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  1. Whole loin on the grill is something I always wanted to do. I would think the seasoned outside would create a tasty bark to enjoy with the tender inside
  2. The Master Gater believes he has far reaching authority over all waters (navigable or not). Watch out for your kiddie pools and water coolers. Comrade Exiled is watching you. Next thing you know he’ll start talking in some middle eastern dialect.
  3. Sounds great. On a grill/grid or in a cast iron pan over the campfire?
  4. I’m with you on this. But have heard others talk about hamburgers and steaks (or brisket if you want to get a quick/fake smoke ring) putting steaks on cold or cool to avoid over cooking them. I still think room temp is best way to go.
  5. Can I borrow it when it comes out of the shop?
  6. The relationship between Beane and McDermott is really a microcosm of our relationships here at Two Bills Drive. They don't always see eye to eye, but in the end, after a thorough discussion of the issues, they come to a realization that one answer works best and they move on. No hard feelings. For instance, @Royale with Cheese has learned that brown sugar and cinnamon Pop Tarts absolutely blow chunks. It's not a defect in his thinking, he just had to learn that frosted strawberry are much more enjoyable. Another example, @Gugny has finally come to the realization that pizza crust is only one component of a very good pizza...you still have to have great sauce, whole milk mozz and cup and char pepperoni. Again, @mrags drives a Ford truck. After much discussion, he's learned how the Ford product line is separated into two categories: death traps or repair shop jackpots. I don't blame him for his initial thoughts....we have discussed this at length and he finally sees his error. There's countless instances where other members have disagreed with me on topics but they have come around to my line of thinking and the board is better for it such as @ExiledInIllinois (taking no blame for the influx of asian carp in our, once, pristine waters), @ShadyBillsFan (finally admitting his heartfelt loss over the departure of 26CP), @Cripple Creek (being fooled by a "live cam" only to admit his mistake when the mechanized bear needed to be recalibrated by a technician). So many examples of disagreements and then a resolution based on honest discussion. We really have a great board which mimics the "give and take" of the Beane and McDermott relationship.
  7. “Hell of a deal” = “Paralyzed, blind, WW2 widow mistakenly left her Purple Heart husband’s charcoal grill on the side of the garage one night”. Enjoy Gugny!!!! Sleep tight.
  8. Any opinions on “propane vs charcoal” if you don’t do SV or cast iron/oven?
  9. Frosted strawberry or cherry. But those f$%#@ers are HOT when they come out of the toaster. Can remember burning the roof of my mouf many times on them bastards.
  10. You raise an interesting point: a few friends of ours always say “I’ll never order steak at a nice restaurant because it’s something I can make at home”. True, Russell’s serves prime meats and doctors it up with a 3 ounce rock lobster tail or bernaise, but you could easily replicate the steak you get at Russell’s at half the cost.
  11. If you’re not a fan of too much fat, buy a leaner piece but pepper the ***** out of it. Cut in slices cross grain.
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