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  1. Those charts/graphs look like that game you play at the carnival where you have to squirt water into the hole.
  2. No Gain 2 & 7 - BUF 49 (12:46 - 2nd) J.Allen pass incomplete short right to D.Singletary.
  3. Jesse James and Buffalo Bill just go together.
  4. Someone start a gofundme for SDS. We can all kick in a few bucks. Well worth it.
  5. Big Boobs will be a distraction in the locker room.
  6. Just think, 15 months ago they had Watson, Hopkins, and JJ Watt and made a run in the playoffs. Everything was going great. Now, just a gigantic cluster**** of a team.
  7. I'm in the minority, I think we're fine at RB. I would put all energy on D. I mean ALL.
  8. Houston, are you seeing this? Looks like some sort of space maggot
  9. Motivation to get extra nasty. Get EXTRA nasty Feliciano. See you soon. Go Bills!
  10. I'll preface by saying that I too am not a big Singletary guy either, and prefer Moss all day. But maybe we are a little rough on him. To me, the most important stat for an RB is Avg Yards Per Rush. Here is the ranking from 2020 (at least 100 carries). I took out QBs. (may have to click on image to zoom) So both are a little below "middle of the pack" in YPR (4.4, 4.3) But look at some of the players they are equal to or better than last year. James Conner (4.3) Kareem Hunt (4.2) Ezekiel Elliot (4.0) Josh Jacob
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