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  1. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Tyrod Taylor finally unleashed in a "competent offense with weapons."

    I agree he'll have a job for a number of years, but can't see him being signed anywhere as a starter. Think teams have seen enough to know what he is. And on top of everything, can't depend on him too much due to getting hurt, nothing ever major, just little nicks He could end up starting for a long stretch if he goes to a team as the backup and the starter were to get hurt.
  2. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Watkins, Woods, 6-100, 6-81. Benjamin, Jones, 2-19, 2-63

    OK so your take is if the the GM is hired first and he hires a person he's worked which by your definition makes him his friend, that's fine, but if the coach is hired first and then hires his "friend" who he worked with before, that's no good. So would you have been happier if they hired someone who McD never worked with before and then create the situation like we had with Rex/Marrone and Whaley? Yes I agree in most cases the GM is hired first, then bring in the HC, but it's also not unprecedented to first hire the coach either. I'm also not so sure the Bills could have put together the front office they had if they hired the GM first as many teams aren't going to let front office types go while preparing for the draft. I doubt we'd have also got the guy from KC or think there was another from Miami prior to the draft. Teams have to let assistants interview and take HC jobs, not so sure that's true for front office positions, have seen posts stating yes and no to that and almost certain not true for assistant front office positions. Then the team could have been in a position of great we got the GM and HC in place, but a very thin front office as can't hire anyone else under contract. There's a reason GM and front office position contracts typically all expire in May. Hiring a GM in January likely meant you're limited to people out of work, in other words a past failure from somewhere else. But does it really matter, either way the GM is likely going to hire as a coach someone he worked with prior, i,e, Polien/Levy or the coach hies someone as the GM he's worked with. And technically McD didn't hire Beane, Pegula did, but with a huge thumbs up and recommendation from McD. And I'm sure part of Pegula's thinking was he didn't want to repeat the same mistake of coach and GM not always being on the same page.
  3. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Watkins, Woods, 6-100, 6-81. Benjamin, Jones, 2-19, 2-63

    Show me some evidence that they were friends, can you post some pictures of their families going on vacation together, then I'll agree they are friends. Though even then many times staff members do socialize together. They both worked together for the same team for a few seasons, that hardly makes them friends. They didn't go to college together or follow eachother from team to team. How many times do you hear a team hires a new HC and right away he brings some of his old staff with him. Rex brought half his Jets staff here. Marrone brought Hackett and then brought him to Jax too. Based on your definition, that must make them all friends too. Well if so, then yes all the teams are doing it. Bill Pollian had worked with Marv Levy in the CFL guess he hired his friend too. I do agree that TP forced two coaches on Whaley, if he was allowed to pick his own guy who would he likely have chosen, probably someone he had some type of prior relationship with previously.
  4. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Watkins, Woods, 6-100, 6-81. Benjamin, Jones, 2-19, 2-63

    Almost every team in the tries to have a coach and GM who work well together.That's being smart. A coach hiring a person he's worked with and has a good relationship hardly makes him a friend. Rex/Marrone and Whaley worked out real well together! I don't recall hearing much that Beane not talking to Sammy, and easy for someone to write that and claim it to be true. And maybe he didn't talk to him becasue he heard enough without talking to him. And just heard enough of Sammy to know he's not wort the money. And 6 catches for 100 yards doesn't exactly make me think yeah he was worth the money!
  5. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Watkins, Woods, 6-100, 6-81. Benjamin, Jones, 2-19, 2-63

    What I saw is one guy who very likely would not have signed here unless we over paid for him and eventually did sign a contract for way more than he's worth. And another guy who was rumored to want to sign wit ha west coast team as that's where he was from. Could the Bills have again over pay for him too sure.
  6. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Bodine New Starter at Center?

    Or he may be thinking, Damm these guys are alot better than what I faced in the ACC. And the coaches likely also realize he's not anywhere yet ready in spite of everything fanatics who see very little of how he's actually doing think. Will he be ready in a few more weeks to replace one of them maybe, or will he be ready by next week if one of the starters got hurt, likely yes then he will become as ready as he can be. But right now the people who actually do this as a a living do know more.
  7. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    The Amish Rifle- Fitz

    There's many aQB in this league have followed that same recipe, all the way to the bank. Vet QB in new system, confuses the defense for a few games, and looks great. Defense figures him out, but he comes rich in the mean time. Do agree though if the next two weeks he plays at same level, keep playing him even when Winston is back. I mean it's not like they are benching Tom Brady here. Will predict an explosion/sulking/trade demand/ all of the above from Winston though if that happens.
  8. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    McDermott- Highest odds to be fired..

    All that means is you have alot of idiots who don't know anything putting money down on him getting fired. Would have been much smarter to just hand me all the money as there's no way they will ever collect on that one. No way he gets fired unless he does something real dumb off the field like maybe hitting on Kim, then again that may be worth the risk.
  9. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Tyrod Taylor finally unleashed in a "competent offense with weapons."

    That also gives them a few extra days too to bring in Baker
  10. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Make run at Matt Moore or Landry Jones?

    Agree, but you would need to bring in someone as a backup. But even then by the time one of these guys were to get up to speed Allen could be back again. So likely means Peterman would be the QB for a few weeks even if Allen were to go out. nd at that point, what's the difference anyway.
  11. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Is there any team in worse shape than the Bills?

    A big reason this happens is when you keep changing coaches, front office etc, then you start all over. So for all the folks calling to fire Beane and McD this will help extend the years.
  12. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Make run at Matt Moore or Landry Jones?

    So do you feel having one of these guys sitting on the sideline, but never actually playing will somehow scare the team the Bills are playing? Are you afraid that if Allen were to get hurt mid game one of these guys can jump in and win the game and keep the teams Super Bowl chances alive? IF Allen were to get hurt and out multiple weeks , then we can have this discussion.
  13. Of course! Terry P probably slipped Breer $100G under the table and asked him to write an article to instill faith for the fans. If SI wanted to sell an article and and get the most hits, they'd write an article ripping the Bills for all the moves.
  14. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Reason for some optimism. Receivers open.

    So the question is, did Peterman not make the throws because he was too busy looking at the lineman fearing any second he was about to get hit. I don't know McCarron showed even less than Peterman and one of the knocks on him was holding onto the ball too long. He was kind of like TT without the legs.
  15. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Week 2: Chargers Game Preparation - Beautiful Day for Football!

    On a lighter note, does anyone know is Tavern on The Tracks have a weekly gathering for Bills fans? Evacuated from Wilmington so am here in Charlotte.