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  1. which games have you been watching
  2. Gore will be gone next season. They will draft that big back in the middle round in the draft or get through FA. Yeldon hasn't had a chance more due to Gore being the 3rd all time leading rusher.
  3. That TD he threw yesterday to the left corner of the endzone is a pretty big NFL throw.
  4. I assume you meant: - Today the Baltimore Ravens were a better team than us. - However, Pittsburgh is NOT as good as the Buffalo Bills and hence we (Buffalo Bills) should be able to win the game next week - Our Defense is very good and will give them fits. Pittsburgh has a very opportunistic defense and leads the NFL in takeaways. They know to bring Pressure. Watt has been playing at a high level. This will be a challenge for our OL. Pittsburgh has one of the very best OL in football. They give time for the QB to throw. It will be a good test for our DB's to hang in there with their WRs. I also assume Conner and JuJU will be back for this game.
  5. We keep saying the short quick pass...they didn't exist yesterday with the way our OL played. When everyone is covered and the running lanes are choked, you are in for a long day. The Bills played poorly upfront...or rather the Ravens played great on defense. The difference in the ball game was that our Defense gave away 3 TDs while theirs restricted it to 3 FGs....
  6. I think Josh threw that a little early as there was pressure coming on him...It was a 4th down call...Hard to get those correct...The more accurate throw should have been to Singletary on the sideline...that would have been a walk in TD.
  7. more apt comparison is Willie Parker....He was a small RB who went to start for the Steelrs for several yearss
  8. Josh Allen. He is the heart and soul of this team
  9. +1....20-17 Bills as time expires....Steve is the hero !
  10. Agree. Baker is going to be a gr8 QB in the NFL for his talent and work ethic. They need a better coach overall their to build this team. There is a thin line that shows you are backing your team vs mocking everyone else. You do the later, the team will start losing faith in you. That is Cleveland for you now.
  11. Actually, Troy Aikman made the comment on Draft day. He was concerned about Josh's accuracy in college and he was of the opinion that accuracy cannot be improved dramatically.
  12. They may do that in the off season. Though Trent has played very well the last few weeks.
  13. He missed out on John Brown and Devin Singletary, one of the main reasons we are 3-0 in the last three games.
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