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  1. This is about the dumbest thing I’ve heard. So BOB trades away Hopkins and in that vein ticked off Watson enough that Watson wants out. He trades Watson to NE for a song - which gets him fired. Then he gets a job in NE and now all of a sudden Watson is going to be fine with him. If Watson is traded to NE and BOB goes there - Watson is going to want to get away from NE. It just makes no sense at all.
  2. Couldn’t this have gone in any of the other Perriman threads- not much to add that has not been said previously. Sorry.
  3. Not only is it terrible, but it might be a rip off. Plus that awful Rams head - it looks like skull you would find in the desert. White head with gold horns - is this the long lost and dead Golden Fleece head from mythology. They need to step back admit their error and start over. They blew it.
  4. Nope - you can already watch e-sports and few do. I wouldn’t watch the NFL that way.
  5. I mean the Pegula’s followed the NFL established rules when purchasing the franchise. They were allowed based on a 1997 rule change to own an NFL franchise and an NHL franchise in the same city or another non-NFL market. He did not as was suggested - “pull a fast one” on the NFL. What I can’t tell is the entire post a joke and this discussion worthless or was it legitimate and uninformed. I am assuming the 2nd half is a joke about Tre’s contract, but you just never know with this board.
  6. I hope they put it right on the helmet. What a terrible design.
  7. The blame on this is a huge lack of leadership on the federal level over the last 2 months. Not blaming one party or the other as both have made mistakes, but the writing was on the wall for this as China and then Italy and others cracked down. Proper leadership would have provided better guidance to restaurant and hotel owners and provided a better guideline toward these layoffs/firings. As it is most restaurants and hotels are getting rid of all hourly employees at an alarming rate and for the employees - the safest thing is totally cut them off so unemployment is easier to obtain. Depending upon the organization- some are providing more benefits, but most seem to be doing the minimum in an effort to keep the business alive. No money/minimum money coming in - still have most of their expenses- rent, food costs, electricity, licenses, water, insurance, taxes, etc. They need a savings and the people are it.
  8. I hope this is a joke - the rules were modified in 1997 to allow duel ownership - when the then Miami Dolphins owner - also owned the Marlins. He purchased the Dolphins in 1993 and waited 4 years to get full control. Since then multiple owners - have more than one team. The idea above works for the most crooked franchise in the NFL. I hope that team rots in a 25 year purgatory where they fail at everything they touch.
  9. Good signing for Carolina. Played under Rhule. Good fit and no pressure.
  10. Yes, but that did not work out great for KJ as playing part time got him a 1 year 3.5 M deal in Cleveland. If he could surely beat out Norman and Wallace and would be the full time #2 - it would make sense, but splitting time is hard. I also think the CB1 gig in NYJ will cause some issues for him, but we will see.
  11. I get the signing - I think he would have been a much better fit in Buffalo’s Defense than Greggo’s D in NY, but he gets to be CB1 and a chance at FA again next year. In Buffalo - he was competing with Norman for the KJ role as Outside CB 3/4 with partial playing time. That role got KJ a puny 1 year 3.5M deal with Cleveland - so I truly understand the thought process. I just think if they ask him to be CB1 and play a bunch of man - he is going to be exposed.
  12. Man - I knew the virus was bad, but it really seems to be affecting Logic. So you do not want to a proven LT 45 million with 25 GTD, but you think we should look to move him elsewhere and then draft a replacement at the end of the second round. Great let’s spin the tires some more. 1st off - it really doesn’t matter where you move him LT/RT/Guard - basically at this point the top guys are getting paid nearly the equivalent salary. Top LTs are around 17 million, with the top RT exceeding that, guards are getting 15+ million - so you are paying him 3/45million with 25 GTD approximately whether you keep him at tackle or guard. So the real idea is don’t sweat it. Draft BPA - do not create un-needed holes and if the BPA is a Tackle prospect let him play and use that in your decision. If BPA is RB, WR, DE, etc - draft that and you still have Dion who is fine. No matter what you are paying Dion the same money or you are getting rid of him.
  13. You would think they would of learned from Bell. He lost a lot of money skipping a year and now Gordon is getting less than he was offered. RB is a difficult position to maximize your pay. Gurley did it and he just got cut. Zeke did it and the Cowboys are in cap hell like the Rams. At least Zeke is still healthy. Just hard to pay that position what it is worth.
  14. I agree, but it sounds like something Brady thinks he can still do. One of many reasons he wanted out. I think it ends poorly because I think the longer routes and weaker arm leads to more sacks and Ints for Brady - until they adjust the offense to his limitations.
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