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  1. One interesting point and a big knock I'll give Whaley, even as a "Whaley Apologist" šŸ™„ is that all players, whether class-acts like Fitz/Freddie/Eric Wood, dumbasses like Karlos, or somewhere in between like Aaron Williams... ALL seem to hate him. I might say it's because everyone hates their boss and the guy who ultimately cuts/trades/negotiates against their contract, but I get the exact opposite feeling of how players feel about Beane when they jump at the chance to re-sign with him or follow him to another team.
  2. I still blame Ralph, for putting himself and Polian in that position in the first place. The bad decision was already made well before Polian called her any names. I'm not saying to eliminate nepotism. I'm saying if you are going to go that route, you need to be ready to hear your family member is an idiot.
  3. Polian called Ralph's daughter a F$%&ING C U Next Tuesday. To a group of people. That's a little worse than "foolish". I semi agree with you in that Ralph's daughter shouldnt have been around and acting as a scout to begin with. Dont let your kids be hired into lower positions if you are going to be sensitive to how they are treated. But at the point, it was too late.
  4. In fairness, you and FC have been name calling since the previous thread. What do you think dismissing entire arguments by calling people "Whaley Apologists" is? And no one has called you names here. But back to the discussion...
  5. If you look at how Ralph handled Knox and Saban, I'd say that dysfunction was always there. We somehow avoided it for a decade, but then it came back and Polian was ousted. The rest after that is Ralph being typical Ralph.
  6. To paraphrase Karlos Williams... Jalen Ramsey can eat a dick. Jalen Ramsey can die in a hole and drink bleach. Iā€™m dead serious.
  7. I would say outside of a decade in the middle of his ownership where he got LUCKY with a GM and Coach he didnt run off (immediately), most of his ownership was failure. The Bills sucked through the 70s and early 80s. Were good for a decade in the late 80s to late 90s, and then went back to their typical sucking because Ralph valued RBs over QBs, and didnt know what a competent HC looked like. If we're being real here, since the merger, the Bills are a bad franchise with one good decade in the middle. Hopefully that changes with the new ownership. (Or is that the Propaganda Machine?)
  8. Get over yourself No, I'll call them what they were. Ive never said he was 100% perfect. But yall talk like he was an abject failure, when he did some good things, especially given the circumstance he had to work with.
  9. It's nuts. None of us are saying the dude was great. But we try to temper the hate with some real examples and say hey maybe he wasnt the worst of all time (and not responsible for a 20 year drought), and they flip out and call us "apologists" and talk like they love the smell of their own farts.
  10. When a team hires a 70 year old guy as EVP/GM and the first thing he does is bring in an up-and-coming young exec from the Steelers and names him Assistant GM, and talks about how he's already grooming the young guy to take over, I'd say it's fair to lump their personnel decisions together.
  11. Yeah, Im bored being quarantined, but not bored enough to deal with the revisionist history that goes on around here. Onward and Yonward.
  12. Whaley was officially titled Assistant GM at the time, and was the one who scouted AW, Bradham, and Searcy.
  13. And it's not like he was so enamored with EJ. He traded DOWN before settling on EJ, and simply wanted his supposed offensive-minded coach to actually develop him. But Marrone refused.
  14. Who was Nix's right hand man? And doing all the real work while the ol fox slept?
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