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  1. Eric Wood was on WGR Monday and spoke about this. Said McD did the same thing in 2017. Started the year with Miller at Guard and by week 3 had Vlad Ducasse in. Which was unusual to see, but it showed that McD is constantly evaluating, and constantly looking to tweak and improve. Couple that with the injury to Feliciano, and it makes sense to see some changes early in the season. We'll see some more changes once Feliciano gets back. But the good news is, the culture is so strong with this TEAM, and especially in the OL room, that they seem to take it all in stride and do not hit many bumps along the way.
  2. The league is just trying to get through the entire season in one piece. I dont expect we'll hear too much about the new stadium plans. But it will happen, that is for sure.
  3. Same, I was 11 and there. Whenever anyone refers to the Super Bowl years, the first image that immediately pops into my mind every time is the memories from this game and the visual of Biscuit standing there, waiting on the popped up block kick for what seems like eternity before snatching it hustling up field for the TD. The crowd going nuts and having to hop up onto my seat to keep watching. Then the subsequent scoring onslaught. I can remember it all like it was yesterday, clear as day. Funny enough, I cant tell you what I had for lunch yesterday though...
  4. Burleson has been on the Allen hype train since last year. And this is all more a commentary on "MVP Vo ting" than knocks on Josh. Are you aware that to this very day, Russell Wilson has a total of ZERO mvp votes across his entire career. ZERO! He's never even received a single vote. So with that perspective, it would make sense for analysts to say Josh has to show some ridiculous things in order to get into consideration. Condemn the voters if you want, but that's the way it is.
  5. LOL at 1:46:10 and the commentary on the FG block: "Again its on Rick Dennison, #55. He was cut 3 weeks ago and brought back"
  6. Get used to it, baby. I'm banging that drum until Fitz is in a Gold jacket!
  7. Yes, we are all adults, but I also like that we are BY FAR the classiest message board you will find. I dont think about it often, but then go to some other team's message board and they all sound like crass, uneducated, cheap-shot neanderthals because of all the swearing. Those policies definitely raise the level of posting here. JMHO.
  8. Thanks, wasnt so much worried about my example, just curious if there was a behavior I was missing. Like someone bumping all their own topics to "take over" the main page. I've seen that in PPP, but since that's non-moderated I didnt think much of it.
  9. Not to get too into the weeds, but what are the parameters for Topic Bumping to be a bad thing? If there were a couple threads from last week that I wanted to bring back up because maybe something changed, I wouldnt think that's a problem.
  10. As a well grizzled veteran of the Warning Points System, I'd say it's pretty good as it is. My only suggestions: 4. Points should expire after a certain amount of time. 1 year? 5. The poster side of me wants an appeals process, but I know without a doubt that would just be a world of stupid BS for you mods to deal with since EVERYONE would appeal.
  11. Yep, I had said "35-32" is a completely expected score. People just have an issue with the order all the points were scored. Which doesnt really matter.
  12. Maybe. Or maybe he pulls a Jamis Winston and takes a safe job with a good team that has great coaching in order to rebuild his image so he can get a real starting spot. Im not sure the market will be hot for Sam if everyone thinks the Jets really damaged him (which they have).
  13. I'm thinking BOTH. Bring in Fitz on a one-day contract so he can retire as a Bill (and therefore go into Canton as a Bill). Sign Darnold to a 2 yr backup deal, let him use McD's cultural stability to get back on his feet for a year, then trade him for a high draft pick. EDIT: If Daboll leaves for a HC job, Dorsey to OC and Fitz QB Coach?
  14. No one has. They only cut to and focus on the last play PI call. Which is BS. Show the non-interception to at least give some context to why the refs might be more apt to throw a "make-up" flag there. And if these "experts" think the PI call is wrong, they should be LIVID about the INT.
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