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  1. Just Jack

    Jussie Smallette (Alleged) Assault

    You misspelled Dunder Mifflin.
  2. Just Jack

    POLL: Can you drive a manual transmission?

    Learned the summer between high school and college, when I was working and my parents were going to be gone for a week, and I needed to use my Dads truck to go to work. But it wasn't until almost three years later that I learned you should downshift when going up steep hills. It seems I never encountered any in those years that were steep enough to start slowing me down in whatever gear I was in.
  3. And right now it's only $100 https://shopthebills.com/kyle-williams-jersey-nike-home-game-buffalo-bills-jersey/ Or save a penny and buy from the NFL Shop https://www.nflshop.com/buffalo-bills/nfl-pro-line-mens-buffalo-bills-kyle-williams-team-color-jersey/t-25937989+p-6733112916011+z-9-1944761920
  4. Just Jack

    latest craziness

    Maybe she's a Degen from upcountry.
  5. Just Jack

    Oh, those crazy Canucks..

    An update https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/dave-assman-sgi-vanity-licence-plate-1.5017377?fbclid=IwAR353YfGS2hmGTeBCImPPPPTa4Dj0jdI20Y6rOQxUhxntMbPkhGA52L1_nE
  6. Just Jack

    Who would win in a fight? Ninja or Unicorn

    Can the unicorn use its horn as a weapon?
  7. If it's a dome/covered stadium, I'll probably end up dropping my seats and just buy on the secondary market for the few games I make it to a year. The major reason I keep what I have currently is that I'm covered by the 300's above me.
  8. Just Jack


    Your air traffic controller might not be at the airport with you...
  9. https://www.13newsnow.com/article/news/adult-film-screened-on-garage-for-entire-neighborhood-leads-to-arrest/
  10. Just Jack

    Want to buy a house?

  11. Just Jack

    Oh, those crazy Canucks..

    Not letting a man have a personalized license plate.... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/melville-man-saskatchewan-government-insurance-assman-license-plate-1.5008302
  12. Just Jack

    A question for you all

    He was testing his mattress....
  13. You can re-sell through the One Buffalo/Ticketmaster app. And now you can do it for less than face value. Used to be I could not go below a certain value on Ticketmaster. You could on Stub Hub though, this was when we still could get paper/print at home tickets.
  14. Just Jack

    Where has 26CornerBlitz been lately?

    Start a thread announcing you're leaving for a while and don't know if/when you may come back. Then post in it every day asking if people missed you yet. That'll give you an idea of who cares and worries about you.
  15. Just Jack

    How much money did you spend on Super Bowl pools?

    So each time the score changes, there's a payout?