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  1. They weren’t spacing them out in Lot 2 last night. They were packing them in as close together as they could. I would have rather park at @Hammered a Lot and walk over if it was allowed.
  2. Last night I was so nervous driving to the stadium, I would have turned around and watched it at home. But I had one of my brother-in-laws with me, so I kept going. I felt like sick to my stomach nervous. Even today, after the win, I still stand by my OP, that it doesn't feel real to me. Not being a Negative Nancy, I won't say I expect them to fail, I have high hopes of a AFCC win, then SB. I'm just very worried. But that's me.
  3. You could see people in the Bills Alumni suite last night, but I'm almost at the complete opposite side of the stadium to see who was in there.
  4. Walking in they had blue rally towels that said "See You In Buffalo. It Might Be Chilly". Walking out they had newspapers with some pics from the game.
  5. Gee, the only thing I predicted at Thanksgiving is that I would eat too much. Well, that came true. Hopefully your boss's prediction comes true.
  6. I haven't had it done yet, just considering it. Flushing the tank I've heard of, but have never done. I was on the roof recently, not to check the vents, but because I had a leak around the furnace chimney. There was a good 1/2" gap all around the pipe. Used some of that flex seal tape, haven't heard any water dripping when it rains since. I'll see about getting a more permanent fix later in the spring.
  7. Public sewer. Plus the house is on a small hill above the street, so it should be sloped down to the main out there.
  8. Based off comments I saw before the last game, sometime today.
  9. It's not my personal plumbing I'm asking about, it's my house hold plumbing. We've lived here just over two years, so I don't know the last time anything has been done.
  10. Anyone ever get your sewer drain cleaned out just because you felt like it? I'm not having any issues, just thinking it may be good to do some preventive maintenance now instead of emergency repairs later.
  11. "Sorry honey, no ***** tonight. My arthritis is acting up."
  12. But, but, but, he also had the game he left to go take a *****, then came back out to lead them to a win.
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