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  1. BringBackFergy

    Peterman to Patriots? They always liked him.

    Nice work detective!! I used past tense “liked” to indicate the Pats had some interest in Nasty Nate in the past. My opinion that they bring him in now and restore him.
  2. BringBackFergy

    I have a mouse

    The poison isn’t always the best method. They take the poison back to their best and eat it. Then they die (usually inside a wall or under a floor or ceiling board). If there are multiple mice all dying around the same time the odor can be tough to handle until they all deteriorate and soft tissue/organs dry out. Best bet bet is conventional trap. It’s humane. Put along wall like Gugny said. Make a drinking/betting game out of it with your friends...everyone drink when a trap goes off, everyone picks an hour and if it goes off on your hour you win, etc.
  3. BringBackFergy

    Peterman to Patriots? They always liked him.

    Please take this post to the Customer Service thread.
  4. BringBackFergy

    A Salute to Service for two of TBD’s own Howard & EII

    Think again. Especially bar room brawls that spill outside to the sidewalk.
  5. https://patriotswire.usatoday.com/2017/04/11/what-to-make-of-patriots-decision-to-work-out-pitt-qb-nathan-peterman/amp/ Of particular interest, check out the fourth paragraph where the author calls him “Peterson”. Such a red herring to screw up the google search engines. I’ve seen it a thousand times. What has changed? Jimmy Garrapolo - Gone! Jacoby Brisket - Gone!! All they had to do was wait for Peterman to throw enough picks and then - wink wink nudge nudge - we’ll come pick you up “Nate”. This whole thing was choreographed by Bill B. A year and half ago. Just watch. This league is fixed.
  6. BringBackFergy

    A Salute to Service for two of TBD’s own Howard & EII

    @Cripple Creek comes in here. Starts a “Thank you”’thread for servicemen like @ExiledinWikipedia and @Howard, and then some guy starts attacking them for their service. Grrrrr. Where is the OP to control this chaos?? Let me guess...North Carolina Department of Transportation?? That story never gets old....but his service doesn’t compare to Exiled “on the concrete wall”. #safe
  7. BringBackFergy

    Bills claim WR Isaac McKittrick from Seahawks

    Nice little town in Wyoming.
  8. BringBackFergy

    Matt Barkley (asking for a friend)

    Before you get all “I told you so” on us, @Cripple Creek had Barkley on his radar well before his college days. You want info about Barkley or want to talk to someone who beat the perverbial “Barkley Drum” since 1992, talk to @Cripple Creek
  9. BringBackFergy

    A Salute to Service for two of TBD’s own Howard & EII

    Do not denigrate @ExiledinWikipedia. Not only is he a great source of information regarding fishing techniques, historical context for inter coastal waterways, and bubblers, but he stands on that wall while you lay your head on a soft pillow at night. Sleep tight Cletus, thank Exiled and Howard.
  10. @Augie was laying out flat in the lot at 10:26am. Can’t handle his white wine spritzers. I helped him up.
  11. BringBackFergy

    A Salute to Service for two of TBD’s own Howard & EII

    Thank you @Howard and @ExiledInIllinois for your service. Some here appreciate your tireless efforts to keep us safe (Exiled) and informed (Howard).
  12. BringBackFergy

    Shady and Josh TD Celebration

    Was waiting for: Josh Allen now out for rest of season with dislocated elbow in throwing arm after celebration with Shady McCoy. Seriously, I saw that during the game and thought there was quite a bit of force in that elbow smash.
  13. BringBackFergy

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    Bye bye Derek Anderson.
  14. BringBackFergy

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    Only one guy I know always had Barkley on his radar. @Cripple Creek Don’t be surprised if you hear a few “I told you so’s” this week. Kudos sir!!