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  1. There should be about 15 HC and GM’s interested in Bridgewater. He’s better than about half the starting QBs in the league. Even if you have a Baker Mayfield, Daniel Jones, Josh Allen, you should be asking the cost of TB because he’s an immediate upgrade.
  2. point was, teams who get in their own way, generally are more consistently 8-8 than they are 10+ wins. Which is what I was responding too in regards to a thread about the Bills being super bowl competitors. They were 2 very flukey games from being 8-8. They got in their own way 6/16 games plus the playoffs. Teams that do that, are not generally close to the super bowl because they require too many bounces, flukes. Etc.
  3. Meh, Bills are about average in terms of most position groups on that side the of the ball. They produce at a below average level. That needs to be A-number 1 going foward. -Why are we producing at a low level with what seems to be average NFL players? Honestly part of that is Allen and part of that is Daboll. -If we truly do have bottom 5 talent on the offensive side of the ball, then we have to ask very major questions of the FO too, because we brought in new starters at WR(2), OL(4), RB (2), TE(3). A big time WR would be awesome, I think every franchise would agree. But I am not sure that is THE biggest issue
  4. Honest question. Say we hold a team to 3 and out at their own 15.They punt, caught at the 50 returned to the 40, what does that do to the yards after 25? Even if he fair catches at the 50, does he still get a 25 yard credit?
  5. You are right, he did get help from a bunch of those things. I think Brown and Beasley are WR 2 and 3 on that roster. You have to look at who those Seattle WR's were not who they became later on. And given all of those things, RW still did more. Hence the adjusted passer rating where Russ actually gets a much higher lift than Josh does. They are not similar players. They aren't similar passers. Russ throws with much more touch, anticipation, and consistency than Josh who throws most throws on a rope with much more force, and does so much more inconsistency. Lets not even get into mechanics.... They don't have similar running styles. Russ is elusive and does a good job of protecting himself. Josh runs with power and aggression, at times seems like he searches out contact. This doesn't mean Josh sucks, but I don't think there has been anybody on here who as agreed with your argument that they are "identical". People have agreed Josh's weapons failed him at times, his trajectory seems good, etc. But their congruence, nah.
  6. Going of pure stats, Russ was a better passer in nearly every single metric. Won more games, better completion %, more TD passes, higher TD %, more first downs, higher first down %, more first downs on less passing attempts, one less game winning drive and 4th quarter comeback. In terms of rushing, he had less rushing TD's, but had more yards per carry and more yards and less carries. I couldn't find 2013 drop rate or frequency by team. The closes I could get was adjusted passer rating. Adjusted passing actually favors Wilson WAAAYYY more than Josh. Josh- 91(+6 pts) Russ- 119 (+23 pts) Call me crazy but maybe, just maybe, these things are the reason he was voted to the Pro Bowl....now bare with me here, and this is a reach, those things could also be part of the reason they also won 3 more games than Buffalo. Josh Allen is not nearly as good as Russell Wilson's 2nd year currently. It is what it is. Doesn't mean he is a failure or a bust.
  7. I am OK with a vast majority of the last CBA, EXCEPT this part. There is absolutely no reason why players shouldn’t be allowed to (or even required) to be in the teams facility working with coaches on things like film, weights, and walk throughs for 60%+ of the off season. There is 6 months from the Super Bowl to training camp. It would make the product much better. There is lno other elite sport (professional or Olympic) that gets this much time off from their professional team or NGB coaches.
  8. I still think he is the best QB from that draft class. That draft class was just historically bad. 99% of the time if you were told that you have a chance to draft the best QB in the draft at 16-ish, you would jump at it. I’m not saying we should have kept him, or was good. Just a different look at it. He didn’t wash out of the league. He retired under contract in KC with no interest of bouncing around the league as a back up.
  9. This is a "what if" It will be in the form of either: 1. Not taking the 5th year option 2. Not offering him a new contract (compared to starting QB salary/contract negotiations) Or at least not one that they can't get out of/afford while looking for a replacement. They will then be looking for contingency plans whether it be through the draft, FA, or trade. I have said before, I like Josh, he is electric. When it comes time to re-sign in 4 years, he needs to make HUGE strides to get that contract. Take a look at this roster and subtract $30-40M of players from it. Then ask if we can win 10+ games every year with it.
  10. Buffalo got in their own way in: -Jets 1 -Bengals - NE 1 -Titans -Browns - Jets 2 - Houston Seems to happen a lot....
  11. Feels like Rutgers is another school the puts out a ton of players and coaches in a bunch of sports.
  12. He is tied for 25th most 4th quarter game winning drives in a season. The list is really a mixed bag of QB's. As I read down I bounce between "oh that is cool" and "I totally forgot that guy ever played QB in the NFL" https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/gwd_single_season.htm
  13. I agree. I am probably 60/40ish in agreeing with that post. Meaning I would be more surprised at 12-4 than 8-8 (2 gam swing) FWIW. But ultimately you are what your record says you are. I have some concerns on both sides of the ball I think the defense will take a small step back. They’ve had difficulty against the run and at getting off the field. I don’t think it will be huge, but the offense will need an major step to make up for it.
  14. Inversely it means that this team is a few plays away from 8-8 because on any given Sunday in the AFC... 2 examples: 1. 1st jets game. It’s the only game we won where we lost the QB differential. Darnold also had mono. 2. TEN. They missed 4 field goals and had 2 TDS called back. Mariota was benched shortly after. We won 14-7.
  15. Agreed. I was pointing out how non linear the thought processes is in like 4’ of football
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