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  1. I think this is only because it's easier to build an entire defense than to find a franchise QB.
  2. No. Put your shirt back on and your phone back in your pocket.
  3. Same- sort of. College out of state during the second half of his career, then another 4 years in the Army where I couldn't watch every week. I saw more of moulds than you, but can relate to having a large blind spot of Bills watching.
  4. @Logic may have more Rob Johnson jerseys, if that's any consolation.
  5. Lol. Definitely "window shopper." I can even hear the dull retail store music in the background.
  6. This constant hope that LJ improves as a passer is akin to the idea that a guy like TT would improve as a passer. Nice guys, hard workers, tons of physical talent, but...just not passers. The desire by some of these guys to stay in the pocket is palpable, watching them play, but it just doesn't seem like it'll happen.
  7. I thought this was a huge factor all season. I forgot I thought that until now, and have been hoping we're just magically much better. Thanks for the reassurance/reminder of my own thoughts 😅
  8. Go drinking, then skiing, then....penis...then skiing again, then go crazy, turn into a pirate, stab yourself in the head, and laugh about it. Welp, good thing we didn't have Twitter back then.
  9. I believe the "parody of an NFL prospect" quote is from Football Outsiders and is pre-draft. It doesn't even place him in a round. PFF also said his college stats have never translated to the NFL, and has since reported on him with a tone begrudging any of his success. There was plenty of pre-draft praise for Allen, aside from those sites. NFL.com projected him in the first. Walter Football had him in the top 10. CBS Sports had him top 5. Even BR had him Rd 1 (this is only the first page of results from Google). Nobody was laughing when he was picked, and no one was surprise
  10. ...you mean Mona Lisa? Anyway, the "hate" for Allen after he was drafted is completely overblown. He was a projected 1st rounder. Just watch his college games and you can see why. He might have been drafted slightly high in said round. Bad completion percentage? Gun slinger mentality that might cause him to turn the ball over a lot in the pros? Yeah. LAUGHING STOCK of a pick? Give me a break. It was (and continues to be) the weirdest after-the-fact media-fueled narrative I may have ever seen.
  11. What were you looking at? Were there at least people around you? Is this your typical communication style?
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