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  1. He helped them get over 800 yards and 46 catches. So you think taking that away would have made the team better? Is he helping them as much as Diggs or as much as was expected, no, but he is helping. Now you're down two WR's with limited money to spend Good luck getting better. I've got no problem replacing him as the #2, but cutting him is not making the team better.
  2. Except the odds of that happening are very low. There are many more failures than successes with either brand new coaches, or retreads.
  3. So then why trade a guy on a cheap contract who won't give you much in return? Who are you going to replace him with that will still give you 48 catches and 836 yards for similar money? Or even a little higher money. Replacing him still isn't going to solve the Bills problem as right now they need a 3rd WR. Now you're getting rid of their #2. Maybe he should be a #3, but either way, you've now opened up another roster spot and saved very little if any money in doing so.
  4. Right now I see many people posting on various threads on the message board. How can that be? I can't believe people have time to post right now and not riveted to the TV watching the Pro Bowl!!
  5. So you're getting the YTTV thru wireless? And no lag or stuttering?? I wonder if one of these days the ESPN's, YES, NESN, etc will off a full stand along version to pay for without needing a cable or streaming platform also? I'm assuming there is something contractual that prevents that, else many would be offering it. There's ESPN+ but that's not exactly the same.
  6. Hasn't happened past few years as schedule didn't allow it, but for awhile it was just lucking out for a few years that two SB teams played each other the following season. So if Chiefs win would think it would be rematch with Eagles. 2nd choices Bengals If Eagles win then either 49er's or Bills
  7. Completely agree with many more failures As to 2nd point, I'd say if doing as you stated guaranteed a SB win and playing for multiple SB's most people would say sign me up. But in 14 years Peyton won one SB, a number of years didn't make the playoffs or was one and done, and his overall record is slightly worse than McDermott. So if he's no better then who really is? Another one with a similar record is Mike McCarthy who many people say is terrible, but record is very similar. McVay and Harbaugh are other coaches with slightly worse record. Andy Reid is slightly better .641/.639 Even the "great" Bill Parcells is significantly worse overall and not one of the 4 teams he coached for ever had a better record. So yeah to Graham's point, much greater chance that firing McDermott would lead to worse success than doing better.
  8. That's cause he's actually a very good QB. Will be interesting to see what happens in Philly when he gets new big contract. That's kind of using flawed logic though as before this latest influx of very good to great new young QB's, there weren't nearly that many around. So odds were heavily in your favor of supporting this argument.
  9. They played in a different era so hard to compare. What would be interesting to compare QB against entire league averages. My gut tells me Marino would be further above average than Rodgers. He was great in a non passing time frame. Montana was fabulous in SB's. Other times good, but not that amazing. No way Mahomes should be on the list at this point in career.
  10. The guy they fired Salgado was only named safety coach of Bills last year. Sometimes I think these firings are the result of someone else becoming available. They wanted this guy last season, but couldn't get him, now he was available so simple solution is fire the one we have??
  11. Don't forget the first round exits or heavy favorite exits too when he did make playoffs. Diggs can tell you about that!
  12. Was going to post this is you hadn't already. Am a bit confused though, aren't you one that is in favor of them all fired?
  13. Think one new starter on the inside to replace Stafford, agree not giving up on Brown who's on a cheap contract and missed entire past off season. But could see them bringing in mid tier tackle to step in if Brown doesn't do better. Can see them drafting an interior lineman to start in 2024 unless they decide to extend Morse (yesterdays Athletic suggested that) If Morse retires then add one more player needed this year, but can see one being a rookie and one a vet. The one wild card would be if they decided to move Dawkins inside to guard. I've read many posts suggesting the Bills draft 3 or 4 lineman. IMO that's a total waste as will either result in pretty much all backups being rookies or cutting draft picks, neither which is a good idea. To me doesn't make sense to draft more than two as draft picks need to have a "landing spot" on roster.
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