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  1. Oh God, no!

    Anything that says pickle juice simmering under 24 hours is BS. 😄
  2. 13 victims found shackled in California home

    This is what happens when you confess to your parents you’re a Sammy Watkins fan.
  3. I remember when 26CornerBlitz said I was wrong thinking Dareus felt disrespected. There was another guy in that thread that said I was wrong as well. I guess MD’s true colors have shown through. He was traded to a team with a stacked defense. I predict he falls wayyyy off next season. Thanks 26CB and the other guy. I don’t need to go find the thread. They know they were wrong.
  4. Happy Birthday 🎂 Gugny

    Gugny has same birthday as MLK, Drew Breese and his favorite musician - Pitbull. Happy Birthday!!!
  5. The Doug Marrone Coaching Tree: Hop on board!

    ...and the tree has grown taller.
  6. The Doug Marrone Coaching Tree: Hop on board!

    http://nflcoachingtrees.com/coaching-trees/doug-marrone All you naysayers and comediens can either apologize to me in this thread or send me a private message. The choice is yours. I’ll wait.
  7. So It Turns Out I have a Biological Family

    This is very interesting. Congrats! On a side note, I’m wondering if law enforcement/State Police/FBI have access to Ancestry.com or 23andMe? It seems these websites may become a gigantic DNA database subject to state and federal search warrants.
  8. The Doug Marrone Coaching Tree: Hop on board!

    There is no rambling when it comes to matters of Marrone.
  9. The Doug Marrone Coaching Tree: Hop on board!

    I think I understand how things GROW...do you?? That’s the idea with trees. Let them get strong and take root. But with this one (Marrone’s) you have to realize the potential before it gets too large. Harvest the proginy (Hackett) now before it becomes overpriced.
  10. The Doug Marrone Coaching Tree: Hop on board!

    Not sure you’re taking this serious. But to play along with you, this maze seems to demonstrate how intricate the root system is in the Marrone coaching ecosytem. Thanks for the illustration.
  11. The Doug Marrone Coaching Tree: Hop on board!

    I’m more of a risk taker and others might disagree, but if I was Beane I’d text Hackett now (before the game) and simply say “Hey Nate. Good luck this weekend. Doug seems to have turned the corner. Wanna do the same in Buffalo?” You may not have known this but Hackett started in Bflo as an equipment manager. So I’m sure he would want to get back. With his history and local ties ( not to mention Marrone tree genetics), why not?
  12. The Doug Marrone Coaching Tree: Hop on board!

    I think the problem with your opinion (and SouthNYFan above) is you fail to realize how Marrone affected others he worked with. Like the guy CrippledCreek said above, we learn from those we work with. Schwartz was a mediocre coach until Marrone brought him in and showed him “how to implement a plan”. Look at Payton - he won a SB but never had a power run game until he incorporated some of Marrone’s run blocking schemes. I just think Marrone’s coaching tree is going through a growth spurt and it makes sense to delve further into what makes him tick...namely, the middle trunk called “Hackett”.
  13. The Doug Marrone Coaching Tree: Hop on board!

    Banyan tree - a/k/a Marrone Tree. Strongest root system, weathers the toughest storms, many branches. How can one be sarcastic and still make the same argument you made. I guess you are being sarcastic? Or maybe, just maybe, Marrone really does have a coaching tree that others on here are unable to appreciate.
  14. The Doug Marrone Coaching Tree: Hop on board!

    Are you warning me against trashing Chud’s name? I did no such thing. In fact, your failure to acknowledge Marrone’s tree (given his 9-7 season here and his continued playoff success with Jags) is an obvious slap. Beware.
  15. The Doug Marrone Coaching Tree: Hop on board!

    You raise a valid point. Guys here think a coaching tree can only be a massive, towering oak. The Marrone Coaching tree is similar to a banyon tree...not really tall or well known, but the roots run far and is considered one of the strongest rooted trees in the world (elephants were typically chained to a banyon tree to train them for work). Marrone’s banyon coaching tree reaches far and many have trained under his canopy. The funny thing is...his tree is still growing. Hackett is one of those branches and I see no reason to overlook him as an OC candidate (what tree did Bevell, Chud or McCoy come from?? Some rotted old recycled barn wood)