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  1. Via DVOA the Bills played the 16,23, and 31st defenses in the games listed. Pats played 32 and 9. Defenses played really aren’t great. You also don’t give a metric for better delivered balls that could have resulted in YAC. I get what you’re saying. But we are almost halfway through the season. The difference between Brady and Allen is far more than supporting cast and scheming. Brady has made an entire career out of finding the open guy and allowing him to make a play. And he’s done it consistently regardless of supporting cast. it’s why I didn’t pick MIA or CIN for reference. Just to middling average defenses. I get what you’re saying. But I think the defense has really bailed him out too often. Sort of like the bears in 2006/7 (I think that was the year)
  2. Eat the W was a reference to a weird Jamie’s Winston pre game speech a few years ago. I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t think individual play always correlated to wins. With the HOU or SEA defense, this team is probable 1-4. I’m calling NYG a win because it is the only one we beat somebody by 7+
  3. Totally disagree with you in terms of YAC. Over the course of an entire season, it isn’t mostly based on scheme, receiver, and opponent. Leaders in no particular order: Mahommes- MVP candidate Brady- First Ballot HoF Rivers- In the HoF conversation. Hampered by bad teams. Brees- First Ballot HoF Big Ben/Rudolph- First Ballot HoF/ Played sting off the bench Goff- Played in Super Bowl Dalton- Franchise QB Ryan- Hall of very good- Played in Super Bowl. Hampered by bad teams.
  4. Here is everything he ranks in the mid-20’s for, plus yards after catch which I mentioned. I think we are quibbling over the difference between 26 and 31. I don’t think there is a huge gap between those two ranking worth fighting over. If 26th is that much better than 31st to you, go ahead and eat the W for that one. Your last few paragraph’s are fair. Apologies I didn’t mean to lump you in with that crowd.
  5. I don't get the vibe here at all that Allen is fair game to criticize. We have 8 pages here shooting down a site that ranks Allen in the mid-20's. Saying anything less than JA is the definitive heir apparent to NFL QB greatness seems to get you shouted down around here. Here we are having a conversation about how stupid ANOTHER ranking is that has JA listed in the mid-20's... I am less worried about Allen's actual interceptions, and learning to take the underneath stuff, as I am about his ability to see the field. I don't think he is just choosing to play with balls and force throws down field. I don't think he sees the field/defense well. I also think he has pretty bad touch on the ball. A good tracker is YAC by QB where if a QB not only throws a catchable ball, but finds the open man, and delivers it in a place to make a play. The Bills are currently at 29th (about 10% of that total is the shovel pass against TEN). NFL.com also has Allen listed at 26th on their QBI. http://scores.nbcsports.com/fb/tmleaders.asp?range=NFL&type=Receiving&rank=23 So....like...most ranking have Allen floating around the 20's?
  6. I am just here to stop the fake news. That isn't their QB ranking for the QB's. No only was Sam Darnold not their #12 QB....he was their #2 prospect in the entire draft, regardless of position. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-pff-big-board-top-250-players-for-the-2018-nfl-draft I know it blasphemy on this board. But while Allen has improved, I am still not impressed or convinced he is the answer at QB yet. He could be, but he still looks a ways off to my eye. Allen hasn't played well enough for us to be 2-3 if we had say, the SEA or HOU defense. That doesn't mean I hate the guy, or root for him to fail. Just an honest interpretation thus far. That said, he might be the most exciting player in the league at the position....that doesn't make him good at it.
  7. I’m super pumped for ski season. I just moved to Saratoga a few months ago. I’ve done whiteface more times than I can count. Plus Killington, Jay, and Gore a bunch. Being right in the center of it this year is going to be awesome! thanks brother!
  8. Awesome. Heading up to run a "Great American Brewery Race" at Alchemist. I am sure I will have all the Heady Topper I can handle before kick off.... Thanks for the help guys!
  9. I am heading to Stowe this weekend. I haven't been and I do not see a Bills Backers Bar on the interwebs. Anybody have a recommendations on where I can watch the Bills game?
  10. What Stank said. Power rankings are standings (quantitative) +context (qualitative). I may disagree with some, but it is what it is. I mean based on the same logic, you could say that Buffalo should not be ranked higher than 9th because they are not winning their division.
  11. It is almost always better for the Pats to lose and the Bills to win. (Unless it is down the stretch and for some weird tie breaker to earn a playoff spot)
  12. Sorry, I thought you were saying that Buffalo should be ahead of KC and HOU because of record. Unsure I agree with your take on power rankings. They are what they are, opinions, so I don't read into them too much. But I do think they are good for adding context where record might not. Especially before the week 10 mark, where a lot can change.
  13. Brady averages something like 12 or 13 wins per season over the course of his career. The formula for generating the schedule hasn't really changed in that era. We always share 14 common games a year with them (6 Divisional, 4 AFC Conference, 4 NFC Conference) The Pats winning more games have not helped the Bills over the last 20 years, and this year isn't special in any way what so ever. Sorry for peeing in your corn flakes. I guess I am the fun police now...
  14. THIS^^^ The Bills have been the benefactor of a few calls this year. (2 TD's called back and 4 missed FGs in TEN) We have won 4 games with a total point differential of +20. A few timely flags and this team is as likely to be 1-4 as it is 5-0 even though they are playing good football.
  15. So, like, you think power rankings should just be standings basically? Isn't putting two 4-2 teams over a 4-1 team coming off of a bye, a small variation?
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