

    Sal Capaccio Gets Bombarded With Bad Takes From Bills Fans

    Callers are ALWAYS the worst part of any Sports Talk Radio show. I love how Sal handles them, he's basically the only one in the business that calls people out on their stupidity.
  7. DrDawkinstein

    Trade benjamin now

    What would anyone give us for him and why?
  8. DrDawkinstein

    Tampa Bay fires DC Mike Smith

    Hey another Defensive Coach we could look at to be our next HC!
  9. DrDawkinstein

    Draft another qb next year

    You're comparing Herbert's performance and poise as a COLLEGE Qb behind an actual line at a top program, against Allen's performance and poise as a ROOKIE in the NFL, against NFL defenders, behind one of the worst OLs in the league. Sure, draft Herbert, and watch him wilt in the same circumstances. Maybe the 2 of them can develop each other while Daboll sits in the booth and Culley follows McD around like a puppy dog who is already looking towards his next job.
  10. DrDawkinstein

    Draft another qb next year

    Doesnt matter which or how many QBs we draft when there is no development plan and no one on staff capable of putting one together. Culley is a JOKE of a "QB Coach". Daboll cant even get his Offense to line up correctly within the rules taught in pop warner, and is too busy eating wings up in the booth.
  11. DrDawkinstein

    Allen not showing progress

    How can he show progress when he has no one developing him? Daboll's offense cant even line up correctly within the rules we learn in pop warner. Culley is too busy carrying McDs mic in the hopes of parlaying his 20 year unsuccessful WR/QB coaching career into an OC/HC spot somewhere. We had to bring in a lower-mid level veteran QB to "mentor" him because we made it 5 weeks into the season before someone in the FO figured out someone should be coaching the kid. Yet another prospect the Bills franchise will ruin.
  12. DrDawkinstein

    Pregame thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

  13. DrDawkinstein

    The way Shady carries the ball

    Ha! Was just talking about this last game. It makes me nervous every time. BUT, it's worked this long and he doesnt fumble much, so I try not to worry. I think he knows what he's doing.
  14. DrDawkinstein

    Poyer Drama breaks open

    I'm pretty sure this story was leaked by Jordan Poyer himself, just so he could brag about all the fine ass he's pulling. There is nothing else to this story. Shame on any grown men who follow this garbage.
  15. Given our desperate needs at OL, I still say No Thanks!