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  1. It doesn’t feel crazy to me (comparatively). The airport to LA felt way busier. There are a bunch of Bills fans, as always, but it doesn’t feel like Nashville (for example).
  2. You’re my hero!! I’ll see you soon and travel safely
  3. I did not see a thread (candidly I did not look that hard). Mods, if there is another please merge. I am heading out in like 2 hours but haven’t bought my game tickets yet. One of the guys (not a Bills or Miami fan) probably won’t go if it rains. He’s soft. At any rate, I was wondering where my fellow Bills fans are sitting? I have some friends sitting in 350 so we may try to go near them. There are always lots of Bills fans upstairs.
  4. If your suggestion is, “you paid a lot for those seats, do whatever the hell you want” we are in agreement. I’m not responsible for those around me. They can either stand to see or watch on the monitor above. That’s a “them” problem, not a “me” problem. I generally don’t stand of those around me aren’t but often I want to.
  5. I have no issue with it. The people that sit around me don’t stand the whole time so you have to be very mindful of those around us. It’s kind of annoying. I’d rather not have to worry about anyone else.
  6. Bill Simmons ushered in an era of “boisterous fans with an audience.” Guys like Kyle Brandt (despite his family connections) wouldn’t exist without Simmons. He mattered 20 years ago. The tortured fan routine (as @QCity said so well) was interesting. He “couldn’t catch a break” and would whine about it. It made for a good read. Now his view is irrelevant. He doesn’t have the one thing that made him famous in the 1st place. He has done a great job as a producer. He has developed some programming that people care about. Simmons deserves a lot of credit for creating interesting sports documentaries. In terms of his football knowledge, it is basically nil. There are VERY few Patriots fans that know the game. They did not grow up with it. They were always Red Sox fans killing time in the off-season. In Boston, football was always a distant, distant, distant 4th. That has changed some since Brady got there. Simmons did not grow up with the game like we all did. Sunday’s did not matter to them like they did to us. That’s not an insult; it is reality. That’s where a lot of our disdain for Pats fans comes from. They didn’t deserve the last 20 years. We deserve that. Other fan bases would be WAY easier to tolerate having that kind of success (like the Chiefs for example). Those people care so much more about their team (both good and bad) than Pats fans. They were always the least-passionate fan base in the league. Simmons knows basically nothing about the game except that Brady is good and his team won a lot. He didn’t suffer with Millen, Grogan and Eason. They just didn’t care then. I just don’t care, at all, what he thinks about football. I don’t respect his knowledge or appreciation for the game. He knows the NBA but is such a whiny homer that he loses perspective on reality. His opinion there doesn’t matter there anymore either. The Red Sox are garbage so no one cares what he has to say about baseball. When they were interesting, he had an audience. Simmons is a “used-to-be” figure in the sports world. He’s a younger Mad Dog. His schtick is tired and opinions meaningless. I, for one, and glad that he doesn’t have the platform that he once did.
  7. I don’t necessarily believe that. You either have to recruit nationally or have a great area to recruit from. The Pokes have Texas. Nebraska has nothing and this generation didn’t grow up with them mattering. Now, if the alums decide to go crazy with NIL, maybe they can matter again. They can never be a power again but they can maybe be like Oklahoma State or Notre Dame or Wisconsin. They can be a fringe top 10ish team in the perfect world. They should follow what Texas 8&4 has tried to do. They just spend, spend, spend and hope to close the gap with Alabama. It hasn’t happened yet but maybe it will 🤷🏻‍♂️.
  8. I was BSing with a bartender at Pressure Drop a few weeks ago. He is an ASU alum and was talking about what a disaster the program has become. Herm had every chance to make that a good program and he simply didn’t care enough.
  9. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/weigh-in I agree with your post. He was interesting until 2004 when the Sox won. His voice hasn’t mattered since. His role as a producer is way more important than his voice as a sports personality. He’s a guy from Boston that used to write a column on ESPN. It was like 20 years ago now. He went out to LA to try to do his own thing and made a bunch of money. He’s a nobody.
  10. Count me in the “underwhelming minority.” I will be surprised if the Bills don’t win the Super Bowl. I believe that they might be historically dominant (like the ‘07 Pats but with a title). That team had a +315 point differential which is by far the best ever. That is attainable. I believe we are WAY beyond “in the hunt” for the Super Bowl. I believe that he Bills would be AT LEAST A 7-point favorite on a neutral site vs. every team in football. They are significantly better than every other team. If they don’t win, it will be a disappointment. It’s okay to feel this way. We don’t need to pretend that isn’t the case to protect our feelings if the goal isn’t met. Expect greatness
  11. This has NOTHING to do with anything other than he is Josh’s buddy. The Bills keep him around to keep Josh happy. At one point the Milwaukee Bucks were using roster spots on BOTH of Giannis’ brothers. It wasn’t because there weren’t better players. They were fine to be the last guys on the team to keep him happy. That is Tanner Gentry. He will always be around. Don’t read anything else into it.
  12. I lived outside of WNY for 15 years since he was relevant. I spent 4 years in Boston when he was “The Boston Sports Guy.” He is irrelevant now. He produced a couple of good documentaries (like the Andre the Giant one). I’ve forgotten more about football than Bill Simmons will ever know. He doesn’t matter anymore on the national scale. Sorry if that hurts your feelings… I didn’t say that he wasn’t successful. I said that his voice doesn’t matter in the sports world anymore (he still has SOME juice within the NBA but not like he did). It doesn’t. He had a huge audience back in the day. People were looking for him to “weigh in.” He is irrelevant now and we are all better of for it.
  13. Bill Simmons is still a thing? He was good 20 years ago. He hasn’t mattered for a decade+. I’m not ready to make that Masshole relevant.
  14. I’m just ready for an “A” game. The Bills have played a couple of “B(ish)” games. If it ever all clicks they are going to MURDER some teams. They are just so talented.
  15. It is looking like it may start raining again at like 3-5. Who knows exactly when it will stop but be prepared to get rained on at the tailgate. I only have one pop-up tent and it won’t be enough for the entire group 😬.
  16. If your job tells you to do something… “If you don’t get this treatment, Justin is taking over while you’re out.” That happens all the time!! This is big business. The doctor and Chargers are going to have to prove that all of this is just coincidental. They’ll have to do that with a history of medical malpractice within their organization. The facts are what they are. The team doctor, punctured his lung and he was no longer starting. Everything else is conjecture. All of the facts support Tyrod’s claim. From a claim standpoint this seems clear as day. Maybe they squabble over the number a little but not much.
  17. Then it will be “pain and suffering” and “loss of future earnings.” They will have a hard time saying that he didn’t lose at least $5M. I don’t know what the team doctor’s carry for limits (my guess is at least $5M as that was the demand). When we insured the Saints they carried a $75M umbrella but only $25M for the liability for brain injuries. Umbrellas don’t sit over professional liability but that gives you an idea as to the per occurrence limits. The team doctor’s are probably carrying a minimum of $10M for situations like this. Fwiw, former Chargers Doctor David Chao was twice found guilty of medical malpractice. “They threatened my career if I didn’t undergo this. They made that decision and then punctured my lung.” Forced to do it… I am not an attorney or doctor. I do run a property and casualty agency that handles over $260M of premium annually. We see things like this ALL the time. There is almost always a significant payment. This will absolutely be in the millions. It may not be $5M (although I think it will). This is a very, very, very difficult case for the insurance company to try to defend.
  18. I didn’t realize that the contract was the same. Did they pay him on all of his incentives? Either way, the insurance company will cut a check and move on. I see this kind of thing every single day. I’ll be SHOCKED if there isn’t a settlement reached. He doesn’t need more proof than “I was starting, they shot me up, punctured a lung and I wasn’t starting anymore.” That is bulletproof. He has facts. They don’t. That IS what happened. If he were already the backup, maybe (although he’d still collect for med mal). I’m actually STUNNED that people think he won’t get $. That’s why professional liability insurance exists!!
  19. It’s pretty much already proven with everything that has transpired since. That’s the point!! He can point to the money difference from where he was to where he is. He can say that they wanted to replace him. Now they have to say all of that isn’t true… I’ve read multiple articles on it and know a little about medical malpractice (and insurance in general). This one isn’t going to be complicated.
  20. Seriously?!? He can EASILY make the case that they acted in bad faith to replace him. He can say that their negligence impacted his future earnings!! This is so simple. I’ve seen MANY claims setttled with WAY less evidence. Tyrod has even left the door open to ammend the claim asking for more. I suspect that the carrier will offer the $5M and the Chargers will be fine with it (the Chargers have a say in settling a professional liability claim because of the potential for reputational damage). That’s different from a GL or WC claim where the carrier has 100% say in settling. Tyrod does not have to prove that they were negligent. They have to prove that they weren’t!! He already has “proven” that he lost wages and that he was seriously injured by them. He can point to their desire to play the rookie as their motivation. They will cut the check and move on.
  21. I write some med mal. This would be settled IMMEDIATELY if someone filed a claim. The insurance company isn’t fighting this one…
  22. He should!! This is basically what medical malpractice is. It is textbook. This is a pretty easy, and well-deserved, check.
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