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  1. How many years have we waited for a franchise QB to be Madden material (even if he still wears the plays on his wristband)?
  2. Is Allen still wearing the plays on a wristband? When do we take the training wheels off this guy? Year 10? Dude needs to study the playbook.
  3. Howard lives in S. Buff/Caz. He’s around sometimes. Old fella.
  4. How could a “true Buffalo sports fan” not talk about the Stallions or Destroyers? You’re a poser!!
  5. In about 5 months people will be asking “Who was Tremaine Edmunds?” This kid is a tackling machine and will make game changing plays.
  6. I love Gunner. Sharing “the team is concerned about his weight” might have been misread by him in an email that said “Dear Gunner - We appreciate your order at the Bills Store but we don’t have any Dawkins jerseys in Medium size. He’s larger than that. Please feel free to re-order at your convenience”. That’s not really a source.
  7. Oh. I see. My sources have told me his weight has remained consistent and this is not anything to worry about. This is easy.
  8. You keep referencing how “the team” has had “concerns” (plural) over several seasons. Can you post a few links for those of us who were unaware of their concerns as you suggested (and as another poster has now taken up the cause).
  9. Let's let Dion and the trainers work their magic for another three months. He's been a solid LT for five years and a cagy vet (for younger guys).
  10. So 2/3rd of the NFL QB's are dumb? I'd like to think Josh is a smart dude, but now I'm beginning to wonder. Or he's spending too much time chasing tail.
  11. Funny you use the word "clueless" considering our QB hasn't learned the playbook in the offseason. I guess he's not in the upper 1/3rd who don't need to wear cheat cuffs.
  12. Can't believe Josh Allen still has to wear the wrist band with plays on it...what is this? JV? He's obviously spending too much time on the golf course and not enough time learning the playbook.
  13. Is there a song title there, or just posting a YouTube album and hoping there’s a name somewhere? @ExiledInIllinois -5 La Flaca = The Thin? A name? @ExiledInIllinois -500
  14. “Oh my gosh, it’s too big!”
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