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  1. "If you could get all the people in the organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time."
  2. Deleted mine as well so there is no record of your minor mis-step Go Bills!
  3. We call it "Disagree & Commit" Everyone gets to say their piece, give their input, and feel heard. And when Leadership makes their decision, everyone commits to it whether they agree or not. They know they were heard, they also know Leadership has other things it thinks about beyond what I or any other individual may know or contribute. So you have to trust that they if they dont go your way, it is for a good reason, and you will Commit to their decision anyways. Remove the egos and do what's best for the team.
  4. Maybe as camera tech gets better, but I've seen this view before and it isnt as cool as I'd hoped. As others have mentioned, too jerky. But also, doesnt really give a wide angle view. You end up not seeing much. My FAVORITE view is still the SkyCam floating camera, right behind the QB. Pretty much the "Madden View". Gives a wide shot of the whole field. Like this:
  5. You're Welcome! Always happy to help people better understand our wonderful Constitution here in the US.
  6. Where was that done here? Where did I mention that in any of my posts? Im simply clarifying the law. If you are feeling victimized and oppressed, that's a different conversation.
  7. I will amend my previous post with this: Flip-flops with jeans is NOT a good look. If it's cool enough to wear jeans, then put some regular shoes/sneakers on.
  8. Yes, especially for us here in Atlanta and other hot parts of the country.
  9. No, it's not. Not when we're discussing Free Speech as it pertains to the 1st Amendment. The American ideal of 1st Amendment Free Speech is specifically about the Government and only the Government not blocking your free speech. Any private entity can block, ban, censor you all they want. There is no law protecting you from being banned from Twitter, or fired from work, or kicked out of a party, for popping off or being a persona non grata. It's kinda sad we even need to have this conversation. And I only responded to your original post because Im so tired of seeing people misunderstand how "1st Amendment Protected Free Speech" works.
  10. Seems pretty convenient/foreshadowing having something named after Ralph down there. Almost like it would fit right in with a new stadium less than a mile away...
  11. Twitter is a private company and can do whatever they want. Especially to a murderer and convicted criminal. There are plenty of people who have been banned from Twitter. The FCC is a government entity, and the Government can NOT infringe on free speech. Especially when it's just fart and dick jokes. Two completely different situations.
  12. Yep, he signed a BLOCKBUSTER deal after '91, and went from $250k/yr to $1M/yr! Crazy how far the contracts have come, but I guess that was nearly 30 years ago. I cant find any good resources that list our Free Agents in 91-92-93 to see who else would have been re-signing in that period.
  13. Did the Bengals have any hint that this was coming? 2 weeks before TC is a tough time to have a starter retire.
  14. I like your questions. At face value, the easy answer is "of course you re-sign Thurman!", which is what you are going for. But since Im bored as work, let's take it a step further... It would be a difficult decision, since giving him his $11M/yr would mean we dont get to re-sign players like: Bennett, Bruce, Talley, Hull, Wolford, Reed, Kelly, (Not to mentions second tier players like Tasker, Metzelaars Conlan, Hansen, etc...) So from that list, and considering Kenny Davis is pretty good (with Carwell Gardner for short yardage), pick 2-3 who you would NOT re-sign in order to keep Thurman? With just Kelly and Bruce, there is almost 30% of your cap right there...
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