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  1. This is the only indoor style I’d support. I’ve been to indoor games in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Minneapolis (the old metrodome) and didn’t like it at all.
  2. I thought both were the right call. White was offside by a toe but they’ve called it all tournament. And the penalty was a knee in the thigh as the ball crossed her...very close but I would’ve called it the same. That PK wasnt the best kick but to come up with that save at that moment was huge. Great game by US. She’s also great at flopping. Some things are just ingrained in soccer.
  3. No changes to starting lineup Link
  4. Should be a classic game today - prime time under the lights in Paris in front of a very partisan crowd. USA will need to be much better than they were against Spain.
  5. And make sure you adjust the tracking.
  6. And for the same period of time, the procession of "fans" that immediately think anyone that suggests an improvement is a non-fan 🙄.
  7. Yep there was one girl on the broadcast that brought it up twice and basically got ignored both times. To me it was a foul for running into the goalie or a hand ball. Take your pick. The rest of the commentators are complete idiots, going on and on about possession. Offside rule is a joke. Whole body is onside except a millimeter of the Cameroon player’s heel and goal disallowed. Why cant soccer have a countdown clock which stops when there are stoppages like every other sport. 🤔
  8. Didn't know about the "no advertising" rule....but duly noted. Was just trying to help out fellow Bills fans as there are many posts referencing The Athletic articles. And for those like me that didn't have a sub, thought this was a good way to try it out.
  9. Exactly. Worth $2 a month to try it out.
  10. To celebrate their 1 year Buffalo anniversary. Not sure if this link will work for all but try it out. Link
  11. LGB!!! Weathered the storm in the first, Fantastic game from Binnington. Love the whining coming out of Boston....good for them to be on the short end of officiating once in a while. 😂
  12. Must win tonight and Blues came through as they have all playoffs after a loss. I was sweatin after the short handed goal by Bruins but man ROR had a game! Really good series so far. Crazy here in StL.
  13. Never liked the Bruins - I will always remember them as a hated rival of the Sabres since I grew up in the Adams division days. I still remember listening to Rick J on the radio for game 7 in 1983 when Brad Park scores in OT. 😡
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