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  1. All of the "Captain Obvious" statements apply in this game especially with the way Miami can score. 1. Need to capitalize when the Bills get in the redzone with 7. 3 won't cut it this week. 2. Win the turnover battle. 3. Win on special teams. No short drives for the fins. 4. Balanced on offense with the pass and run. 5. Get pressure on Tua. 6. Do a good job stopping the run and force them into 3rd and long. Just to name a few. Some weeks you can get away without playing your best. This is not one of those weeks.
  2. Dennis Waszak Jr. on X: "Aaron Rodgers on @PatMcAfeeShow says the #Jets need to "hold our poise" better and says former players (re: Namath) and fans aren't "helping the cause" by ripping on the QB and the franchise. Wants everyone "to stick together. Too much negativity." "Take a couple of breaths."" / X (twitter.com)
  3. The playoff game I thought the Bills were going to blow them out. It sure looked that way for the first 20 minutes of the game. But turnovers and sloppy play by the Bills allowed the Dolphins to get back in the game. To their credit they did. I think this week's game will be like the Dolphins - Chargers game from week one. Back and forth game with lead changes throughout. Could be the last one with the ball wins.
  4. Wentz or Ryan would have been better options, but they have to do something. They will lose the team if Wilson continues as the starting QB.
  5. They have to try something. I would have signed Wentz or Ryan over Siemian but Zach is so bad that anyone of them is probably a better option.
  6. Looks like the Jets don't want to go with Zach Wilson.
  7. I would be surprised if Biden runs in 2024. 1. He will be dead. 2. He will be near death and receiving end of life hospice care. 3. The Dems will realize they can't "Weekend at Bernie's" him thru another 4 years and have him step down. 4. Nobody including many Dems wants Harris taking over.
  8. No way this drooling vegetable runs in 2024. Not happening.
  9. McDermott is going to be tested this week. If the Bills can keep the Fins to 28 points or less, I will say he did an excellent job. To ask the Bills defense to keep Miami under 20 is not realistic. I hope that happens, but I see a 34-30, 31-28 type of game. Similar to when the Dolphins and Chargers played. Back and forth with both teams putting up points.
  10. Newsome's name is already out there. Everyone knows he is the worst Gov and has completely destroyed CA.
  11. SNF should be enjoyable this week watching KC administer a beatdown of the Jets. Besides the QB advantage KC has also watching Chris Jones vs the Jets OL will be laughable.
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