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  1. Course.... Doc Brown will say this is histrionics and stop interrupting his self important Trump attacks.
  2. Challenging Trump? Don't they usually give anyone who challenges Trump a lollipop to suck on?
  3. You've chosen to ignore content by BullBuchanan. Always practice social distancing. 5-10 mins of Juan Williams is all the left i can tolerate in a day.
  4. lol...2020 still ball washing the last president... ol habits never die for libtards.
  5. I almost fell off my chair when I read that post. Its like tibs gar and q all had a baby and that what his first words were.
  6. This also reminds me of tibs, gary, q etc posts..then rational people reading them.
  7. \ Not a surprise it's the epicenter. OMG gais its a boat !!!!
  8. It doesn't get tiresome for the left. It nourishes the libtards. Lets face it these people have one thing on their demented minds, getting rid of Trump. At any cost, damn everything else. For them this is quite literally, war. And anything goes in their fight. Anything.
  9. Trump...POTUS...rich....hot wife...very popular Q-baby! ...anonymous d bag troll nobody with a dumb pic on the interwebs... lol.....
  10. She was on point with everything she said. Looked forward to her being on fox sat night, man she has a sexy sultry voice.
  11. Riiiiight. as cnn and msnbc forbids any whisper of this allegation.
  12. Sorry if this is a re-post, but this deserves a look to keep nasty nancys post at the top.
  13. Auditioning for the polident commercials she will be doing after this mes is over.
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