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  1. I agree. I was surprised that no one was with Josh on the sidelines. You don't have to be a psychologist to encourage someone or simply offer a perspective. Someone should have been there, coaching Josh up on the sideline and reminding him that the weight of the game is not entirely on his shoulders.
  2. Absolutely! The original poster alluded to what I and others may have interpreted as resulting from said physical pummeling, to it being more psychological due to Josh being amped up and stressed out.
  3. Someone posted on this site that Josh showed evidence of stress and anxiety in the Houston game. I had noted his eyes and redness of his face, especially after the hit on the sideline. I thought it might be concussion related, but the poster suggested Josh could benefit from a sports psychologist. Hmmmmm....
  4. So glad to see Houston taken down a peg. Going on about their great comeback. He who lives by the comeback, dies by the comeback!
  5. This should really fire up KC. Win tomorrow and host the AFC championship game, and hopefully this time, win it.
  6. They always dive instead of running threw the ball.
  7. Only if you're playing against the Bills.
  8. I take it you mean the delay of game? That just angered me.
  9. Loved Saban's take on Henry and Ingram. Wouldn't mind the Bills drafting Najee Harris.
  10. This is an interesting take and I think has a lot of validity in general. Thank you for sharing. I think the NFL today has proven to be one minute "trendy" and the other looking at the track record of the candidate or the success of the team in which they spent their formative years. We had the hot offensive coordinator trend. We've had the various coaching trees (Walsh, Parcells, now Belichick). You're seeing more choices made on the basis of who can build a winning culture. I don't know where race plays into it any longer, broadly speaking.
  11. As long as they continue to beat Belichick when they play him, I'm cool with that.
  12. Well...you can't argue with the job he did with the Patriots Special Teams. They were outstanding this year.
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