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  1. Gronk was in concussion protocol long before he was in the NFL. The only player I hated more than this guy is Brian Cox.
  2. Jests 14 Bills 12 2 Good defences but Bills O cannot move the ball against Greggo.
  3. For some reason the media liked McCoy. IMHO he was overrated and his dancing caused as much trouble in an inconsistent offence as it helped. A predictable 3 yards and a cloud of dust is more helpful some times than 5 carries a game losing 4 or 5 yards each than one 22 yard run no matter how spectacular.
  4. Cutting McCoy added 2 wins to the year. No need to appease him with getting "his touches".
  5. He deserved our assistance. I wish we could have helped. I wish the NFL could have helped. When OJ was running for 200 + yds. against the Jests Green picked himself up off the ground many times to help the onslot. Fu.....n OJ and the rest of football could have picked Donnie up 1 more time.
  6. Oliver...I am not convinced he is as good as advertised.
  7. Wow. This thread has a lot of revisionist history. Moulds was at best a good receiver not great. Watkins was at best an average over hyped over paid receiver not even good. Price was average. Johnson was good not great. Reed was great. HOF GREAT. Lofton was great.
  8. Where are Y.A. Tittle and Sonny Jurguson.? Wilson before Rivers...no way possible. So many greats. Winning is over rated in some cases but eras are very important. Athletes are more valued today in some ways due to style of defensive football. Running backs are less valued so QB s have picked up the slack. I support Kelly in top 15.
  9. The Ryan's are gunslinging undisciplined coaches whose style and success ended with the Ditka era. In their effort to be smarter than the rest of the world they become bullies and buffoons.
  10. Trailer parks are US neighbourhoods, in Toronto we have igloos.
  11. Is this guy the rebirth of ICE. Better get back on your meds soon. Guess you are close friends with a few celebs in Malibu...but strangley it sounds like you are angry after your wife and sister divorsed you.
  12. Right about now I am cheering for you to be injured.
  13. Old dirty B....don't go back. I am sure 5 million people really don't give a damn.
  14. Bryan Cox....Yes I would and so would 70,000 others
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