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  1. Someone probably puked it in before you got picked up. Saw a video one time of an Uber driver showing how he does a quick clean up so he can get back in service. One step was spraying Lysol.
  2. I've got the cheapest club seats you can get and am at the top end of what I'm willing to pay for seasons. I doubt the new stadium will have seats at the same price point with similar amenities that I get now. So I'll probably just buy on the secondary marker the games I want to go to.
  3. And there would be more debate about letting teams with a losing record in the playoffs just because they won their division.
  4. But you're not young @Guffalo.
  5. I happened to see a commercial/trailer for the Tom Cruise version tonight. Seemed so lame compared to the Alan Ritchson version. Glad I never saw the TC movies.
  6. 1995 season, Dolphins at Bills, week 16 (my first game ever at then Rich Stadium), Bills defeat the Dolphins to take the AFC East and earn a playoff spot. Their first playoff game, the Wild Card round against the Dolphins in Buffalo which they beat again.
  7. Pink at the former Carrier, now JMA Wireless Dome in Syracuse. The wife really wants tickets. My issue is Sheryl Crow is one of the opening acts. I suppose I could go wander and get a beer or three during that set.
  8. Better Off Dead? The pivotal part of the movie is the ski race.
  9. Looks like it may be coming out now a day earlier, on the 14th, from this tweet....
  10. Two of the final four are out. Jacksonville has to win to keep the final two in it. Out Cereality LabattBlue Still in depending on Monday nights game MJS PANCHO BILLA
  11. Like this? If the Bills win out, and the top 4 teams lose every game, and the Pats* plane disappears in the Bermuda Triangle on the way to Miami, and an earthquake causes California to fall into the ocean, and Satan rises from the depths of Hell, the Bills can sneak in as the final Wild Card team.
  12. If you don't have an HDMI port but you do have RCA jacks, get one of these. https://www.amazon.com/Dinger-Converter-Compatible-Composite-Adapter/dp/B07FTN5NN7
  13. 2017, 2019, the two most recent, both under McDermott, lost in the first round.
  14. Scene: Future press conference Reporter: "Coach, what do you attribute to the drop in production of all three quarterbacks this season?" BJH: "I'm not sure, we spend hours in the QB room playing Madden, they all have great reflexes, and can easily beat all online players, like FUMomma69 that they were up against yesterday."
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