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  1. As has been mentioned in other replies the past two weeks weather was a big deal. I do think to Allen sometimes doesn't help his receivers much by throwing 90 MPH fast balls when the ball is wet. IMO some of those drops were due to a wet ball and coming at them to fast. As the announcer commented, you need to think about making body catches instead in that weather. Add to that the injuries and that has made them look kind of normal.
  2. Well they can then ride the plane to KC with the Bills for the following weeks game.
  3. Poyer had the first Int?? Thought it was a lineman??
  4. The announcers said that Allen told them, he wasn't feeling back to normal till Friday. If it took till Friday before he felt he was normal, likely internally he and many others still haven't 100% recovered completely from last weeks sauna but seem ok. Is good to pull this one out, with all the injuries, assuming next week they win shorthanded at home, even with a loss in KC, that leaves them at 4-2 and have the bye. After the bye White could be back and many of these minor nicks should be back to normal.
  5. Wasn't that easy to do either when the 1st down maker was inside the one. Didn't leave much room for error
  6. I'll go out on a limb and say most people posting on this board weren't old enough to follow or understand football when Paul Brown was at his peak in the 50's or so, myself included. But from things I've read, he probably should be at the top of the list as far as he actual coaching part of the game. For similar reasons I'd elevate Bill Walsh closer to the top. IMO Brown and Walsh are the only two names on the list where people talk other coaches following their systems.
  7. So I wonder was it a case where the independent doctor is examining during the Bills game, but meanwhile the Miami doctors and trainers are telling him, "no it's his back, it's been bothering him all week" Tua, maybe partially being in a concussed confused state and the typical professional athlete mentality of never wanting to come out, confirmed, yeah it's my back. The one thing I have not seen mentioned anywhere, was Tua on the injury report going into Bills game for a back issue? If not then the Dolphins would at a minimum be in trouble for not reporting an injury.
  8. And don't forget the word fans is short for fanatic. And certainly all of us who post on any team message board 12 months of the year, six of which there's no season going on, fits that bill. You posted a very reasonable and accurate assessment, do you think Bills fans would react any differently. Other than a few posters here who have a bone to pick with Bills front office and coaches.
  9. Seems players all have this superman mentality that they will overcome all. Plus I'm sure the fear goes through all of them that if they sit out, they may never get their job back. So they will do everything they can to hide it. Does that mean he's not to blame for it, certainly not. But in most cases it seems players won't report it. I supose to if you had a concussion, you're not exactly thinking right to start with.
  10. With all the running around Allen does, there's always talk of him getting hurt and that's what everyone worries about. Looking at the way Tua was flung down, not sure I've ever seen such a violent, but easy take down of a player. Tua was flung down like a rag doll. Do wonder if given Allen's size and strength, could he ever be flung down like that? Would think it would be hard for someone to do. Could see a violent blind side hit, but not being flung down.
  11. Yup, that's what I was referring to, the Bud Grant era. do recall the heater part too.
  12. Until this happens, not likely anything changes and most likely would have to be the dies part before it changes. Recall years ago, believe it was in Minn, both benches were on the same side of the field because of the cold in December
  13. As George Jefferson would say "We're moving on up!" as most of country is getting Bills Ravens game!
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