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  1. BillsFan4

    Buffalo works out 7 more

    Yeah, but 2 years ago, 3/5ths of our offensive line was different. We lost Glenn, Incognito and Wood.
  2. BillsFan4

    Eric Reid possibility?

    Crazy that he is even still available.
  3. BillsFan4

    Browns are going to the playoffs

    Their first win in 635 days and now they’re a lock for the playoffs... lol. Seriously though, they did look much better once Baker came in the game. But it was only one half of one game. Let’s wait and see how things play out. The Jets weren’t exactly playing great. Darnold really struggled. I just don’t think the Browns are ready yet. They hurt themselves far too often and their coaching is suspect (IMO). Looking at their schedule, I think right around 8 wins is their ceiling this season, and I think that’s being pretty generous. But hey, who knows. Maybe tonight was a turning pout for them. I really hope it was. Their fans deserve it. It brought s smile to my face seeing how happy they were to get the win. Happy for them...
  4. This isn’t Sabres news, but I didn’t know where else to put it -
  5. BillsFan4

    Football for a Buck: The Story of the USFL

    Here’s another excerpt from “football for a buck” - https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/07/donald-trump-usfl-owner-an-excerpt-from-football-for-a-buck/ It’s kind of a long read, but quite interesting. I plan on picking up a copy of this book.
  6. BillsFan4

    The Bills gained an angel yesterday

    So very sad. I can not even imagine what they are going through right now. They will all be in my thoughts and prayers.
  7. I have no ill will toward Vontae Davis. I wish him well in his retirement. As long as he files his retirement papers and hands over that signing bonus money, I’m totally over what he did (and I don’t really see any other option, since he admitted he was just done, not injured).
  8. BillsFan4

    Vontae money coming back

    Absolutely. He 100% did the Bills a favor here, if we are able to reclaim the majority of his money (which looks almost definite).
  9. BillsFan4

    Brady and McDaniels lose their cool 😎

    Last year was the Jags first winning season since 2007. in that time they went: 2008: 5-11 2009: 7-9 2010: 8-8 2011: 5-11 2012: 2-14 2013: 4-12 2014: 3-13 2015: 5-11 2016: 3-13 So, it took them a long time, and a LOT of high draft picks to pull out of that mire and misery. Their turnaround under Coughlin and Marrone was impressive, though. But they had a heck of a lot of talent to work with.
  10. BillsFan4

    Nantz and Romo for Bills-Vikes

    Absolutely. I am REALLY looking forward to hearing what Romo has to say about Allen. I have been blown away by Romo’s in-game analysis. His words carry a lot of weight IMO.
  11. BillsFan4

    Bodine New Starter at Center?

    Not shocking if true. Groy has struggled, to say the least.
  12. I still think Todd Haley will be the interim HC... I believe John Dorsey was the one who brought him in, and gave him the play calling duties. Good,points. I didn’t see this when I responded. My my money is still on Haley though, as of now anyway.
  13. I guess it’s a done deal now. $3.65M x 2
  14. A bit cheaper than I thought. I figured about $4M if it was a bridge deal. I just hope the short term deal doesnt bite them in the arse. I feel,like they may have been able to get him signed for $6-$6.5M (ish) on a longer term deal. But I fully get why Botterill went with a bridge deal. He saw 2 completely different Sam Reinhart’s last season. 1st half Sam was garbage. 2nd half Sam was excellent and looked like a core piece of the team. edit -oops, sorry I didn’t see 26’s post
  15. I am not saying he is wrong. Josh struggled mightily. But, reading through that twitter timeline, this tweet stuck out to me - Does it almost seems like he is excited that Josh Allen struggled and he gets to point it out, or is it just me? He was a very strong critic of Allen before the draft iirc.