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  1. Just the thought of Schultz and Dooley makes one smile, you see (UC)
  2. There is no possibility of realistic change. Even when background checks were made a requirement numerous exceptions were then granted. There is no appetite for control. Can you drive a car legally, then pass a test at some later date. No!, But you can buy and use a gun. (Charleston exception).
  3. So, when people were hungry and went to Washington they got food stamps, so will they get discount coupons from the gun lobby and Washington to get a gun for protection? Either dramatic gun control is put in place or more guns is the answer. I am sorry if I misrepresented your position, I think I may gave been wrong looking back at your statements. Mea culpa Chef.
  4. No the incident is not funny, what is funny is your concern about a gun incident, either accidental or deliberate.
  5. I may be heading to your view Timmy. After Indy issue I think FedEx should be charged under OSHA for not allowing employees to carry guns for self defence or having armed guards through out the facility. If you cannot be safe at work or in church then let's just get it on. Gun control is impossible!! Shoot first, ask questions later. Any solution is better than status quo.
  6. Then how do you combat it? Zip code = poverty, drugs, gangs, single parent families, education challenges, high density, ???
  7. The US already has the greatest percentage of citizens in jail in the world. Increasing that number may help, but it does show a societal problem that needs to be understood. Then what is the solution? Status quo is not working!
  8. Agree and trump gave it to them because of the opportunity fir blackmail.
  9. I have thought if this type of situation except there are many neighborhoods where this would be suicide in 2021. Cops have become a military unit, trained to attack their own citizens. The disrespect of the law by many gss led to this. Many societal issues must be fixed simultaneously. Lessening the danger from police would assist in creating a better relationship with all citizens except the criminals. The solution to fixing the gang, drug and criminal issues are way past my ability to try to explain. Very complex.
  10. Ok, here is the reasoning. 7 am to 12:30 pm beer costs $0.05 per oz Bourbon costs $1.00 per shot As of Tom Donahoe era paying customer passes through army of security, pat downs, no bags and no hidden cans in your pant legs, inside your hat, inside the hood of your coat, no flasks, 12:30pm to 3:00pm Beer costs $1:25 per oz Bourbon not served to cheap seats. So my guess is the study in Buffalo only takes in pregame or we would be number 1.
  11. Fake news I guess. Must have been some kind of BRIAN SICKNICK joke.
  12. Seems to me a policeman lost his life.,
  13. Trump and his peeps, Qs and conspiracy guys turned the Capital into a murder scene and a fortress, so it is easy to see how people can turn Chauvin into a race issue, whether it should be or not...just a point on the string of many obvious race issues created by police actions.
  14. A society that is so evolved that 73,000,000 voted for a guy who lied every day, exaggerated every day, ridiculed others everyday, flipped positions everyday and created circumstances that killed 557,000 and the Jan6th riots. For goodness sake leh, just say it us obvious that Chauvin is guilty of something between manslaughter and murder2. Your cred is harmed when you cannot at least move towards a reasonable position.
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