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  1. Rex would put a Clemson Helmet on - make stupid uncomfortable jokes - then try to come up with uninformed excuses about why they are failing. 🤮
  2. I totally agree - I also just love how natural Beane is in these settings. The joke to Sal about getting him the $20 for a football question was just so natural and well timed. They said a bunch without really saying anything and got Cole out in front to begin to get this behind them. Smart. It makes me really appreciate this FO and staff getting everyone ready - including Cole to take this on, button it up, and move on.
  3. These are the 2 relevant quotes. It sounds like they asked him to lose weight - he did not and they cut him. The biggest thing though seems to be this was a GM decision to bring him in over a coach that didn’t want him and this was the coach deciding I am showing the team who is boss. Guys come in overweight every year and if they pass their physical and conditioning drills - do not get immediately cut. This reads more like a big 🍆 contest and Joe Judge wanted to show the team and GM who is in charge.
  4. Maybe - we have this vision now - his lack of separation from defenders could make him an All-Pro tackle. Can you imagine if his orbital pull sucks in every defender and prevents separation- now we are getting someplace - the ultimate blocker. Giants are making a “HUGE” mistake. 😂
  5. Who took over Thad’s account? Come on - someone hacked him - which of you guys did it? 😂
  6. Well he is a big, red dog - probably likes lots of things like pineapple on pizza, the smell of other dogs butts, bad coaching, etc.
  7. Denver with those WRs would be a great landing spot for Daboll.
  8. Prefer neither - I think they should utilize them as needed as part of the game plan for the week. I like both Moss and Singletary and prefer to have Moss going against heavy blitz teams to pick up attackers - want Singletary against teams that play off more - I think even with his struggles he is better than Moss on pass routes. As far as running either is fine - both have strengths and weaknesses depending upon blocking scheme.
  9. How can someone with a post like his first one welcoming our new reporter - still be around to start a thread like this. What a winner. 🤦‍♂️🤮
  10. I believe that both Watson and Houston know that Watson will be the starting QB at some point this season for Houston because the trade value is not there. I also think that the team wants to make it look like to the fan base that they are looking at trade options because Watson seems toxic in the community. I think they are just trying to find optics to get through the first few days/weeks until everything settles down.
  11. Yes I included completions for both and yes without Brady they had to run more, but they were significantly less successful through the air with Cam. I would also argue that I think with Brady last year - the Pats had a good shot at the playoffs. Cam had 5 games with the ball late in the 4th quarter to drive to win games and lost them all - including the fumble in Buffalo. If Brady - who is known for winning those types of games - wins 3-4 of them - they are better than Miami and have a great shot at a wild card rather than the losing record. Cam also struggl
  12. It was an after work get together - the only nice thing was we could drink while making pizza and then got to eat pizza. It was better than the year we did painting with a twist - where we could drink and paint. The drinking is the important part of the team building I think. Just do not take it to far like tailgating levels. 😂
  13. I doubt it and in reality - this seems like Houston trying to regain some control as I think they were hoping he would hold out on his demands to never play in Houston again. Since he is going to report and his crimes seem bad - they will offer up - yep we are looking to trade him, but I don’t think it is sincere- just makes a better headline. We are letting him come in and looking to move on - rather than the truth - he is most likely our starting QB until something else drops.
  14. I think 5 or so wins. Just an FYI - the outer edge of a pizza crust is called the Cornicione - I got to learn that in a pizza team-building class we had to do a few years ago. It is also more important than GB without Rodgers as they become irrelevant without their QB.
  15. 100% agree - I actually think if they would just embrace his strengths even more - they could be a better team. I thought Harbaugh was going to do that, but they have strayed more and more trying to get better WRs on the outside. Their strength is running and TE play - embrace that and supplement with big bodied WRs that can catch routes toward the middle.
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