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  1. There is just something about that Whoopie eh?
  2. If no real #1 WR falls to us in the 1st round and the WRs available when we draft in the 2nd round are projects to ever be #1 WRs, then if we get out of the first rounds with a Centre and a 1DT, I would be a happy man.
  3. A truly elite 1DT next to Ed Oliver would enable Oliver to take the next leap forward in his development and become the internal disruptor he was in college. If a real #1 WR does not fall to us in the 1st round, I like the idea.
  4. As much as I detested Von's contract, I do like the Bills have so far not kicked that money down the road by pushing his 2024 salary cap into subsequent years. Might as well bite it this year and keep the future intact.
  5. If Ed Oliver fits the definition then I am going with Ed Oliver. If the Bills can acquire a very good to elite 1DT to play next to Oliver, then I think we see the inside disrupter that Oliver was in college.
  6. Bye Bye Rachel Bush!!! Thanks for the Mammaries...
  7. 1. Shirt = NO Brainer. Will e-mail funds to acquire even if I cannot attend the event. 2. Dinner Cruise = If in Canada, sure. Is there anything in Canadian Niagara Falls of Niagara on the Lake? 3. Golf = Just don't have the balance in the right leg since the MVA to golf without the oppressive frustration of remembering how much I enjoyed it when I was decent. 4. Sandwich Contest = I don't joke about Sandwich Making. To me, it is a serious topic. Sandwich is my life. Bring it on Bee..otch. 5. Etc. = Lundy's Lane for live entertainment?
  8. I still think THE best part of last night’s game was Alicia Keys’ ass. I found some analysis on it.
  9. I am in Argentina and there is no interest in the game here. I took a 16 year old nephew through a 21 minute highlight package of last year’s Superbowl game on YouTube to explain the rules of the game to him. He is now even less interested. Monday and Tuesday are holidays here for Carnival so a party would set up nicely here. I suspect it will be a family asado here and retire to my hotel room to watch the second half of the game in Spanish if the game is close. We are two hours ahead so a 8:25 PM start here gets me in front of a TV around 10:30 PM.
  10. The wife is a Seahawks fan and we plan on flying out of Toronto to Vancouver and then taking the train to Portland for a couple of days before taking the train back up to Seattle for a couple of days and the game before flying back to Toronto from Vancouver. Any speculation as to when that game may be?
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