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  1. I'm just gonna make a last call here in case anyone has any. I only need 1 now.
  2. I think if it's been over 2 years you can safely spend the money on an orthopedist. That's a really long time. It's also interesting that you're only bothered when working out.
  3. I thought for sure you were gonna accuse me of being a resident TBD doctor, or telling me I should retire from lifting so I could hope to walk again and play with my kids.
  4. Is it tennis or golfer's elbow? I have golfer's. Mine is doing pull-ups, curls, or any back exercise. Dead lifts and shrugs are COMPLETELY out of the question. Sometimes it's so bad it radiates to my lower triceps and then I can't do those either. So I take a break from those exercises, beat the ***** out of it with a theragun (til it bruises), and wait for it to heal. That's what dry needle therapy is for. It's meant to disturb the area to make your body send blood to the tendon. There are very few blood vessels there and that's why it takes so long to heal.
  5. How long? I had mine for over a year before I went to the orthopedist who told me it would get better in time. I said, "time? IT'S BEEN A YEAR!" He just nodded and said, "yep. It takes a while. We only operate on these about 1% of the time and there has to be a full rupture and lack of stability in the joint before we even think about it." He gave me a prescription for dry needle therapy (which I never did). About 3 months later it cleared up. It still comes back once in a while though. I'm currently dealing with a flare up.
  6. None of you have ever done fantasy fatality?
  7. 2 tickets for August 7th. Trying to make it home for the weekend from Virginia. All flavors of favors are on the table for payment. PM or text me: 585-760-4904
  8. I really have to be more empathetic and sensitive to the fact that not all people read this forum every day. ....but it still iritates me that the same "new" ideas pop up like once a week.
  9. I'd have his children. If he played in, like, San Diego, the logistics would be slightly more difficult.
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