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  1. Jalen has the talent of EJ Manuel with slightly better mobility. Sooner you see this Eagles front office the better. Yes you made a horrible mistake.
  2. Smith is unimpressive....dont see this guy being a stud receiver....to small of frame.
  3. Hurts running more helping....who would of thunk it.
  4. Eagles need to run some rpo without the p.
  5. Smith could of stayed upright and it wouldnt of mattered, the db jumped that stare down.
  6. Hurts.....just some terrible ints tonight. Not ready for prime time. Imagine the Eagles board right now.
  7. Not a Jalen believer.....you will be looking for a QB again next year
  8. Hats off to Lamar too....played very well after a bad start.
  9. So Mahomes with a FG to win it with no timeouts.
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