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  1. The schedule is a favorable one for Buffalo besides the challenging stretch at the end. Many of these teams are on the lower tier of offense which should make the matchups favorable with Buffalo's defense even if the offense struggles in some games. I see a similar season to 2017 as far as a good start and a bit of a slide towards the end. I am predicting a 4-2 start and a 9-7 finish with Buffalo being in the playoff hunt until the very last week. The team is not too far away and I feel like next year will be when "the process" starts to pay off with a few playoff years ahead.
  2. If Kaepernick stuck with the game after the controversy, I believe that he could have been a solid backup/stop gap starter for the rest of his career. A definite upgrade over the likes of Tyree Jackson, Ej Manuel and Nate Peterman. He did not decide to do that. He is not in game shape, he is in his third year removed from football and most importantly, his mind and passion are focused on different causes. This would have been a valid conversation in 2017, but today even if he wanted to, he would be nowhere near ready to play physically or mentally .
  3. Defense, great and actually nearly flawless when the players that mattered were in the game. Offense showed flashes but were also sloppy at times. Rookies altogether looked great. Good-1st and 2nd defense, 1st string o-line, Oliver, Singletary and wade Bad- Bodine, Bojorquez, Tyree Jackson, Yeldon's fumble More positives than negatives overall.
  4. I think that the offensive line will have a rough night due to lack of experience together and injuries. Allen will take a hit or two and look erratic but do enough to give everyone hope by making a couple big plays. The second and third units will all look good since this is a deep team with a lot of competition going on. Buffalo has never done well in the preseason even during the super bowl years. As long as no one is getting hurt and our new players are showing potential, I do not care what the final score is.
  5. I did state that Troup and Graham were mentioned by me specifically because of who we could have had had instead. Maybe I should have clarified bettter or left that out to avoid confusion. Peterman, you have a point. Maybin didn't care and pretty much admitted that in an interview years later. Davis, Benjamin and Walker were good examples of people who made a choice. I think that the saddest thing in this is that the last 20 years have given us so much to choose from.
  6. There are many bad players, but I am trying to exclude ones like Losman and Manuel who sucked but gave an honest effort. My all time worst- Vontae Davis-Not only did he do the unthinkable and walk from the team in the middle of the game, generate disrespect and scorn from many players in the NFL including non Bills , but a couple of months later, took part in a fanduel commercial on "why he walked away" like it was a cutesy thing. As if he did not learn a damn thing and was shameless enough to grab a few more bucks out of it. I hope that the money from the commercial was invested well, because I have a feeling that he will never make a cent from the NFL again after that stunt. Others Aaron Maybin- Held out, yet would have been considered a bust even if he was a 7th round pick.. On the list of many recent poor draft picks for the bills, this is the worst Nathan Peterman- OK, maybe he tried, but he was so bad that he made us pine for the days of Manuel, view an off the street washed up out of retirement career backup in Derek Anderson as an upgrade and see Matt Barkley as a potential savior. Kelvin Benjamin-Could have become the number one but mailed it in to the point where legends such as Kailen Clay and Ray Ray Mcloud were getting more looks than him. Darwin Walker-Who remembers this? A solid up and coming lineman for the eagles Was traded for Takeo spikes and seen as a perfect rebuilding block. Unfortunately he did care to be in buffalo and held out to the point where we gave him to the bears for just a 6th round pick The "consider the alternative" section Terrell Troup- Back injuries stopped him before he started. Can't fault him for that, but when you consider that local prospect and future NFL hall of famer Rob Gronkowski was there and projected by many to be Buffalo's 2nd round pick was passed over, this one hurts. TJ Graham-Why pick a pro bowl QB in Russell Wilson when you can trade up and reach for a receiver projected to go in the 5th round? Worked out as expected
  7. Thought this said Josh Gordon for a second, lol. I think that the CB's are in a good position as is, however at the right price I would be open to this. A white and Norman backfield would be pretty sweet.
  8. Works out great until he celebrates their miracle super bowl run by taking the o-line out for a road trip a couple of days before the game.
  9. I remember Shawn Nelson, many including me thought that was a steal. During that MNF opener against New England(McKelvin fumble at the worst time part 1 of however many times it happened) he had a nice TD catch early in the gamr making it seem like maybe he was for real. Never really did much after that, but I remember that catch being on some Bills highlight reels for awhile after.
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