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  1. [Morgan Freeman voice] "And as the male penguin pushes down the female from behind, the other males rush in and jump on her, flapping their flippers into any orifice they can get at."
  2. Week 15 : Bills at Steelers We last Tony and crew earlier this year, when the Redskins came to town, and left with another loss, 24-9 https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/201911030buf.htm Just two penalties the entire game for the Bills, totaling 20 yards. The Redskins, 3 for 15 yards. Seems like Tony and crew don't like to get their flags dirty. Hopefully they won't decide to become part of the show on Sunday night. Replay official: Charles Stewart Replay assistant: Robert Lu Yrs 2018 crew College Occupation R 99 Tony Corrente 25 Cal State-Fullerton former college officiating coordinator, retired educator U 129 Bill Schuster 20 Boger Alfred insurance broker DJ 8 Dana McKenzie 12 Blakeman Toledo claims adjuster LJ 47 Tim Podraza 12 * Nebraska banker FJ 36 Anthony Jeffries 2 Morelli Alabama-Birmingham medical sales SJ 41 Boris Cheek 24 Morelli Morgan State director of operations and management BJ 30 Todd Prukop 11 * Cal State-Fullerton medical sales representative
  3. I say 15 minutes Tickets were more of a hassle to get back then. You'd either have to go to the stadium and stand in line, stay at home and hope you could get through on the phone to the ticket office, or hope you knew a season ticket holder that could get extras. Couldn't just jump on the interwebs and buy them there.
  4. F' that. The Terrible Towel is a Steelers thing. You don't go into your opponents house and try to steal their thing.
  5. Man, you author’s are really picky when it come’s to spelingg. 😉
  6. So you dated/married someone better than you? Score. Both my wives (ex and current) have Masters degrees, while I spent three years in college switching majors and have nothing to show for it.
  7. He likes quantity over quality?
  8. Seems to be a more serious type of Ghostbusters movie.... Oh, and the suit when she is going through the closet says Spengler.
  9. I remember that, mainly because getting off the bus after school, I wondered why my father was home from work already. Typically he'd be a couple more hours before getting home.
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