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  1. That was the first week crew. See later posts for this weeks crew.
  2. Week 4 - Bills at Ravens Another week where we haven't seen a crew since 2020, welcome back Jerome Boger... Last game with him and his crew is going way back, to Sept 20th, 2020, about two years ago, in Miami. The Bills won, 31-28. Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins - September 20th, 2020 Buffalo had 6p/55yds, while Miami had 3p/20yds. And for those interested, reported weather was 90 degrees, relative humidity 68%, wind 5 mph. Last time his crew did a Ravens (5p/54yds) game was late last year, in Baltimore, against the Browns (5p/45yds), a 16-10 win for the Ravens. It seems this crew may not like to throw the flag as much as others.
  3. Yes, he does. Bills fans have donated to it last year. Blessings in a Backpack
  4. That is weird, you'd think they would get at least one of their division rivals in the first few weeks.
  5. A bridge being out never stopped them Duke boys
  6. Here's an idea for everyone that wants to donate. Let's make one BIG donation! Everyone send me your money, I'll pool it all together, then take out a small admin fee for myself, then send it on to Tua's foundation, where they will take some for themselves, who will then send out to other charities!!!
  7. So, for SnG's, I looked at the schedule, only going back to 2000, how the games were scheduled between the Bills and Dolphins, I did not care about what month games were played, just who played at home first... Miami then Buffalo was 15 Buffalo then Miami was 8 Miami defiantly has the advantage of playing at home first, but usually the @Buffalo game was late in the season.
  8. Hold up, I have a real comment on the topic! This weekend's game in London between the Vikings and Saints will be at Tottenham Hotspur stadium, which has been mentioned before, designed by the same firm designing the Bills new stadium. So, if speculation is correct, check out the game to maybe get an idea what the new stadium could look like.
  9. They should just blow up the every division/conference and start over. Seems like a lot of people are "but the rivalries!!" New ones will start in with the new teams.
  10. Garden Of The Gods is cool. You can also check out Red Rocks and stand on the stage if there is no concert/event scheduled. Buffalo Rose Saloon, the oldest bar in Colorado, is a short drive away in Golden, home of Coors. The Buckhorn Exchange Steakhouse is a pretty cool place to get dinner.
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