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  1. First and foremost I congratulate Leslie for his achievement. i am not going to IGNORANTLY slam these posts cause I GET IT. there is many people that still hurt. and Lesle BLEW IT! Should of been us winning that big game last year and NOT EVEN Close... our Defense did not show up against KC.. Facts.. so some here including me still are a little angry. NFL NOT FOR LONG. I will take what ever cheap shots that are going to come at me on this one.. IDK I stand by my morals and not hide behind them cause of others already being rude to people in this topic.
  2. well i did hear this is a "copy cat" league yes? Get it? lol
  3. well someone had to pick him up and get to the hospital? I know what you meant. lol.. i feel bad for the dude.
  4. Really? We are talking about the difference between home and away games, right? How many domed stadiums do we have in the nfl? 10 domed/retractable. Did you add that into your weather, or should i say non weather equation? LOL
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