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  1. I hear ya. The original intent of this thread was to project the Browns as a bunch of individuals rather than a team, and hence, a 2-5 record to start. That happened. They now won some games to even their record, but the Myles Garrett incident and Fred Kitchens comments post-game put us back to the starting line. Damn. Tough to watch.
  2. I’ve been waiting for this thread for some time now. I’ll just sit back and take it all in and comment later. Look forward to a good discussion on this topic.
  3. Are the odds -6.5 or the point spread? I’m confused. If it’s odds, is it -6.5 to 1. So I bet $100 for Bills to win and I lose my $100 and still owe $35?
  4. We should have drafted Darnold. No wait. We should have drafted Mayfield. No wait. We should have drafted Rosen. No wait. Lamont. That’s the answer.
  5. ?? Huh? I predicted they would self-destruct mid-October. Did I fail??
  6. I thought Shady and Gore were old but this is ridiculous...but who knows? Maybe he has some tread left on the tire.
  7. I'm not talking about the whites in general....that very outer layer that crisps up a bit. When you bite into it with a little bit of yolk and a buttered piece of Rye bread....that outer part is the best.
  8. The outer part of the egg is the best part. Change my mind.
  9. I love this stuff. Let’s go a step further. We have six games against animals (2 Dolphins, Broncos, Eagles, Bengals, Ravens) and 16 games against teams with a plural noun. If you subtract 6 from 16 you get 10 but then add 1 for our Bye week you get 11. 11 is the Greek number of domination and, guess what? If you add the original 6 animal teams (referenced above) you get 17 - Josh Allen. Dominant Animal
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