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  1. Back when the Bills played the Chargers in the blackout game, it moved right along because there was no need to stop for TV commercials. I'd like to see the NFL do that at least once a season, combine it with some throwback uniforms and call it a Throwback Game of the season. Pick teams with long standing rivalries, like the Bears and Packers. For commercials, do like some of the other leagues do, like NASCAR, and do a split screen, so you can still see the action.
  2. What did you try, and what have you decided on?
  3. I saw a video of some FF's flushing a hydrant the other day. First it came out brown, then black, until eventually going clear. Took several minutes though. Side note, I have been in a building when one of the heads on the sprinkler system broke. Same situation, the initial downpour was black and smelly water.
  4. I didn't remember a walk either, but this article does mention it... https://buffalonews.com/2004/11/28/mularkey-gives-players-some-food-for-thought/
  5. Here’s an update about the pursuit and captures of the Buffalo, with some neighbors reactions. https://www.newyorkupstate.com/news/2019/08/as-100-runaway-bison-annoy-the-neighbors-rancher-turns-to-apples-dart-gun-and-patience.html
  6. The owner was from Buffalo, they sell Beef on Weck and wings, saw several people wearing Bills stuff, even saw a Backers shirt.
  7. In case you’ve ever watched it, Bar Rescue did a Buffalo themed bar in St Petersburg, FL. Here’s an article https://www.tampabay.com/arts-entertainment/bar-review-the-rescue-of-sports-bar-20190411/ Here’s a preview
  8. I think you could, but you'll need people coming over the wall in waves. Sure the first 10-20 might get arrested, but once you get 100-200 on the field, the rest will come. I just hope when it happens, it's because the Bills clinched a playoff berth, and people are respectable and don't tear up the field for mementos.
  9. I will turn on my tv to my local station and watch it there.
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