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  1. Yes is kind of ironic that rarely ever happens, but yet happened twice in Buffalo
  2. Everyone ripped the Bills for the $4 million opt out clause. But really can't blame anyone IMO. The clause only came into effect if and when RW died and the team is sold. Can see if I'm ready to sign a contract to coach the Bills and there's a good chance my contract will out last RW, I'd want something in there that gives me an out if the team is sold and maybe moved someplace I have no desire to move to. Or maybe the team is bought by someone I really hate (Trump) or is taken over by someone who doesn't want to spend any money. So he have an out. And really can't blame the Bills for agreeing to it as what coach has ever walked away from an NFL head coaching position. There was a good chance RB and Mary Wilson knew long before RW died who was buying the team and where they'd be located. So figured the team isn't going anywhere, coaches don't walk away from current jobs, so was a very safe totally free insurance policy to add the opt out. And I'm sure if Marrone wasn't so sure he was getting the Jets HC job he never would have left either. Not sure what exactly happened there, possibly the Jet's soured on him purely because he walked away. So left him out in the cold, but $4 mil buys plenty of winter coats.
  3. The moral of the Vikings win.

    I thought the moral would be: Less people talking about the Music City Miracle as this now kind of tops that play!
  4. Houston hires Bills VP of Player Personnel Brian Gaine as GM

    Yes and maybe last spring all these other teams could have also been jerks (as you seem to favor) and prevented the Bills from speaking to their people too.
  5. Mike McCoy won't be the OC per Carucci

    The first year Flutie was here he was great. By the 2nd year defenses had figured him out. We won alot of games lost the playoff to Tenn, but I thought that entire year we won in spite of Flutie not because of him where as the year prior, he delivered the wins. And Yes I was fine with benching Flutie for Johnson as I didn't think Flutie was going to win us any playoff games
  6. Jerry Sullivan in the national news??

    Is this the same Jerry Sullivan we all know and love?? Guess he gets around! https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/lebron-james-roasts-reporter-after-being-asked-about-cavs’-poor-defense/ar-AAuCaOP?li=BBnba9I
  7. Who do you want for OC?

    So what actually went wrong with Rico?? Did he say all the right things on the interview last year, but then reverted to something else?? There's a pretty long list of coordinators from both sides who end up one and done. How do you prevent that from happening again??
  8. OC & QB coaches

    That is really the best question. Who do I want. Whoever the Bills feel is the best choice if it's Dennison or someone else. The one thing I do know is that what goes on at practice, locker room, classroom, etc.;the people seeing that know 1000 times more than any body on this board thinks they know. Just as everyone here, said how bad they'd do, lucky to win 4 games and they go 9-7 and make the playoffs is more evidence of how little we know.
  9. Breaking news. Rick Dennison

    That could be the problem, too much imbalance and weight on one leg cacused the foot issue!
  10. The Right Off Season Plan

    I agree with the OP in that that it's much harder to find a franchise QB than it is to fail. I always laugh whenever I see these posts, Beane needs to get a franchise QB and if he can't find one, he should be fired. If it were that easy every team in the league would have one. In reality there are a half dozen or so true franchise guys and another 10 to 15 guys that are paid like top franchise guys, but struggle as they are making so much money , not enough cap space to pay enough other great players to keep on the team and the team is middle of the road. I do think TT needs to be replaced as there's just been too many terrible games and doubt he'll ever learn. I started out the season in the camp of keeping him and using all the picks to surround him with great talent, but have seen enough of his play to realize he's just terrible. So full am in favor of moving on, but do realize it's much riskier than many here seem to think and be prepared for potentially going backwards. I also feel the team has enough holes all around that wouldn't want to give up all the picks needed to move up to the top two picks. Unfortunately the team was a little too good this year that they are drafting too low to move up that far without giving away the farm to do so. Both Philly and LA seemed to have had move overall talent than the Bills did before getting their QB. So here too wouldn't mind seeing them fill other holes first. Something that I haven't seen mentioned at all would be the idea of taking one of the 1st round picks we have and trading to a team for next years (2019) 1st round pick and maybe pick up a another 2nd and/or 3rd for this year. That would allow more spots to be filled this year pick up a middle of the road vet for this year and potentially put off the high draft pick QB for another year. You could argue we'll likely again be middle of the road and would again take too much draft capital to move up, but if you picked up another 2nd and 3rd this year in a trade, plus our own 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, I wouldn't feel you'd need as many picks next year. The other argument against this I'm sure is this years group of QB's is much better. But even this year, in September this years class was talked about like it was the greatest ever. Now everyone of them has some question mark about them so likely the same will happen next season too.
  11. Juan Castillo Offensive Line / Run Game Coordinator is issue

    At the beginning of the season the O-line struggled alot. By year end, they were playing much better, so not certain the issue there was just that it took some time for the players to catch on.
  12. 2 1st Round QBs or Trading up for 1

    I'd really love to hear how you possibly could find enough time to develop 2 rookies and have an idea if either of them can play. I've read that the backup QB #2 guy gets like 6 snaps a week with the first team, #3 guy probably gets none. Even off season and training camp is so limited as the amount of time you can be on the field. While I've never heard specifics, but am sure even time spent in meetings is probably specified. You're not going to cut a 1st round draft pick after two seasons so even with little improvement, you wouldn't let him go yet and likely would give him a 3rd season. In one more year the guy who's hardly played contract only has one year left. It likely would also mean keeping three QB's on the active roster as you wouldn't want to go with a rookie in a game if your starter gets hurt so now tying up more roster spots on QB's. While I haven't completely given up hope on Petermann, based on his current resume, he may be the kind of guy you could cut the final week and bring him back as not likely to get picked up by anyone else, can't do that with a high pick QB. Keep seeing these posts, draft a QB every season, or draft two like this post. The only thing that will accomplish for certain is wasting one draft pick and if the one you do go with doesn't work out, you've now wasted two. There's just not enough time to do this effectively
  13. THIS my Fellow Bills Fan is BEYOND cool!

    What does amaze me is how you can totally change the words and still make it fit the music. Guess that means anyone can write lyrics?
  14. We need a stop gap QB and it can't be Tyrod

    Actually no. You are correct about the March 16th date. However where I was wrong I stated the NFL Off season started March 1st, it actually starts the 14th, so it is still a two day window.
  15. Keep Or Let Go 2018 - My List

    When you take a team that went to the playoff and cut 49 players and keep 22, that is just ridiculous and can't be taken very seriously. Your cutting the 2nd round pick after one season. LOL