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  1. I’d cut Murphy (although he played better later in the year), Kroft (easy decision at that number), & DiMarco. Other than that I’d play it by ear depending on who was added.
  2. Can I introduce you to Duck Hodges.... 1st pick and best prospect are 2 different things. Chase Young is universally regarded as the top prospect. Joe Burrow is universally regarded as the top pick. Those are both true.
  3. Of course he’s going to Cincinnati. I’m sure that’s not his first choice but since he has no control he will accept it. Burrow has “it.” He has all of the QB intangibles and incredible pocket awareness. I will be surprised if he isn’t a good NFL QB.
  4. I’m at the point where I’m ready to gamble. The Bills have a really nice team. They should be a favorite next year in the AFC. How do you take that up a notch? Whether it be OBJ or someone else, I’m okay with some risk. He’s a knucklehead but for the most part he has been considered a good teammate. He really isn’t a criminal either (this instance aside). He’s not Marvin Harrison or anything. He’s like a toned down TO. He forgot Antonio Brown...
  5. Be careful, you all might need to learn to love OBJ in a couple of months. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Bills made a move to get him.
  6. So as some of you know I split season tickets with a group. This part of the schedule I’m especially heavy. I have tickets to 6 of 7 games in this window. The one game I’m missing? Zion’s debut....fml Edit: and I’m back!! Just got invited by my buddy that I split with (also a Bills fan).
  7. Well this changes things...I kind of feel like I have to go. I should probably stay off of TBD and go try to sell some stuff. Next season’s schedule looks expensive.
  8. Brady is a GREAT hire imo. He’s one of the great offensive minds in the game. This will be a 2 year stop and he will take a HC job.
  9. It really is an interesting thought. These LSU skill players are ridiculous. I think that Singletary would certainly be in the rotation. I actually like Edwards-Helaire as a guy to join the Bills backfield. He has a different skill set. I’d give our skill players for theirs for sure though. They are special.
  10. Yeah, I don’t think Phillips is back. I guess that’s part of the reason that I want Shaq to return. I think Oliver will pick up some of that swagger in year 2 as well. Additionally whoever plays the other LB spot can potentially add that.
  11. Shaq and Phillips play with so much edge and energy. The Bills must have at least one of them back IMO. That swagger is infectious.
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