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  1. Wow. You do realize I wrote 100+ yards per game rushing AND RECEIVING? Something like 70 rush, 30 receive....
  2. McCoy - 100+ yards/gm (rushing & receiving) Brown - 2-3 deep attempts/gm (in addition to any other medium/short range plays), 8 TDs on the year
  3. BuffaloBillies

    This WR corps still sucks

    Drink a beer, Debbie Downer. Zay, and especially Foster looked awesome second half of last year. Cole is a slot guy (and a great one) and Brown is a home run threat. Each has their reasons for less than top numbers on paper, but as a group, has crazy potential (and don't forget about Duke). Yes, Bills might add in draft, but even if they don't, we're feeling good, Captain buzzkill.
  4. BuffaloBillies

    Bills sign T LaAdrian Waddle to a 1yr deal

    Love all the options, versatility of many of them, and competition in camp, plus depth for those not getting the starting nod, plus any injury replacement at the ready. Awesome!
  5. BuffaloBillies

    Clowney/Franchise Tag question

    Something about Clowney doesn't feel right to me. Don't know why.
  6. BuffaloBillies

    Ron Darby Man Without A Team (edit: re-upped with Philly)

    Always liked him a lot. He was solid for Philly SB run. Wish the best for him.
  7. BuffaloBillies

    Thoughts on the draft post free agency.......

    Before FA I was clamoring for a trade down to amass more picks. Now I feel differently. Feel like if we can get 5 quality (OT, TE, DT, RB, LB ) - we're pretty much there. Not saying trade up from #9, but maybe trade up some mid-round picks to get higher-graded talent. Yes, that would mean less picks, but we only have so many roster spots available after all those FAs. Wouldn't want to draft 10 and have to cut 5 of them. Somehow parley those 10 picks into 5 (or 4) top-3 round picks (or something). Other option would be to trade for higher pick(s) in 2020. It's a good problem to have.
  8. BuffaloBillies

    Now go get Duke Johnson please

    4.8 Yards per Carry in 2018 4.9 Yards per Carry in 2017 Not bad at all for RB#3
  9. BuffaloBillies

    Now go get Duke Johnson please

    Never see any love for Murphy on these boards. I have no problem with him being a 3rd RB.
  10. BuffaloBillies

    Biggest jerk... Willis Mcgahee, Marshawn Lynch or Antonio Brown?

    Kellen Winslow Jr. What a disgrace. Dad was a legend.
  11. BuffaloBillies

    Too Early Mock Draft?

    I'm all in on your first 3 picks
  12. BuffaloBillies

    McCloud and Miller not feeling too happy right now

    Maybe they can open a donut shop with a surface pro