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  1. ChevyVanMiller

    Anybody else mad about our draft hats?

    I hear ya, I've been so pissed since the draft, I was hoping that they would say, "I'm gonna go Bill-istic if they take Allen over Rosen!"
  2. ChevyVanMiller

    UFO Found on Ocean Floor?

  3. ChevyVanMiller

    "Magic Trick" from Britains Got Talent

    Well sure, it's either that or he has access to a time machine. 😜
  4. ChevyVanMiller

    Laurel or Yanny

    Knock, knock...Who's there?Yanny!Laurel Who?
  5. ChevyVanMiller

    Nickel City Con

    I don't remember either, but he did inspire one of Marv's greatest quotes. Shortly after Dean was cast on Clark and Lois the Bills were facing the defending Super Bowl champs. Marv felt like his team might be getting intimidated and told them, "Remember these guys are just human, we once cut Superman."
  6. ChevyVanMiller

    Hot for Teacher: Illinois style

    The fact that they say that she "assaulted" the student and the crime was "disgusting" would make one think that it was a female student, no?
  7. ChevyVanMiller

    "Pothole Killer" swallowed-up by sinkhole in the Falls

    I think your best shot would be to approach one of the bigger hotels ( like the Doubletree - I am close with the ownership ) and try to partner and get it in their lobby. They get enough corporate business in the winter to carry you through. Love the idea of a falls-themed bar/restaurant. If you ever saw the short-lived FOX show Wonderfalls, they had a great one called "The Barrel' that would have been a hit with tourists in the real Niagara Falls.
  8. Only in Niagara Falls... http://www.wivb.com/news/local-news/sinkhole-halts-pothole-killer-in-niagara-falls/1185775810
  9. ChevyVanMiller

    Freaky female flings floppy feces at fast food fryguy

    Just another reason for Baba Booey to hang his head in shame. This woman throws a strike and he...well, you know what happened.
  10. ChevyVanMiller

    Poll - Buffalo Bills Number Hall of Fame

    Change made, thanks.
  11. ChevyVanMiller

    Nickel City Con

    Here's the line-up for the Niagara Falls show: http://nfcomiccon.com/celebrityguests/
  12. ChevyVanMiller

    Poll - Buffalo Bills Number Hall of Fame

    Yeah, it is a number that deserves more support. Four great players (plus John Fina is a good friend of mine).
  13. ChevyVanMiller

    Poll - Buffalo Bills Number Hall of Fame

    You have a lot of company in your choices.
  14. ChevyVanMiller

    Poll - Buffalo Bills Number Hall of Fame

    I thought that number would get a bit more support as well.
  15. My name is Irv and I approve of this message.