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  1. DrDawkinstein

    Ridiculous penalty just called in Vikings game

    This is a total bull **** call. This is exactly what football is supposed to look like. That was a good hit, and no one was in any danger. Not sure what the refs and league are thinking here. New helmet rule, I get and am all for. Defenseless Receiver rule, I get. Cant tackle QB low, yeah I can get that too, QB is stationary so you cant dive into his legs I guess, ok. But this... This is just clean football. What the heck is "roughing the passer" about it?
  2. DrDawkinstein

    Personal Foul Penalties?

    The call was Late Hit, and it was late and unnecessary. I know Tasker went on about how that wouldnt have been called in years prior, but it could have been, and should have been. I swear most of the worry about the new rule comes from Announcers and Media needing something to talk about, and complaining/worrying is the easiest thing, so they have everyone whipped into a frenzy.
  3. DrDawkinstein

    Trent Murphy - Should we be worried?

    A lot of cash to you and I but not in the NFL A major risk would mean we made a significant investment. A ton? His cap hit is less than $5M this year, and dead money less than $4M as of next year. It aint our money, its Terry's.
  4. DrDawkinstein

    Trent Murphy - Should we be worried?

    Not really worried because I've never expected too much. I liked the signing in a "best case scenario" mindset, but am not surprised by his injury. What was the high risk?
  5. Nah, we'll take our clean and manageable forum over what we saw happen to BBMB. Dont need a new thread for every episode and update. I'd rather have to click through a few pages of the same thread than wade through 6 different threads. That's how it's done at TBD. Quick question tho: People have been arguing for us to avoid Hard Knocks for the past 15 years because it would be a distraction and hurt the team. But really, over those 15 years, how much damage would it really have done? How much worse could it have been?
  6. To be fair, we saw very little real-time practice coaching compared to what Hard Knocks shows. I'd bet good money that some Bills coaches are getting on some players. And it could all be edited to look the same. Selective Editing is what makes all these reality TV shows what they are.
  7. So is it a thing that McD will simply say a player's name and the team immediately knows to clap and break? Caught that after the Madden game when he says "RodStreater!" and towards the end when he says "KyleWilliams!"?
  8. You dont have to login to watch it. Im not on FB and watched it last night via the FB platform.
  9. DrDawkinstein

    Could the new "Helmet Rule" ruin football?

    Nope, I'll look that one up. But I did see the guy from the Colts who definitely deserved to be ejected. No place for the garbage he pulled in this game. Nor many of the other preseason games from this weekend. I dont think it was called at all in the Falcons/Jets game, and didnt hear many other fans crying about it.
  10. DrDawkinstein

    Kyle throws punches at Jordan Mills

    These types of things happen all the time. Report out of Washington camp was a bit worse today. More info with video: https://wtkr.com/2018/08/12/skins-scoop-huge-brawl-breaks-out-between-jets-and-redskins-during-practice/
  11. DrDawkinstein

    This new helmet rule will destroy the NFL.

    Just saw the replay of the Colts/Seahawks game, and the first ejection under the new rule. Good call, that guy just dove, head down and crown-first, into another player. Couldnt even see what he was hitting. Get that **** out of the game.
  12. DrDawkinstein

    This new helmet rule will destroy the NFL.

    As someone who has hated the Human Missile BS since it became widespread in the 1990s, this rule is one of the first moves the NFL has made that actually makes me want to watch MORE.
  13. DrDawkinstein

    Caption this! KB vs Cam edition

    Cam walked up to laugh off the social media BS, man to man. Not hiding behind a keyboard. And KB couldnt even own up to it.