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  1. The biggest news for me here is that Tavon Austin was still/back with the team!
  2. Dont they have screens on both sides? I believe there are two screens on the tunnel side, one each in the upper corners. You can see replays from either end.
  3. Same and same. I was relieved when I went back and saw him writhing around (using his legs) and punching the turf. And I will always remember being at that game, watching the opening kickoff and seeing Everett go down. As a long time player, I knew from the moment he impacted with the blockers it was really bad. Healthy bodies dont move/flop like his did. Grabbed my dad's arm and was pointing to him while everyone was watching the ball/return. This Jackson injury was nothing like that.
  4. 200s would be Clubs/Suites. Great view, under the cover, private bar/concessions. Great views. edit: Sorry, I guess the 200s in the end zones would be out in the open and not club/suits. Still good views tho!
  5. And Leonard Fournette who carried TB through the playoffs/SB. And the Eagles relied on both Blount and Ajayi in 2017 (two big names) And the Ravens had Ray Rice when they beat SF Pretty much any SB team besides the Patriots, which skew your stat of "the last 15 years" since they won like half of them in that time.
  6. I believe the thinking is the new regime is going to want to rebuild with their own guys, and will trade away end-of-contract talent the same way Beane did (Watkins, Darby, etc). Jones is likely gone this year too, so it'll be a big reset. Might as well get some draft picks for the talent.
  7. Outside of getting heat stroke in Miami I'm not sure Brown is struggling that much. At least not enough to bother pulling him and bringing someone else in. Especially if our options are at the Daryl Williams level. He made a GREAT play on Gilliam's TD against Tenn, and has held up well enough in weeks 1 and 2 for our offense to dominate. He barely played on Sunday before having to go out. I think we're good.
  8. Lot of great nostalgia picks in here from live-action TV. One I'll throw in from left field that folks may or may not be familiar with. The greatest TV opening theme for the greatest anime series ever made...
  9. We didnt just leave Elam on an island against Hill all game. Shutting down Hill had far more to do with overall scheme. We had a late round pick starting just fine, and threw in a UDFA out of UB who was able to hold down the fort as well. None of our backup OL did as well. WRT the bold, I tend to disagree. There are a handful of very good CBs in every draft. Heck, Elam was the 4th one taken, and there will likely be good players that come from after his draft position as well. There is 1 (maybe 2) Centers at the equivalent level in each draft. Center, and anything in the trenches really, OL or DL, are premium positions for early picks too. Again, I'm fine with the Elam pick, but the Linderbaum pick sure would've helped this team. I thought Beane learned his lesson after passing on Creed Humphrey the year before, but... maybe next year.
  10. Wanting to upgrade from Morse and knowing he is better than our 2nd and 3rd string Centers are not mutually exclusive.
  11. Elam is great and all, but plenty of us were pounding the table for this kid. If we had been truly drafting for BPA instead of being forced to draft for need, who knows how Sunday goes...
  12. Was this posted in the wrong thread? It makes no sense. WRT Edmunds, I dont think he had as great a day in Miami, but no one really did. He gets credit for playing the entire game without getting injured or heat illness. That's about it. He better be ready for this Sunday in Baltimore tho.
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