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  1. ChevyVanMiller

    New roller coaster coming north of the border

    Your link needs fixing.
  2. ChevyVanMiller

    How did AJ get that scar on his head?

    Ahh, that explains why McDermott said they would be disguising play changes at the line this season using parseltongue.
  3. ChevyVanMiller

    Goliath Season Two

    Was definitely not my cup of tea. The wife and I stuck with it, but it was a chore. The amputee angle was weird (and off-putting). Billy Bob's character is oft-referenced as one of the great lawyers of recent times, but he is really just playing his Bad Santa character (smelly old man, living in a motel somehow getting lots of heterosexual sex) with a better pedigree. To top it off the show has ruined the song from HR Puffenstuff for me forever. I won't be back for season 3.
  4. ChevyVanMiller

    HBO's Limited Series "Sharp Objects"

    Speaking of Monster's Ball, what was the significance of the hand with the bird in the cage in that sex scene?
  5. ChevyVanMiller

    Tom Hanks playing Mr. Rogers

    The documentary is wonderful. He was a brilliant man that tackled subjects like racism, assassination and the threat of nuclear war head-on with grace and dignity. https://www.history.com/news/mr-rogers-episodes-taboo-topics
  6. ChevyVanMiller

    Let's Write a Story, Next Poster Writes Next Line.

    Cam Newton looked on from a distance and anticipated the delicacies of a revenge served cold.
  7. ChevyVanMiller

    Bills trade with Browns for Corey Coleman

    The end for Zay in Buffalo?
  8. ChevyVanMiller

    Khalil Mack holding out... in Buffalo

    A time machine and a pass on Sammy Watkins.
  9. What rationale did the show offer for ranking South Dakota number one?
  10. ChevyVanMiller

    Bills' 2018 Training Camp Day 4 - Nick O'Leary in Walking Boot

    Couldn't have been him, he was gay, the Ropers told me they knew it for a fact.
  11. ChevyVanMiller

    Where’s Astro? I need my Camp updates!

    Will do. I hope he will post again here in the future.
  12. ChevyVanMiller

    Where’s Astro? I need my Camp updates!

    He told me that he had issues with TSW and will no longer post here. If you are on Facebook, his camp notes will be posted here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OBBFP/?ref=bookmarks He is a mod there, along with me and CableLady.
  13. ChevyVanMiller

    Brady Bunch house for sale

    I think you guys are missing the bigger picture. The move is to buy the house, renovate the inside to look just like the TV house and run tours all day ( just like the Christmas Story house in Cleveland). Already the second most photographed home in America - Goldmine!
  14. ChevyVanMiller

    Clay Harbor works out for Buffalo Bills

    Maybe we'll sign his brother Pearl.
  15. ChevyVanMiller

    Five reasons why the Bills will make the 2018 NFL playoffs

    The fifth reason is a plane crash in Foxboro.