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  1. Only 6,000 fans allowed into the stadium, and a fight still breaks out. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-browns-bengals-fans-fight-limited-crowd-covid-19-restrictions-152255281.html
  2. Here's the list of all stations that should be carrying the game, so if you can't get WGR, maybe you can get one of the others... https://www.buffalobills.com/audio/radio-network
  3. It is https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/294102-headline-news-blurs-out-trump-t-shirt
  4. Sirius has packages now, you need to have their All Access package to get NFL radio and the games. If you get channel 88, you have All Access. There's no set channel for each teams games, best to check the link below each week to see what channel the Bills are on... https://www.siriusxm.com/servlet/Satellite?c=SXM_Sports_P&childpagename=SXM%2FSXM_Sports_P%2FLiveSportsSchedule&cid=1282010505871&pagename=SXM%2FWrapper
  5. four 1) Speeding - written as 82 in a 55. There's no way the car I owned could even go that fast. I still pled guilty, the judge took pity and reduced the fine 2) No front plate - work van, no bracket for a front plate, so we just kept it on the dash. Only a $60 fine, so just paid it through the mail, and rigged up some screws to hold the plate on the bumper 3) Speeding in a construction zone - Cresting over a hill, and right there was the start of the zone, I had slowed down some, but not enough. Trooper wrote it up as no turn signal when changing lanes 4) Passing a stopped school bus - I still will say the lights were still yellow as I went by, the DA ended up knocking it down to two parking tickets, didn't even have to go to court Times pulled over and no ticket 1) Speeding on the 219 - Told the cop I hadn't seen any speed limit signs since I got on, thought it was 65, not 55, he hands me back my license, gets in his car and left. I waited a few minutes, thinking he was checking, then took off 2) Possible trespassing - I was looking in an empty storefront window because my current employer was thinking of moving our store to that location. And it was after 9 at night. On Memorial Day. 3) Headlight out - I had noticed it earlier so I stopped and bought a new headlight. Cop let me go because I showed him I had just bought the new headlight, but couldn't replace it till I got home and had tools. This was back when you replaced the whole headlight, not just the bulb.
  6. There's so many different routines with the schools around here, better to be safe than sorry. Is this a school doing all remote? Or is it half class sizes? Was it just morning classes, or just afternoons? Is it Wednesday when everyone is remote?
  7. The story behind the video... https://www.today.com/news/89-year-old-man-scores-touchdown-kansas-football-game-t18116 He's actually a really interesting guy https://www.morningsun.net/news/20180605/patricks-people---bryan-sperry-shares-his-life-story
  8. Maybe do tiers... Tier 1 - One team, in this case Buffalo Tier 2 - Your teams division - AFC East Tier 3 - Your teams conference - All AFC Tier 4 - All teams
  9. You asked, we got him. Thanks Coach Nostradammit.... Week 2 - Bills at Dolphins — Jerome Boger (crew subject to change) Replay official: Roddy Ames Replay assistant: Ross Smith Yrs 2019 crew College Occupation R 23 Jerome Boger 17 Morehouse College retired commercial insurance underwriter U 124 Carl Paganelli 21 * Michigan State retired federal probation officer DJ 106 Patrick Holt 2 * North Carolina State IT manager LJ 59 Rusty Baynes 11 * Auburn-Montgomery general manager, safety services FJ 57 Joe Blubaugh 1 NA Pittsburg State regional sales manager SJ 125 Chad Hill 3 Novak Mississippi medical sales BJ 112 Tony Steratore 21 * California (Pa.) co-owner, supply company
  10. He should take this weekend off, heck, take the whole season off.
  11. If Spikes gets in, that should increase the value of my signed authentic jersey.
  12. Some municipalities would rather keep the money than send it to Albany. Try writing to the local DA and see if they'll knock it down to something like a parking ticket. It'll still cost you money, but it won't put any points on your license.
  13. Is the car brand new, or new to you/used? Brand new I would take it to the dealer and ask them if their body shop can get it out. That way you're not voiding any warranty. New to you/used, see if there are any of those dent removal places in your area, they'll have the expertise to do it.
  14. That wasn't women, that was Tommy when the refs wouldn't throw a flag when he asked them too.
  15. Quick count, before the Sunday night game and two Monday night games, 32 people are already done in Survivor.
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