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  1. Look. I’m the last person that wants to see someone hurt themselves or others. People that know me understand I’m actually a pretty good guy (relatively speaking). But to call those who are posting in this thread “pathetic” is disingenuous. We aren’t the ones who: 1) Had the media show his arrival to camp in a helicopter 2) Allegedly masturbated on a female trainer while she watched TV 3) Called the mother of his children a “b-word” and “baser” on Instagram Live 4) Threw a bag of d$&s at officers and boated about it on Instagram 5) Pledged to avoid “White Women” publicly 6) Invoked race card on a Hispanic officer asking simple questions. The point is, this guy intentionally placed himself in the public domain. Though I do not want to see him hurt (and hope he gets help), he created this drama for us to follow. Am I pathetic? No more pathetic than anyone who watched the OJ Simpson trial or the Aaron Hernandez documentary. This (unfortunately) is the world we live in.
  2. I’m sorry. I’ll take your coping skills under advisement next time I post anything on this board. (WWST - What Would Skycap Think) You like gummy bears?
  3. He's probably polishing off his college essay which is due today at Noon.
  4. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/22/amid-battery-investigation-antonio-brown-has-locked-himself-in-his-house/ (If I was able to use Adobe photoshop I'd certainly put "ApB's" face on Scarface)
  5. Absolutely not. Now where’s that post about the babe in leggings doing squats ....
  6. I was out of town Friday through Monday. I assume she made her visit and I would guess it was in the 10-15 minute range judging by the 1/2 pile of work still untouched. Yesterday was “Oh Fergy is back...I need an appointment this morning” and return emails and calls. I could have used a visit from Town Crier friend. Would have been a nice break.
  7. Rumor: Someone argued with AB that the outer crust is the best part of the pizza. Argument quickly escalated and AB (a sauce and cheese lover) resorted to physical battery. @Gugny
  8. It’s tough Steptide. Done it four times. That dog is family and you love it. You’ll do what’s best when the time is right. And don’t worry about balling when you do it. My vet has seen me cry like a baby four times. Give that sloppy bulldog a kiss for me (my parents had bulldogs and they’re special).
  9. Glad he finally admitted it. So now the next steps are: 1) Counseling 2) Clean bill of health 3) Three clean urine tests (posted on Twitter with the congratulatory “I’m so proud of you AB 👍✊🏼❤️“) 4) Rosenhaus goes sniffing for some exposure and the Cowboys goes sniffing for a WR 5) AB arrives to sign his new $200 million 3 year contract at Jerry World in a pimped out Bentley with plates that read “NoMoWhiteChks” 6) Back to basin’ 7) Return to Step 1.
  10. I don’t like to toot my own horn but I kind of have to every now and then.
  11. Knox is gonna he a baller next year. Yes he had drops......as a rookie. But you can’t deny his ability to make catches in tight spots, his ability to truck CB’s and safeties when needed, his blocking and his mind for the game (Josh Allen’s words). Look forward to seeing him add bulk and develop next year. Gonna be fun.
  12. https://amp.tmz.com/2020/01/18/antonio-brown-rap-first-show-concert-throws-money/ Does this mean he’s paying people to come to his shows?
  13. That assumes I could even find that grain of Jasmin rice.
  14. There it is...again and again. Poor J.R....was put in a bad situation. Tell me, aren’t most top 10 QB’s drafted put on bad teams? Baker, Darnold and Allen were all drafted by bad teams. How is it that the Cards were any different? Perhaps your analysis was off? You and the hundreds of experts who whiffed on their “Most NFL Ready” Rosen moniker. NFL Ready QB’s don’t make excuses for weaknesses in their selected team...they lead, compete, and garner respect of their teammates (Like Fitz, like Darnold, like Allen). They overcome weaknesses in the O line (like Allen did as a rookie). They work with the receivers they had (Rosen had Larry Fitzgerald...Allen had Foster). Stop making excuses for your terrible pre-draft analysis and admit you simply took the “experts” narrative which has proven to be sadly mistaken.
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