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  1. Se the AFC QB's were Watkins, Jackson and.... Mahomes but he's out so see Tannerhill took his spot. Wonder how far down the voting Allen was? Personally if I were a fan watching game, would rather see Allen than Tannerhill as he's certainly more exciting to watch. I'm sure there will deafening oohs and ahhs watching Tannerhill's play action fakes
  2. With much less weapons here in Buffalo, he likely would have been used more and put up better numbers. But would they have wanted to keep all three active every week and who would have been the #1 guy?
  3. If you exclude Yannick and Clowney would you still say there's many high end ones in Fa. Personally I think Yannick will be tagged and Clowney, well lets just say the names fits IMO. After that how many high end are left? I wouldn't mind the guy from Dallas, one other name I saw too that would be a decent pickup, don' t recall it though now.
  4. Personally I’d prefer to see them go pass rusher in round #1 as they are harder to find in free agency. Trouble is not certain there will be any good pass rushers left by #22 either. Even if you draft what turns out to be a very good WR, it’s often the position that takes the longest time to become good, particularly with a QB who is still in the early stages of figuring things out himself. So what do pick at #22? Maybe the answer is to trade down and take the WR a little later and pick up an extra second or third rounder.
  5. I was referring to Woods not Watkins. But in both cases, agree you'd likely need to way overpay
  6. Wow and I just assumed a typo! The things you learn here! I was just about ready to reply that it's a rare breed of Western Canadian Goose, just for laughs. But now I learn it's real.
  7. So what was he supposed to do tie woods to a chair and not let him leave. It was reported at the time that he wanted to go to a west coast team, considering the Bills just changed coaching staffs for the 3rd time in Woods years, can see why he's want nothing to do with staying here add that to the desire to go "Home". They likely would have had to way overpay for him to stay. Considering in 2017 he would have had TT still throwing to him and in 2018 four different QB's, what would lend you to think his stats would have been any different than the first four years in Buffalo, maybe 40 to 50 catches per season at best. Maybe this past year would have been similar to what he had in LA, but still wouldn't have had the rest of the offense he had around him in LA. Bills would be getting blasted for how much they over paid for Woods. Would the Bills have been better off keeping him, yes, but from what was reported, he didn't want to be here.
  8. Don't recall seeing that many big time splash names at positions the Bills really need other than Yannick and Cooper. Green would qualify, but IMO he'd be a very risky pick with all his injuries. I could see maybe one big time signing, but would be surprised if more than that unless you'd consider signing a Robbie Anderson type as big splash. IMO there may be a few Anderson type signings, maybe one big one, but would be surprised if more than that. The other issue I'd worry about is while the Bills have enough money this year and likely in 2021 too, beyond that how are you going to sign many big names this season and still afford to resign many of the upcoming FA in 2021 and beyond. Other than WR and DE not sure there's any positions out there that are going to give you a good enough return on value over the incumbent to justify signing a top level FA. Mid level guys yes, top paid doubt it.
  9. That could also mean replacing the weakest starters which wouldn't require much of a splash signing. Positions like RT (assuming Ford kicks inside), #2 CB, #2 WR could just as easily sign a second tier guy and still see an improvement.
  10. OK I'll agree he has the ability of a #3, but then who is the number 2? No one? Or are you implying Beasley? I'll agree he was the 2nd most effective, but don't think you're in very good shape if your slot guy is your #2.
  11. I'd be a little worried with that WR grouping. Rookies often take longer to develop at WR so would like to see them bring in a mid level vet FA with size, contract a little lower than what they gave Brown. Depend on him for 2020 as the #2guy, and let the rookie have time to develop and can still spell the others or go 4 wide. WR grouping is then Brown, Beasley, FA, rookie, Roberts and McKenzie/Foster/Duke fighting for the last slot which I think McKenzie would have the edge as he brings more uniqueness to the position.
  12. Being in the 4:00 spot really means nothing as far as national exposure. You state they don't want the Bills in the 4:00 so many times. SF, ARZ, VEG, DEN, plus Seattle and Chargers start games at 4:00 at least ten times each season, their 8 home games plus road games against other west coast teams. That's one reaso neven poor west coast teams get more nationally televised games than the Bills do. There's a huge difference between a 4:05 start and a 4:25 start which conceivably all four of the late starts you mention could become. 4:25 starts means most of the county sees the game. If they were a 4:05 start that means they are televised only in the Buffalo market and the market of whatever home team they are playing. Every week of the season there's at least one 4:05 start on whichever network doesn't have the double header game. Even at 4:25 most weeks there are two games scheduled, one game goes to around a minimum of 80% of the country the other again goes mainly to Buffalo and the home team market. A year ago if they had this schedule, likely the majority would have been 4:05 starts. This year they've improved enough to warrant some 4:25 games and night games. My guess is the San Fran and the Vegas game could be prime time, plus a couple of their home games. And by prime time I mean either 4:25 or night game. One thing that I think will be intere4sting to see if they give them back to back west coast game as has become a trend in recent years for teams making multiple cross county trips. That gives the team the option to stay on the opposite coast for like 10 days. I've sen even west coast teams heading east will sometimes get back to back east coast road games. Seattle may be a candidate for that.
  13. My first choice would be Yannick as that is a much higher position of need. The problem I have with signing someone like Hooper is you're basically wasting resources in making moves like that. Knox whom you used a 3rd round pick on now is regulated to the bench and/or the #2 TE and Sweeney may not even make the roster. Plus you signed two FA last year that at least one likely Kroft would be cut. Is Hooper a step up from Kroft, yes but at the expense of wasting picks on players who may become just as good, but needs time. Even if not as goodI highly doubt the difference in productivity between the two justifies the extra money spent on Hooper. You can spent the money on someone like a Yannick and still have Knox and be improved overall at two positions than signing Hooper. At this point signing Hooper is more a luxury than a need.
  14. There's been alot made of playing Foster over Williams for the most part this season, some reasons have been mentioned in a number of places, ST play etc. One reason though that don't recall seeing mentioned much could be: You had a relatively inexperienced QB in Allen, You've brought in two new WR's this year in Brown and Beas plus new TE, new O-line, there was what 7 new starting players on offense to start the season. Thinking may have been the one player that Allen seemed to have connected with well from 2018 was Foster so they were going to keep him out there and give him alot of time to re-capture what they had the year prior. Why it didn't happen, who knows, kind of wonder if the issue is Foster tends to not handle adversary very well?
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