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  1. Just Jack

    Week 14

    Dammit. I tried to get fancy with my fantasy team and it cost me a win in the playoffs. I could have knocked out the 2nd place team. I had Tyreek Hill and George Kittle sitting on my bench. If I’d played them it would have been and extra 45 points or so. But instead I put in Chris Godwin and Jaylen Samuels.
  2. Just Jack

    Chic-Fil-A In New Era Stadium

    I know, because I installed them, that Burger King uses a system called Chef, that will tell them based on sales data, how much product needs to be cooked based on anticipated demand. Btw, burgers can sit for up to 90 minutes before they are supposed to be tossed. Spicy and Crispy chicken is only allowed 30 minutes. The few times I've been to my local CFA, I've always seen the owner there, and he's always doing something, usually running food out to customers.
  3. Just Jack

    Would ya Miss Kentucky style

    Looks a lot different without makeup. But still a yes.
  4. Just Jack

    Avengers: Endgame Trailer

    So Ant Man makes it back from the Quantum Realm. There’s a spoiler. It’ll be interesting to see how it happens.
  5. Just Jack

    International Travelers

    Here’s another tip. If you’re near a Canadian border crossing, get Nexus. It gives you all the privileges of TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry, but it’s only $50, cheapest of all the programs. Downside is you need to complete your interview process at a Canada border crossing.
  6. Just Jack

    White trash: Missouri style

  7. Just Jack

    Christmas Movie All-Time Recommendations

    Is that the one where they get in a snowball fight with the young kids from town, or the one that they win the baking contest at the festival?
  8. Just Jack

    GHW Bush’s service dog “Sully”

    How do we know it’s a real service dog and not one with a $50 vest on?
  9. Just Jack

    Furnace thermostats with energy usage monitor

    The first generation of Nests had problems with the base they attach to.
  10. Just Jack

    Refs for this weeks Bills game are.....

    Week 14 - Jets at Bills Another repeat crew this week, they did the Bills - Vikings game back in week 3 Bills - 12 penalties for 84 yards Vikings - 6 penalties for 59 yards http://www.espn.com/nfl/matchup?gameId=401030784 Replay official: Mike Chase Replay assistant: Marvin LeBlanc Position change: Kemp (SJ→R), Jf. Bergman (DJ→LJ) Yrs 2017 crew College Occupation R 55 Alex Kemp 5 Hochuli,Ed Central Michigan insurance agent U 49 Rich Hall 15 Boger Arizona custom cabinetry DJ 100 Tom Symonette 15 Cheffers Florida certified public accountant LJ 32 Jeff Bergman 27 Triplette Robert Morris president and chief executive officer, medical services† FJ 117 John Jenkins 5 Anderson St. Mary’s sales executive SJ 50 Aaron Santi 4 Torbert Southern Oregon middle school principal BJ 133 Steve Freeman 18 Triplette Mississippi State custom home builder, former NFL player†
  11. Just Jack

    Is your memory getting worse with age?

    Someone once gave me some good advice about how to help improve your memory, I think it was something like join a craft guild. It helps exercise the mind. Can't Remember A Frigging Thing.
  12. Just Jack

    Official Christmas Thread!

    Baby it’s cold outside. Not because of the controversy. I’ve got Sirius and was listening to one of the holiday stations the other day. They played it, then played some other song, then played BICO by another artist. And other times, if I’m in the car more than 20 minutes, it seems like I’ll hear it at least once.
  13. Just Jack

    Christmas Movie All-Time Recommendations

    I made the wife watch Woodland Critter Christmas a couple years ago. She still thinks I’m not right in the head for loving it.
  14. Just Jack

    Generation X: Arcade Games You Kicked Ass At

    Nope, the hotel I was at is the western edge of PA, almost on the border with Ohio.
  15. Just Jack

    [Vague Title] Eliminated

    I think I'm getting lactose intolerant in my older years. I find myself eliminating more often and sooner after having ice cream.