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  1. I dont mind the question, and I dont mind McD's answer because really what CAN he say? I'll tell you what he probably WANTS to say, or I hope is what he wants to say: Tyrod was a 6 year vet. Allen is a 2nd year project player with 19 games under his belt. The fact Allen is statistically identical right now is a GOOD sign.
  2. Did it start last night or something?
  3. Wallace has single-handedly made CB a major need. Even more so than DE now. 1 WR 2 CB 3 DE 4 OL is how I now rank our needs. Looking forward to drafting CB in the 1st round... again.
  4. LOL, this fan base... From "Beane is a God/Wizard!" to "Do you wonder about Beane's drafting" in one loss.
  5. There's no reason for him to come back to the Bengals this season with no deal done for next year. Smart move by Green. Bengals are a garbage franchise.
  6. Cant got wrong with either of those! It's been a couple years, but Ive never had a bad meal at Rathbun's. And our new favorite place is The Optimist. It's pretty amazing.
  7. The "scenery" there is top notch too. Especially if youre willing to pay. We go to Del Frisco's sometimes because it's near the office (and only on the company card). Pretty good if you want to be fancy.
  8. @Hapless Bills Fan, we got another one for you.
  9. Micah Hyde was just on S&B and that is exactly what he said. No major changes, just filling gaps better and not over-running.
  10. You arent swallowing that pill. I'm not swallowing that pill. NONE of us here are swallowing that pill. The only people who need to worry about it are Beane and Terry Pegula, and given the facts you understand in the beginning of your post, I doubt they care that much.
  11. It's bad when we're losing, but even worse when we're winning and there isnt much to talk about. People need to make up stuff to be upset about.
  12. It shouldnt be surprising that a veteran who was a 2nd round pick out of Oklahoma can earn/keep a starting spot over a rookie. It's not a bad thing to have 2 good players at a position. Especially a position that uses a ROTATION. Once again I find myself reminding Bills fans that ITS OK TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE GOOD PLAYER AT A POSITION. Sign J. Phillips to a new contract, and be glad that we can afford to pay him because the other rotational guy is going to be on his rookie deal for a few more years.
  13. I didnt mind getting Lawyer Milloy or Brandon Spikes from them. Bruschi always seemed like a "good guy", and since becoming an analyst tends to show the Bills more love than I expected he would. Yeah, I thought Welker was talented during his Dolphins days and wasnt susprised when he did well in NE. Edelman is just a prick. Talks a ton of *****, plays dirty. Dont like anything about him.
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