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  1. Also west coast teams tend to also end up with more 4:25 games just because that's a normal 1:00 start for them. Kind of funny last year I expected the Bills to have more 4:25 starts with all the west coast games, but the San Fran ended up being a Monday night, and Arizona game ended up a week where Fox had doubleheader game. Bills/Raiders game was the secondary game, but ended up getting bumped to main game due to Covid cancellation of other game. This year no scheduled late starts due to time zone.
  2. I don't believe the Thursday night games are considered prime time though. Infact I believe they try to have every play one Thursday night game.
  3. If their salaries are a liability for Buffalo and a less experienced guy is able to take their place with no drop off in talent means they're easy to replace so why wouldn't their salaries also be a liability for every other team? I doubt they dump Dawkins regardless of salary. Williams yes, but he'll be cut or if could find someone to take him it will be maybe for a 5th or 6th round pick, but most likely cut. Dawkins could maybe get a 2nd, but again ,he's not going anywhere for awhile. Player who are traded are either still on cheap contracts or superstar level.
  4. OK, but then still a B for Vallego?? Did he contribute much more than I recall?? I barely remember the name.
  5. I think what is going to happen with a couple of these rookies, Brown or Doyle, Anderson, maybe even Rousseau will get "hurt" around the end of August and end up on IR so more vet backups make final roster like Lamp, Hart, Obada, etc. Beane may even decide to hire Troy Vincent to the staff to help out in this regard!
  6. Sure all true, but I'd argue that teams who drafted QB's in 2015 thru 2017 are in worse shape in that the second QB contracts have already kicked in and got hit with the cap reduction (not fully for 2017 draftees) LA with Goff, Eagles with Wentz. Coincidentally or not, many of those teams haven't done that well so not in the Super Bowl window to start with, instead rebuilding.
  7. So you're giving T Vallego whom I barely remember a 3 and T White a 4. No idea what the highest score you gave was, but overall the numbers you gave doesn't seem to reflect their contributions and level of their play.
  8. Interesting in that Lombardo and Nystrom graded on true curves in that roughly equal amounts of "A's" and "F's" where as many others were unbalanced towards the top.
  9. Guess I needed to make my initial post better with sarcasm designation!! Took a big chance though after drafting Hamlin that Wildgoose would have been selected by another team before the Billsd got the chance to pick again!
  10. Big difference, Lee Smith only had a salary coming of about $2 mil from what I recall, Hughes is due $9.5 mil with $3.1 dead and Addison is due $8.2 mil with $4.8 dead. So doubt you're trading them, likely the only ones you cna trade are the ones on initial contracts. Based on talent, agree, but Addison has a fully guaranteed contract so can't see him getting cut. Efe and Phillips are the two guys who might get something back in return, maybe a 5th rounder as if the Bills announce they are being shopped, every other team also knows they may be cut. Efe is also
  11. Other than pride, you wonder at what point in draft is it better to not get drafted and be able to choose the team where you might fit the best. Like the Bills drafting a guard in round 7, would he have been better being un-drafted and choose a team with not much depth at guard. I'm guessing mid 6th round and lower, better chance of making team as UDFA.
  12. So what's your solution for the log jam on the D line?? Very likely Hughes, Star, an Addison have no trade value due to big contracts and Addison and Star have no cap savings if cut. Not sure about Hughes, likely not a huge savings. So the only ones left are players still on their 1st contracts and not Oliver who starts are Phillips, Zimmer, Johnson, and Epinesa or the FA they just signed. Agree it would be rather unusual to trade a 2nd round pick after one season but something needs to give. Teams also will know the Bills have to cut some of these guys so will try and wait the
  13. Can't see Addison getting traded with his contract. I think the more likely option would be to trade someone like a Phillips, Zimmer, Johnson, Bates, etc than someone drafted this year. You look at when the team traded Teller, he had one year of playing time and film to go off of. Can't imagine a team trading for a guy we just selected and saw him play all of half of 2 pre-season games. Considering the depth at DE, would they consider trading Epinesa??
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