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  1. Agreed. If we play our game and don’t turn the ball over, we win this game.
  2. For the superstitious, this is a good sign: https://people.com/pets/tower-of-london-queen-raven-missing-feared-dead/
  3. Yesterday’s game reminded me of how this defense played early in the season. Gave up tons of yards, not getting to the QB, couldn’t get off the field on third down, couldn’t force turnovers, letting them answer quickly after we score, all propped up by our offense. HOWEVER, they made clutch plays when needed. The goal line stand, the drive at the end. Technically we did force a turnover.
  4. Great stuff. Thanks OP. Daboll is a genius with play design. And this also shows the growth and maturation of Allen. His eye manipulation of the defense is unreal. Keep it rolling through the playoffs.
  5. It’s their new “cinematic” view. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.engadget.com/amp/fox-sports-gives-football-a-cinematic-look-with-sony-mirrorless-cameras-200048816.html Looks like Madden on Xbox to me.
  6. Or they could’ve, you know, not blown a huge lead to the Steelers when up by multiple scores. 😄
  7. Gotta love the spirit but holy crap. That didn't look good there for a sec...glad he didn't get injured.
  8. I’m with Thurm. In today’s game with the crazy offenses out there, playing good defense is very relative. Our D is taking the ball away again, making timely plays, putting pressure on the Qb, even have been better against the run to some degree. Yes, they still give up yardage numbers but definitely showing overall improvement over the last quarter of games. And that’s with some injuries, e.g Milano.
  9. Thanks for posting OP. Love Simms’ unabashed takes. He’s fairy bullish on the Bills and Allen and think they can go along way if they can continue their recent play. I think this is the general sense from a national perspective...will make playoffs and could be dangerous if they can continue to get their defensive and running games going consistently. “If I’m a bills fan , there’s a lot of positives to take away, the defense is playing better...but whoah, there’s a few times this year where we’ve seen Josh Allen manage a game a little bit and not just be crazy and play like his ass
  10. Thanks for posting. What a walk down memory lane. I was 10 years old and still remember how jubilant I was when Simpson got the pick.
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