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  1. Life is a mystery Everyone must stand alone I hear you call my name And it feels like home
  2. They just reply that "someone" accidently posted the wrong tickets for sale. I'm thinking my next experiment could be trying to buy my seats on SH, but before completing the checkout, remove them from TM/TE.
  3. Money, money, money Must be funny In the rich man's world Money, money, money Always sunny In the rich man's world Aha All the things I could do If I had a little money It's a rich man's world
  4. Yes. But it's automated. See my additional comment below. Tried a little experiment today. Took one of my current TE listings and bumped up the price a lot. Once it showed at the higher price on TE, checked SH and that price had also jumped up a lot. Now, second part of my experiment. Put my price back to where I had it on TE. Once the SH price dropped back down, went and added those seats to be purchased, and clicked on Checkout, but did not finish the sale. Went back to TE, and put the price of my seats back way up. Waited till TE showed the higher price, then went back to SH to complete the sale, but it had already recalculated for the higher price, and asked if I wanted to complete the sale at the new price. And for those wondering, my two club seats I have on TE for $400. SH is asking $516, plus an additional $165 in fees. So if you are looking for secondary market tickets, check TM/TE first.
  5. Now there's a third listing for my seats on SH. This is getting to be too funny.
  6. Welcome my son Welcome to the machine What did you dream? It's alright we told you what to dream
  7. It's an entirely different kind of flying
  8. Someone opened a thread on the main forum, and it was merged with this one, that's why you see the moved icon over there.
  9. I'm not sure that will work. My tickets appeared again on SH this morning. So I went and listed them myself on SH, thinking it would reject them, since there's already a listing. Nope. There are now two listings for my seats on SH. I haven't tried the reverse yet. Remove from TM/TE, wait and see if the SH listing gets removed, then list on SH first, TM/TE second, then see if a second listing appears on SH.
  10. New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills Tickets Nov 06, 2022 East Rutherford, NJ | Ticketmaster Even those look like they are being resold from TM/TE.
  11. Maybe. I'm looking at section 238, club seats. There's currently 2 seats available in row 4 on Ticket Master at $1500 each. Stub Hub also lists two in the same row at $1928. And Vivid Seats has two in that same row at $1715, $2102, and $2283. The old days of finding a bargain on SH or VS seems to have gone away.
  12. @billsherd back upthread is asking about Miami tickets, reach out to them and see if they'll take them.
  13. We'll be coming in on Saturday, anyone want to make plans for Sunday?
  14. They are supposed to, via the barcode or some other verification, but you can skip that part during the listing process by saying you'll enter it later.
  15. For the seats I put up, if they were purchased through SH, the buyer would have paid over $200 more than going through TM/TE. And an update, I and others have reached out to SH, (866) 788-2482, and they contact the person who listed them. The story is always the same, the seller made a mistake when entering the tickets for sale.
  16. I believe so Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins Tickets Orchard Park, NY | Ticketmaster
  17. If you're looking for tickets on the secondary market, or you listed your seats on TM Ticket Exchange, Stub Hub is relisting them for more $$$. Several people have already reported this happening to their listings they put on Ticket Exchange.
  18. I could only find these three times their opponent had a longer rest... Week 3 - Chargers played on Thursday Week 2 Week 6 - Colts played on Thursday of Week 5 Week 13 - Lions played on Thursday (Thanksgiving) of Week 12 We'll have a bye week on Week 19
  19. Well, it is called the Home Opener Tailgate…
  20. This just popped in my head.... TBDAHOT 1 - Sunday night game against the Titans TBDAHOT 23 - Monday night game against the Titans
  21. Years ago there was a lead anchor for one of the local stations, she was making over $200,000. New company bought the station, and it was heavily suggested that she "retire". (my source was a family member that worked at the station)
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