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  1. And even though he was drafted from Ole Miss, I heard he went to Harvard.
  2. I would do the Rudolph and Clowney trades TODAY at those values if we could pull it off. Big no to Bell tho.
  3. I'm 99.9% on the theory that Bran/The Three-Eyed Raven was the actual "Lord of Light". And it was the people who mistook his works for some kind of divine intervention. We know the LoL was the Night King's opposite. Yet the Night King himself was obsessed with the Three-Eyed Raven. The Night King was made under the Weirwood Tree, the same trees that the TER gets his power from. The Night King can raise the dead into Wight Walkers. The LoL can raise the dead into Fire Wights (Jon, Beric, maybe even Melisandre) IMO, I like that they left that up to discussion and interpretation. I personally dont need every detail of every show wrapped up with a bow and spoon fed to me. No fun in that.
  4. Excited about the Eric Wood addition. He was always a good guest on all the WGR shows. Hopefully he does better as a commentator than at his "retirement" "speech".
  5. Joe Buscaglia ā€¸Verified account @JoeBuscaglia 1m1 minute ago Kroft's broken foot is the same one he broke last season as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. #Bills
  6. Foot bones are thin, yet take all the weight and pressure, and easily get stepped on along the OLine.
  7. Im not sure which would be worse. Either way, it's not good for his career.
  8. Donzo. That sucks, but Bills need to move on.
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