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  1. In 2020 she has a 68.4% pick record. Her game theory gives Buffalo a 52% chance of winning. She predicts the score as 26-25 Buffalo.
  2. I think Daboll is a good OC, but I also think Josh has done more for Josh than anyone. He figured out how to improve his throwing motion etc. Add in Diggs...that was the game changer. I'd love to keep the band together, but I'm not worried if he leaves. Josh won't fall apart.
  3. I think many of us surmise that if Jimmy G is on the trading block, the Pats would be first in line. He doesn't scare me. They need to find a QB somewhere. I think I'd rather see Jimmy G than a promising draft prospect. We've seen Jimmy G and we know what he brings to the table.
  4. You know, I've been hearing more and more that owners and GMs are looking for "leaders of men." Saleh impressed you as that. Meyer has developed players in college. Who are the others that could fit that description?
  5. If that's the case might they consider Pedersen? Playing in the same division as his mentor may be a plus. Or would they be warded off by his handling of Wentz?
  6. I'm actually happy for this. Buffalo plays better when they are the perceived underdogs.
  7. I did watch the game and I'm just remembering my impressions. The first half we did play well, but it's the second half I recall most clearly, particularly when we got up by 14 and then let them score on their next two drives. As I recall, they scored rather quickly as well. We held Taylor in check, but not Hines.
  8. Forgot about that. So they played good in the last two minutes of each half. The rest of the game, they were pretty porous.
  9. Having Diggs and Davis is such an upgrade from McKenzie and Foster...albeit McKenzie has played well this year in his role.
  10. Watching this game, the Bills offense has grown so much since that game. The question on our defense is who takes the place of Shaq Lawson. He was great in containing the edge.
  11. I'm guessing because of how our defense played. They kept the Colts in the game and only tightened up on that last drive.
  12. I've wanted Najee Harris since last year.
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