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  1. Feel free to close. I searched when I raised the thought of Payton because the reactions, at the time, were different than now. It was raised to see how much opinions change in 2 months. Bottom line, is this team underachieved and change is needed. The window is closing (not closed but closing). We missed our best chance at a Super Bowl because we were poorly coached.
  2. Anyone else interested? I highly doubt McDermott goes, but should he?
  3. Nerves are out of control!! Jam the Bengals receivers and run under everything. The back(s) and te(s) will need to help in pass pro. They’ll just become check down options. Attack and they won’t have time to make big plays. If that happens the Bills win the game. This is a big Ed Oliver game.
  4. Lol, if you don’t think a city would hand the Bills multiple billions of dollars you don’t understand the world of the NFL (or sports in general). I don’t like to shout people down on here but what you just wrote isn’t true. With all of that being said, the Bills aren’t going anywhere. They never were. They were going to have a public-private partnership which is pretty standard. That’s the way the world works.
  5. I really don’t know how to feel about this game. I’m kind of numb. My nerves and anxiety are out of control already. This has been a weird year for me. I honestly believe that this Bills team could have been one of the greatest teams ever. 17-0 was on the table imo. They haven’t played anywhere near their capability. There have been good 1/2’s and moments but we haven’t seen them play a whole game at the level that they’re capable of. I hope that we see that over the next 4 weeks. If we do, they’re not getting beat.
  6. Eh, I have my own remodel going on. We will catch up but working on your house is a hard pass 😂😂. I am staying at Club Wyndham Atlanta. Last time we played in Atl I went to the game with @boyst and we talked trash to Chris Tucker all game 😂😂.
  7. @Augie and @Royale with Cheeseare happy to open up their homes.
  8. I don’t think so. If I asked you the 6 best AFC QBs (with an asterisk for Watson), you’d probably answer the 6 QBs in the playoffs. The same holds true (to a lesser extent) in the NFC. You’re just going to have to be right. If you extend a Derek Carr, Kyler Murray, Kirk Cousins or Dak Prescott, you need to get the best version of them. You’re much better off though, paying Kirk Cousins, than saving the money and trying to find someone comparable. Geno is the exception to this and he’s about to get paid.
  9. The Bengals, and in particular Zac Taylor, have been ALL class. I always liked them but they’re officially my 2nd favorite team now.
  10. Character and class rise to the occasion in situations like this. Booger, Salters, SVP, and Ryan Clark were fantastic. They were empathetic and vulnerable. The other end of the spectrum were Mike Harrington and Skip Bayless.
  11. I’m at a loss for words. This was one of the saddest and scariest things that I’ve seen. It’s a reminder of how precious life really is. Prayers up for Damar and his family.
  12. He’s Diggs 2.0. He’s a ridiculous route runnner with outstanding hands. He just gets open. He may be a slot guy at the next level, especially early, but so what. That’s what Diggs was too. We just added our a slot guy out of retirement. If the Bills want to use him, like they did Beasley. Earlier in his career, so be it. That is a big need. JSN is more explosive than he gets credit for. The Bills need a WR that they can count on. They have some guys that can go crazy (like Davis and McKenzie). JSN would add some stability. He’d be a star for the Bills IMO.
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