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  1. Oh I hear you. For me, it’s more about a new tradition. People have family reunions every year. Colleges have homecoming week. The Yankees have old timers day. It isn’t so much hearing Frank Reich tell the comeback story for the zillionth time as it is immortalizing these guys as permanent members of the Bills. Once you put on that Bills uniform you are forever a part of that community. The Yankees do a phenomenal job of that.
  2. Oh absolutely, no one is going to pick the convention over a game. It would have to tie together. The home opener as homecoming week would be pretty cool though.
  3. I kind of like it the day before the home opener. It is like homecoming week. The home opener is the game that people from around the country come in for every year. If you had the alumni back and did something like this it would be pretty cool.
  4. I think that Bills fans come in all of the time for events. They come in for games.
  5. Kirby Jackson

    Need a mani pedi? Update: Poll added

    Lindsey did that years ago
  6. Kirby Jackson

    Julio Jones Trade possibilty?

    That’s what the cost will be. That’s why I threw it out. If we are going to discuss it let’s use a realistic cost.
  7. Kirby Jackson

    Need a mani pedi? Update: Poll added

    I don’t know what a belt sander is
  8. A perfect world scenario is that Josh Allen wins the job and looks like the elusive “franchise QB.”
  9. Kirby Jackson

    Julio Jones Trade possibilty?

    So in other words no chance at Julio? Brandin Cooks cost a 1st in a contract year. Julio is AT LEAST a 1st and then some.
  10. Kirby Jackson

    Need a mani pedi? Update: Poll added

    So am I the only guy here that’s admitted to it? Don’t you dirty SOBs take care of yourselves?!?
  11. Kirby Jackson

    Julio Jones Trade possibilty?

    Alright, I’ll play. Lawson, 2019 1st & 4th, 2020 2nd would you?
  12. Kirby Jackson

    Mock Draft Has Bills Selecting At #1.....

    I started posting about him here after the Auburn game last year. This may sound like hyperbole but I think that Devin White has a chance to be a HOFer. He is huge and runs a 4.4. He makes a zillion plays. White will be a star.
  13. If you are questioning my Bills loyalty clearly you don’t know me. Just because I don’t think that the guy is good doesn’t change anything for me. I’ll still invest thousands of dollars following the team around the country. I’ll still watch every second of every game. I thought that that this was a place to express our Bills opinions? Sorry that people don’t like that I think Peterman sucks at football. It doesn’t matter anyways because at some point in the very near future Allen is getting the keys. We should all hope that he’s good because that’s what will ultimately determine the success or failure of this team.
  14. Kirby Jackson

    Bleacher Report has Allen with 12 starts

    That’s reasonable if you look at the schedule. Home to the Titans feels like a decent time to insert a rookie.
  15. Kirby Jackson

    Mock Draft Has Bills Selecting At #1.....

    They are going to have 4 1st round DL next year!! One of my good friends is a Clemson alum and the president of their alumni association here. He’s a diehard. I asked him last week to rank the 4 of them as NFL players and he said: Lawrence, Ferrell, Wilkins, Bryant.