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  1. Different Topic Categories

    I believe TBD just underwent a rather massive overhaul. This may be a good idea for iteration 4.7. Customer Service page would be a good spot for this (but I get your point).
  2. [Vague Title]Call me crazy but

  3. Only way Bills trade to #2...

    You're just upset you didn't think of this first.
  4. Your reaction to Free Agency and Draft in GIFs

    WE NEED TO GET TO PICK #2!!!!!!!!!
  5. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

  6. Superbowl Winning QB's

    Of the 55% who were selected in the 1st round, how many were drafted on or after the 12th pick? I bet 50% of them #stayat12 #dontmortgagefuture #buildwithrookiecontracts
  7. Your reaction to Free Agency and Draft in GIFs

    Some of our TBD brethren on hearing the Jets/Colts trade:
  8. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

    All four of them can hunt. One has a good sniffer but prefers swimming. The second is a big puppy, has potential but has only played with other pups. The third looks pretty but picks up false scents alot. And the last one is the runt of the litter and yaps a lot. None of them are “Old Yeller”. Don’t waste your money on a mediocre huntin’ dog. Buy a better shotgun at MLB.
  9. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

    This guy is telling us nothing new. Whether we jumped to spot 3 or 2, we’d be surrendering most of our draft capital for this year and even 1 or 2 picks next year. On a team that has multiple holes to fill, Beane is asking himself if any of these “top 4” QB’s are generational talent. He doesn’t want to chase a player. If they aren’t generational QB’s, he’ll stay put and select other pressing needs. The move to 12 was excellent. Giving away most of what you accumulated for a dog with fleas is not in Beane’s playbook.
  10. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

  11. GoFundGugny: Donations needed until Memorial Day!!

    Are you from the future?