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  1. The Patriots will inevitably use “Maine” instead of “Mississippi” to gain that “competitive edge.”
  2. Yeah, they haven’t yet. He’s going to get 4 years and $160Mish next offseason. If I’m Dallas I probably try to make him play under the tag again but that’s playing with fire.
  3. I do but we disagree on who is mad. If you said “Dallas is pissed 😀“ I wouldn’t have commented. I interpreted the smiley face as laughing AT the pissed off party. It wasn’t just you either. Others had the same reaction. The point remains that giant contracts, at the same position, are great for impending free agents. They celebrate them because it means they will be getting more. That’s true in all cases.
  4. The guaranteed money over 5 years would still be in the $140M.
  5. Mango touched on it earlier. Mario was a dominant player and we didn’t like him then. It happens all of the time in Buffalo. It’s strange. It’s like a weird insecurity complex. That doesn’t happen elsewhere. We hate guys picked early and guys paid handsomely. We like the guys that “earn” it. It’s really stupid but that’s how we are.
  6. Dak doesn’t care if they look like smart or idiots. He cares that he gets paid. He’s not furious about this. He’s THRILLED. That’s why I originally chimed in. This is a great development for him (and Watson, Lamar, etc).
  7. This is, inarguably, a win for Dak (and all QBs). Josh Allen is having a great day. Sam Darnold is having a great day. Baker Mayfield is having a great day. Lamar Jackson is having the 2nd best day. That doesn’t matter though. QBs get paid regardless. Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Jimmy G, etc... this is a HUGE win for Dak. It’s a loss for Dallas now. Dak will get more in 8 months than he would have weeks ago. He’s looking at like like 4 years and $160M with $120M guaranteed (plus the $33M or whatever from this year). That’s more than he asked for. Oh yeah, I forgot about him!! Good call
  8. That’s the insurance for KC. 8 years from now the market value of Patrick Mahomes will probably be $60M plus a year. KC took the chance that it won’t be Alex Smith in order to lock him in at a smaller number.
  9. I think the exact opposite. He will play this year on the tag but then probably gets like $38M-$40M a year for 4 years. A giant contract is a good thing for all of the others at his position not the opposite. Mahomes is obviously the best player in the world so I don’t expect the next guy to top it but it resets the market in Dak’s (and all QBs) favor.
  10. Nope, everyone will hate him. It’s strange. Mario Williams was an all-pro and people complained about his contract. The same thing is going to happen with Tre. It was either that or he doesn’t sign so yes. That average is good value over the life of the contract imo.
  11. If Josh plays to the level that I expect he’s going to be in the $30M’s. I’d guess something like 4 years, $145M with $115M guaranteed. Basically the Goff contract plus inflation. TBD will absolutely lose its collective minds and Josh Allen with simultaneously become public enemy number 1 in Buffalo. Buffalo fans hate all highly compensated athletes. It’s the strangest thing ever.
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