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  1. Good point. Hope it carries through to the regular season.
  2. Maybe you should write them down.
  3. Thank you for that link. It explains the rule clearly. "If a loose ball touches anything out of bounds, it is considered out of bounds." I'll have to commit that to memory.
  4. I suppose that if you're thinking about breaking...or at least bending the rules you should know what they are.
  5. If he was standing out of bounds, I would think not. I just rewound and watched it. The receiver had one toe on the white when he engaged the defender. Since they reviewed it, and the expert didn't comment on that aspect, it must be okay. BTW He thought he was short as well.
  6. Flacco got kicked to the curb in Baltimore. He likes being wanted. Good question. Did he reestablish himself in bounds? Lock got a lucky spot. I thought he was 6 inches short.
  7. Never make a decision out of desperation unless it's literally life and death.
  8. Lock is handing off the ball and I'm thinking "toast."
  9. Chubb is looking like a monster. Elway can't pick a QB, but he knows his pass rushers.
  10. Love to see Sanders back to form. Always liked him as a WR. Bummer about the penalty. That was a nice catch.
  11. They just showed Fangio. He resembles the head coach at Wisconsin.
  12. I'd like to see him succeed as well...since he's no longer on NE.
  13. You're right. I recall that. Cassel looked good one season in KC as I recall. Then he fizzled. In the pregame, Hasselbeck talked about Stitham and how NE develops QBs, citing Garapolo and Jacoby Brissett. I think the jury is still out elsewhere and I'm wondering about the effectiveness of NE's offensive system.
  14. Garapolo and Flacco both starting. Garapolo already threw a pick. Wondering if these New England QBs thrive in New England only.
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