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  1. Gabe’s was worse than that…ball came loose right away. Non issue.
  2. Sorry. You must have referenced this before. Please post the link and I’ll close the thread since you have covered this repeatedly.
  3. There was this one time I was on my lunch break and decided to walk through the mall and grab something to eat. I had to use the restroom really bad. So I went in and put toilet paper on the seat to protect against germs and other bodily fluids which might be on the toilet. I took care of business and buttoned up. I then walked out of the bathroom and down the main corridor of the mall toward the food court. I had to weave in and out of others during lunch hour but generally the mall uses the same "rules of the road" as with driving (everyone stays to the right in one direction). After 100 yards or so, there was a wall of mirrors. As one is apt to do, I naturally glanced over toward the mirror to glance at the dashing young man called Fergy. Everything looked in check: the suit, the tie, the hair was spot on. But what was that 5 foot white tail dragging on the floor behind me? My preventative steps toward germ free bathroom use, created a long toilet paper trail hanging out of my pants. That was more painful than my tonsillectomy in 1982. I have never fully recovered. I lost a lot of sleep. Public bathrooms haunt me.
  4. Similar - in my 13-14 yr old range, I worked at a lettuce farm and used a little triangle tool to thin out lettuce plants every 7”. Pretty sure it was $1.50/hr. I was let go when I complained about the bad pay.
  5. Was just reminded of these various jobs I had as a youngster...some funny, some weird: 1) I turned 16 yrs old and looked in the Pennysaver. The Springbrook Hotel was in need of a bartender. Yes, I was 16, but they didn't care. It was kind of a dive bar at the time (earlier years it had decent fish fry). I started out and worked with the older bartender...then I was on my own one night. Most guys would order 12 ounce Genny Cream drafts or simple drinks like that. One night the tenant who lived upstairs was so drunk I had to help him upstairs. I'm pretty sure the other guys at the bar helped themselves to draft beers and shots while I was away from the bar. 2) In graduate school I had THREE weird jobs: a) Ice Cream Truck driver - through one of the worst sections of the city where I was in school...I lasted three days. b) Ballroom Dancing Studio - Telemarketing - I had to call people at night and offer them free dance lessons. I felt worthless. I think I converted maybe 1 or 2 households (scheduled them for free lessons) over two months. c) Last job was at a private country club. The guy I worked for was Lebanese. He was miserable to me. I was table prep and bussed tables. I also had to assist the host with the table side Caesar salad (prep the cart with all the ingredients) so I learned how to make a real Caesar salad from that experience. The members were complete asshats. Anyone have any funny or interesting part time jobs you remember?
  6. The hold looked pretty crappy to me...he had his palm on the tip of the ball. May have led to the lower trajectory/tip.
  7. Could have sworn Bass talked to him right after the kick and wasn't happy with the hold. Find link to "tipped" ball if you can.
  8. 3 points is 3 points. The sooner you stop pointing the finger at heat, injuries, Dorsey, Josh, etc., the quicker we can re-evaluate our holding game. That miss doesn't happen last year. Bass is automatic at that distance. Sorry it bothers you.
  9. https://www.si.com/nfl/dolphins/news/miami-dolphins-buffalo-bills-week-3-complete-observations -- The Dolphins caught a break, which would prove monumental in the end, when Tyler Bass badly missed a 38-yard field goal attempt to keep the score 17-14. The hold was absolutely horrible.
  10. If I’m making a f#%$&ing grilled cheese, I’m not spending $$ on exotic cheeses and breads. I suppose you make peanut butter and jelly with hand picked raspberries and fair trade, organic sandwich spread? 😄
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