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  1. Poor @Howard used to get into spats with Jimmy years ago. Haven’t seen him in awhile.
  2. How the hell can Van Miller win DPOY? I mean, my favorite announcer, but c’mon.
  3. They can ride in the same cart - Gug can help GB808 look for his ball 100 yds into the cow pasture off right.
  4. No word on the brand/model of car. I bet it's a used Hyundai Sonata. Those things are always stolen.
  5. Hope they find him faster than the Rashee Rice thread. Cops were looking for him over six weeks.
  6. It’s a good idea. Question: Let’s say a designated person starts a thread “QOD: Will Josh Allen rely on screen passes more this year?” Nothing prevents someone else creating a thread “We should throw more screen passes this year”. Will similar threads to the QOD be deleted, merged or disregarded and left to die on the vine? Thanks. I’ll hang up and listen. Tony from Tonawanda
  7. I read right here that Troy Franklin was a lock for the Bills!! So disappointed.
  8. That article ended even more abrupt than Tim Graham’s. But it served the same purpose…”click here”. (i.e. nothing more than supposition based on public court filings and Jessica’s essay from last year). By the way, my “Paywall” comment above was sarcasm aimed at those who were bellyaching about articles on the first page of TSW a few years ago when Paywalls started. Folks used to complain about having to pay to read articles linked on TSW front page. No one understood the sarcasm. Go figure.
  9. Just signed up for Athletic account. Read the article and the sneaky last paragraph of that story. “Terry, who also serves as CEO and president of the Bills and Sabres, has neither granted an interview nor taken questions at a news conference since naming Kevyn Adams the Sabres’ general manager in June 2020. Terry hasn’t answered Bills-related questions since the March 2019 owners’ meetings.” Complete supposition and alarmist reporting. I guess that’s why he doesn’t want to share ideas with us. No first-hand info. I am the victim of clickbait.
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