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  1. To a divisional rival? This is ridiculous. This would be like if the Bills hired Rex Ryan after he left the Jets.
  2. NOT factoring $ (just performance), I would say... Cut Trent Murphy ($8.95 cap hit / $1.75M dead cap) Tyler Kroft ($6.4M cap hit / $1.6M dead cap) Lee Smith ($3.25M cap hit / $1M dead cap) Pat Dimcarco ($2.35M cap hit / $500k dead cap) Keep Steven Hauschka ($3M cap hit / $1.25M dead cap) Andre Roberts ($2M cap hit / $500k dead cap) TJ Yeldon ($1.9M cap hit / $250K dead cap) Undecided Spencer Long ($4.1M cap hit / $700k dead cap) Star Lotulelei ($10.1M cap hit / $7.8M dead cap)
  3. My breakfast this morning was a 64.26. Do I try something else tomorrow, or is that good enough? Help!
  4. Impressive job on all of these write-ups. Thanks!
  5. Ameer Abdullah needs to get the piano off his back.
  6. Good point - I'm sure he'll have every resource and time to rehab quicker. Bench press, shoulder press... basically any movement with the elbow away from the body with downward weight/pressure.
  7. Had rotator cuff surgery a year ago November. Took me almost exactly 1 year to get back to full strength (lifting weights wise). Good to do stuff after about 100 days, but not 100% for a year.
  8. Sucks. Makes winning and losing a little less significant... unless we can win one for Luca! Let's do that!
  9. It was discussed further in below posts. Yes, that was last year, but "un"surprisingly, the same was true in 2017. In 2018, it was the Red Sox. Go figure. ***
  10. Guess which team had the highest BA, OBP, SLG and OPS in all of MLB last year? Houston Their whole season needs an *
  11. Guilty.... I live in Cincy and applauded the signing and even tried to convince people on this board that Kroft was legit. I was sorely disappointed. Watching him play in a Bills Uni, he looked like a 10 year old trying to catch a grasshopper. Probably had more penalty yards than actual receiving yards. One TD catch is pretty much the only thing right he did all year. We don't need "maybe he'll end up ok" kind of guys. Dump his ass and get winners.
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