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  1. I think a lot of people on this board who are minimizing the (over?)reaction to this Recent performance, are minimizing the Overall experience of a Bills fan in their 30s or so. Sure, great teams laid eggs and recovered 30 years ago. I was about 6 years old then. My history of the Bills is I watch these guys improve For a few games, then slip back into mediocrity, or worse, absolute failure. For a team that has been weak on defense regardless of the excuses So far this year, this is concerning. The last thing We want to see is repeat the fast starts we have accomplished occasionally, then end up still missing the playoffs. I have watched far, far more failure in my days as a fan than I have success. We are just conditioned this way at this point.
  2. You look at production, we put real receivers on the field with him, brown, diggs taking coverage and these guys are open. He hits them. Very happy with production he can produce despite the rushes. Don’t but him in he thaw place to do TOO MuCH and FUmBLE and he has it.
  3. I've been thinking about this in a similar way. Looking at, and partly understanding, the argument about pre-season games and their futility. You on one side have guys going 110% then you have others just going through the motions. Players have argued that the discrepancy between efforts can increase risk for injury. Now you have one team really trying to win, and one more or less just sitting there with nothing to lose. This is a terrible look for an organization. Plus, the potential damage to a player's ability to sign lucrative contracts based on a 2019 performance is significantly impaired. Overall, not good.
  4. Anyone think the Pats organization sent Flores to Miami to tank so 1. Brady can get 2 EASIER wins per year 2. Take any heat off their cheating ways which might need to increase in Brady's twilight years? Yeah its ridiculous, but at this point its not beyond them in my opinion. Plus Kraft like to spend time in south Florida I heard....
  5. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2018/10/23/18011040/jon-gruden-raiders-trades-khalil-mack-amari-cooper-derek-carr-las-vegas
  6. Agreed, but the appearance of this situation specifically, bringing in Chad Kelly at this point in the season, would not look like a move to improve for the short term. Bringing in someone who still needs some development, learn the playbook, very limited experience wouldn't look like a bridge, it seem like a move for future. Allen isn't realistically out for the rest of the season unless they choose to go that route and let him learn like he needed to from the beginning.
  7. I don't disagree with this. Some though are ready to keep drafting QBs and roll the dice until we find one. Either way, bringing any QB other than someone in the Anderson category will likely feel like a slap in the face to Allen, whether he admits it or not.
  8. I guess its my blind rage that has left me as the only one with this misperception. The most likely explanation is we already played the "hail a rookie QB the next best thing then watch him falter a bit" game this year, so media may have learned their lesson before overstating Allen's performance. However, I haven't seen any images on espn of Allen next to Kelly like I did of Darnold/Namath. The reports I've seen drooled over that Darnold performance, and have given Allen luke-warm credit as a reason to be optimistic. I could be completely wrong though.
  9. One example of a weird media bias I found pretty obvious: Look at the stats for Darnold's win agains the Lions... "The next Jets superstar QB." 16/21 198yd 76.2% 9.43avg long:41yd 2TD 1INT (pick 6) -1 rush yd 0 rush TD Then look at Josh Allen from Sunday vs Vikings.... "meh, whatever its a Bills QB." 15/22 196yd 68.2% 8.91avg long 55yd 1TD 0 INT 39 rush yd 2 rush TD I don't get it
  10. I have a question. For the sake of this exercise lets assume we pick 3rd overall. If you are scouting QBs but you know you are 3rd, the 2 teams ahead of you are picking QBs and you are therefore targeting what may be the 3rd 'best." You get the guy you were targeting, did you still "get your guy?" Even though you may have ideally preferred one of the other two already taken?
  11. As crazy as it sounds there is some talk in the Bay area that the 49ers may be showing Jimmy off because they may try to leverage him for a first round pick when they go after Cousins still. That would open up an opportunity for us potentially, but also any other team sold on one of these guys to jump up. I will admit though, in my opinion this is very, very unlikely. Broncos might want to be in win now mode, but they aren't. They lost their epic SB defense when Phillips walked away, and I'm not convinced Vance Joseph is a guy who has a back-up plan. The writing is on the wall for the Giants. They may not want to take a QB but I think there is a good understanding that Manning is winding down. If they return to form next year, where will their next franchise QB come from when they are back to picking in the 15-20 range? They will have a chance to sit in QB purgatory with us. They have an opportunity to take a QB now that will set them up in the future even if they want to roll with Manning for another year or two. GB was happy to take Rodgers with Favre in place and was in no hurry to start him. NYG would have that luxury. The bottom line is there are no sure things, we all know that. I do think the Bills need to draft a QB in the first or second, no doubt. However, I would not advise trading everything to get the third "best" option. We should stay put and take the best of the lot, and hopefully improve our situation with a reasonable Vet FA.
  12. These are estimates. Right now, looking at standings our 1st from KC is 16 (1000pts), our pick is 20 (850pts). Our second round picks will be worth about 420 and 380. The list of teams ahead of us: 1. (3000pts) Browns: QB is very likely (new GM, Kizer underwhelming) 2. (2600pts) Giants: QB is very likely 3. (2200pts) 49ers: QB is possible (but less likely due to Jimmy) 5. (1700pts) Broncos: QB is possible (no sign they are sold on Lynch) 9. (1350pts) Redskins: QB is necessary if they lose Cousins 10. (1300) Jets: quite probable 11. (1250) Bengals: possible A move up to 3rd or 4th pick would require both firsts, and a second. and that gets you the third QB off the board. Is anyone here sold on the idea that the third selected QB in the draft is worth 2 first round picks and 1 or 2 second round picks? Is one first and one second round pick worth trading for the 4th choice of QB in the draft? 2017: 3rd qb: Mahomes, 4th QB: kizer 2016: 3rd qb: Paxton Lynch, 4th: Connor Cook 2015: 3rd qb: Bryce Petty, 4th: Garret Grayson And yes, I know there are better QBs in the 2017, 16, 15 drafts than those listed above, but they were taken later and wouldn't need to be acquired by a trade-up. I'm not sure selling the farm for 3rd choice is the way to go.
  13. The league has enough money to pay an independent team of reviewers. Make up a jury of fans (one from each team), doctors, scouts, past players/coaches/refs and a few current players to make some decisions. If we feel this is too biased then have a completely random group of people with no interest in the sport make the decision. We have independent neurologists for evaluation of concussions, do something similar for consideration of fines and suspensions.
  14. Not to mention this for anything other than his physical attributes, but when you look at a player like Colin Kaepernick. Someone with seemingly unlimited arm strength (59mph according the the OP's site), every throw under 20 yards was a laser. Sure, maybe he can throw the ball through cement at 50 yards, but how often do you see a play that is ruined by an excessively thrown pass? Or a ball fired through the receivers hands and into the defender's? I think many have made the point that arm strength among pros is much less important as an absolute factor than a QB's ability to properly time his throws, based on his ability. We will see on Sunday.
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