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  1. Id be fine with cheating. Playing fair hasn’t been working 😂
  2. The Vikings had nearly 500 yards of offense. That loss was far more than 1 fumble. McD has actually lost to Zach multiple times. Last year the Jets controlled TOP and had 21 first downs against us with Zach Wilson starting.
  3. Other teams fans routinely talk about how rough it is to watch a game at Rich. We just don't realize it because it's our fans.
  4. Wow. I agree that it’s probably time to move on, but do you have zero respect for what we has done here? I don’t think he is championship caliber, but he has coaching chops. And he made this city respectable again (football wise). I will always have a fondness for McD, even though I will also admit he didn’t bring the hardware home. To be honest what bugs me most about him at the moment is that he took so long to let Dorsey go. How many more games would we have won with the offense we have seen the last 2 games?
  5. Only thing is after that TB loss, we played 4 terrible teams to close out the season. All were fighting for a top 10 draft slot. This year we have to face the SB championships, a top NFC team, the highest scoring team in the NFL, etc. Tougher uphill road this time.
  6. He was not top 3 last year. He wasn't even top 10. But i'm certainly not advocating to cut him. I just checked and he has never been top 3. He has squeaked into the top 15 the past two years but thats as close as he has gotten.
  7. No Sean. Many of us call out your mistakes in real time, before they hurt us, live in the game thread.
  8. There are only 2 starting kickers with a worse % than Bass right now. He is statistically bottom 3 in the NFL at the moment.
  9. The INT gave the Eagles a 75% probability of winning. Allen scoring on the next drive gave the Bills an 80% probability to win that increased to 95% before the end of regulation. In short, Allen eradicated that INT quickly. Yes, the Bills had a 95% probability of winning with less than a minute to go.
  10. He has been trying to leave Michigan for years now lol
  11. Not really. In 2019 we were starting Star Lotuleli, Trent Murphy and Jerry hughes on the D-Line. 2020 had 3 new starters and by 2022 we had an entirely new D-line and two new starting CB's.
  12. How far back do you want to go in order to stay relevant to our current player group? Or do you simply want to go back as far as you can to justify crapping on Frazier? a 9 point loss is not a blowout.
  13. Not sure why you think that. In the last 3 years under Frazier, we had 2 regular season games we were blown out in. Titans in 2020. Colts in 2021. That's it. That's the entire list. Most losses were by 4 or less.
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