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  1. Awful, OK fine, but maybe your memory is a little bad. The Bills WRs in 2018 were K Benjamin, Z Jones, Holmes, McCloud, and their star by seasons end was likely Foster with a TE of Clay and Croom who again by seasons end was the better of the two. So if the Bengal's cast was awful, what would you call the Bills?
  2. Wouldn't help you this week as believe anyone needs to quarantine 48 hours before brought into the building. If he made the trade right now, add flight time, etc, he'd be lucky to make it to Buffalo by tend of day Friday.
  3. He also has a much better cast around him than Allen had as a rookie with a legit #1 receiver. The only somewhat of a star Allen had as a rookie was McCoy.
  4. He's probably on a plane to LA right now as see the Chargers lost their starting center.
  5. OK LOL Over the weekend saw and ad for the Masters and at the time was thinking, how are they going to broadcast the Masters and football but never connected the two when looking a 506. So apparently they are going to have a much earlier start and finish than normal for the Masters as in April it doesn't end till around 7:00. Then again by Nov 15th sunset is around 5:30 in Georgia anyway so guess a 7:00 finish wouldn't work too well anyway. Coincidentally the Bills do have one of the few late games on CBS that day. I'd imagine they are planning for maybe a 3:15 to 3:30 finish for the Masters as don't want to conflict with football afterwards I'm sure so will want to be certain it's complete by 4:00
  6. I'm an out of town fan so looking to see which games I can just flip on the TV and watch and which ones I'll need to be more creative for so was looking at the entire season page. I wonder why on November 15th, there are no early CBS games at all? May be a mistake as there are six early games listed on Fox and three of them are with road AFC teams which traditionally would be a CBS game. If the Bills game against Denver gets moved to Saturday, the Bills will be on national TV the entire month of December.
  7. Wow surprised out of close to 50 votes, I was the first person to select Knox. I don't in any way think he deserves it, but seeing how many threads there are here about replacing him, can't believe I was the first to pick him. While Ford is the runaway winner here, don't really think he deserves it either as was a rookie last season and did play very well in run blocking. Will be interesting to see if the move to guard becomes permanent. It's almost hard to find a whipping boy on this team.
  8. I think he has the footwork down, what he doesn't have is having the footwork down consistently every play. The times he'd forget get less and less , but still maybe panics on occasion and forgets everything he's been taught and reverts back to bad habits. The more you practice it the more it becomes 2nd nature, but likely still not 100% there yet, getting closer though.
  9. Rex will be coming to town to give him a foot massage. Or was it his wife that was doing that?
  10. I was looking at a projection of draft positions, 4 of the top 6 picks were Cinnci, Giants, Miami, & Jax (Bills were 24th BTW) Jets who also have two picks were a little lower. Of those four, the only one for certain needing a new QB would be Jax. Carolina was also in the top six and think the other one was Washington who both could use a new QB though there may be some hope in Washington. Certainly Washington and Carolina would want to try and move up, but neither of them have 2 first round picks. Of the three teams with 2 first round picks, Jax, Jets, Miami; Jax may have the best chance of having the two best picks. Certainly alot can change in the order between now and Jan, but of this one mock I was looking at made me think Jax had the best chance to move up to #1 overall because they may have the two best picks and two of the teams ahead, Giants and Bengals likely wouldn't need to move up.
  11. Team that is in pretty good shape for draft picks is Jax. They have their own, plus the Raiders. Jets have their own, plus Seattle. Likely the Raiders pick will be a better one than the Seattle pick. Assuming Jax only wins 2 to 3 games, likely would give them a top 5 pick if not better. Add in the Raiders and could get themselves up to #1. Not sure if they have anyone left worth trading that would net a fairly high pick, if so, should do it as would likely make them weaker so lose more. Three #1's or two 1st rounders and an extra 2nd could maybe get you to the top depending on how far you'd need to move. For Jax, not likely a huge move.
  12. And whenever they got inside the 10 yard line last year they'd give it to Frank Gore, and a cloud of dust later, we'd be one yard closer! on a good day! Would be interesting to see overall how the team did in general inside he 10 to 15 yard line as seemed like even when passing, we struggled with scoring from in close. Granted, that's probably the toughest for all teams. But last year, the defense would know as soon as Gore walked onto the field, the handoff was going to him. Since the field is now shortened, a little easier to blitz too which Allen tended to struggle with. Having said all that, don't think the problem is the running backs, more maybe the O line and last season Frank Gore.
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