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  1. That's it in a nutshell. Our country's symbol is not merely a flag...but it's what that flag stands for....the freedom to take a knee before that flag in protest, or even burn it in protest like they did with Vietnam. That's the beauty of true democracy. It is not an easy system by any stretch.
  2. I did hate it when the QB would be back to pass and Miller would say..."He lets it fly..." You'd envision a 20 yard plus pass and then Miller would continue..."and the pass was completed for 3 yards." Drove me nuts.
  3. Before I scrolled downward, at the first sight of the picture, I said aloud: "It looks like a Roomba." The further references as I continued reading only added to the humor.
  4. Pete Schrager posited the same thing on GMFB. They're simply connecting dots that shouldn't be connected: Bills/Carolina connection; tall, big mobile QBs
  5. Totally agree. No one is getting blasted.
  6. Well...since he was the top ranked kicker by Scouts and Kiper, I expect that Beane saw the value above any other player available. Plus we're now at that point in the draft where teams are drafting kickers and punters, so he may not have been available later.
  7. Kiper just raved about him. Was his number one kicker. Said he has a big leg and is clutch.
  8. And when Haush misses his first XP or field goal of 42 yards, you'd be blasting the Bills for not bringing in another kicker. At the very least, this is competition at the position. Beane picks gamers. Must have been something he saw on tape that led to this particular kicker.
  9. Bills are getting good value for where they are picking. Love to see that in our GM. Unlike days of old.
  10. That's what the Bills are drafting now. Backups! Nice position to be in.
  11. Been watching a lot of Big Ten replays on the BTN. Lots of Wisconsin. I liked Cephus as well. Always making clutch catches.
  12. You mean Patriots, right? Or did I miss something?
  13. cbssports.com is actually grading all the picks and their video is discussing football players. Imagine that!
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