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  1. To me seems tough on teams who are looking for new coaches Meanwhile a team like the Bills or Miami who didn't make the playoffs are already planning for next season, but the team looking for a new coach has to wait a month. Even the Bills while they were in the playoffs, I'm sure Beane had spent some time thinking about next season. Does this only apply to existing coaches on teams? What if a team wants to hire an out of work ex NFL coach or someone from the college ranks? Do they still need to wait? If not that's where all the new coaches will be coming from.
  2. The only part that doesn't completely make sense to me was I thought long term the plan was the 17th game was to be on a neutral site. So by 2022 wouldn't they be ready for the neutral site concept? Hard to imagine there are enough neutral sites, counties interested in hosting a game though. Or maybe the Bills will be playing some NFC team in the Vietnam Bowl or something for lack of places interested.
  3. Does it? I have no idea! I'm sure there is enough analytics data out there that can tell you what the odds under the older system was and whatever the odds were just back up the distance until the odds are the same. Maybe it's 4th and 23 produces the same chance of success, then go with that. Admittedly I'm not sure I like this rule, but do think the current setup is practically impossible to succeed at, even though the Bills did.
  4. At the time many thought Ryan Leaf was a better choice than Peyton Manning based on college career and should have been selected #1 overall. Granted this time does seem to be more clear cut choice of Lawrence but never know. Maybe Wilson's game will project better to NFL??
  5. Good article in the Athletic (behind pay wall) about 22 former first round QB's and what happened to each of them and where they are now. Some names barely even remember. The one somewhat surprise to me was Mark Sanchez was drafted in 2009. If you had asked me prior to reading I would have guessed it was 20 years ago. Seems like he's been gone forever! EJ Manual is one of the 22 BTW. Surprised ole JP didn't make the list, guess they didn't want to go back quite that far. https://theathletic.com/2419673/2021/03/02/nfl-draft-quarterbacks-breakups-carson-wen
  6. I'm OK with most of the cuts except Morse. Initially I was on board, but read enough to agree with many that can re-structure his deal and basically the difference between cutting him and keeping him on cheap deal saves around $1 mil and doesn't create another roster opening. For that little savings, keep him. I'd also re-structure: Diggs, Beasley, Hyde, and Matakevic for starters gaining some more cash. Agree with signing close as top they can afford edge rusher and LB help Not sure I'd sign Williams, think his price tag will be too high. would rather dr
  7. I'm fine with drafting a DT this year as Stars eventual replacement either in 2022 or 23 as is low cost now. But I look at it for 2021, they have Star and maybe they keep either Jefferson or Butler plus Oliver, Phillips, and Zimmer on cheap deals. That leaves either four or five DT without drafting someone depending on whether they keep/cut both Jefferson and/or Butler. Ideally they draft the guy maybe mid round, then someone steps on his toe or something in training camp so they can stash him on IR for a year to avoid any numbers issues.
  8. Assuming Star is coming back and if he does he's to expensive to cut, I think we have enough players inside. Edge is where we're lacking. If we truly were in the running for Watt, that tells me Beane was willing to go close to $15 mil. Maybe didn't want to go quite that high for Watt and that's why he's now in Az. But that tells me he wasn't totally out of the price range so I'd go for the top DE's out there. At his age Watt may not be worth $15 mil, but there are some that are, and if Beane was willing to go to $12 or $13 mil, I'm sure he'd go a couple more for a younger bett
  9. So the other 25 have a good chance of signing him! Basically stated Washington didn't want him at all, didn't expect him to come back, and didn't think he'd be at all capable of playing. Once he stated playing they came around, but was very awkward early on.
  10. At the time I blamed it on my wife. What did she do!
  11. So I agree with half of what Beane stated, "Yes it is a problem" but don't like his solution at all! Roughly 2/3 of the teams in the league don't make the playoffs, seems that kind of penalizes the majority of the league. I guess if I had the chance to address Beane on this I'd ask him: "So are you telling me between the time the clock hit zero in week 17 against Miami, and the end of the AFC championship game against KC, you never gave one thought as to moves you might be making in the off season or had zero discussions about anything related to this with McD, Terry or anyone
  12. So this article says Watt has narrowed things down. Jeremy Fowler reports Bills are front runner. Personally I think if you're going to pay $15 mil like reported there are better/younger options like a Y Ngakoue who are projected to get similar amount of money or cheaper amounts for players one peg down in talent like a L Williams. The only risk with guys like that are, how many of actually will become FA on March 17th or will be re-signed prior by existing team. Could end up with an empty bag by waiting. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/jj-watt-has-rep
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if this week start to see some movement either players signing extensions or cuts to free up money. Match 17th is getting closer. Are we already in the Tag window?? Thought there was a pinned topic on NFL off-season dates? Did the pin fall out?
  14. Personally I think teams don't want to wait that long for teams in the playoffs. Once the Bills beat Baltimore, Daboll's chances were done. I think if the Bills had beaten the Chiefs, Bienemy had a chance, but again once the Chiefs were SB bound, his chances also were done. Not sure how they can solve that issue?
  15. This is from an article in The Athletic what their Business manager thinks will happen to ST. Overall a good article about the entire new NFL TV contract. The article appears to have been written slightly prior to ATT selling DTV. From what I read though ATT really didn't sell DTV, they spun it off and partnered up with some other company but are still are supplying the biggest share of the $$. Think eventually they'll hand it completely over to this new company. What takes its place could be a single provider like a cable operator or a streaming company, or a hybrid model that s
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