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  1. Ah, so what you're saying is that, when FOX has a doubleheader, I won't have to watch bowling at 4 PM on CBS? It'll now be an NFL game, regardless of market?
  2. I'm confused. I've seen plenty of out of town games on CBS while the Redskins are playing on Fox at the same time. Did I not? Am I missing something?
  3. From the comment on Byrd- "Ko Simpson, beware: you are officially on the roster bubble." 😂
  4. I'm confused. That thread was started last September. The math doesn't add up.
  5. I didn't give you a "meh" because I disagree with your post (although I don't agree with the premise- obviously); I gave it to you because what you're trying requires a certain artistic skill that you just don't seem to have.
  6. I don't mind being known as drunken fans. I do mind being known as people who turn tailgating into a frat party and do really stupid, dangerous stuff that has little to do with the game. I guess, for me, it would at least always need to be a body slam of an opponent fan via a Bills fan. It needs to be Bills-themed. The real problems, to me, are that whoever does it will have been drinking, and that the act is less a Bills tradition, and more a viral drunken stunt. I'm fine with stuff like drinking out of helmets or whatever other non-violent drinking games people come up with. It's just that we've switched from the drinking town with a football problem (funny and understandable), to drunken degenerates that seem to have connected tailgating more to drunk-inspired activities than to football-inspired activities, during which we happen to drink heavily.
  7. No no no. Kiko 2.0. And I'm okay with that. The dude just flies around the field and punishes people, then picks the ball off for good measure.
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