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  1. Either way to me is a good thing. If he walks who are they replacing him with, likely will be another Andy Dalton type as they are much easier to find than an Allen or Mahomes, or even to do as well as to find another Tua they'd be lucky. Was it 5 or 6 QB's drafted in the 1st round. What's the over/under on the number of them who'll earn a 2nd contract with the team that drafted them?
  2. But you didn't plan for the 17th game, will be NFC west, likely SF at Buffalo
  3. That likely would make for a tougher round. If the traps were green, then likely I'd never find one.
  4. With a handle like Stinky Finger, you should be washing balls! Haven't played Byrncliff in about 30 years. The one thing I remember is not a bit of sand anywhere, but water on just about every hole in some fashion, may just be a little creek running across fairway, or a large pond.
  5. Interesting that they signed this guy the same day an article came out saying Hyde will sign only with Buffalo or retire! They could do that at least for training camp, see how he compares to the others, if not good then cut him. He's be a help for those 6 weeks or so.
  6. 4:05 games are local only for the most part. That week the nationally broadcast game will be on the other network starting at 4:25. A handful of other cities will pickup the 4:05 game, mainly ones in the home and away cities of teams with 1:00 starts
  7. Long term, agree with cause problems. But if Rodgers can stay healthy and puts one great season together, you never know??
  8. Haven't seen/read the TV schedule, is it on ESPN, NFL network, time??
  9. Last few seasons the overall CAP number has always been higher than projected a year out. So taking that into account, plus a couple of surprise cuts or maybe not a surprise based on how they play in 2024 season plus restructures, overall will end up with considerably more space than projected now.
  10. It is called Sunday Ticket, not Thursday Night or Saturday Night Ticket. These other networks paid a lot more money for those packages. I'm sure YTTV could have also bid and got those games too if they really wanted, but instead of paying $289 to renew, it may have been $389! I did renew yesterday. With DTV could always expect a better deal by waiting, not sure that is as likely to happen with YTTV, don't believe that happened last year either. Maybe they realize, once they do that everyone will wait and many never sign up. By sticking with one price, it shows people there's no reason to wait. Will see??
  11. So Beane tends to pick Davis's in the 4th round. And if not a Davis at least a common name like Johnson. No Ulofoshio's in the 4th, ever!
  12. Was reading an article today and came across this quote: XXX is known for having a boisterous personality at times, and his past teams have largely accepted it when he has been a successful face of their franchise. But historically, as team success starts to wear off, so does teams’ patience for some of XXX ’s idiosyncrasies. This was actually about Jimmy Butler of the Heat, but could easily substitute Diggs name here and tell the same story. Having said that would still vote for Diggs being best #14, but not heartbroken that he's gone.
  13. No but the fact that they didn't take Worthy and let the Chiefs have him kind of tells me they didn't want him. and if they traded down to 32, kind of tells me they viewed the other 3 fairly close and even they didn't get their first choice of the 3, they were close enough in rankings that they'd take their 2nd or 3even 3rd choice in exchange for extra picks. But the question was how to stop the Chiefs from getting who they wanted which appears was Worthy, and maybe I missed that part how were the Bills supposed to prevent that other than drafting a guy they clearly didn't want?
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