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  1. +1. historic would have been the Bills and Jets fighting for the division crown and the Wild Card and knocking the Patriots from playoff contention!
  2. Josh Allen has been one of the MOST Polarizing QB in football right from his high school days !!!! He will remain that until he retires from the NFL. There will be many who will root for this kid for his talent and the enthusiasm he shows on the field. There will be equal number of people who will provide their "analytic" view on his stats and his mechanics as the basis for their skepticism. That is how the Jost Allen world exists!
  3. They did re-sign Gaines and drafted that safety from Florida. So technically they have improved from last year. The position where they have gone from the known to the unknown is TE.
  4. Definitely ask Watkins...He played through some tough injuries on his foot.
  5. From the Ultimate Gunslinger - 508 TD vs 336 INT and Big Ben, to whom everyone compares Josh.... 363 TD vs 190 INT On the other hand Tom Brady - 517 TD vs ONLY 171 INT
  6. His wretched run continues !!!!!
  7. Part of the reason for having Instant Replay is to remove any chance of a Ref making a *BIASED* call towards one team. If we remove IR, then the *favorite* teams will always get the good calls...May be the NFL will like it! Then they will have the refs like "give it to them" !
  8. Back to Pittsburgh...and they will have their cake and eat it too!
  9. Manning show stay on the sidelines making commercials...He is really good at it.
  10. but we also lost games that we should have won like the ones against Miami and Jets....
  11. All good. At some point these have to translate to wins/ First is building the mindset...I am happy the Bills are on the way on it. They have also stocked up the talent decently with the signing the Center and the two WRs and drafting Oliver and Ford. That is five good players added to the roster. Rest are all a question mark at this time and it is up to this coaching staff to take this team to the next level. Just the addition of those five players should give the bills 2-3 additional wins over last year. And if the coaching staff can find more stars out of this roster, that will add a couple more wins and we will be on our way.
  12. Last year we neither stopped the run or ran the ball effectively. When we do that our team as a whole will improve. The question is "Has Beane provided enough resources to improve those two aspects of the team?"...September will tell us.
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