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  1. This goes hand-in-hand with the stop-the-steal and Jan 6th. The courthouse filings were a joke, they were published but not by any right-wing news organization that I ever found. Can you own the fact that it was very wrong what Trump enabled to happen on Jan 6, and it was a shameful, disgraceful act for the nation? If it had been Antifa they would have been hunted down by right-wingers. As you seek to be dismissive, I'm just wondering if you truly look beyond the right wing lens or are a worthless hypocrite? Every American regardless of political beliefs should be ashamed of what went down that day, are you? I have no problem saying you are dead right about the laptop and the left media. And yes, it would have been much different if it had been Trump's son. It was also shameful and it would be great if legally they could be held accountable. How can we do that? That's why right and left media sources need to be considered, not just one side.
  2. Are the they held to equal account on Fox and all the other right wing sources? Not in my opinion. Yet the right seems to feel "their" media sources speak the truth while the left sources are totally bereft and to be ignored. Total ignorance outside your echo chamber akin to the left wingers. You are both the same.
  3. It was just high school Josh talking smack and making jokes using controversial terms with his friends never realizing it would capture a much wider audience. Many of us did it back then. It's beyond me, in seeing how he conducts himself and the love and respect his teammates have for him, that you can't figure out he grew up since then.
  4. Maybe the NFLPA will demand the NFL hold the Haslams responsible also. Scumbags.
  5. Beyond more legal trouble, I feel indefinite is needed to hold Watson accountable for owning his mistakes and getting some kind of counseling/treatment.
  6. Thanks for your perspective, I can only say it should have changed our ultimate mission and length of time there. I can certainly agree about Sec of Def, though the change in administrations certainly exacerbated the debacle.
  7. Trump has his share of blame also, but the entire operation was rotten from Bush through Biden. While women's rights and education took a huge, temporary leap forward, we failed as a nation to facilitate a better way for the population of Afghanistan. They were so quick to abdicate to the Taliban. All 4 presidents failed in their own way. You can be stupid and focus on the one(s) you hate, or try and learn the real lessons of failure so we don't repeat them. Then he should go ahead and kill more of them. Starting with the Haqqani leadership.
  8. This is the most important thing getting glossed over. Wasted 20 years and how much money and back where we started? The Taliban broke their word to us. We should have a drone war over there to perform assassinations of their senior leadership and raze any terrorist camps until the Taliban make changes. From the link: Zawahiri's "death is undeniable proof that Afghanistan is a safe haven for al Qaeda's top leadership," said Bill Roggio, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and editor of the Long War Journal. "He was sheltered, in Kabul, by the Haqqani family, whose top leader is also one of two deputy Taliban emirs and the interior minister of Afghanistan." Roggio was referring to Sirajuddin Haqqani, who has worked closely with al Qaeda and, according to a U.N. report, is "a member of the wider al Qaeda leadership." He's been wanted by the FBI for planning an attack that killed a U.S. citizen. As interior minister, Haqqani can issue passports, giving him the ability to allow terrorists to travel in and out of Afghanistan. "The strike will be touted as a successful counterterrorism operation," said Roggio, "but it really highlights the failure of two decades of Afghanistan policy, which culminated in withdrawal last summer." Since the U.S. withdrew its remaining troops from Afghanistan last August, neither the Taliban nor al Qaeda have renounced their alliance, and waves of extremists linked to both groups have come to Afghanistan. Roggio has detailed how the Pentagon continues to downplay al Qaeda's strength in the country. The group is currently running training camps across Afghanistan. Weeks before Zawahiri's death, the U.N. said al Qaeda's "leadership reportedly plays an advisory role with the Taliban, and the groups remain close." The drone strike "doesn't change the fact that Afghanistan is a petri dish, growing threats to the region and beyond, because al Qaeda and ISIS have uncovered a space there," said Hoffman. "This is the only strike we've taken in about a year. So that doesn't mean the war is over."
  9. Your point is that Steeler fans are all spoiled idiots oblivious to the difficulty of finding a franchise QB, which I am here to tell you many are not. There's plenty that understand the lean times ahead but delaying it on a washed up Ben was more unacceptable. I can respect that.
  10. I probably don't know as many as you but the ones I know were more than ready to move on from Ben. 2 years ago.
  11. As disgusted as I am by perv Watson, you are right on with this. Equally important in my mind is almost all these women involved settled for cash and no admission of his guilt and ran with it. I guess their individual horrors had a finite price. 24 cases, all very similar circumstances and behavior. No criminal charges were brought, have to assume a lack of evidence, but I feel like convincing a jury in a civil case was pretty much a slam dunk. Despite the hurt feelings, feelings were assuaged by quick, lucrative payouts. I hope the NFL pushes for more. What I really hope is the NFL changes the rules and finds a way to come down hard on the Browns. Teams shouldn't be able to negotiate contracts when a player is facing a criminal situation. I firmly believe scumbag Haslam gave pervert Watson the guaranteed deal to empower Watson the financial support to pay everyone off and be minimally accountable. The saddest part for me is Watson is not accountable to correct his behavior and the Browns tampered with the entire process. Would Watson have been able to pay everyone off without the new contract?
  12. Ok, who are some specific examples of each? I can think of Baker Mayfield as an example of starting hot then fizzling, so we'll see how he goes this year. Beyond specific examples, how do you separate blaming coaching staffs versus the QB not having the mental fortitude and/or processing abilities to be effective?
  13. Always amazes me after a QB like Darnold washes out, people will say the Jets ruined him, a la EJ Manuel and Trent Edwards. Manuel moved on to the Raiders and Chiefs before retiring. 4 coaching staffs saw him, he simply wasn't an NFL QB. He does hold the record for only QB to lose in 4 different countries though! (US, Canada, England, Mexico)
  14. Can you really say anything about how injury rate affected the Texans in 2020 or did they just suck regardless? There's no clear trend with increasing injury, it's just a cluster of spread data with San Fran and Dallas as outliers. Not like it follows the drawn line in any way, hinting it's an incorrect analysis. "Right now, few public metrics capture the impact that injuries can have on a team’s on-field performance. " https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-pff-data-study-war-adjusted-injuries-lost The point of the article is to use Bayesian statistics to predict how much teams W-L records have been affected by injuries and ultimately attempt to predict how records will be affected by sustained injuries in-season. It's a valiant but seemingly feeble attempt as they tie it to pre-season records. Gotta start somewhere though. I can find zero basis for the "we're due for a rash of injuries" you seem to feel the data supports. They do make the point with a chart that injuries are random and unpredictable so I guess you can claim karma but they don't deal with that here. Injuries have 3rd least affected our W-L record compared to preseason. Great. I feel like their time would be better spent comparing injury rates between established teams with consistent coaching and training staffs versus teams with high turnover of personnel and/or coaches year-to-year. I would guess poor training staffs and players being out of position or confused due to inexperience and/or new Coordinators would have the biggest impact on injury rate above baseline.
  15. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-62276831 https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.yahoo.com/amphtml/lightning-ignites-fire-wind-turbine-225448407.html https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/burning-wind-turbine-spins-smoke-corkscrew-in-texas/vi-AAZTci3?li=BBnbfcL File this under Albwan refusing to admit he's wrong.
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