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  1. The cognitive dissonance it requires to like Jim Jordan and believe in Q is quite remarkable. How you square that circle I have no idea.
  2. Ryan Tannehill is a poor mans Philip Rivers, does some nice things, but only going to take you so far.
  3. Take your time Titans you have all the time in the world....not
  4. Titans putting to much pressure on themselves trying to convert too many third downs
  5. Well two plays and there goes the field position and the chance to keep a drive alive.
  6. They should throw in a designed run for Tannehill to give the D something else to worry about. Thought Vrabel should of gone for it there.
  7. I thought that was one worst performances by a D line that I have ever seen. I cant remember one pass rush play, not one.
  8. I would like to see that 2 point conversion again, seems like he double clutched that and Im not sure he got 2 feet down.
  9. Making Jack Doyle leek like Kelce. you might want to cover him Leslie
  10. For the love of god can somebody on the D line get some heat on Rivers
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