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  1. For cripes sakes, was her husband squirting bodily fluids out his *****? Anyone undergoing any invasive medical procedure will be tested for Covid. My dad, wife, and son all were, even though two were fully vaccinated at the time. It's called risk assessment and in the case of your daughter, it would be helpful considering the trauma to her body and her newborn's. The doctors and nurses performing procedures and caring for her would like to know. The hospital would like to make appropriate room procedures for staying overnight(s) at their facility. Do you come off your "hospi
  2. If a patient "died" of Covid but didn't die directly from it that is fraud. Anyone here who feels that happened to a family member should report it. I have no doubt that this happened to at least a small degree but fraud creates a wealth of repercussions to physicians and the hospital. If it happened to anyone here then report it so we can see if it is of any significance. I personally doubt it.
  3. I found many more but they were dated winter and early spring. Some papers give content to sites like MSN and will allow free access but if you try and follow links within the article to other stories they're paywalled. Obviously there's the older model that gives access to like 5 per month then $$.
  4. I am not labeling you as anti-vax or any such thing, and thanks for being willing to get jabbed. Nor do I feel anyone who doesn't get jabbed is a flake or anything worse. One of my problems is with those who have poor or incorrect reasons for making their arguments. And yes, congratulations, you found one legitimate "first responder". Then you quote a KFF study that essentially looks at anyone who interacts with patients in some way ("frontline workers"), which includes appointment takers to cleaning staff. If you want to argue health care workers, doctors and nurs
  5. 178 haven't gotten it. Not sure if any of those are actually first responders as the article doesn't say. You do understand "first responders" refers to emergency situations not simply hospital healthcare workers? Meanwhile, 24,947 of the healthcare workers in that hospital system are fully vaccinated. I'd say you're undermining your own argument far more than supporting it.
  6. This without a doubt was THE defining moment for McDermott and the FO. 1. Despite the coachspeak and kind words, they proved they understood TT's future with the team. 2. Rallying the team to rebound where in past years they easily tank. Yep, our future started to need sunglasses after these two games.
  7. I certainly agree this all became political and it's truly sad. From Cuomo to Trump. All the distancing, disinfecting and masking would be employed for any pandemic virus, it wasn't based on influenza. We haven't done any of that for influenza in my lifetime. Viruses can't infect anyone if they don't have access to hosts. It's that simple. But certainly as the science developed, the disinfecting took a back seat for this virus. Just as paper masks block air, they will therefore block much of the larger water particles and a good percent of the particles that remai
  8. Maybe. Or maybe they just didn't want to put the time, effort and modest cost into precautions. They felt the government wouldn't get shut businesses down. They were wrong. Poor recognition, they got caught up in their own bullshyt. Then they turned around screaming bloody murder about it. Hypocrisy in action. Lockdowns are in no one's best interests. They were simply a necessity with inadequate testing, equipment and knowledge how to treat/combat Covid. We learned quickly but so many on here easily forget how many unknowns were facing the medical community and the fact i
  9. Also, having an adversary pushes your country to be better. But I think that autocratic ego would rather we cease to exist. Especially after you look at an article like this: https://www.newsweek.com/exclusive-inside-militarys-secret-undercover-army-1591881 Very frightening to me, plays right in to the deep state. Plus, the Chinese are right there with our technology in this.
  10. You do understand that virus spread is airborne, spread on water particles of all sizes? Larger and smaller? You do understand that the MIT paper focused on the smallest particles able to remain airborne? They admitted in the paper they did not focus on spread via the larger droplets but explicitly stated wearing masks indoors for short times is your safest bet. And, they completely ignored the fact that when you go indoors to a bar or restaurant, the masks come off when eating/drinking and hence the distancing becomes important to limit transmission via the larger wa
  11. It certainly could have and probably will in the future because all those small/business owners will now listen and do what's needed. As opposed to last spring when the ones around me refused to make shop/workplace changes because they didn't actually believe they'd get shut down.
  12. It's your science, which is a complete egotistical farce, as are you. My kids, who are actual humans also aren't such melodramatic chicken-littles because their dad is not. I feel for your children, when years later they have to attempt to unpack what love you do show them from the overbearing, self-absorbed, toxic personality that is their father. I only pray it goes well for them and they can live happy, productive lives. Oh yeah, subjugated to wear masks forever. Keep up the stupid. Child abuse. Carry on, deranged whiner-king.
  13. Agree, but I don't think it's legit. I have a hard time believing an official document would so flippantly mention the Uyghers, for example. A couple other parts struck me in the same manner. Even so, we need to stop self polarizing and work on coming together to face this growing threat.
  14. More importantly, they don't have a father who is a belligerent, pessimistic, whiny little ###ch. They have a good father like you who realizes the importance of teaching their children optimism and finding silver linings in a challenging situation.
  15. They've required vaccinated people to wear masks because while the vaccine protects you, it was previously unknown if it would prevent you from (temporarily) carrying and spreading it to others. Basic masks are for protecting others, not yourself. But the early research evidence I have seen shows the vaccine does in fact prevent you from being a spreader. The CDC has said current evidence is strong enough. Other epidemiologists might currently disagree. It'll all work out in time but this is still new science so you'll have more sharply disagreeing opinions.
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