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  1. Short answer to the original question. No, Kenny and his antics and crew are incredible.
  2. MacKenzie only return guy, need B to replace...
  3. 8 am Kobossa sliced on the bbq, cooked and slightly chard, covered in Frank's hot wing sauce, cold Buds. 12 noon, wings, done in basket on the bbq, hot sauce, more Bud, 12 45, shot of Jack, Find your seat, Original Fritos, bbq Lays, beer nuts, more Bud. If we win, steak on bbq, and a bottle of Cabernet if we lose, more Bud.
  4. In the long history of sports talk Buffalo we had some great story tellers. Schoop ain't one of them. Bulldog 25 years ago had the chance, but got lazy and Schoop, and he is not energetic enough. He is no Stan Barron, or Art Wanderer (Arty baby, the tiny talk of the kilowatt.). They talked sports with flair and perspective. Arty could talk about players girl friends when the night was quiet.
  5. I often thought that Kenny felt trapped in the tradition, kinda like the show must go on. I suggest all those like me who cannot attend games go out to their yards, or balcony before the game and pour ketchup and mustard on their heads and submit photos. Best photo wins a bowling ball autographed by Chuck Healy. Or not!
  6. Last week there was a tumultuous reaction in Pacific view Memorial Park cemetery in Newport Beach. This is where John Wayne is buried. Biden should have listened. John would never leave anything behind.
  7. Non sense. Jac worth more than Bills. Haha Josh is worth more than Jacksonville.
  8. Well thought out. Pro reasonable is a reasoned position. I think I fit that mold.
  9. You do not have to be religious to know murdering your neighbor is wrong, or Hitler was wrong, or genocide is wrong. Both for abortion too. Those who fight it based it on religion, others it is a moral issue. Hard to define. Just to make it clear. I am a fiscal conservative and pro choice. My wife would be pro choice but could never imagine making the choice to having an abortion. I can be friends with anti folks, just not those who preach their flippin religious bs and suggest I am the devil for being pro choice. Always find it strange that many anti are freedom thinkers when it comes to guns, masks, death penalty and vaccines Have a good day dude.
  10. Again you are wrong, it always pains me to have to tell you. "Thou shalt not kill", very basic religion based. Written by Jesus father as told by Moses. The Human Rights thing comes from that.
  11. Your point may have some validity today, but I think it primarily comes from that base. "Imagine all the people Living life in peace"
  12. Let's resign Chris Watson, great punt catcher.
  13. Interesting thoughts! What I cannot understand is the need for religion to force itself on others. If you do not believe in something, do not do it. We have long established in western cultures that murder is wrong, that stoning is assault, that a justice system is the way of dealing with outside activities, that private holdings are ok, that selling of daughters is wrong, that women are equal, that all people are free to practice their religion, as long ss it fits inside the parameters of our law. Abortion is like the final piece after 200 years. Most of society accepts the need and we are just looking for the exact point of acceptance. Some do not want to show flexibility. Sounds alot like ISIS. They have been fighting infidels since the crusades. Our society in Western cultures has so many problems today, drugs, gangs, poverty, the 1%, etc. Why oh why do supposedly intelligent people have to hide behind a religious issue with where thought goes out the window.
  14. They preduct the Bills will add an additional weapon during the season? To play where? Did they write this last Feb??
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