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  1. https://operations.nfl.com/inside-football-ops/rules-enforcement/gameday-accountability/ Gonna keep an eye on this link in the next few days/week.
  2. The other call I thought was great was Ed Oliver hands to the face. If there was some way to screengrab the hands to the face, you can clearly see the O lineman with a handful of Oliver's jersey. So Oliver is supposed to just let the blatant hold go and live with it rather than try and get out of the hold. Should have been off setting.
  3. Was that the one where McGovern or Morse had the DT shoot in, the DT fell forward to the ground and Morse/McGovern basically watched him fall to the ground. Tony Romo said something like “ehhhh, not sure that was much of a hold”
  4. Can you just stop with this crap? Go to the 12 other “Fire McDermott” threads.
  5. I’m not even being a homer. There have been games where calls are bad and may have changed a game here or there. The first half was so blatantly bad I had to say something. The refs controlled the game (in Philly’s favor). There were at least 3-10 pts left on the field at the end of regulation. Intentional grounding was just salt in the wound.
  6. Allbright with breaking news!!! They evaluate everything at the end of the year. Bonehead.
  7. Prediction: Hassan Reddick will be fined $7,625 for a horse collar tackle on Josh…but hey….they won. Who cares? This game should have never come down to OT. Thanks Shawn.
  8. Shiller Park or the Fruit Belt? German grandparents on both sides of family. Cook good food and clean house. Immaculate. Type A/OCD bloodlines.
  9. It’s a sad state of affairs that we need to analyze the officiating crew from week to week. Nothing against the OP, I find it interesting. Just sad that we don’t have a neutral/consistent officiating crew each week. Seems they all have baggage. Especially, a dude that is more intent on doing dumb bell curls and tightening his shirt than remaining consistent and not controlling the game.
  10. Numbers don't lie. Be thankful we have a TBD member with an uncanny ability to interpret numbers others believe to be inconsequential. Great question: 17, 2 and 7...add them up: 1+7+2+7= ??? 'Nuff said. Hollywood!
  11. Well, it happened again Follow along: Bills beat Jets 32 - 6 (added together is 38. 38 divided by Zach Wilson's number = 19) Now watch this: The date of the game was 11/19/2023 1+1+1+9+2+0+2+3 = 19 Guess who the 2 QB's were in the game? 17 and 2 = 19 I'll be back this week with my numerological study of the Eagles game.
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