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  1. The Cowboys losing this past weekend was almost as satisfying as the Bills winning. The media and their fans are so obnoxious over this team, to see a first round exit in such a cluster-f of a fashion it was quite satisfying.
  2. It was a great play, but that is no where near "flatten", blocked? yes...flattened? c'mon.
  3. If he doesn't change his game plan to reflect this message board thread, then we are in trouble come Saturday night
  4. Mental health is a tough one, I'd pass. I hope he finds/gets the help he needs, but the last thing we need is to be competing for a title, be it division, conference or Super Bowl and he decides he needs a mental health break again.
  5. they all do, Colts fans may tell you otherwise with Nelson but in reality they'd swap players if they could all day long, and Tampa fans are content, but the ageless Brady has to retire at some point
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