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  1. This 100 percent. I've seen way too many cases of calls and non calls in big situations to doubt the refs aren't driving the games. Bills vs Packers with covid affecting the commercials...would be a numbers disaster for the NFL.
  2. Albwan


    I feel gutted after watching this game today..
  3. These guys are going to skip down for another 7 fg isn't going to do it
  4. Pats are listless...maybe they are entering the Trevor sweepstakes
  5. Say what you want about us naysayers, but how many good teams nose dive like this 3-4 games in a row There's a huge problem here
  6. Also Miami stomping the Rams makes the Bills lone solid win against a supposed good team not so solid
  7. Can the Bills hold the Pats to zero points next half...maybe the only chance they got
  8. the Bills are toast, Pats fade after this weeks win and Miami takes the division.
  9. Popped into the ppp sewer to see the idiots all gleeful, guess the libtards have won and this is their board now. rip
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