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  1. Albwan

    Helsinki Summit

    lol, how few up votes this loser has after posting over 15000 x... no one likes you, you probably up voted yourself every time... seem like there is always one lonely loud angry reject screaming their hatred in every online setting. Its must be hard holding onto that much hatred. heart pills much?
  2. Albwan

    Helsinki Summit

    The traitors and the criminals are the ones who put out the indictments on the mystery russians, right before the helinski summit. Obviously these are the people that want to put a cloud over trumps legitimacy on becoming president, and are terrified of losing their power. I mean, phishing, really. The internet has been around how long now and so called morons are still falling for a phishing scam? Seriously, i thought trump would be able to fight and hold back these creeps, but honestly it feels like we are going to slip into a socialist system, with the government taking full control over everything. RIP america. Looks like tibs and all the rest of the america haters are going to get their wish.
  3. A census taker tried to quantify me once. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
  4. Albwan

    Trump and Russia

    It's not worth responding to the America hating race baiters, they thrive on their rage and the imagined rage of posters responding to them. Starve them by not even directly responding to them.
  5. Albwan

    Let's Eliminate ICE and....

    The ms13 angels ! what about the angels! Scotch with one ice cube but never let it melt. I love the clink.
  6. Albwan

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    Hope and change coming to netflix.
  7. Albwan

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    hmmm...the hypocrisy is strong with the left....
  8. did you even look at the article you posted the note on the brick is mispelled, probably purposely. from 2010? Ill say it again, some hearsay from 2010 and ted nugent in comparison to all the moronic things that have been said from hollywood and maxine waters? ...and you're not far left ....hahaha probably another tib alias.
  9. A brick from 2010 and ted nugent are the two best examples you can come up with comparing to say eh mad max, a congress woman's threats. Are you kidding? Man, I Iove lefties, keep Trump winning ! The letter on the brick was probably written by a far left lib... Exremism...
  10. Albwan

    Kennedy Retires

    Could it be ??? Tib is WOKE !!! joy joy happy time...must be a good thing if he is this triggered!
  11. Albwan

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    or ever.
  12. I wonder how manaforts waterboarding is going, bet they gave him a special celly.
  13. Albwan

    Summit Predictions

    Not sure if you are being serious or not, this is one of the more frightening theories i've heard in awhile. I have seen fringe sites showing how many photos from NK have been seriously photoshopped It does appear that the reality that we've known is unraveling, not sure what I can discount or believe anymore.