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  1. Yes smokescreens can be used effectively- I believe that is what SF is doing. Do you really think this ruse is impacting other teams. They watched them trade from3 to 12 and then immediately trade back up to 6 giving up 1/2 of what they acquired. The 2 moves made perfect sense for a team knowing that with SF at 3 they will have a nice selection at 6. I don’t think them then floating the idea - we may move back from 6 helps them control anything. Unless they can get 8 to move up for another #1 - the ruse makes no sense because with 4 top non-QBs anything past 8 means you risk los
  2. Thank you if that is the case! Appreciate the knowledge.
  3. Maybe, but my understanding is if they pick up Allen’s 5th year option - that is worth 23 million next season. If then then extend him - the benefit is that they can actually spread some of the signing bonus into next year (most likely increasing his cap hit for next year, but lessening the cap hit going forward). I do not believe they can lessen his cap hit next year - the option is the minimum. At that point if they try to franchise tag Edmunds - his hit is 15 million (assuming it stays the same) - therefore by that logic the 2 5th year options would be 35 million, while a franchi
  4. That is fine, but then why give back the assets to move to 6 originally. You got capital and then gave back capital to move back up - now you are looking for Detroit, Denver, or Carolina to move up to ensure you get one of those guys and you have to hope they are doing it for a QB. I understood the original 2 moves for that exact reason you mention. They have 4 guys and now the 1st 3 picks are QBs - 6 is perfect. You lose out on TE and either OL or 1 of the 2 receivers, but you are left with 2 guys. If you move back to 8 or 9 and you lose out on those 2 players - does
  5. If Pitts is what they wanted and felt he was by far the pick - then the trade down from 3 to 12 and back up to 6 was stupid. They were in position to ensure they get Pitts and moved on. If Atl takes Pitts and the Dolphins slide back - then the trade up early seems ill conceived. I totally agree this is all about ruses and lies - they are hoping another team moves up ahead of them for a QB - I just don’t see a real move back that helps long term and still gives you a quality player.
  6. I totally agree - I also expect them to pick up Allen’s option either way because his option will be 10-15 million less per than than his final contract most likely - so I think that is a cheap value to add a year to any extension. I think the Bills hoped to get him settled and then work on Edmunds, but after the most recent press conference- you are correct he made it sound like the 2 5th year options might be to much. Therefore - (and I am only trying to think about this logically) - IF they want to keep Edmunds and they believe the 5th year options are to much, but they are def
  7. Yes and the immediate answer is the Bills knew that was not good enough and moved on from Brown immediately. Why should this be different. If they were not at all happy with Edmunds - wouldn’t they of looked to switch it up and move him around to OLB or something? Wouldn’t they look for the veteran replacement and find a different spot for him - if he is as bad as people say. The pat answer is no - the Bills FO has pride and doesn’t want to look bad because he was a high draft pick, but they were not afraid to move and replace Cody Ford on the OLine - even bringing in
  8. I agree his size makes it difficult to shed blockers and get into position to make tackles. I just think - especially in today’s NFL - the Bills are not really worried about the LBs being run stoppers. They just aren’t. The proof is in the scheme - 90+% of the time they are in nickle and have just Edmunds and Milano as LBs. Milano is really a glorified safety - so size and personnel wise - they just do not respect the running game as a viable threat. The scheme seems to be very DL driven to sop the run - as they ask the DEs to contain a lot and do not have the DTs shooting gaps.
  9. He has been to 2 ProBowls, but as he was an alternate that does not count for 5th year option. So the difference will be 2.2 million. I disagree as I think 2.2 million (or essentially 2 nearly 3 vet minimum players) is a big deal. I do agree the 12.7 might not be tenable, but then the 15 million for the tag would be really untenable. And yes you take a small risk, but an injury can occur any time - ask Feliciano that popped his pec. It is a small risk for what I think is significant money. I will wait and let them determine how they want to proceed. Edmun
  10. My big disagreement with this is if you use the 5th year option - you get him this year and then next year at mid 12 versus the Franchise tag of 15 for next year. You save about 3 million for a small risk. Additionally that gives you the franchise tag for 2023 at the lowest price - gives the Bills some leverage in negotiations and potentially 3 years. If the Bills forgo the 5th year option and then use the franchise tag - they pay more and they are not going to franchise him more than once as the increase puts him as a top paid LB in the NFL level. My gut fe
  11. Really - Bills fans would be looking at a 2x ProBowl player on another team and saying this guys sucks? My guess is Bills fans would look quickly at the stats, the ProBowls, his age, his measurables and they would be drooling for Beane to find a way to get him in here. Heck they drooled for guys like Hassan Reddick that basically did nothing for multiple years and finally in his contract year put double digit sack numbers. Prior to that his sacks were on par with Edmunds and he is an OLB. His tackles were significantly less and he was a fraction of the player Edmunds
  12. Agreed - so then why trade back down a second time. If someone is moving up to get a QB ahead of Detroit or Denver - you are dropping back to the teens and outside of the top tier guys. You picked up a good haul dropping back to 12 and then gave away more than 1/2 to move back up to 6. The net acquired by Miami was less than a single trade from 3 to 6, but the 2 trades put them in position to still get a top guy and acquire a 1st rd pick a ways out. I just do not understand the smokescreen given to move back down again - if that is even a remote though proce
  13. Yes they are, but to be in that position they had to trade back up and gave away a top pick. If they then trade back down - at least to me - it means the FO got out thought. They moved back early to let a team get a QB and moved up early for obviously someone (I think Pitts). If they don’t get that guy and have to trade down - that is a huge blunder as the guy would of been there at 3. They got extra picks, but if it costs them an elite tiered player then they totally botched the draft. The extra picks in the middle or later part of the round help build depth, but the t
  14. I don’t think Shanny or Lynch are in any trouble no matter what happens this year or next year. That Ownership wants them to be successful and will give them longer than they should. I think they get this QB and 2-3 full years to see if the QB works. Whether they start him day #1 or let Jimmy G play out the year and start him for year #2. The only way I see them getting canned early is if they moved up and they draft a position other than QB (not happening) and a QB they could of drafted becomes a rising star. Myself - I think the Mac Jones hype is a smoke
  15. I think this is spot on. You can get Tua/Mac Jones - a guy you can win with, but if at your pick you also have the elite traits guy and you pass - ala Herbert last year - that is significantly harder on the fan base. The amount of questions that the front office fields and the need to try and build a successful offense to make up for the pick - pulls focus from what you need to do. The drafting of Tua and success of Herbert caused Miami to overplay and have to pull Tua several times trying to get into the playoffs and the entire thing was a mistake. The Miami staff got
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