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  1. PrimeTime101

    A message to Bill fans

    why is that link so long?
  2. PrimeTime101

    Draft Simulator - First-pick.com

    Grade is good. Picks show A - A+ but hate some of the players that were picked.. they just don't seem to fit what we need.
  3. This topic needs to be closed.. its being dragged through the dirt for no reason.
  4. PrimeTime101

    Hypothetical Mock, Who would u select @ #9

    Got news for ya.. If we got Jawaan Taylor, he would likely start LT and push Dawkins to LG. https://arrowheadaddict.com/2019/04/07/2019-nfl-mock-draft-bengals-giants-trades-drew-lock-chiefs-safety/ Jawaan Taylor Offensive Tackle Florida 9. Buffalo Bills The Bills had a solid defense in 2018, and while they could look to add more firepower to that side of the football, I think it is likely that they add the best offensive tackle in the draft class, Jawaan Taylor. The addition of Taylor may force Dion Dawkins inside to guard, but it would set Buffalo’s offensive line up for success for years to come.
  5. PrimeTime101

    Your favorite Bills conspiracy theory?

    If you think that it was just Mills on that side of the line playing the same old weak Mills then you have no clue.. Pressure came from left and right side of the line.. maybe you should go watch it again. There was 1 INT where the right side of the line was responsible but go watch..
  6. PrimeTime101

    Your favorite Bills conspiracy theory?

    Hold on now.. Those defensive lineman were mic'ed up and on record saying "he is not blocking me" "He let me right through" with plenty of video footage showing extremely little effort on some of the positions on that line that day.. Then when Taylor went back in there was a very noticeable difference in how that line played and nothing to do with how tyrod was playing.. If you remember days before Tyrod brought out the race card.. I think a couple of his lineman bought into that race card.. I had family at that game.. 6of them. They ALL say that line clearly did not give anywhere near even 75% of what they could do.. I am not saying this because I am any lover of Peterman.. I am saying this because it was that obvious. 3 days later this was even bought up on ESPN and NFL Network of the lineman just not trying..
  7. I am sorry.. This is just a lame excuse.. Look.. I am the first one to say I would Love Ed Oliver to fall right to us but Hughes has failed in sacks for to many years to start making excuses for him.
  8. Tell me.. When we had Darius.. whom did give us some good years before he got lazy.. how come sack numbers were not higher then?
  9. PrimeTime101

    Hypothetical Mock, Who would u select @ #9

    why cant people just answer his damn question without complicating things.. Hock or DK
  10. PrimeTime101

    Josh Allen's hurdle wins GMFB's play of the year

    Yea That's my bad, sorry. I admit when I am wrong
  11. PrimeTime101

    Josh Allen's hurdle wins GMFB's play of the year

    Foot work. Squaring his body on the run (this led to 3 INT last year) (not always being able to find open player fast enough) living with the 5 yard throws. Sorry I did not expect to have to spell this out for you. His completion percent was due to a bad Offensive line that allowed way to many jail breaks one of the worst offensive line units in football and WR inability to catch a ball or create gap between defenders. People see this now but it seems to be you that are stuck with staring at his completion percent all day and not the media. Lately the media has been praising Josh for doing what he did under those conditions. Stop staring at completion %. If the media has stopped then I think you can to. Also... Low completion % does not mean the QB is not accurate.. Its funny that the media has lately been defending Josh concerning these issues and our own fans are stuck on... completion % give me a break...
  12. PrimeTime101

    Josh Allen's hurdle wins GMFB's play of the year

    I disagree, I watched 3 different shows in the last month say his inaccuracy's were do to the players around him and the bad situation he was put into then him being inaccurate. They see the dropped passes, people stop running there routs, second worst offensive line in the league. They say his consistency is at question and not his accuracy. 1.1 yard distance between the WR and the defender on team average was also worst in league. Kay was just quoted on gmfb saying how much she thinks Josh Allen will be the break out player of the year this year.
  13. PrimeTime101

    Unpopular Take. The Bills should trade for Rosen

    Oh look we are at page 10..//