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  1. I'm more concerned with how dirty his carpets must be if they didn't.
  2. I did a triple take at the posting time of the OP. I could have sworn it was a few weeks old.
  3. This is in no way a surprise to me. Especially if you wore the vintage graphic tee.
  4. To be fair, Fred was in the MVP conversation in like, Week 6 of the 2011 season. Win totals and final stats don't play into mid-season discussion. JA could start off hot in games 1-5, and either he has amazing Miami game-like stats, or he is just responsible for all the scoring (like most of his time back last year), but the team is also winning. Lots of interesting things go into how someone gets talked about for the MVP during the season.
  5. Back in high school, if all practices went well, nobody would be conditioned
  6. In the land of western PA and Ohio, the famous soliloquy, from Hamlet, is simply called, "Or Not."
  7. I remember them using it, here and there, like everyone else does. I don't remember an all-out commitment to it like Jauron and Marrone's teams.
  8. The first one was under Jauron with Edwards, and the second was under Marrone with Manuel.
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