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  1. James Hardy was just what we needed.
  2. If Rousseau is developmental what the heck is Oweh and his zero sacks. Seems production is with Rousseau.
  3. Been hoping pre-draft we move down slightly and gain another early pick.
  4. Fields paying the price for his predecessors failures.
  5. These suits looks like a prom scene from that 70s show.
  6. Swung for the fences to get Kyle Pitts. Cost 2-1s 2-2s and a 6th to get Pitts and a 6th. Still came out with 8 picks this year and still have 5 picks next year. Just wanted to try something different. Buffalo Receives: 2021: Round 1, Pick 4 2021: Round 6, Pick 219 Atlanta Receives: 2021: Round 1, Pick 30 2021: Round 2, Pick 61 2022: Round 1 2022: Round 2 2022: Round 6 Buffalo Receives: 2021: Round 3, Pick 95 2021: Round 5, Pick 176 Tampa Bay Receives: 2021: Round 3, Pick 93 Buffalo Receives: 2021: Round
  7. Penalties were down all season long. In the playoffs the conventional wisdom is they let them play more and you would think even more so in a Superbowl, but no, not with Tommy boy.
  8. Starting to see why late 7 figure bets were coming in for Tampa Bay.
  9. Much like a player like GBs King can have an awful game, the defensive game plan for Kelce was the equivalent. We criticize players a lot, but that game plan was terrible. As someone who was an adult during the SB years, it always bothered me, that in the first SB we didnt run Thurman 30 times against a 2 man front at times. I thought Daboll and Frazier didnt come up big. They need to get better as much as any player to get over the hump. No doubt Reid/Bienemy/Spagnola did better than our two. And then its up to Beane to improve the talent. KC is the bar. What was just awesome ab
  10. I agrree Gabe has shown a lot for a rookie.
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