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  1. Here's an idea for everyone that wants to donate. Let's make one BIG donation! Everyone send me your money, I'll pool it all together, then take out a small admin fee for myself, then send it on to Tua's foundation, where they will take some for themselves, who will then send out to other charities!!!
  2. So, for SnG's, I looked at the schedule, only going back to 2000, how the games were scheduled between the Bills and Dolphins, I did not care about what month games were played, just who played at home first... Miami then Buffalo was 15 Buffalo then Miami was 8 Miami defiantly has the advantage of playing at home first, but usually the @Buffalo game was late in the season.
  3. Hold up, I have a real comment on the topic! This weekend's game in London between the Vikings and Saints will be at Tottenham Hotspur stadium, which has been mentioned before, designed by the same firm designing the Bills new stadium. So, if speculation is correct, check out the game to maybe get an idea what the new stadium could look like.
  4. They should just blow up the every division/conference and start over. Seems like a lot of people are "but the rivalries!!" New ones will start in with the new teams.
  5. Garden Of The Gods is cool. You can also check out Red Rocks and stand on the stage if there is no concert/event scheduled. Buffalo Rose Saloon, the oldest bar in Colorado, is a short drive away in Golden, home of Coors. The Buckhorn Exchange Steakhouse is a pretty cool place to get dinner.
  6. I want to hear more about this, why they needed someone to count furniture every hour. Were students stealing it?
  7. Let the Bengals fans donate since they were the team Tua was playing against when he got carted off the field tonight.
  8. The Bills backers map shows four locations, but one is listed twice... Erie County, PA Bills Backers The Colony Pub & Grille 2670 W. 8th St. Erie Erie, PA 16505 (Jim) Kelly's Heroes Erie Ale Works 416 West 12th Street Erie, PA 16501 Badazbillz The Arena BBQ and Pizza 2311 Wagner Ave Erie, PA 16510
  9. An FB friend posted about their son being on one of the power crews sent down to help repair. He’ll make about $20K for two weeks worth of work, doing 16 hours days every day.
  10. Thankfully I never did that, but I did have a pallet of toilets break when I was putting it away. Working at a store similar to Home Depot called Builders Square, KMarts attempt to get into that sector of retail. Going to put a pallet of toilets up on the rack (the lift I was using did look like the one in the video) as the forks got up past my eye level, I saw the pallet did not look very safe, so I started lowering it back down. Once it got about 2-3 feet off the ground, the boards broke, dropping all these toilets on the concrete floor. Had to open every box and inspect them to see which might have survived the short fall.
  11. Another summer in college, I worked in a papermill. Started out in Maintenace as a painter, but they needed help on one of the machines called a rewinder. Working there was shift work with more pay, so I took it. A rewinder is just what it sounds like. We'd take the large rolls of paper, put them on the machine and look for defects to be cut out, then splice the roll back together. I was a helper, not the operator, so my job was going to pick the rolls from the warehouse to be done, once they went through the machine, take the roll over to the wrapping station, then put it on a pallet and back to the warehouse. Plus, the rewinder I was on, was the only one in an air-conditioned part of the building (other than offices) because we were doing specialty paper. It's also the job where I got certified for forklift, scissors lift, and boom lift. I managed to get the forklift up on two wheels going around a corner my first day. While the operator was checking a roll, he told me to go get one of the junk rolls and just practice driving around with it. Well, as I kept practicing, I started going faster and faster. Eventually I was going around a corner, and once the forklift straightened back out, I felt the wheels on one side hit the concrete. Luckily it was 3rd shift (overnights) so there wasn't anyone around that saw it.
  12. High school (14-15 years old) I worked for an engineering company that would design how the stop lights and timing would be done at intersections. At first, I was just office cleaning, but during the summer they would have me help out doing other things like getting orders together and putting together parts. I was even given a few old stoplights that had been replaced with newer ones. Wish I still had them. A couple summers during college, I worked for a seed company, Northrup King, where I would go around to the retail locations (grocery, department, hardware) that sold the product, make a final inventory of the remaining seed packets, then box them and the display up to be sent back to the company. I was given a rental cargo van, weekly per diem, etc. This was before cell phones were prevalent, so each day you would find a pay phone- and call-in what stores you did, their final counts, and if you had a shipment going back, what trucking company you used. We got to keep what little per diem we did not use, so I'd keep a cooler in my van and just buy food for my meals, instead of going to restaurants. Sleeping in rest areas along the highway, or sometimes sneak into campgrounds late at night, grab a quick shower in the morning, then leave.
  13. If you are a coffee drinker, check out Utica Roasters, they have a store front downtown Utica. Utica Coffee Roasting Co.
  14. The old hometown looks the same As I step down from the train And there to meet me is my mama and papa Down the road I look and there runs Mary Hair of gold and lips like cherries It's good to touch the green, green grass of home
  15. She's got eyes of the bluest skies As if they thought of rain I'd hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place Where as a child I'd hide And pray for the thunder and the rain to quietly pass me by Whoa, oh, oh Sweet child o' mine
  16. Mama, put my guns in the ground I can't shoot them anymore That long black cloud is comin' down I feel like I'm knockin' on heaven's door
  17. Fake news... In Canada, there's three types of screwdrivers, Philips, Flat, and Square head. They love that square head.
  18. Here I am again in this mean old town And you're so far away from me And where are you when the sun go down? You're so far away from me
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