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  1. This is going to sound stupid, but the wing industry has been incredibly volatile the last few years. Not that long ago the shortage was so bad you could only order wings at MP the pricing was so up and down. Wing prices are skyrocketing at the moment again. Depending on suppliers, access to product, and decision by ownership, wing stock has been super variable from establishment to establishment. I have noticed it again recently even with my favorite places.
  2. Inversely, people really don't like Anchor Bar given the head start.
  3. I am shocked Duff's is so far ahead at no. 1. I do think they sometimes get a bad rap and tossed in with Anchor bar. Probably my 3rd favorite behind Gabes Gate and Bar Bill.
  4. Plot twist, a hotdog is an American taco. Change my mind.
  5. A lot of pressers they do call him coach prime. Sometimes he refers to himself as that. It’s weird. But I don’t hate that part, it’s always been part of his brand.
  6. I didn’t like the way he managed the situation. But I am glad he is making light of it now. It’s a silly thing to get as upset about as he did in the way he did. This feels light hearted and funny. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRmBdFBjpaP/?utm_medium=copy_link
  7. Right, this x100. Deion wants to be called coach, cool. Who cares, not a huge issue. But he made up a situation about the character of the GOAT college football coach of all time, and asked to be treated the same way with the threat of being "cussed out". And literally none of it was true.... Kinda like when he said his stuff was stolen and the school was like "ummm, did you check your locker"... I hope somebody gives him an honorary doctorate. Doctor Reverend Coach Primetime has a nice ring to it.
  8. Pedantic, it was a question after a presser/media day. Whatever. He, didn't just ask to be called coach. He demanded to be called coach based on the totally baseless premise that Nick Saban requires the same treatment, and if Nick Saban doesn't get that treatment, he will MF you up and down. Neither of which are true. None the less, Deion was just as petulant as he fabricated Saban to be. It is unnecessarily combative from a guy tasked with leadership as a profession. This seems like some dumb stuff Greg Williams would try and pull. We can see how well that has worked
  9. Dude left the entire presser. He could have just moved on instead of getting into an eggplant measuring contest. The reporter was admittedly snarky. But it was also a totally wild ask given his reason. Dude wants to be called Coach because he views himself as a GOAT coach after an inaugural season of 4-3. Had he just said, call me "coach". Everybody would have moved on with their day. Also, his assertion that nobody calls Saban "Nick" is false. And if it wasn't, I would call Saban stupid too. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/20/deion-sanders-mad-at-being-called-deion-
  10. Still a few days left of silly season. Unsure if this is narcissism or insecurity. I feel like our media sometimes calls McD Sean. I have heard NE reporters call BB Bill. I am not sure I have ever heard of a coach demanding the press to call them "Coach". What an poop hole. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31851065/jackson-state-tigers-coach-deion-sanders-takes-issue-reporter-being-referred-first-name-twice
  11. I am so confused here. What is going on with Cody Ford?
  12. Mark Cuban nails the response. Hell, Pfizer is trading at about $41 a share. Give her two shares, ones on me. Just get the shot and STFU Cole.
  13. “Woah, I didn’t realize he’s this big and thick” -Chris Simms, 1:32 mark
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