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  1. I guess the point is, it doesn’t matter. He’s the guy best equipped to lead the offense now and into the future. He can just do things that others can’t. He will take his lumps for sure but that’s fine, all young QBs do.
  2. I said it in another thread but is the line going to be better in week 4? Week 8? The Bills can’t just redshirt Allen because they’re scared that the line won’t hold up. If you are going to redshirt him it’s because you don’t think he’s ready. If you like what he’s capable of he needs to play behind that line for this year and it can be worked on in the offseason.
  3. Peyton Manning Carson Wentz Deshaun Watson Andrew Luck Russell Wilson Should I keep going?
  4. I respect that this is the mountain that you are going to die on. The reality is the difference in talent is so obvious. As Darren Woodson said, “Allen looks like he is going to be a superstar.” There is literally no reason to have him on the bench. He may be their best QB already and has looked the part. We all know that sooner or later he is getting the keys. My question is “why wait?” Also, I accept Venmo
  5. ...and it’s fair. With that being said, he’s big, strong and elusive. He has a better chance of succeeding under pressure than the other 2.
  6. Oh, it could be bad. It also could be a GREAT thing for his development. Throw him in the deep end and see how he swims.
  7. It’s a legit concern but will it be better in week 4? Week 8? The line is what it is.
  8. We are beyond the point of this being a question. Allen may be their best QB already. There is certainly no reason to sit him behind these guys. Allen is going to be the key.
  9. Kirby Jackson

    Need another QB with AJ hurt, but Who?

    This is a good, and timely, topic. There are 2 schools of thought. You could go with a guy like Matt Moore that may be your #2. You also could go with a young guy that maybe is a PS guy. It will depend on cuts for that though. If I had to pick I’d probably sign Moore and let him compete with Peterman.
  10. Kirby Jackson

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    The Bills don’t have a QB to keep Allen on the bench. I originally thought that he’d need a red shirt year. That’s wrong. He’s a lot tougher mentally and further along physically than I thought. Hand him the keys and don’t look back.
  11. Kirby Jackson

    The Case for Peterman

    That’s kind of what the Texans did last year.
  12. Kirby Jackson

    The Case for Peterman

    Case closed
  13. Kirby Jackson

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    I couldn’t figure it out but you are Bernie Kosar sans the alcoholism.
  14. Kirby Jackson

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Josh Allen >>>>>>>>>>>> other Bills Qbs
  15. Kirby Jackson

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Ha ha ha ha, I kept trying to figure it out. I was like “that’s Augie!!”