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  1. So what happens when you split? Looking at the list I counted at least 18 teams that doubt the Bills would beat home and away, more likely could see a split. Who then is better? Next you need to look at top to bottom talent and think there are more than 5 with better overall talent or a wild card like an Aaron Rogers or Brady that maybe Bills overall have more talent, but the wild card evens things out. so overall I'd say maybe around 10 are clearly better and then the Bills are somewhere in the mix of the next ten. By around December we'll know if they are near the top of that group, and maybe even leap frogging some currency in the top 10, but some of the others in that middle 10 could also improve even more.
  2. This is Mike Schoop's producer, Thank you for talking about us and keeping us in the public eye. Without people like you commenting on our show, we'd probably be off the air. But you help keep us relevant!"
  3. Thought it was cry?? Oh wait, this IS your party so you can party instead of crying. It's your choice!
  4. There was a difference then too in that yes they'd fire the coaching staff, but still had the same GM or a protege of him so the roster stayed more constant, therefore improvement was expected. From the GM's eyes, the players I drafted are great, must be the coach sucks. This time everything turned over so not the quick turn around expectations there either.
  5. I'll be surprised if Munnerlyn IS cut IMO. EJ Gianes likely was on the team if not got hurt. I think the Captain is slotted in as his replacement. The only thing that gets him cut is not being in good enough football shape, but even then may be told work on getting stronger, if we have any secondary injuries, we'll be on the phone to you again.
  6. Read that too. I really doubt he makes any teams 53 unless very short due to injuries, so he can sign with any team to their practice squad. Unless he feels the Bills shafted him, would probably be in his best interest to sign with Buffalo as with the extra spot/exemption, it's highly unlikely Buffalo would cut him. So he's pretty much guaranteed a paycheck and more important a spot all season here. Likely he makes our PS.
  7. Yeah maybe he leads Dallas to a SB win in Elliott's place!! LOL
  8. That' where I am too. 2 weeks ago completely agreed too with what mags stated, now not so sure. There's an entire thread on it, but that still leaves some question. Buffalo rumblings agrees with mrags. We shall see soon as doubt any team would sign him to their 53 unless decimated by injuries.
  9. Hard feeling or not, it's still up to Wade to decide to take an offer for another teams PS over Buffalo, unless the hard feelings are with Wade himself. Then agree, if he truely thinks he deserves to be on the Bills active 53 and they don't make that move, then likely he will go sign with another team eve nfor their PS. But just don't sense that from what he's said publicly, admittedly talk is cheap. I thought that can happen, he can sign with any team for their PS, just once he signs to someones PS another team can't come in and take him even for their active 53. He's is then locked in on that teams PS for the entire season.
  10. You're assuming another team will claim him for their active 53?? The questions you yourself ask likely would also scare other teams away too from active 53. Would other team like him o n their PS, sure, but why would be sign for another teams PS and not Buffalo? Often guys will sign with another team because they feel they were shafted, don't sense that about him if he were to be cut.
  11. Great idea, then we can have 6 TE's competing for 3 spots. I'd be fine for trading either of them, I'd even throw in other names of Yeldon, Lawson or Love, Croom, any of about 4 backup WR even Foster, and one of the lower level guys in the secondary. But I'd be looking for a backup swing tackle. That's a total of about 10 guys I listed competing for around 4 slots so would see if you can get anything rather than cutting the majority of them. Maybe you could get a low 6th or 7th rounder for them. Johnson a 7th rounder is looking damm good right now so better than nothing. And why would a team give up a guy you know is going to be cut, you get exclusive rights to him.
  12. I don't recall hearing much about him back in the 1985 to 1995 era, was he covering the Bills then, was he negative then? Not really certain there were even newspapers and reporters in the BI era. (before internet) And if you go back another 10 years to the before cable era, was there even electricity back then?
  13. And this thread isn't even about the backup, this is about the backup to the backup. We signed the wrong guy, what was Beane thinking. Fire him! Maybe if Allen or Barkley were to get hurt on Friday, two days before the next game, Jackson might get promoted to the 53 for that one week. But the following Monday they'll very likely be looking for someone with experience. Derek Anderson will be on speed dial.
  14. Cause he went to UB, it's like seeing your best friend get fired at work, "Gee maybe we can just work things out"
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