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  1. Many positives: 1. Bills recently played there... familiarity helps 2. Extra day to get healthy (Josh ankle mostly) 3. Glad SF won today. Bills take them more seriously and SF less "due" for a win Go Bills
  2. Lynn's mask was crooked all day and his nose kept popping out above the seam. I knew then we would win.
  3. Is his passer rating this game even calculable? Is it just negative google infinity?
  4. I thought defense played incrementally better. I even felt like I trusted them down the stretch more. Go Bills
  5. He's giving Cam a run for his money in the fashion department.
  6. Go on the safari. You'll get to see Buffalo running all over the place.
  7. NOTHING is more satisfying than watching Brady fail... again. Oh, and nice write up. Thx
  8. Not sure if you're kidding or not, but that's Bill from Bill and Ted's. He does look like Jack though.
  9. Speaking of Lorenzo... this bye week is the perfect time for him to come back and enjoy the stretch run/playoffs. C'mon Lorax/Bills, Make it happen!
  10. Maybe he felt sick. AJ Epenausea
  11. Win every game the rest of the way (including vs undefeated Steelers) No analysis or models needed. Go Bills.
  12. Don't forget to add in Josh's running game through 10 games....
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