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  1. two examples right here right now: Doc who has admitted not being a physician in the recent past (but now again insists he is) while opining on Covid and Levi who labeled Catholicism strike one against Mexicans. It's all here in black and white and still they (and some other cons like u) dispute it. As one of the dipshites here ironically says "the sky is green". They are children. They have no power to get immunized or to attend school in a safe environment free of measles.
  2. the vax is 93% effective. Measles is highly contagious. This is a huge, susceptible, powerless population. connect the dots.
  3. I hope the parents of kids infected sue this quack for malpractice. And Desantis for searching him out for the job during Covid for his anti vax stance. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2024/02/25/florida-measles-outbreak-surgeon-general-cdc/72729310007/ https://www.politico.com/news/2023/11/27/joe-ladapo-university-of-florida-00128541
  4. I think you are confusing Billsy with NC or Bonnie boy. Pretty difficult to do but hey, it's you...
  5. Most profs were women in that dept when I was there. Did they tape your mouth over? physically throw you out of the classroom? I was actually pretty conservative in college and still a Republican in the real sense. I don't ever remember my opinions being squelched. Now had I donned a robe or swastikas, that would have been a different story...
  6. Why are haters afraid to show their true convictions? Why wear hoods and ski masks? Why devise false identities? We're not talking abstractly. We're talking "right here, right now". And which posters here on the left do you suspect believe in hate as a political and cultural device? I don't recognize any but there are several here on the far right.
  7. I didn't say "the right" but certainly some of the far right are anti Catholic. Which party do you believe the KKK identifies more with? And I'm still searching for the motivation for Levi's clearly anti Catholic sentiment in regards to Mexicans. 1 strike against a group of people is never a good sentiment but perhaps you share it and would like to explain the rationale. Levi clearly won't and will pretend he meant something else while not explaining. Familiar tactic amongst the extremists and their leaders.
  8. about 25% of the US population is Catholic. And this is how you defend your statement. Not buying it. You're clearly anti Catholic like so many far right extremists and hate groups. They're real and pervasive in some parts of the country (think deep south and white hooded robes). Sadly, our faith has its own subset of extremists. To wit, B man....
  9. maybe it's your writing. What did you mean by this? Strike one implies a negative connotation, right? or did you mean that there aren't many Catholics in the US sharing Mexicans beliefs? You're right, I'm confused by your statement. But I have some ideas....
  10. The fact you don't like it reassures me that I'm hitting the mark. Not sure how you got to YOUR conclusion from what I've said which is that the bible is not a book to be blindly taken literally. Ya know, the fundamentalist way. Re the last sentence, why do you consider Cartholicism bad as a Mexican characteristic? You keep ducking this. You said it. I'm asking why.
  11. Untrue. I'm a practicing Catholic. Not ignoring anything. Maybe you should read some of the New Testament writings on how to treat immigrants and the unfortunate. Literal interpretation of the bible is what happens when some dummy ignores or is ignorant of the 2000+ year old historical context of the bible and to the writers of it. The informed understand the goals of many of the authors in the dire time period of the middle east at the time. Context matters. But admittedly, it's easier to take every word literally. No study or thought needed. A trip to the Assyrian portion of the British museum might help your understanding of the old testament era. why do you dislike (hate?) Catholics yup. A large portion of the stupid MAGA base and a threat to all who don't believe what they do...
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