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  1. BringBackFergy

    I Bet $5,000 on Minnesota. Should I Be Worried?

    Ok. But I bet $10,000 (not $5,000). Big difference.
  2. BringBackFergy

    I Bet $5,000 on Minnesota. Should I Be Worried?

    Not me. Hey wait! You saying I suck at betting?
  3. BringBackFergy

    Will tonight’s game delay Darnold’s HOF ceremony?

    This. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for someone to argue we should have drafted Mayfield or Darnold instead of Allen....because, well, we should have moved up to the 1/2 spot in the draft before 1 and 3. It will happen. Beane and McDermott dropped the ball by not drafting Mayfield or Darnold.
  4. Anyone remember our #1 WR having the speed and strength of a three toed sloth?
  5. BringBackFergy

    Most recent wgr/radio.com issue

    You know I'm a huuuuge baseball fan
  6. BringBackFergy

    Most recent wgr/radio.com issue

    I air dry my clothes!! Sports Trivia commercials are getting annoying too. Oh, and I believe Bill Buckner played for the Dodgers, Giants, Red Sox and five other teams but is best remembered for letting a ball get through his legs in Game 6 of World Series.
  7. BringBackFergy

    Anyone ever go through a divorce with a child?

    Sorry to hear this Royale. Sounds like you guys are managing well though.
  8. BringBackFergy

    Aaron Williams Tailgating Experience

    I didn’t realize Poyer’s wife was there. Thankfully she didn’t get a look at me; hate when women undress me with their eyes.
  9. Who is Delicia Cordon and who is Stephanie Maisonette? I’m so confused. Bad writing in the article. Anyway, hope Shady and his son find peace.
  10. Didn't even give the author the satisfaction of a "click"
  11. BringBackFergy

    Tanner Gentry is the exact WR Bills should sign

    Tanner Gentry does not have a star WR name like Coleman or Gordon...Tanner Gentry is the name of the kid that polishes shoes at Twin Pines Country Club and sneaks shots of SoCo down to the locker room on break. No thanks!
  12. BringBackFergy

    Bills work out QB Tyler Ferguson

    I knew this way back when I started my account here. Make room on the Wall of Fame!!! Better stats than Peterman. Tyler Ferguson Height: 6-2 Weight: 224 Age: 24 Born: 1/7/1994 College: Western Kentucky Experience: 1 Season TDS 0 INT 0 YDS 0 RTG 0.0
  13. Meh...some "brotherhood". Elitist crap saying only Hall of Famers should get salary and health insurance. What about Jeff Tuel, TJ Graham, and Tavaris Jackson? Are we to sit back and watch them live off the streets simply because they didn't get a gold jacket??
  14. BringBackFergy

    The 19th TBDAHOT

    Darn vegetarians.
  15. BringBackFergy

    Is there any team in worse shape than the Bills?

    Great question. I really don’t know. People are convinced it would be Bosa or DE but Oline is a need. Maybe a small trade down for multiple picks and go Oline and WR?