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  1. Rhodes is likely CB5 when this roster is healthy and 4 while Benford heals up and Tre is back.
  2. I know that’s the case. But there is a Dibellas I go to in Albany and it sucks. Their “Buffalo Chicken Sub” is chopped grilled chicken. It’s really weird. Buffalo Dibellas is fine thoug.
  3. Its only a reasonable alternate if you ignore the replay. The goal of the evaluation should be to determine if the symptoms could be a product of a concussion. If so, you get pulled. You can’t risk messing with your brain. The goal shouldn’t be alternative differentials to explain why it isn’t a concussion.
  4. The thing is that an EMT at the OP vs. West Seneca JV game wouldn't OK that person to return to the game. If Tua started to lecture about string theory it wouldn't matter. The evidence on the field alone is enough to keep a pop warner kid off the field. I likely wouldn't be allowed to return for another shift in my bar league hockey game. In order for Tua to return you have to throw out evidence and/or be willing to explain it via something else.
  5. I do not believe we have a copy of the report from the exam. This is likely part of what the NFLPA is reviewing. I suspect the reports reads with "(List of symptoms) Due to past medical history, symptoms can be explained by chronic spinal issues". Doctors never ever write anything concrete "The patient did not suffer a concussion." I would be floored if a report read "Patient shows no sign of a concussion". Doctors only report in terms of 1. facts and 2. to avoid liabilities when writing patient notes. The only possible way that Tua clears protocol is the presence of the team doctor to offer an alternate differential because you cannot have an island where he is "cognitive" with the neuro and the neuro see's that replay without another clinician providing an outside plausibility.
  6. I would be curious to see the notes from the hospital last night. I have to imagine it reads something like “patient was brought in via ambulance after possibly suffering his 2nd concussion in the last few days.”
  7. Just to be clear? if this isn’t on the league is it your ascertain that NHL players are just more honest than NFL players. Lindros, Crosby, Tim Connolly all missed an entire season or more with one concussion? Because other leagues are identifying more concussions with more extensive delays to return. Somebody posted an earlier a quote from the NFL about protocol along the lines of “we prefer a team approach to concussion evaluation with the independent neurologist and team physician because of familiarity”. I think it’s a liability fail safe to cover the neuro and play the player. In theory the team physician is there to tell the neurologist that symptoms that may be clinically insignificant should be taken into consideration. But what we see with Tua is the team physician is offering possibilities of alternative differentials. Given the replay of Tua’s first hit and his attempt to walk away there isn’t a neuro on the planet willing to clear him. Not without another clinician present providing alternatives. Given the embarrassingly low rate of games/weeks missed in the NFL compared to other sporting leagues, it’s reasonable to assume that this is happening regularly. I’d imagine that there are a lot of team docs similar to James E Woods’ character in “Any Given Sunday”
  8. I have 3 herniations in my lumbar, 2 in my cervical, and spinal stenosis. That isn’t the way people walk when having disc issues.
  9. The league has a system where they “prefer the the team approach” and the team physician is present because he can provide “‘more personal information”. In theory when Tua says “it’s my back” the NFL is pretending that team physicians are jumping in and going “no no mister independent neuro. He does not have a history of this. Please force him to sit” Glad he’s able to move. Just a reminder that NHL players will miss an entire season for one concussion.
  10. I was trying to look for any movement. Looked like they folded his arms up for him and no thumbs up. Really scary.
  11. He didn’t even give a thumbs up from the stretcher. Really tough situation.
  12. There’s a scenario where that’s a career ender. Edit: After googling there’s a scenario where he doesn’t leave the hospital.
  13. That is a lot of words to say “Buffalo has a harder SOS right now and aren’t even ranked number 1”
  14. I didn't say rookies never start under McD. All those guys certainly didn't start because of "experience". Tre White was better than EJ Gaines out of the gate. Maybe they were comparable? But who was going to challenge for starting CB? Shareece Wright? What a joke Josh Allen, The guy who was the back up to Nathan Peterman coming into the season. Josh didn't start until Peterman had an abysmal Ravens game. Josh started because the only guy in his was was Nathan Peterman. The proud owner of the worst half of NFL football in the history of the league. Ed Oliver...started 7 games. He started when he was ready. Edmunds was the only serviceable MLB on the roster. He was better than Ramon Humber on day one. He didn't get the not at MLB because there was a better MLB on the roster and Edmunds needed "experience" Elam's extended run as a starter? It has been one game. The list of Kaiir Elam's starts is 1. @Miami. List over. I am taking your stance as Elam will only start because he needs experience. Sean McDermott doesn't start players for experience. He only starts players who have earned it. It is a consistent part of his ethos in building the roster. He will not start a lesser player because of their draft status or need for experience. Full stop. If your take is that Elam is the better player flat out than Jackson right now, I would disagree. But it is a topic worthy of discussion. But starting because of draft status and experience (which you cited as the reasons in your OP) isn't in this teams DNA.
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