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  1. Elizabeth Shue in a sweater? Didn’t like that movie at all.
  2. By the time someone else posts here, 40 million Americans will have had a drink. Any questions?
  3. My father always said it grows in much thicker when you get a brush cut (had one from 7th grade through college)....so when I look at Michael Bolton, I’d say “yeah”. Lol
  4. Still confused. Don’t we need a vaccine or some kind of drug response? Why aren’t the brightest minds and multi-million dollar companies able to come up with a vaccine quicker? Aren’t they linked into the WHO and CDC? Why didn’t they start this process months ago as cutting edge scientists? Whether it’s Spain (maybe you didn’t say that) or Singapore/Hong Kong, are they all immune at this point? They did things so much better, do they not need a vaccine next year? I asked before...will this thing die and not come back, and it’s still up in the air (except for Singapore/Hong Kong/South Korea....who apparently did everything perfect.)
  5. So are you saying that Singapore, South Korea, Spain have contained the virus and don’t need a vaccine? I thought we needed a vaccine in case it becomes an annual “thing”? I’m really confused. Is the virus different in those countries that took fast steps compared to other countries like ours?
  6. https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/489622-photo-shows-staff-using-trash-bags-as-protective-gear-in-hospital-system?amp The nurses had PPE on for their shift. You can see it under the trash bags. The hospital would not let them on duty unless they wore the proper PPE. One would assume they wore the trash bags as an added layer of protection. So after the AG announced prosecution of anyone hoarding health safety equipment, a CA labor union just happened to find 35 million N95 masks in their inventory. C’mon man...get yer chit together. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/coronavirus/seiu-locates-39-million-n95-masks-for-healthcare-workers-local-governments/2262072/?amp
  7. I see. Kinda goes back to what I asked you Pages 1-3 (somewhere)...will we see this again every year? C’mon researchers....get that vaccine done!!!!
  8. Isn’t that what “flattening the curve” means....stay inside to slow it so it doesn’t peak at an unmanageable level. That’s what we’re doing...most of us anyway.
  9. So very sorry Mrs KTW. Can you post the obit so we can send a donation to your cause? God Bless you and family!
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