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  1. I'd be richer if you'd tell me how to hide my money in one of those off-shore accounts.
  2. Local teacher accused of improper relationship with student | News | weatherforddemocrat.com
  3. I've done them that way also, in my poor youth days. Btw, have I told you about my hot dog toaster?
  4. I got one of these several years ago, best $25 I've ever spent, use it almost every day. Breakfast Sandwich Makers - HamiltonBeach.com Let it warm up, put in your ingredients, and 4-5 minutes later, you have a sandwich.
  5. Things that I have done answer the phone, put it on speaker, hit 1 if it says you need to talk to someone, then when they answer, don’t say a word. Nothing. Just let them listen to whatever background noise you have at the time, whether it’s the tv, office, radio, etc social security number compromised - ask them which social security number? They typically respond with “your social security number”. Respond that you’re in witness protection and need to know which number is compromised so you can tell your handler you need a new identity. car warranty - you’
  6. I discovered this week a setting on my iPhone that will silence callers that are not in your contact list. They will still show under recent calls and can leave voice mail, so you can choose to return their call if it was something important.
  7. This is not correct. You're supposed to be outside, preferably within sight of either those hot college girls renting a house on your block, or the neighborhood busy body who likes to call the cops on children playing too loud.
  8. Heard this the other day... And on a not serious note....
  9. I had my second shingles shot about 10 days after my second Pfizer shot. I should have taken the next day off, I felt run down, flu like symptoms. But started feeling better that evening. I did take some ibuprofen so maybe that helped some.
  10. Just had another concert, rescheduled from last summer to this summer, rescheduled again for next summer. Yep. Lakeview. I did see a concert scheduled for State Fair time, but now it's gone off the events calendar. I guess we'll see in June how they will deal with the crowds. https://www.asmsyracuse.com/events
  11. Thinking about it but nothing planned yet.
  12. See, what you are describing is pre-existing condition, which I accept. But claiming the vaccine suddenly gave someone liver and kidney disease is what Glenn suggested. I don’t believe that.
  13. Because getting liver and kidney disease suddenly overnight never happens.
  14. Doubt it, he probably had issues before the shot. Was it "Joe's Anti-Vax Info" website where you saw it's possible?
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