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  1. Well, about the only positive I can come up with for this season is that it looks like UPL has established himself as a legit #1 goalie. other than that… 🤮 I’m pretty much totally checked out at this point. Couldn’t even tell you when they play next, nor do I care. Haven’t watched more than a few minutes of a game in well over a month now. Hockey was always my #1 sport but this season was the final straw that broke my back. We heard how this season was “all about winning”, but that was a bunch of BS. They did very little in the offseason to improve the roster, and then absolutely nothing in season to try and save the season. Kevyn Adams seems content to have another “internal growth” season. Except, the entire roster (besides UPL) has been moving backwards. Any organization that actually cared about winning would have done something to try and save the season. But Buffalo seems content to let yet another rebuild go to $*** and let losing habits take over. oh, and if the Sabres terrible effort + play wasn’t a big enough “**** you” to the fans, the Sabres players have stopped saluting the crowd after wins because they were mad they got booed. seriously. ⬇️ https://buffalonews.com/sports/professional/nhl/sabres/buffalo-sabres-nhl-don-granato-columbus-blue-jackets-toronto-maple-leafs/article_97abb70c-cc5a-11ee-8ab4-1f71e58cc14c.html
  2. Personally, I hate the chiefs MUCH more. Here’s why: when the patriots had their dynasty, the Bills were a gong show for most of those 20 years. I mean, we weren’t even close to competing with the patriots. We never even had a single good QB during that 2 decades, and had a rotating cast of crappy coaches and GMs. It’s not like the patriots were ever blocking the Bills path to a championship… But the chiefs on the other hand stand in Buffalo’s way in the post season seemingly every year. The Bills are a really good team, but the chiefs are just a bit better and we just can’t seem to get past them. Now, had the Bills not traded the chiefs that #10 pick (for relatively cheap!) to draft Mahomes, the AFC might run through Buffalo… so, yes. Chiefs by a mile for me.
  3. I am sure I’ll watch some of the Super Bowl. But to be honest I have a really difficult time watching the chiefs play now. I just can’t seem to get over the fact that the Bills handed them the final piece to their dynasty (Mahomes), for relatively cheap too. I know it does me no good holding onto this, but it’s hard to let go of until Buffalo can actually beat them when it matters (in the playoffs). And it’s not that I’m pining for Mahomes. I love Josh Allen. It’s just that I can’t help but think about how much different life could be for the Bills if they hadn’t made that trade with KC. New Orleans was set to draft Mahomes at pick #11. Imagine not having to go through Reid/Mahomes every single year for the foreseeable future… I guess I just really thought this was the year that the Bills would finally make it past KC in the playoffs. I am still not over that loss.
  4. Will Aaron Rodgers be the first NFL QB to get to pick his next head coach and/or GM? It seriously wouldn’t surprise me at this point. I’d bet that he will at least sit in on the interviews 😂
  5. Good hire by Seattle. McDermott has talked many times about how valuable Frazier was to him, especially early on. Bills players have also said similar. He will be a valuable asset to Macdonald.
  6. If Campbell had taken the 48 yard field goal in the 4th Q instead of going for it on that 4th down (what was it, 4th a 4/6?) it would’ve been tied. That has to sting for Detriot fans.
  7. When…? More like “if”. If the Bills ever win a Super Bowl (seems like a big if right now),I am not exactly sure what I’d do besides obviously celebrate and probably cry tears of joy. Right now I feel like we are just waiting to get eliminated in the 2nd round annually, so it’s hard to think about a Super Bowl win until they can get by the better AFC teams in the playoffs. and looking at the rest of the AFC doesn’t make me feel hopeful for 2024. KC has $24+M in cap space for 2024 and are already better than Buffalo Bengals have $61M in cap space (not that Mike Brown will definitely spend it all) Texans and Colts both have $66M + good young up and coming QB’s and HC’s. Its going to take an excellent draft by Beane with some immediate contributors + savvy free agent signings just to keep up.
  8. Yep. He sure was. And here he is, 4 years later and still unemployed… I’m sure he’s had dozens of offers from NFL teams, just not the “right” offer. That’s why he took a job as a DC in the UFL (because, you know, that’s better than just accepting any old NFL job) 😂
  9. I feel just the opposite. I feel like this is the loss that broke me… I really thought this was the year they would beat the chiefs, and now I kind of feel like they never will, at least as currently constructed. Right now, between the Bills always breaking my heart and the Sabres reverting back to a bottom of the league team, I feel like I can’t do this “Buffalo sports” stuff anymore. Chances are I’ll feel differently come next season, but right now I feel like I need to step away for a while. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t really even enjoy watching the Bills play anymore. I just feel nervous all game. I also kind of feel like McDermott has taken this team as far as he can, so until something major changes I’m not sure what the point is in getting my hopes up.
  10. Just leave him in Rochester for the rest of the season! It’s clear he’s not ready for the NHL. They need to stop forcing it and just let him start in Rochester.
  11. I did not miss listening to Gregg Williams talk. I forgot how full of crap he is.
  12. If the Bills want to stick with something like Daboll’s offense, and if Brady doesn’t get the job (which I would hope isn’t a foregone conclusion after the last few weeks), what about Josh McDaniels? We know he sucks as a head coach but he was a damn good OC with the patriots.
  13. I don’t know. Still seems odd to me. Usually an assistant coach steps in when a head coach is absent.
  14. My whole family had the latest booster back in September or October. We all got the flu shot and Covid booster at the same time. It went fine. My mother, father and myself got the Pfizer booster. Not sure what my sister got. My sister had a bit of a reaction (just feeling flu-like) but she has an auto immune disorder. My parents never felt anything from any of their vaccines. From my experience, I seem to have less of a reaction to the Pfizer vaccines vs Moderna. I’ve had both and neither were bad. With Moderna I got some body aches and felt like I was getting sick for about 12 hours but that was it. With the Pfizer I really had no symptoms besides a sore arm and maybe slight chills. The latest booster shot was probably the most mild for me yet. No symptoms.
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