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  1. I swear to god. When I read out this i spit out my coffee all over the place.. Then got dirty looks people in the house. An inside joke no one else will ever get lol I NEED MORE COFFEE! Damn U
  2. this is a lot to take in.. where to start To the first bolded. Wrong.. Kincaid is more the replacement because he will play lots of slot. To the second bolded that whole pharagraph is one of the worst takes I have seen on this board in recent months. Beane not doing all he can do? Stop it. To the third bolded HA HA HA HA... nothing else to say. To the 4th bolded.. You seem to be more of a KC fan then a Bills Fan. Just saying.. I am a fan of all football and if you didn't see how much KC struggled at times? well... To the final bolded? Damn glad your not a GM here. just saying.. he is just giving one bad narrative after another...
  3. https://joyofandroid.com/android-many-problems-gifs/ Huge article has some fix and app suggestions to use giphy through other products.
  4. it is a big difference. Spend time at Spotrac and you would see, just by fiddling with numbers.
  5. throw in a mound a fire ants with them?
  6. On that same note.. I would not be upset if it does not happen either. ... it is what it is lol
  7. I think this all depends on what happens at the MLB position this year... If that is an epic fail and can't find a suitable replacement in FA, It would look like WR MLB C RT in that order. Only because MLB is the biggest future question at hand yes? I agree with all of what you say... you have to remember, the dude needs his clicks as well, so he is going to mix in questionable takes. it is what it is. I think his narrative is bad. but time will tell yes?
  8. Frazier did not owe anyone or McD owe anyone better wording then what was said. They did their best to keep Frazier fringing under the table because of how much respect the staff has/had for him. We have no clue what was said behind curtains. We may never no. But for me? That was the most respectful way to let him go. Move On Leslie does or did not need to say anything else other than what was said. I wish him the best.. he is a good dude. They are either going to take that used napkin and lay it gently on the lap or they are going to throw it in the bin. This has all been talked about on these forums over and over again and I feel... Thinking he should of said something different or different Verbiage is nuts.. again.. We do not know what happened behind closed doors... period.
  9. This should scare teams if we can show/prove our OL gets up to the top 15th ish in numbers.
  10. Big One Tech guy, they say he has gained some more weight.. This is going to force a double team often enough to let Oliver be one on one.. And then when Von is back... Who you double team then?
  11. I am saying it right now... This DL is going to over produce and go over expectations of others by the time this year is done (barring injuries) When that big body is going to be in on all this at DT? We will create matchup nightmares on any OL that is not a top 5 OL. Groot and Oliver take any kind of small step forward? oh boy
  12. Bolded Show me one link where he showed frustration about spending that 4th to move up?
  13. Next year I think it will be WR early.. I think Center needs to be a concern next year as well. But I hate his take that we have not invested in the OL this year. Just a horrible take.
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