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  1. I still think THE best part of last night’s game was Alicia Keys’ ass. I found some analysis on it.
  2. I am in Argentina and there is no interest in the game here. I took a 16 year old nephew through a 21 minute highlight package of last year’s Superbowl game on YouTube to explain the rules of the game to him. He is now even less interested. Monday and Tuesday are holidays here for Carnival so a party would set up nicely here. I suspect it will be a family asado here and retire to my hotel room to watch the second half of the game in Spanish if the game is close. We are two hours ahead so a 8:25 PM start here gets me in front of a TV around 10:30 PM.
  3. The wife is a Seahawks fan and we plan on flying out of Toronto to Vancouver and then taking the train to Portland for a couple of days before taking the train back up to Seattle for a couple of days and the game before flying back to Toronto from Vancouver. Any speculation as to when that game may be?
  4. Just teasing you buddy. It is still -13C here so I decided to use the Natural Gas Grill Warming Rack instead of the electric smoker for just that reason. Low and slow.
  5. Ribs being brought to room temperature along with a coil of local Hot Italian Sausage and 3 Pork Livers for the dogs. This morning I noticed 2 & 1/2" removed from each my 3 racks. Wife stole them to make her slop. Women -- Can't live with them and can't live with them.
  6. Good idea. I will make some jalapeño corn to go along with the smoked ribs.
  7. I may be hallucinating from the combination of 7.1% Craft IPAs, 30+ year old Grappa in my espresso and the Medical MaryJane cream the wife rubbed on my lower back however I swear to GOD that when I opened the fridge the 3 racks of Pork Side Ribs I rubbed yesterday in preparation for smoking tomorrow afternoon were singing the Bill’s Shout Song.
  8. Now that is THE MAN!!!! I thought I was a man. I have been righteously humbled by that MAN.
  9. I find bragging about one's warm weather to be so unrefined and simply unbecoming. Just brought the 3 dogs in from the kennel after just a 30 minute outing. Feels like -18C or -1F out there. NOT a side eye or bark from the Basset Hound or Furry Rescue except for the Great Dane who gave me a WTF? look.
  10. I tend to stay away from GDTs until a Bills victory is well in hand. Then I will join the conversation in celebration. I am an optimistic Buffalo Bills Fan viewer and the negative vibe often found in GDTs turns me off. I believe in positive energy so I shy away from those who watch the game with inexplicable anger.
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