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  1. the over under number on milano getting hurt? thats borderline silliness there
  2. funny i was at bills site it showed nothing for saturday
  3. yea that was in a different named topic thumbs up though
  4. Yep I watched the game and at times Mahomes struggled. Truth
  5. Last game not having Milano, White, Wallace, Edmunds full power hurt our defense. Not having Brown and to an extent Moss + Spains injury hurt us as of Fridays practice All FP = Brown, Moss, Milano, White all back and looking good All LP= From, Spain, Edmunds I expect Spain and Edmunds to start even at Light Practice they have extra day to heal We need to be healthy and all the parts in to do what we do on each side of the ball. Expectations? Your going to see a different defense out there.. KC defense has struggled. either side not undefeated and that relieves the presure. I see a more fun game and maybe even a win for the home town. Go Bills
  6. look lol.. we are building a team. A team comes in parts at a price. do we need better on both sides of the line? yep we need help. you can bet we get better on both sides through fa and draft.. not early\ mid season trades\acquisitions. BUT. If we manage to beat KC and win though to trade deadline where theres a pass rusher out there for trade that may push us to the big game? i can see it happening.
  7. 2 starting CB OUT Milano OUT Edmunds not playing much do the math
  8. keep that sore excuse for a wr off the field hes a special teamer horrible excuse for a catch
  9. I have to thank the raiders for teaching us how to beat KC then I might have to thank the Vikings for teaching us how to defeat Seahawks
  10. with dak out Wilson playing.. bad Mahomes looking average If josh has a good 10 days hes going to lead mvp talks
  11. ahaha go to this link Chief Fans are .. lol.. just read https://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?s=9732e544371ec50b1bc64e82d1eacaa6&t=334221
  12. We beat Raiders Raiders beat KC odds should be even we may be better then KC folks.. Time will tell
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