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  1. I think its funny... how many have changed their tunes
  2. Trade what you have to for a solid CB... This team is ready to make an awesome run.
  3. yea? give me one good reason you 100% feel Rapp lacks football IQ?
  4. So Floyd normally plays on vons side. anyone know if von or floyd can play on the other end?
  5. This post questions my football knowledge you have sir. The hardest time TO run is end of games and now he has proven it twice that he is good enough to take the game home... He is playing the traditional 3 down roll with getting rests and breaks for 3rd/4th and short. And I think we had a Third and short where Cook was able to take that home as well. If his best run was mid 4th quarter on, then expect better runs in the future in the first 3 quarters. Cook is the 3rd best runner statically right now... Come on man... your better than this.
  6. the first thing you have to ask yourself is, how many RT's in this league can handle some of the better DE's in tis league alone.. I would argue that number is around 10. McGovern's pff is actually worse than Brown right now. Do you actually wonder why Josh has to roll out right so often and the pressure that puts on a RT? Not knowing where the QB is behind you? Then you have to ask, are they lining up wrong? Why not just put Knox next to Brown, Knox chips and takes a flat while Kincaid is where he should be in the slot, taking more routs up the middle? Why are they having Kincaid chipping when Kincaid should be the main rout runner? I think some of our play design's stinks. You see Diggs catching a ball and another catcher 4 yards away.. Why? You have the whole field to use.. Then the next dude is going to be saying well.. We does any of this matter. We are one of the top scoring offenses in the league. The fact of it is.. when you reach the playoffs, your offense has to be running smooth. The good thing is we have time to fix it.. The bad thing is... I do not think Kincaid should be chipping on the line at all. Kincaid not being used right. Bottom line? Yea we do not have the brightest star in Brown, but finding great RT's is not easy. Personally? you want to blame why Kincaid more specifically why he is chipping at the line all the time? You should ask yourself Why IS Kincaid at the line so much.. if knox needs a break... throw another blocking TE out there... Let Kincaid do his thing and not be blocking witch by the way, was supposed to be his short coming .
  7. Combined Sacks + Fumbles + INT splash plays? I cant remember another game better.
  8. So. I have seen amazing defensive performances by this team in the past, but non so complete as this defense. Our MLB is an Asset not a hole. Tre Is back. It Kills me to say this but Poyer is the only liability on this defense. Being a Poyer fan, he continues to take awful angles at apposing WR/RB. But lets get to this amazing beatdown video..
  9. My personal point of view on this topic is that Josh Allen is inconsistently accurate. The Dude is a vet. He needs to start acting like one and last game I SAW MAJOR steps towards that goal. I can also tell you based on All 22 from Jets game to now that the amount of deep routs went down, taking away the option to constantly throw deep.
  10. Trans has what is called a philosophy. One you never agreed with. One that some here do agree with. I am "in between" on this. BUT. Have you ever been wrong on these boards? Do people constantly slander you? Drop the past buddy.. If you have to bring up past conversations, never was QB's and 40+ to make a point then you are lost.. Again.. In part I agree with you. There are several types of posters on these boards. 1. The Risk taker. The person who is not afraid to give an opinion right, wrong or indifferent. 2. The Troll 3. The person that sits back and agrees or disagrees to posts 4. The person who feels they need to argue their points to the death (to the point where personal attacks fly) 5. The person that says a little but puts the thumb up or down. Months ago @NewEra said it the best and it kind of changed me. If an opinion is going to annoy you so much where you have to lead to personal attacks/deep opinions that tick you off to no end or trolling... then its just best to block the guy for a while before making yourself say things you would regret. @transplantbillsfan falls into category 1. and you both are Falling into category 4. This is where I grab both of you by the ear and say.. ENOUGH ALREADY.. lol\ Are you done yet? @Thurman#1 and @transplantbillsfan says I say...
  11. You are sneaky good at what you do... You bring up great flicks of JA playing really well and at the same time knowing the title of this thread is going to bring up controversy. That is sneaky.. and you now your going to have Bulls on this board that are going to come at you... You new EXACTLY the whirlwind you were going to create the second you made this post lol. I usually do not involve myself with the "heavyweights" on the board when they go back and forth. I usually just stick to reading and learning and silently evolving my own personal opinion on the matter but there are two things that are driving me nuts that you have done on this thread that I feel like I have to bring out. 1. Brining up what @transplantbillsfan said about Tyrod Taylor. Who gives a crap what he said about Tyrod Taylor 6-7 years ago? It does not matter if his way of thinking things out differs/same from Tyrod. We not talking about Tyrod. And then you bring up Archie Manning. I mean holy crap the game has changed so much since he played? Can we keep this just about Josh Allen? lol? 2. Just because someone looks at things a different way, does not make them right or wrong or make it Right or Wrong. Its a point of view. Accuracy is about point of view because there is no stat called accuracy (I think you were the one that made that point and I agree) To @transplantbillsfan and @Thurman#1 There is no right or no wrong when people post about things like Accuracy in the NFL. To my point of view There is no real way of judging accuracy in the NFL. Accuracy is not just about completion % Its killing me to bring up this name in these forums buuuuuuut... Tom Brady had one of the better fade throws in football. Josh Allen uses his arm strength to get the ball where it needs to go. Does that make one player more accurate then another? No.. its just that players do things in different ways. I think in some ways you are both right and both wrong.... but I highly respect the heck out of the both of you. Now I will Sit back... Enjoy my popcorn while the heavyweights get back at it. you may continue lol.
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