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  1. Your Brown Eye

    With recent news, Is Sweat worth the risk?

    The Process is all about playing with heart, if Sweat has a bad ticker then he will not be part of the Process
  2. Your Brown Eye

    The Browns will self-destruct on October 21, 2019

    ill double down on that bet!
  3. Your Brown Eye

    Why are the Browns the sexy pick?

    for reelz?
  4. Your Brown Eye

    Biggest jerk... Willis Mcgahee, Marshawn Lynch or Antonio Brown?

    Benedict Arnold was pretty bad
  5. Your Brown Eye

    Thoughts on the front office

  6. The signing of Cole Beasley does not "put the narrative to bed"
  7. Your Brown Eye

    WR Cole Beasley (Dallas) to the Bills

  8. Your Brown Eye

    Mitch Morse to Bills per Espn

  9. Your Brown Eye

    Mitch Morse to Bills per Espn

    You are on top of things! Cheers!
  10. Your Brown Eye

    The stupidity of Free Agency summed up in one deal.

    Do you feel better?
  11. Your Brown Eye

    If The Bills Stay @ #9, Who Is Your Guy?

    I've been praying for Devin White since the beginning of the college football season, but him flying in the 40 has all but squandered my hopes we land him
  12. Because he's a jackass, plain and simple