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  1. Rochesterfan

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Wear the colors proudly. As a matter of fact - the family just spent a week at Disney World (my daughter got to perform during spring break) - between my wife and I - we wore Bills gear every day of the trip and I have to says - Bills fans are awesome. Everywhere we we went we saw others proudly wearing Bills and Sabre’s gear and I can not count the number times of Go Bills, Buffalo Rocks, and Other phrases were yelled all over. It was great - plus you immediately had an in with others talking about Free Agency and the draft and Josh Allen - you would of thought all of Western NY was there. Buffalo fans are the best! Great people and a great community.
  2. I think Beane will acquire talent in a variety of ways, but the long term future of the team comes via drafting. I think you see a lot of 1 and 2 year contracts to starting filling the talent pipeline (priming the pump) so to speak. The hope then becomes some of this crop of FAs and players gets replaced by draft picks and you can let them walk via FA (rather than having to cut them) allowing you to lose more than you gain and maybe getting additional free picks. I do not think many FAs (probably Morse) are in the true long term plans, but if some developed- then you retain them or let them walk and have a replacement on hand via the draft. Teams can turn around quickly, but to sustain the plan you need to have a winning QB, stability in the Front Office, and a steady stream of replacement level players coming via the draft. Then you can be a bit of a chooser in FA and who to retain and ensure the talent level stays up with money left to spend for big needs.
  3. I will start with WR - based upon Spotrac both Brown and Beasley are around 30th to 35th WR contracts in the league. So that is low end starter level - so what would I expect - at that level and price - I expect complimentary pieces that are going to make plays and keep the offense moving. I am not expecting 1500 yards and 100 catches from either. At that level we should be looking for 60 catches and maybe 750 to 1000 yards for Brown - maybe mid 15+ YPA and for Beasley probably 50-60 catches - maybe 600-750 yards and a bunch of 3rd down conversions. I do not consider John Brown a high priced piece based upon the recent WR contracts as he is paid as one of the lower starting guys in the league with additional FAs and contracts coming.
  4. Rochesterfan

    Ran into Joe Bock this morning

    I am not sure, but I did see someone eat a “Joey bag of Donuts” at Moe’s yesterday - does that count? Looked pretty good - seemed like the guy was really enjoying it and it did not seem like they were talking about the Bills either. It probably became **** later in the day to - so maybe relevant.
  5. Rochesterfan

    Tyreek Hill under investigation for Battery

    I will not disagree with any of this - it sounds about right, but also does not sound like it matches this case. A couple of additional questions to mirror it more to this. First - you say above if he/she wants to pursue charges - how does it change if there is potential evidence of abuse, but they do not want to pursue charges. Remember- this is now the third incident with this woman and man and she has not pursued charges yet and there was overwhelming evidence when she was pregnant that he beat the crap out of her, but she never pressed charges and now has married him. Second - he was named in an incident with the child very recently, but the spouse did not want to pursue things and now another incident occurs and the spouse again is not pursuing it - Does that not mean that Child Services will get involved and begin investigating the incidents? Because it is a minor - can Child Services bring charges if after investigation they determine child abuse was occurring. To me this is the step we are in. The spouse/mother is not going to press charges as is obvious by this being the third known instance of them having to get police involved with signs of injury, but she has not pressed charges yet. Therefore the police saw potential signs of abuse and have referred it to the Child Services team to investigate and determine the fate. How quickly this all goes depends upon the level of cooperation from the family, friends, and others involved. I think you are correct in that if she had wanted to press charges and the police left without naming him or taking him into custody- there would be little to the story, but it changes if she does not want to press charges and then tries to protect him when the police arrive.
  6. Rochesterfan

    Brandon Frickin Beane Man... 😎😎👍🏾

    Couple this with the Athletic piece by Fairburn and he gives a lot of insight about their approach. I honestly love this staff and FO. They are both aggressive and methodical at the same time. I don’t agree with everything they do, but at least I see reason and planning behind it.
  7. Rochesterfan

    A trade down is now off the table.

    I disagree - he could trade back and pick up a first next rather than additional picks this year. He could trade back and then trade up. Nothing is off the table, but I do agree it is looking like they do not need all 10 picks to make this roster.
  8. Rochesterfan

    Golden Tate to NYG 4 yrs $37.5 Million

    Wow - I thought he was nearly sure to go to NE. Great News
  9. Rochesterfan

    What if Metcalf is BPA at draft time?

    If he is BPA - you take him, but he will not be BPA at 9 there is almost no way with his production and agility numbers. If he is BPA when we are picking it means we probably moved back in a trade.
  10. Rochesterfan

    Who gets cut when these signings become official

    Agreed - during or after the draft if they have a chance to move an Olineman and have a replacement - I could see a trade, but for now I do not see a reason to move or cut anyone. You have a starting Center in Morse with Bodine and Long to back up. You have multiple guards/tackles to allow you to find the best 5 at their best position and move forward from there and now there is depth and flexibility. Then you have the draft for new young talent to fit in.
  11. Rochesterfan

    Talent vs Multiple low level players?

    Give me Yolo - he is the QB of the team.
  12. Rochesterfan

    Talent vs Multiple low level players?

    Ouch - your poll is not going well. Lots of mid level talent has a bigger impact than 1 top end player at most positions - especially WR, RB, and TE. If we are talking QB - give me the top player over multiple mid level QBs, but most other positions- give me the many over the one.
  13. Rochesterfan

    OT Trent Brown to Raiders

    Not at that price - I wouldn’t mind either or both players, but when you way overpay for what will become a lack of production- the joy leaves quickly.
  14. Rochesterfan

    OT Trent Brown to Raiders

    Plus withthat money paid - he become a probable 3rd round comp pick for NE next year. Idiots
  15. Rochesterfan

    Kyle Williams Retirement Combine

    Absolutely awesome!!!