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  1. We plan on driving from Cleveland also. I rerouted my flight to Cleveland this morning thnking Detroit was a possibility, since my brother lives there and he was going to meet me in Buffalo anyway. Working out well.
  2. https://cleveland.com/browns/2022/11/nfl-has-been-in-contact-with-browns-and-bills-about-the-snowstorm-in-buffalo-in-case-the-game-must-be-moved.html ”There’s some speculation that if the game must be moved it could go to Ford Field in Detroit, where the Bills play the Lions four days later on Thanksgiving Day, but that hasn’t been confirmed.”
  3. Another day, another 💩 loss.
  4. How many different ways can one team lose a game with sheer stupidity. This game wtf.
  5. Yes agree. It was within 2 minutes so my assumpiton is the officials in the "sky" took a look at it quickly and deemed it hit the ground, which the video posted by @Einstein clearly shows. I thought the same wnen they showed the replay on the telecast.
  6. Agree, if they cut back on the canopy, it can only be due to cost. Plenty of cold weather stadiums in Europe including Russia where there are prominent overhangs, so it can’t be due to snow or structural limitations. I was excited that Populous was designing the stadium and if it ends up close to Hotspur design, I’ll be very happy. Having said that these renderings are limited in detail. An overhead view would’ve been nice to quell some of our concerns.
  7. What’s off to me is how underwhelming this rendering release is as far as views and details. Two pictures after all this time and all the hype?? Horrible horrible marketing. Instead of pumping up the fans with excitement, many of us are left with more questions. Honestly these pictures aren’t too different than the generic ones they released when Populous was announced. Why not wait til you have more to release like interior, suites, overhead, and 360 degree interactive views. I’m still confident the stadium is going to be fantastic (a little worried about the canopy) but just can’t believe they blew the rendering release this badly.
  8. Bills fan from out of town coming in to meet my brother and buddy from high school with our kids. Tickets on the resale sites are bit crazy for this less than stellar matchup so hoping for some reasonable options. Please DM me if you are selling. Thanks in advance.
  9. Beyond this being Bills related, it’s just nice to hear a story of kindness in a world where we mostly see focus on stories of hatred and violence. The man’s story is a little heartbreaking too in that it sounded like he was alone with no companion(s) to help him on his trip. A true fan.
  10. Great win. This team is fun to watch. Tuch with the 🧢trick. Comrie with another strong game.
  11. No it wasn’t. She posted this in the comments: ”At least I have enough composure to not actually do this live.” So not unprofessional. Just a true Bills fan ecstatic with her team.
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