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  1. DrDawkinstein

    Anyone interested in Atlanta area TBD/Bills fan get together?

    Thanks jboyst for drawing my attention to this thread. This thread makes me happy and sad at the same time. Sad because it means the BBA club has fallen so far from our glory of a few years ago where EVERY Bills fan in Atlanta was coming in for the games, so most of the Atlanta people on this board were getting together every week anyways. But now, Whitehall suuuuucks (the wings suck, there is no cell reception, the staff hates the Bills and Bills fans and they refuse to take down the Brady jersey on the wall), AND word is they are adding another NFL club next year that we will have to share the space with. Frrrrrrt. We struggled with the idea of adding a second location at Medlock a few years ago but gave in to suburban demand. And now The Standard decided it is going to be an unofficial Bills bar, and Duffs popped up in Newnan... and now everyone is spread out and there isnt really a GOOD Bills scene at any of them. Bummer. But I digress...
  2. I loved the story this week about Louisville running the announcement that Bobby Petrino was fired on a crawler during the airing of his weekly coaches show! 😂 Of course, the show was taped earlier so it wasn't like that's how he found out. But still. These careers can be cruel and ruthless.
  3. You ever watch Hard Knocks? Or the Amazon's All or Nothing? They show it pretty detailed. From what I've seen, they don't do a lot of cleaning out afterwards. Once you hand in your playbook and have the talk, they go right out of the building. But I imagine there is some time, before or after, to clean out a locker. These players are all human, and I think it seems/feels more like any other regular firing, just like you or I would experience, when they are in the moment. And it usually goes directly to a call to their agent to see if they can find another job, just like I might call a recruiter. For most of these guys, it IS a job. And it's a lot like any of us would experience when losing a job.
  4. DrDawkinstein

    Everyone that wanted TT gone, we told you

    I'd define it as "this year". I agree, they'll need to show some results next season, at least be on track to 8-8/9-7 and showing development of Allen. Or they (both McD and Beane) will be gone before the 2020 season. I just dont think they will, or SHOULD, be fired this season.
  5. DrDawkinstein

    Everyone that wanted TT gone, we told you

    I wanted TT gone, and figured something like this would happen this year. You arent telling me anything new. And Tyrod is still Tyrod. Riding the pine for the Browns. Could get this team to 7-9. Whoopty do. If that's the case, I'd rather be 3-13. Not that I like losing, especially like this. But limping along to "first team to miss a wildcard" is just as bad. Beane isnt going anywhere, anytime soon.
  6. DrDawkinstein

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I think youre getting this game confused with Rockstar's Bully 2, due out next year.
  7. DrDawkinstein

    How many coaches/GMs survive a tank?

    I think folks are forgetting how devastating the unexpected losses of Eric Wood and Richie Incognito were to McBeane's plan. Heck, we had just re-signed Richie to an extension! This would be a completely different team if those two were around, or even ONE of them. And neither of those losses were in Beane's "plan". So folks that say he completely messed up the Offensive side of the ball arent seeing the entire picture. Yeah, he was doing some minor damage, but there was rhyme and reason behind it. Unfortunately, those curve balls of losing the very competent interior of your OL will almost always devastate a team.
  8. DrDawkinstein

    Songs About Drugs

    One of my favorite songs from one of the best current rock bands that no one is listening to, out of Austin TX
  9. DrDawkinstein

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Oh man, I've meant to come back to this thread and check in, but I've been too busy playing Red Dead! No big deal if you are just starting the Red Dead series now. This is a Prequel to RDR, so while there are some nostalgic things, they are small and inconsequential to the game's storyline. Going to read the rest of the posts here that I've missed the past few days and respond more.... I would say both of the first 2 Chapters are actually Tutorial levels. Action picks up in Chapter 3, and then really takes off (so Ive heard) in 4 and 5. I'm also taking my sweet time with the main story line. Got the game the day it came out and am just now finishing Chaper 2 officially. I've spent a lot of time hunting in order to sharpen my shooting skills, and have gotten pretty good at sniping moving targets from horseback. I'm in no big hurry to finish this game and want to make it last me until Christmas. Couple of tips for Traveling and Riding your horse: If you press X (PS4) in rhythm with your horses gallup, the stamina will not decrease as much. It will still decrease over long rides, but barely. It can be tough to find that rhythm, but once you get the hang of it, it makes it much easier. The biggest thing I've found for making travel on horseback easier is Setting Cinematic Cameras. Open the map and set a waypoint, get your horse going along the red path, and then active Cinematic mode. The system will keep your speed AND auto-steer along the path. You can get up and hit the kitchen and bathroom while your character rides. One caveat there, it will NOT prevent gang ambushes. But so far, I havent had any issues running into one while in Cine Mode. As far as witnesses go... I hate them. But I've found killing them with a bow and arrow (silent weapons), and making sure you quickly move bodies, can help prevent "Witness Build Up" as I like to call it. There are so many other awesome little things I've found or discovered, I dont know where to even start. It's crazy that they are able to make such detailed immersive games like this. Also, ***** Micah.
  10. DrDawkinstein


    Ha! The south will definitely turn anyone into a college fan. For me, its that I dont have a college team that I live and die with. I can just sit back and enjoy the games for what they are, for the simple love of the sport and not a team. Maybe kinda route for one team, but if the other team starts making awesome plays, I can enjoy that too and start routing for them. Also, the purity of the players not being paid (officially) and seeming like they are playing more for the love of the game. Also, the fact that there are such different schemes in college. In the NFL, everyone does the same thing. It's the same offense no matter where you go, just different terminology. Whereas in college, you get all sorts of fun and interesting offenses and defenses. Heck, Georgia Tech still runs the Triple Option! Also, the fact that in college football, no matter the score, there is always "a lot of game left". Anything can happen, and usually does. A team can be up 30 points in the second half, and their star CB goes down and a true freshman comes in, and the other team is right back in it. All of that factors into making college football much more entertaining for me. Maybe if I wasnt from Buffalo and didnt have a team the NFL would be similar. But its almost like the very nature of being a Bills fan, from Buffalo, changes what it all means. I know that is stupid, but that's how we're raised.
  11. DrDawkinstein


    Funny, we used to have this thread all the time back in the day, and just realizing we havent had it since the Pegulas bought the team. Same answer as always: If the Bills left Buffalo, Id be done with the NFL completely. I dont watch any other games as it is. I'd be 100% college football. Sadly, this is not that that different from where I am right now with this season.
  12. DrDawkinstein

    Using "We/Us/etc" When Talking About Your Sports Team

    Yeah, wrt your question/situation, call them whatever you want. After 8 years they should give you an honorary doctorate in fandom.
  13. DrDawkinstein

    Browns: HC Hue Jackson fired

    Not surprising given what we saw on Hard Knocks. I wonder if that is why the players did the Office parody to start the season???
  14. DrDawkinstein

    Using "We/Us/etc" When Talking About Your Sports Team

    For the amount of time, money, and energy Ive spent on this team over the last 35 years, I'll refer to them however I want. Especially for the return on investment. I am more of a "Bill" than most current players who dont know anything about the team prior to 2008, as are most fans here.