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  1. Nothing believable about Parnas, sounds like he was briefed with all the demorat talking points and he's parroting them back. Total scumbag.
  2. To be fair "chubby" is taking up a whole lot of real estate in there for free.
  3. Its hilarious and quite obvious the dnc and the media have collaborated to start a feud between Warren and Sanders. So typical, all the demorats have is to create strife, tension, and infighting between groups to get their nefarious way.
  4. Is all this Rudy Guilliani correspondence? Lol is all this saying Laura Ingraham, Rudy Guiliani, Shaun Hannity, Putin were all in on the quid pro quo??
  5. Damn...Main stream media gaslighting US people so hard sometimes I forget that people actually dig Trump and still love our great country.
  6. Not to mention, clearly demorats will always accuse others of what they are guilty of.
  7. I just emerged from the bomb shelter...did WW3 start yet???
  8. Shes a whack job. I don't care what anyone says, she's either senile or heavily drunk/dosed. #termlimits
  9. It's not just them. Today, in line at Walmart I got to chatting with a seemingly pleasant older lady, As she commented on the Time cover (Michelle Obama) I quipped that I thought it was a shame the current first lady was largely ignored by the press, at which point a nasty look overtook her, and, scrunching her face in disgust said, and I quote: "I think she's ugly, and no one likes her husband" I shrugged, I know better than to engage these folks. It's great being no one. LOL.
  10. Just like tibs, gary and q babys posts on ppp
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