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  1. I honestly don’t understand why someone would actually be bothered by a fellow fan feeling sympathy for Nate Peterman.
  2. BillsFan4

    Around the NFL Week 10

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/11/11/patrick-mahomes-leaves-quickly-after-game-because-of-family-emergency/#comment-6496745 OMG so sad. My heart goes out to Mahomes’ GF and her family.
  3. A Sabres and Bills win in consecutive days! Makes for a much more enjoyable weekend.
  4. Beane should be fired if he doesn’t get this trade completed tonight! Right guys? 😉
  5. Thank you! Well said. It is a rebuild, plain as day. They felt that that in order to ever have a chance at being a great team that can compete year in and year out, they had to make some serious changes to the way things were done at One Bills Drive from top to bottom. They wanted to build this team with a specific type of player and establish a specific type of culture, and that meant taking a step back, clearing out the guys that weren’t on board or didn’t fit and cleaning up the cap mess (we were nearly a cap team even though our best season in about 2 decades was 9-7) while accumulating picks and building through the draft. I, for one, am glad to see the Bills finally get away from half measures and bandaid fixes. Fhis is new regime has been very aggressive in their vision and I am anxious to see how it works out. You have to give them some time, though.
  6. BillsFan4

    Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    Great win! I may actually be able to visit/post in the football section of this forum now (well, for this week anyway...). I’ve been hiding over in the Sabres thread. lol
  7. BillsFan4

    The Bills now have the Number 1 Defense in the League

    And they are doing it without a bunch of high priced, big name stars. Bodes well for the future, especially when we are (hopefully) paying Josh Allen big money.
  8. BillsFan4

    Bills claim WR Isaac McKittrick from Seahawks

    Well... I think Isaiah McKenzie at least earned a thread title change today. lol
  9. BillsFan4

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets second half thread

    Holy **** we broke 40pts on offense.
  10. BillsFan4

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets second half thread

    They are doing s good job chewing up all of the play clock before each snap.
  11. BillsFan4

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets second half thread

    Wow. 26 yard punt. 2 garbage punts in a row by Lachlan Edwards.
  12. BillsFan4

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets second half thread

    I don’t know.... it was really close. Questionable call/flag. 😁
  13. BillsFan4

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets second half thread

    Hyde with the big interception!
  14. BillsFan4

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets second half thread

    Whoa, Hughes waayyyy offsides there. lol