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  1. I just don’t get it. Why would any prefer the Jets? They don’t really have much talent anywhere. In what world does a top 5-10 QB look at the Jets and the Dolphins and think “yeah, NYJ is a way better set up!”
  2. Dude, did you read the OP?He asked for a DM not in the thread. I offered for a pair last night via DM. I’m still in my house, another person must have got them. So he’s probably pretty cool with the comments
  3. I started the season with two bloody Mary’s to start the day, and I have been honoring that every game day for about 5 months now. We also watch every game outside on a projector. We’ve been doing that for the entire season rain or shine...except 3 games. (Guess which 3) So as a group of 6 we’ve committed to not changing anything ever again. Games missed together: 1. Tennessee- Weird day and time. Just couldn’t make it work. 2. KC- Didn’t take the TN game as a hint. Didn’t make the effort to watch the weekday game. 3. Arizona- We did actually watch 95
  4. Doesn’t @Miyagi-Do Karate own the rights to this video?
  5. Could the AFCE become the toughest division in football? -NE: There were some whispers of Stafford to NE for 2021 during the season. Maybe unfounded. But he’s available now. Pats have some more space, BB, and 10 players coming back from covid. -Watson: reported we wants out bad. Top 2 choices are NYJ and MIA. Imagine a division with Watson, Allen, Stafford. Plus the defenses of McD, BB, and Flores. Not sure there would be a deeper combination of offense and defense in the league.
  6. Good luck, I already low balled him! (see, stayed true to my affordability)
  7. I can’t believe I convinced my boss lady that driving to Newark (3 hours) tonight was a good idea, but she agreed! The gin fizz she made herself probably helped. Its 9:05 though. Looks like I lost, but boy was that an exciting 15 minutes while I waited. Ha!
  8. Like whose dinner time? My grandfather already ate. I probably won’t eat for like 2-3 hours.
  9. Big Dane Jackson fan. I think he’ll be around here for a while.
  10. If I am a HC looking at getting a second/last chance at a job I am running far far away from that Houston job. This. It’s not just a “get the right HC and GM in place” sort of situation. Their current ownership and GM are floating hiring Josh effing McCown as their HC. Let somebody else be the guinea pig to right the ship. Just like Buffalo had years of terrible management it wasn’t necessarily just McD who got us hear. Whether fans want to admit it or not Buddy, Gailey, Whaley, and Marrone were all part of the journey of at least getting back to respectability.
  11. Man, I watched Bills tickets drop earlier today. Down to about $450 ea. I have the points to cover a last minute flight. I was greedily hoping they’d get under $400 and pull the trigger. They’re pushing back up to over $600 now. Ugh
  12. I wish the games were flipped and Buffalo was early. We beat KC and I am begging for Brady. We lose and the last thing I want is another TB SB.
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