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  1. This Tuesday is Stefon Diggs day. The evening prime time game is Buffalo v Seattle. The midnight game is Buffalo v Pittsburgh. The Tuesday afternoon games are his favorites with Minnesota.
  2. To me, the big difference on the Chiefs offense is Kelsey. He is so elite, and gives any QB a huge target on any down.
  3. I know. That's the one game they are showing that was a win. The others are all losses.
  4. It really bugs me that all but one of the replays involving the Bills that they have shown, involve Bills losses.
  5. That article is dated. Pedersen is already gone from the Eagles. Siriani is there now.
  6. I love the NFL in general. After the Bills, I don't really root for any team, but I do root against some. Obviously teams in our division, teams with Tom Brady (although I did root for Tampa in the SB to knock off the Chiefs)...speaking of which, the Chiefs, the Titans (can't stand Vrabel), Cowboys. As to players...I am hoping that Darnold does well for the Panthers and that Zach Wilson falls flat. The Jets just did not do right by Darnold. I'm hoping it becomes evident this season.
  7. It all depends on Wentz. He's got the supporting cast with the Colts, though. We couldn't get to Rivers because his release was so quick. Wentz isn't the savvy vet Rivers is, but he certainly has all the tools.
  8. I'm just passing on what has been discussed twice now on OBL by folks that know a lot more about football than I do. I'm sure the Bills coaches would not put Williams in a position where he could not be successful.
  9. They talked about Brown today on OBL with Greg Cosell, who was quite high on him. Once again they talked about him winning the training camp battle and kicking Williams inside. I guess at the end of the day, the o line coaches will put the best 5 linemen out there this season. If they don't feel Williams can measure up at guard, we obviously won't see him there.
  10. Then what was Tasker thinking??? Thanks for the info.
  11. Williams played a lot at guard. They were talking about that today at OBL. Tasker mentioned he could easily kick inside.
  12. I agree with the OP. I think the starting 5 competition is going to be fun to watch. Charles Davis said today on OBL that prior to the draft, he expected Brown to start 10 games or more this year for his team. He tempered that in light of being drafted by the Bills who are returning their starters. Still, I expect this year's o line to be more athletic and physical.
  13. I saw that as well. The fact that 5 Oline coaches separately were polled by him and mentioned Brown as the one guy they'd love to coach spoke volumes. If Brown pushes for a starting job in camp, Williams could move inside to guard, then Feliciano could either move to the left or to center. I think we are going to have a strong o line this year. That could mean a more productive running game, as well as perhaps some tackle eligibles with Brown since he played TE.
  14. I do not want to trade any draft capital. We will need to build through the draft moving forward to manage the cap. Would prefer player for player since we have depth in a few areas now.
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