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  1. Nice job! By the way, is Buddy ok?
  2. I’ll put out the Diggs’ blue cheese for my second and third tier guests. First tier folks get Rooties.
  3. Dude. Don’t put your name on something that tastes like @Gugny’s dishrag with some rowkfort seasoning. Stick to the basics: like catching the ball for tiddies.
  4. Don’t spread yourself too thin. No punt returns. No condiments. Just play the damn game. They were out of Rooties (at Tops in Williamsville?) so I bought Stef’s dressing. 🤢
  5. I got $50 says there will be an "RIP Tony Bennett" thread in the next 12 months. Anyone want that action?
  6. I agree with your post. There’s a few members here who may know how to fin angle that draft. @Gugny @Beerball @Mike in Horseheads
  7. Since you and wife are looking outside the US as possible retirement locations, have you thought of Tuscany or Italian coast?
  8. I have thought the same for years. I needed someone like you, with lucid insight and a keen awareness, to define this loophole. Thanks TRBJ!!
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