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  1. Zubaz, Bud, Italian sausage on bbq, flag up, Go Bills salute.
  2. He is at least a Michael Vick, who was never really great except in the press. I always find it amusing how some spend their time saying how much TTa is better than you think when entering the NFL and also how poor Josh will be. Hmmmm
  3. He did his job, it is the judges that fail the system.
  4. 53, say it ain't so SDS. That makes Chandler97... not 81
  5. Sorry, wrong. When a pass catching rb enters game and never runs the ball, it helps the d. Change of pace backs are also easy prey for Def coordinators. Even Thurmans successful back ups were similar styles. If you do not have a dominate back who gets you 100 yards, you really have no running game to be feared. It is the fear to Def coordinators that changes a game plan.
  6. Having read too much of this thread, I want to suggest there us a major difference between 100 tushing and a 100 yard rusher. Having a dominate player on the field every down is more important than by committee.
  7. I have a very serious, yet innocent question, not meant to be disrespectful. Assuming there are actually some docs at MLgo, and that Donald T. is an intelligent man, what would be the motive to take these docs from the White house and the archives people? Personal notes I could see taking. Why put yourself in this situation?
  8. 1000 yards was a measurement that showed skill, and ability in a running back. That was in a 12 or 14 game season. The scale for a good back today should be closer to 1500. Running for 55 yards in a game is not a sign of ability, just a sign you were given enough chances. We have forgotten history where your running game won you games, not just closed out a game or ran draw plays because of throwing 45+ passes a game. We need 100+ yards per game and will only get it infrequently with Singletary and Moss. Only Cook with his breakaway speed will influence defences enough to help Josh get time. Nobody in NFL is afraid of the other 2 guys to influence a game plan.
  9. You are not wrong, but the right did the same by allowing the oil, chemical industry to dominate our pocket books to.
  10. Cowherd, is, has been, and always will be an idiot,
  11. So why didn't Fox News ask for info on Search Warrant? I was surprised it was NBC, ABC and NY Times. Hard to cry conspiracy if facts come out? Thoughts?
  12. Let's settle this like the Talib bros. One of you gets a gun, the other gets surprised.😉
  13. And 20 years later, countless deaths, murders etc there is nothing anyone can do to stop them short of destroying the dust bowl. Russia tried for 20 years. The US should never have been there. Like Vietnam, you cannot tell the good guys from bad, you cannot believe anyone, or trust anyone. Put a ring around them, toss them some guns and ammo and make a deal with the survivor. The only thing of any value there is coke and dust and not worth lives. Bringing their wars into North America is not worth it. Letting them into the rest of the world is way too dangerous. IMHO
  14. I understand, but the relationship was with a few military folks and government officials, 380,000,000 other don't give a flying foodoo. There are millions of citizens who have history with Ukraine. Afghanistan is seen as uncivilized, ancient, non Christian and in a religious civil war they have to settle on their own. If you stand between them they both shoot at you, look at Israel and Palestine. The US has 50% of the population with Christian religious believe against abortion. Not supporting female independence of their own body. Why do the want to get into a relationship in a non Christian ancient dust bowl because some unexplainable terrorists called Taliban stomp on female rights. IMHO.
  15. May be to help dems, but more likely 2 other reasons. Ukraine is more important than the dust bowl. The only relationship the US has to Afghanistan was military and that has ended. Before that the US population had no relationship to Afghanistan and no relationship to its people. Taliban and Muslim in the headline and frankly most, including me have no interest. They can kill each other..amen. move on. Nothing we can do. Roe v Wade more important. The quality of Biden decision was debated and filed away in people's minds.
  16. Yeh, and we thought Frank Gore was a good guy. A lot of sickos out there
  17. It is simple, Jan 6th raid was to secretly return the docs, but it failed. Come on folks, he had good thoughts.
  18. So you suggest all repubs are fascists, or no repubs are fascists? Enlighten us with your wisdom oh wise one. Isn't one man's fascists another man's revolutionary in the US. I see the Poor Boys as fascists, you see them as heros and revolutionaries. I see guys walking thru the halls of congress with guns threatening to kill the VP as unacceptable, you see it as justified. It is what it is, still.
  19. They break up a plot and Biden is too weak...???? This does not equate. So Reagan was weak because he got shot. Biden may be weak but not because they want to kill Bolton.
  20. Just looking at other countries around the world, trying to end an election, defying laws of document removal, kinship with Kim, Putin, Poor Boys, enjoying the attempted obstruction of congress on Jan 6, just to mention a couple little things. Look, the left have gone way too far, and I hate that people call me a racist because I say D Watson is headed in the Jeffrey Epstein direction. You taught me to love surfers, and I never liked lefty, being fiscal conservative, never believed governments should build houses, hate illegall immigration, hate when police issue a description of a dangerous suspect and omit skin color, but Trump would love to be leader for life...and would destroy institutions to do it. IMHO.
  21. So Lenny, trying not to go over the top. But NOT ALL repubs are fascists, but maybe 10m are. You know all the Poor Boys, Parkland, Sandy Hook denying lovely folks. The rest are being fooled or just hate the left so much. I get that. But Trump talks like a wannabee dictator. It is what it is.
  22. Not sure that all republican supporters are fascists, but Trump is as close to being a dictator in waiting that the country has ever seen. "This corrupt government and justice departments are persecuting me.". This is the cry of all wannabe dictators.
  23. Wut you can't figure this out. Another slug who the press and teams said was a great guy, great positive influence on their team. So one yr later he is out beating up women. This guy had them all fooled
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