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  1. Dropped passes weather dropped by a WR or a CB has a wide range of what people actually call a drop.
  2. you will either get over it or it will grow on you lol
  3. Stats in Late games? lol no go back and watch simply not true.
  4. Prescot was THE GOAT pre injury. no one was close in MVP talks before his Injury so I am kind of shocked he is not matched up with say Lamar Jackson who in my opinion is to high.
  5. you been watching to much #sports and April fools joke.
  6. The Real question is... how many gray hairs would of Beane gotten if he was watching Josh at the fair throwing fastballs at bowling pins. yikes lol
  7. First and foremost thank you for sharing. I agree that there is never an excuse. That being said, extreme mental illness is getting worse in this country and around the world. Even though as of now we know very little about CTE, It can be considered an extreme mental illness that many of us will never understand. It is sad.. I feel bad for all involved. And as for all you "rot in hell" posts.. The last time I checked, most religions believe one sin is no worse then another. Another words Stealing and or using gods name in vain is no different then murder. Again not sa
  8. this is about creating competition with prove it contracts nothing more or less
  9. second deck would need to be 110% more seats then the rest of the deck combined near 90 mil project not everyone was down with
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