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  1. Equating poor or welfare dependant, or drugs dependant is the same as racist tendencies or racism. When society can become color blind then people have a chance.the issue of climbing out of a ghetto and racism are 2 different issues. It may affect your vision to all blacks, Poverty is poverty. Race is race. By the way, the peace movement of the 60s was highjackex by the violence of the race issue, beginning with the Black Panthers. Just as the lgbtq has been highjacked in some cities by BLM
  2. Sorry about your friends store, I am sure it hurts and is frustrating. Mob mentality can be cruel. Ever been to a Bills game. I have said things and done things I am not proud of. Hopefully the looters and your friend can come face to face and have a real conversation that is above the fray. There is too much hate built up. The steam must be allowed to escape.
  3. The point of this thread is exactly that. Can the revolution, the fight for recognition of the our societal change survive the distraction of violence that opportunists take advantage of. In the 60s the violence continued to increase by all. The establishment even participated and encouraged it. Nixon re election team sent people into the protests to encourage violent actions. ( see John Dean). So anarchists encouraged by establishment ruined peace. Can this be stopped in 2020?
  4. This is confusing me, which may be easy at times, but why when we talk revolution of a racial sense does the subject of welfare raise its head. Not all black Americans are welfare recipients. A large part of the black segment is highly educated, employed, successful, valued members of the community and world. They still get treated poorly and suspiciously by many people and the police and the courts, and some business etc etc. Our society in the US and Canada must bridge this divide. I pledge to try and do my part. On a lighter note I already know that no matter what I do or what WE can accomplish in the revolution I still cannot get a date with JLo so I have no ulterior motive.
  5. So if he gets 4 games suspension and they cancel the first 4 games is that like time served?
  6. Your posts sound strangely like those of Agent R...do you get paid extra for each identity?
  7. Why do people who wanted peace and to end the war machine and the war economy have to be the evil socialist or God forbid a dam communist. Why can you deal with them as citizens. I was not a commie pinkos like Meathead Stivic. Why do people sho just want our society to treat all people equally have to labeled like that. Cannot you believe in MAGA and also be in favor of a just society.
  8. Santa Maria or Pinta perhaps? Could you been a greeter of the pilgrims?😁
  9. How do the truly understanding, mainstream, supporters of a better way get heard, with a news media and commentators only listening to the loudest anarchist ( to quote gg),. In the 60s you could not get the Panthers off the pages. Some of that was druven by the establishment...John Dean participated in Democratic Convention on his way to the Whitehouse. Today it is the same violent factions, with only greed and destruction as a guide. Even the Pres leans that way. How do the masses get heard...how does our society accomplish peaceful societal changes. Politics only knows money and power..
  10. If it is suppose to be sarcasm it should be clear. One never knows what it us when it comes from posters who only have limited views.
  11. GG, I know you are uneducated except by your basement dwelling agents. You are the lowest basement dweller imaginable. Your mother likely didn't hug you enough... Now FO and spread your hatred and view the world through that tiny little window. Peace,! "And Louis the King, let me think for a minute son, And he said , yes I think it can be done, Just take everything done to Highway 61"
  12. No I didnt Mockery = ridicule =hatred Look in the mirror if your basement has one The more you write the closer to the anarchists you sound, violent, and hatred are the hallmark...you got them big time. Likely your theme is "let them eat cake",
  13. I got what I expected from you, ridicule, and. hatred, the subject you and too many others have. You do not seek solutions only sow the seeds of hatred from your basement. "Old Howard just pointed with his gun, And said " that way, down Highway 61"
  14. I am afraid you are right! So much hatred. " Something is happening, but you don't know what it is, do you Mr. Jones?"
  15. The 60s saw many young citizens around North America and later Europe embrace protests in support of Peace. The hatred of Vietnam War was a leading cause but not the only cause. Kenndey assassinations, dirty politics, the draft in the US, Bay of Pigs, Cuba standoff, nuclear bombs, war mongers etc. Young people, the music, films, art, festivals, dress, showed wanted change. Every hippie loved Hendrix, Dylan, etc. Then came violence, Kent State, Monterey, Democratic Conv., Black Panthers, the FLQ, Race riots, the violence of the drug trade began, and the extreme took over. Suddenly the violent edges dominated and those of us in the middle had to abandon and became disillusioned with the political process. We did want a new world but the industrial war complex, the money and business of war, and the violent fringes sent us packing to live where we still linger listening to the music of an era that wanted to make a difference. The failure of the 60s peace revolution has led to a culture that now features more and increasing violence, gun use, drug, gangs, failed political systems, governments vs the people, and despair in a large segment of us. The beginning of these latest protests are rooted with the right heart, the sincere desire for positive change and the knowledge that our political systems cannot and will not allow the change. Violence is now the news not the movement. Will this revolution again be stopped by the same reasons as the 60s.?
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