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  1. Good idea Shady - deferring student loan debt, restarting unemployment benefits and a moratorium on residential evictions for those who can't pay rent should all be reversed!!! You are a cold hearted son of a $%#@!!!!
  2. Well, it’s easy to mock a pretty woman when your son is smoking crack and negotiating $5 billion deals with Chinese spies (in his own tape recorded words).
  3. That’s awesome. Funny stuff. Did you catch Jill Biden as ventriloquist for Joe yesterday? (George...Trump....Trump...Trump)
  4. Biden should do the following: 1) Guarantee a $1000/week payment to every American (or illegal alien...sorry, immigrant) over age 13; 2) Health insurance for every human, born or unborn; 3) Free college education for every person (age 14-78) with tuition forgiveness so long as they take 2 credit hours of “Patriotic/Democratic Theory”; 4) Every person plants a tree...in their yard, school or anywhere they want; 5) Defund the military...it’s just world police. Dumb
  5. Great thread. Thanks for keeping this updated over the last five weeks. Keep it up. I look forward to seeing Josh’s improvement.
  6. You really know your sapsuckers.
  7. Scary chit. Of course, Twitter only allows 130 characters (or so) and that’s the attention span of the average American this day and age.
  8. Question: Can COVID transmit via sweat from one player to another? If all players were tested before game (and are negative), is there a risk of still transmitting the virus with sweat or blood on a jersey? (I didn’t see the precatory language at the beginning of this thread so didn’t know if it was ok to ask here or over on OTW but it is relevant to the “jersey swap” issue.)
  9. I could be a little bit country. Yowza.
  10. And if Allen doesn’t do it on his own you know Daboll will chirp in his ear “let it rip” (if the BillsRe ahead by a decent margin)
  11. Just saying it may play out in next week’s game. These guys may air it out on first or second down on their own 10 yd line. Could be fun.
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