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  1. Same with me. I was 6'1 in 8th grade. Entered HS at 6'2.
  2. I am no Terry Pegula fan. His run with the Sabres is historically bad in the big 4 leagues in the US. He is arguably the worst owner in NHL history. But I am very slow to point the finger at him to the Bills and/or the Bills WR room. For whatever reason(s) I think McBeane have done a good job at walling him out of football decisions. The NFL prints money and the team has been about as close to a championship as one can hope. I think there are zero financial chains around OBD at the moment. What happens after the Josh Allen era is TBD.
  3. The vibe I am getting is that Claypool will be a guy that will have to prove himself all camp. I think they are purposefully putting him with the 2's and will keep him there all the way through camp and force him to compete and work everyday. He is likely getting a ton of positive reinforcement, "A lot of talent. You can ball" and then when it comes time for drills the staff goes "oh by the way, not good enough, you are with Mitch" I they can get him rolling in a way where he is putting in work, seeing results, putting in more work, seeing more results, momentum is a dangerous thing in sports. Getting CC back on track would be a phenomenal addition to the roster. That said, he is probably seeing a lot of favorable matchups at the moment.
  4. "They made more later" isn't really relevant. You quoted a post where I literally said "percentage of cap dollars". The cost of a player in a given year is super important when it comes to winning a championship. And even for teams that won and came close to doing what you are saying you have LAR who are a cap disaster and not very good, When Mahomes started to get paid KC moved on from both Watkins and Tyreek when their bills came due. Then TB has been just bad after having those players retire. Also for the two teams and players the OP cited Detroit took a good portion of Staffords SB year was the year he was traded. He had a very average QB cap number at $13M (14th among QB's), OBJ signed vet minimum ($400k), Godwin was on a rookie deal, Mike Evans was on a front loaded deal on a team with no QB when he signed. With the way things are now the Dolphins will have a $30M Tyreek Hill, a $25M Jalen Waddle, and a $30M Tua in 2025. It is an unheard of cap allocation that has yet to be proven to be a way to win a championship in the NFL. Not even in the "they just kicked the can down the road" narrative you keep pushing. As far as I am concerned let Philly do it. Let Miami do it. Let Cincinatti do it. Nobody has ever won a SB or sustained any success trying to go down that road.
  5. Go check their cap numbers the years they won in TB then report back.
  6. I generally agree here. I was cautious about the contract out of the gate. Even with the injury, had it all just played out I would have been fine. But the restructure was bad.
  7. Just from a cap % standpoint, I don't think the expensive WR/QB pairing is sustainable. As it stand now there hasn't been a QB with a top tier cap number and WR with a top tier cap number to ever win a SB. Pundits talk all the time about how important it is to maximize rookie QB contracts. Now WR's on second deals are getting $25M per guaranteed? I am glad the Dolphins are making this decision.
  8. Oh god no. I don’t agree with that. I may have lost sight of the OP as this whole thing (d)evolved. Ha.
  9. Signing an old (33 YO) pass rusher with one bad knee $20M per for 6 years was a risk. That isn’t an “any player who gets hurt” scenario. GM’s take calculated risks sometimes. When they work they’re hero’s when they don’t they get criticized. Just like anything else. So far the long term and expensive bet on an old NFL player has not planned out. Long term injury was injury was always a higher risk for Von because of his age. And any long term injury would certainly be more difficult for him than younger players. For example Nico Collins just got a shiny new contract. Say he breaks his leg and ends his career in the preseason. That is unfortunate. Signing Leonard Floyd for 6 years and him getting a big time injury is a serious risk. I am not furious with Beane for taking a swing at pass rusher. But I’m also not going to sit here and pretend like it’s all just an unfortunate whoopsie either. (The restructure wasn’t a risk. That was dumb.)
  10. There is a cost to the team, cap dollars. And there is a production on the field. When you pay a guy $25M per the operating window for value is much smaller compared to a guy like Nico Collins early in his career.
  11. Injury or not Von hasn’t produced to his overall cap number to date. Discussing whether or not he will be worth $15M this year seems valid. Even if he has a $15M season, it is all but guaranteed that he won’t outproduce his total career cap number in Buffalo.
  12. Also, has anybody noticed that Joe Brady looks a little more like an adult this year as opposed to last year where he looked a little bit like "Malibu's Most Wanted"
  13. So if OP started this thread in October if Von still isn't playing well that would be OK? But posting in May/June about the contract of the old and injured player without much recent production is bad?
  14. Right, he has to learn to run with rather than impact (literally and figuratively) the WR. I like Elam. I think he is a good dude and a good corner. I hope he can figure it out in Buffalo.
  15. I think he’s saying his game is heavily reliant on his size, strength, physicality and athleticism. That’s his sweet spot. Whereas some of those guys are reliant on intuition, details, etc. I don’t think it’s a maturity or notebook issue. I think he’s a smart guy. I think he knows the playbook and works hard. He’s just struggled with application.
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