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  1. I had posted earlier in this thread my desire was for a RT. Think I'll take that vote back and instead got with a DE. Seems pass rushing might be their biggest need.
  2. Never happen, Bengel's way to cheap to ever fire a coach with more than one year left on his contract. Even then it's questionable. That's how Lewis lasted so long, then when the contract ran out, he'd have a good year, so would get renewed, then was guaranteed at least 3 years as too much money left to fire him.
  3. Recall in the 1993 AFC championship against Denver Tasker returning a short kickoff almost for a TD, think he got taken down around the 10 yard line of Denver. Can't recall though if it was an on-sides attempt or just a bad kickoff by Denver. Do recall that play kind of changing the game though in Buffalo's favor.
  4. Don't let reality get in the way of a good suggestion!!
  5. Didn't Alexander announce he's retiring after this year? The 2019 list doesn't have too many you need to sign. Phillips, Wallace, and Lawson would be the two top needs, though not certain Lawson will agree to deal here. 2020 list has at least 5 I'd want to resign Milano, Dawkins, White, Poyer, and Feliciano
  6. OK, but when you look year after year how many 1st round drafted QB's flame out, shows that all these experts who tout him really know very little. For whatever reason the QB position appears to be the hardest to project how they fared in college to how much success they will have in the NFL. If he were drafted in the 4th round, would you be saying the same thing or then would people be saying give him some time. Admittedly in todays NFL, no players get any time. Maybe he will still succeed, but for whatever reason it's taking him the longest, who know. He also was the guy most projected to say I don't need football too, so could just be he's not motivated enough, maybe in the right situation that will change, but the odds are stacked against him.
  7. 1 1/2 seasons isn't much to know. It's really easy to say we already know the answer he's a bust only because the odds favor all QB's at being busts more than a success. Just read an article couple weeks back fro ma QM, can't recall who was talking about a QB who turned out very good, but took until season 4
  8. The concern I'd have with this is the book ends both ideally fit at the same end of the shelf. While I agree Dawkins isn't all pro at LT, he may still be better at LT than asking him in the middle of the season to switch to the right side and play at a high level. That also means next year we'd likely need to draft a guard to replace Ford unless we re-sign Spain which I'm not sure is a good move as would cost more, plus think they'd prefer building the line via the draft. I'd rather give up less and get a true RT as that's really where the need is and then keep Ford at guard. I do agree that the biggest need for the team is on the O line, more than WR or RB as many here would argue, but think the need is specific to RT. Going forward i.e. next season if our weakest link on the line is Dawkins at LT, we'd be in really good shape there IMO.
  9. Everyone keeps talking about how the Bills should have kept Woods. I recall reading at the time that he wanted to go to a west coast team to be closer to home. Did the bills make him an offer, likely they did, but probably not enough to outweigh his desire to head west coupled with it probably didn't help much that the Bills were a losing team his years here. So you want to go west, and it hasn't been much fun playing here, likely other than an obscene offer by the Bills he would have left. He was a FA, can't keep someone who doesn't want to be here.
  10. Buffalo!! It's there's for the taking, no one looking great this year so far but need to start playing better offensively.
  11. Good point about Brown and Beasley getting what they were offered. Is Diggs really that much better? Is he a true #1 Personally I'd be fine long term (2 to 3 years) of a top 3 WR group of Diggs, Brown, Beasley. I think these real true #1 guys are too often head cases. Maybe Brown and OBJ have just given the rest a bad name?
  12. don't follow other teams that closely, was it due to lack of $$ to pay them or they made some bad cuts?
  13. I will say one thing about the college replay system, it seems to take much less time to get a ruling, game is n't slowed down as much.
  14. This does support the argument that those who have posted if Allen's a bust McD and Beane should be fired for wasting a high pick. The rate of success with QB's where ever they are drafted is very low. If it turns out Oliver or Edmunds, or Tre are busts then yes, but faulting a GM for picking a bad QB is silly and just setting the team back years again to start over. There was not a no brainer in the 2017 draft class either. Both Mayfield and Darnold the two drafted highest did also have question marks about them too. I do wonder what has happend to Goff though?
  15. And hows that compare to what Brown and Beasly are getting? If less, is Diggs really that much better or will you then have those two with the hand out next? Will they then tell the Bills, pay me or trade me.
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