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  1. 99.9% of the time I disagree with Art, but I think we can all agree that there has been a noticeable difference (outside of injuries) in the level of play post bye week. I think this team came into the bye a little to full of themselves and lost focus. On the bright side, the level of play looks to have improved drastically since we lost to the lowly Jets with Zack Wilson at the helm.
  2. Not sure where you’re getting $19M I’m seeing $17.4M estimated for the franchise tag. https://overthecap.com/franchise-transition-and-rfa-tenders
  3. How many holds against Cinci vs how many against KC? Completely insane
  4. Do Chiefs play insanely clean football or are they getting ball washed by these officials?
  5. Why are teams so afraid of QB sneaks on 4th and inches. There’s gotta be better than an 90% success rate.
  6. The Bills would have never had that call reversed…never. The angle is not straight up and down, zero indisputable evidence that I saw.
  7. Does it really matter where he plays if Dak is throwing him the ball? Lamb would be a top 5 WR is he played for a team with a decent QB.
  8. But he did keep full control of the ball, the ball shifted but never separated from his possession.
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