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  1. Mist’ve been some nap you took. That was over 4 years ago. Here’s a newer one: https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/bones-tools-cave-could-rewrite-history-humans-neanderthals-europe/
  2. Yes, that’s exactly the point being made by the poster I quoted and agreed with.
  3. Yep exactly, I posted this in the game thread. I’m not saying there isn’t a case for receiving but totally understand why you take the ball. Technically it’s the correct choice. The first coach that kicks and then loses in this scenario will get reamed for not choosing to receive the kick.
  4. Unless both teams score and it’s still tied. Then next score wins, and taking the ball is the right call.
  5. Thank you. Agree with pretty much everything you said. The playoff game against the Chiefs was two great teams going toe to toe, with a couple of plays (and a depleted defense) making the difference. I will say there have been some coaching missteps in the past and early this season but it was masterful down the stretch and even in that last game. We probably had no business being where we were with all the injuries but competed til the end. There is for sure an element of coaching that goes into that (as well as player leadership). The more removed I get from the disappointment of the loss, the more I can appreciate what a successful season it really was. We can only hope we get over the hump and win one but I’m going to enjoy the ride of having a superstar qb and a perennial playoff team as long as it lasts.
  6. How many times have I seen defenders fly over the top of a qb today, between both games. Does no one know how to tackle through the waist anymore
  7. This years Chiefs D is no joke. They’ve been good all year and are playing even higher level in the playoffs. As painful as last week was for the Bills, shows how well our offense actually played. If our D wasn’t so banged up….sucks that’s how it had to end.
  8. Ravens self destructing but Chiefs giving them every chance to make this a game….still
  9. Yes, that’s the mindset needed. Mcd already knew the defense wouldn’t hold based on him faking the punt earlier. But the question is would he have gone for it on 4th and 3 or 4 in this situation when you can kick for the tie. I still think he kicks.
  10. The psychology of being down by 3 vs 4 late in a game is so ingrained in football (coaches and players). Down by 3 - you feel like you can 'play it safe' and still kick the field goal to tie. You're less aggressive. Extend the game and take your chances - even thought the other team still can come back and win with a field goal. Down by 4 - full desperation and you're gonna do everything you can to score a TD, including going for it on 4th down. When the Bills were on that last drive, i knew we had to score a TD there. So I had no problem with Josh looking for Shakir in the end zone. Split second sooner before he gets bumped on the throw, and that's a TD. He was thinking TD but coaches were playing not to lose. I had no faith in Bass and even if he made it, Mahomes against our depleted defense at the end or in OT, forget it. It would've been just as heartbreaking.
  11. Exactly. If Josh would've just climbed the pocket 2 steps and let it rip, we're talking about possibly the game winning touchdown. The throw to Shakir is absolutely the right read.
  12. No chance if the D can’t make a couple of plays. It’s like Mahomes is playing a high school team
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