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  1. I think it's great the OP got to attend this event. How many of the rest of us bought tickets to the draft? So...glad that he offered to share any nuggets he may have gleaned from the event.
  2. Hated when we picked Maybin. I'm a Penn State alum and fan...but I knew he was going to be a bust. Too young for the pros. Good artist, though.
  3. 1. Agree with you at Safety. I really thought/hoped they'd resign Marlowe. 2. I thought they'd bring in a veteran corner as well. Perhaps the price was too high. I expect them to draft one since that is a deep position this year. 3. I suspect DL positions were too pricy. They know they're getting star back. Edge is likely a target early in the draft. 4. I think they will still draft OL this draft at some point, or bring in undrafted free agents. They like their competition on the oline and they are bringing back all the starters from last year. 5. With the depth
  4. Harrison Philips looked and sounded so enthused about the gray. 😆
  5. First four picks have a good chance to be QBs. Definitely the first 3. That leaves two teams maximally to pick a non QB ahead of the Dolphins, so Pitts could fall to them. If not, they'll have their choice of top receivers. They could also go Edge. If they are going all in on Tua this year, getting him the best offensive weapons would be a priority.
  6. I've seen mocks with a Tackle going to Cinci. I do think taking Pitts there would be the smart move for Cinci and I hope they nab him before the Dolphins.
  7. That's possible. WR has been forecasted for them in every mock thus far. WR is deep in this draft, though. Give then Pitts and Gesicki and they are pulling a NE move.
  8. Miami is going after Pitts at TE.
  9. Lincoln had that philosophy. He said: "I don't like that man. I must get to know him better."
  10. Happy Birthday, Coach! I gift you with a Super Bowl trophy. Bad news is there is some assembly required.
  11. I agree largely with what you said. If the Bills reacted the way many on this board react when it comes to free agency, we'd be the Jets.
  12. I think Star's return...especially if he returns in good form...will help our D line as is. Players will be able to play their natural positions rather than having to fill in at 1T. Having said that, I would presume Edge will not be neglected in the draft. Beane will add a FA if one is available and affordable. He doesn't want any glaring holes in any area when the draft is here, so he doesn't have to reach for a position of need. Star's return will also have an impact on our line backer play. A key this year will be staying healthy.
  13. That was the first visual that popped into my mind when the OP posed the question. This is what prodded Belichick to go crazy in free agency.
  14. Beane said yesterday they wanted to get Roberts back but he got better money from Houston.
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