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  1. My perspective is he's not processing the game fast enough and anticipating the play. The more notable aspect given the Bills' culture is Washington publicly making these statements. I have to believe there's been a lot of coaching effort and now a lot of frustration with Ed's ability to play the game at a high enough level. I'm not sure the Bills should even award the big contract if he has a monster year. I would question his motivation after getting it.
  2. Definitely not the vast majority of women. Change what you are looking for, make sure you're equally capable of being supportive to her and you'll be one of the lucky ones.
  3. I don't know either of the gals, but I appreciate that Hailee is out with Josh casually made up and dressed in the Post pictures instead of a gallon of makeup and trying to out-hot herself with every snapshot like his ex. Good luck Josh!
  4. What the hell do you actually know about anything in this situation? You seem to revel in rumors, assumptions, and runaway imagination. What is undeniable is that Britt and her friends are on some bizarre "husband material" shaming crusade via social media. Whatever Josh did to precipitate it, does he really want to marry any woman who handles their relationship problems this way? It's completely juvenile and bizarre IMO. Unless there's actually some revealing truth to what happened, any rush to judgment should focus on what we can see and know. And that's one sided to this point.
  5. I'm not saying you are, but you do seem to exclude the fact that this is a team game and the coaches have a role to play. Back in 2008, during the illustrious Jauron years, our offense struggled mightily. People blamed the coaches, the players, blah, blah, blah. At least one of the players stood up and said it was ultimately on them to execute the plays being called. And he wasn't wrong. But later in the season, SF 49ers came here to play and beat us. Former Bill Takeo Spikes did the entire city a solid and went on record crediting 9ers D staff with figuring out what plays we were going to run based on pre-snap cues. Called our offense "simple" in the process. Early the next season Turk Schonert quit as OC complaining of Jauron's limited "Pop Warner offense". These guys play the game. If they don't have faith in the game plan it's a problem and both sides could be blamed. But that won't get it fixed.
  6. True, except that if our coaches chose to reformulate their game plans for the rematch it might have inspired the players to perform better. Especially if they were the best game plans in NFL history. It certainly worked for the Giants in Superbowl XV after we beat them regular season. Boyd and Mixon called out our defense before the first game and Cinci was proceeding to rip through us before the tragedy. So our coaches decided to let it ride anyways. Let's stay on the road we were on. That's a problem in my book, and just changing it up may have allowed the players to refocus. Excuses(explanations) are what you focus on to avoid accountability for failure. When they are things beyond your control is when there's a real problem going unresolved.
  7. I don't think it became Buffalo Wild Wings in 1982. I first became aware of the franchise in the early 90's here in Cleveland it was still Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck, then quickly shifted to BW3's. I believe it switched over to it's current name in the later '90s. And Frank's Hot Sauce was first made in Louisiana in 1920. They are proud of the Buffalo wing tie-in. https://www.franksredhot.com/en-us/about#:~:text=Because over in New Iberia,RedHot is%2C well%2C bottled.
  8. It'll be fascinating to see where Edmunds' career goes from here, he's a fine young man coming into his prime. I hope his new role is more of an OLB and not the heart of the defense. How do turn the heart of your defense over to a 20 year old kid, regardless of his measurables? That was IMO a big mistake from McD. Edmunds is not a physical LB, which was shamefully disregarded. They asked too much from Edmunds early on, IMO. That being said, watching him play, Edmunds has always been lacking that insatiable fire to knife to the ball at all costs that you expect from any top LB. He did better last year, but still not commensurate with the contract he received. So I wish the Bills would have handled him differently but I agree with their ultimate decision. I wish him well and hope the change enables him to become the dominant LB everyone imagines in him.
  9. Not about age, it's about where his head's at.
  10. You also have to consider he had his best year in a contract year and just got paid. Is this an upswing or a peak?
  11. Well, it is the Browns. Living here in Cleveland, I remember watching Poyer and he was a solid player but he really blossomed after joining the Bills. Kind of our equalizer for Wyatt Teller.
  12. It'll be interesting to see if this occurs and I do wonder if Edmunds himself wants out because he's not that comfortable in the MLB position and wants to move outside.
  13. Well, I know from visiting the blue hole in New Mexico, much of it is simply I-40 now! https://www.santarosabluehole.com/
  14. Maybe, but these guys are professional and they understand taking care of their bodies, some hire their own chef, like Diggs: https://www.wgrz.com/article/entertainment/television/programs/daybreak/what-the-buffalo-bills-personal-chef-is-cooking-for-the-playoffs/71-d0b9b9f1-2db4-456f-a714-027c5f68e534 I can't say how many on the team pay attention to this, but based on my ex-wife's experience working for the Browns a decade ago, there was probably 10-20 something on the 53 man roster. We're talking nutrition, massage, chiropracty, PT/training room routines,etc. Plenty of NFL athletes take their career very seriously and explore any options to enhance longevity.
  15. At the end of the day, all I know is I don't want our playoff opponents saying this about us: https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2022/12/tyler-boyd-says-bills-defense-is-basic-secondary-not-best-bengals-have-seen.html “It’s kind of basic. They don’t do too much disguising - it’s kind of straightforward, they don’t do all the trickery things that we’ve seen a lot from defenses,” he told Cincinnati reporters in front of his locker. The article goes on to mention back in 2019 Belichick said the tough thing about playing our defense was how well Poyer and Hyde disguised their coverage responsibilities. Not this year. It's just not enough when we compete at the highest levels. The Frazier change, and a fresh perspective, was needed. We've got to have a more dynamic and creative defense, regardless of base schemes.
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