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  1. meh I understand what your talking about with moral victory and All but we needed closure, so I understand just don't agree
  2. Entire defense? no.. we need parts not a rebuild
  3. Dear Bills Mafia, Bills organization and team I would like to take this time to thank you. Thank you for the smiles and thank you for the tears as we all need to shed those from time to time too. Thank you for breaking the 25 year old Curse. Thank you for donating to Oishei Children's Hospital.. You changed many peoples lives with those donations. Thank you for taking care of the kids all over the U.S.A.. They are our future. I would also like to take the time to thank the people on these boards.. For fighting for this team.. Agree or not agree. Thank you Josh Allen for
  4. This team has Issues on Defense and offense line and RB ALL FIXABLE. They gave a good run and we were out classed. it happens. I am glad it ended like this and not a true heart breaker. The future of this team is bright. We just put it all in our QB Hands and that AINT RIGHT! Cheer them when they come home we will. Love this team we always will. The tears are real and ok to feel. We live breath love the Bills and soon we will be on top of the Hills. We will be back stronger at back will we do not lack we will see the AFC Champ game
  5. you make josh allen be your best runner and passer for 55 effin plays out of 66 plays.. and some of you people still think we dont need to be worried about RB? IF Kamara is available.. grab him
  6. McCoy in his prime or Lynch in his prime on this team would be an elite offense.. right now this offense just isn't dynamic enough to shoot it out with KC Kamara would solve our RB issues. Then heavy OL DL in draft we are not doing the best in the trenches,,, especially defense
  7. Listen here rookie.. you either didnt watch a game this year or your drunk and trolling which is it'?
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