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  1. I agree...but that doesn't mean it isn't PI. D backs get away with a lot against the Bills.
  2. He strafed Pittman's head with his hand over the top.
  3. Over the past two games the Bills have had only one day of regular practice. That might account for Hines not being part of the game plan as well as the vanilla play calling. Hopefully we'll see more in coming weeks.
  4. Correct. My point was simply that Wilson didn't look good against the Bills wounded defense. The Jets won but not because of Wilson.
  5. Not really. He had one good drive. He was 18/25 for 154 yds. Bills were without Poyer and Milano.
  6. Jets again face a team without it's starting QB. Fields is out for Chicago.
  7. Matt Rhule is a good hire for them. They need someone who's been solid in the college ranks.
  8. Congrats on a great Michigan win! I'm a Penn State fan and you guys kicked our butts (not really hard to do with Sean Clifford at QB). I was pulling for the Wolverines to knock OSU off their high horse.
  9. I mentioned watching over the air, but I don't think she had any rabbit ears.
  10. I believe this. I was at my niece's for Thanksgiving, arriving in the 4th quarter of the game. Her live stream kept cutting out as we watched the game! She said it only happens when she watches Bills football games. Well...just as Bass kicked the FG and it was heading towards the goal post, the video cut out! Ahhhhh! What happened???? My nephew was watching the ESPN game cast on his phone, and knew the result, so we were happily relieved when he told us the Bills won! We watched the second game, Giants at Dallas with no video interruptions. BTW, I watched the first 3 quarters of the game at my home via video stream with no issues. I am hoping to catch a game replay so I can watch the game in its entirety, uninterrupted.
  11. I agree. He's toughing it out, but the elbow is affecting his accuracy and velocity.
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