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  1. The NFL App is so hit or miss when connecting on various devices. You often get repeated "asks" to authenticate. You login, activate, provide your TV provider, it says SUCCESS...then you can't watch anything. I've had issues with my Apple TV, laptop, and my phone. Roku usually is pretty reliable. If the idea is to access NFL plus through the NFL App, I want more reliability before I fork over any money.
  2. Chris Brown on One Bills Live today was going through a depth chart he was sent while on air. Top 3 were Diggs, Davis, McKenzie; followed by Hodgins, Crowder and Kumerow. Tavon Austin was listed as the return man. I was surprised Shakir wasn't mentioned, but I think it's a good bet he makes the team.
  3. Glad it worked and it shows a lot of class...not just for being a fan of a great team, the Bills...but also referencing a great painter!
  4. How many characters? How about GOGH BLZ (as in Vincent Van Gogh)?
  5. Let's put you in charge of morale.
  6. Last year we kept 7 WR's: Diggs, Beasley, Sanders, Davis, McKenzie, Kumerow and Stevenson. Bear in mind that our returners came from this group as well. I think this year we still carry 7 WR's: Diggs, Davis, Mckenzie, Crowder, Shakir, Kumerow and Austin. Unless Stevenson lights it up in camp, I think he gets relegated to the PS if he clears waivers, as well as Hodgins.
  7. I knew something was amiss the other day, but had every confidence that the issues would be resolved, and we would once again be able to access the site.
  8. Yes. He's emulating the cubist period.
  9. This link shows that the item is available: https://www.nflsportjersey.net/bills-white-2021-training-camp-bucket-hat-p86283
  10. There's something close to that on Amazon, but they don't have it in white.
  11. Josh took the redeye and is back already at OTAs per One Bills Live. Right now he's taking his football more seriously than his golf. Fine by me.
  12. I think by and large Josh is just a very humble guy, from humble beginnings, who takes nothing for granted. I think he was nervous throughout the match and actually started playing better as the match went on. He's not used to being on the big stage, except on the football field.
  13. That's a good idea. They could play it like the Ryder cup...AFC vs NFC.
  14. Barkley is so funny! "All these people need to be standing in the middle of rhe fairway. They'd be safe."
  15. Josh had the best drive and Mahomes the best approach this hole.
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