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  1. On a similar note. I looked at getting the Sunday Ticket streaming service. But was declined because of my region, I guess... I just moved to Saratoga Springs, currently cutting the chord. Anybody have options for getting an HD feed for Bills games. I really don't want to watch a crappy grainy feed every week, or drop 50 bucks a Sunday having a few pops and a snack. Cheers.
  2. Every year TC happens, and every year I wish Astro was here. (And every year I forget why he left...🤦🏻‍♂️)
  3. What about a 19 game season and you play your division 3 times. Winner of best of 3 from the year prior gets the extra home game.
  4. Yeah that’s what I said...Jesus... Velocity wasn’t measured at the combine until 2008. Even that is testing 20-23 year old kids/young men. Who will inevitably improve in strength and speed over the course of the next 5+ years of their lives. One, because of body maturation. Two, access to, and full time training with NFL coaching staffs. You are assuming that after the combine arm strength/velocity can only go down. They aren’t pitchers and don’t throw nearly the same number of fast balls or torque their elbows as often. Because of that, I would assume an NFL QB could see an increase in velocity until their late 20’s to early 30’s. For all we know Brady’s arm is on the decline, and 5 years ago he was chucking 65mph. Inversely, Josh Allen or Mahomes might be singing it at 70mph in the next 3 years. It is not a widely tracked stat over the course of a QB’s career, and we don’t have a baseline for Brady from day one. It’s a silly speculation because you hate the guy. If JA is throwing at 65mph 15 years from now, I am sure it will be because he’s tough as nails and a leader of men...
  5. I don’t really get the PED stuff when people accuse Brady. He doesn’t run faster. Isn’t increasing aerobically. Not adding mass. Not leaning out. Honestly, football is largely a game of genetic freaks with an emphasis on anaerobic skill. Which is largely born and not “trained” the same way an aerobic base is. Brady isn’t really showing signs of PED other than being better with body maintenance and diet.
  6. Thank you! The anger shouldn't be directed at Kaep necessarily. Why is there so little outrage that white supremacists and nationalists are using the OG American flag to replace the confederate flag. I am not sure I am with Kaep on this one, but this is a valid concern. I just think he is ahead of the curve on this issue actually. As the confederate flag is being phased out amongst the under class (yes, underclass, if you are a racist, you belong there), they have learned to adopt the Betsy Ross flag. While it has yet to catch on (give it 150 years) like the confederate flag, it is happening.
  7. Ok. Well he made less "aggressive" throws with less production than Driskel, Winston, Eli, Darnold, Trubisy, Dak, Flacco, Lamar Jackson, Keenum, Beathard, Foles, Watson, Fitz, Andy Dalton, Baker Mayfield. Deshaun Watson.
  8. With significantly less production
  9. As the OP, I just thought it was an interesting single piece of data, worthy of an offseason talking point. I don't think it paints an entire picture, it is one small part of a much larger puzzle worth discussing. Also didn't mean to make this Allen specific.
  10. I think the takeaway is a little different. He’s only throwing the ball to receivers with less than a yard of separation about 13% of the time. He’s not throwing into tight windows. The context comes in when talking about why his passer rating is so low. Your issue with aggressive is pedantic. You’re missing the point. Albeit, “aggressive coverage” might be a better term.
  11. Hahaha. I totally wasn't meaning to go there. If anything we got about the same Josh based on this stat line.
  12. It is literally in the first line...In a thread with like 2 replies, that answer would have taken about 5 seconds.
  13. Thought this was a cool bit of info. Aggressiveness is measured as a throw with a defender <1 yard away. Interesting Rosen is the highest for "aggressive" throws. Brady and Rogers are pretty low. JA is slightly below average for "aggressive" throws with the worst passer rating.
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