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    The Mizzou/Yale/PC/Free Speech Topic

    Hell, I was born here, an I was raised here, and dad gum it, I am gonna die here, an no sidewindin' bushwackin', hornswagglin' cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter.
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    Hot for soccer referee

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    Life gets tougher every day (Episode #409)

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    California (again)

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    Happy 50th birthday Jennifer Aniston

    Poojer still believes he has a chance:
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    Would ya?

  8. \GoBillsInDallas/

    The Mizzou/Yale/PC/Free Speech Topic

    β€œWhen I get to the City Council, I find that the City Council is controlled β€” most council members out of 51 council members β€” over there, everybody is controlled by the homosexual community,” http://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/politics/2019/02/09/city-council-speaker-corey-johnson-demands-apology-after-bronx-councilman-ruben-diaz-sr-comments
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    A question for you all

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    Life gets tougher every day (Episode #393)

    Well, it is Alabama after all