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  1. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/report-dom-disandro-suspension-impacted-nick-sirianni-during-games
  2. Total waste of a spot during the season and doesnt lessen the distraction one bit. Wasnt worth it. Cutting him then was the right move (really the only move). Now, if you want to question not re-signing him before the Chiefs, that's different. But it takes two to tango there and maybe he didnt want to come back here.
  3. Wasnt an option. Had nothing to do with social media pressure. The Bills had two options: Keep him on the roster through the entire trial, and keep the ensuing media circus and constant distraction around. Or cut him. And frankly, I'm sure Beane and the FO felt lied to in their due diligence that knew about this but they were assured that nothing would come of it, only for ***** to hit the fan a couple months later.
  4. Wasnt eligible for suspensions of Commish lists because the incidents happened before he was in the NFL.
  5. Yeah, he's 16th in Base Salary this year: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/rankings/base/tight-end/ And 5th in total cap hit: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/rankings/cap-hit/tight-end/ I know at one point the Bills were undefeated in games Knox scored at least 1 TD. Something to be said for that and our offense clicking when we can get him the ball.
  6. haha, I also used a Lebowski meme today. Had to paste a "I'm calmer than you are" gif into a work chat. But it's not opinion if you look at Cover1's youtube page. You can plainly see there are videos questioning Dorsey posted in 2022's season AND from the start of the 2023 season. Plenty from before he was fired. This is from November of 2022. And while it starts as sounding like a Josh video, it quickly turns into a scheme/philosophy issue video where they criticize the plays and designs Dorsey is using
  7. I mean, that's just not true. Erik and crew were very critical of Dorsey going back to the 2022 season, and his lack of creativity, and his reliance on coverage beaters and (I'm forgetting the name of the concept where the two inside WRs cross each other over the middle and then turn up-field). They have multiple videos from the start of the 2023 season and then pretty much one a week questioning Dorsey, his play calling, and his scheme. They may have given him a little credit on running "an effecient offense" but then always went on to say "What's that efficiency worth when your offense isnt working?"
  8. But then what is the 2025 dead cap number you are kicking down the road? That money doesnt just disappear because you wait until June 1. I'm also not really following your numbers or how you have them laid out as it pertains to releasing/trading Diggs and his cap numbers. We can do it in 2025 to save $5M. But I have to think $5M isnt worth losing a player like Diggs over.
  9. You tell me. I'm also curious to know how this little contract tidbit affects those numbers: 2024 salary fully guarantees 03/17/2024
  10. He has a $27.8M cap hit if he is on the team. Or a $31M dead cap hit if we move him. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/stefon-diggs-16872/ Next year his cap hit will be $27.3M on the team, or $22.2M is we move him.
  11. I included Diggs only to illustrate the draft position. Notice I didnt comment on whether Beane hit on that pick or not, which he did but at what cost?
  12. Wishing him nothing but the best. Go get paid and hope he stays injury-free. (And please go to an NFC team)
  13. Josh #7 Overall Oliver #9 Overall Diggs #22 Overall Rousseau #30 Overall Elam #23(#25)Overall Kincaid #25 (#27) Overall I mean, there is a clear difference in when and where we are picking once we have Josh and are winning 10-13 game a year. Which significantly changes the level of players we are going to acquire in "the 1st round". Picking in the Top 10 vs Bottom 10 (or even bottom 5) makes it tougher. We could definitely hindsight the Oliver pick, but does having Jeffery Simmons or Brian Burns get us past KC? And Ed looks to finally be coming into his own, 🤞. Outside of Elam, I dont see any glaring misses. Rousseau is developing, Kincaid is already on his way to becoming a star. But I agree that Beane has had a lot of doubles and triples, but no home runs since Josh (maybe Kincaid will get there). My bigger beef with Beane is his handling of 2nd round picks. We've missed out on a bunch of home runs that were sitting in our laps because Beane gets stuck on certain guys or blinded trying to execute some plan.
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