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  1. No, its anything but the nasty human being who did the deed, as long as it fits the america hating agenda. To simpletons its guns, trump, the air, etc etc etc because, you know, guns pull guns triggers because cnn and huff told them so
  2. i bet your the op AND tiberious you all have seem to have that same ragey hate thing going on
  3. its lose- lose for trump, so he just trolls the simpletons. he takes away guns and they will pull out their hair screaming, tears streaming, on how hes a communist stealing our rights
  4. These guys hate trump more than the nutjob shooters imho. Totally irrational. Sitting here reading this post, all I can do is shake my head. I'm ashamed and embarrassed at how much hatred there is towards our great country from the left. Its as if the media and the left celebrate these incidents as holidays.
  5. Hate to say it...Tyrod will be back

    I don't understand the undying devotion i see on these boards for him, I find it to be actually painful watching him qb.
  6. Hate to say it...Tyrod will be back

    Shhh...i can actually see our upside down society doing this, lets not give simpletons ideas.
  7. Taylor/Jackson Tandem

    only racists see racist ghosts around every corner.
  8. Hate to say it...Tyrod will be back

    I know, i never would imagine so many people would be actually be this desperate for mediocrity.
  9. Hate to say it...Tyrod will be back

    If they get a really nasty defense that can keep the other team to under three in a playoff game, maybe it could work
  10. 2-23: Ian Rapoport on WGR

  11. Id rather not have playoffs than a drek 3 point loss and out as well. easily one of the worst playoff games i can remember... just like carlin on wfan reminds me of everyday, "at no point did i think either team was going to score points at any point in that game" Neither did I
  12. or missing open qbs. or struggling to score. id even rather have peterman. again bills fans have battered fan syndrome. but ..but... but... hes a nice guy
  13. You guys up there in buffalo dont care for passing qb's do ya... i have to imagine any other organizations fans would be screaming if they had a a qb that struggled to throw more than a td game. We need to start calling it the battered fan syndrome... but but but hes a nice guy....
  14. Waaaaaaay too much logic ...simpletons are unable to process that much logic.