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  1. Trubisky with a nice long ball. Since McDermott hasn’t named a starter yet, I look forward to the competition this summer. I have Josh as 1A and Trubes as 1B.
  2. Bears don't even go to the river to eat anymore...they consume kayaks, bird seed and chinese food left over in dumpsters. Those killing machines should be regulated.
  3. I’m very sorry for your loss @Bearball. 🐻
  4. https://www.exoticanimalsforsale.net/bears-for-sale.asp
  5. I choose #1. You are in Ethiopia. Sally Struthers just showed your pic on TV. I have sent UNICEF boxes to you since I was a kid. That’s why you have low BMI. Also, all those pennies and nickels allowed you to buy a snazzy flip phone at the market last week. Did I win?
  6. Welcome to the “Four Page Club” Tommy!! Only 48 more pages and you’ll be on par with Zack Ertz.
  7. I just wanted to pop in so I can say I got into the Hayden Hurst thread at the ground floor. Zack Ertz Hayden Hurst Last to first We didn’t start the fire
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