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  1. My initial thought would be Gilmore, but if they kept him, they wouldn't have likely drafted White so that is a push. Woods is the one that I always thought Buffalo should have kept. Steady production and would be a great fit for Josh Allen.
  2. At the time where this issue of Keapernick not playing was at its peak between 2016 and 2017, I would say that it was fair to put him in the same tier of quarterbacks as Case Keenum, Fitz, and Tyrod. Players that are marginal starters and good backups. He was interviewed by some teams in 2017 but none saw him as a match. Back then, I think it would have been legitimate to ask why he does not have a job somewhere. Since then, he has made a career out of social justice and used this incident to promote that. He has lost a lot of weight, not tried out for any type of team and at least visibly does not seem to be practicing or working out with other people in the industry. Meanwhile, other quarterbacks who may not be as talented are working out all of the time, interviewing with teams and making it known that they are available if needed. While Kaepernick focuses on social justice(his right to do so), these other quarterback are focusing on steps needed to possibly further their football career. If you are an NFL team that needed a quarterback, you want someone who is in football shape and more prepared to play if needed. This is not discrimination or blackballing it is common sense. Many others protested during that time and still have jobs. Kaepernick is out of a job because of the choices that he has made in the three years since.
  3. Zay showed a bit of improvement last year, but seemed to regress this year and fell down the depth chart. I would call him a disappointment, but not a complete bust like other receivers such as TJ Graham and James Hardy were. A change of scenery may do him good and the Raiders made a good trade for them given the cost. Zay seems like a decent person and I wish him the best of luck
  4. I am concerned about Allen's continued mistakes, but it is way too early to write him off as a bust. He has a good arm and as over come adversity twice on the fourth quarter this year. Before yesterday, his completion percentage was around 62 percent. You cannot write him off based on yesterday's game. Keep in mind that this was a defense that also recently shut down Jared Goff and Ben Roethlisberger. Allen was knocked out of the game, we do not know what he would have done in the fourth quarter this time around. Barkley (who some think is our better long term option) looked just as bad if not worse when he came in. If the season ends and Allen has shown no progress, then maybe the questions start to come in, but not at this time.
  5. When Allen was drafted, it was known that he had both huge upside or downside and also that he would take awhile to develop. Until this game, there was improvement from last year and the ability to comeback against the Jets and Bengals shows a resiliency that many recent Bills quarterback have not had. I wonder if he would have done the same thing in this game. We will never know since he was (cheaply) knocked out of the game, I certainly think that his chances would have been better than Barkley. Allen was terrible today, but your defense is extremely good. I am not going to call Allen a bust based on playing a defense that has also recently shut down Goff and Big Ben. Allen needs to reduce the bad plays and inaccurate throws. If he is at the same level after the end of the season with no further improvement, then maybe it is time to question whether or not he is a bust but it is way too early to do so now.
  6. The only problem that I have with the refs today is a major one. The Patriots got away with knocking our starting quarterback out of the game on a clear cheap helmet to helmet play. Not only was the guy not ejected but, oops someone held on the Buffalo offense, penalties offset, no consequence at all, game on. Allen was bad, but he has come on strong on the fourth quarter in other games. We do not know if he would have today, but he should have had the chance. The interceptions and punter cost us the game today, but that still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. On the bright side, the team was not thoroughly outclassed as in other years against the Pats. The defense can hang with anyone. Less mistakes on the offense and this is a playoff team.
  7. NFL players can realize that it is time to go without creating the drama that he did. He quit in the middle of a game, He made a commercial mocking that decision. That makes him scum to me. The fact that he is still making this an issue today validates this.
  8. Gore isn’t getting younger-But he is still productive this year and his running style fits this offense Singletary (who we all love) came up lame-He wont be gone very long if at all, two weeks at the most and Yeldon can handle 5-10 carries a game Yeldon they don’t trust too much yet-Not a Yeldon fan as a starter, but he is a good pass catching back and you could do a lot worse as a backup DiMarco is as useless as used toilet paper-I disagree here, a good special teamer and has just enough on running and catching to give him a role on the offense. It is up for debate on whether or not today's NFL roster needs a traditional fullback, but DiMarco has fit that role well and is doing his job. Would I trade for Drake? Maybe a low round pick, but I think that it is more of a luxury than an urgent need. I would rather see them stick what what is on the roster now and add someone in the draft if the need comes up next year.
  9. Maybe this has something to do with why Bodine was cut so quickly.
  10. There is no doubt that losing Mosley hurt them, but injuries happen in every game and coaches are there to make the adjustments. McDermott and Daboll made up for the poor offensive strategy in the first half by doing this at the end. A little bit of a lucky break in a way for Buffalo, but it still takes good play and coaching to capitalize on it and come back like they did.
  11. Yeah, but did you know that LeVeon Bell did not play for over 600 days? That was almost as bad as the Steelers/Seahawks super bowl where it felt like the announcers were getting commission for every time they said that Jerome Bettis's hometown was Detroit.
  12. I am not comparing Allen to anyone good yet since he has a ways to go, but I remember a few Bills games in the 90's were Kelly and the offense were awful in the first three quarters and then would find a way to get it done in the end. Allen did that today but gets a big assist from the defense for only allowing eight points. He not going to get away with four turnovers in a half too many times, but a road win against a division rival is a good way to start the season. I give him a B- for the day.
  13. That is garbage that his behavior is rewarded like this. Why did I see this coming a mile away?
  14. I don't think that the Bills will specifically get screwed over but I could see the refs throwing a ridiculous amount of penalties on both teams throughout the game. 20 penalties last night, that game was atrocious to watch. I can only imagine being it worse with two younger less established teams like the Bills and Jets.
  15. A road game with a young quarterback and a lot of new players will make it a rough overall game for the Bills offense but they will make a couple of big plays. The defense will have a strong performance and be the difference in a close one. 19-17 Bills
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