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  1. 🤷‍♂️ I think your logic is backwards, my man. Being cut from the best running team in football means you should definitely get an opportunity somewhere else. Being cut from the WORST running team, means youre the worst of the worst. MI has a couple good years left in him. Would love to see him brought in.
  2. This is great! Would rather give her the clicks and views than 90% of the pros out there. Tell her to keep up the good work!
  3. So close to figuring it out... The repeated use of "confident" in the questions leads me to believe they arent aware of what "con" stands for in "con man". But they are learning. The hard way.
  4. If Steelers want a reclamation project, Darnold would be better for them. But would cost them something in trade, where Haskins is available right now for free, so I get it.
  5. No, its not a theory. Numerous medical professionals have chimed in on this all over the net, plus its obvious to anyone with basic knowledge of concussions and sleeper holds. The symptoms he exhibited that everyone saw are indicative of a Traumatic Brain Injury, not a sleeper hold or "pinched nerve". There is also no such nerve that gets pinched and knocks you out and/or makes your legs wobbly. This is medical science and facts. I wasnt trying to crap on your post or what you had to say. My point is directed at the Chiefs for lying in order to skirt the issue. The dude
  6. Try harder to find some drama that isnt there. All that clip shows is some troops standing around, milling about, and keeping an eye on all angles. Big deal. After the vetting and removal of extremists from their ranks, there were no "protests" of any kind from the Nat Guard troops yesterday. Fake news.
  7. Daboll, and Kiffin, and Sark, and every other coach who goes there. Landing on the staff of the best/most legendary college program is hardly a fall and already a bigger success than most of us here will achieve in our careers.
  8. To be clear, my opinion is: 1. Watson would be dumb to go to the Jets which have equally trash ownership 2. The Jets would be dumb to waste all that draft capital on one player when they have so much to build. But that wasnt the point. Like all WEO conversations, he completely derailed it in order to be "right" about something he wasnt even really wrong about, or shouldnt have been a big deal. He said that the Jets didnt have the picks to pay the price tag. I showed that they do. Whether or not they should wasnt the point.
  9. Are you high? They have 4 in 2 years. The price is not prohibitive.
  10. When do you move to Saudi Arabia, or North Korea, or whatever country you landed on that holds to your values?
  11. Ehh, maybe, but they can get around it. They will look to make Trump the scapegoat for everything, completely throw him under the bus. And in 2 years, with the country out of the pandemic and a return to normalcy, folks will already forget about Trump. Even his most ardent supporters. Just like how it was almost impossible to find someone who voted for W. They'll all abandon him and move on.
  12. That is all a lie put out by KC, with zero science to back it. They are grasping at straws so they dont seem so negligent when he plays on Sunday. But it absolutely was a concussion, and definitely not being choked out or pinched nerve that gave him those symptoms. He may have a pinched nerve in his neck as well. But that isnt what knocked him for a loop.
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