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  1. I was have been thinking a lot about Jerry lately. I am not so sure it is time to move on from him this season. He still seems to be our best DE by a good margin. Even if Groot passes him this year, he is better than AJE, Addison, Basham, Obada, etc.
  2. So, I think a big problem around the general Beane discussion in this thread is that the title blow. "Is Allen his only success?" Of course not. It is a really abrasive and aggressive thread title. Has Beane been good? Yup! Very good? Sure! Spectacular outside of Allen? Worthy of a conversation, but possibly? Oliver doesn't deserve to be the whipping boy, but he is the poster child for high investment and minimal return that is our DL. Holistically I get the criticism. We had the highest paid DL in the entire NFL in 2019 and 2020. And are the second highest paid DL in 2021. But we haven't really been anywhere near the top of the league in QB pressure, sacks, etc. during that time. All while paying Star, signing Addison, and spending a bunch of top 100 picks on the group. Then AJ, Philips, Basham, are sometimes healthy scratches for an average group. The OL is similarly high priced and heavily reliant on FA. Before the past draft, Beane has only drafted a single OL, Cody Ford. (Spencer Brown is looking good). But the OL is the 5th highest priced line in the league. The length of the Bills SB window will be based on how well we do at consistently finding much cheaper upgrades in the draft to both lines. I am not a huge what is "x players" value. But if you are going to be spending top tier cash on a unit, it needs to be a top 5 unit in the league. EDIT: I have similar concerns over paying Edmunds. It isn't that I think he is a bad player, but our LB corp will be one of the most expensive in the league next year with his option. They are not a top 5 unit in the NFL.
  3. Isiah McKenzie was Tony Danza to your Mom's Christopher Lloyd. But sadly not even the holy spirit can beat both a team and a bunch of NFL refs. But honestly, cool story. EDIT: Has anybody actually thought about the cast of Angels in the Outfield recently? Surprisingly stellar. Danny Glover, Matthew McConaughey, Christopher Lloyd, Adrien Brody. Joseph Gordon Levitt. Dermott Mulroney. Pretty wild. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0109127/fullcredits/cast
  4. Relax my man. This is a thread regarding Beane only. I didn't even say anything critical of the guy. Unsure why you are so offended here. And no, I do not think that while Brandon Beane was working a draft for another NFL organization, that he was working with McD on the Bills draft. And I most certainly don't think McD would ask or advise BB to do so while working for Ron Rivera, a guy he respects tremendously.
  5. So it might make sense to go through the depth chart and assign FA, Draft, Before Beane (BB) Per the Bills Website: WR - Sanders - FA LT - Dawkins - BB LG - Feliciano - FA C- Morse - FA RG- Williams- FA RT- Brown- Draft TE-Knox - Draft QB- Allen- Draft RB- Singletary - Draft WR - Beasley- FA WR- Diggs - FA - Trade LDE- Rousseau - Draft DT - Oliver - Draft DT- Star - FA RDE- Hughes - BB MLB- Edmunds - Draft WLB- Milano - BB NCB- Johnson - Draft CB- White- BB CB- Wallace - UDFA (draft) S- Poyer - BB S- Hyde - BB Totals: Draft - 9 Starters FA - 7 starters BB - 6 Starters His best draft pick to date is Allen hands down. I don't think he inherited the terrible roster some here like to say. The defensive roster was pretty good, noting 5 starters are still kicking around from the pre Beane era. Rousseau is probably his best, right out of the gate good, starter. He has struggled to fill OL, we have average performance for the 5th highest paid unit in the league. It is OK, but also doesn't really have any draft picks playing. Letting Wyatt Teller go is on both him and McD. The real Beane test will be how he can draft for immediate impact while managing the cap going forward. Like next year, with Edumunds 5th year option we will have the 6th highest paid unit? If we re-sign Edmunds, that number will stay about the same, and we will need to do a much better job of filling the OL and WR rooms with draft picks than we have in order to save cash. (I have faith in Davis and Stevenson, they just aren't playing much at the moment). How does he replace Hyde and Poyer? Do you resign Oliver, at what cost, or who replaces him? The Star decision will be at about the same time.
  6. At least we have Taiwan Jones on the roster.
  7. I believe there was a blatant hold on Tre as well. Another poster referenced a third on Taron but I haven't seen that one.
  8. I had a bad feeling about this game when the Bills didn't get fired up at pulling that trash early in the game. I cannot put into words how enraged I was at my core when they did that. I expected the defense and the offense to come out and make them pay after that, and they didn't. I was disappointed.
  9. The best player on a defense that allowed 6 straight drives that ended in points....
  10. A lot of people kicking back on this. Maybe I should be more specific. Edmunds did not have 4 bad quarters, but he was picked on and pushed out of plays more frequently as the game went on.
  11. I think it is a FO issue not a coaching problem.
  12. So I will agree Allen had some off throws. But also some dimes. I am generally one to be critical of Allen first, but this one is on the OL. He was regularly throwing off platform all day. Most certainly on a number of deep shots that caused him to under throw (which never happens). Tennessee got the better of our OL last night. Allen was our saving grace.
  13. I remember thinking that when we played KC when the uni was announced. For some reason I thought we were going all white, and was surprised when we came out with blue pants.
  14. Milano got fooled a few times in misdirections and was sort of on an island at times with a ton of field to cover. He did not have a great game either. I noticed Edmunds not being able to disengage and/or OL sneezing and he was taken well out of the play.
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