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  1. Oooh, so Row believe the world too many people but moving every to texas will kill enough and solve problem. Comfortable. He so smart.
  2. If you enjoy living like canned sardines. But I for one could not.
  3. It'll be an interesting test as this franchise has consistently shown the ability to draft strong CBs over the years and IMO tends to rely on that over signing our current #1 to top dollar, as with Gilmore.
  4. Best thing about Yeldon talking is to confirm the front office isn't blind to the fact that McCoy may have lost a step.
  5. Personally, I felt Shady lost a half step last year beyond the O-line issues. I do believe he'll still be effective this year but get less touches. You know for a player of his (past)caliber they're not going to let him play out his last year if they believe in his future. So if they extend him before the season that will say everything and we'll have something to complain about either way!
  6. It was a ton of fun. The offense was breathtaking and the defense could make plays that took your breath away. Anyone that tries to make fun of them losing 4 in a row, I tell them it was a privilege to watch that team go to work during those years. The whole thing taught me that being a fan isn't just about winning a trophy, they were an amazing experience regardless.
  7. For me, you can debate statistics and throwing styles all day, what comes down to a franchise quarterback is playing an effective, diverse enough throwing game to keep the defense guessing and having the sense when to take risks for a big play. Even in his best year, I didn't feel like Tyrod had the sense to do this with the game on the line and it never improved. Once he started losing accuracy on his long ball (2017) there were even less big plays from him and it really was going downhill before Cleveland condemned his potential as a starter last season. TT also wasn't good at throwing people open, but did get better at back shoulder throws and hitting people in stride in tight coverage in shorter throws. But he still seemed to shy away from tight coverage mid range. I have hope with Allen because he certainly is not afraid to stick a ball in to tight coverage and do it successfully. He showed me he will throw people open and I think he has that franchise QB sense when he needs to make a big play. He definitely needs to improve his decision making and accuracy for the short game and that'll help open up his long chances. He missed a lot of throws last year but also had impressive accuracy at times. I'm willing to believe his rawness accounted for the inconsistency. So I'm pretty optimistic, he shouldn't just be a long thrower, and I expect him to diversify this season. You can't be a one trick pony as a franchise QB. It's true many QB's can only change their game so much and my biggest worry about Allen coming in. But he has so much talent and desire to win I came away feeling he can make enough changes to be that guy. It'll be fun to watch this season. No excuses about the game winner to Clay vs the Dolphins, the ball hit Clay above the waist 3 yards in the endzone. He should have caught it.
  8. Wow. Your reading comprehension is truly awful. I've got no problem and always do donate to both those groups.
  9. An offshoot of the tipping craze that I just hate is the grocery, pet store etc. asking if you want to donate to some charity when you go to pay. My kids looked at me funny at first for saying "no" but 1. I don't know how much of my dollars are actually ending up at that charity and 2. I choose when and where I donate, not at some big business' request.
  10. Really, that's what you know was going on here? You're an idiot.
  11. No, read the article. This was a case of a transgender man coming to the hospital, telling them he was transgender, had not taken hormones for a year, had a positive pregnancy test, and felt like he peed himself. The nurse ordered another pregnancy test and the patient sat waiting for over 2 hours. Most pregnant women would have at least been examined and had an echo done to assess a possible state of labor. Only after a couple hours did he get examined and the cord had come down into the canal and gotten pinched off. Dead baby.
  12. Definitely Buffalo can be included and Erie, Pittsburgh is the Southeastern limit. But northern Midwest I think shouldn't count. Northern Michiganders sound Canadian, then there's that annoying Minnesota accent.
  13. Well sure, the first thing he did was draw a line between him and the other coaches. And we weren't privvy to his communication style, which can make all the difference. But, as a fan afforded a glimpse of the truth behind the dysfunction, interviews like Ed's are a real treat.
  14. To be fair, Trent Richardson was never motivated to play NFL football when he was with the Browns and that's something our FO looks at also. Don't know anything about Morris.
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