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  1. Gibbs with Williams is the one that stands out to me. What about Harbaugh with Flacco.
  2. A vote for this drooling vegetable is really a vote for Kamala. Both Republicans and many Democrats don't like her. We can't have a laughing hyena as the President. That would be just as bad if not worse than the drooling vegetable we have now.
  3. One more week until the draft. We got that going for us.
  4. Nice comeback win yesterday and much needed to end a 3-game losing streak.
  5. Craig Berube would be an interesting choice. He did lead the Blues to a Stanley Cup championship. He is available to interview right now.
  6. Hypothetical trade between the Bills and Chiefs. Chiefs get a red balloon, a kit kat, bubble gum, and an Aaron Judge baseball card. Bills get Chris Jones. Discuss
  7. https://nypost.com/2024/04/17/sports/robert-kraft-big-part-of-why-bill-belichick-lost-falcons-job/
  8. Disagree with you on the bold. People can hate Trump all they want but his policies were better for the average American than Joey's. Inflation is out of control. Illegals coming here in record numbers and Americans (both Democrat/Republican) hate that. Also remember a vote for Joey is really a vote for Kamala and neither side cares for her. The chances of drooling vegetable surviving another 4 years are slim and none. We can probably rule out slim.
  9. Who cares about what if scenarios. I know every team does their due diligence. Franchise QB's while still in their prime don't get moved. Sometimes they will go to another team near the end of their career. Rodgers to the Jets, Montana to the Chiefs, Manning to the Broncos are examples of that but not while they are still in their prime. Franchise QB's are hard to find. As I mentioned look at how long it took the Bills to find one once Kelly retired.
  10. They are not trading Allen. That is insane. Name one franchise QB who was traded when he was in his prime. How many years went by since Kelly retired, and Allen was drafted. Franchise QB's are hard to find. Go ask Jets fans who haven't had one since Namath. The Bills have a lot of picks in this draft. Plus, their cap situation will be much better next year. Window #1 to win a Super Bowl with Allen has probably closed. But as I mentioned Allen will be 28 this year. Beane will rebuild/retool the roster to try and win a Super Bowl with Allen over the next few years. That is the reality of the Bills situation. I was kidding about the Chiefs trading Mahomes. That is about as believable as the Bills trading Allen.
  11. He will be even happier if Beane can land a #1 WR in this draft. Right now, the passing game will revolve around Kincaid which isn't a bad thing. Still need a #1 WR to go along with that.
  12. Then let KC trade Mahomes for that hypothetical trade package.
  13. LOL. The mayor of CA is an even a bigger moron then the governor. Let's see how California's wealthy responds to this. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/la-mayor-pleads-for-wealthy-to-help-buy-housing-for-the-homeless-unprecedented-partnership/ar-BB1lKa9p?ocid=entnewsntp&pc=U531&cvid=7e44ec757e594df591c20b923af21004&ei=22
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