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  1. I like McD. I think his career will land him in the Hall of Very Good even if he doesn't lift the Lombardi as HC. That said, if Shanahan becomes available you hand him a blank check. SF moving on would be so dumb. Shanahan has brought that team to the last 4 Conference Championships. His SB loses are to the greatest HC/QB combo's the league has ever seen in Brady/Bill and Mahomes/Reid. He is more or less the 3rd best HC in the league. 2nd now that Bill is gone.
  2. So much venom in this thread. It is odd. I wish some of these guys would stop kicking their dogs and at the very least unleash some of that emotion on the Pegula run Sabres and Kevyn Adams.
  3. OP used a lot of words just to tell us he kicks his dog.
  4. They game is so physical I don't need a regular season change. If the league wants to increase the importance of kickers since taking it away they could go to a "kickoff" for the regular season. Start at 35 yards in 5 yard increments until you get to 55, then 2 yards at a time. Again, this is regular season only. I don't love the idea, but it is certainly an option if they don't want tie's and want to limit OT wear and tear. But for the playoffs the college rules would be my preference. Followed closely by adding another a full quarter rather than possessions.
  5. It is tough man. He is really really really good. He has certainly blown some moments. But the only guys to beat Shanahan in the SB are Belichick and Reid. And the only QB's are Brady and Mahomes. That group of 4 guys will go down as the best QB's and HC's in the history of the NFL. That said, it is easy for me to say that. Shanahan isn't my coach or even a coach in my division. Likely frustrating for the 49'er fans. At the same time I just don't know who you replace him with who is so much better than Shanny that beating Bill/Brady or Andy/Pat is an absolute slam dunk.
  6. Am I the only one whose paramount keeps glitching out and an error message? My firestick is hardwired via ethernet. Not a bandwidth or speed issue.
  7. This post is backwards. The 1 seed (or lack there of) isn't why we haven't been to the SB. It is that we just have not been good enough consistently. If we were we would have won one by now and we would have done it from any seed.
  8. I like that they are doubling down on Rodgers opinions on how to build a franchise. They might get a year or two of competitive football from him, but ultimately Aaron likes to surround himself with weak, yes-men so that he can be the focal point and savior of anything and everything. Look at this year. He played 3 downs and Aaron Rodgers has still been the main talking point for everything JETS football. That is the way he likes it. Ultimately the Jets bending over for Rodgers will lead to setting their franchise back a number of years.
  9. I think his problem was that he just stopped trying at some point.
  10. God that era of jerseys was terrible. The whites were baaaaad. Jimmy Graham and Russel Wilson come to mind off the top of my head.
  11. And it was absolutely crazy stuff. It might as well have been an SNL sketch about criminals trying to get caught. There is no down the middle reporting of this. Their texts were something like: Favre: "Hey Nancy, want to launder money illegally today?" Nancy: "Oh yeah. I am really itching to commit crimes. I was just talking to the Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, about how much we want to enact an actionable plan to steal money" Favre: "OK that is awesome. Here is my plan for the crimes" Nancy: "Wow, Phil Bryant, the Governor of Mississippi, and I love your crime plans. We will enact these crimes exactly as you have laid out" Favre: "Did you do the crime" Nancy: "Yes Brett Favre, former QB of the Green Bay Packers, Governor Phil Bryant and I did these crimes this way. Now myself, Governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant, and NFL Hall of Fame legendary QB Brett Favre all have all this money from doing these crimes. I love crimes and I am glad you are so willing to do crimes with us!"
  12. I’ve been critical of Diggs antics the last season or two. But honestly, since camp broke he’s been great all season. I was super happy. This Pro Bowl thing is a total nothing-burger. And I like to read too much sometimes and make something-burgers out those things. That said, maybe he is unhappy here and wants out? Maybe he loves it here and the franchise is over him. Maybe everything is totally cool and he retires a Bill. But the one thing I am certain on is that if either party feels like they have to get out the difference between -$48M and -$51M in cap space won’t hold it back if it gets to that point.
  13. I agree with you on the rest of your post but want to clarify the bolded. Maybe not for you, but others seem to conflate this point. Dead cap is not in addition to, it is in replacement of. So while a high dead cap number is bad in that it is a lot of money to not have a certain player on the roster. It is not necessarily bad when compared to its delta ($3M pre-June 1). Moving on from Diggs either post 6/1 2024 or to open the league year in 2025 isn't delaying anything. They are identical as far as the cap is concerned. It is a net savings for the team. We get $5M off the books if we move on between either of those dates. I don't think Stef will be on the roster to kick the season off in 2025. I think he will and should be on the roster this year. But there is something advantageous about a post June 1 trade now and that is if we don't spend that money ($19M) we can roll that $19M into 2025. Effectively giving the Bills $24M. I also would not be shocked if Mike Evans pulls a OBJ/Hopkins and signs a short term deal late/just before camp. If that became the case I think the Bills will start to ask some questions.
  14. I think Diggs gets moved either post 6/1 this year or pre 6/1 2025. Both have the same cap ramifications. (Excluding any roll over if he’s cut 6/1). Cover 1 does some good stuff. I think their earlier content was a lot better. Now they are just churning clicks with way less depth. For whatever reason everything they say has started to be treated like gospel. I like Kurt Warner’s QB room a lot but I disagree with a lot to. I like Orlovsky a lot, but disagree a ton. But these Cover 1 guys seem to be totally infallible on the boards lately. Greg’s spiel on the cap was….bad…
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