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  1. this dude gets paid for clicks. Montana not on the list is an insult. Mahomes just half way through his career is an insult.
  2. guys lol relax. These are micro coaching positions that are taught by higher ups what they want to be worked on. #1. Only Current coaching staff knows if our last Safety's coach was doing his job. Performance does not really dictate anything in a position like this. #2. Realistically half the micro coaches like this are not even listed on the Bills website. #3. It's who you know and how dedicated you are to putting the hard work in, and following through your job and again... only the staff would know if another coach were doing their job or not... Stats, Injuries and rankings have 0 to do with the job these micro processioning coaches do... IF say a DB or a LB coach or gets fired? its because they lost their dedication... lost their will to play for this organization. The S Coach that was fired? Had nothing to do with player performance on the field. Had everything to do with his teaching skills or his will to stay where he at.
  3. Can anyone argue that no matter what we do on this defense this year, having a true #2 WR and a solid top 10 line gets us to the superbowl? so why should that not be our priority one is to help JA? I DONT want to end up being like Indy Colts.
  4. dont let the door smash you in the ass on the way out
  5. PFF is garbage or godly only when you want it to be. LOOK at all his numbers on PFF they look great with overall. "pay attention to them when they bad" "Ignore PFF when they good" I look at all the PFF numbers then look at the story. MvGinchey overcame a quad injury in the beginning of the year and took him time to get to speed. While yes he allowed a ton of sacks, his PFF grades are amazing. Better than any lineman we have now... and you say his is not good? just stop... he is one of the 2 chess pieces we need on this line and if we can double dip in the draft to find the other pieces so be it.
  6. you have utterly no reason to post this other than to be a complete Troll. so here is your reward Having to ride this all the way down the road where you came from
  7. My brother's best friend's niece told his girlfriend's great uncle that his best friend's fathers friend thought the same thing.
  8. we JUST had a poll just like this one where most thought both had to go and some with one or the other//All search function is our friend
  9. Phins are going to have one year of regression. Miami does not have the LBS and the S's for what he runs... and they wont be able to draft to adjust in one year
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