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  1. Rex Ryan, giving pedicures in room next to Kraft's, says successful prosecution would be a monumental "feet." (I guess it would need to be a 2-liner)
  2. Hopefully he's just being a slightly timid rookie and someone (or something) will light a fire under his arse. Get after it, kid!
  3. I looked it up (out of curiosity). No "Icy" smurf, but am amazed to find there were over 100 smurf names. Who knew? (I'm guessing #55 got his shot with #1) 1. Smurfette 2. Papa Smurf 3. Clumsy Smurf 4. Brainy Smurf 5. Grouchy Smurf 6. Hefty Smurf 7. Greedy Smurf 8. Jokey Smurf 9. Chef Smurf 10. Vanity Smurf 11. Handy Smurf 12. Scaredy Smurf 13. Tracker Smurf 14. Sloppy Smurf 15. Harmony Smurf 16. Painter Smurf 17. Poet Smurf 18. Farmer Smurf 19. Natural Smurf (a.k.a. Nat Smurfling) 20. Snappy Smurfling 21. Slouchy Smurfling 22. Grandpa Smurf 23. Baby Smurf 24. Sassette Smurfling 25. Alchemist Smurf 26. Timid Smurf (a.k.a. Actor Smurf) 27. Architect Smurf 28. Baker Smurf 29. Clockwork Smurf (not an actual Smurf) 30. Clockwork Smurfette (not an actual Smurf) 31. Dabbler Smurf 32. Doctor Smurf 33. Dopey Smurf 34. Enamored Smurf 35. Finance Smurf 36. Flying Smurf (a.k.a. Aviator Smurf) 37. King Smurf 38. Lazy Smurf (a.k.a. Sleepy Smurf) 39. Miner Smurf 40. Nanny Smurf (a.k.a. Granny Smurf) 41. Nosey Smurf 42. Editor Smurf 43. Reflection Smurf (a.k.a. Hundredth Smurf) 44. Reporter Smurf 45. Sneezy Smurf 46. Stinky Smurf 47. Sweepy Smurf 48. Tailor Smurf 49. Weakling Smurf 50. Wild Smurf 51. Weepy Smurf 52. Tuffy Smurf 53. Wooly Smurf 54. Nurse Smurf 55. Lucky Smurf 56. Lumberjack Smurf ( a.k.a. Timber Smurf) 57. Pretentious Smurf 58. Pastrycook Smurf 59. Cook Smurf 60. Submariner Smurf 61. Gutsy Smurf 62. Navigator Smurf 63. Fisher Smurf 64. Hunter Smurf 65. Marco Smurf 66. Flighty Smurf 67. Nobody Smurf 68. Pushover Smurf 69. Crazy Smurf 70. Narrator Smurf 71. Passive-Aggressive Smurf 72. Panicky Smurf 73. Social Smurf 74. Smooth Smurf 75. Clueless Smurf 76. Party Planner Smurf 77. Vexy Smurf 78. Hackus Smurf 79. Complimentary Smurf 80. Drummer Smurf 81. Schemer Smurf 82. Dreamy Smurf 83. Gullible Smurf 84. Paranoid Smurf 85. Policeman Smurf 86. Magician Smurf 87. Mime Smurf 88. Table-Eating Smurf 89. Karate Smurf 90. Winner Smurf 91. Loser Smurf 92. Smurfwillow 93. Smurfstorm 94. Smurfblossom 95. Smurflily 96. Smurfmelody 97. Smurfjade 98. Smurfpetal 99. Smurfclover 100. Smurfmeadow 101. Smurfdaisy 102. Smurfholly 103. Smurfhazel 104. Smurfhoney
  4. Win all your home games, take at least 2 on the road. 10+ wins. I'd take Edmunds at 75%. Depending on the injury... sometimes you just have to gut it out. Especially on your home field.
  5. I meant as "part of" a trade (along with maybe others or picks). Wade not tradable? Didn't know that (not that any team probably cares about him... but I'd love to see him in a game).
  6. Not likely, but do Yeldon and Wade have any value with all the RBs going down this weekend?
  7. Ha. Maybe cuz his kid looks like he lives in a subway station.
  8. Never know what might happen this season, go N.O., give the AFC Raiders a loss.
  9. Sorry, but I'm calling this one stupid-ass shirt. So many questions. Who's 1st grader drew this? Why are their hands footballs? Or are those paddles? The text is barely legible. You can see Josh's spine through the shirt but not Diggs'. Maybe I'm missing something... but I give this an F
  10. 10, although a little deceiving to say that Emma got a "few" apples. She got 15 of them... more than a few.
  11. I think it may be sorted based on the division wins/winning percentage. For instance, the NFC West has 7 wins (listed 1st) and NFC East only has 2 wins (listed 4th). This is true in the AFC standings as well. The only division that doesn't make sense is the NFC South, but maybe that's because NO hasn't played yet. Not sure... just a guess here.
  12. Knox' hands are injured, but that didn't happen during the game.
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