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  1. Isles and Avs is what I’m hoping for. I rooted for Vegas their 1st season because it was a cool story. But I’m not really rooting for them as much anymore. I just feel like that VGK fan base has had it way too easy. I think they’ve made the playoffs every year of their existence so far. Like, they are an expansion team and haven’t even had to suffer through a single bad season. Just seems... wrong, or something. But the team I root for has sucked for a decade, so it may be jealousy 😂
  2. This isn’t going to end well for the Sabres if they’ve convinced themselves that they need to move on from Eichel now, at his lowest value ever, and set some stupid internal deadline to do it. I know all the extenuating circumstances but I still wish they would just keep Eichel until they get proper value in return.
  3. Love that the isles eliminated Boston! I always like to see Boston lose (didn’t mind seeing Hall lose either), but it helps the Sabres since they hold Boston’s 2nd round pick. I think I’ll be rooting for the Isles the rest of the way.
  4. not that I put much faith in Jeremy White’s “super secret Sabres source”, but I figured I’d share it anyway. this has seemed like the most likely outcome all along. I’m ok with it. I stil” would have preferred a veteran coach like Boudreau or Gallant but I’d take Granato over another inexperienced NHL coach (like some of the college coaches they interviewed) or David Quinn (who was also rumored to be in the mix). Still holding out hope that they surround Granato with at least 1 experienced coach (my ideal scenario would be someone like Boudreau as an associate head coa
  5. Not so sure about that one. Edmonton has been as bad as Buffalo at developing players. They actually might be the only team worse than Buffalo... (before Ken Holland anyway). They went something like 10 years without having a contributing player drafted outside the 1st round of the draft. Iirc I think they hit on like 1 second round pick in that entire time or something ridiculous like that. Draisaitl would be Draisaitl no matter what team drafted him.
  6. https://www.cover1.net/buffalo-bills-harrison-phillips-acl-tear-recovery/ ‘I DIDN’T HAVE A DAY OFF’: HARRISON PHILLIPS TALKS RECOVERY FROM ACL TEAR, GROWTH AS LEADER This was a good read.
  7. Isles tie up the series with Boston at 2 games each. I love it!
  8. If they trade Eichel for a pile of crap that really, truly might be the last straw for me.
  9. I didn’t even watch the lottery draw. Just saw that Buffalo won. I guess I’m glad they won it but I can’t say that I’m really excited or anything. This feels nothing like when we won the Dahlin draft lottery. There’s no player I’m overly excited about in this draft. It’s nice to have 1st pick of any player we want but I don’t exactly have a ton of faith in this scouting staff to get the pick right, and now it’s just more embarrassing if they miss.
  10. didnt even know this was tonight.
  11. I Don’t blame Adams for this one. Davidsson hasn’t done much to be worth signing. and to be fair to botterill, the rest of that 2017 draft actually looks ok, especially now that Mittelstadt is finding his game. Mitts, UPL, Laaksonen, Bryson, Weissbach. Time will tell on UPL and the rest but it looks like we might get a few contributors from that class (which is more than I can say for many of Buffalo’s draft classes).
  12. Damn, that was an epic choke by the leafs. They’ve taking choking in the playoffs to another level. It’s like a new art form. When will they ever be given an easier path to the conference finals? Montreal then Winnipeg...
  13. brutal for CBJ fans. For whatever reason they just cannot keep star players in Columbus.
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