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  1. I really hope this guy gets the help that he so clearly seems to need.
  2. They actually played a pretty damn good game outside the first 7(ish) minutes and the last 7(ish) minutes. Nashville came out strong, but then Buffalo pushed back. It went back and forth. 1-0 Sabres. 1-1 preds. Then that killer PP goal with 6:30 remaining in the 3rd. Buffalo was struggling leading up to that Nashville PP and just never seemed to recover. Yeah I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do after the all star break, especially if they get Skinner back right after the break and hopefully Olofsson back in early Feb (if not sooner!). They definitely have the opportunity to stay in the playoff race. I still don’t expect them to make it, but if they can even stay in the race till the end I’ll consider it a pretty nice step forward for this team. As you said they usually fold like a cheap tent (and we have many of the same players as last year so I don’t know how high I should have my hopes). I’m going to a couple home games coming up after the break. I hope I don’t regret it... lol
  3. https://theathletic.com/1478914/2019/12/21/pompei-mahomes-or-mitch-here-is-what-nfl-execs-said-about-them-before-the-2017-draft/ Mahomes or Mitch? Here is what NFL execs said about them before the 2017 draft (Athletic sub. required) Sound familiar? Thought this was was an interesting read and a good reminder that Mahomes was far from a sure thing (which is why so many QB needy teams passed on him). A lot was said about his mechanics/footwork (I remember a common thing was people saying no one had ever succeeded in the NFL with footwork/mechanics as bad as Mahomes), him struggling against quality opponents, having a losing record as starter, and that qb’s from air raid systems are a big gamble, etc. Sure, it looks like the Bills screwed up passing on Mahomes, but at the time many thought it was a smart move to stack assets for what was almost universally considered a much deeper/stronger 2018 QB class. I know now I thought it was a smart move at the time. I don’t do the deep dives into college prospects that some do, so I rely on what I read and the little I watch. Mahomes was the only QB I wanted but I thought pick #10 was too high to draft him (shows what I know! 😂).Everyone said it was a great draft for CBs and 2018 was the year to take a QB. So I applauded the Bills for making what seemed like a smart move. I was worried they’d draft a QB in a weaker 2017 draft class and then pass on a QB the next year in a much stronger class (like what happened in 2013 with EJ Manuel). Its also worth mentioning that Kansas City was a very good team even before Mahomes, with elite weapons on offense. They had 11, 9, 11, 12 and 10 win seasons in the 5 years under Andy Reid before Mahomes and made the playoffs all but 1 season. He stepped into a pretty ideal situation, especially w/Andy Reid mentoring him.
  4. Kyle Shanahan + SF’s run game vs Andy Reid + Mahomes should be a really exciting Super Bowl! I hope Green Bay at least outs up a fight though. They’re getting embarrassed right now.
  5. The titans are playing some great football, but I expect Kansas City’s offense to get going at some point here. They’re too good to keep contained all game. Ultimately i I don’t really care who wins anyway. I was kind of rooting for KC to see Andy Reid potentially win his first Super Bowl, and because I think a KC vs SF or GB super bowl could be really exciting. But the titans franchise has never won a Super Bowl, and they were the #6 seed in the east so I can find reasons to root for them too.
  6. Thats the real issue right there. I am not at all worried about how Bogosian factors in to defensive depth. As I said we have plenty without him. I don’t know if you can actually move that contract though (Bogosian’s agent is reportedly working hard behind the scenes to find a trade partner). But if you can move it, then you absolutely do it, as long as you’re not taking back worse contract. If you can flip Bogo (even with 50% retained) for a 7th or something, I’d definitely do it. Or for a forward with a similar expiring contract. I’m obviously not willing to take drastic measures to move Bogo. But if you can actually move him in a Frolik style trade, or even for a bag of pucks, I wouldn’t think twice. I would do it in a heart beat. It would solve a bunch of problems if they could actually move Bogosian. (Btw, I was just joking around in the post that started this conversation. That’s why I put “slightly used” in italics. I doubt anyone actually wants Bogosian).
  7. I want Bogo gone because he’s disgruntled, because he sucks ans because having 8 defenseman on the NHL roster is causing issues with multiple defenseman. So, if possible I’d like to get rid of our worst and most expensive defenseman. He’s keeping guys like Colin Miller out of the lineup (and I guess Miller’s not too happy either). I get the depth argument which is why I’m not looking to get rid of our good defenseman (unless it’s for a good top 6 F) because we will need that depth next year and beyond. But they don’t need Bogo and (as I already mentioned) having too many defenseman is causing issues. The Sabres have excellent defensive in Rochester to call up (Nelson, Gilmour, Borgen, Hickey, Bryson, Redmond, etc) if needed for a playoff run, and even without Bogo they’d still have to scratch a defenseman most nights. They have 8 defenseman on the roster right now. NHL teams don’t make a habit of carrying 8 defenseman for a reason. Same reason it’s rare to carry 3 goalies (though it does happen on occasion).
  8. https://sports.yahoo.com/hurricanes-hamilton-suffers-broken-fibula-out-for-extended-period-172325246.html Dougie Hamilton broke a home in his leg last night. What a shame. He was having a Norris caliber season for Carolina. I wonder if they’ll be in the market for another defenseman now? Rumor was they were looking to add to their blue line before the Hamilton injury. Can we interest them in a slightly used Zach Bogosian? 😂
  9. https://theathletic.com/1529144/2020/01/15/pronman-2019-20-midseason-nhl-prospects-ranking/ Pronman: 2019-20 midseason NHL prospects ranking (Athletic sub. required) He has Cozens as the #2 prospect outside the NHL. Trevor Zegras is ranked #1. Zegras and Cozens are the only 2 players in the “elite/high end” tier. The #3 prospect (Bowen Byram) is in the next tier down (high end). I wont lie, Zegras was my preferred pick on draft night when he was still on the board at #7. But Cozens has really grown on me and I actually think he might be a better fit on the Sabres than Zegras. Zegras is a heck of a play maker, but Cozens adds a skill set that the Sabres don’t currently have. Pronman says it came down to Zegras vs Cozens for the top spot -
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/16/sports/hockey/yukon-dylan-cozens.html N.H.L. Draft Pick Inspires Dreams as Big as the Yukon nice story on Dylan Cozens
  11. I would think that Dahlin most likely ends up at #2 on this list. He has the rest of this (regular) season as a 19yr old.
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