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  1. Ugh...not so fast, listening to Joe and Evan on WFAN today, you would think the Jets were going to the playoffs, they are literally giddy, maybe with good reason. Unfortunately, they completely dismiss the Bills...they crowned the Pats and said who else is good in AFC? "...KC, Houston? Indianapolis?" and "the way the standings are today is nothing like they will look later in the season" I could swear Evan was talking about Buffalo. Shrug. Funny how one game makes a difference. Fitz has a career day, and somehow Bills lose vs Fins, guaranteed the doom and gloom will be horrific here.
  2. el oh el If it was me i'd delete this.
  3. SpongeBob Squarepants Is A ‘Violent,’ ‘Racist’ Colonizer, College Professor Says https://www.dailywire.com/news/spongebob-squarepants-is-a-violent-racist-colonizer-college-professor-says The article concludes with this: We should be uncomfortable with a hamburger-loving American community’s occupation of Bikini’s lagoon and the ways that it erodes every aspect of sovereignty.”
  4. Why is this just a Trump issue...why is everyone dead silent on China on these same climate issues? This is just another weapon forged by the left to attack Trump.
  5. https://videos.whatfinger.com/2019/10/11/live-massive-trade-deal-with-china-made-trump-speaks-to-media-during-meeting-with-chinese-officials/ UH OH some heads are going to explode Oh wait yahoo says its a hollow deal . never mind. We're back on to peach mints.
  6. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fox-news-poll-results-october-6-8-2019 Oversampling democrats. 48% democrats to 40 % republican.
  7. Declaring a poll over and over all day long as the top news headline is clearly not centrist.
  8. Fox has joined the liberal bandwagon, everyone know that. Their radio "news" headline is announcing the results of that poll 1000x times a day... "a poll of 1000 people says America favors impeachment"..rofl First of all only liberals believe polls, second that poll was probably run by hard core liberal interns who totally fudged it... I mean really "51%", that's a nice tidy number isn't it. The executives at Fox are probably desperate to figure how to get rid of Hannity/Carlson/LI Those shows call themselves 'opinions' but are probably the closest you''ll get to news on that network.
  9. LOL....Now of course fox news is real news!!!!!!!! Just when you think you've hit rock bottom as a liberal nut, you go ahead and cite fox news.
  10. Did he not hire you at one of his hotels laundromats, it that why you're this bitter?
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