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  1. I’ve never had a Paula doughnut.
  2. There’s a documentary about him called Still Bill on Amazon’s Prime. You can either pay to watch or sign up for a trial period of some streaming service to see it free.
  3. $300? I spent about $50 on mine. Not all the features of that one, but it works.
  4. That's nothing new, people have been doing that since self checkouts started being installed in stores.
  5. Go to Olive Garden and get take out. Put on some Italian restaurant music on Pandora. Go rent a Pope costume for after dinner fun.
  6. I'm supposed to be leaving on a cruise today. And have another week off in mid-July in the Adirondacks. That one I'm hoping is not cancelled.
  7. Someone I know in a FB group does this, and it's interesting seeing how the percentages change each week, though it is not a truly 100% scientific poll. Two degrees of separation is acceptable for your answer. So if your neighbors coworker has it, it would count. If your neighbor, coworker, garbage man, accountant, babysitter has it, it does not count.
  8. I'm just hoping for the opener to be the first weekend.
  9. Kinda makes sense. You got no events that people are buying tickets for. Meanwhile, events that people have already bought, are being cancelled. So no money is coming in, but plenty of people want money to come out.
  10. One of my high school classmates is already doing this for the DOH. My sister in law just last week had a crown made while she waited in the dentist office. They printed it out right there in about 10 minutes.
  11. If he's gonna watch that, then he should also check out Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes
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