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  1. Artists might/could start dropping out if plans still are not settled... https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/8517751/woodstock-50-organizers-havent-contacted-artists-new-site
  2. I wish I had gone, I knew about the concert, I'm working in Buffalo this week, but getting out there with the work van would be difficult.
  3. Update on the possible Vernon Downs location, if it's held there, it will be between 45K-65K people, no camping... https://www.localsyr.com/news/national/woodstock-50-may-be-back-on-at-new-venue/
  4. I'm thinking of hitting three shows this weekend. Friday night, Quiet Riot at a bar here in Syracuse (never seen them, and tickets are cheap) Saturday night, Toad The Wet Sprocket (already have tickets for this show) Sunday night, Dierks Bentley (the wife likes him is the only reason I'd go)
  5. If you stuck with one airline, you'd be Elite Diamond Plus by now.
  6. The article says it was a Frist Class seat, but it's not. Watching the video, the guy is in the exit row with only the flight attendant seat in front of him, so he has plenty of leg room and doesn't have to get up if one of his row mates wants to get up. I wouldn't switch either for anything under $5K.
  7. Check your spare tire https://canada.autonews.com/retail/how-canadian-ford-dealerships-helped-bust-mexican-meth-shipment
  8. Just Jack

    In Bloom

    They split up after the lead singer decided to do his own thing.
  9. So it seems my wife and I had dinner with a famous composer last weekend. She is a friend of my wife's friends.... Ssu-Yu Huang http://www.musicated.com/syh/en/biography.htm https://parmarecordings-news.com/the-inside-story-ssu-yu-huang-and-beneath-the-tide/
  10. There's four pages. 1 - Two Bills Drive 2 - That book of faces page 3 - The looking up stuff page 4 - The naked people wrestling page
  11. Proposed tests for TBD membership.... #1) Read an entire Exiled post about life on the lock, and summarize it in one sentence. #2) Post a picture of a "Hot For" woman, and get Mead to use more than 50 emoji's as his response. #3) Ask Hammersticks if you can use his shower. Bonus points if he does not ask if you're clean before giving the okay. Feel free to add more.
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