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  1. BuffaloBillies

    Startling Star statistic

    More startling was the under-reported play in week 5 when Star was the second on the scene and touched the QB (on the shoulder) after he slipped down avoiding Hughes. What a play!
  2. BuffaloBillies

    Hackett and Pettine United again

    Yep. Found a cheap, young, weakling to just stand over there. I bet his microphone won't even be on.
  3. BuffaloBillies

    Hackett and Pettine United again

    Hackett blows and is way in over his head. Rodgers will be saying STFU to him by week 3.
  4. BuffaloBillies

    Caption This

    Thanks for last night. You're a wild man! I mean that plug was like this big....
  5. BuffaloBillies

    Super Bowl Wish vs. Prediction

    where the #$%@ is Thurman’s helmet?! -Marv Levy
  6. BuffaloBillies

    Just How Bad Was Buffalo's Run Game Aside from Josh Allen?

    McCoy needs to be a 3rd down back (mostly, only). He'd be a very expensive 1 down back. Ivory (and Murphy?) need to slam it in there 1st and 2nd down and get to 3rd and manageable. If McCoy wants to dance around on 3rd down to try to get the 1st, then so be it. Dancing on 1st/2nd down is a drive killer. other option is to put Shady in the slot sometimes
  7. BuffaloBillies

    Bengals set to hire Zac Taylor as HC

    I live out here in Cincinnati now. Bengals will screw this up. Not sure how just yet, they keep inventing new ways year after year.
  8. BuffaloBillies

    Brandon Reilly (Former Bill) now in Dallas

    I like my mother-in-law more than Kelvin Benjamin.
  9. BuffaloBillies

    Greg Roman promoted to OC in Baltimore

    Then he brought in a fat homeless man to help and the defense got even worse.
  10. BuffaloBillies

    Greg Roman promoted to OC in Baltimore

    Roman was fired the day after the offense put up 393 yards and 31 points against the Jets. Rex's D gave up 37 points that day in the loss. CLEARLY this was the offenses' fault.
  11. BuffaloBillies

    Ranking of 2nd round picks

    Big fan of Darby. Wish he was opposite Tre right now. Can't forgive Byrd for his "foot" BS Kiko's a marked man league-wide now.
  12. BuffaloBillies

    Bills 2018 Season Highlights in 3 minutes

    No Benjamin? No Peterman? Where's Vontae?
  13. BuffaloBillies

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    Leave the stadium as is! (that's my feedback)