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  1. Josh accuracy issues is an issue but other things have not been discussed.. Like how long it takes to get used to new wr as a young qb One of the most if not the most revamped offence in the league. 9 new starters? A qb being asked all off season to work on short to intermediate passws No true number 1 WR.. Yes young QB needs one of those. Balls thrown away.. Now and only after all that should we talk about tipped balls.. An offensive line not always in sync Then talk about dropped ball ratings... And after all that and a qb thats a great student that should grow more.. This isnt excuses.. This is facts.. To be honest im shocked josh did as good as he did.. Everyone around here thinks a QB should be good moment one and screw the variables I say screw that.. Lets just wait till next year cause im done talking
  2. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2020/4/28/21239764/post-2020-nfl-draft-power-rankings-kind-to-buffalo-bills-josh-allen-stefon-diggs-aj-epenesa (Edit: Please do not post full articles from other sites as that is considered copyright infringement. Feel free to post a link and a description or even the first couple sentences from the article, but posting the entire thing is a not permitted)
  3. Heres what scare me about allen.. Not enough deep ball threat means teams will do same thing against us as they did in 4th quarter of our last playoff game. They started blitzing us heavy not worried about his arm. Period. we have to do better in formations. Split them WR as wide as you can. Dont do bunch formations cause then its harder to tell if corner or fs is blitzing or not. If Allen cant figure out long ball this year and we cant adjust formations to help josh then we will have a long season.
  4. Seriously.. What kind of qb did you expect to see in round 5??? What if in 2 years this kid starts playing amazing? Am i expecting it? No.. But never stop drafting qb's..... Cause you never know..
  5. So being immune deficient and have an endocrine disease The virus scaress me... I get this virus im in big trouble. But im also a realist tht believes in fact cheking.. Right now you can go to places in Wetern NY without a DR. Script with out anything and receive result the net day. In many other states they have been doing this for 2+ weeks. What makes you think they didnt get tested, what makes you think they didnt already have it and are over it? If im being drafted? Im asking my best friend and maybe family member visiting to be tested couple days ahead of time then stay the heck home then join me. And im IMMUNE DEFECIENT... We not in there lives where they live and we have no clue there situations or what precautions they took to be at a very special moment today..Most deaths from this virus are the elderly and underline illnesses.. Many people got this virus and didnt even know they had it.. Get a grip people..
  6. Top 5 BPA and the exact type of rb we needed. And watched 10+ minutes of highlights.. This kid wont run away from ya but he can run routs and catch the ball... Third down nightmare.. Our 2 headed monster.. Devin and Zach
  7. WR and RB screens work when you have the total package with all 3 wr and rb doing there thing witch we now have. I also remember getting burnt on screens to.. They wont buy it if you cant sell it. That is unless your name is brady or mahomes.. We have other cute little plays going on now like jets sweep that seems to always work when you need it. I can see more screens this year.
  8. Lol this time of year i do a boat load of scouting reports based on progression fro m HS senior year - today. Based on who he went against, the team he played for and so on. Great players dont need to be the strongest or fastest in this league and basing him on drills, speed and stength is a waste of everyones time here.. Will he likely be elite? Doubt it. Is he a very small project... Yes.. Tbh i think Lewis will have a solid career as a starter and if your looking for a elite starter in round 2, you mine as well flip a few coins and pray. Lewis has a knack for using power and spin moves at the right time.. Knows when to push hard forward or to sit a little at times for the play to develop to him. Lewis is also a natural born leader that leads by example and not words.. Lewis is also really good at knocking balls down, tipped passes.. I think lewis is a winner and yes im talking about Terrel Lewis...
  9. Fact time. Pre Josh this team got rid of big stars to get Josh here Year one, josh made lots of rookie.mistakes and showed progress late. Josh had to run for his life or throw lots of deep balls quick cause it took that long for wr to get seperation. Year 2 Josh had to learn to throw to new receivers (takes time) and learn how a brand new offensive line forms um in front of him. He did not have his linemen together healthy most if not all of the preseason and again. Stuff takes time. Yet through all of the changes Josh has had to endure.. And learn at the NFL level .. My god Josh took good positive steps last year.. Complaining about a QB's first experience in the playoffs is something im not prepared to do.. 4th quarter he was running for his life.. Again.. Now we have Diggs.. Teams can not throw 8 in the box with our 3 WR set out there and this is the year I feel Josh will break 60% completion and that in itself will be considered a step up for Josh this year. This is the most complete team we have had in over 20 years. This isnt about blind faith in our qb. This is about having faith in this team as a whole. I have to laugh.. How many people said "build around Tyrod Taylor and he will be great" then it was "Tyrod will be great in Cleveland". The theory of making Tyrod better though having great players around Tyrod did not work out.. Now lets see how the same theory works for Josh. I dont need to see josh throw the ball for 300 yards to call him a franchise qb but just one game early in season would not hurt. 1-2 300 yard+ games yis year with a 60%+ completion percentage top 20 QB in the league.. The man will get paid. This is a small step for any starting franchise qb.. Every starting franchise qb should have one or 2 games where they light it ul and throw for 60%.. If thats to much to ask?
  10. I don't think we are a run first team anymore, are we? I can now see 3 WR sets Diggs, Brown, Beasly with situational TE as there main set all game long, with the occasional 2 te or 4WR sets. The only way dual threat HB works is if you have 2 accomplished HB on the team. Im more thinking we get another 4th or 5th round RB and get another piece on the o'line in the second round and WR third round. All this being said they are going to get bpa at need.
  11. Do we need first round, second round impact on this offensive line? Josh was still running for his life way to much last year.? Make me feel more comfy at the line positions lol
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