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  1. Couldn't agree more. The Bills always find contributors late in the draft. We only have 10 picks as the 6th was traded to Houston in the Diggs trade. The Bills need depth so this is probably a good year for rookies to make the team. Wouldn't surprise me either if they parlay a pick or two into next year's draft especially a 5th rounder, since we traded next year's 5th as well.
  2. I used to really dislike Tom Brady, even though he came across as likeable in many ways. Then Patrick Mahomes happened. I have achieved a new level of disdain.
  3. Unfortunately that achievement was eclipsed by Nicole's death. When you mention OJ Simpson you don't think of those 2000 yards.
  4. I agree. Josh has never been one to seek self promotion or stage photo/video ops. In fact, quite the opposite.
  5. I never saw anything about Diggs working out in the off season until just before the Texans trade. All of these off season practice posts are staged. I will wait for OTAS and training camp and judge what these players are all about.
  6. This...most don't. They only look at the surface of things. I was watching Around the Horn on ESPN the day of the trade, and the most knowledgeable and reasoned opinion came from Mina Kimes. She sighted his stats the last half of the season and in the playoffs each season, whereas the others looked at Diggs overall statistics over the four years. Mina agreed with the Bills move. The others thought it a mistake.
  7. Knowledgeable members of the media see it and get it. I'm amazed at the "expert" opinions that say absolutely nothing because they aren't paying attention.
  8. Houston just voided those years. They accelerated $3.5M to Diggs this year in guaranteed money, but Diggs becomes a free agent next year.
  9. Which is why many NFL executives are praising Beane for the move. If we haven't won with these aging players, it's time to reset and move forward with different players.
  10. No...the cap hit is this year. And since Diggs had a cap hit of over $27M this year anyway...the difference is only a bit over $3M on this year's cap. Next year, Diggs is off the books entirely.
  11. Disagree. Texans don't have a number 1 this year, so they had little to offer in this year's draft. Getting a number two in 2025...and as One Bills Live reported it is Minnesota's pick (due to a trade) which should be high next year...this is more than you would expect for a 30 year old receiver who would have been cut next year. San Diego only got a 4th for Keenan Allen. So...when you think about it, this trade makes sense.
  12. Actually this was a good time to let him go. The cap hit this year is only $3M more than it would have been with Diggs on the roster. Next year, Diggs would have no value in trade since he would be a year older and likely cut for the cap savings. No dead cap hit moving forward. With the depth at wideout in this year's draft, it will be easier to find his replacement.
  13. One Bills Live reported that the 2nd round pick is the one the Texans got from Minnesota...which should be a higher number 2, due to Minnesota starting either Sam Darnold or a rookie QB.
  14. He's calculating. He has a plan in place. He doens't make moves for the sake of making moves.
  15. Or that the rest of the teams in the NFL have watched Diggs decline and disappear later in the season and realized Diggs isn't worth more than that. I think because this draft is so deep at wideout, Beane judged that it would be best to move on this year, get his replacement in the draft and lower the cap moving forward. As much as I like Diggs, in thinking about this move, it makes sense.
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