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  1. They are doing it now on a smaller scale (and it won’t be $400-$500 for the most part it’ll be closer to $200-$300). It’s a tired narrative that Bills fans can’t afford tickets. Watch next week in London how many Bills fans made the trip. The entire trip is no less than $2k per person and there will be THOUSANDS.
  2. It’s not complicated. “Back in the day” there was no not an easy way to get tickets to road games. There was not an easy way to organize groups either. The internet is your answer. You can have whatever tickets you want if you’re willing to pay the cost. Parties, tailgates, trips, etc… are all over these cities if you just follow on the internet. I go to a few road games every year and it’s always packed with Bills fans. We are THE most organized fan base and obviously willing to pay an Inflated price to see our beloved Bills.
  3. I still, 100%, believe that would have been the right decision. I’m not overreacting to week 1 or 2. He has Russell Wilson looking like Russell Wilson again. Payton and Josh Allen would have been dynamic. Sean Payton won a Super Bowl and was, maybe the worst call ever, from a 2nd. I lived in NOLA for his career there. I have more confidence in Payton than McDermott.
  4. This is where I’m kind of at. I’m a little past “unsure” on HC though. I thought, prior to last year, that the Bills should have considered keeping Daboll instead of McDermott. It’s like when Tampa promoted Koetter to keep the continuity with a young Jameis. To me, prioritizing stability for Josh came first. You could have traded McDermott for a pick. This year, I wanted to hire Sean Payton. He would have maximized Josh. If this team is ever going to win it all it is because of Josh Allen. Someone here called McDermott Doug Collins after 13 seconds and that is the best comparison possible imo. It was a great call. We need our Phil Jackson to start winning titles. Right now, Josh has less guidance than ever. They should start by bringing Barkley back in a coaching role. Have him on the sidelines and in Josh’s ear. Josh has lost Daboll, Davis Webb and Matt Barkley. Those guys were all helping him prepare and to see the game. It would be nice to give Josh that trusted confidant on the field and in the film room.
  5. I hate to agree here Dave but that didn’t look like a playoff team last night. It’s one week so I don’t want to overreact but there are issues with this team.
  6. He was LOST last night. Tunnel vision mixed with poor decision-making. Josh lacked any sort of presence in the pocket. He turned it over 5 times (fortunately they blew one dead). Twice he could have run for huge gains and he threw a pick on one and an incompletion on the other. I’m comfortable saying that’s the worst that I’ve ever seen him. Also, Dorsey sucks. Can someone tell me why they never move the pocket?? They should have him moving every play.
  7. At the Bills Backers Tailgate and it is REALLY subdued compared to most road game tailgates over the last few years. It’s a cautious group. Let’s hope it goes crazy in about 6 hours.
  8. I can’t speak for anyone else but that wasn’t the purpose of the thread. I’m as committed as ever. I flew into NY Saturday and will be there ready to go. I just went from EXPECTING to win the Super Bowl (last year) to knowing that they CAN this year (but it will be really tough). Last year, all that I thought about was that game in LA for months. This year, it is more like, “play well, secure as many home playoff games as possible and execute against great teams in January.” I believe, more than ever, that the gap between Bills/Cincy/KC and everyone else has all but closed. The Bills are still elite. They just have more competition. They didn’t get over the hump with less competition. It will be harder than ever in 2023.
  9. Am I alone in lacking the energy and excitement of the last few seasons? Don’t get me wrong, I think that the Bills will be really good. Last year, I was sure that they were winning the Super Bowl. Maybe I just haven’t “recovered” from how last year ended but I’m not feeling that same energy as last year.
  10. For me, it is 2 on both. The Bills are playing with house money this week. When you look at the schedule I have them splitting Miami and NYJ. To me, that means wins at home and losses on the road. If the Bills win this game they are a game ahead of where I thought they’d be. If they lose, it’s not a huge deal (assuming health is intact).
  11. That’s an antiquated way of thinking. Schools used to recruit regionally. That died maybe 15 or so years ago. Now, the biggest programs have a national recruiting base. That basically erased that narrative. Caleb Williams isn’t some “California surfer kid” (a la Leinart, Barkley, Rob Johnson). He is an Oklahoma transfer from Washington DC. The arguments you’ve made to this point were MAYBE relevant 20 years ago but the game has changed. The schemes have changed. The college game now influences and dictates the pro game, not the other way around. The spread and RPOs have all moved to the NFL game. There has been a consolidation of talent at the college level with national recruiting. I’m an Ohio State fan. Their starting offense right now by state: QB - PA RB - VA WR - PA WR- WA WR - PA TE - OH LT - CA LG - TX C - WI RG - NY RT - IN This is why the narrative of “_____ school doesn’t produce ____ positions” is dead. The best players now go to the best fit, not the closest big school to home. USC starts 1 skill player on offense from California (an elite football state). The “history” of a school with a certain position has never been less relevant. NIL will continue to make this even more of a reality.
  12. The same system is potentially relevant (or at least somewhat). In this case it would be a bonus playing for Reilly. The rest of it seems like a stretch. That’s at least true for the teams with a national recruiting base.
  13. I don’t know who said that college and the NFL were the same? Equal shot? What does that even mean? It’s COMPLETELY irrelevant how previous players played at a school. You ONLY evaluate the player. The history of the school at a position means nothing. That holds especially true with a different coaching staff. In terms of the Heisman, it wasn’t a great indicator of pro value for years. Guys like Jason White and Eric Crouch won. Over the last 16 years, 15 Heisman winners have been 1st rounders (Derrick Henry as the exception). 7 of them went first overall (Williams will be 8). The Heisman is a decent indicator of draft position in 2023. That’s how NFL teams view these guys.
  14. Lol, one has nothing to do with the other!!! The PLAYER needs to be evaluated not PLAYERS THAT USED TO PLAY THERE!! This is so simple!! It remains the dumbest argument in sports. Don’t be so simple. I’m not going to appease your ridiculous argument but what kind of success have Lincoln Riley developed QBs had? That’s INFINITELY more relevant in this discussion. If that happened, he’d be, without question, the greatest college player ever. He already has a decent shot at a 2nd Heisman.
  15. Name the last great Texas Tech QB before Mahomes? Wyoming before Allen? Miami (OH) before Ben? That’s the stupidest argument in football. There is ZERO correlation. If you don’t think that he will be good, fine. You’ll be wrong, but if you have football reasons, fine. If your reason is because he went to USC that’s stupid. If it’s because other highly-touted guys failed, that’s also stupid. There is zero correlation. He has ELITE traits and plays the exact style that the best players play currently. Lol, in 2023 do people really care about that? I care if they win, not if they graciously hand the ball to the official. Deion took a trash program, went on the road, and knocked off the National Runner-up. That’s what I want in a coach. I want winners. I don’t care how they act when they win. I also don’t care if NBA players have a dress code when they show up to a game.
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