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  1. Is Deandre Hopkins a product of Tom Savage and Brock Osweiler?
  2. That’s why I’m all in on DK at this point. He COULD be a 1. He might stink but he could be a 1. Everyone else is a 2 or below IMO. We have bodies at the position. I want a swing at a potential star.
  3. Jones is a WAY worse pick than Whitner. Whitner was projected about 5 picks after where we took him and he became a pro bowl safety. Maybe he was overrated and not great but that pick isn’t even in the same universe as this one. Jones at 6 is so damn stupid. Without this being too much of a “LAMP” I love that this thread is titled “Oh Gettleman” and filled with moronic quotes from him.
  4. ...a special kind of stupid
  5. That’s the rumor. Apparently, there are some serious medical concerns regarding his back and knees.
  6. You know, that’s perfectly said. I’m ALWAYS proud to be a Bills fan and it’s for reasons like this. It really is a “fambase” as they call it. The connection that Bills fans share is even beyond the connection that alumni at a university feel (and way beyond any other pro franchise). We ride or die together. When you are on the road outsiders are always blown away by how Bills fans organize and congregate. It’s beyond a simple interest in the same team. Everyone that goes to a road game does so because they like their team. It’s just different with the Bills (and Jacksonville was the celebration of that). We are one. I have people telling me all of the time how much they love Bills fans. It really is incredible to be a part of it. The way that Pancho has been embraced and loved is far beyond what any other organization would have. It reminds me of how the Saints embrace Gleason but the difference is that he made the most important play in franchise history. Pancho is a guy from Texas that adopted us and visa versa. I hate seeing him go through this but couldn’t be more proud of how the “fambase” has responded.
  7. Great stuff as always Gunner!! I am hoping for DK at this point. I’ve thought all along that the Bills needed a number 1. That’s part of the reason I was okay with him at 9 (obviously Oliver was my top choice but didn’t think he’d make it). I think that he is either a number 1 or he stinks. That dice roll is well worth it at 40. If he is that number 1 you walk out of this draft with 2 pro bowl players at positions of need. Yes please
  8. I wanted them to take Simmons at 17. I thought that it would be hilarious if they picked twice in the top 17 and neither guy played a snap in 2019.
  9. I’m really hoping that Stevie Johnson wears the Pancho mask to make the pick. That would be epic. It would be one of those draft moments that we talk about in 10 years.
  10. It had to be Gettleman. What a moron (Gruden too).
  11. I’m not trying to talk you off the ledge but he was a 5 star recruit. To play devil’s advocate he was an All-American as a freshman and a dominant player. He played at Houston and received tons of attention because the rest of his team wasn’t exactly loaded with talent. They also misused him. They played him a lot over the center which is really stupid. The Bills knew that. They will slide him over and he will penetrate. He’s going to be a nightmare. The Bills are really, really good in the secondary IMO. They did it last year despite a not-so-good pass rush. With a little more penetration I expect more turnovers and that’s a good thing. This is a home run IMO.
  12. Wait a minute, is this the guy that wore the jacket that wasn’t supposed to?!? Oh man, I can’t believe that the Bills would take him!! That’s not a process guy!! What are they doing?!? He put on a coat that was reserved for active players!! I hate the pick!!
  13. The Bills can go from 40 to 33 for just a 4th & 6th (in addition to 40). It may be worth it with Metcalf and Taylor (amongst others on the board). I’m hoping that the Bills pick 3 times today. This day feels like the strength of the draft.
  14. This is kind of how I feel. This was a really easy decision. He was, without question, the best player available and at the biggest position of need. A penetrating 3 technique is EXACTLY what this team is lacking. This was a no-brainer if there is such a thing. I couldn’t be happier with the pick!!
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