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  1. Camp will start with no sign of Josh Allen. 5 minutes after the official start time, Josh will appear over the top of the stadium flying onto the field in a red, white, and blue hang glider in full uniform. He'll land on the 50 yard line and yell, "LET'S GO!!!"
  2. Both. If you have a smart TV (or a Fire Stick or equivalent) you just download the Sunday Ticket app on the TV and it looks and feels just like Sunday Ticket on your TV. OR... you could also log in and watch online on a standard computer... OR through the same app on your phone or tablet.
  3. Yep. Worked perfectly for me last year. No issues. Kid was out of state too.
  4. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/nfl-sunday-ticket-for-ipad/id390577714
  5. I got jumped and sucker-punched by 3 dudes the night before the game (@ 2AM). Then kicked in the face (apparently). That's what some bystanders told me when the firemen woke me up with smelling salt. Broken tooth, scrapes and cuts on face, and a concussion. Still made it to the game the next day though... to watch.... you guessed it... the Music City Miracle. Needless to say, worst weekend of my life. Oh, and I had just started a new job the Thursday before and couldn't go in on my first Monday and Tuesday after.
  6. I know. Maybe the bolt-cutters were a mistake, but the pole vault pole was really just being used as a walking stick that time.
  7. Went day before Bengals game 2 years ago, just innocently walking around the outside and got accosted by security and they were not f-ing around. Said, "get out of here right now or else" and watched us leave. We were outside the fence. Bizarre. Maybe the dude was having a bad day.
  8. Yes! This makes me so plucking physched. In the words of JK, "Were back!" 9 and 0 at home, win 5 on the road. Boom
  9. I actually had a 3 ft section of that (the top part with the flag). We helped cut it up in the parking lot with a hack saw (NOT EASY!). But then.... I got pulled over on the way home and the cops took it. They let me off with a warning of stolen property - meanwhile I'm sure it's in some cop's man-cave right now.
  10. Lombardi Trophy... but I guess I'll need to wait until Feb 2022 to try to get it.
  11. Oh no, not now. My Raisin Bran is kicking in. Wish it away, wish it away...
  12. They should have just re-signed Corey Davis (26) instead of picking up Julio (32). They're basically the same player right now. The $ is probably about the same too.
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