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  1. I was high on Girgs that tank year under Nolan, too. I thought he had a chance to be our next captain, and hoped he’d be that hard working 2 way #2C for the Sabres in the future. But I think I kind of just got fooled. Someone had to play that #1 C role for the Sabres that year (looking back on the lineup that year is scary! lol https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/BUF/2015.html ). Whoever did was bound to put up some points by default. I think it helped having Ted Nolan as his coach. They had a prior relationship from their time together with Latvia, so Nolan has confidence in girgensons. Plus, All Nolan really asked for was effort (more effort was also his solution to every problem) and I think that suited Girgensons well. I think the biggest thing with girgensons last year was that he really seemed to finally accept and embrace his role as a shutdown guy. I don’t think girgensons had ever really accepted that he’s more of a defensive guy before that. Same with Larsson to some extent. Larsson had a down year 2 years ago coming off that bad wrist/arm injury, but IMO he’s always been pretty useful when paired with decent line mates. His line with Foligno and Gionta was one of our best lines that year, and he also (surprisingly) did pretty good in 2014 when he was paired with Ennis and Moulson. I think that we probably need to accept that they are both just good 4th liners who can add value in a defensive role. Both are UFA at years end though and with younger players coming up behind them (like Asplund) it wouldn’t surprise me if this was their last year in Buffalo.
  2. I actually didn’t fully agree with that section. Bogo, Sobotka, Scandella yes (though I’m hoping for bounce back years for Scandella and Sobotka since it looks like both will be on the roster this year). But I have no issue with Larsson and girgensons. They were actually good in their roles as shutdown players. They were 4th and 5th in the league in d zone starts iirc and faced some of the toughest QoC of any Sabres forwards. Despite that, both of their defensive zone metrics were very good. They are actually 2 of the best defensive forwards we have on the team. When they are slotted into a proper role they add value to the team. It’s asking them to play roles they’re not meant for where the trouble starts. At least IMO anyway.
  3. @JohnC here is the article I mentioned - https://theathletic.com/1078201/2019/07/17/by-the-numbers-grading-every-teams-contract-efficiency/ ‘By the numbers: Grading every team’s contract efficiency’ Heres the section on the Sabres. There’s also a graph but I don’t think I’m adding it properly because it’s showing up as a link. (edit, fixed it) It’s amazing the amount of work that went into this article. I don’t agree with everything his model spits out, but I appreciate the time and effort put into the analysis.
  4. I’m ok with taking back money and I realize that it will likely be required in almost any Risto trade. I just want a more useful player than Perrault. Or, if we are taking a “cap dump” type of player in return to make the cap work I want a much better main piece than Roslovic. I just hated both pieces included in that hypothetical trade is all. Like Ehlers, he makes $6M for the next 6 years. I’m fine taking that salary back! lol If Winnipeg wanted to send up Perrault in a Ristolainen trade, IMO that would take a big sweetener because it would take away value from whatever else was included in the trade. Look at what it’d cost to dump cap this offseason. Toronto gave up a 1st to dump Marleau and he only had 1 year left on his deal and was still a very useful player, just slightly overpaid. Nashville had to basically give away P.K. Subban (a Norris trophy finalist just 2 seasons ago) to clear his cap hit to be able to sign Duchene. Perrault is like an Okposo level player. It should cost big to dump a player like that. If winnipeg needs to send salary back, then send a more useful player our way. The Sabres aren’t exactly swimming in cap space right now, themselves. We barely have enough to get our RFA’s signed. I’m fine with the trade being cap neutral for both teams, but I don’t want to trade a player like Ristolainen, who is totally worth the cap space he takes up, for someone who is going to be a big waste of cap space. We already have way too many of those contracts (according to a recent analysis of every NHL team’s contracts, we have the most dead weight contracts in the NHL) . I’m done taking other teams garbage unless it’s definitely worth our while. Plus, Perrault is yet another left winger, which is about our least needed position. (as you can probably tell, I hate the idea of this proposed trade. 😂)
  5. I created it mainly to give a space for non-thread worthy stuff people may not share because they were reluctant about creating a new thread for it (because some people here complain about that kind of stuff for some reason. “New thread shaming” is a real thing...lol). I wouldn’t have shared the stuff I’ve posted in this thread because it’s not something I would have created a new thread for and there was no other thread that I could find that made sense to stick it in. Like I said though, if the general consensus is that this thread is not a good idea I will let it die.
  6. Here’s another article from that interview - https://wgr550.radio.com/articles/news/beane-and-mcdermott-reflect-first-two-years-discuss-what-lies-ahead
  7. I could definitely get on board with an Ehlers trade. Even though we have a bunch of LWers he’d definitely be our 2nd best one and a guy that fits long term. I hated this part, though - https://wgr550.radio.com/articles/news/are-sabres-and-jets-match-ristolainen-trade Ive heard this trade suggested s few times now and it’s definitely not a trade I’d make. Perreault adds no (long term) value for me. He’ll be 32 this season, has never once broken 20g in his career or scored more than 45p and makes over $4M a year for the next 2 years. He’s basically a cap dump. Roslovic is nowhere near enough value coming back. He has been a disappointment so far. As of now he’s a bottom 6 guy. That may be all he ever is. He has a chance to become a top 6 player but I sure wouldn’t bet on it by trading Risto with Roslovic as the main piece coming back. I dont really want any winnipeg trade with a Roslovic in it. He adds just enough value to downgrade whatever other asset was included in the trade. As I’ve said before, I’d rather just trade Risto in a 1 for 1 hockey trade. Or if not I want a top tier prospect. A trade including Roslovic would almost surely be more of a quantity deal - something like Roslovic + pick + player to even out the cap hits. The last thing I want in any Risto trade is quantity.
  8. Just reading this now. Mayfield doesn’t lack confidence, that’s for sure. How do people interpret this part - He’s not saying that mayfield was disappointed he was fired, is he? Hue can’t be that oblivious. He has to just be saying that mayfield was disappointed he went to a team in division right? Its s pretty good story. Worth the read.
  9. Here is the podcast with Marrone - https://www.podcastone.com/episode/Ice-Cube-Jaguars-Head-Coach-Doug-Marrone-And-Mt-Rushmore-Of-Animal-Traits-You-Wish-You-Had Looks like it starts around 29mins in.
  10. honey roasted cashews from the almond tree (the place that sells all the different flavored nuts at the Erie country fair every year) https://www.thealmondtree.com/shop/ they are so good.
  11. Might be something to that theory. I could definitely see that whole little tirade being something he planned before he went in there. He sure seems to be getting exactly what he wanted... and I guess he already had a YouTube channel with similar “rant” style videos. Looks like one finally went viral for him. I’ll be glad when his 15 minutes are up. lol
  12. Finally got the chance to sit down and read this whole article last night, and wow! Excellent shift by shift breakdown. It’s amazing how well this kid was playing to start his NHL career. This has me even more excited about the trade! Articles like this are why I subscribe to the Athletic. (Btw, I have a link for 40% off 1yr, if anyone wants it). It looks like we may have a good one! He looks to bring a skill set that the Sabres don’t have enough of on defense. Edit - there are supposed to be video clips in those quotes. It showed the videos in my post before I posted it, and it shows the videos right now while I am editing this post. But I am not seeing them otherwise. Not sure how to fix it. Was really hoping to be able to share the 2 video clips above. And it was the second time Jokiharju stonewalled Tarasenko in the game. It’s
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