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  1. Keeping Pegulas in my thoughts and prayers. They’ll tell us something when they’re ready.
  2. I was just a little punk when that happened. What an amazing play. Whole family screamed. Fergy to Hooks!
  3. Take a ride to EA...that's where it started. I like "medium cajun" with some extra sauce on the side. Might as well get a Mini roast beef on weck while you're there. Have fun.
  4. Which one is the past Bills player? Please don’t say Josh!
  5. Damn. I’ve been thinking he was a front office guy for years. Thx
  6. And, they’re back. https://explore.org/livecams/brown-bears/brown-bear-salmon-cam-brooks-falls
  7. Snoop is an actor? Actually, he’d be a trip at dinner.
  8. Baseball players have no “Bye” weeks. This is preposterous. Baseball is probably the most arduous and physically grueling sport known to man. @Gugny votes “Hell no!”
  9. Dumb topic but this time of the season is boring. You’re having a dinner party and can invite two Bills players (one past and one current) and one Actor/Actress. The menu is whatever the hell you want. Who ya’ got? I’m going with: Past Bills player: Reggie McKenzie (one of our best OL IMO and smart front office guy…correction: not a front office guy. Current Bills player: Josh would be a blast. Actor: Denzel Washington - probably my favorite actor. Would be great conversation
  10. I’m all tapped out. Unless Dawson wants to fill my tank for the next four months.
  11. Pray for Kim or pray for a guy tweeting after collision? Hmmmmm, tough call.
  12. Tough lady. Stay strong, Kim! Praying for you and your family.
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