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  1. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Do you think Robert Foster can develop to into a #1 receiver?

    I don't think he'll develop into a #1 receiver, but there's a place for him on the roster do to his speed and he actually can seem to catch the ball (as opposed to Goodwin who also had speed, but dropped about 50%) His hands are also good enough that he can run different routes, not just "go deep"
  2. I thought he got too over confident from his last two games as was too reckless with the ball today. That's something he can easily learn from.
  3. I miss the Saturday afternoon games that used to scheduled after the college season ended, just like Sunday a 1:00 and a 4:00. I'd rather see that than Thursday night.
  4. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Daboll...Playaction, Deep routes, Allen's running all connected...

    Also think early in the season, the O-line was much weaker. The team did alot of experimenting in training camp and pre-season with lineups. The down side of that is little time to build and continuity which probably of all the position groups in football, the O-line is the most important. Think QB play also suffered there for the same reason, but not many other options there. Hopefully they siign a couple strong FA for the line so the lineup is set in training camp
  5. If I'm a person potentially getting my first HC gig, the last person I want to be tied to is Chris Polian. A HC typically succeeds or fails based on the talent he has and I wouldn't trust Chris to give you any help there.
  6. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Allen or Darnold: Who Would You Rather Have?

    So far Darnold hasn't done anything to stand out. Allen's arm strength and running ability give him a big edge. Those are likely two areas Darnold will never catch him on. Certainly throwing more completions/TD's could swing that the other way in the future, but for now all Allen.
  7. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    OK. I'll Say It-Allen will be best Bills QB ever

    I don't know, Cleveland could/should be predicted as a playoff contender next season. Depending how Allen plays the next 4 games and off-season moves the Bills make (big Fa signings are completed prior to schedule being released) could see a Monday night. Last year they put the Jet's on the 1st Monday of the season. Granted Buffalo and Cleveland are not large TV draws.
  8. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Week 14: Jets Game Preparation - Inactives Announced

    this is what I'm afraid of!
  9. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Week 14: Jets Game Preparation - Inactives Announced

    Should I play the Bills or Vikes defense on Sunday?? Bills getting more points, but..... makes me nervous to go with them.
  10. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    OK. I'll Say It-Allen will be best Bills QB ever

    I'll make this prediction, next season the Bills play the Browns. I'll predict it will be either a Monday or Thursday night game, to showcase Allen vs Mayfield, likely early part of the season to increase odds both are still playing, ie. not out for injury and also early incase one of them ends up a 2nd year slump, early on may not know yet so better ratings.
  11. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Trade for Sean Lee in the off-season

    As was pointed out, quite often only two LB's on the field. Makes little sense to pay big bucks, or give up draft picks or other resources for someone who's not on the field all the time. You don't need three top level LB's, infact when using three, having two on the field that are very good will make the third one look much better on his own.
  12. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    NFL looking at changes to Punting

    Think they need to do something different on kickoffs, to still give teams a shot at recovering an on-sides kick. Not that the odds were ever very good, but became terrible.
  13. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Is Josh Allen faster than Tyrod Taylor???

    Also much stronger, so if you get one hand on him, he's not as likely to go down as TT was. Once he starts running have to worry more about Allen still throwing as he can still make a strong throw even across his body.
  14. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Julio Jones and the 2019 Bills

    He's my keeper on my fantasy team and HAS shown many signs of slowing down. But think that's more to do with Ryan having many other options besides Julio. Believe he has 2 years left on contract. I wouldn't give up a 1st though, if Atlanta is ready to move on likely he'd be available for much less, maybe a 3rd or 2nd a most. Teams know you don't give up 1st rounders for a 30 yo think Atlanta realizes that too.
  15. Ed_Formerly_of_Roch

    Why is the punter the holder?

    Probably because during practice the punter is the one other guy besides the kicker and the long snapper with nothing else to do, so have him hold. Agreed using backup QB would give more options but for the couple times a year in may come into play, probably teams don't feel it's worth it. For years wasn't Frank Reich the holder?