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  1. Trade back Idea

    Or trade back for another #1 pick next year. And try and make the trade with a team likely to not do to well so it's a decent pick.
  2. Browns Darnold, Giants Rosen

    If the Giants draft Barkley, assuming OBJ is back healthy, they've improved the Oline even a half way decent season from ELI would likely give them 4 to 5 wins for the next two season if not better, enough wins to almost certainly not be drafting in the top 5 and maybe not even the top 10. So this may be their best chance to get the heir to Eli now, and let him sit for a the season regardless of how good or bad the team does. Likely picking a QB this year to sit, overall the team won't have the strong running game, struggle somewhat and still have a top 10 pick next year. Plus could trade Eli next year even wit ha poor year maybe get a 3rd for him, and with a decent to good year maybe a low 1st round pick. So would have plenty of draft picks next year to further improve the team. With a new 1st year coach and GM, the pressure isn't as much to win now. If I were the Giants GM, I'd think long and hard about NOT drafting the QB now while I have a great pick to get almost whomever I want.
  3. Should Beane be Fired Because of Today's Colts/Jets Trade?

    I was tempted to go to a Jets message board and read what their fans are saying, but I'm betting many are ripping them for the very reason, now that they tipped their hand easy for us to go around them.
  4. Possible trade to #1?

    Yeah but the Browns still have the #4 pick so they could get the 3rd QB off the board, there was a rumor they wanted Allen, so they made the trade with Buffalo and part of the trade is we don't take Allan and give them our 2 first rounds plus additional. That gives the Browns a QB at 4 plus 12 and 22. Or take the Browns 4th pick you're still getting the 3rd highest ranked QB which every day of the week it's a different person anyway ranked highest.
  5. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    How so, if we had traded for the #3 pick, the Jet's could have still jumped ahead to #2. So now you know where you need to go ,or if you feel there's little difference in the top 3 or 4 QB choices, then go up to #4 for less draft capital.
  6. Bills Listed Among Early Free Agency Winners by SI and PFW

    Funny though I was on some other site earlier and listed the Bills as one of the losers. But was pretty inaccurate as mentioned how they didn't do anything to secure a backup for McCoy. Guess this guy didn't know they signed Ivory. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/8-teams-that-lost-in-free-agency/ar-BBKgMav?li=BBnba9I
  7. I Guess The Market Is Dry For EJ and Preston Brown

    Could be the Bills have made offers very close to what they'e got from other teams so they are trying to get a little more someplace else and then bring that to the Bills to match. And at the same time Buffalo has probably given them a deadline or they are moving on to option B or C And BTW, why does everyone suddenly want EJ Manual back anyway??
  8. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    So what happened earlier in the day there were reports we had signed Derek Anderson, were they false? Or did we sign two QB's yesterday?
  9. Rookie Franchise QB

    Can't see the Giants trading out of two not knowing who Cleveland is taking. If Cleveland takes Barkley, then Giants would probably want to make trade, but if Cleveland takes QB, then would think the Giants would want to stay put.
  10. Lesean McCoy: "Man It's Just a Business"

    Have to wonder to, does someone like a McCoy post things like this just to have everyone go nuts and they can then read all the posts and laugh about these idiots who bite on everything.
  11. Someone Start New Buffalo Bills Message Board

    And be a member for at least 30 or 60 days to even reply to a post. And maybe 6 month membership and 100 replies before starting a new thread.
  12. The Final Verdict On The Sammy Watkins Draft Day Trade?

    Don't think it's a case so much of what Sammy did or didn't do, the damming part was so many other WR went lower that have turned out just as good. We could have had one of them and given up much less.
  13. I always thought I'd seen O'Leary's beady eyes before.