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  1. Your Brown Eye

    Prostitution arrest: Myrtle Beach style

    No to the prostitute, but the girl who wrote the article yes
  2. Your Brown Eye

    Walt Coleman retires

    God Bless America
  3. Your Brown Eye

    Syracuse Basketball 2018-2019

    huge win for Cuse vs #1 Duke
  4. Looking at that list, we can fill our holes with a number of solid young players that will be in the primes for 3-5 years without getting that splash player. Then use the extra space to lock-up our young players long term ala White, Dawkins etc
  5. Your Brown Eye

    Andre Reed Criticizes Personnel Decisions

    Is he on the sauce again?
  6. Your Brown Eye

    NFC Divisional playoff: Cowboys at Rams 8:15pm Fox

    I like the music the sound guy is playing when the Rams make plays. It's much better than the Bills sound guy blasting the train horn
  7. Your Brown Eye

    Huge high-tech cannabis plant planned for Buffalo

    In related news, Snoop Dogg just bought a house in Buffalo
  8. Your Brown Eye

    Seinfeld-related Fun Fact

  9. Your Brown Eye

    The Whiskey Thread

    Buffalo Trace can be hard to come by. We aren't able to bring it in often. We scored some in December for the holidays and I pulled one off the shelf for me before the customers got to it. The last time we were allotted it was in May/June. But BT is not a rare as Blaton's bourbon, we get allotted maybe 2 cases a year and that goes within hrs. We got a case in december, no one told me it came it, and it sold out within 2 hrs. Woodford is fantastic, I tried it a Dave and Buster's and was blown away. But my finances from the holidays was a little tight to buy a bottle.
  10. Your Brown Eye

    The Whiskey Thread

    I have a few in my pantry right now: Buffalo Trace Jim Beam Black label Elijah Craig Larceny as for my daily drinkers I have: Evan Williams Four Roses It helps working PT at a liquor store, I can buy and try stuff at cost saving me quite a bit. A few that I would like put in my pantry is Woodford Reserve and Knob Creek
  11. Your Brown Eye

    Why was Jordan Mills ejected??

    Brown would've helped Kiko up, dusted off his jersey and offer him water if he was still on the team