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  1. If this is true could Collinsworth and Co. be facing a major lawsuit from the league? I know every franchise pays for their data, if that data can be artificially manipulated for cash they could be taking on the full force of the NFL in court.
  2. It would be cool if instead of the color rush red jersey, the Bills did a handful of games in all black this year.
  3. I am a bit biased, I grew up and lived a good portion of my adult life on the WS and EV. I get wanting to live in the city. But he could have like 2500 square feet and a beautiful home on Richmond, Anderson, Linwood, Dorchester, etc. for like half the price. His place would be very low on my choices city or suburbs.
  4. This one hurts. I didn’t grow up on the east side. But I did grow up in a really diverse west side. I’ve spent a good part of my adult life living on the west side working with refugees at Journeys End and Viva La Casa on the east side. To see this happen to people of color in my community, a community I’ve put some work into, really hurts.
  5. Probably worth noting, their only short week is @ Detroit. If I picked one team on the schedule to have 4 days prep for it is Detroit. I have read some comments on how the front end of the schedule is brutal. If the Bills are who we think they are it won't be a big deal. I have a gut feeling that Tennessee and Baltimore take a step back this year. I also thought the Rams were a good team but mostly hype last year. The last time I watched the Bills play football they were the best Buffalo team I have seen in my adult life. I am not afraid of the schedule one bit. The Josh Allen Revenge Tour starts September 8!
  6. I don’t know why I find this so hilarious. https://www.buffalobills.com/video/the-buffalo-bills-reveal-the-2022-schedule
  7. All it has is the Russ factor. Once the Seahawks blow and/ or the Broncos are “meh”. Then the match up becomes unraveled as a draw for…well…anybody.
  8. I wish they did the SB rings post game. Especially this one. A game that was almost the actual Super Bowl 3 months ago. Enjoy your Bull shirt rings guys.
  9. Honestly, that is about the only week anybody will care about a Broncos/Seahawks matchup. Nobody tunes into that game week 9.
  10. Buffalo @ Rams feels way more compelling than Broncos/Seahawks and about even with KC/TB. The Seahawks were 7-10 with Rus last year and now they have Drew Lock. I get he was traded, but this seems like a game I have next to zero interest in unless it is early in the season...and even then....
  11. You have no less than 4 months from a complete schedule release to the opening kick off of the NFL season. Your booking window only increases if you have no intentions of going to week 1. Airbnb and Southwest give free cancellations as long as you are a week or more out from your travel/stay. If you have a CC associated with a hotel and/or an airline most will allow for free cancellations too. I just sort of read this as "I cannot go to Kansas City in October because you didn't tell me until May", which seems wild to me and cannot be a scalable complaint. There is more than ample time to schedule a long weekend without any real financial commitment.
  12. Beleive in what? It’s as wild as AJE becoming great.
  13. The NFL has been running double headers for a while now. I read they noticed they were losing viewership on the second games because the east coast was going to bed. So they are trying to get people locked in for Buffalo v Ten then get those people to keep watching the Minnesota game. I don't know if it will work, but it makes a ton of sense. Buffalo Tennessee will be the game of the week most likely. If they can keep the audience around for another hour that is a big win for the league. Also, the NFL is in the click game. All 365 days are planned to keep people engaged with the league. They are creating interest by giving sporadic and exciting information. They won't release the opening game of the year early because that game is the headliner for the entire schedule release. Buffalo v. Tennessee in primetime is a match up people will start to talk about without taking away from the excitement of their whole NFL Network Schedule release show.
  14. The Bills could open up the entire season, could play on Thanksgiving, and CBS chose Buffalo as its only protected game of the year and you’re wondering where the respect is? They basically have the broadcast triple crown. I was listening to NFLR the other day and they had the exact opposite take in general as you, and most certainly about the TEN MNF game. It was basically “Buffalo has arrived” and “why schedule another game when Buffalo is on. Everybody will be watching Allen take on the Titans”.
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