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  1. Robot football. Each team makes their own style with special features (like spinning saws out the legs, or steel daggers all over) and similar paint jobs for "uniforms", and then hire a bunch of nerdy fans to control each of the robot players 11 x 11.
  2. Washington Foreskins (that way fans can still call them "the skins")
  3. He'd probably give you the middle finger on this post if he could.
  4. If the second pre season game is only 7-10 days before week 1, I wouldn't play JA at all in that one.
  5. Just in time for no fans to see it anyway.
  6. The fact that they were penalized at all "proves" their BS excuses were a lie that the NFL investigation uncovered. Unbelievable cheaters. Non stop
  7. Cellino and Barnes have the BEST jingles.
  8. Not sure about the Buffalo you chose. Should have used this one... Just kidding. Looks cool!
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