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  1. Amazing when a person who considers themselves to be an intellectual with big words like draconian...is so engulfed In hatred they can no longer see when they are flying up their own a??. By the way no one who knows me would ever say I am a leftist... I dislike Trudeau...just hate to see a society that was just and caring and honorable become Trumped and spiteful and hateful. Read your own posts and tell me you are proud....if you are....my sympathies Say good night Gracee. And good night from Texaco. You are out of your league puppet...
  2. Awe yes...another bully... My offer stands that if you can actually express you thoughts without quoting stereotypical Trumpisms people might listen. I noted how you jumped in with your bu─║ly friend to gang up...cannot even think on your own. Easy eh. Watch the movie 12 Angry men, learn something about yourself. Such intelligence .....
  3. Love when you know you are wrong you revert to Trumpisms, .like idiot and stupid...typical bully, bleeding from her face, short and fat...soooo intelligent. If you had a point the world now discounts you....like I now do.. Your hatred and love of Trump covers up any potential intelligence. Good night my good man
  4. That's what the Chinese said and you judged to be wrong. Interesting that everyone on the Roosevelt supported the Capt. Open your eyes and ears and make intelligent observations. Are you truly worried that your contrived enemies may find your aircraft carrier...this is 2020 not 1942. His superiors did not lose faith he ,lost faith in them, so he took action.... Think my good man....stop protecting your dream and face the facts.
  5. If you could read I mentioned days ago I did not trust China, we have no reason to trust them over the years. I have only pushed that you and others are blinded and unwilling to even consider that the bs coming from The Wizard of Orange has been harmful. Thank you 3M for standi g up to the bully Justified removal....seriously, keep on marching to this Trump drum my friend. I am not a leftist, but I do try to make honest and informed opinions. Stay safe
  6. Good luck Capt. Brett of the USS Roosevelt. You spoke out, didn't follow protocol, how dare you try to warn people, The truth must be controlled. Just like those Chinese who tried to speak the truth. Lucky you are still alive.
  7. This from a country that is the biggest supporter of Saudi Arabia , the killer of journalists, degrading of women .....glass houses. Your pres says he believes them and likes the Leader of China (today) You are typical holier than thou...xxxxxx The wizard of orange is taking you from admiration and respectability to blowhard bully.
  8. This is a joke...I hope you survive this bad leadership. I hope we both are here 6 months from now so we can consider China's role, but for now leadership is the issue
  9. I am not a lib, I am actually a fiscal conservative. The focus on China is a smoke screen to poor performance by the Wizard of Orange,. It will potentially cost me my life, some dear friends lives across the US and hopefully not your life. Fight the commies later. If you would have protested against the Vietnam War...then you should be questioning this leadership
  10. I do not feel ashamed...ethnic cleansing wow. How about all the WMD that was used to kill Sadam....no one us pure. I have no love for China, especially their system of government. What I DETEST is the waste of intelligence and time spent blaming instead of solving. If you actually understood business this is the worst approach to getting us out of 200000 deaths. Trump is a hindrance to helping save lives in this instance and if you cannot see that you are a blind dinosaur. The Wizard of Orange needs the curtain pulled back.
  11. Ashamed for facing reality....haha And now the Wizard of Orange is passing the baton to Spence and is off fighting illegal drug traffickers. He must have watched ZeroZeroZero on Prime and lost interest in 200000 citizens. The Chinese with out a doubt did not scream loud enough or soon enough. The wizard also ignored his own people from CDC in Jan. He beat his chest in Feb like a defensive end after a sack. Me superman!! Who is most guilty....Who gives a fu... Safe the 200000 and stop the politics You Rhino are the equivalent of a dinosaur and they are very popular in cartoon movies from Disney.
  12. Find someone to blame. Shoot and ask questions later. Believe reporters when it suits you. Trust the CIA when it is convenient. You may be losing 200,000 citizens in to the next 90 days. That is the same number lost over 10 yrs. In Vietnam. You should be expecting the truth from your own government rather than worried about the number of urns in Wuhan. So the Chinese understated their problems....and others have not.?? Who gives a rat's butt. They also allow abortions but who cares.!! I am not a fan of China, but wasting time on blame is misdirected today. Just protect yourself family and friends....stay safe. If you survive you can go court if you can find a lawyer alive and a judge to hear you.
  13. I never indicated the Chinese lied, Just they could and likely do. Who cares if someone shipped 40000 urns...that is my point to those who just want to find an enemy, like Saddam, got to find someone to blame. Even if they lied, my point was our governments lie, Just do not demonize the Chinese over such a tragic circumstance.
  14. Agree that there are many unscrupulous Chinese companies, and government officials, but we also have them. Our government officials also lie to us every day. Consider watching Trump, the surgeon General, the medical specialist who tell you CDC set record times for approving drug trials and production or processes, BUT it has taken them a month and still cannot decide whether people should wear a mask....they are still considering...BS Ps....Canada is no different on this decision... The US government is predicting 100,000 to 200,000 citizens may die and in 30 days they cannot decide is masks should be worn to help protection of the person or others who may spread the virus and be Asymptomatic. BS a far more serious lie than 2500 deaths vs 40000 urns
  15. Never suggested I fully trusted the Chinese communist party, but how can anyone have blind trust of the press these days. Every Trump supporter says the press cannot be trusted...except when it suits them 40000 ventilators will be available by end of Mar...oh NOT. 40,000 urns....likely from area 51. Gotta find blame..Gotta bomb someone, Saddam is dead and his WMDs. One day Trump loves China then he hates them. Loves Putin then doesn't trust him, loves Kim then hates him, Seems that many people can be conveniently gullible. The press is no longer neutral, always trying to justify someone's position.
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