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  1. In college, 4 of us challenged ourselves to 100 beers and 100 wings on super bowl Sunday Bills vs Redskins. The wing part was easy. ***** got sloppy late nite. Monday classes were canceled (by us)
  2. Neither. Package picks, move up and get top 3 cb
  3. Watch Antonio Williams be fantastic if/when he gets a chance.
  4. Not Gilbert and the other guy
  5. I'm staying out of this one. I'm just going to stay home and have roast beef.
  6. It's a fair question. I think it does. Guys who can come in immediately and make an impact. Game 1 starters or at least rotational players. As far as draft goes, might mean bundling some and moving up for 2 guys (vs 4) and using rounds 5-7 for developmental guys.
  7. Great! Now bring them back!
  8. We just got the best defensive end in the league, Mario Williams. Reggie Bush, nice pickup! He'll be great on 3rd down.
  9. A heartbreaking drama of a family torn apart by a troubled teen's lack of judgment and bad decisions. They're willing to fight to keep the family together, but at what cost?
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