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  1. I’m not sure if it’s weak. It just feels like a super tough year for scouting. This year was so different for every school and team. Do you rely on 2019 tape? More questions than answers. I am guessing we see more misses at the top of the draft and more over performers in lower rounds. The draft is a bit of a crap shoot in a good year. This will be even more.
  2. Ah, you SOB. I came here to post this giph.
  3. I originally thought this was the state of Florida. Somehow I remembered Emmitt Smith is from Florida and was like....bro..... Also the Bosa's. But they are still playing. I can't think of anybody else.
  4. I think Mitch gives Fromm another year to prove he can be the back up. Trubisky is a one year back up rental/insurance policy. Buffalo will be in the market for another back up in 2022. At which point he will probably have to win the gig or kick dirt.
  5. I admittedly don’t watch a ton of college ball. But if this is a “highlight reel” for the “best RB in college football”, color me unimpressed. Yes he plays behind the best OL in the game. But he gets caught from behind by DB’s more often than I’d like. I tried to dig it up. I didn’t realize he didn’t run the 40 at his pro day. Some Bama magazine projects him at 4.45. Just by my eye he looks slower than that. BR said they heard he was a 4.3 guy. That absolutely can’t be true. He looks like if Singletary and Moss has a kid, it’d be Harris. Physical enough. Can hit the ho
  6. Allen can get away with a lot because of the velocity he puts on the ball. Some of that is good. Some of that it not so good. His fast ball is tough to catch, especially if you’re a defender not planning on catching it. I would like to see the full data set. His company isn’t bad. Just curious if this is a stat line that anybody should be paying attention to historically. Not for Allen, just curious in general.
  7. Williams may end up being a very productive NFL player. I don’t get the Stephen Jackson comparison. Jackson was a much bigger back with a lot more speed. I also hate the idea of spending our 3rd top 100 pick on another slow RB. It seems like Moss and Williams have very similar size and skill set. Drafting more of the same seems like a huge mistake. I could get behind that with pro days and the combine. But not for game tape. Every single program/draftee had a totally different experience and environment. It is difficult to get a good idea of live action performance.
  8. Ill add on, it’s been a very weird 12+ months for college athletics. Scouting has got to be tough right now. It’s already an inexact science.
  9. 10.5 wins on a 17 game season. I would be the over. I thought I would see more 11.5's etc. with the extra game. More teams way under .500 than I thought there would be.
  10. I just ordered a Thurman, Bruce, and Andre Jersey from DHgate. Shipped today. Old guys, old numbers.
  11. This is an interesting read. A wild case study at the very least. I don’t quite know what to take from it one way or the other. Is he just going through the motions until game day? Does he just have an immense love for the game, and that’s the drive? Is he just totally flippant with an elite skill set? Maybe he is just saying there is a football side to him and a personal side to him. When he’s at the facility or in season, he’s all in. But when he goes home, he is Trevor first, a football player second? His skill set is remarkable. It wi
  12. Dabo Swinney is hyper religious. He baptized Hopkins at practice. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/college/2019/09/04/clemson-dabo-swinney-religion-culture
  13. It all depends on value of an extension. Edmunds is a decent MLB. Not great. Not terrible. My big thing is, between some of the Edmunds projections for an extension work ~$15M, that will have the Bills spending about $32M on Klein, Milano, and Edmunds alone. That’s right around top 5 money for LB spending in the league, and that doesn’t account for depth. I don’t know how you justify spending that much money on what has been just an OK group after you extend Allen. I don’t want to create another hole because I think Edmunds is at worst serviceable. But I don’t want to dedic
  14. Two Things: Apprently Gen X has now entered the conversation...You are now speaking to 3 generations. Pensions, by and large, don’t exist anymore. So why would a middle aged worker stay at a position if somebody else offers a better one? With no pension, salary/bonus structure become paramount for retirement. I will bow out of this, now. Don’t want to hijack the thread.
  15. No dude, the NFL is slow to age. I mean if you ignore the fact that a new batch of 200+ 20 year olds enter the league every year, it is slow to age. It’s just taken a long time for the league to get “infected” with millennial koodies. Even though we’ve seen 100’s of millennials have long full careers and retire by now. But no, the NFL is only so strong, they’re infected with millennials now. But not actual millennials. The millennials infected Gen Z. And Gen Z is infecting the league. But still, millennials, because transitive property.
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