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  1. Same. There is a reason why he only got a 1 year deal last season and was available in June of this off-season. No problem having him on the team and i’m sure he can contribute, but let’s not pretend he is some prize. This administration has a tendency of signing players after their prime when they have lost a lot of their juice that made them special. Guys like Emmanuel Sanders, Vernon Butler, Mario Addison, etc.
  2. Not in arena lacrosse. They players you're talking about play actual (outdoor) lacrosse. The average NLL player (league the Bandits play in) makes like $15k for the entire season.
  3. I think for indoor lacrosse yeah. Which is basically like Arena Football. "Real" lacrosse is played outdoors. The players are just normal people who work 9-5 jobs and do lacrosse as a part-time thing. . That's wild. Good for you. I was just never able to get into it. I think the only indoor lacrosse game I've ever been to is a Nighthawks game (Rochester). Walking out I told myself "never again". .
  4. Oddly enough, Elam's play significantly reduced when Benford got injured and obviously Hamlin went down and Hyde was already out and Poyer was dinged up. To be honest I was pleasantly surprised with Elam's playoff performance. It was significantly better than many of his regular season games. So maybe less action was exactly what he needed. .
  5. ooooh. that's juicy. I didn't hear that report before.
  6. Yeah the Bandsits winning a championship is about on part with my nephew winning a little league game, as far as importance goes in my mind. But an accomplishment is an accomplishment, so congrats Bandits...
  7. I agree the contract isn’t horrible, but it’s literally only 0.5M from being in the top 10 of all DT contracts. Definitely not average in my opinion.
  8. “Allen with the keep.. and the leap!” - Jim Nantz (late 4th quarter I think)
  9. DaQuan really was great last year. That was a fantastic signing by Beane last offseason.
  10. When healthy, do you believe he is a top 10 interior d-linemen?
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