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  1. Dude - where are you ? You called Devin White's greatness and the completeness of the Bucs roster. Come back to take a bow

  2. This is where I’m at. The league is full of really bad teams with bad coaches/GMs.
  3. Just make the Titans forfeit and move on. They are the superspreaders of the NFL.
  4. I still don’t mind the trade but worth noting just HOW good Teller has been.
  5. I’m 100% with you here. He is, and has been, the most overrated player in the league for a couple of years. He opened the year with the same MVP odds as Rodgers. That’s crazy.
  6. You can’t have a disappointment list without including Carson Wentz and the Cowboys defense. Houston and Darnold have regressed but I don’t think anyone had particularly high expectations for either. Wentz was a MVP candidate and the Cowboys defense was good. They both stink at the moment.
  7. But if he was playing like Carson Wentz he wouldn’t be getting the votes. Russell Wilson is on pace to throw for 5,136 yards and 64 TDs while completing 75% of his passes!! That why he’s the MVP frontrunner. This isn’t some conspiracy or charity given to a nice guy. He’s on pace for a season that no one has EVER had. This has everything to do with his level of play.
  8. Russell Wilson is averaging 321 yards a game and 4 TDs while completing 75% of his passes for an undefeated team. You are acting like it’s BS that he’s the favorite right now. It’s not. He’s earned it. There’s a long way to go but he’s the favorite.
  9. ...or “Russell Wilson was the MVP of the league because he earned it.” This all assumes that he does win it.
  10. Is this one of those insecure Bills things where we start setting ourselves up for failure so that when it happens it doesn’t hurt so badly? That’s what it feels like. The Bills have a QB that is an MVP candidate. The Packers do too. The Chiefs do too. The Seahawks have a QB that is the MVP favorite 1/4 of the way into the season. It’s really not more complicated than that. There is no reason to get all worked up and pissed off that a historically great player, playing at an MVP level is being recognized as such.
  11. That’s a lot of mental gymnastics. Through 4 weeks Russell Wilson is the MVP of the league and deservedly so. It can certainly change. The season is a long way from over.
  12. At this point he’s earned it. That team isn’t very good. Russell Wilson CARRIES them more than any other player right now. He has no line and no defense. He just makes plays. He should be the favorite and Josh, Rodgers and then Mahomes should be right behind.
  13. Nice list!! Not a gripe from me. The one thing that I’ll add is Chase Young as DROY (assuming this injury isn’t long term).
  14. Josh does not belong in the conversation with Rodgers, Mahomes, Wilson, Brady and Brees. He will receive less rope because he hasn’t earned what they have. That may change in a couple of years but you have to build the resume before you get that respect. Those guys had to accomplish things (records, MVPs, Super Bowls, etc). They have all solidified themselves as HOFers. You lost me when you wanted those guys to be looked at through the same lens as Josh. If you think that Josh is currently facing more heat than Wentz you aren’t paying attention. Wentz has been getting CRUSHED by the
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