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  1. No. I'm from CT and had seasons a while back. I tried to get them back and was told I was "out of the area".
  2. I wonder if seasons will be opened up to people beyond the 716 area now.
  3. Maybe I got your seats? LOL Moved from 337 over to 334. 🙂 Interesting. I hated my aisle seats ... it was like a turnstyle. Everybody up and down all the time. It got annoying.
  4. Whew! Just got mine. It looks like there are still good seats available.
  5. Ugh. I was hoping that you would only be allowed to buy the number of seats you currently have. I have 2 but the email says I have the opportunity to buy 6. So by the time my time slot is available, the tix will be probably be gone. 😡
  6. Those are hilarious. But what is going on with Gabe Davis? "Hoy". LOL
  7. Were you in 337? Cus they literally happened to me as well. LOL
  8. I watched the field goal attempt. Got complacent. Never again.
  9. My favorite Collinsworth quote was something like "they get Von Miller and now everyone thinks they're a sack specialist". I hate Collinsworth as much as anyone but that was a good one.
  10. Buffalo chicken pizza and a bottle of Josh Pinot Noir
  11. I was only there for the playoff game against the Texans a few years back. It was packed! Agree about The Harp. I lived in Boston for a few years and that place is great! Used to make my friend drive from Ellington to meet me there.
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