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  1. So many of them. The inability to spike the ball at half time and at regulation. The missed FG...The missed pick six...Not scoring a TD after driving from your 1-yard line....and then the final drive that ended in a missed 4th and goal after starting 2nd and goal at the 1 yard line.
  2. We left too many points on the field. They came back to haunt us.
  3. Good point. It is like how the Patriots beat us last year with the help of the weather...and then were blasted through space in the AFC East Title deciding game and then the playoffs...it was. evident that the two teams were not even in the same planet.
  4. Dorsey will not become a HC next season (not after just 1 year as a OC). I am sure indy is now bitten by Frank Reich. The same has happened in LA (Chargers). What about Arthur Smith..There are so many Offensive HC who have failed or failing. Even McDaniels had a lousy outing in Denver.
  5. The roster is built deep. There are enough weapons on the defensive side of the ball. It is on the coaching staff to get Hamlin and Johnson ready for the game. The stars like Von, Rosseau, Edmunds and Milano have to trust their rookies and backups to make plays and don't try to compensate for them. ANytime they do that they are going to let the opponents make plays. Go Bills !
  6. To be fair, the Titans offense was terrible and never kicked in gear after their 1st matching TD. Tua/Tyreek/Jalen are firing on all cylinders...plus they have Gelsiki at TE and Mostert/Chase in the backfield...that is a pretty good offense that could match against our offense due to our depleted defense.
  7. Agree...Our front four of. Von, Jones, Groot with Oliver and/or Settle is still formidable. Our LBs are intact Our Two Rookie corners have played well and our two backup safeties have shown good ability in pre-season.
  8. Last year, we beat up on bad teams and then lost to good (Colts) and playoff (Titans, Steelers, Tampa Bay, New England) bound teams. This year we have beat up the crap on the defending SB champions in their own stadium and then knocked the Titans out of the ballpark at Highmark stadium. Can they keep up the momentum with the suddenly resurgent Dolphins, how the hell I gave up my21-point lead Ravens, the suddenly OC-finger pointing Steelers and our annual rivalry against the Chiefs....This is a dream season indeed.
  9. These are the "Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL" moments for Shakir and Cook. The expectations of playing with a Josh Allen is way too high and you are microscopically analysed. Whereas our rookie DBs are playing with less of that kind of weight on their shoulder.
  10. We are forgetting Knox. He is likely to have a great game.
  11. I guess these things sell well in the media. Otherwise, they are not doing it.
  12. We could play them again in the SB early next year, They are still the best team in a very weak NFC. They are still IMHO better than Tampa Bay and Green Bay.
  13. He did trip over the falling Rams player. He could have easily got injured as he was going over the player on the sideline.
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