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  1. I'd add it takes 3 to tango and add Daboll into the mix as sounds like from much of what Diggs said, he was the first OC that kind of listened to Diggs as devised plays to take advantage of Diggs strengths. Plus in general sounded like he had many more routes to run. Having said that while all 3 contributed, do still feel overall was the improvement of Allen. Without the arm strength, improved accuracy, and his ability to avoid sacks; all the route running doesn't help much, still need to get him or Beasley the ball.
  2. Agree, but don't recall Hopkins teammates ripping him for it like is happening in Buffalo. Both Diggs and Hughes kind of publicly contradicted him. Hughes comments about not driving down the road at 80 MPH sounded to me like he was really ripping Beasleys position.
  3. I follow the Bills fairly closely, but not other teams and the NFL at nearly the same level. Just curious, are the Bills unique in that it's gone to the level of players fighting players/teammates on Twitter over this? This is the type of thing that can tear a team apart. Reminds me of the time a number of years back think it was basketball where the one player was sleeping with teammates wife created quite the division within the team. Similar issue with the Yankees in the 60's but in that case two players just swapped wives, so no one was all that upset at the time
  4. I'd argue it's much different. The other person very likely is still looking down the road and can warn you of something. Not likely both persons aren't looking at the same time. Rarely if ever do I ever see cars slowing down when two people are talking to each other, but you see it all the time with people on phone. About 10 years ago before texting was the rage, driving down the highway around 55, pass a car, drive looked like a 20 to 25 YO guy. He had one foot hanging out the window, cigarette in one hand, other hand was doing something else and wasn't on the wheel. What wa
  5. But the counter to that is being good, they'll have more games broadcast as the double header game coast to coast, Sunday and Monday night, plus maybe a late Saturday game. Depending where you live if the closest local team isn't in the AFC, a couple of 1:00 Bills games may also be on local TV Few years back a friend of mine was a Steelers fan, lived here in NC and had DTV for ST. One year he counted 11 of their 16 games he could watch over the air, so bagged it the following year. There are always the illegal streaming sites available. A friend of m
  6. If Beane takes him out fishing look out. Better take him out on Ontario, Erie is kind of shallow.
  7. It was bicycle, was hit be a vehicle. Still many accidents with people on bikes riding them on roads with traffic getting hit.
  8. OK wondered about that part. Have they announced PS rules for this coming season yet? Last I saw they hadn't yet decided whether to go with the normal rules or the 2020 Covid version. The way things are trending right now won't be shocked to see them go with 2020 rules.
  9. I thought the "top 51 clause" is only through training camp, once the final roster is selected all 53 count?? For someone to make the PS believe they'd have first been waived/cut so they no longer have a contract. The players on PS are then paid a set salary, same for all teams. Whether that counts towards the cap or not not sure, probably doesn't matter as all teams would have the same amount of $$ so would be a wash. Think the league has not yet announced whether they are going to go with last years PS rules which were more liberal due to Covid or going back to the
  10. We're talking about practice?? Not a game? Practice?
  11. Yeach could see a mutual agreement to part between either Payton or Tomlin as won't want to go through a rebuild and/or they discover it was just dumb luck that they had franchise QB's all these years and not their brilliant coaching and getting the next next one is alot more work than they realize. Agree too on Shanny and lets not forget Gruden, think he may walk away. And I'll give Meyers two seasons before he leaves again for health reasons. Even in NE, how long before Kraft figures out it's hard to recruit FA's to compete as they don't want to play for BB without t
  12. I see McD was paired with Michaels and Flutie on Sunday.
  13. Understood, but the fact that my TV was flipping back and forth every couple days between NC and Philly stations is still kind of strange?? The TV never moved. I wonder too about the VPN spoofing.
  14. So interesting I have YouTube TV, live down in NC and have a 2nd house up in eastern PA. I initially set up YouTube down here in NC. Recently when traveling up there, within 24 hours of arriving, my laptop switched to the local Phily stations. Even though the TV had never resided in a house other than PA one day would have Phily stations, next day NC stations, couldn't make up it's mind it seemed. And anything I recorded, on their "DVR" was recording on the NC stations even though I was in Pa at the time the recording was made. I was there for a a month BTW so wasn't a short visit. Once
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