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  1. Edmunds and Milano are huge losses, but I expect McD and Frazier to have Dodson, Klein and company prepared. Both had to step into starting roles cold last Sunday. With a full week of practice, I expect them to be solid.
  2. This is incredibly stunning and sad news. She was my hero! Such a stalwart champion for equality in this country. The movie "On the Basis of Sex" captured her early life and career when she argued a gender discrimination tax case. The plaintiff was a male bachelor who wasn't allowed to take a tax deduction for care-giver expenses because he was a single man. Her career had so many roadblocks because of her gender. She channeled her energy and efforts to insuring fairness for all regardless of gender. A huge loss to our justice system.
  3. I'm actually watching now on MSG. They're broadcasting at 3 and at 7 pm.
  4. That captures it perfectly. Well said.
  5. Hyde is fine. He came back into the game. In the second half the announcer said Hyde went down again, but he misread the number. It was actually Dodson...number 53.
  6. Agree. I don't think you can discount character. Mayfield and Darnold enjoyed great success in college and were drafted accordingly being annointed before playing a single down. Allen didn't enjoy that success and his pick was criticized by many. So Allen got to real work having confidence in himself but realizing his short comings. He looks to improve himself on a daily basis. "If I work and learn, I'll succeed." With the others, and it's more evident with Mayfield than Darnold, they look externally. "Get me the surrounding cast and I'll succeed." We're seeing the difference in the two approaches.
  7. I appreciate how Allen owns his mistakes. I think the first fumble was the result of a good defensive play with the Jet defender knocking the ball out from behind. The second, I thought the ground caused...but you didn't hear any excuses from Josh on either one.
  8. You know...if we had kept Haushka and he missed those kicks...or extra points for that matter, we would have said "we should have kept Bass." Give the kid a chance. It was his first game in a windy stadium. If he continues to suck, then, ok, relight the torches.
  9. Which two players? If it's Jamal Adams and Mosely, I would argue that their strength is in the passing game. Didn't the announcers mention the Jets front four returned pretty much in tact from last year? Now, having said that, I do agree the Bills run blocking needs to improve. And Virgil....nice job as usual.
  10. So strange seeing LV (Raiders) on the score crawler.
  11. Ok...Josh...that's your bonehead play of the game. D bailed you out. Now...get the TD.
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