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  1. BREAKING: NCAA Determines Becoming A Bengal Punishment Enough For Joe Burrow Taking Cash From Odell Beckham 🤣🤣🤣
  2. When all the stuff was going on with the Raiders during Hard Knocks, my first impression was that he was coked up out of his mind. The subsequent behavior with the Pats and in court just reinforced that. Dude reminds me A LOT of a couple of my friends who spiraled down with coke addictions. And we already know PLENTY of NFL players are on coke. It's undetectable in a day or two, and is the drug of choice for people who have too much money. If I had to put money on one or the other, I'd bet the mortgage payment on coke over CTE.
  3. The players probably could have gotten away with a few cigars without Security intervening, if they hadnt started a fire already. They basically immediately proved why they shouldnt be allowed to have the cigars by starting a fire within minutes. Idiots.
  4. OK, I finally had a chance to see the video last night... OBJ is 100% in the wrong here and deserves whatever he gets out of this arrest warrant. This wasnt a "celebratory slap-ass". That was an aggressive, taunting, bullying act by OBJ to challenge the security guard who was trying to do his job after the players started a fire in a trashcan. It would be one thing if OBJ was running by the guy, celebrating, and just gave him a happy butt-slap. But this was OBJ basically challenging the guy to a fight. Screw OBJ, he shouldnt have been there to begin with. Like I said, this isnt his team or his championship. He's trying to get some of the glory on something he had no part in. What a selfish a-hole.
  5. LOL, dude is stupid enough to keep all $20M of his money in a BoA basic checking account.
  6. He reminds me of the kid that keeps showing up at high school parties even tho he graduated 2 years ago, because no one at his college likes him. I get alum hanging on the sideline, AWAY from the team. But if I were the coach, no way do I allow him or anyone else in the locker room. This aint your team, this aint your victory. You're a fan now like anyone else. Go win a Super Bowl, OBJ. I dont agree with the cop or arrest warrant here either.
  7. Hmm, almost like it's a TEAM sport, and everyone affects each other's success or failure... WEIRD!
  8. I know backdoor discussions happen all the time, but is it "legal" for Judge to even have that discussion with Daboll? Isnt that tampering? Also, why all the stretching to create these dramatic situations? IMO, the Giants asked the Bills, McD talked to Daboll and they discussed why the Bills would be denying the request, and everyone moves on like adults. Again, yall are really trying hard to create drama where there most likely isnt any.
  9. When coaches talk about "high football character" THIS is what they mean. Not choir boys, but guys who WANT to play football, who LIVE to play football, and dont want to take time off just because they are banged up. I think it's more just the social media generation nowadays. A lot of players have gone in for post-season clean-up surgeries in the past, they just didnt have a platform to post it for "likes". There will be no punishments. EVERY team has guys getting minor surgeries on things they didnt report all season. EVERY team has guys letting social media know they "played all season with X injury".
  10. That is the posters manually adding asterisks to the Pats name. It started back during their first cheating scandal, way back when. And folks keep adding *s for each subsequent cheating scandal. So I guess it would be Pats***** by now.
  11. You are correct. Border cities are far more dangerous than Mexico City. They are worlds apart.
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