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  1. Interpretation: You should understand, this is just my opinion. The opening kickoff symbolizes your intent to “take on the world” with women...you rush, dart sideways and then fall short. Josh Allen’s diving across the goal line symbolizes how you make every effort to “seal the deal” with the ladies, you drop the ball and then look to the officials for confirmation. Diggs? Wellll, that simply means that your distance/length is limited but you can obviously score in close range.
  2. That was damn good. Admit it.
  3. If I read any more of this nonsense you’ll have to wheel me outta here on a Guernsey.
  4. Cud this thread be any more weird?
  5. Russ always reminded me of Ted Beneke (Breaking Bad). He even has a rug mishap (with Kevin Kolb.)
  6. That’s not even pizza. It’s focaccia. If I wanted to eat a side loaf of fresh baked bread I’d order one of those. The Harvest pizza (noted above) has a perfect balance of sweet crust, sauce, caramelized cheese baked to perfection. Try again.
  7. This might be the most un-American post ever written on TBD. 😄
  8. I had to look up “CHUD” and there’s various meanings. Which one were you aiming for: Canabalistic dweller or ugly/stupid person?
  9. Leon was a great boxer, but I’d say Michael was a true champ. Still, the pyramids will last much longer than both of them (even though they’re both in great shape for their age.)
  10. Your lawyering tactics don't work on me mister!! That's a BS question. I'll re-phrase your question: "So it's accurate to say that the outer crust of the HARVEST pizza is the most important ... is that a true statement? Yes or no, please." The answer is "Yes, for the Harvest pizza, yes...I did it!! Are you happy?"
  11. Before you rush off to the Men’s room for self gratification, please know: I agreed with you in this one instance and for this one pizza joint. Now continue patting yourself on the....back.
  12. I agree. And why stop with statues? Get rid of massive memorials and monuments as well. Build more casinos!! https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/505474-second-tribal-leader-calls-for-removal-of-mount-rushmore-before-trump?amp
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