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  1. That depends on how outrageous x value is. To me it depends on the price
  2. I guess realistic from a “reasonable compensation” standpoint. That’s a fair criticism because it isn’t likely. I like Hooper quite a bit. I like OJ Howard at the right price too.
  3. That’s why it’s in CAPS lol. It would be a waste of everyone’s time if someone came here and said “I’d give a future 7th for Julio” and then 26 people call him an idiot. Let’s try to have a real discussion.
  4. There are a bunch of threads out there on specific players that are “available.” It seems to make sense to consolidate some of those with the deadline approaching and some big deals already occurring. If you could make 1 trade for the Bills at this point what would it be? Give the actual realistic parameters of the deal as well. I will go first and it may be controversial: a 2nd and Cody Ford to Washington for Trent Williams. Ford is still a young player but doesn’t look to me like he will ever be a tackle. Williams gives the Bills book ends and a really good OL. Washington takes the pick plus the young OL as part of their rebuild. He can instantly replace Flowers and give them something to work with. What deals are you guys making?
  5. Feeling better about my bet on the Texans to win the division
  6. If he was as good as Mahomes he’d have a job. If he was as good as Peterman we wouldn’t be talking about him. Unfortunately for Kaep he’s somewhere in between.
  7. Not that I want to go down this road but he’s kind of in the “juice not worth the squeeze category.” Is Kaep one of the best 64 QBs in the world? Yep. Is he good enough to warrant the circus that will follow? Apparently not.
  8. I don’t see it. Clemson, OU, and SEC champ should all be 1 loss conference champs (at worst).
  9. If Wisconsin wins the conference title on a neutral field they go. They would have one loss, at a 1 loss Ohio State. They would have the best loss in the country (with the exception of LSU at Alabama but they couldn’t win the conference title in that scenario).
  10. Ohio State has to play Wisconsin (most likely twice) who is 6 in the country, Penn State who is 7. They go to Ann Arbor and while UM isn’t great they are 16. If Ohio State runs the table they will have 6 wins against ranked teams and 3 against the top 10. That’s every bit as impressive as UGA. Even one loss would be the same. I know that you are an SEC guy and living in Louisiana I’m surrounded by the SEC bias. With that being said, the conference isn’t elite like it once was. LSU and Bama are elite. UGA, Auburn and UF are good. Those teams are no better though than the second tier of the Big 10. In fact there are 2 second tier big 10 teams currently ranked ahead of them. The bottom of the SEC is a disgrace and that’s the other thing that people down here don’t want to talk about. The only “okay” SEC teams are A&M, South Carolina and Missouri. UT, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Vandy and Miss. St. are bad football teams. So while you play tough games (like every other conference) there are a lot of cupcakes along the way (like every other league). When the SEC was elite that wasn’t the case. The reality is only 1 SEC team is going this year and that’s the conference champ. They all have holes (like every good team does). UGA has to run the table or they’re out. Clemson hasn’t looked good but their path is clear. OU has looked good and has a pretty clear path as well. Ohio State and Wisconsin have looked great but will have to play each other twice. Penn State hasn’t lost yet and has some opportunities (like last week) for a good resume. At the end of the day, it’s going to be: - Alabama/LSU - Clemson - OU - OSU/Wisconsin
  11. A decent ND team outplayed them at home. UGA is no better than a decent team this year and has major flaws. They picked the wrong QB.
  12. I guess that this is where we may not agree. I think about 10 teams can beat them. 2 of them are in the SEC (Bama and LSU). They are better than UF and Auburn (at least I think that they are). They are not better than Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and may not be better than Penn State. They absolutely, 100% have to run the table to get into the playoff. With a loss like that they aren’t getting in over a 1 loss conference champ. That means Ohio State, Wisconsin, Clemson, Penn State and Oklahoma all have a clearer path at the moment.
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