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  1. Is it just me or does it feel like Chad Kelly is one screwup away from starting an only fans account?
  2. I think that they should be forced to start Peterman as their punishment 😂😂.
  3. Guess that they’ll just have to suspend Waller, Jacobs and Rodney Hudson to send a message.
  4. He does!! If we don’t ever overcome the Pats it’s not going to matter. His point was that’s what will take Josh into HOF territory. That’s not an insult. Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Pat Mahomes walk into the HOF tomorrow if they retired at the end of the season. He’s not comparing him to Tannehill or even a guy like Watson. He’s talking about what Josh needs to be in that top tier. Lamar Jackson has an MVP award and led the league in TDs. He’s further along than Josh right now. He’s earned the benefit of the doubt that Josh has not yet earned. He’s heading that way but he has not been an equal to Lamar 3 games into their 3rd season. That’s not an insult. Lamar has been great. Josh looks like he might be too. We don’t need to discredit Lamar (or anybody) to prop up Josh though.
  5. Wait were you really bothered by what Nate said about Josh?!? Did you watch the video? He already has him in his top 5 QBs and talked about the couple of things that he needs to be in the “absolutely elite” category. Everything he said was 100% true. We are so sensitive!!!
  6. My only thought is that we generally do a pretty good job of self-policing. There can be hard feelings I suppose. I really don’t envision some big review. It’s more like “here’s the situation, yay or nay on the suspension?”
  7. 1.) I think it’s hard to regulate the Covid/politics as their is so much crossover right now. The most recent Bills press release is even about it. This should be okay as long as people are respectful. When the topic turns and people cross the line that will fall to the abusive behavior IMO. 2.) Abusive behavior would be 4 points for me. Crusading would be 2 but probably should have some sort of warning first because this can get blurry. What’s a crusade vs. a long discussion on a topic? Thread bumping would be 1. Duplicate threads would be 1 as well. 3.) 8 points result is a month suspension. When you come back 1/2 of those points are pulled. You lose 2 points a month over each of the next 2. That way if you come back from a suspension and are abusive in month 1 you are out again. That’s the most serious offense on here IMO. 4.) Points should certainly expire. 2 points a month should come off. 5.) Yeah, I think that things can occasionally be blurry. Maybe some sort of “board of members” or mods review it? There would be some criteria for who would be eligible (well behaved and veteran posters). This group would seem to have TBD’s best interest at heart. Maybe like 11 people and 6 votes will overturn it? I think you need a decent sized group in order to be fair. Just my $.02 and thanks as always @SDS for letting us weigh in.
  8. Let him go there and work with Trevor Lawrence 👀
  9. That’s what I’m thinking. It would be a pretty natural progression and keep that continuity with Josh.
  10. Yep. Simultaneous possession goes to the offense. There is no other way that play could be interpreted. It was beyond egregious. It was unconscionable.
  11. Daboll is gone. He’s going to end up in Minnesota with Trey Lance.
  12. I really can’t wrap my head around how they deemed that the defense DEFINITELY intercepted that. Dual possession goes to the offense. They ruled that the DB definitely had that. 🤯
  13. I agree on Dallas but that division may not have another team win 7 games. That division is going to be something like 24-39-1. That’s awful.
  14. This division is arguably the worst that I can remember. The NFC West was atrocious the year that Marshawn ran through the Saints. I thought that was the worst in my lifetime but the NFC East is giving them a run for their money this year.
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