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  1. It's my understanding that the Bills want him to beef up in the off season. They recognize he needs to get bigger.
  2. It may have been cheaper but it wasn't a bargain basement contract. Milano's contract was as high as it was because of his excellent play. That's what he earned and commanded. The Bills couldn't afford to keep both. As to Edmunds play, I agree there were times he looked out of position. Many on this board thought he was ill-suited for MLB and would have been better outside. You may be right that the scheme did Edmunds no favors. It will be interesting to see how Chicago uses him.
  3. I think you also have to take into consideration that Milano's excellent play...and having to pay him in order to keep hin...played into the Bills inability to retain Edmunds. And in the long run, if you had to choose between Milano and Edmunds, the vast majority of Bills fans would have chosen Milano...which is how it played out.
  4. The biggest difference maker on the KC offense is Kelce. He gives Mahomes a ready target who is tough to cover.
  5. This thread needs to be re-titled "Bills free agency Trasher." Teams get better every year. The competition is always changing. The Bills lost one key player...who, BTW, half of this board also trashed...in Edmunds. They are adding pieces as well. Big names? No, but let's see how these players play before we say they're garbage. Jets and Dolphins added great pieces last year...through free-agency and the draft. Yet the Bills still won the AFCE...with declining play due to all the injuries. Heck...even our starting QB was injured. The off season isn't over yet. If the team is garbage next year, you "fans" can all gloat and say you were right. For now...all we can do is wait and see.
  6. I think she's Jordan's mother. Forgive me, I forgot that Rachel was Jordan's wife (and she doesn't sound happy that it's not Miami). Anyway, Julie posts from time to time on the Bills Mafia Babes Facebook page.
  7. Julie Poyer posts on Bills Mafia Babes and responds to posts. She is loving the fan reaction welcoming him back.
  8. Jets will be just as desperate since they're signing Aaron's guys and there will be few options for them at QB.
  9. I agree...Dodson is not the answer at MLB. I wanted to keep Edmunds...but not at $18M per year.
  10. I agree. Still we didn't lose because he started in place of Edmunds. Seriously, we either need to sign someone or draft someone.
  11. Yet the Bills won the 4 games or so that he started in place of Edmunds.
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