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  1. Your Brown Eye

    Would you like to see Peterman at Tailgate pre Jaguars?

    Can I put him through a flaming table?
  2. Your Brown Eye

    Pancho Power

    Probably not. It was a good speech to the players a day or two before the game. It wasn't like Davey Crockett's speech at the Alamo right before they were attacked or William Wallace's speech before charging the British. If the speech was seconds before kickoff or at halftime, I would say it may had some effect, but it wasn't
  3. there was no fruit on that tree
  4. Your Brown Eye

    Bills' Fan Creates a GoFundMe Page for Peterman to Retire

    sometimes, the human race sucks
  5. Your Brown Eye

    DAZN...in Africa?

    How about you just enjoy Africa and not the train wreck that is the Bills?
  6. Your Brown Eye

    First half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    just punt the damn ball every first down. we have a better chance at the defense scoring than the offense
  7. Your Brown Eye

    Prostitution arrests: Mississippi style

    yes vote for me
  8. Your Brown Eye

    We joked about this before but man the Raiders are just bad

    It's like a fat kid telling another fat kid he's fat
  9. Your Brown Eye

    Ed Oliver or Greg Little?

    I want Greg Little, we need to give our QB time and for reasons you stated about Oliver (I too am concerned with his level of competition) I'd need to see him play in a Senior Bowl first
  10. Your Brown Eye

    Fan conduct at the game.

  11. Your Brown Eye

    Hot for Teacher, Cincinnati-lady-on-girl-style

    Would she ever switch sides?