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  1. Niagara Falls north of Chestnut Ridge!! Which way are you looking oh wise maritime man? Are you confusing Toronto with Rochester?
  2. Somebody’s not happy about Bills training camp.
  3. Bears like softball. Who knew? https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/lifestyle/bear-became-unexpected-highlight-olympic-171119226.html
  4. Is anyone else as apathetic about Summer Olympics as me? Just too much going on in life. Used to love Summer Olympics. Now a big fan of Winter Olympics (when stuck inside during Feb).
  5. One of my favorites (and many who like Billy Joel). Underrated classic.
  6. Any updates? Maybe the Grizz have been furloughed. Thanks ACOE!! Figures.
  7. Not the author of the cited, in-depth article above.
  8. Bear sues and recovers $5.8 thousand from dumb human. https://news.yahoo.com/amphtml/woman-ordered-pay-5-8k-000307389.html
  9. This woman is not a disabled EMPLOYEE with three kids and a bum arm.
  10. I do not!! I love the elderly. This particular person has looked at my door every day during and since the pandemic waiting for me to take the “No Walk In Appointments. Sorry” sign down. I took it down for a day, she came in, and the staff asked me to put another sign up right away. I feel rotten.
  11. Hi IceBowl. Any word on ARod?
  12. I can help you overcome that addiction; but I can’t guarantee my methods work. No refunds, but I can write a flowery, 12 page report to make you look better.
  13. “Come (right) Through” disease?
  14. Well written (by his agent, PR person or attorney). And before y’all start screaming about Stanford and SAT English/Composition scores, please understand, his handlers (agent or attorney) said “Gimme your phone and let me take care of this”. It’s a new age.
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