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  1. This is a great video of Josh’s best throws from last season. In watching it I was reminded of something that occurred to me a few times during games last fall. After he catches a TD, Gabriel Davis drops the ball quicker than any WR that I’ve ever watched. It’s almost as if he’s playing an imaginary game of “Hot Potato” with himself. I worried on a few occasions that the TD would be nullified due to the NFL’s overly-complex “what constitutes a catch” rules. Did anyone else also think that maybe he should hold onto the ball for an extra second or two just to be safe?
  2. Pentagon confirms sighting of Pyramid-shaped UFO by Navy personnel in San Diego was “real.” https://www.cnn.com/videos/business-videos/2021/04/15/navy-pyramid-ufo-video-orig-jm-kj.cnn
  3. If the number appears to be a telemarketer I answered by saying “Frank’s pizzeria how can I help you?“ Sometimes they still try to go into their pitch. If they do, I say “This is Frank’s pizzeria, can I help you? We’re really busy I don’t have time for this.“ That usually gets rid of them. Another technique is I let them make the initial pitch and then I say “Let me stop you right there. I need to know, is this offer is still good for prisoners of the state of New York? I go in for sentencing tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get 10 to 14 with no chance for paro
  4. It’s Friday, time to go out for some...
  5. Janis Ian is correct, but the song that garnered the death threats was Society’s Child. Many parts of America weren’t ready for interracial relationships in 1967.
  6. Not Judy. Here’s a hint: she received death threats for a song that she wrote when she was just 15.
  7. Not Suzy. More folk, soft rock.
  8. Not Annie, but she is a singer.
  9. Winner, winner chicken dinner. (or, in this case, meatloaf dinner)
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