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  1. Right. What I'm saying is, if they are selling 6 and can't provide my ticket reps with good reason, or it is a pattern over a number of years, I'm taking away ALL of the tickets. I'm reclaiming those seats and opening them up to the waiting list. The folks who lost their seats can buy tickets twice a year when they want to.
  2. This is the real answer that addresses the bulk of OP's question. You can't do a deal that is 100% signing bonus. But you CAN convert salary to signing bonus year by year. Converting it to bonus also converts it to GUARANTEED money, another reason why you wouldnt do a 100% signing bonus contract. Plus, the point of restructuring into a signing bonus is it allows you to spread that salary out over the remaining year. So if a player had a 5yr/$50M contract, year 1 its a $10M hit. They convert that to bonus, and get to spread that $10M out. So now it's only $2M this year, but you've also added $2M to each of the remaining year. So next year's hit is $12M instead of $10M. You're just kicking the can, waiting for the cap to increase. Ultimately, signing bonuses are capped at a certain % of the overall deal, so you couldn't do a 100% bonus contract even if you wanted to.
  3. Hmm, I think I like that less. I'd have to get access to a lot more information, but off the top of my head, playing Message Board COO... I think I'd draw a line at 4 or 5 games. If the STHs show up for half the games, I dont care what they do with the other half. Things come up, whatever. They're at least trying to show up for some. If they resell more than half the games, I think I have our Ticket team reach out to them and see what's up. Maybe we get them into a different ticket package and open up their seats to someone on the waiting list. If the STH doesnt respond to the Ticket team, and they are selling 6-All games for 2 seasons in a row, then I'm revoking the tickets. I'm making this up on the fly tho, but you catch my drift.
  4. I think that's taking it to the opposite extreme. The Packers arent saying folks cant resell at all. They are just targeting STHs who sell all of the games and are essentially acting as ticket brokerage middle-men. STHs should always have the ability to sell/transfer tickers for individual games without having to turn their tickets into the team.
  5. Well, you can save the slippery slope argument for another day. I'm not that worried about it. Teams already have the ability to not let people renew for whatever reason they deem fit. That is their right. So there really isnt a precedent being set here. Just exercising an option that has always existed. Their point right now is, we have local fans on a waiting list for decades who cant get tickets, and these STHs are putting every single game up for resale, so time to make a call. It's the team's right to do so, and I cant disagree with the logic behind it. Exactly. Teams can make these decisions for any reasons they wish. It's their game, it's their tickets. It's basically an "at will" sales policy.
  6. Keep it local. Works for me.
  7. Y'all talk like all of Buffalo is an impoverished 3rd world slum. There are enough people in WNY with enough money to afford the PSLs at the estimated prices leaked. And interest in the team is currently the highest it has been in 20, maybe 30 years. You can blame Jones as the boogeyman if you want, but I dont think the Frackers are some benevolent entity only doing this for the community. Pegulas like making money in any way possible.
  8. I could be wrong as well, but the way I heard is that they were resellable/transferable. So maybe you'd sell them on the Bills' own secondary market site like they make you do with tickets nowadays, but you could still charge over original price.
  9. So for the first part, I believe someone already explained how the Giants re-priced. They did it after the nominal deposit was due, but before anyone had actually paid, based on how few put down deposits. So there will be a window to re-price if necessary. As far as Bills lowering PSL pricing years down the line, I dont think that has ever happened, nor would it ever. For the exact reasons you stated. For your second paragraph, the beauty there is, if you have seats someone wants, you can sell them the PSL for whatever you want. You paid $3000 for the PSL, but now 5 years later the Bills won a couple SBs and you have good seats in high demand? You get to privately sell it for... name your price... $6000? Profit!
  10. I dont think anyone is saying there is an absolute rule, or he is never good at home. Just seems to do better on the road, in general. OP isnt the first to notice this, and this isnt the first time it's been discussed. Plus, it's the offseason.
  11. Sugar-rush Josh at home. Killer Josh on the road. Need Killer Josh 100% of the time. I think/hope the KC game was an eye-opener for him. He can be GREAT when he plays angry and focused.
  12. He was bad on TV. He got fired. Now he's trying to save face by spinning a story about maybe un-retiring. But it aint happening. Also, and probably the biggest factor: QB salaries are now in the $40-50M/yr range. That is TWICE what Brees was making just a couple years ago. Pretty sure that if the opportunity to make $45M was there, Dan, Jim, and everyone else would've been holding on as long as they could. That all said. Brees isnt coming back. He's just embarrassed about getting canned.
  13. Good talk, folks. Let me clarify. My point here was not to say this behavior is genetic. Neither because of race, nor something specific to the "Elam" family. Rather, I think it's pretty clear it's based on economics, opportunity, and environment. Which would apply to all of us in the same way if put into certain situations. You have a family where 3 out of 5 siblings are killed in street violence. But 2 are able to get out and get high-paying jobs, and it seems to break the cycle right away. I wont say too much more so this doesnt get relegated to the PPP dungeon, but I absolutely believe Kaiir has a great head on his shoulders, has learned from the mistakes of his predecessors, and is setup to succeed as a grown man in his profession.
  14. Yes, we've determined this was a garbage "leak"
  15. Wikipedia says Matt is still playing... in the CFL ever since Ravens let him go.
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