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  1. Liuget, taylor, and Philip's have supplanted the starters? Link?
  2. Why are you telling me this!? I read your posts and imagine an incredible, beautiful, well-endowed stud. Also, the point? šŸ˜…
  3. Post of the day x10. Exactly! I could see how ugly people might be offended though. Should we worry?
  4. So, OP... are you the dude that keeps calling into WGR suggesting this?
  5. Ha. You don't have to be intelligent or knowledgeable to be good at debating or etiquette. "Philosophical" may not be an apt term, but the lack of objectivity in the discussion led me to it. ...I haven't read a book since The Boxcar Children in like, 1992. Books on tape are where it's at, yo!
  6. Meh. That seemed like a really friendly conversation to me. The two of them are great at philosophical debate and etiquette.
  7. No one likes hearing this because of Jauron, but the truth is, it's hard to win in the NFL. The teams who do it consistently, regardless of score or competition, are very good.
  8. Doubt this ruined Goff. It helped develop Brady. Remember that the Pats were caught keeping their headsets on beyond the allowed period when Brady was younger? He had his hand held on pre-snap reads for quite a while. I think it worked like training wheels for him.
  9. I agree, buuuut what's odd to me is that I read somewhere recently that we were 5-2 at one point during our playoff year with McD. ...so is this the same learning to win we did 2 years ago? Of course, if we beat the Eagles, 6-1 is different than 5-2. And, although we're not playing great teams, we're giving up far less points and not living off of turnovers on D. But it's still strange to me that we're so close to that same position. Anyway, I have no idea what the point of the article was. There doesn't seem to be a conclusion.
  10. True. Unless you rested it and let it heal.
  11. ...but if we're that stifling on defense, doesn't that mean that the other team's offense HAS TO take more risks as the day goes on?
  12. The part about linear growth can't be overstated. Many people on here seem to think we're 1 or 2 players away, or that we will be ready next year with one more year of growth, which will equal 2 more wins, etc. That's not how it works. Different positions generate different impacts on the team. Case in point- Edmunds. This may be a really good defense that might suffer, here and there, from offenses that can exploit potential weaknesses in the scheme. But, it becomes an unstoppable defense that doesn't scheme away weaknesses if you have a complete player in the middle of the field. Suddenly, as an opponent, you're forced to attack smaller spots, and the talent in the more specialized positions overcomes you. That's not linear growth of the defense. That single player's growth both improves the middle of the field and magnifies the talent of ten other players.
  13. They just seem to hate him so much. It's not that their skepticism is unbearable. That's fine. It's their utter disgust with Josh Allen, and the way they declare that he'll never be good, and that's all there is to it. Their message seems to be screaming "why are you so stupid, Buffalo? Don't you know you're wasting your time on Josh Allen? He will NEVER be good. We know! We looked at his college completion %!"
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