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  1. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Mock Draft Has Bills Selecting At #1.....

    But that could make the pick worth more. This year was it worth trading up to #1 overall or even #2? Probably not as had a choice between 4 to 5 with none standing head and shoulders above the rest. Next year if only one good one, pick could be worth more. Or could be only one good one, but even the one isn't good enough to move up that far to get.
  2. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Mock Draft Has Bills Selecting At #1.....

    If they really had the #1 overall, likely there will be some QB next year with that high a draft level that could trade with another team for a bundle of picks
  3. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Bills announce increase in cost for bus lot parking

    Recall one of the funniest things I saw was someone was using a cardboard carton from a refrigerator as a pot-a-pottie. One side was cut like a door After the gamed ended happened to walk by the same spot, the carton was gone, but could see a big wet spot on the ground.
  4. So the fee for bus lot parking is going up from $60 to $100 per bus and a permit will be required. So with around 40 to 45 people per bus the old fee would have cost around $1.50 per person, now it will jump way up to $2.50 a person. And somehow charging each person on the bus $2.50 each, they somehow think that's going to reduce unruly behavior?? Was there an extra zero missing maybe on the report?? For $1000 a bus could see it having an impact. Those bus trips often buy up the lower end zone seats which I think are some of the worst view seats to begin with so if it did decrease the bus trips, they may have trouble selling some of those seats too. One this new policy does seem to prove, The Bills must be missing Russ's marketing prowess.
  5. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    5 Way-too-Early picks from CBS

    I'm sure last year no one thought the Giants would end up #2 overall, so who knows but do agree he's way underselling the overall talent
  6. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    The media vs Josh Allen (QB First Impressions article)

    I read the article on ESPN before I ever saw your post, just went back and read it again to see was I missing something. My initial reaction before I ever saw your post was, boy if I were Cleveland I'd be worried about Mayfield big time. I didn't see anything wrong with what was written that it had a negative slant. He was inaccurate on his first pass then threw a bad Int, then marched the team down the field and threw a nice fade pass for a TD. And you feels that's overly negative. WOW!! Think you need help! Have you been to all the OTA's? How do you know he hasn't thrown half his passes into the dirt? I'm not in any way against Allen, hope he does great and don't in any way knock the Bills for drafting him, infact of everyone they could have picked, the only one I may have picked ahead of him was Darnold. But if an article likes this makes you this defensive of the guy, think you need a new hobby.
  7. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    The media vs Josh Allen (QB First Impressions article)

    Guess when you're playing with the 3rd string there aren't that many opportunities to start with, so everything you do is reported.
  8. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    The media vs Josh Allen (QB First Impressions article)

    From what I saw all of the paragraphs were written by the local ESPN reporter who covers the team, so Rodak is as "local" as the rest of them are. So are you saying it's fake news, he didn't throw the interception? Or that you who I'd assume unless you're actually Sean McDermott posting didn't actually see him at all somehow knows better. You don't take criticism well do you, even when against something as remotely related as the team you're rooting for. Starting a thread because you don't like what someone wrote about your favorite team is pretty laughable.
  9. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    So last year I did often log on to Reddit to make sure it was working and could watch the game in anticipation of to quote you " !@#$ directv" and I did at years end. Every time I tried, could watch every game. My only question about Reddit was that a one year thing or has it worked reliably for past years too. Hoping it works fine again.
  10. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    You find it hilarious, the NFL thinks of it as smart. One thing I know about the NFL is they are not stupid and they will always figure out how to make the most money they can. I'd say with about 99.99% certainty that has looked at all the providers and have got offers from them in the past whenever they are looking at extending the agreement and have determined that giving DTV exclusive rights yields the biggest pot of money to them. As soon as they split the pot up a couple things will very likely happen, DTV's bid will drop substantially and DTV may be out of business soon after as their subscribers will drop alot without them having the Ticket. IMO one of the main things that keeps DTV going particularly these days with all the cord cutters is they exclusive rights deal with the NFL. So they way over bid everytime the contract is up to keep it that they are the only game in town. Do I like it, no, do I wish the NFL did as you suggest and offer it to cable too, absolutely, but as long as DTV offers to pay them way more they they will get by splitting it up, it ain't happening. Having said all that, I also do think the days of DTV getting 100% of the rights may be coming to and end as the NFL may be figuring out how to create their own digital broadcast network for streaming all the games, effectively leaving out the middle man, Yahoo, Amazon, DTV, etc. I know I'd certainly rather pay say $400 even $500 a year directly to the NFL for all the games as opposed to maybe $100 a month to DTV which in turn maybe hands $150 of that over to the NFL as it would save me money in the long run. Can't see them wanting to split up rights as the entire cable/satellite thing is dying so why split things up to go to something that is in trouble anyway? And BTW at the end of last season I dropped DTV, bought a TIVO, recording OTA and pay $26 a month for Sling. So will be scrambling this fall to find the games online someplace myself.
  11. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    What are YOUR expectations if Allen wins the start?

    When you consider how many of the top QB's in the NFL were not top draft picks, makes me feel better about the likelihood of success for Allen as shows the media and all these draft wizards really have little idea who'll be good and who won't.
  12. So did Sully officially take the buyout too, reading through here saw a couple of posts stating something like "hear Sully is leaving too" didn't see anything too official sounding unless I missed it?? Wonder if last Friday was the deadline for employees to sign up for the offer, thta's why both announced the same day?
  13. Didn't see it mentioned here in the responses, not to sound morbid, but there's a pretty good likelihood sometime down the road Kim will become the sole owner of the Bills and Sabres as she is almost 20 years younger than Terry. So being involved with all these committees is good for her. Even as soon as 10 to 15 years down the road, Terry may say I've had enough of all this I just want to relax and play golf or fish or something, Kim you run things from now on! She certainly is a much better speaker than Terry is too. Don't think he likes the PR part of his job very much.
  14. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Which Bills Moments Legitimately Made You Cry?

    Watching Four Falls of Buffalo made me a shed a tear to two. That was kind of a highlights of many things already mentioned. On a different but similar theme also shed a tear watching Requiem of the Big East Both brought back many a memory.
  15. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Incognito's Retirement? [update: Now Released]

    Teams and players re-do contracts all the time, when a player far out plays the contract, the player will ask for more money and the team will give him more money prior to present deal expiring, or they say no to which the player plays out the contract and often then will leave via FA for another team. Just as here the team asked for a pay cut and he agreed. So either both agree to the same action or they don't, then you move on. In a perfect world what you're saying is true and if the players want to end asking for more money, then the Bill's stance would be un-called for, but that's not how things work.