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  1. Insert any of Trumps call backs to Nazi rhetoric and imagery you like then
  2. I'm gonna guess Mr. "Good People on Both Sides" of that Nazi march.
  3. Conservative extremist then? Where do anti-semitic, homophobic, separatist, Religious extremists fall? The BHI pages Johnson links on Twitter are against lib-lefts. I really wasnt trying to comment on his politics as much as show they are using the same ol methods.
  4. It's a false statement and propaganda in that Hitler never said it, and it is used by the NOI as part of its propaganda. You are absolutely correct that Jackson is likely even dumber-er than we thought (and that is saying something). From his other recent posts, it looks like he had his first exposure to Farrakhan and the NOI this past weekend. And like most right-wing extremist groups, they are very crafty with their initial introduction to radicalization. They start with a lot of words and phrases that "make sense" to their target while (sometimes not so) subtly hiding their true intent. Jackson, being an idiot, saw that quote, probably saw key words he recognized like "*****", "white Americans", "Mistreating, discriminating, and lynching", never really comprehended the entire message, missing the single but key mentions of Hitler and of Jews, and thought he was posting something that would further the black Civil Rights cause. Boy, was he wrong. Not excusing it at all. But there is no history with him on this stuff. I think it's way more him being a gullible, mostly-illiterate dumbass than hating Jews. NOW, former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson on the other hand... Has gone way off the deep end with a full buy-in on the Black Hebrew Isrealites and their anti-semitic, homophobic, free mason illuminati, End Days, stuff. His entire twitter feed is a weird, twisted train wreck. (Link Removed) True, I'm deleting the link to Larry Johnson's bull#### in my previous post. Good call.
  5. He posted an image of text, pretty easy to find with a simple Google search. Here it is: More info: https://www.si.com/college/cal/news/desean-jackson-controversy
  6. And Edmunds who was also a 1st round pick. So lots of flexibility there.
  7. Sure. I understand all the reasons to not sign him, and I dont really think it will happen. But it isnt as difficult or as dire as you and others are saying either. The only new factor which is an unknown is what will happen with the Cap next year. I dont believe it will go down though. IMO the time to add high-priced talent to the team is right now, while all those guys are on rookie contracts (especially Josh). Beane can figure out the fallout when the time comes, that's why they pay him the big bucks. If we DID trade for/sign him, I wouldnt be upset.
  8. Hughes is un-cuttable. He is a $9.5M hit this year on the roster, but a $11.5M hit if cut. Next year, however, he is $9.5M on the roster and $2M if cut. So bye Jerry. But he's here for 1 more year. Murphy would most likely go. We save $8M cutting him this year. That would make our DEs: Hughes, Ngakoue, Addison, Epenesa. With Ngakoue and AJ ready to take the reins next season. Dont need to rely on AJ too much this year still. We also have the money to sign Ngakoue this year (cutting Murphy) AND still re-sign Dawkins this year and Tre next year. Milano will be a bit of a crap shoot either way, I think.
  9. Maybe for this year. But that's about it. Hughes is gone after this year. Murphy is a UFA. Addison will be 33 before THIS season starts. AJ is unproven. We'll have to replace Hughes and at least Murphy. Would be nice to have a young, big talent already on the roster for the future. I'd even cut Murphy this year to clear room. AJ and Ngakoue as set pieces for years to come.
  10. Agreed! That was the one part that got my attention too. Josh refusing to check down on 3rd and long has hurt his Comp% by at least a few points, but has also made him a playmaker and has sustained drives. I hope he keeps that competitive edge, without forcing it. They probably dont have the licensing rights? Showing NFL clips is VERY expensive.
  11. The question youre looking for is where are the woke black people on this? Starting to see a couple players call him out this morning. But again, its about the same level of reaction as Fromm got. So if you're looking for a "big win" here, you're gonna be disappointed.
  12. 30:00 mark. Talking about how close the team is, almost brought a tear to my eye 😭 35:20 Dawson Knox discussion
  13. 26:00, talking about running and taking hits. Needs to take a hit to start the game in order to settle in and throw better.
  14. Interesting story starting at the 15:00 mark about Josh considering coming out early in 2017 and what that process looks like for players/kids.
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