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  1. I feel kinda bad for Coach Vrabel. He seems intense and conscientious. He’s obviously frustrated but he’ll do well in the future. The throwback play was kind of fun. Glad he plays with a light heart. Hope he stays healthy and attuned to the game.
  2. I have never witnessed such hatred and vitriol as in your collective reactions and responses. We are all humans. Yes, Fireman Ed, Teddy Bruschi, Tom Brady, Mahomes and his dopey brother, even @Zerovoltz....all part of the human race that strives for compassion, decency and consolation. I, for one, will embrace the spirit of competition and hope I never have to witness Jerry Jones frown in his box, or Bellichick's son do that weird mouth movement thing again. It would be much better if Pete Carrol just chewed his gum slowly in a relaxing fashion. Why do we need to criticize other coaches all the time, other owners or opposing players who announce "they are the best" and then get torched for 350 yards? It's rather juvenile and I think we're better than that. Win or lose tonight, Taylor Lewan shouldn't be mocked or pointed at...he's still a human that's deserves respect.
  3. Based on the foregoing, it seems the majority of you are cold hearted.
  4. Yeah, I said it. Remember, we were all there in the last 20 years. The horrific passing game with Todd Collins and JP Losman. The "fit it up" defense with Dave Mustache The George Edwards teams. #Rexgate Getting excited about Tyrod passing for 136 yards. I watched the Patriots lose that game against the Cowboys and couldn't help feeling sorry for the fans in the stadium. Same with Mac Jones. After we beat the Chiefs, I sympathized with their fans who were clearly frustrated. Even Mahomes looked distraught and unable to process what happened. The Dolphins lost a nailbiter and I couldn't help but feel the raw emotion in the coach's eyes and their fanbase (many of my friends are Dolphin fans). We need to relax a little on the "serves them right" and "ha ha" posts. Those fans pour their lives into their team just as we do. We should be more sympathetic to their plight. That is all.
  5. A few I remember that disappeared: BigCat SanJoseBillsFan Cugalabanza
  6. Yes, the kid is a goofball. But it looks as though 12 others people are also standing on the memorial. Pretty sure the Mahomes kid didn’t set up the white fencing in that area. Who did? Ohhhh, the WTF WFT did. If you don’t want people to dance/stand on a sideline memorial, set up the VIP standing area near the Gatorade jug. Dipshits.
  7. Collinsworth sounds like he’s taking a really stiff dump. The kind that strains your voice as you call for help to anyone who’ll listen.
  8. Can’t date my sister: @Johnny Hammersticks He showers with weird people. Allowed to date my sister: @GoBills808 He has cool tools and tractors I can borrow. (Honorable mention for can’t date my sister: @Gugny @ExiledInIllinois @Hammered a Lot)
  9. “The OJ Defense” (We’ll rip your heads off)
  10. You may be the only one who caught my sarcasm…but you didn’t.
  11. I remember that post. That dude was ripped.
  12. Good point. And…did she start it? Does she know martial arts? All relevant questions.
  13. The second line of Dr. Dre’s lyrics is “I’m f’ing with you”. That means he was just joking. No harm.
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