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  1. And add the Cowboys....for letting this happen with Dak and Cooper
  2. We need our top draft player to be starting here on day 1 in year 3 of Allen. I don't see how a Safety draft pick can come in and take over Hyde or Poyer Not if you are tackling AFTER the 1st Down Marker.
  3. I think you need both. Allen needs to continue his progress and we need a solid backup who also can be a mentor (like Frank Reich)
  4. And in a game decided by a TD or less, those missed tackles could be the difference between a win and a loss.
  5. Bellichick will trade for Josh Rosen and will have his OC mold him into a good QB
  6. He was almost going to sign a FA contract with the upstart Baltimore Ravens
  7. Our defense in 2019 was solid but not spectacular (meaning not super bowl caliber). We had trouble stopping the run against big running backs. We stopped getting turnovers and did not give the offense short fields (like Baltimore and KC Defense did). Both Offense and Defense need to improve overall next year to be super bowl bound The Raiders are disfunctional. th chargers are rebuilding. The Broncos are loaded on defense and the run game with a young promising QB. The AFC West will be a two-horse race. The bills in spite of what the pundits are saying will have a tougher road through the AFC East. Additionally the Bills have to play both the NFC West and AFC West.
  8. They are going to lose money either way. They might as well do the right thing as demanded by the majority of the teams. It would be a shame if the commissioner who lives in NYC can't see the big picture.
  9. I lost it when he wrote this: > One difference is that the Ravens still don’t have a legitimate No. 1 receiver, and the Bills now have Diggs. Another is the Ravens have a major advantage over Buffalo at the quarterback position with Lamar Jackson over Josh Allen. Both are young and growing.
  10. We gave up our 1st round and two high 2nd round picks to get Josh Allen. If you truly believe in a player,'s ceiling you go for it.
  11. and if Knox stops dropping balls, we are going to have one heck of an offense
  12. I actually want him to continue improving the short and mid range...We don't need the deep ball next year....Wee need consistency to move the chains and take time of the clock.
  13. In the 2nd half of the season when Frank was on the field, it was mainly to run out the clock and reduce the game time. Opposing defenses knew we were running the ball in that situation and loaded the box. Gore does not have the same burst that he had 10 years ago to counter that and was wrapped easily at the LoS. Our OL also did not do him much favor in helping run between the tackles. This is a missing piece of our OL. We were good in running the ball when there was space created for the RB (Creative play calling). But running straight and ramming down the throats of the defense, we struggled mightily. We need a more dominating OL (attitude) and a hard nosed RB who can run between the tackles and TIRE the defense
  14. Don't discount the Jets...they were winning games at the end of last year..and they have a dominating defense.
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