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  1. The frustrating part is he's had all season to 'fix' it. He also needs to learn to put some air under those so his fast guys can run for them. They usually have a step or 2 separation.
  2. He is a comedic genius. Love him. If you haven't seen his hockey goalie stuff:
  3. Huge play in this game. Instead of losing the ball on downs we score a TD. Love that fire!
  4. All of the above. And not a single offensive holding on the Cowboys....at least 4 blatant ones that I saw.
  5. McClappy better not get conservative and play to keep it close. This is the most composed I’ve ever seen Allen look. He’s confident and playing strong. Go for the throat.
  6. Why the F was Gore in instead of Singletary. This coach....
  7. National game spotlight, big time opponent....this is the scenario where we all hope for/expect a statement victory and the Bills fall flat. Cowboys 34 Bills 16
  8. It's hard to win in the NFL. Keep it close and maybe we'll have a shot to pull it out. Game management is atrocious.
  9. Objectively that was a great game. But another painful memory.
  10. Totally agree. JA has become tunnel vision to Brown. How about Beasley and TE’s
  11. Didn’t think it was very contentious. Just 2 guys having a lively discussion with differing opinions. I actually like Schopp’s point of “have some humility until you’ve accomplished something.” But also agree with Sal that the organization is better run. The verdict is still out on what type of results they’ll get.
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