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  1. In the Bowl game two years ago vs USC, I was screaming at the TV. Darnold marched the Trojans down the field on back to back PIs. All the Penn State corners had to do was turn around. Drove me nuts!
  2. They can be inconsistent. They're not really dominant in any area. They can look like world beaters one week (e.g. Maryland and Purdue) and other weeks they barely squeak by (Pitt and Iowa). Their corners can drive me nuts. If they're not committing PI, they're giving up a big play. We'll see how they look tomorrow vs Michigan.
  3. I root for Penn State since I'm an alum. Having said that, I don't think they'll win the Big Ten. They're too flawed. I like what Leonard has done with the Wisconsin D. He should get tapped as a head coach in the not too distant future.
  4. Wasn't that the truth. Flacco looked totally disinterested.
  5. That doesn't solve the problem of poor officiating that is costing teams games. It only masks it further. A better solution was suggested by MIke Florio on PFT. Each game should have an official that is part of the crew that looks at the replays. He then simply tells the Ref..."pick up the flag; there is no foul." As to the PI non-call, the NFL screwed the pooch on that one. Patricia didn't want to challenge it...even though it was obvious...because Riveron doesn't overturn them anyway.
  6. I would normally agree with you, but perhaps he has word from above which would negate the career threat. That game on Sunday...if you want to win, you kick and go to OT, or you call a 2 point conversion play that has a chance of succeeding. All evidence pointed to the contrary.
  7. The announcer just said Trey Flowers has never been flagged in his career before. He played for NE. Of course he wouldn't be flagged.
  8. They know Miami doesn't want to win this game. Maybe the players don't want to tank, but the coaches do. That two point conversion play yesterday was evidence of that. It had no chance of succeeding.
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