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  1. I mean...if you can do that to any opponent, you will win much more than you lose regardless of opponent.
  2. I would agree with this. I didn't like a whole lot from JA at the front half of the year. The last 3 weeks though..... He is Buffalo's very own Rick Vaughn. If he can sustain this, we are in a great place for a possible push in the playoffs and into the 2020 season!
  3. Well, he is locked up for 2 more years. Is this where we go off on whether or not Tremaine could play OLB in this situation? But yes, I would jump at that.
  4. This has to be the most exciting last 4 weeks the Bills have had in maybe a generation. Beat Baltimore, and Buffalo is in the drivers seat, Pittsburgh is a huge deal. Beat Pitt, Holy Shyte, can Buffalo really go into NE and dethrone the axis of evil. Beat NE, jesus, don't embarass yourself against the Jets. Beat the Jets, and the conference runs through OP. Lose to Baltimore, OK maybe they are not for real. Lose to Pitt on primetime, oh look at the Bills, what an uphill climb next week. Lose to NE, The Bills are who we thought they were. Lost to the Jets, well FML Somehow the Bills somehow equally as likely to be the no. 1 seed in the AFC as they are to miss the playoffs.
  5. Honestly, what would the cost be to get Vick in the building for a week on the PS...or does his retirement prevent that? Somebody said, he won't play a game, so wouldn't count towards the cap. Can we sign and cut Vick from the PS for $100k? Hell Vick could make a career of it. Practice squad to practice squad, $100k a pop, $1.6M on the year, just to pretend to play football. Vick was electric, but LJ is looking like he might be much better. Outside of maybe RG3 (who is also with BAL), I am not sure if anybody else would come close to similar ability or insight into playing style of Lamar.
  6. They came as close as anybody has in the last few months. There was some questionable calls like their timeouts and the 4th down, that could have changed the outcome.
  7. That’s what I saw today too. Lamar didn’t have a great day through the air and rushed for over 100. If anything if I am Buffalo I game plan to take away Brown and their TE’s. Maintain gap integrity in regards to the run game. Committing to stopping LJ on the ground leaves a ton of options through the air. You can’t stop everything. I think it makes sense to key in on the TE and Brown.
  8. Jesus, can’t win here. No. I legitimately don’t think he has been a quality passer very often. I think he’s had good placement and touch the last two weeks.
  9. I’ve been critical of JA. think he has played very well the last few weeks. Much better in terms of placement and controlling his velocity.
  10. I am not sure I have watched a Bills game where the refs have been so blatantly tried to throw the game.
  11. Brady bounces, Manning looked like he was almost running in place. To me, Josh’s pocket presence nor footwork look like either TB or PM. I do however notice that he takes super long strides when making his drops.
  12. Really? I see the Bills either winning, or losing and not covering the spread.
  13. The division is in play, only in that we can win more games than NE this season. We have virtually the same schedule, we lost to Philly and Cleveland. NE beat them. We HAVE to beat Dallas and Baltimore to leap frog them, and then beat NE in NE. More or less winning out. NE does not have an NFC game left on the schedule. So if they only lost to us, they would take the tie breaker from either SoS or SoV. We would tie in H2H, Division, Conference, and Common Opponents. Buffalo losing to Philly and Cleveland doesn't help. New England only losing to Buffalo down the stretch gives them the edge for both SoS and SoV. We would need them to drop an addition game from Houston or KC. But then we have more wins. Division is ONLY in play if Buffalo wins out and NE drops 2. If we lose the Baltimore game, NE would then need to lose 2 in a row to Houston and KC, then lose to Buffalo at Gillette. Only option is to just flat out win more games than BB and TB.
  14. I am watching this Monday night Baltimore game. I would rather not play them, but we have to. That’s concerning.
  15. I went through the playoff machine last night to see what it would take to win the division. More or less, as it stands now, Buffalo has to win more games straight up over NE. That’s even if NE lost to Dallas, and Buffalo beats Baltimore, NE, and Dallas. We would be tied for common opponents (CLE and PHI), Division, and conference. Best chance of winning the division is Buffalo winning out and NE losing g to Buffalo, Houston, and KC. 13-3 seals it vs 12-4.
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