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  1. I’d rather see Yeldon get those snaps. Get him the ball in the flat.
  2. I mean maybe but there’s no way that the Bills are going into next year and counting on a guy that has played 1 year of organized football. If he contributes, great but they will be adding another RB to the room.
  3. That was his tinder name when he would try to hook up with coeds. I mean no college girl in an SEC town is going to recognize Lane Kiffin 🙄
  4. If we are thinking RB at that point I’d rather Dobbins or Swift. I want more explosion. I’d consider Etienne too.
  5. Just to be clear, this is a party that 49er fans are throwing for 49er fans that came to the game. You’d think if you came all of this way you wouldn’t back out over a couple hundred for a ticket. If I’m going on the road, I’m going to the game. This is such a weak move by SF fans.
  6. Obviously there are some MASSIVE games this weekend. I figured at some point there will he threads on these games so I’m starting one. Also, I saw this tweet and found it HILARIOUS: Imagine traveling 2,275 miles to watch a game at Dave & Busters!! This is the type of lunacy that may cause me to find a new team. Thank God I never have to worry about that with the Bills.
  7. 100% agree It’s WAY more important to treat players well than it is to try to save a couple of million dollars. Your reputation matters in this league.
  8. Ha ha, he is special. He’s such an a-hole. At the same time he’s a good coach and he will recruit there. This can’t possibly be like any regular hiring. He’s not going to go to Ole Miss and quietly be .500 for 4 years and get fired. It is going to be fireworks. They are talking about it on Gameday now.
  9. Go stick ole’ Joey Freshwater in Oxford with an open checkbook and no rules and see what happens. Its like a reality show.
  10. FWIW, the college sub-forum always has a lot of good discussion. It’s interesting because we have a bunch of different fan bases represented. You get to hear perspective on other teams from those that are way more informed on them. Additionally, it’s a great place to hear about draft prospects. We can read all we want about these kids but it’s always interesting to hear what those who followed closest think. As an example at some point I’m sure we will have @BillfromNYC and @BillsFanCRNA discussing the differences between the 3 Alabama WRs. I think that the Bills go WR in round 1 and I think all 3 Bama guys go in that round. To me, I know basically what each of them does well but my knowledge is very surface level. I’d love to hear them talking about what separates them from each other.
  11. I have a good friend that played CB there. He’s one of the guys that I split my Pelicans season tickets with. We were at the game Thursday and he said it’s a done deal. I hadn’t even heard the rumors at that point. Kiffin and Ole Miss is a match made in heaven. They are either going to be the next great SEC West Program or it’s going to be an absolute tire fire. Either way, I am on board for it!!
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