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  1. Can you please give examples of where field doctors where sent in to stop a mass shooter, a rape, drug cartels, looting, high speed chases, homicides, battery, domestic assaults, etc.? If you think a field doctor is going to walk up to some "crazy ass people shooting bows & arrows in public" and give them a hug and the world will be right again, then God help us all.
  2. Because clearly all they did was chase him. It's not like they knocked him out cold, curb stomped his unconscious head and left him in the street a bloody mess. If I'm being "chased" by those *****, you're damn right they'll be dodging hot lead as they're chasing me
  3. Tom Brady could find a cure for cancer and Bills fans would still find some way to hate it
  4. Somewhere in the Arizona Cardinals training facility Jordan Phillips is laughing his ass off
  5. I trust Belicheck's opinion of his QB more than any schlep on this message board. If Bill wants to roll into the season with him, then he must see something about him he likes.
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