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  1. No offense, but that’s ridiculous. The RB is there to pick up any pass rusher that is making his way toward the QB. Not just a delayed blitzer. The first rule of rb pass blocking is protect the QB at all costs. Here is an example of Marshawn Lynch picking up a DE (on no delay), when his LT inexplicably doubles a DT. You can see Marshawn originally take one step toward the middle of the pocket (expecting to guard a rusher from coming up the middle), but then when he sees the free rusher on the outside he stops and picks him up. Good move. There is no doubt that Dawkins whiffed, but that doesn’t excuse Singletary. He is there to help with whiffs.
  2. My mother has worked in Neurology for nearly 50 years. As soon as she saw that she said that’s either head trauma or a spinal issue as the nerves to his hand were clearly not working.
  3. It got merged into another thread and got lost in the pages but Mike Florio made some interesting comments about McDermott too. He compared McDermott to John Fox in Denver. John Fox had a great record in Denver. 12-4 or 13-3 every year. Yet they fired him because he couldn’t take the team over the hump. So they fire him (after a 12-4 season) and hire Kubiak. Then Kubiak wins a Super Bowl in his first year. Sometimes a change of coach is what you need. Not saying the Bills are there yet, but there is certainly precedent for it.
  4. It was absolutely on both Dawkins and Singletary both. The excuse that Singletary got confused is not a good one.
  5. Anotjer poster was saying he couldn’t make the cutback because there was 1 defender in the vicinity. I was saying that’s ridiculous, because if that’s true, then he’s not an NFL running back. But I do think he can make that guy miss.
  6. He did. Singletary is there get overflow. There is a reason he is back there on a pass play.
  7. I think you missed the context of the conversation. This started as talking about a massive cutback lane he had and didn’t take. It wasn’t an attack on Singletary, but rather an example of plays he does miss at times. Of course not. And im not saying Singletary is no good either.
  8. Huh? The photo is of a clear cutback lane (that several other posters saw as well), and all it would have taken is Singletary making 1 guy miss. If you can’t make 1 guy miss, then you’re not an NFL quality running back.
  9. To possibly answer your question of why they do it - Good running backs and proper positioning can make defenses pay when they overload a side. One cutback and they’re gone. Example;
  10. There is a reason why they are backups. Need the RB’s to block better as well.
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