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  1. IDC what the reasons are.. Him on this offensive line with what we have already ? damn.. get er done!
  2. I think there is way to many trolls in this thread. Anyone that thinks that coaches/teams talking to a hall of fame player because they want to try something or spin off something is just stupid or a troll. Jim Kelly was one of a handful that called plays all game long and this team wants to learn from that in how they did it and how it was effective in the type of calls more then the actual call.. The groupings of call it was. Even to complain about them doing this.. Thinking it will ruin Josh Allen.. The narrative of all this bs on this thread is a joke. Its one thing to give an opinion and its another to voice an opinion that is so outrageous and stupid to people. #1. Don't feed the trolls Check #2. Ignore the ignorance Check
  3. SO let me get this straight.. He is innocent but the video itself is porn. hmmhmm got it. Nothing will happen to kraft because of his rich little layers that get away with twisting everything. Then the league wont do anything cause #1 he was not guilty and #2 its him
  4. if that was the case what would your batters average be? just wondering lol
  5. This may very well be the most useless post in the most useless thread of this website. Double Wammie baby! suck it up buttercup
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