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  1. He'll go some place that gives him a legit chance to start. If he flames out there too, then could see him coming to Buffalo around 2023/24 or so as a back up. By then Fromms contract would be about up too so they'd need to decide what they want to do with him, but good change he'd also want to leave for chance to start.
  2. Agree with LB and CB. O line depends on what happens with Williams and Feleciano. If they were to both come back then the line has their 5 starters, need goes way down. If anything I'd argue more for a center/guard in case Morse decides he's had enough in one more year or so. You seem to need to use high draft picks on O line if you want the guy to be an instant starter. Assuming Morse comes back at least for 2021, you can develop mid range picks into starters in year 2 to 3. I think with the money invested in White, you need a low cost option at #2 CB so would be in favor of drafting one there maybe in 2nd or 3rd. Probably look for LB late in the first, should still be someone good at #32. Could also get a good starting LB in FA too. I'd almost favor that and draft an Edge late in the 1st round, though not certain how well you can find one that late. Or even draft Star's replacement for 2022/23.
  3. Next year is a good opportunity for the Bills to go far as they will be playing the NFC and AFC south so we'll have a little easier time of it.
  4. Yeah but it wasn't thrown out of bounds. It was a long completion, think I saw for 60+ yards
  5. Am watching the Gamecast replay on ESPN. So on 4th down Denver threw a pass, granted only 4 seconds so assume idea was pass would run out the clock, but bad things can happen when you throw a pass, strip sacjk int, returned for TD, whatever. Without seeing the play hard to know maybe WR was completely open??
  6. The cherry on top is that the AFC North is also playing the AFC South, likely the second weakest division of the 8
  7. I beleive you're half right, CBS/Fox assign games to affiliates, however pretty sure the local station can ask for a different one. If you go to 506 Sports you'll often see the game for a specific city changes in the "update" section. I can recall a number of years back one of the local stations in Rochester use to allow people to vote on which early game they wanted on whichever network was not televising Bills game. These days Wyoming will often televise Bills games because of Allen, but the surrounding area gets a different game.
  8. If you think most sports were better 30 years ago, imagine how much better they could have been if you had been able to watch on a 65 inch TV in 1080P. Occasionally you see some grainy clip from back then, how'd we manage to even watch or see anything. Certainly watching with today's technology makes all sports better.
  9. I wonder with what seems to be just about all the college conference championship games being moved to Dec 19th, will they still move some NFL games to Saturday as planned? In a normal year that Saturday is the first date of some rather meaningless bowl game other than for people connected to the two schools playing so not a bad day for NFL games. Now would be interesting to see who comes out ahead in the ratings, say the SEC or Big 10 championship game or Buffalo Vs Denver for example.
  10. Maybe I've just caught the worst of him all the time, but seems like whenever I see him play a turnover is coming any second?? I tried to look up his turnover stats but couldn't easily find them
  11. I know you didn't say to cut anyone, but in order to activate Sweeney someone either needs to be cut or placed on IR to free up a spot
  12. So who are you cutting? I don't think we have an open roster slot so to bring up Sweeney, someone needs to be cut. You suggested benching Knox which I 'd be OK with but doubt they'd be willing to give up and cut him. I've suggested in another thread kicking him in the skins and then place him on IR, that could work.
  13. Are you talking about football or life in general?? LOL No you don't get an early and late game on the network NOT showing the doubleheader game, which this week is CBS. Fox has two maps as this week they show two games. Next week CBS will have the doubleheader so they will have two maps. If you click on the link below, then go through each week, you'll see how they alternate though not always in exactly alternating fashion. Sometime the same network has two doubleheader weeks in a row. https://506sports.com/nfl/ Because you don't get a late game on the network not showing the doubleheader game unless you are in the home market of one of the two cities playing in that late game, i.e. Miami or Denver OR you live in the city of an early game on the network that has the doubleheader game i.e. Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, Detroit, Phi, & Cleveland.
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