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  1. Just saw this on Spotrec, I'm guessing the reaction will be no way he's worth these numbers. But I'll bet Spotrac is closer to where he ends up than posters here are. He's somewhat below the averages in most categories but his projected salary is also a little lower.
  2. You can't afford this or you're getting someone not much better than what they have. I'm sure they tried to sign Hopkins, but the money was too high. So now you're down to mid tier guys. WR is probably one of the tougher positions for a player to come in and contribute right away as there's a learning curve on two sides, both for the QB to learn the WR and the WR to learn the QB. Add to that, believe I've read the Bills playbook is more involved than many teams. Even if they were to sign/trade for a player, that guy is going to have to jump over mid-season Shakir, Sherfield, and even Harty Miami has two great WR's but one is still on a rookie contract who was drafted #6 overall. The Bills actually kind of did that this year with Kincaid. There's a post about 2 or 3 above yours from Billsvet, while I don't totally agree with everything he said, the one statement is true here for the WR postion: Beane needs to replace some of these home-grown types that can be improved on with 1st contract players who aren't impacting their cap. That happens next year, but I'm not sure when you put Diggs, plus a very likely improved Kincaid, then add Knox and Cook out of backfield, the #2 WR will ever put up big stats in this offense.
  3. If you look at the map, every team that has a one o'clock game chooses to show the late single game whenever possible. Philly, Tampa, New Orleans, Minn, Cinci, Nashville, and Indy are all showing the late single4:05 start time game. DC is going with the early game only because it's Baltimore. This happens every week in the "flagship" market as they call it. Next week CBS will have the doubleheader game, so teams/cities hosting the 1:00 game on CBS will elect to show the late 4:05 FOX game too. Panthers are playing early on Fox so that game will be one, but likely Indy, New Orleans, Tenn and NE will show the late Fox game. Last week Buffalo elected to show the late Fox game. This has been going on for a few years now.
  4. Can't believe the Bears Broncoes game is being broadcast to such a large region. What did the people in states like New Mexico, Utah, Iowa, the Dakotas do to make someone mad? Would have thought they'd have shown Bills Fish game in more of those places.
  5. In fairness each one was drafted by a different GM. Douglas only drafted Wilson and if you're going to start firing GM's for drafting bad QB's, there will be no one left to hire. Drafting QB's in any round results in more failures than successes. The 2018 was supposed to have been one of the best QB classes of all times, yet today believe only Allen and Jackson are still with the team the drafted him.
  6. Can see the logic in keeping Wilson as the backup. There's not 32 legit starting QB's in the league, now Joe Willie wants a better backup! Can also see how the Jets were hoping that Wilson could learn from Rodgers and maybe could become an adequate QB so considering how few good backups are around, can't really fault the Jets for sticking with him. Curious too so he doesn't think it's even worth waiting a year for Rodgers to come back and lead them tot he SB in 2024??
  7. Yeah, but at least BB won multiple SB's. Payton won one and had some losing seasons. Can argue Bountygate set them back multiple years, but who let that. Don't think there was as many top level teams in NFC over his years on top so that helped him some.
  8. Think Bernard may have a good shot a defensive player of the week. Two sacks, Int and fumble recovery will be tough to top.
  9. Think he's a head of both Ford and Kinsley in the rotation, maybe even Lawson, So likely will stay active, just not get as many snaps
  10. The other day in the BN column that question came up, below is part of Jay S's answer Let’s say they finish this season 8-9. That would leave him 22 wins short. Without an answer at quarterback, it’s hard to see New England making a big jump forward in the years ahead, so projecting them to finish with somewhere between seven to 10 wins over the next couple of years seems reasonable. That would mean Belichick would need to coach into his age-74 season in 2026 to get the record. Jay didn't think Kraft would ever fire him, but I'm not so sure. Can't see him giving him more than another year unless gets 10 wins in 2024
  11. That's true would work, but this is just for this week while traveling, all my TV's at home have YTTV no issues there. I have my laptop with me so can watch on laptop and plug that into HDMI port too.
  12. Keep in mind if you use the You Tube app, you can't watch the games on the local TV station. Can't watch them in multi view either, don't think they will even be listed. Whereas in YTTV, the local show up and can watch with multi view. That's a nice improvement over DTV The TV may be smart, but I'm in a hotel with a hotel user iinterface. Maybe there's a way to add an app, but didn't see it. They usually like to keep these things locked down so people aren't downloading porn and stuff.
  13. So I'm a YTTV subscriber and have ST. I'm away this coming weekend and the TV's where I'm staying have various streaming apps including You Tube but NOT YTTV. So wondering since I subscribe to ST, can I watch this week through the You Tube app instead of YTTV?
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