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  1. and so for Carolina There are too many factors in play aand this list is this authors opinion.
  2. Huge fan. All I want him is to take those checkdowns instead of playing hero ball. As Josh said, he has never lost a game when his completion % was above 60%...His goal should be to get there.
  3. I guess it comes down to the signing bonus.
  4. And don't forget the millions each team would need to spend on COVID-19 to keep playing safe football, if even that is possible.
  5. You have to have both...that is what wins championships.
  6. Agreed. Josh Allen had the best completion percentage of 75% in 10-20yard throws. Kelly was a master of the same range and never had the long throws like Josh.
  7. we have to consider the following too: * Guys like Winston wouldn't have wanted to back up a younger QB (ego thing); favorable for them to backup a Brees or a Brady. Also, it gives them a chance to take up the starting position if those guys retired. * May be guys like Dalton wanted to move down to warmer place and wouldn't have come to Buffalo unless you offered him starter money to backup Allen. Which kind of blows the team when starter is paid peanuts and backup gets starting money. * Cam wanted to only to be a starter or have an opportunity to start (Competition). Bills were not going to offer him * Flacco could have been a choice; he is better than Barkley at this stage of his career; but how much better is the question. Now do you release Barkley to sign Flacco. Also, Flacco showed the bad attitude against young QBs in both Baltimore and Denver. His unwillingness to help a young QB on the field was something that scare Beane and McDermott * The bills really had not much options.
  8. Cam wants to be the starter. He was not going to come in here and take over Allen. That is not how McDermott has built this team. Cam will be starting for NE,
  9. And we allowed their 3rd string QB to convert a 4th and 3 (by running the ball) in our house in the 4th quarter with the game in the balance.
  10. Jauron was better than both Gailey and Gregg Williams. He did not have a QB and was given a ***** team with a crappy General Manager (Sorry Marv Levy!) Mike Mularkey was better than Marrone nad Rex Ryan and Rex was better than Marrone. Wade was saddled with a GM who was in his final legs with the Bills and wanted his own swan song. Sean has got a lot going in his favor, especially a great front office and a non-meddling ownership.
  11. Actually that is the one missing piece of this defence, They don't have that one Super Star who takes over a game and dominate...Look at what Watt did in that playoff game in Q3... I hope White goes on to be that player for the Bills.
  12. Yeah....the mental game haas to improve...that 3rd and 18 play in the dying minutes of OT where he was beyond the 1st down marker allowing Johnson to squeeze by for the first down was a mental lapse of not knowing the situation. He will learn anad get better
  13. Disagree. There should be no learning curve for them to coordinate offense, defense or Special teams....Being a HC is not the same as a coordinator. YOu would be learning on the job as you had no prior experience of being a HC.
  14. Derrick Henry and the Titans
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