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  1. I agree on both the 49ers and Panthers. Some teams are going to be bad and both of those teams make sense to me. I’m going under on both of their win totals.
  2. Had the Popeye’s chicken sandwich last week and it was legit (despite the fact that I ordered it plain and they messed it up). Chick Fil A is really good but I think that the Popeye’s sandwich was better.
  3. It’s where they rank the teams as of today (middle of the preseason). It is a check on how they are progressing. As an example, if a QB went down for the season that team would be expected to perform worse.
  4. 23rd feels fair, as does the explanation. The Bills can certainly rise from there but I have no issue with that as the starting point.
  5. I’ll be there I think. My sister lives in Cleveland. Just going to buy tickets on stub hub or something.
  6. I think that we are all in agreement: - The Bills tried hard to get AB. - For one reason or another it didn’t work out. - The Bills may end up feeling fortunate that it didn’t.
  7. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2019/03/08/buffalo-bills-brandon-beane-antonio-brown-moved-on/ Not sure that this proves anything different than what I said? The Bills wanted AB. They tried to swing a deal and it didn’t work out. Brown isn’t in Oakland because the Bills didn’t want him. The Bills may be real lucky that a deal didn’t come to fruition but your original claim @ShadyBillsFan that the Bills had “zero contact to bring him to our beloved team” isn’t true.
  8. Nope, the Bills went hard after AB. They may be lucky that he’s not here but it isn’t because they didn’t want him.
  9. That’s where I’m at. I’m taking Beasley in an auction PPR league. I think, if healthy, he has 100 catches. He will be cheap. Josh as my backup QB and the Bills D if they are there. I try to not pick defense until the 2nd last round and kicker last round. I’m taking Christian Wade in the 1st too.
  10. I assumed a lot of the same. I figured that he was either always open and/or had elite hands. I’m not sure how he was so productive.
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