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  1. Because he’s not listening to the coaches in his headset, he’s listening to this...
  2. Anyone else do this, you see someone in a store, they have something Bills on, and as you pass you just say "Go Bills" they usually reply, and you just keep walking? My wife thinks it's strange. Do any other team fans do something similar?
  3. I thought this sounded familiar, and sure enough, we had Carl and Crew just two weeks ago against the Covid Mary's.... Week 7 - Bills at New Jersey Team B (Crew subject to change due to the real mafia interfering) Yrs 2019 crew College Occupation R 51 Carl Cheffers 21 California-Irvine sales manager U 49 Rich Hall 17 Kemp Arizona custom cabinetry DJ 13 Patrick Turner 7 Wrolstad Cal State-Long Beach plant manager LJ 47 Tim Podraza 13 Corrente Nebraska business performance consultant FJ 60 Gary Cavaletto 18 Vinovich Hancock general manager, agricultural operations SJ 18 Clay Reynard 1 NA California-Davis customer service representative BJ 119 Greg Wilson 13 Martin USC retired police officer
  4. I don't listen to anyone, I have my own system, and it works okay. I'm not fighting for #1, but I'm respectfully am able to stay in the Top 20
  5. John Lang (Bills Elvis) had mentioned on FB he was filming a Pepsi commercial recently, looks like this was it.
  6. This morning? That video is almost 3 years old.
  7. 15 players eliminated mainly due to The Pats*, leaving 21 in the TBD Pool.
  8. In my county, about four times as many absentee ballots were requested (almost 60,000), compared to the 2016 election (about 13,000). And they have a record number of people registered to voted also. https://www.syracuse.com/politics/cny/2020/10/2020-elections-how-many-have-voted-by-absentee-ballot-in-onondaga-county-oct-19.html
  9. So is the BOE supposed to start providing meals and drinks now to those in line?
  10. It has to be 1 point or more, plus the area population has to be less than 2% infected.
  11. 32:24 to 27:36, not too much more, just 5 minutes. https://www.espn.com/nfl/game?gameId=401220209
  12. Come on Glenn, what do you have to say? @Limeaid
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