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  1. I don’t see Allen as an after thought at all. He was many reporters 1st overall QB entering the season. He was the MVP favorite. We got numerous prime time games because of him. He has a national commercial (gillette). He is playing at Pebble Beach and was in the celebrity golf match with Brady, Rodgers and Mahomes last season.
  2. It’s kinda like Acing the homework but then failing the test. But then getting an A for the course because you did well on the homework. Id love for them to pass the postseason test at some point.
  3. What award do we get for that? The regular season accolades are getting old when the defense is abused in the playoffs year after year.
  4. I have a very good friend who is a Panthers fans. He told me the same thing. Frazier and McD are very alike in the way they run their defense and firing Frazier likely does little to change anything.
  5. You're counting games, i'm counting teams. And it sounds pretty dirty to count barely beating Skyler Thompson as beating a playoff team, but technically it is.
  6. I think you mean 8 game win streak. In that 8 game win streak, we played 7 teams (because we played New England twice). 6 of the 7 teams did not make the playoffs. And in that 8 game win streak, we played the following QB's: Mac Jones (2x), Brissett, Thompson, Fields, Goff, Tua and Mike White. Bills were 3-3 this season against playoff teams. .
  7. While we cant say for sure, that regular season Bengals game was starting like the playoff blowout. I have a hard time believing we win that regular season game even if Hamlin didn't go down.
  8. 4 years. Levy was hired at the end of the 86 season after Ralph fired Bullough. Levy had already been in 2 Super Bowls by the same point in his Buffalo career that Sean McDermott is in.
  9. Copy & Paste problem. I copied the original posters list that included Peterson and then not realizing, entered my own Pederson.
  10. They did sign for less. Both in total money AND guaranteed money. Cap amounts are a formulaic rule based on many factors including structuring and years and not only the total/guaranteed amount you pay the player. You forgot that we would have saved $4.2M in cap for not signing Saffold and $8M in cap for not signing Morse and $5.15M for not signing Von and almost $2M for not signing Quess. So let's do some math here. Humphrey: 1.3M Collins: 4.6M Daniels: 4.2M Scherff: 7.7M Total of: 17.8M Now lets subtract the players we would NOT have: 17.8M - 4.2M for Saffold - 8.0M for Morse - 1.8M for Quessenbery (since Bates would become the backup T) - 5.15M for Von --------------- = $1.35M SURPLUS We would have saved $1,350,000 more (not spent 12.5M more) in CAP for a brand new o-line in 2022. And that's not including the fact that you missed my comment in the original post saying I wouldn't have signed Scherff. I would have just used Bates in hi LG spot. OK, let's do some math again. Humphrey: 1.5M Collins: 9.4M Daniels: 11.2M Scherff: 20.9M Total of: 43M Now lets subtract the players we would NOT have: 43M - 4M for whatever player they would have replace Saffold with - 11.1M for Morse - 1.8M for whatever player they would have replaced Quessenberry with - 18.6M for Von --------------- = $7.5M We would have spent $7.5M more (not 24M more) in CAP for a brand new o-line in 2023. Now, being that Beane's contracts have been well designed, he likely adds on bonus years for Schlerff and Daniels, just like he did with Von. That's the only reason Von's cap number is reasonable, even if his total number is not. If Beane did that, the $7.2M all but disappears altogether. Personally, as I said in the original post, I wouldn't have signed Schlerff. I would have slid Bates into LG like we did in late 2021 and he did great. Doing that REALLY obliterates any cost overruns. That would bring Year 1 savings to almost $9M and year 2 savings to around $12M. And the line would have been: LT: Dawkins LG: Bates C- Humphrey RG: Daniels RT: Collins Long story short, your numbers were way off. Nope. No one else posted this, because the other people in this thread read my post for what it said, not what you wanted it to say. They also didn't forget to subtract numerous players on the team that wouldn't be here if we signed an entire new o-line. And for what it’s worth, I personally would have been fine with them even spending $10M more in cap for a brand new o-line rather than having, say, Poyer, who I really like but is worth less than an entire o-line.
  11. No one cares for spelling correction guy on the internet.
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