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  1. I’ll own it. Guys that can get to the passer, can get to the passer. I’ll set an o/u of 4.5 sacks for him.
  2. My brother is on a plane right now with Beane. I told him to ask, “why does he only like slow guys?” 😂😂
  3. I don’t think that they’re great but have produced. I’m way more concerned about the WR group because they don’t have anyone that requires attention. The DL at least has Oliver. If Von ever bounces back, they’re difficult to account for. They have a bunch of guys that are pretty good and 1 guy at an all-pro(ish) level.
  4. I guess that I don’t think Floyd is as big of a loss. They were okay there last year. He was really good until like Thanksgiving. Toohill had 6.5 sacks and Solomon led the nation. That combination, with Von getting healthy, can hopefully offset Floyd’s departure. They were 4th in the league in sacks so they got pressure. Is it crazy to think that Toohill, Solomon, Von, Epenesa and Rousseau combine for 30 sacks? You can get another 15ish out of the guys on the inside and 5-10 out of everyone else and you’re back near the league lead in sacks.
  5. For me, this isn’t a huge deal at this point. It is voluntary. It does probably indicate that the 2 sides aren’t as close as we have been led to believe. I hope that they get it done soon. The least thing that I want is Tua falling off and Miami escaping without his contract being an anchor.
  6. Solomon could absolutely contribute this year. He has a knack of getting to the passer despite some limitations in terms of length. WR and edge are different types of needs. The problem at WR is that you’re missing the top of the depth chart. You don’t have a number 1 and may not have a number 2. Your 3-10 would stack up against any team in the league. If Shakir, Coleman, Samuel, MVS, Hollins, etc… had 2 guys above them (or at least 1 alpha) they would be fine. DE is a little thin but have a clear top. Toohill had 6.5 sacks last year (at least I think). Solomon led college football in sacks. It isn’t great but it’s a serviceable room. They too are missing an alpha (unless Von returns to form) but they’ll manage to get some pressure as they did last year. The Bills were 4th in sacks last year with zero from Von. They lose Floyd but gain Toohill, Solomon and a healthier Von.
  7. I actually don’t hate the idea. There are probably 100ish - 150ish guys that COULD be DPOY if things go perfectly. Miller is probably one of them. He will need to be around 20 sacks. He did have 18.5 once. Obviously he’s way less likely than Watt or Garrett or Parsons but still POSSIBLE. At 250/1, it’s worth a few bucks.
  8. https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-36190426.amp
  9. He still averages 10.7 YPC in his career. For context, Cole Beasley is 10.3 YPC in his career.
  10. I think that is one of my biggest frustrations. I’m a big believer in speed. The Bills almost believe the opposite. I’m okay with balance but need speed and explosiveness. They should be a little better after the catch but still haven’t prioritized speed enough for my liking.
  11. We just brought him in so McDermott could take pictures with him and get his autograph. That photo is to Sean what Orchids or Asia is to Bob Kraft.
  12. MVS can get down the field. He adds a skill that I’ve thought the WR room lacked. The Bills didn’t have a guy to run those Gabe Davis routes. MVS is good at that. He’s not a great WR but adds that dimension. I am good with the signing. If he hits 3 or 4 big plays this season it could make the difference in 1 or 2 wins. This division should be pretty close so 1 or 2 wins could be the difference in a home playoff game or missing the playoffs all together. The WR room is still a bottom 3 group. It’s better today than it was yesterday. We should feel good about that.
  13. Fun fact: I was once in the war room for a draft pick. It was John McCargo. 😂😂
  14. It may be set for this year but doubt that it’s set beyond that. The biggest hole on the roster right now is WR1. They have 3 top 60 picks next year. They almost certainly add another one in there.
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