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  1. Sounds like Dawkins is there to work on his tackle eligible play! Looking at that photo in the article, take the Bills jersey away, would think it's some high school throwing the ball as JA looks like he's about 16. A real baby face if there ever was one.
  2. Backwards when watching the replays when sitting on the wrong side of stadium Drove me nuts at a stadium sitting on the side opposite the camera angle, watching all the replays in the opposite direction. Give me the good old days with no replay screens to screw you up!
  3. Heard an interesting take from Stephen A the other day on this subject. His big issue is people with no NFL experience getting HC jobs over people with many years NFL experience at lower levels. (He singled out Kingsbury as an example on what's wrong with the system in his eyes) He suggested putting in a rule that requires all HC must first be a coordinator, his reasoning is many minorities get those jobs but never move any higher. By requiring coordinator experience first would improve the chance for them. He'd do a similar thing with front office positions too. His argument is you can't go to college without first graduating HS. For that matter for all practical purposes you can't play in the NFL without first playing college or being out of HS for three years.
  4. The part about a "friendly schedule" kind of surprised me.
  5. No I don't disagree with you at all there. But I also think at this point, we're way too far from no risk. And agree about the economy can't stay shut down forever, but on the other hand live sporting events, concerts, etc. are way down on the priority list of things needed. Does that mean stadium workers are out of jobs, yes, but overall they are a small number if you can keep things safer overall.
  6. Logic, Where is yours? Last time I checked excluding rare situations ER personnel won't OD themselves from treating an OD victim. I'm not concerned with the time and resources but more them themselves getting sick and dying. In the last 50 years I don't recall ever hearing about as many medical personal getting sick and dying from treating people with the same disease. Maybe before we had a Polio vaccine there may have been similar things, but that was before my time, but from what I'd read, don't think that was as easily spread as this. Or maybe before people had much understanding of things. Texas has certainly opened up things, how'd there numbers look this weekend? But what the hell alot of people spent money in the economy, like the Lt. governor stated a month or so ago, if some people have to die to keep the economy going, he's fine with it. And that's fine until people start dying who didn't ask for that. So where's the data on the ground that says there's no risk my friend?
  7. Maybe they do know the answer. And the answer is there is a very high likelihood there will still be plenty of people around with the virus. Think it's easier to double back in 2 or 3 months and say OK things are better than we thought, you can have fans in the stands than go the other way. So prepare and plan for the worst from a league standpoint. Yes you can get the virus by going to an event. It's your right to choose to expose yourself. But are you and all the others out there who want their rights to do as they please willing to say if I get sick, I won't seek any medical care as don't want to expose myself to medical professionals. Would you be OK if every doctor, nurse and whomever stated effective June 1st with the exception of maybe nursing homes, police and special situations; any one who gets sick,we're exercising our rights to refuse to treat them as they exposed themselves when it could have been avoided? PS I'm 100% NOT in any way connected to the health industry nor do I have any relatives that are.
  8. I didn't know it was possible to have an illegal gun in Texas? What's that saying about idle hands.... Guess he needs something to keep him busy.
  9. A friend told me there were some pretty reliable ones last season.
  10. It's the insult mindset. Don't anyone say anything bad about Buffalo. There's another whole thread talking about a NE writer who claims Fromm will start. If some national writer picks the Bills to win 12 games, he's a genius, but the one who says we go 6-10 is an idiot. Basically it's "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything!"
  11. I'm on the opposite side root for Bill and let Brady look bad. To me he's the brains behind the operation and made Brady look good. Plus at least one 4:45 at Vegas start which means most of country will be watching. Admittedly could be the secondary game that time slot, but good chance not. Likely too if the Denver game doesn't get moved to Saturday, will still be either a 4:05 regional or 4:25 national game.
  12. Can you explain what the increase in danger is by flying to Arizona vs NE? or Pitt? And don't say going to San Fran is more dangerous due to more cases as while that's true, if the Bills aren't playing there, then some other team instead is going there. I'd be more worried about flying to NYC and NE than say Denver
  13. Not sure Polian had the temperament to deal with free agency era as well either. Yes he had success in Indy and Carolina, but not as good as in Bufflalo. He seems like the type that would take it personally if a player were t o sign elsewhere.
  14. With all the west coast games they have this year, I think they also will have a couple more 4:25 double header games too ( as opposed to a 4:05 regional west coast game)
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