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  1. Cant have poor drafting if you trade away all your draft picks for a rapist the owner loves.
  2. Just a reminder that the Dolphins passed on Herbert. LOOOOOOOL
  3. This is where I am. He is definitely better than what they have now, but adding him just means we beat them 35-10 instead of 35-0.
  4. Can anyone decipher WTF this means? Team and player-wise, that is...
  5. While you arent wrong, and I am not excusing their performance (or lack there of), the entire 2019 Draft Class pretty much sucked or does suck. Outside of Murray and Bosa, and maybe a handful of other players, it is looking like a very weak class all around. If you look at the player selections, I'm not sure what else Beane should have done at #9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_NFL_Draft Forget everyone that went ahead of us because they are not options (although half of those top 8 picks suck too). Looking at the rest of the list... no one jumps off the page as the obvious "We missed on THIS guy". Maybe Montez Sweat. Maybe DK Metcalf in the 2nd (but that likely means no Diggs trade the next year, so pick your guy there). Just a weak draft class. It happens. And sometimes you get the exact opposite like the class of 2011. Whooo wee! What a class of talent that was... See above. Not sure who else we shouldve taken, especially at 9. And any/every DL we take will be a "rotational DL" for us. That is how we operate. Not Ed's fault.
  6. This was my biggest observation regarding penalties on punts. Andre Smith trying to get himself cut from the team. Dont block in the back. Dont hold. Would rather have our returner tackled at the spot than lose another 10 yards.
  7. So what? It's the NFL. The wheel of parity is completed every year.
  8. We got that Sabres stink on us, and the Sabres stole the Bills' mojo. Hopefully we can sanitize the team over the Bye week.
  9. Absolute clown call. Vrabel is a friggin joke. It's too bad the guys on our team are so young and have such little long term affiliation with the team. The fact they even DARED to run that play against us again should have been enough to fire up the Bills and turn the momentum on the bullying. Unfortunately, we never got there.
  10. Seemed the Titans took the same simple gameplan as the Steelers. Run the ball, and use quick passing that gets the ball out in under 3 seconds and neutralizes our pass rush. On defense, drop 7 and get 4 nasty guys to beat up our soft, finesse OL. The Titans Front-7 ate our lunch. Even with all their DBs out, the DL and LBs played well enough to shut down the Offense when needed. We're built to beat other finesse, passing teams like the Chiefs (and Rams and Chargers). We do not hold up well against hard-nosed teams.
  11. Noticed most of his deep balls were under thrown last night. Which is weird for a dude with his arm. Again, another reason I disagree with saying he was "great". Still love him, but an off night.
  12. You can say the guy had a bad game without being spoiled. Stats dont mean jack. He had 47 passing attempts, he better have decent yards. Compared to only 13 true rushing attempts by the Offense. Spoiled would be calling to cut him after one bad game. I'm still rolling with him as my MVP and soon-to-be Super Bowl champ. Doesnt mean I cant say he was not comfortable and had an off night in a close loss. I will say Bills fans have become a little spoiled in general this year. Folks at halftime were sounding like the team was a disaster when really, we have been blowing teams out so badly, we forgot what it was like to be in a good ol dog fight of a game. I was still confident we'd be in it at the end, and we were. Oh well, lots for the team to look at over the Bye. Josh's performance is part of that.
  13. I blame the coaches just as much. Daboll for not calling plays that would actually get guys open, and Frazier for not adjusting to what the Titans were doing. But Josh's indecisiveness was pretty obvious to me. He never looked comfortable. He'd pump fake, then move to tuck it, then change his mind, then change it back... It was very reminscent of the Tyrod days where he'd drop back and we'd count "one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand THROW THE BALL" where he was supposed to deliver it on rhythm, but would instead hold it, and hold it, and hold it, and then... sack. And after taking a bad sack to make it 2nd and 17, we should be able to easily manage that with an underneath play to get to 3rd and 9ish, and then manage that with another mid-range play. Instead, for some reason, we take a 40 yard deep shot that was DOUBLE covered on 2nd and 17, which then makes it 3rd and 17 with no chance of converting. Neither Daboll nor Josh were happy simply moving the ball down the field. Where as Tanny was fine taking the quick slants that got the ball out fast, prevented sacks, and kept the drives alive.
  14. I had to stop right here. Disagree that he had a "great" game. He was very indecisive and cost us at least a couple drives. He was indecisive on pulling it down to run, when he absolutely should have. And he was indecisive on making even the most basic throws, rather pump faking and double-clutching the ball all night. This holding onto the ball too long put way more strain on the OL than they should have. They regularly gave him 4-6 seconds, and he just held the ball. Until often trying to bail too late and run right into a defender for a bad sack. I mean, just throw it away into the dirt. Where as Tannehill consistently got the ball out quick all night. Even on incompletions, at least they werent sacks. As a matter of fact, the goose-egg, big fat ZERO in our sack column is mainly due to how quick and decisive he was in getting the ball out. Josh was slow making decisions, missed open guys, was too slow to tuck it and run when the field was wide open, and took bad lanes when he did try to run. He's still my dude, but it wasn't a great night.
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