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  1. I was referring to this year. yes he has some great moments but answer this. how many teams do you think Moss or Motor start for in this league? We need to identify if we have a true tier 2 player in Cook. that's my whole point in its entirety.
  2. to the bolded, those throws were so perfect that any HB catches those... Hell our FB/TE was catching balls. The big run. Cooper would have taken that the distance. He got a first down? well wooptie freaking doo. Hes asked to break tackles out there. ITs who he is supposed to be. so what he had 2 good plays out of 4 carries.. What about all his other carries this year? Take out one big run and a first down run? then what? And I am happy for moss that he had a better performance, but I think it's time to see what our rookie can do. In short, I am not disagreeing with you... I am looking at the bigger picture concerning our Top 2 RB and now i want to see Cooke
  3. This is what happens in the NFL. One side of the line or the other is beat up and you ask the side that is not as beat up to be perfect and all of the sudden, drives don't get finished... players miss plays because they think they have to be perfect. Games like this happen. I am already over it as sick as this made me feel 3 hours ago. I strongly disagree with this statement. Our defense did not hold up as good as it did cause of good communication, performance and or gameplay in our secondary... Tua Sucks. He had 1 lucky quarter. any other top 10 QB in this league with their weapons would of ripped us a new one. I think we all give you a thumbs up and agree with this. We should just have IV's ready in the tent.. might of solved some hydration issues quicker. Holy heck what the flock is this? Heat pays a toll on the body. the mind. While Miami was screwing it up, we were taking way to long on drives... in essence we dehydrated ourselves out there. I truly believe Heat had an effect on Josh just like everyone else. We had the ball for over 40 minutes on offense, Miami less then 20 minutes.. so in short while we were killing ourselves in drives that took to long... Miami was sitting on their fannies staying cool. This is the laughable part for me. Miami's game plan did not beat us.. we beat ourselves. Lets start with back to back runs by moss. near the goal line. SAME PLAY back to back. WTH? with a big list of our bad play calling in the middle that finishes on a second and 2 at the one yard line, Josh Allen runs and drops to the ground immediately. like we were trying to kill time. Tight games is not the time to get cutesy. other then ONE PLAY, Moss could not get it done or Motor keeping in mind that they were hurting at the DT position and on top of all that... Running up the gut with backup C's is less then ideal. To be honest we would of been better off setting the edge with Cook in there. Our play callers lost situational awareness this game I think we can all agree here. He also had 1 or 2 dropped passes in the 2nd quarter. McKenzie is our returner. i had no issues with it. Man. name me a perfect punter that doesn't miss easy kicks now and then. it happens. We stopped a lot of drives and they pinned us. Thats NFL. happens. Expect us to come back a bit more healthy and win the next 3 games. During this time we should get Tre, Morse, Poyer back and expect more gameplay from our rookie HB.. You're going to wake up to Media glowing over Miami's performance because they are the only undefeated team in the AFC. Flamers in the media will suggest a Miami/Philly SB and get laughed at later on. Here are the facts Tua still sucks We are still a SB team when healthy (even with Hyde out for the year) Kiss is still on Tour and You're going to realize in the long scheme of things? This game won't mean anything. cheers
  4. hes trolling. no one with a straight head thinks the way he does.
  5. you got to see who is posting this man. call it for what it is. but i agree 100%
  6. no. not unless they lose to a afc/afc e. team
  7. seriously Stop trolling Iron. you cant possibly be this wrong. Its not possible.
  8. Backup C, then RG, Then RT. Seriously WTH do you expect? I've never seen anyone make as many trash takes as you do on these boards Iron. This offensive line does ok when healthy. Everyone was exhausted in the 4th. Want to play the blame game? How about some questionable Back to Back moss runs. Good for moss he has 1 great runs... but the other runs put us in a bad situation in drive after drive. Where was our staff making sure we stayed hydrated? our guys should of just about all the time have something to drink in their hands while not off the field. Davis is a solid WR. how many #1 WR you want playing on this team? every WR was out at one point do to heat. like it was our first hot hot game. WHY? Tua got held under 200 yards with what 6-7 injuries out for our starters this game? and you dare complain about our defense. Our offense lost us this game. Horrible mistakes. missed FG would have been a tie at half or a win. we had mistakes all over. Where was Von most of that game?
  9. This was one game that we needed our OC and this offense to be firing on all cylinders. didnt happen. We needed more deep pass attempts.
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