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  1. Agreed and Teller has thrived in a run first - heavy run offense - which the Bills would not have been. Teller still struggles when the Browns are forced to throw and teams don’t respect the run. His pass blocking is not great and although he might be a slight improvement here - I doubt he is anywhere near the same player on a pass heavy - pass first team.
  2. I mean I am pretty sure I heard on ESPN - they were debating who is the best WR and go well you know: Justin Jefferson with only 0.11 receptions per snap and 1.69 yards per snap Diggs with 0.1 receptions per snap and 1.7 yards per snap Nope it must be Hodgins when he played with the Bills on his 16 snaps - he doubled and tripled those guys. It does mean anything when he moved to the Giants and actually got snaps that those numbers became 2nd and 3rd tier. 🤦‍♂️
  3. Holy crap this is the stupidest thing I think you have ever posted - here let’s compare a guy with only a few limited snaps (16) versus starters because every official WR ranking is based on yards or catches per snap. How did he look when he got more playing time with the Giants. In 8 games he got 33 catches on 417 offensive snaps and a paltry 350 yards on those snaps compared to Diggs who had 108 catches on 836 snaps and over 1400 yards. That means once he got playing time he fell to: 0.07 receptions per snap and 0.8 yards per snap - oh look the same as all the guys you mention once you get some numbers. if you convert Hodgins NYG numbers to a full year comparable to other players catching the ball - he is ranked 40-50th in receptions and 50-60th in yards and over 70th in yards per reception as a #1 WR on the team. He put up #2 or #3 type numbers as the primary target and terrible numbers in Yards per reception and yards after catch. Hodgins is the very definition of average and is a terrible fit in the Bills offense because with a lack of speed on the outside he brings nothing. As a legitimate 4th or 5th WR - you need special teams play and even on the Giants he got 0 ST snaps. After the Giants traded their #1 WR to KC and their other WR in Slayton was hurt - they needed to sign and then play Hodgins and like Robert Foster his rookie year - when that is all you have - you make due. Once the Giants get another WR threat on the outside - Hodgins falls back into his 3/4th outside role and with a lack of speed and special team abilities he will begin to drop back to unknown territory.
  4. Not in the least - Daboll deserved his chance and we will see how it goes moving forward. Fans here did nothing but criticize Daboll for play calling and then suddenly love it when it was someplace else. The truth is teams starting figuring him out late in the season and the Giants outperformed expectations early and then maxed out luck and talent much like 2019 and 2020 with the Bills. Hodgins is an average WR on a team with no WR talent. If he remained on the Bills - he was still no more than a #6 WR that struggled to get open. Most games with the Giants he was completely invisible getting a couple of catches. He did seem to show up versus Minnesota for them, but other than that he was a nothing. It is ok to bring up Teller - much like Hodgins - he left Buffalo and fell into a great situation for him. His first year in Cleveland- Teller was bad - to the point most fans thought he was getting cut - much like his struggles in Buffalo. Then they brought in an OL coach and OC that fit him and he excelled. That was not happening in Buffalo because no matter the Bills were going to be a pass first team and even as an all pro - Teller is barely average in pass protection- especially late in games when teams can pin their ears back and are not worried about the run. Be happy for the players - neither was going to do anything in Buffalo. It is ok for people to find a scheme and become a better player. It is ok for a player low on the depth chart to go to a bad team and be higher up and get a chance - be happy and “LET IT GO”. There is nothing wrong with that.
  5. Yet QBs like Mahomes and Allen - rarely take the play clock down - they try to get the defense in confused states rather than take it down to zero.
  6. Sorry - I just don’t care that much and I think it is a terrible idea for football. In basketball it is super annoying when the player clearly shoots the ball and the backboard lights up and a horn goes off for absolutely no reason. Football - that would be 10x worse. They snap the ball and the horn sounds and someone stops or the scoreboard flashes and causes a momentary distraction. the NFL could do a million things - they just don’t care as it does not give a team a true advantage. They decided on a legitimate way and they recognize that the start timing is not 100% consistent - so like certain motion penalties- they provide a little leeway to ensure teams get the plays off rather than stopping and adding penalties. If the NFL wants to really make it a non issue - stop allowing the networks to show the play clock.
  7. Give me the Alligator every time. Both may result in death, but the slow painful death of listening to Collinsworth is like an evil torture.
  8. I wouldn’t do anything more than what I do every time CC calls a game - I shut off the sound. He is one of the worst announcers to listen to in terms of how he talks about players and his favoritism. Therefore; we no longer listen at all to the broadcast and it is significantly better that way. He really needs to learn to shut up - give a touch of insight and let the Play by play caller drive the game.
  9. Is that on Dorsey though? There are open options on all three levels - Josh decides where to put the ball. Josh chose one on one 40 yard passes versus wide open quick dump offs. They set up an RPO and a large majority of the time Josh pulls the ball and tries to fit a pass in. He is a hugely aggressive player and no OC will change that. He gets better and worse with coaching, but the aggressiveness that we love is there.
  10. Unless they get a QB that can pass outside the numbers - I don’t think it matters how much they invest in pass catchers. I think they have seen exactly what they have in Lamar and they invested correctly - big time TEs and guys to the middle of the field. Long term unless they are moving on - this is a bad decision for the future of the team.
  11. As was stated in your other thread - they have had a chip in the ball for years. The reason it is an issue is syncing everything up and determine in a pile when the ball was down. They also struggle with the Ball direction since it is not a sphere - the length of the ball is different depending on the angle - so all testing is in play, but nothing exact. Every player and the foot balls are all chipped allowing tons of data to be used, but the only time it can really provide data is if the RB or QB in Huntley’s case are never down and no whistle blows. In that case they could get a fairly good idea of exactly how far the ball moved, but it still is not 100% accurate at this time, but provides realities data to confirm with visual images.
  12. The length of the game yesterday was not on the NFL - it was on the ***** QB play of the Dolphins. He had 27 incompletions and then with the clock not moving - they still took the play clock down to zero almost every play. If you watched other games like the Giants game where they completed most passes and ran efficiently- the game was under 3 hours.
  13. Yeah because Cincinnati dominated Baltimore with a back-up QB. I mean it is not like Baltimore was going in to take a lead and fumbled the ball for a TD the other way. It is not like Cincinnati produced significantly less offense than Baltimore and got multiple timely turnovers that gave them short fields and allowed them to squeak out a win. I mean my god Cincinnati must have put up one of the most dominating wins of the weekend. 🤦‍♂️
  14. Exactly. They had a chance to grab him earlier in the season when he was cut by the Bills and moved to the PS originally. The Bills calculated he would make it and he did. He got nabbed just after the trade deadline only because NYG traded a WR at that point freeing up the spot. He had showed by that point he was the 6th best WR on our roster - so you have to make a roster move. Just because he has been ok in NY getting playing time does not mean he would be able to do it here. He had time with Dabol here and Dabol couldn’t use him - and if it was not for trading a WR - they never pick him up in NY.
  15. Yeah - I mean it is not like we returned two kickoffs for TDs in the last 8 days or anything and 1 of them from several yards deep. JHC this is so dumb I don’t even know what to say. Your brilliant plan is to kick deep - I don’t know where as all it takes is a bit of a breeze blowing the wrong direction and kickers can’t get it to the end zone. Plus you have punts, free kicks, etc. You act like ST only cover kick-offs 🤦‍♂️ - you want to know the difference look no further than NE that saw ST cost them multiple games and help them win games. It would be just one more thing for pathetic people to complain about rather than a guy the Bills liked, but was never going to play in this window.
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