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  1. Good post. I agree with all of it. It’s not that I hate Cole’s take. It’s just a dumb thing to be so contentious about on social media. Didn’t he say he wants to play this year. Cross that off the list. I also hate the “well Mahomes has Andy.” Who cares. Should we get a head start? Should they spot us points? There’s no real world application where this actually matters in a way that’s correctable. Be better in whatever situation you’re in, or don’t. Also, Reid has never coached anybody ever who has been able to enter the GOAT conversation and that seems to be Mahomes trajectory at the moment. So maybe a little credit where credit is due to the player.
  2. I actually went to St Joes with their cousin Mike Hawk. But seriously. Did their parents not know that would happen.
  3. For most of the year this team made everything look difficult on both sides of the ball. Once we lost to Minnesota I sort of operated under the assumption that we were stat sheet warriors. Our only shot was to get hot at the right time. But if we did, anything was possible. Also, post Damar I started to lean into hockey a bit more. I rooted for and got frustrated on Sundays. But what was important when it came to this team shifted. I am noticing that that night has changed how I’ve watched sports. As much as I’ve leaned into hockey this year I find myself less excited and invested. As F1 gets going, I’m noticing the same. It’s been a complicated year for sports for you buddy Mango.
  4. First, let me say he can get better. But he played great the back half of 2021 when Tre went down and started super strong to start 2022. At one point he was allowing something like less than 50% completions, 1TD, and a couple picks for like a 50-ish passer rating over 6 or 8 games. I was really high on him for a while. I hope he finds his form again.
  5. The more I sit with this, the more I actually think GB doesn't have a deadline. Rodgers has a $60M cash price tag this year but $31.6M cap hit, and is a huge dead cap liability to move before 6/1. Sure $60M is a lot of cash to spend. But $40M in dead cap and $8M in cap dollars is a major operational hurdle. I think GB understands this very well. While they would be happy to move on from Rodgers and work on their future, they need to do it in a way that makes sense for the franchise holistically. If it is to get done in 2023 it has to be post June 1 or the NYJ have to pay a huge expense to get it done sooner rather than later. I think a huge part of the Rodger/McAfee interview was Rodgers trying to force GB to move on quickly because operationally, GB is probably open to having the league MVP 2 of the last 3 years stay with the franchise one more year until it is financially palatable to move on.
  6. @DrDawkinstein, did you take the day off to celebrate St. Patty's Day? 2 AFCE teams made the playoffs last year. Bills and Dolphins. Also the comment I quoted is below...and you are talking about the Patriots....which would be a 4th team, who has very little hype to live up to this year.... Toss one back for me please.
  7. Or even Favre to the Jets. Skipped right over that one.... I really think one of those three fall on their face this year. Everybody cannot live up to the hype.
  8. I think there is a good chance Rodgers went on McAfee saying that GB doesn't want him to try and burn the bridge to get to NYJ. Rodgers is very cut/tradable next year and reasonably affordable to keep on the roster this year. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/green-bay-packers/aaron-rodgers-3745/
  9. Is it possible that they are trying to push this to June 1. His dead cap hit becomes waaaaay less if they can wait 75 days.
  10. I think the Sabres are helping me have a more relaxed football season. It feels like they are really building something over there, and something be excited about. They aren't winning now, but I am enjoying the ride. The last few months since the SB have reframed how I want to experience the Bills season, and just have an absolute blast with the ride.
  11. Every other report not coming from Rodgers is that the decision is in his hands at this point. That the Jets and Packers already had a deal agreed upon. Then he went on a whole diatribe about how GB made it clear they don’t want him there anymore and that the hold up is their compensation AND his money/contract. His “intent” is another odd Rodgers ambiguity.
  12. Do I agree with what? That I can debate whether Aaron Rodgers is the best Packer or not? Sure…I can debate it…. His wording is so purposefully odd.
  13. Call me crazy, I watched McAfee today, this very much felt like the immunized vs. vaccinated presser. I intend to play of the Jets. Every single report has been that Rodgers has been holding this up. But today he went all “don’t trust the media” and “GB made it clear they don’t want me around”. I think he likely goes to NYJ, but it had the feel of “it’s not done until it’s done”
  14. I don’t love this. I’d like a better back up. But…I’ve been guessing JA would request KA and the front office would bring him in.
  15. Big Baller Beane Totally guessing. But either something is in the works for an actual roster move with McKenzie or somebody he’s close with. ….or he is mocking the FO.
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