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  1. Really, that's what you know was going on here? You're an idiot.
  2. No, read the article. This was a case of a transgender man coming to the hospital, telling them he was transgender, had not taken hormones for a year, had a positive pregnancy test, and felt like he peed himself. The nurse ordered another pregnancy test and the patient sat waiting for over 2 hours. Most pregnant women would have at least been examined and had an echo done to assess a possible state of labor. Only after a couple hours did he get examined and the cord had come down into the canal and gotten pinched off. Dead baby.
  3. Definitely Buffalo can be included and Erie, Pittsburgh is the Southeastern limit. But northern Midwest I think shouldn't count. Northern Michiganders sound Canadian, then there's that annoying Minnesota accent.
  4. Well sure, the first thing he did was draw a line between him and the other coaches. And we weren't privvy to his communication style, which can make all the difference. But, as a fan afforded a glimpse of the truth behind the dysfunction, interviews like Ed's are a real treat.
  5. To be fair, Trent Richardson was never motivated to play NFL football when he was with the Browns and that's something our FO looks at also. Don't know anything about Morris.
  6. Fixed it for you, you really suck at quoting. Funny how one little omitted word changes the nature, context and substance of the sentence. Full quote: "The summary letter the Department sent to Congress and released to the public late in the afternoon of March 24 did not fully capture the context, nature and substance of this Office's work and conclusions"
  7. Good thing Lindsey gave him an avenue to do that if the House doesn't call.
  8. Wow. Who knew a politician could take an even handed common sense approach to solving a disagreement? Go Lindsey! He keeps getting better and better.
  9. I think 44 is fine no matter what. He'll get a pardon from Trump to avert any racial unrest.
  10. Sounds like attempted murder to me. Not sure attempted obstruction is on the same legal footing.
  11. Yep, you have your opinions. Too bad you completely ignore the actual evidence of Leach's insubordinate behavior. Well, the courts didn't, Leach lost because he violated the terms of his contract, not TT. You can listen to l(aw)yer Leach all you want, you share an abundance of hot air with him. The two James' did conspire to get Leach fired but there was no need. Leach's big mouth took care of everything. And while the shed had a garage door it was closed when Adam was put in there. He was not locked in as the James' asserted. Pincock assigned an assistant trainer to stay at the outside door and check on Adam regularly.
  12. Still trying to swim in the deep end, even though you pretty much drowned last time, eh? What transpired between Leach and TT officials is NO mystery unless you buy Leach's garbage. Depositions, TT emails and investigations were entered into the record and available online as part of the court process. Both James' were giant douchebags and their original assertion that Adam got put in an electrical closet was totally false via the trainer Pincock's deposition. What is clear (and Leach admitted) is that he did order James put into a darkened room and that he remain standing for practice and made to feel uncomfortable. Also, he ordered similar the second day, except that Adam was put in their media room. What was also clear (via emails and deposition testimony) is that Leach went off the rails to his superiors when they wanted him to write an apology, pay a fine and be done with the issue. This should have been a minor issue and Leach should have gotten a slap on the wrist but his ego wouldn't allow it. His contract absolutely had specific language that he had to look out for and do his best to ensure the well being of his players and known facts with Pincock's deposition clearly showed Leach's malice. Leach sued the University, giving up due process (he needed to go through the university system for this to have any validity) and proceeded to argue that 1) Craig James had connections and business ties to Hance and the board and he initiated a conspiracy to fire him 2) He was innocent and his contract breached by lack of proper due process and reason 1) 3) He was protected under whistleblower laws because of 1) and 2) The courts duly considered his arguments to waive sovereign immunity under these conditions and he lost. More than once. Even the Texas Supreme court was willing to consider Leach's arguments and ruled against him, keeping sovereign immunity in place. Leach also tried to have the immunity rescinded through the legislature but anyone looking into the actual facts could predict he would in fact fail. Even with sovereign immunity in place the Supreme court allowed Leach to try and get a non-monetary judgment against Texas Tech's decision and it never happened. Here's 2 of the more pertinent summary links https://kfyo.com/texas-supreme-court-to-receive-legal-arguments-in-lawsuit-of-former-tech-football-coach-mike-leach/ https://www.lexisnexis.com/LegalNewsRoom/litigation/b/litigation-blog/posts/who-will-win-in-court_2c00_-mike-leach-or-texas-tech_3f00_ Leach won't let it go or grow up and admit mistakes and it's miring his head coaching career. And, yes, I feel Texas Tech and Wash U were fringe programs Leach has helped put on the map. I don't dispute the man's ability to coach. He was only OC at Kentucky and couldn't find evidence of him ever being the head coach at Oklahoma, no neither of these is relevant.
  13. Because they want the best parts of his coaching without the douche-bag ego maniac part. Leach was primarily fired from TT for his repeated insubordination to his superiors. I read through the court documents back in 2010 and it's all there to see if you care to look. How's Leach about it now? Well about 2 years ago:. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2017/06/29/mike-leach-angry-texas-tech-washington-state-coach/440102001/ Can't let it go. The only schools that will deal with his personality are the fringe D1 schools who need more name recognition for the school's program.
  14. It's amazing to me almost no women consider their desire to one day have a family when formulating their career plans. I have no patience for the so-called "gender gap.". There are so many women in the work world who: 1. Won't go after a job that involves tasks they haven't done before. 2. Won't ask for more money on a job offer. 3. Don't understand that to be promoted they will test you first with additional job duties. 4. You need to be able to say no to tasks that distract from your job priorities. Things are certainly changing, and I do my part to help any female friends with their job situation but once most women are better risk takers and more aggressive with their careers I think the gender gap goes away.
  15. Sorry for your loss. This story always brings me comfort, probably because I'm a bird hunter! Hope it helps in some small way. http://aarf.org/Memorials/NoDogsInHeaven.htm
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