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  1. Considering the success Allen is having in the 4th quarter where a sense of urgency seems to lift his play, should the bills consider running an uptempo offense at the start of the game? Thoughts?
  2. How could he do if the Dolphins had the ball for 11 minutes in the 3rd quarter 🙂
  3. Agreed. Let these criticism be motivation for him to do better....like Brady in 2001
  4. Why? The most important thing is the win. As long as Allen is helping the team win, I could care less if he did not have his coming out game.
  5. I assume White will get his Fifth year tender. Poyer, Milano and Dawkins would need to get paid, especially Poyer...He has been one of the best safeties in the NFL.
  6. I would have taken that game if it was in Buffalo, It is in Dallas and on Thanksgiving. Usually the home teams are dominant on that day. Yes. Especially 3 of the 5 are on the road (@Dallas, @Steelers, @Patriots)
  7. Am worried about OBJ. He has not been able to connect with Baker Mayfield, a lot more accurate QB than Allen.
  8. +1. He has been a life saver for me everyday on my morning commutes.
  9. But Gilmore did not play at the same level while in BUffalo. It could have been due to bad coaching or the player preserving himself for the big contract and to play with a contender. He didn;'t want to play a second contract with Buffalo.
  10. There are two things to avoid: - Don't assume they are a bad team...and fall into the trap. - Assume they are a bad team - Don't play down to their level and hence make yourself vulnerable.
  11. Agreed. We have missed Singletary, Kroft and the constant shuffle on the OL. Allen would have scored on that 1st and goal against the Patriots in the 4th quarter
  12. The Bills want to keep the fans in the stadium for the full game and buy more from the concession stands. Hence, all games are going down to the wire !!!
  13. The Jazz factor for getting noticed is INT and Sacks. When they come, the Bills defense will be called Elite by ESPN, CBS, FOX, NFL broadcasts. It doesn't matter though. This team is about WINNING We would never know and never be able to find out 🙂
  14. The Bills offense indeed exploded in the final regular season game against Miami where Allen was responsible for 5 TDs. So may be they will wake up. Not going to happen
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