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  1. He was sitting on the dock waiting for Brandy. She a fine girl, and a good wife she will be. Such a fine girl.
  2. Great show when we were young....but never made it to the moon and back and they never said what happened to the first 6 rocketships. I was always disappointed that Captain Kangaroo never lived in Australia or actually lived on a boat. The only real constant was Bunrabbitt who loved carrotts such things left many with scars for life,,
  3. That will be two beers for you. Foolhardy is not being able to see that both extremes are dangerous and equal. I'll pass on that beer with you.
  4. I actually believe much of what you say, except I am not blind. The left is the equal to the right in terms of hatred and bullying. Both extremes are relentless and pius. Both are dangerous to democracy and freedom. This all started with an opinion that Trump will want to extend past 8 years. I still think this is possible and if so you owe me a beer.
  5. Express one opinion that goes against the extreme right and the anger, bullying and name calling starts. I am more fiscal conservative than you will ever be, I just see right extremism as damaging as left extremism to freedom and the pursuit of happiness. AR 15s are as dangerous to my freedom and happiness as are subsidized housing and food stamps.
  6. Block me for expressing an opinion that an illogical man will take what appears to be an illogical direction to logical people. Seriously. Not surprising that you revert to name calling and bullying within 4 words. 🤔
  7. I am neither a supporter of Trump or detractor but he has entered into many controversial directions so term limits seems a logical direction for a man with this huge ego.IMHO. Revenge is a powerful force for him.
  8. Trump has managed to ignore the constitution and avoid the law for 4 years so his logic and public support will allow him to fix this injustice.
  9. IMHO when Trump wins in 2020, you will begin to hear talk of ending 8 yr max. Congress has no limits. Senate has no limits. Supreme Court has no limits so why should 1 branch of government be restricted. Trump, Putin, Kim rule the world.
  10. Once again, why. He is a piece of sheeet as a human being and team mate.. Unless you are Sigmund Freud his behavior should never be rewarded.
  11. 24 pages wasted on this piece of sheeeeet, less than one page on Bills TDs in 2019, 2 topics below. Says a lot about all of us. Antonio Brown is not worth a single breath. I apologize for these 41 words.
  12. Chrissy Everett should have taken the mic and beat him with it. Rome is a coward, hiding behind a mic taunting people who are 150lbs bigger then running. We all know those types. The mic is a replacement for his mothers skirt. He thought he was the Stern of sports but he is nothing but a punk. When he was on GR55 I wrote them and pledged to never listen to the station until he was dropped.
  13. Must be blind, I have seen how his peeps dressed him some times, they told him how cool he was, if he had sight he would no better. Especially the hair. Of course, if he can see then that cool dress stuff is his fault.
  14. Our O line is not good enough, period. We added some mature players last year that boosted the performance but I think Beaney would want a further boost with another starter, likely a rookie draft choice. How much better would our O perform if Spain and Feliciano were not starters. If Ford moves to guard because a better rookie takes over that would be incredible. So the short answer is....yes Beaney will consider moving Ford if the right draft choice is their in 2 or 3rd round. He will not over pay for a FA to replace Ford, IMHO. But Ford will start.
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