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  1. Most likely they will do a deal similar to Tre and Mahomes where it is an extension to the current contract after they pick up the 5th year option. Therefore his real cap hit does not hit the Bills until 2022 with the new NFL TV deal. Allen’s cap hit next year will not change much even if he signs a 10 yr 500 million deal that exceeds Mahomes and I expect they will work on something even more team friendly. The timing for the Allen extension is great as the Cap should rise significantly by the time his 40 million hits the cap.
  2. Until we see the contract we won’t know, but my guess is similar Mahomes and Tre White - his new contract will be an extension to his current deal after they pick up the 5th year option. Therefore; JA gets his money earlier, but it has almost no impact on his salary cap for 2021 or 2022 allowing the Bills to re-sign guys and plan for the hit. That allowed Tre’s contract to be under 12 Mil this year and the cap hit to be under 15 mil until 2025 rather than the 19-20 mil per season of the extension. The extension for Mahomes meant this year was under 6 million with only 24 million
  3. Those trades were thrown out by the poster I was responding to - not what I would suggest for Watson. He was questioning if other teams would make trades. I think Watson is worth more than he thought.
  4. Man glad to see you can still start useless threads. What would we do without another thread started by you - nearly identical to your others. 🤢 Maybe this on will get merged also. The LAMP is strong with this one (and useless)!
  5. I totally disagree - He is their best player and he has just gone through a HC that ran out a GM many of the players liked and respected for his honesty in Gaines. The HC then replaced said GM, way overpaid to make a run last year, and then traded away their 2nd best player in Hopkins for pennies. I believe the team should have talked with him about the upcoming decisions- I get why the GM hire went the way it did - they got the guy they wanted last year, but NE shut the door on, but they could have been honest about that. I believe what Watson is looking for is a bit of diversity
  6. First the contract window on a rookie is still 5 years. Even after Mahomes and Watson signed their deals - their cap hits this year were both under 10 million and although they jump in year 5 Mahomes is under 25 million and Watson is only 16 million. After year 5 the extension kicks in and their cap hits jump to close to 40 million - so yes they are still cost contained for 5 years. Basically if Herbert continues to grow they can extend him after year 3, but still get year 4 cheap and the 5th year option before the extension kicks in. That means a difference of paying Watson 40.4
  7. Except he can pass multiple stages in a day - it does not mean he will, but he could be entirely cleared by the first practice or it could take until Sunday, or he could not clear. The time frame is not defined and clearing levels is not a daily task.
  8. I will wait until after FA to decide, but unless we find the space to re-sign LBs and get younger DE’s, I would rather go about 5 other positions before picking a RB in round 1. I think all 3 levels on defense, OL, and TE are all ahead of RB for need/wants. The Bills have spent 3rd round picks on RB in consecutive years - that is enough investment - they have a pretty good level and idea of value/return in today’s NFL.
  9. I will just wait and see, but it did not look like a normal concussion to me. Mahomes head really does not get hit or suffer the classic acceleration/deceleration that you saw with say Jackson. With Mahomes what you saw was a Browns player wrap up his head on the hit and then sort of roll and you see Mahomes head pull up at the neck and then his full body weight is yanked upward almost like he was going to be suplexed. The bodies reaction was similar to a concussion with the typical wobbly knees and vacant stare. I don’t think it was blood flow related (like MMA) - to
  10. I would rather have Diggs and Bass than Teller. Teller would have been cut here if not traded. Heck last year he was so bad in Cleveland in pass blocking (and run blocking) that he was one of the worst Guards in the league. Does he survive in Buffalo on a pass first team last year? Do you think if we kept him and got rid of Spain last year the Bills make the playoffs? Spain gave up no sacks and very little pressure and Mayfield was calling for Tellers head and the interior of the Cleveland line was awful. What changed was bringing in Stefanski and a run f
  11. What do you mean we don’t know why? Tyrod had been terrible for 3 straight games and he was looking for a spark. Was the offensive doldrums caused by Tyrod or the team? It made perfect sense to bench Tyrod and made perfect sense to go back to him when Peterman blew. Tyrod was a back-up in Baltimore - not because of his color, but his play. He was a starter in Buffalo not because of his color, but he was the best of a terrible QB room. He got benched not because of color, but because of poor play. The Bills moved on and traded him to Cleveland not because
  12. Did it all through College. Jackson did not need to make the tackle - he needed to try and at least force a cut back inside. This happens all the time on kick returns where a guy breaks contain - the pursuit has to try and work ahead to cut off the front side or the sideline and force things back to the rest of the pursuit. Jackson early on had the speed to make his pursuit work, but Johnson did a great job letting Tre get in front of him and Poyer cleaned up the back pursuit. I would not expect Jackson to necessarily take on Tre, but if as they are running - Jackson dives acros
  13. I will not get into any of the ridiculous viewpoint garbage as that is totally inappropriate, but I will say as you add more fans - you also have to add more support personnel across the stadium. You would need more gates open to flow people in, more spaced out parking and more times to enter, more security to ensure people are safe, more vendors and cleaning staff, more bathrooms would need to be opened and that does not get to the increased testing that would need to happen and space out those. The change in logistics is significantly more especially as you add upper
  14. Davis got rolled up on his first pass attempt - the Raven defender landed on the back of his leg/ankle. I am guessing it was a ankle sprain/high ankle sprain and it really effected his ability to get open. He gutted through and did his best, but that obviously created some issues.
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