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  1. Nope several presented with symptoms after the exposure and the positive results. Nucci got the link - thanks.
  2. They are not doing it because they can’t field a team. They are closing it down to prevent further spread within the team. We already know they had 1 guy test positive and get held out last Saturday. Everyone else was negative, but prior to any players coming up positive - it was spread to other coaches and some other non-players. All of those guys tested initially negative, but since then another player has come up positive 3 days later. The point is - without the stoppage - that person could have infected others in the locker room and then while testing negative other spread it before the positives show up. You stop the spread by separating everyone through the incubation period and catch everyone that is potentially positive. Then you clean everything and keep the positives away for at least 10-14 days. They must ensure that the spread is stopped and even daily testing does not always catch that because the time you can spread and the time you become positive have some overlap and this was bad enough that not only are these additional positives - some are symptomatic positives. The NFL was looking at a one day delay if no one else had tested positive. The additional positive means others could also test positive later - so you close it down until Saturday and give time for more people to have multiple tests. They are doing exactly what they should and these guys should all be kept out. If it happens again (and it most likely will) the NFL will deal with it on a case by case basis - trying to play every game - while making sure as needed games get moved or postponed. It should not be one size fits all, but should help guide teams as we move forward.
  3. He tries so hard to lead Nate along and Nate just seems to miss the point. They play ok together - just neither has the commanding presence needed. They know what they are talking about - just together they don’t flow the best.
  4. Now he has more time to get ready to race. or if someone still wants him - free to a good home (please keep vacuum attachments hidden). Not sure where you land after this? Maybe back in Denver with their QB issues.
  5. I doubt ESPN would allow that on Monday opposite their games. Maybe the Tuesday could be shown, but I doubt they want competition on Monday.
  6. We did it before during the snow storm - no complaints- we had to accept it and move forward.
  7. Not really - there is precedence to move a Sunday game to Monday as needed.
  8. I think it is a great idea and could help - just don’t want to overburden the Mods. I would really like to see some rules around new thread starts as was discussed previously. There are a few people that have almost no post counts that come in and start 2-3 or even 4 threads - post the initial and then fade away for 24 hours. They typically seem to be posters using a different log in and then fade away and hit it again. These are tough, but maybe the points can help, but it gets frustrating with some of these posts just trolling people and there is enough activity and people doing the “IN” posts that all just clutter the site. I appreciate your guys time and think the Mods do a great job. It is not easy.
  9. If they can get back in by Thursday or Friday - I could see them pushing the game back to Monday night - like the Bills game a few years ago. If it is Saturday- I could see them manipulate the schedule to match up bye weeks later. Lots of options still early in the season.
  10. We don’t know if that so called 1 irresponsible person was a player. They questioned whether it may have been from the return flight - could someone from the flight crew been non symptomatic and touched something or passed through the circulating air. Could someone at the hotel begin the spread. You do everything to make it as fair as possible - blame should not be assigned until you determine the reasons it happened.
  11. Do you think that changes this year or not? The Bills had Brown and Beasley and if teams doubled Brown and kept middle day with pressure - Allen had little he could do. I think like when Baltimore Blitzed KC - Allen this year has a few tricks to punish teams.
  12. This is why they are closed until Saturday at minimum - takes several days to become positive - so they need to isolate and ensure no one else comes up. Then they can put these guys on the 3 week IR and bring people up. The issue is they won’t know until Friday or Saturday if others are impacted and they won’t let them play with only 1 travel day and some zoom meetings. This has no impact on the rest of the NFL - they just need to figure out the schedule. Good versus Bad - depends on total number of Titans impacted and who misses the game, but does suck because Pittsburgh being so physical would’ve helped the Bills a bunch. I read something that stated that teams have a significantly worse record the weeks after playing the Ravens and Steelers due to the physicality of the game. Teams need more recovery which could have been huge.
  13. This is what I expect to see happen - where possible they will make adjustments to the schedule. Move a few games around and if needed add a bye week at the end. The goal is to contain and prevent spread. The key is when the contact occurred and are the Vikings impacted beyond today. The Titans are closed through Saturday and maybe longer if more positives show up. The NFL hoped to avoid, but knew this was a likely issue. I expect they have several plans depending on the extent of the breakout and will make adjustments. They didn’t mess with the schedule immediately- but I would not be surprised to see some minor tweaks getting announced and maybe even adding some time where only a few teams play on a weekend and getting some extra TV money to help with next years cap.
  14. To be fair though - they have specifically chosen they players for their offense. It is not that he doesn’t have weapons - the Ravens looked at Jackson’s strengths and brought people to enhance those strengths. Rather than go for speed and WR talent - they recognized that Jackson was good at motion and hitting big targets between the hashes - so they focused on TEs that could block and give him the targets he needs. I look back to last year Buffalo versus Baltimore and I see a Baltimore team that could do next to nothing on offense, but the Bills offense was so out of sync - they could not capitalize and get the lead to put that pressure on the Ravens. If the Bills used that same Defense with this years offense - it would have looked more like what the Chiefs did to the Ravens.
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