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  1. Yeah, if I spend any money at the table, I'm definitely not going to the bar.
  2. Just found it. Roll right, skinny post?
  3. Does this exist anywhere outside of the full game?
  4. Huh? Wasn't the whiteout game with Chan, AGAINST Rex?
  5. UHHHHHHHH.... Isn't Bass a special teams-only late round player?😬
  6. Mine does too. But that's not him.
  7. I mean, what do you even DO with that back yard? It looks like a Caribbean resort, with grass instead of a pool.
  8. Ha. No problem. Sorry for violating your name 🙃
  9. But isn't that the point? Like doesn't EVERYONE know his beautiful, made-for-tv (I don't know how he's survived in such a violent sport for so long) face?
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