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  1. He'll be mentioned along with JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Johnny Manziel and Josh Rosen.
  2. He likes to be in the news, hasn't been for his play, might as well be for the drama.
  3. I'm sure he'll tell us about the favor he did, multiple times.
  4. Hurts was figured out. Lost both coordinators. Siriani is mental, lots of chatter that Big Dom is essentially his babysitter.
  5. Who are McClappy and McVay replacements for? Belicheat and Carroll? They are the longest tenured coaches in their divisions, so they get it by default, correct?
  6. Woulda's, coulda's and shoulda's = Buffalo's legacy. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Agreed, but I assumed a thread titled this way would be used TRACK ACTUAL moves, not rehash 457 other threads. 👍
  8. But....is "Chargering" better or worse than "Billsy"? But....is "Chargering" better or worse than "Billsy"?
  9. So, we've got 4 pages of absolutely nothing but opinions and speculation. Sounds OFFICIAL to me.
  10. The Bills will NEVER win the Super Bowl. Stadium, coach nor QB matters. Sabres will never win the Cup either.
  11. Considering where he was picked, EJ has to rank near the top.
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