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  1. 31 - Byrd 97 - Bryant (had to - it’s my last name and my favorite player’s (Bennett) number 23 - Hyde 40 - Miller
  2. I just ordered mine a few weeks ago in CT. They wouldn’t let me substitute 0 for O either (like NJ). I ended up going with BFLO BLZ
  3. I'm totally following this topic. Putting in for my CT vanity plate. I had GOBILLZ in Delaware but it's taken in Connecticut.
  4. I actually don’t know what he’s trying to say. 🤨 But on topic … RIP Dwayne Haskins. Far too young. 😢
  5. When did you get them? I got mine through a friend last year as I was "out of the area".
  6. I wonder if they will open up season tickets to fans outside of NYS now?
  7. I laughed harder than I should have. 🦷😂😂😂
  8. That’s what I thought as well. Diva doing diva things. Bye already.
  9. I voted no but not because he could take away targets from Knox. He’s just an a$$. Oh. And he’s broken too. Hard pass.
  10. I kinda want Chiefs to win so the Rams can blow them up in the Superbowl. I've always been a Stafford fan and I would love for Darnold and Miller to get after Mahomes. I know he's a great QB but he bugs me. LOL
  11. I feel like we need a NASTY D and we don't really get that with Mr. Nice Guy Frazier. Not sure what happened last night but they didn't seem like the #1. And Daboll has some head scratching play calling during games.
  12. There is a first time for everything. 😉 GO BILLS.
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