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  1. What that game showed us (and really every game) that the Jets defense is legit. An extremely good defense. So good that they can win 7 games while having a horrendous offense. If they put together just a decent offense. Not great, not spectacular, just DECENT. They are a playoff team. Yep. Watch him have a resurgence this year.
  2. That's fine. But your overall point is that these moves won't make the Jets a threat, right? The same Jets team who BEAT US last year with a terrible QB. Is now adding a QB who, even if he is not as good as he once was, is still quite good. If Rodgers puts up just an AVERAGE offense, the Jets make the playoffs and are a thread. The Jets lost games last year while scoring 3 points, 12 points, 17 points, 3 points (again), 6 points, 12 points (again), and 6 points (again). That's unfathomably bad offense.
  3. Credibility isn't a person. It's formed or removed by the argument made by a person in any individual argument. You called a QB who won 2 of the last 3 league MVP's, "washed up". A QB who was 7th in passing TD's and 11th in yards last year... "washed up". It's absurd on its face. No need to even delve deeper.
  4. He said that OBJ was on his way to SB MVP when he got hurt. A lot could have changed, but he was on pace for over 100 yards and 2 TD's when he got injured.
  5. You removed all credibility from this post when you called the guy who has won 2 of the last 3 league MVPs'a a "washed up QB". Homers gonna homer. The Jets beat us last year with Zach Wilson at QB. Their defense is nasty. If they had ANY semblance of an offense, they would have been in the playoffs last year.
  6. When all is said and done, Allen will go down as the greatest Buffalo Bill of all time.
  7. I think I remember reading that UB doesn't want to drive a half hour to play their "home" games.
  8. Incredible how detailed and close to the real thing they got the miniature models already.
  9. At no point during that playoff loss did I think RB was the problem. So this would bum me out.
  10. It's helpful to look at it like you're watching a movie. He is playing a character. People don't always like the villain in the movie but they are necessary for the plot.
  11. It's not just sports entertainment. Disney is laying off people in waves. Tens of thousands of programmers are out work as well. etc.
  12. No it's not. The entire point is winning a Super Bowl. A consistent winner without a Super Bowl is actually a consistent loser.
  13. This organization has been shockingly transparent during their tenure, but yes I agree maybe that will change.
  14. Florio has been saying this for about a year now. I think he’s on to something.
  15. Taron is definitely a special breed with his ability to blitz and play run support when needed.
  16. I guess this is the point where you cling onto “well they’re not exactly the same”. Just nearly the same. Sigh. Thanks! I always will. Keuchly was a great coverage defender. My buddy likes to say McD tried to recreate Keuchly and Davis with Edmunds and Milano. .
  17. Ahh. So the exact same thing as what I posted. A conversation with a friend. I sent him your post. If he responds i'll let you know. And yes, considering he grew up in Buffalo before moving to Carolina 18 years ago, he does watch a lot of Bills football.
  18. I never watched McDermott in Carolina so I cant really have an opinion on it. His opinion has formed my opinion though. Post the tweets/articles of the people you trust with X's and O's that say his Carolina defense was different. Im willing to listen to both sides.
  19. Carolina buddy who had McD as a DC for half of a decade says "that Bills defense is Mcdermotts defense". I wouldnt expect much change, considering its always been McD's defense.
  20. The logic here doesn't make sense. Football is a team game and can overcome the bad play of one or even two players. Ben Roethlisberger won a Super Bowl in which he was 9-21 for 123 yards and 2 INT.
  21. That's true. And he does have a good PFF rating.
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