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  1. I guess the only question on "COVID" judgement would be - should they have resigned Lawson and Jordan Phillips instead of paying lesser money to Addison and Butler ?
  2. Doc, curious how you came to this conclusion?
  3. 100%...Hail Murray is at the same level as Forward Lateral...the only difference being a regular season game instead of season ending plaayoffs. Stevie drop hurt...but we were a bad team...it was easy to digest and move on, Stevie's drop would be in the same range as Clay's drop two seasons ago, Losman fumbling the ball against the Jets, or Leodis fumbling the KR to give the ball back to Brady, If we had won two Sunday;s ago, we would have a 2 1/2 game lead in the division. Go Bills
  4. A forfeit here makes no sense, if Denver wishes to play the game with their makep-up QB. You still have to win the game. forfeit should happen if the Broncos are a risk to everyone else (with the pandemic) on the field
  5. This has to be Knox's game. He has the speed to get the separation. He needs to focus on holding on to the football.
  6. Yup...with upcoming big salary payments, they have to go to the draft for cheaper versions at place where they have paid heavily in the past.
  7. And if he, there is something fundamentally wrong with him
  8. All these pictures should that we had NOBODY at QB between the past and the now....25 years and counting !!!!
  9. On this great day of Thanks Giving, they have to be grateful that they are even playing and earning their paychecks and the NFL is doing everything to keep them safe. People in the entire world are dying because they don't have a job, they can't get an ambulance, they can't get a hospital bed and they can't even see their family to say their good byes... this.
  10. this. You play with what is given to you and they have done a good job.
  11. also the bills need bench strenght for a deep run in the playoffs
  12. And it is likely that if both had remained with their original teams may not have had the same success.
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