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  1. Tom that loud knockin on the door is Father Time....answer it
  2. John Leypolt, ran into him at como mall and got his autograph. No really Christie would of won a SB
  3. Chiefs O despite the int is a thing of beauty. They are the standard. Kelce is just a difference maker. I agree though, this fantasy-covid less penalties has made playing D almost impossible.
  4. Same here. It was Billsy. Big picture, I didnt come into this season thinking we were one of the top 2 teams in the AFC. Josh has shown tremendous progress, Diggs trade was great, If you had told me 7-3 going into the bye week and Josh really improves before the season, I would of taken that.
  5. I look forward to having a NFL caliber TE on the roster next season. Dawson Knox is Mike Mamula.
  6. I would never associate the word burst with Moss, unless you were comparing him to Tolbert.
  7. I think I might take Gore to out run him in the 40
  8. Runner with more speed would of made a lot more out of that hole.
  9. 60 percent FG percentage gets people waived.
  10. Good to see Epenesa showing some things lately.
  11. Whaley is the Peter Principle. He rose to his level of incompetence. Evaluating pro personnel was where he should of stayed.
  12. I've never been sold on he's a MLB, think his physical skill set would be better on the outside. I see a lot of adjustments pre-snap where he seems to move out of the hole the offense runs in. I question his instincts for MLB.
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