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  1. I disagree. That was his Mom's nickname for him.
  2. Tasker looks like an evil villain from an old western movie.
  3. Um, drive a stake through the heart just in case she's a vampire?
  4. They mentioned it at one point during the broadcast last night, Las Vegas is a destination game. Visiting fans will make it a vacation, and spend several days there, not just go to the game and leave.
  5. It's a long con by Taylor to help the Eagles win the Super Bowl again...
  6. Once again, it's up to Kyle to save the game for the Bills. I'm telling you, keep an eye out for this kid to be NFL Player Of the Year. He's 2 for 2 now.
  7. Keep it, just make sure they'll let you "check in" Thursday morning. It'll be nice to drop your bags in your room instead of leaving them with the front desk. Plus you can grab a quick nap or change or shower before heading out. When I went to Australia, we landed in the morning, I think around 9am, and couldn't check in till after 3pm. Was stuck wearing the clothes we had on while walking around Sydney, wishing we could just grab a nap and shower.
  8. They do. I'll drive the two hours or so one way to Cindy's just to stock up.
  9. Realized I never gave a half hearted review of Peter Gabriel in Ottawa. Worth it if you're a PG fan and know a lot of his music. If you only know the songs from So, you'll be disappointed. He doesn't move around as much as he did when I saw him back in 2002 for the Growing Up tour, but he still puts on a great show. I think he may have one more tour in him within the next 10 years, probably a farewell tour. His closer is Biko, and the band leaves the stage one by one, till it's just the audience chanting. This is a video from the Ottawa show.
  10. Don't know if you know, those covers were drawn by @Guffalo's father.
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