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  1. Lets see.. We rarely have Tornado's Dont se Tsunami rolling our way Do not see Hurricanes hitting WNY in the foreseeable future.. Wildfire do to Lightning rarely happen. We dont get Dust storms We get floods but rarely the the extreme the mid west goes through... Just a dumb remark by someone that lives somewhere where they close after an inch of snow.
  2. Sit Josh, Diggs, Sanders, Morse, Brown, Knox and 2/3rds of the defense
  3. lmao he says "that should make them feel better on Jets side" come on man... congrats they got a trash td on a prevent defense
  4. for those that thought our offense would QUIETLY die by the night... in the words of my generation up yours! lol
  5. Well we should be plucking guards our self... Don't know how much worse this can get
  6. They new Guard was our weak spot.. They should of moved on obtaining a Guard... I dont care if we over pay or go to high on draft picks. We still need a guard.. They should of worked out 5 new guards this week and made a change.... grab someone off a practice squad and throw them in there. cant hurt worse then it is that is for sure...
  7. I just do not understand the personal foul on White. the Refs met for a minute.. Called it on the WR. Then the Refs said HANG ON a minute.. Then the Ref calls it on White. So here is the conversation I can only imagine in my head........ Refs first meet they agree on personal foul on the WR. Fourth Ref comes in and says while he is calling the PF on the WR hold on a minute I saw something else. (this is after they already saw something on the WR) Ref Comes back to make the call PF on White. THEY ALREADY AGREED ON THE WR... There was no original mistake... so instead of them seeing a PF on both players they say in a little huddle. White instigated it.. IS THIS THE EFFING NHL? In the NFL it does not matter.. if they both guilty of it they both get called on it.. Yet another horrible call that led to points.
  8. This is a bad take... Full time Refs is not the answer. Holding Refs more accountable is the answer. Demoting Refs is the answer
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