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  1. That's almost exactly what it says on the side of my box! Wang + Levitra = Wood
  2. Never seemed to be enough. Drunk kickball after lasted about 2 minutes until it was in dozens of pieces.
  3. Coming soon? I think that already happened. Isn't that what's on the tape?
  4. Probably taking it to small claims court. Hey, it was cold in there, and he is 77.
  5. I live in Cincinnati now and bring my buddies (who are Bengals fans) to Bills games in Buffalo. We make a weekend out of it. The first one (~10 years ago), they couldn't believe the tailgating scene and all the craziness. They were hooked. They love going to Buffalo games (vs Cincy) in Buffalo. Even though they might have on a Bengals shirt on game day, Bills fans have always been cool to them too. We haven't missed one yet and we'll be there week 3!
  6. A, A-.... who cares. At least we're not talking about "F's" and "D's" (like my kids' test grades).
  7. Should have included the rushing aspect. Ben: 144 yds, 1 TD Josh: 631 yds, 8 TDs (in 2 less games)
  8. Gotta start fast. Can't have press conferences saying "We've got to get better"... they already need to BE better coming out of camp/pre-season. Win 2 @ Met Life and go from there. We'll learn a lot week 1. They have a very favorable schedule this year. Mia x2, Jets x2, Giants, Redskins, Bengals, Titans, Denver "should" all be winnable games. Dallas, Baltimore are crap shoots, but on paper I like our chances NE x2, Pitt, Philly, Cleve will be tough ones Travel schedule could not be better. Nothing West of Dallas At home, in their own beds from Oct 6 to Nov 16 (minus one quick trip to Cleveland) Go Bills
  9. The best (for betting) is if your sitting on 6 wins come the last week of the season and the Bills are favored (ideally heavily favored). Then you have the OPTION to hedge... can bet the same amount on the Jets getting points (let's say 7 points). Try to "double-dip"... worst case break even. Example: Bet $1,000 on Bills Over 6.5 wins Won 6 games going into final week vs Jets Bills favored by 7 (at home) against the lowly Jets. Bet $1,000 on Jets (+7) Bills Win by more than 7 = PUSH on Season bets (Net $0) Jets Win the game outright = PUSH on Season bets (Net $0) Bills win by between 1 and 7 points = Win Both Ends ($2,000) Would take the stress out of the last game with only upside possibility.
  10. Yeah, that's what I figured. But I could see someone making the argument that a tie could be considered a .5 win.
  11. I know the ".5" is to make 7+ a winner and 6 or less a loser. But how do they treat a tie in Vegas? For instance, if Bills win 6 and tie 1 (Season Record: 6-9-1). Would that be a push at 6.5?
  12. Football Career = Hall of Fame Broadcasting Career = Hall of Lame Why he's not in = Hall of Blame If he doesn't get in = Hall of Shame
  13. I love kyle like everyone else, but Oliver, 2nd year for Edmunds, Milano hopefully all year.... 2019 > 2018
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