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  1. we can packaage our two 5th and get a 4th back
  2. usually the quality of players beyond 15th pick to the 50th pick is more or less same. Hence, most of the teams let the draft come to them or trade down and still gget a similar quality player. The blue chip prospects are all in the top-15
  3. blame for iit then should go to the coaching staff
  4. For most of the fans, Edmunds lack of success in the playoffs (to be a dominant LB) is a big negative against him. You expect your core player to be a superstar and not just a star. Tremaine needs to get to that next level when the things count in the playoffs. he was so-so in the playoffs. People are looking at him to be that same time of player such as a Ray Lewis or Troy Polamalu - Guys who took over games.
  5. He did try to get Watt....it didn't work out. He did sign Mitch Tribusky to backup Josh, I believe that is a big investment....
  6. That is the big question. Can Saleh convert from a DC to a head coach?
  7. This is all hype to drive that market for the QBs...this is the same thing that happened in 2018....eventually the Bills, Cardinals and Ravens drafted their QBs at much lower positions after at one time where everyone thought the QBs will go in the top 6-7 positions.
  8. He would compete with Darnold for the starting job. Darnold will probably get his fifth year option picked to give the Panthers a 2-year window to develop him. Good move for the Panthers
  9. Big Ben has done this now for 15+ years for the Steelers and kept them competitive during that period
  10. Tyreek Hill is 5' 10" ....and called the 'Cheetah' for his speed. He hurt us with his speed in the Championship game.
  11. For the last ten years, watching EVERY SINGLE game at 11:30 PM or at 2:30 AM my local time and then going into work a few hours later (Monday morning).
  12. Correct. While we had Diggs come in as a veteran and learn the offense quickly, so did rookie 4th Round pick Gabriel Davis.
  13. or they could trade Moss and retain Singletary for higher draft capital
  14. which is what the Bills had with Greg Williams, Mularkey, Dick jauron, Chan Gailey, Doug Marone and Rex Ryan for over 16 years
  15. Drafted TEs don't make that big impact usually in their rookie season
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