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  1. Maybin, Benjamin, Mario Williams after it was clear that he was mailing it in. I can tolerate a bad player if they are trying and have a good attitude, but as soon as it is clear that they are mailing it in and do not want to be there, that is when I feel that the sooner they are gone the better.
  2. In a parallel universe somewhere, Buffalo drafted Gronkowski and Russell Wilson instead of Torrell Troup and TJ Graham
  3. Thats going to make their offense dangerous for the two or three games in a given year that he is not injured.
  4. For Buffalo. Not quite a one year wonder, but I remember in 99 and 2000 when Linebacker Sam Cowart was seen as one of the best young linebackers in the league. He had a devastating ACL injury and was never anywhere near the same after. Otherwise, Ickey Woods, Derek Anderson and Peyton Hillis stand out the most.
  5. I will always appreciate him giving 2018 Bills fans a much needed breath of fresh air and torching the Jets after weeks of painful experiences with Nate Peterman and Derek Anderson. I think that some fans overrated his capability due to being starved for an NFL capable QB but during the Patriots game in 2019, a more realistic performance was given based on his career. If we had a situation where he had to play for a few games, I feel like you would have had one Jets performance for every three or four patriots performances. An upgrade was needed. Barkley was a great guy and
  6. Exactly, If Buffalo would be 5-1 in a given stretch with Allen, I could see them being 3-3 or 4-2 under Trubisky in that same stretch. I did not have confidence in Buffalo beating too many people under Barkley or Fromm
  7. Keep in mind that up to very recently, a signing of this caliber would have been handled as competition to be the starting qb. Now he is strictly a backup and a huge upgrade over Barkley. I feel like he could do well enough with the offense around him to fill in for a few games if Allen was to get hurt for awhile.
  8. I was not impressed with Addison's performance overall in his first year here, but I am impressed with this move on his part. The fact that so many veterans are willing to take cuts shows that the culture has changed here and gives me more hope for the next few years.
  9. He adds value to a team, but he we are in cap trouble and McKenize can fill the void. If it was between him and McKenzie, I would rather keep McKenzie. Based on the current situation, I would say to move on. I liked his results and effort during his time as a Bill and wish him well.
  10. So, lets say that this does happen and Josh Allen gets a torn ACL or achilles injury during the game. Allen is out for part or all of next year, Buffalo is not nearly as competitive with Barkley or Fromm in 2021 and we still got destroyed by the Chiefs and missed out on a super bowl last week. No, 100 percent no. Not worth the risk and do not feel like the players from either losing team would be up for it. I would much rather enjoy 2020's 13-3 season with two playoff wins for what it was and begin the hope for a super bowl next year.
  11. Brown had a career year in 2019 and was injured most of this year. No reason to cut him unless you have to clear salary cap space.
  12. Running back and tight end would be nice, but the defensive front seven is by far the biggest priority. No one can consistently rush the qb besides hughes and the linebackers are not good enough against the top teams. An elite pass rusher and a linebacker to can cover the top tight ends are the top two priorities.
  13. Buffalo has turned around quickly under McDermott, but they have more work to do. If anyone in the summer said the Buffalo with this schedule would be 13-3 and a championship with Allen being in the running for mvp, I would have been very excited. I am in a down mood tonight, but in the long run, i will see this season as a positive and exciting one. The front seven on the defense needs to be addressed. The players who have replaced players such as Lawson, Phillips, Louteuoi did not get it done this year. The front seven needs a player that does for the defense what Digg
  14. Todays game and effort hurts, but this is a great season overall which exceeded expectations. They will be good for years to come,but I am worried about them being second fiddle to KC. Buffalo needs someone on the defense who can make the same impact that Diggs did on the offense this year.
  15. Im not saying that it made a difference in this game, but someone needs to call KC out on these "injuries" where everyone is miraculously better two or three plays later.
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