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  1. Ive been looking for an article or a website that discusses this, its why I ask. Is this a pff thing?
  2. I would love to know what arm sizes should be for a guy his size and style of play compared to actual size. can you at least explain that?
  3. I personally have a hard time disagreeing with Shaw 98% of this time. But I believe saying The WR's are a dime a dozen, turning into what the situation is with great RB's in the league... is so wrong on every level. The only thing that has changed is the gap between the #2 WR and the #3 WR and the fact that there are just way way more #2 WR's in this league now then ever before. They are coming out of college Bigger (better body control) or faster. Better rout runners are coming out of College the last 3 years compared to the prior 5. That being said the gap between a high end #1 WR in this league and a #2 is not closing. There is proof that Josh Allen makes WR's better ------------Before JA--with JA Best years in yards Beasley -----833-----967 Diggs -----1100-----1500 my point? what QB has these players we have gotten played for in the past.
  4. I 100% respect your work, you put a lot of thought into it and explain things very well. That being said I disagree with WR being the next RB as far as that kind of progression or regression goes. In your first bolded.. there is 0 proof behind that comment and in fact its the opposite... WR Josh Reynolds 2023 stats: 40 receptions, 608 receiving yards, five TD gets paid a 2-year contract at 7 mil a year. At RB the gap has closed stat wise with the difference in a top 5 running back or say a top 6-11 RB. Where as a top 5 WR is putting up way more stats then say a 6-10. now.. i don't exactly know where the drop off is with the best WR's in the league to the "next best" but there is a huge drop off compared to the drop off at RB. RB's went down hill do to play style. more and more teams in this league are pass first over run first. because some teams pass the ball 70% of the time or more... The need for high end RB on a team like that goes down... thus the value of RB went down. To your second bolded I 100% AGREE. and everything after that. WR's are getting.. faster.. or learning to be more physical.. they are learning to have better body position, 1 handed grabs used to be something you might see once a week in NFL now its 5 times a week. So I guess what I am saying is.. We are at the point in this league where having 2 really good #2 WR's in this league has become easier. The gap you are referring to that is closing is not a gap between the first tier and the second tier in talented WR. BUT what is happening is.. there are more and more talented #2 WR in this league.. making it easier to fill the rosters. While I agree with how you feel your thoughts about WR's, I don't agree with how you got there. Much respect.
  5. I don't know if it was next gen stats that posted it? But if your just Looking at Keon's 40 yard dash then its a huge mistake. His Slant, Dagger, Go and Slot Strike were all top 5 in speeds... What do you do when you don't have a true #1 WR? (yet) You plug in a variety of different types of WR's. You do not limit yourself to a WR that can only live on the sidelines (Davis) But what you do have is a bunch of WR's that can run anywhere on the field... No one WR does long routs all day... No one WR lives in the middle of the field all day... You use your WR's by mixing it up. Each WR runs deeper rounds just a few times a game making the defense have to defend the big field. Now Brady has had the time to develop a playbook to fit what he wants to see on the field. Some think we run more this year than last year... TBH.. I don't see that. Play DESIGN is everything.. This year don't expect 3 players.. when the ball is thrown to be all within 8 yards of each other... We will force the defense to defend a "Bigger Field" This year. Coleman himself can do a variety of things for us.. The corner of endzone jump ball, getting perfect body leverage, live inside and outside. THAT DEFINES the type of wr's we have on this squad. Add what Shakir and Samuel does with their speed.. to what Coleman does... Then you have to worry about Kincaid... and oh yea.. Dawson Knox... he is pretty good TE as well... I CANT WAIT to see what this WR squad can do... The other thing I want to talk about is QB rout progressions... how a QB is supposed to read through his progressions.. When you have a #1 WR... I don't give a flying hoot what JA rout progressions were... For the first half of last year... it was on Diggs to often.. and it hurt his timing.. Now Josh Allen can do what hes naturally supposed to do. Its what made Mahomes more dangerous when they dropped Hill.. as a defender... you could not concentrate on just one person. That is kind of what we are doing right now.. The difference is? Our TE is young.. his is getting old. Sorry for the long read. I tried to break this up the best i could.
  6. that video really did the storyline no justice to how we got so many possessions so fast at the end of that game. That should of been a big part of this
  7. hated it. i mean come on.. they couldn't get through 1 sentence without dropping the f bomb?
  8. where he sits on the depth charts sure... but you don't know that... the dude could come out and just ball, amaze and shock everyone. Do i think he will? No.. but I will still but a 10-20% chance on it that he could.
  9. I would buy his official Jerzey, have him sign it. Put it in a case, Travel to NE and sell it to the bar that is willing to give me the best money for it.
  10. Then go read it AGAIN... he is clearly stating a question to be answered.
  11. No? Then you should watched his highlights... he hung out on the line often. Had no issues tracking RB's and WR's near the line. I am not saying he will be lined up as box but you cant say he isn't either. he did quite well around the box.
  12. Anyone know what Marvin Harrison JR combine was? oh he skipped it? Could he of been worried that he would have a bad 40 yard and 10 split like others did in the combine? Like Coleman? I am pretty sure Coleman ran a much better on pro day... You know what else matters? How about this? https://www.on3.com/pro/news/keon-coleman-runs-insane-speed-during-gauntlet-drill-fastest-of-group/ Thats right.. Fastest in group... What do teams do now a days? Bump and run 2 deep zone yes? Bump into Coleman and find out what happens... THIS matters... The fact that he is solid (NOT GREAT) but Solid at rout running. The fact that not every rout is a post... Now I was not nor am high on Coleman.. But he's a Buffalo Bill now... When you run the 40 bad in combine but good in pro day.. what does that tell you? Another thing... No more hip tackling... Who do you think that helps? The Fast guy or the big strong guy? Id argue both... Again... Not my Fav. pick.. but its time to get over it...
  13. For a long time we have fallen in love with Poyer/Hyde... That being said... there have been many conversations about lacking speed on the back end... and players taking bad angles at open players.. This is a Safety that finds players in the mix around the Line of scrimmage. Can go one on one against small slots. Runs a 4.45 39" Verticle 1.52 on the 10 yard split. This guy evaluates the field very well. Solid pick. Now lets go back and get WR at round 3.
  14. Bolded is just trash.. The dude is not going to break ankles but he is very good at contested at 50%. There are very few WR's in the NFL that sustain higher than 50% contested... I watched his Film. he is really good at body control. Do i like this pick? No... Do I think Beane Blew it? Maybe... but lets not add horrible narratives to fit your argument...
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