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  1. Because every OC he’s had has been a a steaming pile of 💩. Let’s hope Brady is the exception.
  2. Now I think you’re just playing devils advocate. 13 seconds? 15 yard cushion on 3rd and 6 on crucial Bengals playoff possession? The Bills heads weren’t in the game, no one showed up, our defense had too many injuries, Bass sucks…I’m tired of the BS excuses like no other team in the NFL endures drama and hardships. The teams resiliency and mental fortitude falls squarely on the HCs ability to manage and lead. The season turned around when Brady took the offense over. He figured out that we could actually develop a dominant rushing attack, extend drives, and control the pace of the game. The defense did not make any major inseason scheme adjustments from my vantage point.
  3. You’re right, it should have been a total blowout. Who is responsible for the game management and player conduct? McDermott doesn’t blow team out in the playoffs! He generates leads and then goes into a shell. He’s notoriously awful at making halftime adjustments and letting teams back in games with his play not to lose mentality. Last year we lost to the Jets 2nd string QB, Russell Wilson, MacJones, and 2 inches from losing to Tyron Taylor. All of those games we had 4th quarter leads and allowed these bottom of the barrel offenses to win / nearly win the game. McDermott is the defensive version of super-bowl 2nd half Shanahan.
  4. Outcoached McDaniel? That was a razor thin victory against the Dolphins 3rd string QB?
  5. Other than the Colts and Ravens playoff wins, what matchups did McDermott out coach his competition.
  6. Sorry misread, 17 points on their last 4 drives…sounds like it was purely the bills offense that crapped the bed 😂
  7. What about the no squib kick? What about telling players to commit holding if you think you get beat. 5 yards to take away 5 seconds is the deal of the century. McD said he was calling the defensive plays during the 13 seconds debacle. Greatness isn’t achieved in the regular season. I could care less if he had a .500 w/l record if he had a SB to his name. Injuries happen to every team, the excuse is starting to get old.
  8. Houston scored 24 points on their last 4 possessions of the game and that’s not on the defense?
  9. Stop with the I told you so rhetoric. You KNEW FOR AN ABSOLUTE FACT that Josh Allen was going to be a complete bust. Would you like me to dig up your post? This isn’t the only premonition way off the mark. Your mock drafts (based on your in depth film study of all 300+ prospects) are usually way off the mark. I appreciate the effort you put into the mocks and the player run downs, but I think some humility would go a long way.
  10. Please rewatch the Houston game. Defense went into a second half conservative shell…the McDermott special.
  11. Complete defensive meltdown against the Texans after having a big halftime lead, 13 Seconds, one of the worst defensive showings I’ve seen in the playoffs during home field loss to Bengals, complete defensive meltdown last year. Mahomes best game of the year. Our OC is the DC and the weakest link every year during the playoffs is defense. McD is a good human being, a good leader, an above average DC during the regular season but is the definition of an average HC/DC come playoff time. I’d love to eat crow, but I see no way the Bills win a championship with him as the HC.
  12. Can’t you arguably say McD is what’s kept Buffalo from the big Dance? How do his defenses perform in the playoffs? How many blunders has he made detrimental to this teams post season success?
  13. Don’t forget the 2016 5.7YPC / 8TD elite season that Touchdown Mike Gillislee had. Super elite!
  14. Safety, DE and CB depth is where I would be discount shopping.
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