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  1. Regarding UDFA's, unless we sign Turk, I think that the team is deep enough where I doubt anyone that we signed makes it farther than the practice squad
  2. Good thing this is football and not a track meet.
  3. Ladies and gentleman, meet the guy who will be the most popular player on the bills message boards for the next three years.
  4. Its possible, but I am seeing more of an Aaron Schobel or Phil Hansen where they are good but not elite. I always felt bad for Kelsay. He took a lot of heat that should have been reserved for the ownership at the time. Kelsay would have been a perfectly acceptable rotational defensive lineman that was used in run stopping situations. Unfortunately the lack of appeal to free agents at the time and the penny pinching of Ralph Wilson resulted in a lack of talent and as a result the franchise paying and marketing Kelsay as if he was the face of the defense and a top tier defensive end. Of course, the fans didn't buy it and when the defense would get gashed for 30 or 40 points, Kelsay was an easy target and scapegoat. Kelsay would have looked better if he was the third or fourth best defensive end on a team instead of the best or second best one. Nice guy and good team player, just put in a bad position.
  5. My biggest problem with this is the extremely condescending and hostile reaction to any one who dares to question staying inside indefinitely on any level. Take a look at all of the posts on this thread and you will see that nearly all of the ones that are rude or sarcastic and coming from that side of the argument. They assume that anyone who questions some of the restrictions is thinking that it is a hoax or not following guidelines and that is not the case most of the time. That would be like me assuming that everyone on the other side just wants a two year paid vacation on the government's dime(which would also be wrong.). The reality is that this is a scary unprecedented in our time situation and that every has had major changes in their life over the last six weeks. No one know for sure what will happen and there is no answer that is not going to result in many lives being negatively impacted or ended. I have social distanced since march 12th, I wear masks when I go out, there are a lot of people that i care about that I have not seen in weeks. When I make my statements, I am not disregarding that danger of COVID 19 or saying that everyone should be out tomorrow. Even in the best case scenario it will take weeks to get things up and running. Keep in mind though that every day that people are inside, that is resulting in suicides, overdoses and people having serious health issues from procedures that were put off. Adding to that, months or years of this would turn the economy upside down, put us in danger of food shortages and eventually get people in a situation where they are losing their homes. There is going to be a point down the road where we have to look and ask if more people are being hurt by other factors staying inside that what would have happened if we had opened things up. It is not an easy choice, and it is not as black and white as some people seem to think. There are many legitimate scientists and doctors out there who do not agree with the lock down going as long as it has. The original cause of this thread was regarding the drafted players having family and friends over. I agree that it would be foolish to throw a huge party in a house, but I had also pointed out that we do not know what happened behind the scenes. Some states have looser guidelines and 8 or 9 people in a house may not violate that. It is also very possible that these people planned ahead or tested before. Unfortunately, too many either were judgemental ("what kind of flowers to you want for your loved ones funeral?") or took the other extreme and acted like it wasn't a factor at all. The bright side for both of us is that there was the draft over the last two days and that there is more draft today. I am sure that all of us who posted here who are Bills fans and football fans were able to enjoying watching some sport related again. I hope that things are back to the point where they can do the games this year and that we are all able to enjoy a Bills super bowl run.
  6. I have followed the guidelines in my area since early March so I am not disregarding common sense. I am talking long term. Plain and simple, this lockdown is not economically or socially sustainable over a course of months or years and all the fear mongering in the world is not going to change that. You can choose to live in fear if you would like. Have a great night.
  7. I completely agree, and know of a couple people in the healthcare industry that told me their hospitals are often at a fraction of capacity. I was referring to the person with the "citation needed" comment
  8. Yeah, but based on the nature of their posts, I am going to guess that if it is not from CNN or snopes, they probably wont accept it as valid.
  9. This link reminds me of how any COVID 19 discussion ends up being https://babylonbee.com/news/infographic-common-covid-19-talking-points-and-what-they-actually-mean
  10. I did notice that in almost every case, there were less than ten people. Guidelines are different in every state, and many are not on full lockdown, but discouraging events with more than ten. There are cases where they could be having people over and still staying within the guidelines of the states.
  11. Boy you sure showed him! How about trying a civil conversation? I do not mind following the guidelines so much as I mind the sudden deluge of self appointed Barney Fifes that feel like it is their duty to jump all over and personally attack any thought that goes against staying home for months indefinitely without question. Many people are not doing well as a result of staying at home for weeks and there is going to be a point where keeping this up results in more people dying from suicide, overdoses and putting off vital medical procedures than what would have been from covid 19. Edit-I am not minimizing the concern of this, nor pushing for something silly like injecting bleach. Just pointing out that there are many different stories out there and many different opinions that are valid on how to best get things back to normal over the next few months
  12. No team has three true #1 caliber receivers just lying around. Diggs is a #1, Brown and Beasley are good options and 2 and 3. Many non Bills fans think that this is one of the better trios out there. Keep in mind what we had at the position in 2017 and 2018. We do need a running back at some point, but many good running backs have been drafted in the mid rounds. As far as Epenasa, seems safe and not flashy, but McDermott and Beane a good track record on picks so far, so I trust them on this
  13. I am tired of the celebrity "we are in this together" commercials from their mansions. They are in a nice house, have a ton of money and would jump the line in the hospital over everyone else if they had the slightest hint of not feeling well. Pretty sure they would not feel the same if they were stuck in a studio apartment, not knowing when their next paycheck is or stuck in a home with an abuser or toxic relationship. "new normal" is annoying, especially when a person speaks of getting back to it. No thanks. This is a temporary normal, and we want to get back to how it was before. These changes should only be temporary. This should not be an excuse to change laws permanently and take away freedoms for good. I also think that the time has passed for posting reminders and memes to stay inside on social media. Everyone knows already. They have either been doing it for over a month or have no intention of starting, your post has zero chance of swaying one single person, but will annoy many of us.
  14. I do not see Tua ending up like Manziel. If anything I could a see career path like Bradford or Locker where injuries shorten or derail the career.
  15. At this point, I think that Buffalo has enough at each position where they should truly go BPA in each round. Many of the positions with less depth are ones where mid to late round pick can land a good player. Tackle, and running back depth, along with an upgrade in backup quarterback are what I would like to see addressed the most.
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