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  1. it's a conspiracy with fox, biden and the latino chick with a big patch of vitiligo above her breast. but of course it is...
  2. This speech to NONUNION members last night was telling. Seems pretty cynical and uninspiring. "This strike isn't important cuz you're all going to be out of work from EV's" isn't what they want to hear. Or what factory workers in general want to hear. He may be correct but eliminating an EV law won't solve their problem. They'll just be made elsewhere in foreign plants if he does that. Is he going to outlaw buying EV's? Good stuff starts at 43 min. watch his body language.... https://www.c-span.org/video/?530700-1/president-trump-holds-rally-detroit
  3. Because he's the impetus for this farce. As they can't show too many times, his own posts prove it. This is shameful and I just hope the R's with 1/3 of their brain remaining can see it...
  4. Because most of them, especially Pence don't believe it. Ramakrishna would have supported it but that might be counterproductive.
  5. That's the hope: That they're all this dumb and that their sleaziness doesn't balance it out.
  6. Raskin skewering the MAGA's in the House Impeachment "inquiry"......"And like flying monkeys on a mission for the wicked witch of the west, trumps followers....."
  7. What he said is true, no doubt. EHR rollouts were a mess, in part because the hospital and insurance companies used it as an excuse to profit off population health data. They don't need the granular detail to make health care decisions. They need out for financial planning. Lots of info one can gather actually looking and talking to patients. But in light of the current labor market, neither party is going to change much. Obama said it out loud when progressives wanted single payer: too many people sucking on the teat would lose their jobs overnight. not a political winner... Haley brought up fealty to big medicine. But would she vow to take them on and keep her promise. Nah, don't think so...That would involve massive gov't intervention. The good part is that they showed us how complicated these issues are and that we need visionaries to solve the problems not populists. tik tok...see above re conflict of interests
  8. they are all losing. terrible debate and TV. Christie and Pence most impressive so far but far from killing it....
  9. Unfortunately Hillsdale and Liberty are about 99% R....
  10. Seems like debate on a forum....speaking of soliloquies you seem to have curbed your verbosity. Bravo!
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