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  1. I was really hoping the "cut for stealing food" tweet was real, simply for the memes it would have generated.
  2. I guess all of this helps the Saints get under cap at least?
  3. 3rd-ed. You got a used phone. Could have been a simple inventory tracking issue. Contact AT&T and demand a new phone.
  4. I take it the "stole food from facility" tweet was fake?
  5. https://www.wkbw.com/sports/buffalo-bills/im-not-anti-or-pro-vax-im-pro-choice-cole-beasley-comments-on-viral-social-media-posts The most important parts: Beasley added that he plans to have no further comments on social media about the COVID vaccine. General Manager Brandon Beane told reporters before practice that “just over 80%” of the players have received at least one dose of the vaccine while the entire coaching staff is fully vaccinated. We'll se how the first point goes. But great news on the second to be up above 80%. Although that is just one do
  6. Thanks for the summary and additional detail. Interesting stuff. I totally agree that players should be able to transfer however, whenever, and where ever they want. However, folks absolutely gave Fields a ton of ***** about his moving around. Especially when he left UGA for OSU. Maybe I just hear more of it being down in GA myself, but he was the poster child for everyone who wanted to complain about the transfer portal for a good year or so.
  7. Which is the craziest part. All this maneuvering since he was 10 years old, only to end up with barely a college career and no NFL career. Kinda reminds me of Todd Marinovich, except he actually had a college career and was drafted. I guess once you start holding out your Middle School-aged kid and having them sit home for a year, you're already on a bad path (although it seems to have worked for Justin Fields, and I also learned Jimmy Clausen was 20 when he graduated High School).
  8. This is being discussed on Reddit, thought it was a good topic since this schmo has played for a bunch of teams that get talked about here. On this date 9 years ago Tate Martell committed to Steve Sarkisian and the University of Washington. He still has 2 years of eligibility left. Here's the timeline so far. Committed to Washington in 2012 Changed commitment to Texas A&M in 2015 Changed commitment again to Ohio State 2016 Redshirted 2017 for Ohio State 2018 played as a backup for Ohio State 2019 announced he was transferring fr
  9. The Big12 is DONE and DEAD. Split up the rest between PAC and BIG10. The ACC should start discussions to merge with the SEC immediately. I hate what is happening to college football. Dont get me wrong, I hate the NCAA as a governing body and welcome a new group in charge, but between the playoffs, expanding the playoffs, and this path to consolidation into 2-4 mega-conferences... I'm hating all the change. Quickly losing the down-hominess of classic college ball (if it isnt completely gone already).
  10. Our next car purchase will be a Model Y. Likely next year unless we can really stretch more time out of my wife's Corolla. No need for an X or S unless you just have a ton of cash to burn.
  11. Or "Steamers" which would have kept the theme going with the "Browns" I shouldve known I wouldnt be the first/only to think of that
  12. I'm curious as to the language in the CBA regarding vaccinations, and what it will mean when the COVID vaccinations receive "Full Approval" from the FDA? Pfizer and Moderna have both applied for full FDA approval, and Pfizer's application was accepted for review last week. It is expected Pfizer could be approved before Opening Day (or close to it). And Moderna not far behind. Once they are fully approved and no longer "eXpErImEnTaL", I'd guess the NFL could require them the same way they do all the other vaccinations? And then that solves a lot of this back
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