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  1. Hopefully this will slow down all the "who has the best chicken wing" threads
  2. CJ Spiller got pissed off at me when a couple of Pittsford floozies at Cheesecake Factory kept asking him if he was a football player, he kept denying it until the chicks asked me if he played football, and I said "yeah that's CJ Spiller". Those gold-diggers wouldn't leave him alone until he left.
  3. It's going to take a hell of a lot more than filling in the Inner Loop to save Rochester.
  4. he was probably cracking towels to some of the fellas in the showers...big deal
  5. great game by Cuse, can really make some noise this year!
  6. That's all well and good, but the reality is Buffalo will just dumpster-dive Carolina's roster
  7. Off? The Bills were playing so soft of coverage that they were lining up in the next town over
  8. terrible defensive gameplan for this game, terrible
  9. The soft zone killed the Bills this game.... who's bright idea was it to let Kelce and Hill find a spot in the defence and run freely. Best TE in the game... here you go how about 8 yards?....one of the best WR's in the game... here you got would you like 10 yards on the house? WTF, did the 2nd quarter not show you you can't play soft zone on these guys? It's an f'ing joke
  10. you dont become 13-3 playing one of the HARDEST scehdules in the league and be over-rated, sorry pal the loss sucks, but you are wrong
  11. Soft zone is killing the defense/Bills, Mahomes is eating it up
  12. Nobody snap's a ball like Reid Furguson. He get's my MVP vote.
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