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  1. The “Billsiest” way for the season to end

    Bills go up 27-0 on the pats in the third quarter, and lose 28-27 vs pats backups on the final play. It needs to be epic since we have seen almost every billsy way to lose or not make the playoffs in the last 17 years.
  2. Sam Bradford To The Bills..? Puke

    this article is stupid, he would trip and break his legs before he even made it into a game. he needs to retire, seems like he has a zero chance of finishing a season.
  3. Bold Predicion

    they can score 21, they just need 3 games to do it. * usually not a fan of correcting spelling, but post title with a spelling error is not good.
  4. I took a fit when tolbert fumbled, i walked away from the comp i came back a bit later the yahoo app showed the score 8-7 with a min to go ...dejected, i walked away again and when i came back about an hour later i saw the bills won, weird ending
  5. Carson Wentz has a torn ACL; out for the year

    pats get one step closer to an easy sb
  6. I just don't see the bills sweeping miami, the teams are pretty even. 8-8. virtually no chance vs pats, pats backups would clobber the bills.
  7. Have Fun with the NYT Playoff Machine

    ravens are a pretty good team, dont see them losing 2 more games. They went toe to toe with the steelers.
  8. As hard as this is to admit, i hope tt is good to go, figure he will play hard to up his stock next season. miami is very similar to the bills, and quite evenly matched, I really don't think it's going to be easy to sweep them.
  9. Hate ever rooting for the Pats but...

    I think the outcome of that game was dictated by that opening interception, go up 7-0 you never know what can happen. Just my opinion.
  10. Colts at Bills 2nd Half Thread

    I have never been one to call for a coach being fired after one year, ive seen enough season on the line and......punt?
  11. Colts at Bills 2nd Half Thread

  12. Colts at Bills 2nd Half Thread

    qbs diving head first running backs dropping the rock like an ice cream cone so disgusting this is never going to ^^&^%&&& end I(*)@*) **@&@( *@ B@*()#*(#)*#_)(*+_
  13. Colts at Bills 2nd Half Thread

    you just know theres zero chance the bills score %$%^
  14. Colts at Bills 2nd Half Thread

    no qbs, no wr's, don't understand this its like bad dream...takes a heroic effort to lose or tie at home to a 3 win garbage team, ive never felt more than i do now for a coaching change after one year this year has just been awful
  15. Colts at Bills 2nd Half Thread

    tolbert ruined the ultra slim chance at the playoffs this year....gg