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  1. Find me the dude that's 6'6", 315lbs, and runs a 4.4. We need him signed IMMEDIATELY.
  2. I wanted to give you a 😅 instead of a trophy, but since this is awesomely funny, you get the trophy.
  3. Right but your first post insinuates that the article is accurate but misleading. Your second post makes sense.
  4. I rode an uber in Charleston. The driver was from Rochester. He told me he gave up rooting for them years ago and is now a Giants fan. ...his tip = $0.
  5. Frankly, I'm just glad we didn't sign Ertz so you don't have to become a eunuch.
  6. I agree. But I'll also say that, to other teams, Seattle and Arizona were not easy games- we were just a much better team than most last year. I'll also say that, in the past, regardless of our record to that point, we would've lost both, and probably dropped a stinker to San Fran, or something. We rolled through the second half of last season because we're just so good now.
  7. This. Fact is, it's nearly impossible to keep a great young team together in the NFL. Those who do, are already ahead.
  8. ...wait, so, you got your first one out of state and they let you schedule the second one in state, even though you're too young? I'm also young, in VA, and have to go out of the country in May.
  9. Oh. Thank goodness. I thought you were saying he's already out of football.
  10. I'm firmly in the camp that Josh is genetically engineered. No, but, I actually believe this.
  11. I actually didn't like any of the options. We need more beef in the middle of the D. Another edge rusher is nice, but I really need epenesa to mature. We've drafted a lot of talent already that needs to improve
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