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  1. He lived an amazing life. RIP
  2. Among his many roles were “Chano” on “Barney Miller” and “Julio Fuentes” on “Sanford and Son.” One of the greatest character actors ever. RIP, Gregory. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/gregory-sierra-dead-barney-miller-sanford-and-son-1234890674/
  3. The state of the Ravens defense, illustrated:
  4. A legend - saying anything else would be a huge understatement. RIP
  5. What a wonderful article. Have your Kleenex box handy. Would love to hear some stories of what family member helped forge your bond to the Bills. https://www.radio.com/wgr550/sports/bills/family-and-football
  6. Debbie Does Dallas, Again. It was obvious that the writer’s were out of ideas and just kept putting the actors in the same old tired positions. 😜
  7. Best of luck on your new business venture.
  8. Nice job! I think they both have great voices. I shared it to both of the Bills FB sites I run.
  9. Great work, Virgil. The defense rose to the occasion and Taron Johnson wrote his name in the Bills history books with indelible ink with that Pick 6. Just one minor correction on behalf of Kris Kristofferson, the line is, “Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose.” Only because it’s one of rock’s most iconic lines, the typo needs correction.
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