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  1. Thought it before the details and think it now - good deal. Gets him cheap the rest of this year and next. Price goes up as the salary cap expands. Good work for both sides.
  2. Correct and the quote was basically they looked good in practice - so from my take - he didn’t really provide additional info and I believe we got to watch the practice to be able to make that call. You don’t say they looked good in practice if you only see them warm up. What I don’t know is do they watch the practice live or do they get to watch practice with the staff to get filler material during the broadcast. I think the NFL broadcast crew gets more live access to practice and a walkthrough for visitors than regular media, but that is only based upon what they say during the broadcasts - don’t really get to see them.
  3. I am not sure about that. When some commentators like Romo call the Thursday night games - casually they will mention these “trick” plays or “new installs” that I am guessing normal media do not get access to see. I believe they are contractually bound not to discuss that prior to the game, but t provides insight during the game. It is also based on formation why Romo has ideas of what plays are coming. They are allowed to discuss certain things - I believe talking about “injured players” is acceptable as long as they mirror the injury report info. For example - if a player was listed as limited and questionable, but they saw him basically going all out most of the practice and they basically say he is playing during interviews - I don’t think they can announce that, but if someone was injured, but was listed as practicing fully - they could say that he looked fine in what they saw.
  4. Seems a bit different than the Rats family. Down to earth and actually nice versus the argumentative and combative mother, wife, and brother. What a time.
  5. I agree 100% - the one nice thing in the article is that Hess does not take undeserved credit: I think Josh is just a special outlier in that way. He seems to take and absorb teaching at a phenomenal level compared to others. It is not with attitude - like I know what it best - it is with humility- I am trying to learn - that he goes into these sessions. He (and many other QBs) work with Jordan Palmer, but Josh gets more out of it than let’s say - Darnold - Why? Jordan Palmer sets up a biomechanics meeting with Hess and Josh gets feedback and asks questions and improves from that, but others don’t - Why? Brian Daboll can be a get in your face, timebomb of a coach and that could totally eat away at a players confidence and make them shut down, but Josh and Brian worked through things and listen to each other and learn together - Why? I think Josh is just something special when it comes to his temperament- he is smart, but inquisitive; he is a passionate leader that listens and learns; He is ultra-competitive, but willing to accept he is not the best and defers to others that know more. Overall - he is a bit of a unicorn in the modern NFL.
  6. We want Miami losing every game they can this year - to the point of replacing Jacksonville and going 1-16 after winning week 1. That Miami pick goes to Philly and with their other potential pick makes them more likely to get Watson - potentially 3 first round picks in the top 10. We also want teams like Seattle (NYJ have their #1) and SF (Miami has their #1) to get better and get more wins. My biggest takeaway is the bungle of a job Miami did this off season after making a big trade with SF and making a huge profit with Houston’s pick - to give most of that profit up for a WR was just dumb. That trade could end up being the biggest reason they can’t get Watson and can’t get a new QB next year. Maybe it all works out, but currently they screwed them selves and I love it.
  7. Peoples-Jones was making plays while Beckham was on the sideline “injured” again. The last couple of throws to Beckham he was 1:1 and didn’t make a play. I think if they got rid of Beckham - other guys might step up that actually help the team win games.
  8. I have said that since he was traded to Cleveland - there is something about Mayfield trying to get him the ball that messes with their offense. Peoples-Jones makes play after play and Beckham talks a good game, but falls short time and again.
  9. It was in the original thread - I believe Hap was looking at it.
  10. Tasker said that and then subsequent research showed that is the depth most kickers give when they are kicking inside the 20 for the last several years. They narrow the split even more when they hit the end zone. It was not a Haack or Buffalo thing, but a new special teams trend. It makes it even more important that the inside guys block inside out and don’t let someone go unblocked.
  11. That is because when he left no one would sign BoJo. BoJo wasn’t signing in Buffalo for 1.02 million - that is what he was forced to take when after ever punting position was filled he was still without a partner. Then he signed as a #3 punter in LA where his Girlfriend wanted to be on the west coast. If GB had not lost their punter - he would have been completely out of a job.
  12. The one block was a failure by the line - not Haack. They practiced the formation and the front still got lost and let a guy through unblocked. That would have been a block against almost every punter - not just Haack. Overall - Punting there is almost no difference between BoJo and Haack and Haack is a significantly better holder and was cheaper.
  13. All is certainly true - the difference is expected positional spend. Most teams don’t want to spend more than 1 million to 1.15 million on a punter. If you cut him - and sign even a draft pick - you are over budget. Most people didn’t think they would cut Star this year because his cost combined with a replacement cost would’ve exceeded typical position spend. Most people assumed this would be his last year as his dead hit is small enough when combined with a replacement to fit typical budget for that position. They might sign a punter - you are correct, but I just think they are fine with his play and they are much less concerned than some fans. I think they also really like the way the 3 specialists (punter, kicker, and LS) get along and work together. I don’t think they will mess with that as it is important to this staff.
  14. At minimum 4 of his 6 missed kicks last year the laces were not spun properly that we saw. It was even talked about by I believe Jay Feely on a broadcast - where he said how unsettling it was when your foot hits the laces and creates a knuckle ball effect. The 2nd and 3rd missed kick by Crosby - the laces were not spun fully out - both were on the left side and the ball stayed left. After the one miss - Crosby was glaring at BoJo. I think BoJo struggles holding and it will cost you kicker multiple missed kicks on the year. He is a bit slow and he is inconsistent with the placement and angle and worst of all - he struggles spinning the laces consistently.
  15. I think the change from BoJo was needed. The new punter has a 3 year contract - I don’t think they will move on after this year. I would suspect they are happy with holds - it was stated before he is a significant upgrade at holder. His punting has been inconsistent, but other than the missed blocked by the frontlines that caused a block - he has been fine. I suspect we have our punter in place for the next couple of years and that will allow the punter, kicker, and LS to all be together for a minimum of 3 years.
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