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  1. It is wild. I’ve been bouncing back and forth. The defense has not looked good, but it also feels like every QB in the league is throwing like 350, 70%, and 2-3TDs. That said, Edmunds to me seems to be doing a bit worse than Tre just because it’s more characteristic of him. He can be slow to diagnose and stuff the hole. When he has the right instinct and trusts it, his physiology is terrifying. But he’s hesitant at the moment.
  2. A- today. My only real critique this week is that he tried to play a little too much hero ball at times. Not so much forcing throws or wild decisions. More, that there were times he needed to get rid of the ball sooner. Too much looking for the big play. I’ll be curious to see what the all-22 says. Was he not seeing the right guys at the top of his drop back or were there guys just not open. 2019 Josh I would have jumped on it and assumed he wasn’t trusting his eyes. So far I trust 2020 Josh. Overall I loved him today.
  3. The defense wasn’t very good today. They got lucky to get out of the first half the way they did. They were opportunistic at the right times but not consistent. Cant rely on getting gashed then the occasional 3rd down stop. If the pattern is to get gashed those drives will eventually end in points.
  4. They’ll probably say that Kroft bailed him out of a bad decision to even throw that ball on a BS INT call. Which I would disagree with. Probably will also talk about how he at times held on to the ball way too. Which I would disagree with.
  5. This one is on me guys. I’ve been too quick in the past to buy a guys jersey. So I waited for Tre to resign. Jersey came a few day later and here we are...
  6. I’m relieved the Bills pulled this one out. But I am still angry about a few flagrantly BS calls. So bad, I have no other answer than the league is actively trying to change the game. HOW is that an INT?!?! No horse collar for on JA, but then to call unsportsmanlike on the QB. Come on!
  7. It’ll probably show up later. My guess is it was the first time it aired.
  8. That Bill Bafulo bit on fox was awesome!
  9. Oddly enough, I randomly YouTubed the Hell in the Cell match. I haven’t watched wrestling since I was a kid, I’m 33 now. So it’s probably been 20+ years. The absolute guts on that guy. The real life beating and how close he came to possibly dying in that match is something that was totally lost on me as a kid. Not only did he do it, he played it up.
  10. Thought this was an interesting read. I hope they come back to it as the season progresses. I am interested to see how this plays out based on their “important” metrics.
  11. I don't know why, but I feel like McD still won't dress Yeldon. Haha
  12. I guess I can only speak for myself. But that has largely been my gripe, not that he could not, but he has not and has been more than the "occasional" miss fire or misread. He has always had the tools. He has a cannon attached to his shoulder where an arm should be. He is big and strong. He has some wheels. A tenacious runner. A great work ethic and tremendous leader.
  13. To the bolded point. I think part of that might be because he is our QB so we just have more discussion over it and pay more attention when national pundits mention his name. I would guess guys like Trubisky, Wentz, Sanchez, have all had long threads on their own boards about similar things.
  14. I agree with this. I will add, that Josh can also be either hot or cold. He has a tendency to hit a few wow plays, then miss a bunch of throws that he either didn't deliver a good ball, or didn't see initially. The issue/complaints with Josh has always been consistency, not whether he could or could not make throws, reads etc. He has been very consistent so far this year. He has taken a large leap than I thought he would in year 3. It has been great to see!
  15. Honest question. What play is that from? Is AJ in the backfield or is Fitz running across the line of scrimmage. Maybe it is the way the image resized, but it looks like he is rushing.
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