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  1. Hate to see this for any player/team, but I just do not have much sympathy for this player - such a waste.
  2. I agree - similar to what we did with Lawson, but they had to make the decision on the 5th year option for L. Williams last year before 2018 played out. He was still a potential rising start and they hoped he would continue to develop - with some stability. If they had not made the decision on a 5th year - there is a good chance he would be playing elsewhere this year already. It is impossible to say what the Jets truly think of him because they signed off on the extension and obviously are now having 2nd and 3rd thoughts about that.
  3. Because the 5th year option already has him being paid as a top 10 DLineman at north of 14 million per year. L Williams is a good player, but he is not open of the top 5-10 players in the league and to extend him - they are going to need to give him a huge contract that they do not feel he is worth. It is very similar to the Shaq Lawson situation in Buffalo, but the Bills chose not to give the 5th year option that would overpay - allowing them time to negotiate a contract more in line with play. The Jets gave the 5th year option and now have a guy that they feel is overpayed and it will be harder to negotiate a new deal at significantly less than he is making this year. Therefore - they will let him go test FA and see what he is worth and they stand a big chance at losing him. This is a continuous challenge for teams that draft high year over year because the option is a big pick-up for guys that are average - therefore they lose these guys rather than resigning them. It happens at most positions when these teams struggle for extended periods.
  4. OR - it could be said they felt L. Williams was only there for 1 more year anyway and got his replacement- rather than a top quality DE like Allen. The issue is where BPA meets need - meets long term planning. The firing of the GM and the new coaching staff just changed the equation for the Jets.
  5. I think this is true until a few teams decide that maulers at OL and a heavy dose of the running game gets you some wins. We saw that last year with NE - late in the year and the playoffs it became a run first offense and guys like Aaron Donald were neutralized in the playoffs and Super Bowl. Teams could not stop the run and did not have sub packages that could stop the run - so they had to throw more and more guys at the line of scrimmage- giving Brady one on one looks on the outside and the slot for easy completions. In the past it was run stuffing defenses - with a sub package to go against the pass. Now it is a smaller/faster defense with an even smaller sub package because the pass is so important. Therefore there are very few big run stuffers left in the league- especially at LB and it is a trend that will lead back to more rushing by the trend setting teams.
  6. This is the part that worries me the most if they lock threads - I love the post game media blitz and injury news and many times those are nice to have in their own thread so people can catch everything. If we just have a couple of post game threads and early posts get updated - people may never see them because they are skipping to what’s new. We have all seen where one early post of a tweet gets edited as more tweets on the subject come out and then people miss updates.
  7. Need Officiating as a topic because that is some people’s go to.
  8. I like the game day pre made threads because I typically start watching about 20 - 30 minutes after the game starts so We can skip commercials and stupid TV commentary. The pre made threads allow me to see fans reaction at the same moment I am in the game - maybe 30 minutes behind - whereas with the chat box that is nearly impossible. If we went essentially full chat box on game day - this site would be useless to me - as it is - it works just fine and I think it is not bad - it is no different than other places where people want to talk. If you wanted to create a few additional topics/reaction threads pregame and lock thread making until a few hours after the game that would be fine also. I just prefer the stored conversation of the actual thread.
  9. Maybe he can do Darnold to Tennessee for Tannehill- bring in a guy that knows his system 😂
  10. Huge waste for the Jets and a nice pick-up for the Chiefs. I think it will end Ragland time between FA and this pick-up. Nice Job of Beane getting a 4th for Ragland.
  11. I disagree completely - He fits pretty much any 4-3 defense that has a good rush DE on the other side. He is not athletic enough to play OLB, but may be able to play some DE in 3-4, but I think his current role is the best fit he has. His job in this D is to keep plays (QB, RB, WR sweeps, etc) inside (setting the edge) and allowing the other guys to rush the passer. I think the Bills coaching staff likes his attitude and that he is working hard, but they recognize that he is not a 10-12 million a year DE - he is a 4-7 million DE. It would not shock me that if he starts the season off making making a few plays, but not a bunch of sacks - if the team begins talks on an extension in the proper pay slot. He has flexibility in playing DE and moving inside on passing downs giving more opportunity to speed DEs and he has taken the coaching to heart and worked to get better. In reality he has become exactly the player I think most of us expected when he was drafted. Even in college he did not show speed or power to get to the QB - he was always going to be a edge setting, run stuffing DE, but Rex just overvalued Clemson by a ton (much like the Raiders this year).
  12. I agree - it adds to the picture a whole new layer of dysfunction. To be totally fair though - Ed Reed was brought in to fix the communication and really give the defense a sense of what he saw as a player and how to translate that into proper defense in this scheme. If he was trying to do that, but the other coaches are not on the same page or are doing different things - then all he is doing is sowing more confusion. I remember being excited when I heard we brought him in because I thought Rex was a total joke and thought maybe this could bring some credibility and stability to the team. Then they had Ed running a bunch of drills with tennis balls and players talking about him m telling stories about his plays and I thought this does not seem like it is doing anything other than adding to the problem. Now you read this and it seems worse - the players got nothing from Rex and some coaches were literally part of player meetings that may have added to the dysfunction. Just Great!
  13. I agree with this fully - I also believe - as I stated earlier in this thread that Zay actually has the most flexibility as he has already played all the other positions in this system last year. Early - with KB here - Zay was playing a lot of the outside speed (Foster) position. Later - with Foster emerging- he shifted to both the outside route guy and a slot guy depending upon need. I think Beasley is strictly a slot guy in this system. Both Brown and Foster can play outside roles, but Zay I think allows for the flexibility to fit in at any of the spots as needed. You just can not expect him to be the number 1 guy getting all the #1 CB coverage - he is not beating that, but let him flex in and get a miss match like he was getting versus Miami and he can give you average numbers. Where everything changes is if Duke or Sills (or even McKenzie) suddenly brings something new to the party and make it difficult to get rid of or try to PS them - then someone like Zay or Brown, or even Foster could find their way out the door.
  14. I understand what you are saying and thanks for the earlier work - although it shows a bit more than a couple of good games and the games got better as Josh Allen returned and started to get better. As to the statement above - there are many cases of that not being true and our own Sammy Watkins is the poster child of a number 2 that has 0 catch games and other games with 1-3 catches for less than 30 yards - even in high pass percentage attacks. Others that have had similar games, Adam Thielen, Robert Woods, Brandon Cooks, etc. I agree Zay disappears to much, but the numbers support him being a 2-3 in the league - he is not alone in disappearing.
  15. Plus he talks about wanting a ring, but goes from Pittsburgh (playoff team nearly every year) to the Jets longest playoff drought in the AFC east.
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